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Companion Ads: Boost Your Brand

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing companion banners for in-stream ads on YouTube. We will cover what they are, why they are important, and best practices for using them.

What are Companion Banners?

Companion banners are 300 by 60 pixel little banners that sit in the top right-hand corner of a YouTube ad. They give you extra real estate and a bit of text and imagery to entice viewers to click. They are only visible on desktop and not on mobile devices. When someone clicks on the companion banner, they are taken to your landing page.

Why are Companion Banners Important?

Companion banners give you extra ad real estate and can significantly increase the number of clicks on your ads. Using auto-generated companion banners provided by YouTube is not recommended as they are not very effective. Creating your own custom companion banner allows you to add extra images and text, making your ad stand out.

Best Practices for Using Companion Banners:

- Make sure your companion banner pops and stands out from the YouTube UI

- Add borders and contrasting colors to make it visually appealing

- Check that your companion banner is visible and pops in the preview before setting up your ad

- Use TubeSift's Banner Design Studio to create custom companion banners easily

- Don't waste valuable real estate on YouTube by not using companion banners

Companion banners are an excellent way to increase the number of clicks on your YouTube ads. They give you extra ad real estate and can significantly improve the effectiveness of your ads. By following the best practices outlined above, you can create custom companion banners that stand out and entice viewers to click. So, don't waste any more time and start using companion banners today to get the most out of your YouTube ads.

YouTube Companion Banner

In this article, we will discuss the importance of companion banners in YouTube ads and how they can benefit your video campaigns.

Benefits of Companion Banners:

- Companion banners appear alongside in-stream and bumper ads, providing additional branding opportunities.

- They can keep users engaged beyond just the initial video ad.

- Companion banners are easy to set up and can be added to existing active video ads.

- You can upload your own image or use the auto-generated option.

- They can direct users to an external URL or a particular YouTube channel.

Limitations of Companion Banners:

- They only show up in certain situations on the YouTube watch page.

- Clicks on companion banners will result in additional charges for advertisers, unlike in-stream views.

Setting up Companion Banners:

- To set up a companion banner, go into any one of your video campaigns and create a new ad or edit an existing one.

- Enter your URL and select the image option or use the auto-generated option.

- Companion banners should complement your brand message within your video ad.

Companion banners are a valuable addition to YouTube ads, providing additional branding opportunities and keeping users engaged. However, it's important to be aware of their limitations and additional charges for clicks. Setting up companion banners is easy and can be done for new or existing ads.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

The way we see ourselves is often different from the way others see us. In this article, we will explore the concept of self-perception and how it affects our lives. We will use the example of a forensic artist who creates sketches of people based on their self-description and a stranger's description of them.

Self-Perception vs. Others' Perception:

- Our self-perception can be harsh and unbecoming, while others may see us differently.

- We spend a lot of time analyzing and trying to fix things that aren't quite right, instead of appreciating what we do like.

- Our perception of ourselves can impact our happiness, the choices we make, and how we treat others.

The Forensic Artist's Experience:

- The artist was trained at the FBI academy in composite artwork and worked for the San Jose police department.

- When creating a sketch, the artist would ask questions about the person's features and create a composite based on their descriptions.

- The artist also created sketches based on a stranger's description of the person.

- The stranger's perception of the person was often different from their self-description.

- The artist was surprised by how critical people were of their own features and how different their perception was from others'.

Self-perception can have a significant impact on our lives. We should focus more on appreciating our natural beauty and strengths rather than trying to fix our flaws. By doing so, we can improve our happiness, relationships, and overall well-being.

Video ad basics in the Ad Manager API

- In this video, we learn about the basics of video ads in the Ad Manager API.

Types of Video Ads:

- Linear ads appear before, after, or during video content.

- Non-linear ads appear as overlays during video playback.

- Companion ads display alongside the video player but not within it.

Creating Video Ad Entities:

- To create a video ad unit, specify that it handles linear video ads in the adUnitSizes field.

- Video line items require additional fields such as environmentType, requestPlatformTargeting, and videoMaxDuration.

- VAST Redirect Creatives require the vastXmlUrl, vastRedirectType, and duration fields.

- Use a Line Item Creative Association to connect a video line item and a VAST creative.

Video Reporting Metrics:

- Video viewership metrics include how many times the video started and played to certain points.

- Video interaction metrics include user actions such as collapsing, full-screening, muting/unmuting, and playback actions.

- VAST Error metrics include fatal and potentially non-fatal errors that may occur during ad playback.

- The Ad Manager API offers advanced video functionality such as targeting pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll slots.

- Check out the Help Center articles linked in the video description for more information on these features.

