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Comparing Shopify & Squarespace SEO

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will compare two popular website builders, Squarespace and Shopify, and highlight their differences. Both are excellent builders, but they have unique features that make them more suitable for different purposes. We will explore these differences in ease of use, e-commerce templates, pricing, and more.

Ease of Use:

- Squarespace has a flexible page editor that can build all kinds of pages, including homepage, photo galleries, about us pages, blogs, contact pages, testimonials, and more. It is a visual editor, making it easier to see how everything looks.

- Shopify is a tool for building online stores, and online stores basically all have the same pages: home page, product page, and checkout page, and maybe a categories page. It is not a visual editor, so you need to save and view the page to see how it looks.

- Squarespace is just easier to use, and they've removed as many obstacles as possible so that anyone can build any kind of website. Shopify is all about removing obstacles for creating online stores.

E-commerce Templates:

- Squarespace is for all kinds of websites, so they have a variety of templates to choose from, and they are created by Squarespace, so you can be confident that they all work well.

- Shopify is just for online stores, and they have nine free themes to choose from or 76 paid themes. Beyond this, there is a massive marketplace of third-party theme providers that sell thousands of Shopify themes.


- Squarespace has four plans, and their cheapest plan, Personal, costs about the same as other website builders' cheapest plans. Their Basic Commerce plan includes e-commerce with no transaction fees and costs $36 per month.

- Shopify has three main plans, and Basic is their cheapest, but it's not correct to compare Shopify's Basic plan to Squarespace's Personal plan. Their Basic plan includes e-commerce and costs $29 per month.

In conclusion, Squarespace is more suitable for small websites and small e-commerce stores, while Shopify is more suitable for online stores that sell products more than once a week. Squarespace has a flexible page editor and a variety of templates, while Shopify's focus is on e-commerce and has a massive app store for online stores. The pricing is similar, but Shopify's Basic e-commerce plan is cheaper than Squarespace's Basic Commerce plan.

Shopify vs Squarespace (Which is the best eCommerce Builder?)

- Shopify and Squarespace are two dominant players in the website building space.

- They are both very different and good at different things.

- In this article, we will compare the two head to head and see which one is the better builder for your needs.

Background: Understanding the Intent of Shopify and Squarespace

- Squarespace was founded in 2003 and initially helped people make general websites.

- It has expanded to host podcasts, e-commerce, and more.

- It is a well-rounded website builder and a go-to recommendation.

- Shopify was founded in 2006 and is hyper-focused on e-commerce.

- Its main intent is to sell to clients, making it more scalable and accepted more payments.

Category 1: Pricing Options

- Shopify's base plan is $29/month, and its most expensive plan is $299/month.

- Squarespace's cheapest option is about $12/month, and its most expensive option is $40/month.

- Shopify's fees for non-Shopify payments transactions are higher than Squarespace's.

- Both have different features and tiers, so check them out before choosing.

Category 2: Design

- Squarespace has over 110 different themes and templates, while Shopify has only nine free themes.

- Shopify has 72 other paid themes, making it more costly.

- Squarespace looks better aesthetically, making it a better choice for design.

Category 3: Features and Apps

- Shopify has a massive library of apps, making it more functional.

- Squarespace's native functionality is already built-in, making it easier to use.

- Both

Shopify vs Squarespace Review 2022 - Pros and Cons you should know!

- Shopify and Squarespace are the most popular ecommerce website builders in the market

- This article compares the two providers to help you choose the best one for your next webshop


- Both offer a 14-day trial deal, but this isn't a free plan

- Shopify starts from around $30 a month, but offers a 50% discount for the first year, making it a great deal

- Squarespace offers ecommerce options starting from $23 a month, but throws in a free domain name for one year

- Shopify Lite is a good option for beginners, while Squarespace offers lower transaction fees and a free domain


- Squarespace offers around 110 templates, while Shopify has only a few at the start but has over 60 premium templates and a third-party market

- Squarespace has drag and drop controls and more design options, while Shopify has a more technical feel and limited placement options

