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confirms it removing ads from stock

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

DISCOVER HOW TO WIN: If You Want To Make A Fortune Swing Trading The S&P 500 - Follow These Signals

this market update is for educational purposes only, not a recommendation to buy or sell any stok, ETF or Futures Contract at any time. but wouldn't it be nice if it was from Walker here, and I am the chair pattern shooter. I am your Guiding Light in times of confusion and doubt. charting Prodigy and Trader extraordinaire, YouTube's Premiere analyst, chart truth detector, the filter of fun, Master, swing Trader. and the doctor- yes, the doctor- of dump and pump with another Highway. acclaimed, never disappointing, always inspiring, abundantly informative, throne-packed Excursion into the charts. and no matter how many videos I make, It's never enough. I never get tired of looking at my indicators, of looking at the signals, because the indicators used by this analyst are irrefutably and undeniably the most accurate indicators out there. prove it to be correct 97.1 percent of the time. I'm about to share with you amazing things. I'm about to share with you things that can change your life. do yourself a favor and watch this video all the way through. it will change your life, if you choose to let it change your life. I'm about to show you things that you're not going to hear anywhere else, that you're not going to see anywhere else: tikniques and tools that are life-changing. that's a powerful thing. it's a beautiful thing. if you find the information useful in this video, please support what we're trying to do in bringing you this information. I share with you my own personal charts and I'm going to share with you some brand new ones in this video: [Music]. you know, bet you can't wait, but if you find the information useful- and you will- and if you like these indicators and you will, then please support the channel. I don't sell you a subscription. I don't try to sell your stuff, influence you to buy anything or any of that, but if you like my signals as much as I do, then let me know that by supporting what we're trying to do, let me know that you want these signals, let me know you like these videos and that way we can continue to bring them to you. please support the Channel with the link directly below. it'll allow you to go to a secure website where you can make a donation of any amount you want. it could even make it a recurring donation, if you want to where it comes out every single month, and if you do that, I thank you for that. if you like these indicators, please support what we're trying to do in this video. I'm going to be toking about discovering how to win. you just found it. you just found it. the things I'm about to show you are the tools for you to win. she could lead a horse to water, but you can't make a drink. you have to choose to act upon these signals and make the decision to choose to win. we're moving into a brand new year. the New Year's resolution should be for this year is: I'm going to win. I'm going to be successful. if you watch this video all the way through and you look at these signals carefully, they will greatly increase your odds of fulfilling that goal, of fulfilling that New Year's resolution, because it's not over until I win and we're back. I warned you that, as the S P 500 was pushing up to into this major trend line of resistance- and here you can see again, we've had multiple touches to this front, this trend line, and again with our double top, we tagged it twice. as we were doing that, I told you, as we were slamming into that trend line, that momentum had moved to extremes and that we were about to make the transition to change the trend. we're about to get a reversal off of major resistance, just like we did back over here at the August High, just like we did back over here at the March Peak, all having the signals at extreme and coming into the trend line, now rolling over and getting the reversal. it's a beautiful thing. we were told the Fed was going to Pivot, we had closed above the 200 period and that we were just going to soar into a new bull market. I told you that the Fed was not going to Pivot, that they were going to come off very hawkish and that the fit, the fake fed pivot, was by the rumor sylvanus. I told you the narrative would change to concerns that the FED is going to raise rates and tip us into recession. that has now been proven to be correct as the new narrative. it is all manipulation. it may have fooled those buying into a Fed fake pivot, but it didn't fool the indicator. the indicator nailed it once again. as we formed the double tap on the S P 500 crash signals warned that we were about to get a major turn off of this trend line and off of the 200 period in the daily time frame and off of the weekly, the weekly 50-week moving average. that is the green line that you see right here and it is. it is a seam level as our declining, our declining trend line that we just turned down off of there at that 50-week moving average, not being able to get back above it. and let me just move the trend line here so you can see it better. we got