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connect namecheap domain to shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Tutorial: How to Connect a Namecheap Domain Name to Shopify - Fast and Easy for beginners!

hi everybody, my name is John and in this video, we're going to connect an existing domain that we will purchase from namecheapcom to our Shopify account so that, instead of having your visitors navigate to this long my Shopify URL, they can instead and navigate directly to your customized domain name and not have to remember this entire URL the entire time. so how do we do this and, more importantly, why are we doing this instead of just buying the new domain within Shopify? well, if you click on the buy new domain button and you enter your domain name- Mira's entering this is an example- you'll notike that you can purchase this domain for $14 a year, and this would be charged against your Shopify account. however, this is way too expensive: 14 dollars a year for a domain name, especially acom, is too much to spend. so I'm going to show you how you can get it for roughly about 6 to 8 bucks a year, and it's just going to take you the 10 minutes that it will take to go through this process. so, in order to do this, what we're going to do is we're going to use a different domain instead of wire website just for the purpose of this tutorial. of course, you can use whatever website that you'd like, but just to demonstrate this, I'm going to instead use wire dot work, primarily because it's just super, super cheap. so I'm going to add this domain to my cart and I'm going to view the item and then, finally, I will check out. this is free. this is a special offer. looks like. it's normally about seven bucks. I'm going to confirm my order and then I'm going to click on hey, now give it a couple seconds to process the order. and now you'll be saying this page that says the order has been completed. so now you can do is click on the manage button, and what we're going to do now is we're going to connect this domain to our Shopify store. in order to do that, we need to go into the settings, and if you aren't on this page originally, if you've not just bought this domain, you have to go into your domain list and then click on the domain itself and click on where it says advanced DNS. now, there's a lot of different options here. don't get overwhelmed. it's gonna be really, really straightforward how to do this, and even if you're not using Namecheap- I don't know why you wouldn't be, but if you're not using Namecheap and using a different host. it's going to work the exact same way. what you're first going to do is find your cname record, and right now it's a triple W host where it says parking page namecheapcom. if I double click on this, I can change this value to shops, my Shopify comm, and I'll include these details within the description in this video as well, if you want to reference this later on. click on the green check mark to save your changes. once you've changed the cname record, what we're going to do next is we're going to modify this URL redirect record and change it all the way the top to an a record. we're going to keep the host the same and we're going to change the value to the Shopify IP address. the Shopify IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.65. you can keep the TTL the same and then click on the Save Changes button. so now that you have both of these records looking exactly like this, you can go back to Shopify and then go into your domains section. if you want to get here from the home page, go all the way down to your online store. then you click on domains and then click on where it says connect existing domain. so we're going to enter the domain that we just purchased and click on next and now we're going to verify the connection, because we've already done these instructions listed on this page. this might take a couple minutes to do so, don't be concerned. and once this connects, you'll have this nice message here which says your domain wirework has successfully connected. it might take 24 hours for this to actually apply. once your domain propagates, you'll be able to navigate directly to your newly added to me, and it will take you directly to your Shopify store. few things off the bat. how do we make sure this is our primary domain? in order to do so, we need to make sure that we have the name connected. it has this connected status under the primary domain section. you can change the primary domain by selecting the change primary domain button and then clicking either your Shopify manage domains or a third-party domain, aka triple W. I'm going to keep it as my current primary domain, but if you need to change it back to your my Shopify domain for any reason- or maybe you have an additional domain, the or I didn't give an account- you can do so from this section here. so if you don't need to change your thing, you can cancel this and there you have it, you've connected your domain and you've saved yourself a couple bucks every single year in the process, just by spending the extra two or three minutes to go forward and do this on Namecheap instead of Shopify itself. if this video helped you at all, please be sure to use the link below to purchase your name cheap domain name. it comes at no additional cost to you and it really helps me out to make videos like this. if you have any questions, I do read each and every one of those comments below, so please feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to get back to it with the response as soon as I can. thanks, I hope this helped. being brother sterday, you