- Squarespace wins in terms of overall quality of templates, while Shopify is more efficient for building a working modern store


- Both providers offer similar packages and every needed ecommerce feature

- Squarespace has more easily managed options for SEO and marketing, while Shopify offers over 7,000 extensions in its app store

- Squarespace offers more in-house solutions, while Shopify has more advanced third-party tools

- Both Shopify and Squarespace are great tools for building a business or selling online

- Shopify is more straightforward and tool-oriented, while Squarespace is more design and style-oriented

- Choose Shopify for an efficient store or Squarespace for a unique website design

Shopify vs Squarespace: Which is the Best eCommerce Platform?

At first glance, Shopify and Squarespace may seem like very similar tools. They are both website builders and both allow you to sell products. However, historically they were created for completely different purposes. Squarespace was originally designed as a solution to build content-based websites like portfolios and blogs. On the other hand, Shopify started out as an ecommerce product and was specifically designed to make an online store.

If you're not sure whether you want to go with Shopify or whether you want to go with Squarespace, today we're going to be going over the main differences and the pros and cons of each. The point of this video/article is to give you the information that you need in order to make a decision on which ecommerce platform is best for you.

So, which one should you choose? The answer is not always black and white. Squarespace is going to be your best choice if you want to build a content-focused website that doesn't involve selling at all. Shopify, on the other hand, is going to be your best choice if you're trying to get into ecommerce. However, there are grey areas where either platform could work, such as if you're a blogger and want to sell merch.

Let's compare pricing. Shopify has three tiers, with the basic plan being $29 USD a month. This plan includes features like ecommerce integrations, 24/7 customer support, unlimited product uploads, and shipping discounts. Squarespace has a plan that costs $16 USD a month, but this plan only gives you a place to show off your content. If you want a website for customers to be able to shop with you and check out, then you'd be looking at the commerce plan, which is $35 USD a month.

When it comes to templates, Squarespace has 110 options for free templates, with most of them being geared towards content presentation. Shopify has over 80 free and premium professionally designed ecommerce website templates. Both platforms are extremely easy to use, but Shopify has themes that have been designed for conversions and have been proven to drive sales.

If you want to create a website for your drop shipping business and your print on demand business, then Shopify is definitely going to be the way that you're going to want to go. Shopify has hundreds of drop shipping apps available to find and to sell products, and for print on demand, there's also a huge range of options like Printful, Printify, and Guten.

When it comes to apps, Shopify has over 6000 apps available, while Squarespace has only 28 apps available.

Finally, let's look at fees. Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee on sales if you are on the business plan, and you'll also have to pay credit card processing fees. Shopify charges a 2-2.5% transaction fee, depending on how your customers are paying.

Overall, both platforms have their pros and cons, but Shopify is the better choice if you're looking for a strong set of ecommerce features. Squarespace is an amazing platform if you're just sharing content. However, it's important to try both platforms out before making a decision.

MUST WATCH FOR ECOMMERCE | Shopify vs Squarespace from a Top Squarespace Expert | 2022 Update

- Changes to Shopify have made the e-commerce platform the clear choice over Squarespace

- Squarespace may be user-friendly, but Shopify offers a superior e-commerce experience

- Shopify is the way to go for businesses that rely on e-commerce

Reasons to Choose Shopify over Squarespace:

1. Google Shopping is fully integrated into Shopify, while Squarespace requires a third-party tool

2. Shopify offers easy subscription options, which are important as businesses scale

3. Shop Pay simplifies the checkout process, making it easy for customers to shop and pay across multiple Shopify stores

4. Squarespace doesn't come close to offering the level of features and customization that Shopify does

5. Shopify is constantly updating and improving its e-commerce features, while Squarespace is falling behind

6. Shopify is better suited for businesses that rely on e-commerce, while Squarespace may work for businesses that only offer a few products on their website

7. Starting with Shopify sets the right foundation for analytics and design, saving businesses time and money in the long run

8. Shopify invests in cutting-edge technology, such as NFTs, to stay ahead of the game

9. Shopify is a popular choice, with a new user signing up every 28 seconds

10. The user experience on Shopify is 1000 times better than on Squarespace

- Despite its user-friendliness, Squarespace cannot compete with Shopify's superior e-commerce features and customization options

- Businesses that rely on e-commerce should choose Shopify for a better overall experience

- Shopify's investment in technology and constant updates make it the leading choice for e-commerce businesses.