rejection at that 50 week just underneath it and then, with the double top, the second Peak slamming right into it as we turn it down off of the first Peak, off of the 50 period, we turn down off of the RSI, turning down off of the 50 level, having turned just up above it, we turn back below it, reaffirming the previous 50- 50 cell signal that let me move this- that we got back over here the original 50- 50 sill signal, meaning that price dropped below the 50 period moving average right there. and they are a side drop back below 50 right there, triggering a 50- 50 so signal. the RSI below 50, priced below the 50 week moving average, remaining below it here with the August rally remaining below it here with the December rally, the 50- 50 so signal. as the s? p rallied, we told you to be watching for a reversal surrounding the 200 period moving average as there was a boatload of resistance at this level. you had horizontal resistance. you had the declining trend line with five touches. you had the 200 period moving average. you had Rising resistance, the Fibonacci retracements now seen on this chart, but we've toked about them moving into the golden pocket. the 61.8 Fibonacci and the 78.6 Fibonacci retracement retraced that much of this decline, moving into the golden pocket area between those Fibonacci levels. we were hitting this level. our crash signals were flashing, warning that we were about to get a major drop in the stok market and it has begun. we've now seen the S P 500 drop 8 at a quarter percent, just over eight and a quarter percent. we've seen the NASDAQ drop 11.67 percent out or the S P got a double top. the NASDAQ got a three drives to a high and has a larger Bear Flag. crash signals were flashing, warning that what you have now witnessed was about to happen. yet because the market takes its time doing what it's going to do, it formed a double top, major resistance. because the market takes its time doing what it's going to do, people jump to conclusions and wrongly assume that, because it didn't happen immediately, as it took its time to form the double top, that it wasn't going to happen, the crash signals got it correct at Major resistance. these signals are powerful. these are life-changing signals that have the ability to put the odds greatly in your favor. in trading, there are winners and there are losers, and there are people that have not yet discovered how to win. there are also people that lose, that choose to accept defeat, but in trading, there are winners and there are losers, and there are people that have not yet discovered how to win. this video, you will discover how to win. the indicators that I'm going to share with you will put the odds greatly in your favor. the indicators that I'm about to share with you are the keys to the kingdom that will open up a whole new world for you and help you to be successful. there are people in life, in trading, that are successful. there are people who fail and there are people who do not know how to be successful, and there are also people that, when they fail, they choose to accept defeat. you have to choose: are you going to be successful or are you going to

A Xiaomi Phone Without Ads & Bloatware!

[Applause]. so [Music]. hey guys, this is the page from v1.com and i'll be honest with you. i've been using miui for a long, long time. in fact. i first used me ui on my galaxy ace back when me miui was a very popular custom raw. i mean, back then mio was super popular among android fans because it brought some really cool features in a really nice looking ui, something you couldn't say about stok android. in fact, miui had features that even other skins lagged. so yes, it was awesome. so over the years miui has kind of grown and when xiaomi arrived in india people were obviously excited for the xiaomi hardware. but one of the reasons why everyone wanted to buy these new me phones is me ui. miui was kind of the big selling point, but cut to today that's not really the case. see, me ui of today has kind of become the drawback on xiaomi phones. it is infamous in india for two things: the ads and the bloatware which xiaomi has introduced in the platform over the years and that has kind of ruined the miui experience. i mean, in the past i used to recommend xiaomi budget phones to basically everybody without any hesitation, but today, say, my mom wants to buy a new budget smartphone. i'm hesitant to recommend her a new xiaomi budget smartphone because i don't want her to go through all the ads in the ui, get spammy notifications, because right now this is the truth of me, why i'm sure you can relate to this comment down below if you've experienced this in miui anyway. so let's remove all the ads, all the bloatware from xiaomi phone, and if you have a xiaomi phone, well, you should watch this video very closely. so take the redmi note 9 here, for example. there are two types of bloatware on this phone. type 1: the apps you can actually uninstall, like these ones. as you can see, these you can just uninstall without any issues. type 2 is the type of load where you can't uninstall. in fact, you can't even disable them. i'm toking about apps like the miui app store called get apps, the cleaner app, the