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compustar ads-bm1

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing the installation of a remote car start system in a 2008 BMW 335 X. We will be using the ID to Start system from First Tech, which allows us to bypass the immobilizer in the vehicle and clone the key to start the car without having to purchase a new BMW key from the dealer.

Installation Process:

1. Buy an extra key and put it in a box inside the car to disable the immobilizer.

2. Purchase the ID to Start system from First Tech, which reads the keys directly out of the BMW's key store and clones the key to start the car.

3. The ID to Start system comes with a module that plugs into the car's CAN bus signals and reads and decodes the signals.

4. The module comes with a T-harness that allows you to tap into the car's wires without having to cut any wires.

5. The module also comes with a drone that gives you LTE access to the module and allows you to start the car from anywhere with an internet connection.

6. The drone can also read DTC codes and send them to your phone.

The ID to Start system from First Tech is a great way to add remote start capabilities to your BMW without having to purchase a new key from the dealer. The T-harness makes installation easy and the drone gives you unlimited range access to the module. If you're interested in adding remote start to your BMW, consider using the ID to Start system from First Tech.

DIY programing firstech/idatastart/ADS modules yourself, at home, for free! Bmw BM1 kit.

Installing Ani Data Start BM1 Kit

- Ani Data Start BM1 is a kit for remote start and security

- Kit includes CMB MXA0 and BM1 harness kit

- Expansion module is needed for installation

Steps for Installation:

- Connect control module and expansion module

- Find any old cord for USB connection

- Download firmware using Internet Explorer

- Select make and model (e.g. BMW 2015 X16)

- Configure features (e.g. trunk hatch release, rap shutdown)

- Save flash and wait for installation

- Hook up expansion module and flash together

- Run through setup with regular USB

Ani Data Start BM1 kit is easy to install without needing special equipment or a dealer account. Configuring features is straightforward and can be customized to your preferences. Once installed and tested, this product has the potential to enhance your remote start and security experience.

2011 BMW 328xi Remote Starter | Compustar Plug and Play Remote Starter for your BMW

Hey everyone, it's Jeff from Lockdown Security, and in this article, I'm going to show you how we installed a plug-and-play remote starter on a 2011 BMW 328.

Installation Details:

- The vehicle is a base model BMW 3 series without comfort key access.

- We installed an ID at Start bm1 plug-and-play remote starter kit, which requires no wire splicing and comes with tee harnesses.

- The kit allows remote starter control with three lock pushes, and it takes about 20 seconds for the car to start itself.

- We installed an aftermarket RF kit on the vehicle, which includes CompuStar remote controls. The kit we used is RF 2w 7 03 and offers an extra 3,000 feet of range compared to the OEM key.

- The RF kit includes a two-way LCD remote with lock, unlock, trunk release, and remote start buttons.

- The system provides updates on the vehicle's status, and the remote start has a 15-minute run time.

- There were some issues with secure takeover on this vehicle, but we have not resolved them as of today.

Overall, this plug-and-play remote starter installation is pretty cool and offers BMW key control and an optional RF kit. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please give us a call, and we'd be happy to install this system in your BMW.

PASMAG Test Report: iDataStart Bm1 Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters are a popular commodity, especially in cold weather markets. However, some vehicle makes and models, such as BMW and Mini, were long neglected due to their complex electronics systems. Automotive Data Solutions in Montreal, Canada has developed a solution - the iDataStart BM1 - which is the only remote start solution available for 2005 to 2013 BMW and Mini vehicles featuring integrated immobilizer bypass technology.


- No need to lose an actual key fob to bypass the factory security system.

- The safest BMW and Mini remote start solution as a key fob is not permanently installed in the vehicle.

- Designed to use the factory key fob to remote start the car by pressing the lock button three times.

- Large harness with connectors that fit perfectly into the car's original connectors, making it easily installable and uninstallable.

- Warranty friendly with no wires to cut or solder.

What's in the Box:

- iDataStart BM1 control module and relay pack.

- Large harness with connectors.

- No remotes included; designed to use the factory key fob.

Additional Information:

- Compatible with dozens of remote kits that are sold separately for more range or notifications once your car starts.

- Needs to be programmed online with a special programming cable for your specific vehicle make and model, typically taken care of by authorized installers prior to installation.

- Available in stores now.

The iDataStart BM1 is a game changer for BMW and Mini owners who have been neglected in the remote car starter market. Its integrated immobilizer bypass technology and compatibility with the factory key fob make it the safest and most convenient option available. The large harness with connectors that fit perfectly into the car's original connectors also makes it easy to install and uninstall, making it a great option for leased cars. Check out more iDataStart products and compatible vehicles online at www.canadianoutback.com.