Shopify vs Squarespace: Where's the Best Home for Your Store in 2021?

Not sure whether to go with Shopify or Squarespace? Let me help you out! Shopify is 100% ecommerce-focused while Squarespace is mainly a website or blog-building tool with the option to sell online. Let's compare the two:

- Shopify vs. Squarespace

- Shopify is ecommerce-focused while Squarespace is mainly for website building

- Let's compare the two to see which is better for you


- Shopify's pricing tiers reflect their ecommerce focus

- Squarespace starts at $12/month with ecommerce as an extra option

- Shopify's cheapest plan is $26/month with a yearly subscription

- Compare plans to find what features are important to you


- Shopify offers 10 free and over 60 paid templates

- Paid templates cost between $140 and $180 and are customizable

- Squarespace shows only 10 free templates that can be customized via HTML and CSS

- Shopify wins this round with a larger selection and ecommerce focus

Payment Gateway:

- Shopify charges additional transaction fees if you don't use Shopify Payments

- Shopify Payments is not available in all countries yet

- Shopify has more payment gateway options like Stripe and PayPal

- Squarespace only has Stripe and PayPal

- Shopify wins this round with more payment gateway options

Mobile Apps:

- Shopify allows you to activate mobile apps for your point of sale

- Squarespace does not have this option

- Shopify wins this round for brick-and-mortar stores

SEO and PageSpeed:

- Shopify's mobile results look significantly better than Squarespace's

- This could be due to Squarespace attracting more artistic users

- Shopify wins this round for better mobile results


- Both Shopify and Squarespace let you define shipping zones and add prices based on weight or order value

- Both also offer label printing, but Squarespace requires third-party software

- Shopify requires a higher-priced plan for carrier-calculated shipping rates

- Squarespace wins this round with carrier-calculated shipping rates included in their $40/month plan

Advanced Features:

- Shopify has a host of marketing features in their app store like loyalty program software

- Squarespace doesn't have an app store, making it harder to add advanced features

- Shopify wins this round for more advanced features

Customer Support:

- Both Shopify and Squarespace offer top-of-the-class support

- Shopify offers phone support while Squarespace only offers email and live chat support

- Shopify wins this round for more ecommerce-focused support

- Squarespace is perfect for smaller operations and strong blogging functionality

- Shopify is a reliable partner for long-term ecommerce success

- Choose the one that fits your needs and try them out with free trials

- For a more detailed comparison, check out our blog

Shopify vs Squarespace | When to use each one..

If you're looking to create your own website but aren't sure where to start, today's your lucky day. In this article, we'll be comparing two of the top website builders on the market: Shopify and Squarespace. We'll touch on their features and help you decide which one is best for you.


- Shopify is a more strictly e-commerce platform, while Squarespace can be used as a website or online store

- Shopify is great for true e-commerce, while Squarespace is better for offering a service or building an informative site

- Both platforms offer point of sale systems for in-person sales

- Both platforms have good SEO capabilities and email marketing software

- Shopify has an extensive theme collection, while Squarespace leans towards blog/portfolio style websites

Price and Ease of Use:

- Shopify's pricing starts at $29/month, while Squarespace's starts at $19/month

- Shopify has a more user-friendly interface, while Squarespace can be a little more complex

- Both platforms have a short learning curve

In the end, it all comes down to what you need for your website. If you're looking to sell goods online, Shopify is the clear winner. If you're looking to offer a service or build an informative site, Squarespace is the better choice. Both platforms offer great features and are user-friendly, so it's really up to your specific needs.

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