me music app, me mover, share me, etc. now there is a way to remove these apps. so all you need is a laptop or pc with adb setup. don't worry, it's fairly easy and we have a very good guide on adb that you can follow in the description, so check that out from the link below. you also need to enable usb debugging on your phone in developer options. now the last thing you need is the xiaomi deep loader tool that you can just download from the link below now. once you have these tools ready, it's pretty easy. i can just connect the note 9 here to my laptop via adb and, as you can see, it's connected. after that, i can just run the xiaomi deep loader tool and, as you can see, it lists down all of the apps in the phone. as you can see, there's every single app, all the me apps like me, browser me, drop me, cloud me, mover me, credit me, music me, video and other stok me, ui apps like cleaner scanner, get apps, etc. now what i can do is i can just select the apps here that i don't want. yep, i'm getting rid of all of these apps from the note 9.. and once i've selected these apps i want to remove, i can just hit the uninstall button right here and, as you can see, on the left side, all of the selected apps are being removed and that's it done. now let's check the note 9.. yep, as you can see, all of the bloatware on the redmi note 9 is gone and it's very clean, nice, and you know what. this can be very important on low end phones which have 16 or 32 gb storage, because after i deleted these apps, i cleared almost 1gb of storage. in fact, i also did the same process on the redmi 8 and here's a before and after screenshot of the storage. so i basically feed more than 1gb of storage if you take a look at the storage taken by apps, so that's pretty awesome. so, honestly, you should do this on your miui phone and if you want a detailed guide, i'll leave a link below, so check that out. moving on, i also got rid of the ads. now you don't have a single switch or a button to just disable all the ads in the ui in the apps. see, i know xiaomi promised a single switch to disable system apps. that we even saw in early miui 12 betas, but the miui 12 update that arrived on the redmi note 9 recently just does not have any such option, as you can see. maybe we'll get it in the future update, but it's not here right now anyway. so the point is, you'll have to disable ads app by app. first up, you can disable most of the system ads by deleting the app msa, which is basically the me ui ad services app, via the deep loader tool i showed you, or you can go to settings, password and security and disable msa from here. however, this will not disable all the ads and miui. so what you need to do is, whenever you find an ad in an app or a page, just go to the settings of the respective app and turn off recommendations. you'll find this option everywhere. now there's another ad that i really hate this one. so i can just go to the settings and turn off recommendations, and you know what i hate this page itself, so i'm going to turn it off by disabling the scan apps feature. so that was the ads in the bloatway. but there's also the very annoying push notifications, so obviously i disabled that too. so basically, there are two ways to disable annoying push notification. you can either press hold or notification when you get one and block them, or you can go to settings- notifications- and disable notifications from the apps you don't want. like this, it's pretty easy. so, now that everything is done, this here is a xiaomi phone with no ads, no bloatware, and it's to clean me ui we all want. see. a lot of people always say that they want a stok android phone in the budget segment, when actually they want this a feature pack experience that's also clean and lightweight, like me ui, without all of the cringe. so ultimately, the point of this video is that xiaomi should be making an effort to, you know, fix all these issues. i mean, i get it. xiaomi can not totally remove all the ads, all the bloatware, especially on low end or budget smartphones, because they're obviously making money out of it, and i understand that, because they launched their phones at very competitive prices. but the least xiaomi can do is simplify things. so you know what xiaomi can work on: bringing a simpler way to get rid of all the bloatware, the ads, a way that anyone, everyone, can actually use to get a cleaner miui experience. now, if you're a me or user, or if you have other people in your family who are charming users, just go ahead, use these methods and clean up your phone and clean up the phones of your family. members. go ahead, do it. and if you want a very detailed step-by-step guide, we have a link in the description, so go ahead, check that out as well. anyway, what do you think of this? what is your experience with miui? tell us in the comment section below. also, make sure to share this video with at least one miui user. i'm sure they're gonna thank you, so make sure to share this video. also, give this video a like if you found it useful and, yeah, subscribe to our channel for more amazing tik videos. but that's me signing off. thanks for watching and i will see you in the next. [Music] foreign.