Sam's companion app "You guys are ruining everything!" Ad read | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Ep4

In this article, we will be discussing the latest Terranoth Legends board game from Fantasy Flight, Descent Legends in the Dark. This cooperative dungeon crawling board game franchise lets players quest along an unfolding campaign while venturing across a vast realm for one to four players.

Features of the Companion App:

- When Matt changes the lights on the set, our companion apps from our phones will let us know so that we don't miss the majesty of the transition.

- When the app hears key phrases that we say in the show, it will interact with the screen in real-time.

- The monster button is a feature where the user can activate a ferocious monster roar to accentuate big boss battles.

Descent Legends in the Dark is a great game with 46 pieces of 3D terrain and 40 striking hero and monster miniatures. With the integrated companion app, the game becomes even more exciting and interactive. So, check it out now at bitly slash crdescent and enjoy an unforgettable journey exploring high towers, dismal tombs, and dark forests while encountering terrifying monsters and unlocking new skills.

Audio ads basics in the Ad Manager API

Hi and welcome to my tutorial about trafficking audio ads using the Ad Manager API. My name is Thang Duong, and I'm a developer advocate from the Google Ads Developer Relations team. This video will show you the basics of audio ads in the Ad Manager API and how to automate your ad network for serving audio ads.

Overview of Audio Ads in the Google Ads API:

- Audio ads are short audio files that are designed to reach users and optimized for listening.

- To automate audio ads trafficking tasks, you can use the Ad Manager API version released in August 2020 or newer versions.

- The API added a new isAudio flag to the VAST redirect creative type, which needs to be set to True for audio creatives.

- Similarly, the API added the isAudio flag to the AdUnitSize class so that you can indicate which ad units expect audio creatives.

- The CreativeSizeType enumeration has a new audio value, which can be used to create line item targetings to match with audio ads requests.

How to Create Audio Ad Units:

- If you use the Ad Manager UI to create or update an ad unit, you can add an audio size for the master creative.

- Behind the scenes, this audio size on the UI is translated to a special 1x1 size.

- If the ad unit already has a video size, it's eligible to serve both video and audio ads, and you don't have to specify an additional audio size.

How to Create Audio Line Items:

- The process of making a line item with audio creatives can be broken into 5 steps.

- First, you create a line item object.

- Next, you create an audio creative and a banner creative.

- Then, you create a creative set to combine these creatives as a master and a companion.

- The last step is to make an association between the line item and the master creative, also known as a LICA.

Code Walkthrough:

- To start, copy and modify the create ad units example for creating audio ad units.

- Initialize the inventory service, create an AdUnitSize object, and set the width and height to 1 with the isAudio flag set to True.

- Next, set the environmentType to VIDEO PLAYER to differentiate this size from display ad sizes.

- To create a line item with audio creatives, set the creativeSizeType to audio and the creative intrinsic size to 1x1.

- Create an audio creative using the VastRedirectCreatives type and set the isAudio property to True.

- Create a companion creative using an image asset object and an image creative object.

- Combine the creatives in a single call to the CreativeService for saving these creatives on the servers.

- Create a creative set object and pass it to the createCreativeSet function for saving the CreativeSet on Ad Manager servers.

- Finally, create a LICA object and pass it to the createCreativeAssociations function to save it on Ad Manager servers.

Congratulations! You've learned all the steps to create an audio ad unit, line item, and all related objects. Audio ads can be served to both audio ad units and video ad units, and you can target the new audio ad creatives to the same video ad units. Thanks for watching!

Performance Max Webinar: Your Companion for Google Ads Innovation

- Thanking participants for joining and mentioning Q&A at the end

- Introducing the topic of Performance Max and its importance as a companion to existing campaigns

- Introducing the speakers and their experience in digital marketing

Automation Trends and Ingenuity:

- The importance of automation in Google Ads

- Examples of Google's evolution towards automation, such as smart bidding and dynamic search campaigns

- Quotes from industry experts on the benefits of automation

- The use of programmatic advertising and the future of first-party data with the phasing out of third-party cookies

- The use of Google Trends to uncover consumer interests and tailor ads accordingly

Gmail and Timely Solutions at Scale:

- The scalability and timeliness of Performance Max campaigns, particularly during high volume seasonal periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday

- The importance of access to Gmail through Performance Max or Discovery campaigns

- The use of customer match to reach targeted audiences in their Gmail inbox

- The concept of engagements in Gmail ads and their benefits for visually compelling brand messaging and product listings

- Recap of the importance of Performance Max as a complementary campaign to existing ones and its benefits for scalability, automation, and timely solutions

- Encouragement to explore Performance Max and its various features for better results in Google Ads

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