How to get a Namecheap domain to Shopify Step by Step 2024

hello. this is how you can connect your namecheap domain to Shopify. today we are going to be using my own website I created for another video. the video will be linked inside the comments, so go check that out if you're interested in building this type of site. thank you and enjoy. this is how you get a domain for your entire thing. so basically, you just want to making a username. this is how to. it's for name: cheap, the cheapest place I could possibly find. I'll just do that. green continue, save, just like that. now you just want to go to domain Auto mixer, com. we'll just be buying this. add to cart Newcomb- get that. we'll just be using this too, since almost three dollars, better than nothing. see that. seven dollars for a domain. if you go to Google domain, it's like twelve dollars. I'm in no way affiliated with um. going right here, I'ma stop. after you get this, after you do all this, after you type in all your information, just go to continue. let's suppose that. and then you can pay with PayPal, which I'll just be doing. PayPal continue. check out with PayPal. all right, thanks, foreign. see, once you get this, just wait a little bit right here. Account dashboard. this is for my other thing, my other little video I created for this site, which I made Within 15 minutes. there will be a link down below to the theme here. let me show you: just click manage, go to here, go back, go to Advanced CMS, go to domains, connect existing domain. Auto mixer dot com. verify connection, follow setting. now now just get this copy, this. that should be a record copy at the host type model mixer. grab that and then this one, CMA, the WWE. just get this right there, bam, and then just add a record. uh, in this bam, all you want to do is simply click add domain and Bam, and then it should automatikally take you to automixercom. it might take a little bit for it to go. you see, I have it closed right now, since when you guys can obviously see this, my domain. now this is a store customize and, yeah, that's how you do it.

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How to Connect Namecheap Domain to Shopify Store (2021)

in this video, arno, to show you how we can connect een magic domain, dat je wat dan bedoel. neem chip hou, je can correct ertoe: shoppie 5, een festival wordt door open your shopping for stores at. this is my testoordeel. en ook de show you how to connect the domain, en hier is mijn. neemt je account, dan is je dit by your, your domain. yet you can do that right now en want je dan dat yo, bionet page liked this on the dashboard of the domains. zo bang, om to show je houten doet met die storm heen en the first dingen moeten doen to, to add to shopping by is roon hij de hit manage, zolang je het maar uit wissel, come up and hey, we can change van settings, of zo, let's play doh. en hier kent vier some information of this domain en het looks very overwhelming. we don't worry, it is actually not that hard to connect het zo. after is dood door het vormt die en s picasso left to set santing sap toe. setup voortreffelijke nek tattoo shop faience, hoor, zo verst, find the sea. neem dat ludo ludo biljoen, en ben we die in the value. u kunt zie, parking page, dat neemt ie sowieso en toe. dubbelklik and then change this to shops dat shops, dat meisje be fine dot com. dus like this way you can keep de rust. dus een dan het safe de rico. and now i want to add t wekker to want to select en een racket het niet had. zo make sure you use the. een gekkerd. the host is bubble judo publiek en die tia listig en purdy minutes. and who, after entering the pages of joy, de ipad rust of shopjes, waar dit mayhew used to treat, dat toutoube 7, dat dat free tijd, dat cx-5 want you, when this in excel id-nummer door head en zeventig. en there we go, zo nauwgezet op en richting aan een qigong weekend, kunt in nieuwe amp certified ze open je shoppen van storen en dan boven hè de het app domain of fine and domain patch of their sego headtie. dit, deze breng je over to this page. you can also acted is van hier online store en ben domains en een sequentie: die olie domain, het vervelen bob is hier zo nou, we can change it too bad domain. dat moet je een bar. wat, heer trance voor de menor connect en excisting domain, zo word je wat te doen bij het hier is. het kan connect, excisting omheen en tour in uw domein zal het kopieert dus gewoon beesten neer en denk: go to mix, zo efficiëntie. they can see that connect. het wordt. neemt-ie zo week en view the names cyprus, succes want, hoe ouder die er net zo wie het verified connexxion left to right now it go to verify en miss wilfer fire within this is hoewel verf verf. so as you can see, you can get some. you can get some er ook out. this will change what you i just take some time on. sorry is zo take some time to actually change. it can be like one hour a 2d bit more en dit you don't have to do, just wait. dennett, verify en en het hobby. dan alle medically heeft dit filiaal shout previewen like: please subscribe and see you next ar.


How to Connect a Namecheap Domain to Shopify in 2022

hi guys, welcome to my channel. i hope you have a wonderful day. uh, today i'm gonna show you how to connect your namecheap domain to your shopify uh store. so let's go ahead, uh, and do this. i am on my 14 day trial from shopify just to show you how it works, and you have to log into your namecheap account and let's go ahead and search for a domain that you may want to purchase. so for today's video, i'm going to just pick a random name like, uh, i don't know, amelia, so i, i don't know. it's just super random. usually for a shopify store i would pick. if i would go for a really cheap domain like this, ones for about one dollar, i'm gonna go for something that shop, so amelia, that shop, or amelia soap that store. that would be good too, but i'm gonna go for the- the first one add to cart and i'm gonna check out right now. okay, so now we'll confirm order. we have to pay with people. it's my. oh no, they have other payment options, but i'll go with this one. so i'm going to go ahead and pay for the domain and be right back. so i paid for for it and now they are processing my order. uh, it's gonna take a couple of minutes, so don't don't be worried about they are going to process it and you're going to have your domain, uh, in a couple minutes. okay, so right now let's go to our dashboard and your domain will appear right here. so we're going to go to manage and to advanced dns and we'll choose a shopify from choose dns template. we're gonna choose the shopify one and save it. don't forget about this. okay? so once it's saved, it takes maybe, like i don't know- 10, 20 minutes to actually work out and make the connection between your domain and the shopify store. so i'm gonna go ahead and try right now. maybe it works. you're going to your shopify dashboard and go to settings and go to domains right here. okay, so we're gonna go ahead and press connect existing domain and our domain is amelia soap dot shop. okay, verify connection. okay, right now it doesn't work, but i'm gonna try again in a couple minutes. so a couple minutes have passed. let's try again and see if it works out again. same thing: verify connection and there you have it. that's it. that's everything you have to do and it takes about, i don't know, maybe three minutes. so there you have it. thank you for watching my video and i hope you liked it and it would mean the world to me if you like and subscribe.