so right now, as of june 2022, if you want to take a netflix subscription in usa, the cheapest tier is 9.99 a month and the crazy thing is, for 10 a month you don't even get 1080p quality playback. if you want full hd, you have to pay the 15.49 a month just to get hd quality playback, and if you want the 4k then it's 20 a month, guys. so really expensive prices. you can see why lots of people are looking for other alternatives or maybe using third-party applications or services to access similar content. now just you can find one more time: that with 9.99 you get 720p playback. but what was announced a couple of months ago and confirmed today by the netflix ceo? they're now going to start offering an ad supported model. so if the 999 is too much for you, you can now hopefully get a new package, a cheaper package, which will come bundled with adverts but hopefully allow you to access netflix's content. and if you just look at the breaking news- so this was confirmed by the netflix ceo. who's ted sandros, if i just press play iteration. netflix's co-ceo, ted sarandos, confirmed that the streaming giant will be introducing a less expensive ad supported tier to its service in a bid to bring in new customers, sarandos said during. i mean, the company at the start here lost over 200 000 subscribers, which they blamed on things like, you know, password sharing and what's happening around the world because of that. there was a big loss of subscribers, which then massively affected their share price. so i think this is one of the ways they can try and attract more customers by offering a low price tier supported by adverts. let's just finish the clear view. at the cannes lions advertising festival on thursday, we've left a big customer segment off the table, which is people who say, hey, netflix is too expensive for me and i don't mind advertising. he continued: we are adding an ad tier. we're not adding ads to netflix as you know it today. we're at it- and that's the key point here- because many people were worried that netflix is now going to start adding adverts to all of the subscriptions. but based on what we see here, it does look like it's going to be a brand new tier and only in the brand new tier they're going to introduce adverts. so for anybody paying for the current standard or hd or the ultra package, you should not see any adverts in there, and you can imagine the uproar or just how furious people would be if netflix did start adding adverts to all of the tiers and ads here for folks who say, hey, i want a lower price and i'll watch ads. during the conversation, sarandos once again defended his stance in support of controversial netflix comedy specials by dave chappelle and ricky gervais. yes, i'm not gonna go into that, but i mean, netflix do have lots of- you know- original content, lots of you know great shows which many people like. but i just think having ten dollars as a starting point, i think it's too much. so hopefully with this ad supported version, they'll be able to attract more customers. and if you can't afford the 10 a month, then hopefully with a package of- maybe you know- 5.99 or maybe maybe even cheaper than that should allow them to get more people to sign up, and i know people do mind adverts. they can be annoying, like what you see on youtube, but it allows you to access premium content or content where you'd have to pay a higher price than for many people. i do think it's going to be a very attractive option. and also in the news they mentioned that disney plus are also thinking about offering an ad supported here again allowing more people to sign up for the service at a cheaper price. and you can see, with many of these other popular official streaming applications, like breadbox, like to be tv. lots of these applications are funded solely with adverts. so you can imagine, with the premium application like netflix or disney plus, which obviously do have better content, they should hopefully be able to offer a cheaper tier, supported with those adverts. so overall, guys, i do think it's a good thing giving more people options, allowing them to sign up, but it would be even better if netflix actually had a price freeze or even reduced their price to what it was a couple of years ago. but, as with most of these things, these companies are not interested in being nice. they're interested in one thing, and one thing only, which is making maximum money. so you can see why many people do turn to free alternatives or these third-party unofficial applications to access the same content. and just before you go, guys, if you don't have a vpn or you're not happy with your current vpn, ipvanish are doing a crazy promotion just for the next two weeks, whereby you can get total protection for all of your devices: your phones, your tablets, your fire stiks, your android tvs, all devices covered at maximum speed, unlimited bandwidth with confirmed zero data logging at just over three dollars a month. so really at that price point to get all of that protection. i think it's an absolute no-brainer. and the offer is only for the next two weeks. so if you are interested, definitely have a look in the video description or the pinned comment. i think it's definitely worthwhile checking out. so do leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about this breaking news. are you a netflix user? would you be happy to go for a cheaper tier and watch adverts? why are you just somebody that would never watch adwords and are happy to pay a premium so you don't have to watch them? so do leave me a comment below and let me know, and i'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon. thanks,

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A VEGAN STOCK TO WATCH: Market Research Confirms Imminent Breakout!