Programación e instalación de CMBMXA0 + ADS-THR-BZ3 en Mercedes clase C 2010

Hola amigos, el día de hoy les vengo a compartir cómo instalar y programar estos componentes que son para hacerle un encendido remoto a tu carro utilizando la llave original. En mi caso es un Mercedes de 300 2010 y yo utilicé Stern, pero hay diferentes para diferentes carros, como para Mercedes, Mini Cooper, etcétera. Estos cables te permiten poner un switch al cofre para añadirle funciones, aunque en mi caso no lo necesité porque mi switch del cofre sí está funcionando.

Para hacer la instalación necesitarás el módulo y los cables con los cuales te vas a conectar. Luego necesitarás el programador y el cable programador para poder programar el módulo. También puedes añadir un switch para el cofre, aunque esto es opcional.

Una vez que tienes todo lo necesario, conectas el módulo a la llave original y el cable original que va al módulo de la llave lo conectas a una T con una continuación. Luego conectas el cable para el switch y, si lo deseas, puedes añadir más accesorios.

Después de conectar todo, es necesario programar el módulo para que funcione con tu carro. Para hacer esto, conectas el programador al módulo y a tu computadora y descargas el software con el que vas a programarlo. Luego eliges tu marca de carro y el año y seleccionas cómo quieres que prenda el carro. Una vez que programas el módulo, lo desconectas y lo conectas a tu carro.

Es importante desconectar la pila antes de hacer la instalación y volver a conectar todo correctamente después de terminar. También es normal que el carro no prenda de inmediato después de la instalación, pero esto se soluciona al pisar el freno y encenderlo de manera normal.

En resumen, para instalar un encendido remoto en tu carro utilizando la llave original necesitas los componentes necesarios, conectarlos correctamente y programar el módulo. Recuerda desconectar la pila antes de comenzar la instalación y volver a conectar todo correctamente después de terminar.

Drone Mobile DR3400 Interactive carlink review

In this article, we will be discussing the latest drone model, DR 3400. This is the fifth generation drone and the current version that we are running. We will be going through its features and how it can be used to control and monitor your vehicle.


- Refresh button to get the latest information on your vehicle

- Displays vehicle temperature, battery voltage, and recent activity

- Icons for lock, unlock, and remote start

- Additional choices for auxiliary one, two, and panic

- Car locator feature

- Power trunk equipped

- Countdown timer for remote start

- Multiple cars can be managed on the app

- Base plan for $50 per year


The DR 3400 is a great enhancement or standalone system for controlling and monitoring your vehicle. It can be used to lock, unlock, and remote start your car. It also displays information such as vehicle temperature, battery voltage, and recent activity. The car locator feature is handy for finding your car in a parking lot. The power trunk equipped feature is also convenient.

One downside of the system is the time it takes to transmit information from the cellular network to the app and back to the system. This could be improved with a Wi-Fi connection between the car and app. It would also be nice if the remote could communicate with the EVO and the EVO to the app. Additionally, the app should transmit information about the alarm going off.

Overall, the DR 3400 is an amazing system that is well-priced and affordable. It is a great upgrade or standalone system that can be used to control and monitor your vehicle. The car locator and power trunk equipped features are very convenient. Despite some minor flaws, the DR 3400 is a great investment for anyone who wants to enhance their vehicle's security and convenience.

BMW Remote Car Starter Kits by Eurostart - Now You Can Remote Start Your BMW

Auto Obsessed is here to help those who are having trouble finding a remote car starter for their late model BMW or MINI Cooper. In this article, we will be showcasing the Eurostart remote engine starter kits.

Features of Eurostart BMW Remote Car Starters:

- Specifically designed for 2009 to 2021 BMW and 2014 to 2021 MINI Cooper vehicles

- Use factory key fob to start car

- Optional copy star remotes available for extended range up to 3 miles

- Optional drone module uses cell phone to start car from virtually anywhere

- Heated seat activation for most models

- Adjustable run time and sleep mode for low power consumption

Using Eurostart Car Starter:

- Use factory BMW remote key fob for a three lock start

- Use copy star system for a two-way long-range remote

- Use drone module for a cellular interface and app control

Manufacturing and Installation:

- Made in Canada with high-quality automotive grade components and wiring harness assemblies

- Custom tailored to fit each BMW and MINI model perfectly

- Automotive grade connectors and mounting hardware specific to each model for best operation and elimination of noises or rattling

- Wiring harnesses manufactured by Eurostart with correct plugs, wiring harness links, and same tape as factory use

- Installation is completely reversible with warning labels, instructions, diagrams, and support for installers

Eurostart remote car starters provide top-quality comfort for BMW and MINI Cooper owners all year round. They are sold and installed by approved dealers only, and more information can be found in the description below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification icon for more upcoming videos. Thank you for watching!

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