How to setup a Namecheap Domain Name DNS on Shopify

everyone's Curt with blue rucksack, calm, and today I'm going to show you how you can point your name cheap domain name to a Shopify site. so to get started, go ahead and login to your name cheap account and click on dashboard. once you're in your dashboard, you can scroll down to your list of domains and choose the domain name that you would like to transfer to your Shopify site. then click on manage and then we will click on advanced DNS and while that's loading, we can go over to our Shopify account. go ahead and login and come to your home screen and then click on online store and finally click on domains. on this page you will see a couple of options for your domain. you can either purchase one directly in Shopify or connect an existing one. so we have one from Namecheap. click on connect existing domain. we'll enter the name of that doughnut domain name and click on next. here you'll be presented with some instructions. go ahead and click on, follow the Namecheap instructions and scroll down to Direction number five. go ahead and copy this IP address. we're going to enter this IP address in to record a back in our Namecheap advanced dns options, so go ahead and paste that in there. it should be a record at the new IP address. go ahead and click Save and then next we will go back to our Namecheap instructions and we can scroll down to instruction number ten and we'll go ahead and copy this piece of code: shops dot. my Shopify calm. and we'll go back to Namecheap DNS and look for cname record, ww, and then go ahead and paste this in there. as you can see, I already have that in there. go ahead and click Save and once those save, we can go back to Shopify and it will take about a half an hour to one hour for that connection to complete. so I'll go ahead and take a break for about thirty minutes and come back and make sure it works. ok, I'm back in. it's been about an hour and a half and let's go ahead and verify, make sure this connection worked. so go ahead and click on verify. alright, it looks like these domains have been connected and status is okay, and let's see to change your primary domain name to the one that you just transferred. go ahead and click on primary domain, choose the one that you would like and click on save, and that is how you transfer a Namecheap domain name to a Shopify site. if you have any questions, go ahead and drop them in the comments. if you'd like me to cover any other Shopify questions or domain questions hosting questions, go ahead and drop them in the comments as well and, as always, thank you for watching.

How to connect a Namecheap domain to Shopify

hello guys, welcome back to the channel, and in today's video i'm going to show you guys how to connect your name chip domain to your shopify account. so i'm here on my browser. i already created this test shop here. so once you select, once you created your store, you should be on this screen here and then from here you need to select online store domains and then you need to click on connect existing domain and then you go to your nameshape account. so you go to namecheap account and then you select domain list. you select a partikular domain that you want to connect. so in my case i'm going to use this one here. so for now i'm just going to copy this address here, go back to shopify and paste it in here, click next and then you go back to name chip, select that partikular domain and then click manage and then click on advanced dns. you should have two pre-existing records here. so all you need to do is go to the bin and delete them both. so just delete them both, and then we need to add two new records. so back here on the shopify, you should have some instructions here. so the first thing you need to do is to add a new a record and and paste that partikular address here. so i'm just going to copy that back on name chip: add new record. and then you need to select a record, the host- here you leave as at and then the address is: i want to just copy. and then you click on save changes here. then the second one you need to add is called a cname record where the host is going to be- tablet, apple tableau, and then the target back on the instructions. here you just need to copy this address here and then you paste here on target and click save changes and that's it. that's all you need to do here. name chip. so back on shopify you need to click verify connection- just reminding you that these changes here can take a few minutes, so be patient- and then click on verify connection on shopify. so click verify connection and then you wait for a while while it's checking if the domain is connected. and, as you can see, your domain is now connected and if i go to that partikular domain i should now be linked to shopify. but because i didn't really added any any, i didn't change that partikular store. you just see this thing. but, as you can see, it is connected to shopify. everything is working fine and that's pretty much it, guys. i hope you enjoyed and i see you in the next one. if you like this type of content, please don't forget to subscribe and leave you like bye.