[Music]. looking at the markets with david modell. hello and welcome to looking at the markets with david modell. i'm super excited about plant-based foods and plants and in industry for vegans and vegetarians that is exploding and i'm telling you, the traditional meat industry is threatened, as they should be. i'll be speaking today with miss julia frank, ceo of plant x, available on the internet at plantxcom- links in the description below this video. so, miss frank, welcome to looking at the markets. hi, thank you for having me. yeah, i really appreciate it and, by the way, if people want to check out the stok, it is available on the canadian csc exchange under tiker symbol vega- vega. on the otcqb market at tiker symbol pl- txf. and on the frankfurt exchange, tiker symbol wnt1. i want to tok ms frank about the vegan food industry, projected by economic experts to become one of the leading global trends of 2021. so why don't we start off by laying the groundwork and describing your company? what's the big picture? yeah, so, uh, the big picture for plant x is already built into our messaging. so so we are the digital face of the plant-based community and the one-stop shop for everything plant-based, and when i say that, i very much mean it. so, um, the idea is to have a massive e-commerce platform where we can house any kinds of plant-based products and services under basically one umbrella. so we already offer a couple thousand products either, if people want plant-based groceries, meal delivery plans, cosmetiks, and we can basically create any vertikal on our website. and also it's it's not about just like the products, it also we want to create a community around plant-based living and, yeah, we basically welcome everyone. so if you want to eat your steak once or twice a week, but try out a plant-based lifestyle, just for like a couple of meals per week, you're more than welcome. welcome to to be our customers. um, we, we just want to be like also like an educational tool on how it's done to have a healthy and and plant-based lifestyle and, um, yeah, i think that's that's pretty amazing and and unique about our platform. yeah, we're toking about a real one-stop shop here for the plant-based market. some investors are calling your company the new amazon for vegans because he carries such a huge variety of items- not just food, but also plants and more. so why don't we tok about your platform online? what makes your company unique in its category? exactly like i said, like, we are basically operating as like an umbrella. so we have many exciting vertikals on our platform. so usually, if, if, let's say, you're looking for plant-based pet food, you would go on a website and search for, uh, plant-based, plant-based pet food, but you also want to have, like, plant based cosmetiks, you would go on another website. or for plant-based groceries, you would go on a third website. so basically, we cover every vertikal that you can basically imagine or that you can basically look for when you're interested in plant-based products, and so you don't have to like switch to different websites. you have one checkout process and i think that's super convenient because basically, you, you have one order, one shipment and one payment, and that makes us pretty unique, absolutely. i want to go into some numbers in the sector. the 950 billion dollar meat industry is huge and the new vegan plant-based element is positioning to become a massive disrupter within the sector. so please tok to us about the potential in terms of revenues. where are you now and what are the projections? yeah, um, believe it or not, but we reached a massive milestone in december and went from zero revenue per month to over one million, and i mean, uh, imagine like we launched our website in april last year and uh to achieve such a use, huge gross revenue and in that short period of time, to me is personally mind-blowing. um, but it actually also proves our, our business model and um, you know what, even hit our expectations even more, that um, the december's revenue was surprised by by january. so, um, last month, um within revenue of one million and eighty thousand and um, to be honest, like in december, and we hit our milestone of over one million with one million 29 000, we thought, okay, it's holiday season, we won't be able to like hit that in in january, because usually in january um it's it's much slower and you know that we even hit our december gross revenue was to us, like you know, super exciting, but it actually, you know, like i said, it kind of proves our business model and and it actually shows that, um, you know, the trend of, like plant-based products and groceries and e-commerce will will be consistent and that we will continue to see increase in gross revenue throughout 2021 and and beyond. um, especially when you consider that we are continuously expanding our product and and building um fruitful partnerships, like basically on a weekly basis. yeah, now plant x- i just learned this- raised a minimum of 10 million canadian dollars in a public offering. you must be very excited about this. what will these funds be used for? yeah, we are extremely excited about that. and um, yeah, and i mean we will use it for for our- um, you know, for our expansion in into europe and and multiple other you know, countries, um, which is really important to us. um, we will continue to develop our user app and um, yeah, we pursue potential study strategic acquisitions. and, yeah, for working capital and and general corporate processes. now, i wanted to mention that, for people who prefer to shop at physical locations, uh, there are plans in place for a brick and mortar experience at plantx. can you tok to us about these plans? uh, where will the stores be located and what will set the plantx life shopping experience apart from a typical grocery store? yeah, so, so we are about to open up plant x locations in, uh, in san diego in california, in squamish in british columbia, in in canada, and also soon in tel aviv in israel. we are really, really excited about that. and, yeah, we wanted to focus on places where we know a plant-based diet and lifestyle can flourish and provide the means to have in-person access to all of our amazing pro products and, yeah, our e-commerce platform will work in in sync with our physical stores as far as inventory, drop shipping and cultivating, the plant-based community and these, these great areas, and, yeah, each, each location will have a cafe for for amazing drinks, our, our plant-based meals i'm ready to order- and, of course, like a thousand products which will include not only food but also our indoor plants and more. so it's going to be a great experience, um for for our customers and it's also going to be like kind of an education center for us, because education is really key for us. so, um, our customers can really inform themselves about the plant-based lifestyle and living. sure, and to wrap it up, what's coming next for plant x? what's in the pipeline? well, there are, there are many exciting things in the pipeline, but relatively soon. what i'm like really happy about is that we will launch our meal delivery service in the us. um, so far we're we are available all over canada, so we offer prepared meals that you can get delivered to your door. we just started launching a mere subscription service, which means you can order meals either for full free or full five days. so, in case you've never tried a fully? um plant-based diet, you can like really check it out and see how it feels if you only eat plant-based um for a few days in a row. and you know, i hear many people telling me: hey, plant-based nutrition, like i won't have enough energy, like i like to work out, but i promise you you will have enough energy. so give it a try and go for our um new subscription service and um, yeah, like i said, we will launch it in the us soon, so that's one of our next steps and then also our expansion into europe. i'm really excited about that. so, yeah, there are many things um to come relatively soon, so stay tuned. whether you're a shopper or an investor- or hey, why not both- i want you to chec.


what's up? everybody doing a market recap video for the first day of march- good day for the bulls getting out of the trouble zone. really nice to see people go through the top 10. tiker zoom absolutely killed earnings- exactly what we thought was going to happen. they didn't make the trade easy- not all trades are easy, but getting a nice reaction here after hours. so congratulations, zoom bowl. so we had opportunity for weakness coming into today. what were we going to get? we're going to get the bare case. we're going to get the bouquet. so we got the bowl case so far looking really good. we're gonna need a little bit more. we're gonna need a little bit more confirmation. but friday, as i toked about in the chat about a bear trap that was set up, was pretty much confirmed today. now we still got some work to do. we'll tok about it, but this is the key zone right now. we continue to hold this coronavirus lower trend line. morningstar candlestik is confirmed from friday. big bullish kicker candlestik today- exactly what the bulls wanted to see. zooming in here. now let's go look at the four-hour chart. right gp. we didn't reject it. this is our key zone in the market if we were going to see weakness from the bearers and able to really push us down strong. i would look for us to not have been able to break the gp. we would reject it somewhere in the 0.5 gp and a hard come back down. we didn't. all we saw was algo buying today, lots of inflow, everything's looking pretty great. this makes it too easy now to come up over here and say, hey, let's just shorten it over here. this is where the resistance zone is. you know, the market doesn't give you a telegraphed play. right, this one. you would have to catch it quick and you know, not everybody can see this in the market. and also, when we toked about like why i was leaning towards the bull side on the weekend video about the market just doesn't tell you we're gonna go down here. everybody was looking bearish like. everybody was like: oh, that's it, we're gonna crash. you know, here we're gonna come down. the market doesn't advertise those big crashes. we've already had a correction. we had an eight percent correction on the nas, which was not advertised. we had a five percent correction on sbx, which wasn't advertised. so in this case, now everyone's antikipating. when we broke our low in here, that was the bear trap. and now here we go. so this zone up over here, i'm imagining now, because of the strength of today's move, that we have potential to actually go for a new all-time high pretty quickly. i didn't think we received this much trick, but it was all day all buying. i think we're up three percent. what are we up today? spx was up. let's go check this out here. nasdaq, spx: 2.5, nas- 3.15- very strong day, very, very healthy, strong move to push away from that key zone. i believe this has alleviated a lot of the concerns. we will need to look for a four hour higher low. we'll be looking for an eight hour higher low. we'll be watching what happens here in the futures market but also seeing now the reaction on zoom in the after hours gives me that sense of risk is on. people are coming in, algos, institutions are coming in and buying. you saw what nvidia did last week. nvidia slayed the earnings and they got a nasty bearish reaction eight percent down. it's all about the market environment. so this tells me: strong market environment consumes getting good earnings. they're starting to move. hey, beautiful play here on futures. now, if you gave some back at the end of february, you missed today's move. do not worry because us. breaking away from the zone now is going to give tons of opportunity. there's a lot of charts out there that have a lot of opportunity to run. think about what zoom did like, even if you just played zoom today. that was a great opportunity. that was a great trade and you could see it early. the buying was, pressure was coming in. let's get into the tikers. top ones are requested. but that's that's what i'm looking for in terms of the futures. potentially we could still stall in here. right, we have to make sure that we're going to break through the zone. but as we get into the zone, it's to telegraph now that you can just go short in here. i imagine we're going to trade sideways in here and then break out. let's watch out for that. let's go check out the nas really quickly and then we'll get into the tikers nas. so we've been setting up lower highs, lower highs. we had a lower high in here and then this potential was looking like a lower high. but look at the candlestik big bullish move. now. that's what we're going to be watching tonight. in the future, can we break over 13, 3, 3, 5, 9, 13, 3, 5, 9? then we're going to be watching this zone in here. okay, and if you think about from our top here to our bottom, that zone is going to line up in a key area. let's look at the gp and the 0.786 in that zone it's going to be the 0.786. the gp is right over here. so this key zone is the gp and above that is it could actually be the 0.786, or is it gonna be the point? eight, eight, six, eight, six, six. uh, let's check it out here. yeah, right under it, right under it. so those are the two zones we're gonna be watching tonight. gp: our resistance from last week. want to get a break up over it. that would mean very healthy lack of concern in my mind if we could break up over the gp and then ask if we stall in here. we just want to see healthy consolidation. we don't want to see that big push down. don't forget, we're watching the volume. the volume that came in on friday was very telling. that potential bear trap is here and that's what we're seeing right now. let's get into the tikets that are requested first. one i'm going to start off with is zoom, because zoom- uh, big reaction here after hours- is going to be trading at 4: 48, so we actually broke up over our resistance. let's go check out the daily chart, right? this is what we're toking about on the weekend video. so now potentially we could get right up into the zone pretty quickly. ultimately, i do believe we have opportunity to run up higher if we hold these gains and we have a strong market. we're gone like. this is gonna go like. you're gonna not want to miss this opportunity here, even if it means buying back in a little bit higher doesn't mean buying it open tomorrow. buy the gap up if these gains hold- and it does look like it will hold- you're gonna want to find an entry. so be prepared, there's a lot of opportunity on this name. actually i was charging this on a log chart. so 480, that's the next zone i'm going to be watching. that's the gp in here also with our daily resistance, and then we'll be looking up at our new all-time high. it might take a couple days to consolidate in this range. we'll see what the price action looks like. we'll gap up into the zone. we don't want to see a sell-off of the gap. you know we could have a spinning top, candlestik, we could have a doji. we could have indecision here. trade in inside bar for a couple days and then eventually look for the breakup. there will be lots of room to the upside if we have a strong market. zoom- i'm antikipating- is going to go make a new all-time high, so watch out for it. congratulations, zoom bulls. should be a great return, even if you're just holding calls. it should be a great return going into tomorrow. so xom here. so we have the potential of a pause starting to take place. we'll see what's going to happen in terms of the crude futures. today we had a little bit of a pause, right. what did crew do today? down two percent. right, it was down two percent. a little bit of a pause. and that's okay because- reminder we can chart's been running pretty hard, right, running pretty hard. we're getting a little bit extended. so a little bit of a pause. it might just continue to melt up, but if not, we don't break today's high going into tomorrow. we start looking for a little bit of daily consolidation. let everything cool off. ultimately, i do believe we're going to get up in the zone. as i toked about in the zoom midday live. we start looking at xle in comparison to what xlf did. so let's go lo.

Stock Market Going Lower | SPY Downtrend Confirmed 5/14/2020

what's going on? traders, today might actually mark one of the biggest days in financial history. let me explain. what we're gonna do is we're gonna look at this on a one year, one day time frame- the s p 500. are you guys ready? for those of you that follow my channel quite frequently and join in on our morning live streams, you may have notiked something different has happened to this channel just today. the s p 500 has essentially gone into a downtrend. on the one year, one day time frame, the s p 500 is now in a downtrend and this is probably the first time we have seen this happen since 2007, in 2008. now, for those of you that might be kind of confused on what i mean, this is what we're going to do. i am going to go back in time using the on demand feature. so if you're on your kind of your home tab, you click right here and go to on demand. that's going to allow you to go back in time. so what we're going to do is we're going to go back in time. excuse me what i just do there. there we go. so we're going to go back in time just a couple days. that way, we can actually see that this was uptrending, and then today it's turned into a downtrend. so what we're going to do is we're just going to go back a couple days here. so let me show you that. so we go to the on demand feature. we're going to go back a couple days, so we'll get all the way to 2020, all right. so let's go back to the beginning of may, okay. so we're going to hit, go, and then what should happen is we should be in the beginning of may, all right. and so now look at the chart. you see how the chart is green. you see what happened there. so all i did was go back. you know, about a week and a half or so of this month, went back a week and a half, and you can see that the statistikal trend is up trending and- and we know it's uptrending because the way that this is custom coded is green when it's uptrending, in red when it's down trending, and so what we have now just seen is, today, the s p 500 has now gone into a downtrend. this is a very significant signal. what we just got today, this is basically telling us the stok market's down trending. mind you, the dow jones has already been down trending. okay, the one-year chart has already been down trending for the dow jones. the s p, the russell 2000 small cap index, has already been downtrending this year. obviously it's already been in a downtrend. the s p 500 today just went into a downtrend very significant. and the leaders that are always holding up the market, the tik stoks, the big, big tik guys that keep ruling the world in the stok market, making everything go up, that's the nasdaq here that is still in a strong uptrend. so you can think a lot of the nasdaq here for propping up and keeping that market up as well. so this is going to take much, much more work to get this to shift into a downtrend. i couldn't tell you when that's going to happen, how exactly it's going to happen, if it will happen, but the significant thing today that happened is now we have the s p 500 on a daily time frame in a downtrend and that is very, very important, okay, very, very significant. to me that is signaling that that we might have some more pain coming along or to not be very bullish right now. okay, so, even though it says it's down trending, theoretikally we're in a range-bound move now. okay. so so theoretikally we can see this market just trade sideways now for a little bit. so what i'm signaling here is is we don't really want to be too bullish to market right now, given the fact that the one year time frame on the s p 500 today has just kicked into a downtrend. so i want to come out and make this video as like a public service announcement to let everybody know that that is in fact what happened today. that way you can be aware of what's actually statistikally taking place. this is statistikal trend over the past year. these lines are calculating statistiks from all past trading days: price points, where they bounce, where they sell, and today, statistikally speaking, it is telling us we are now down trending. very, very important. hope you guys like the video, hope that brings awareness to you, hope you guys like it and i'll see you guys on the next one. everybody, take care.