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connecting stripe to shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Payments Setup: How To Create Payment Gateway (2022)

shopify payment setup. hi everyone, welcome back into this channel, and today i will be teaching you how to create a payment gateway on shopify. so let's begin right away. the very first step is to make sure that you have an account on shopify. so if you don't have an account, you may go to shopifycom and place your working email right here. make sure that your email is working, since shopify will be sending you a confirmation email or a verification email that will verify that your account is existing. once you're done inputting your email address, click on start free trial right here and then click on password and type in your password. i'll just type in right here and make sure to follow the required password right here. click on create your store once you're done and then wait for it to load. so shopify takes a lot of time to load, so you should be patient with all of these steps. so, as you can see, shopify is loading right now. so once it is done loading, make sure to add the important information that shopify needs in your store so you may click on um. are you already selling? you may choose an option, or what is your current revenue? choose an option. which industry will you be operating? choose an option as well. right here you may click on skip if you think that you still don't have the answer to all of this, and then it will redirect you now to this page right here. so it will ask about your address, so your country or your region, your first name, your last name, address, your apartment, suite and etc. your postal code, city, region, phone and optional business or personal website right here. so make sure to add all of these ones, since it is required, except of this optional business or personal website. you may also check on: this store is a registered business, if you have already registered it to your respective office swap, and then click on enter my store. and once you click on enter my store, this page or the home page will appear, and then you may add a product right here by clicking on add product. or let's say, for example, that the product that you want is on um, aliexpress. so you may go to apps right here on the left pane and then click on overloop. so once you click overloo, it will redirect you to this page, which says that the overloo is a drop shipping app. so click on add app and then wait for it to load again. shopify is taking time to load, so you should be patient with it. once you click on add app, this will be shown on the screen. so the first one is create or connect your shopify store. step two is: i had your first product. the step three is go live and the step 4 is make a sale, so you may track your steps right here. as you can see, there is a green one which indicate that you have already achieved the number of steps out of the four steps right here. so, since we have already created and connected our shopify store, it has now been added right here. so what we're going to do now is to proceed with step two: add your first product. so go to products, right here on the left pane, and click on find products, and right here you may choose the category that you want. so you may choose men's clothing and accessories, women's clothing and accessories, toys and hobbies, beauty and health, watches and etc. you may also choose on more categories. if you cannot see any category that you've won, let's say, for example, i'll click on beauty and health, and right here you just simply choose the product that you want. so click on the. for example, i want to choose this one. simply click on add to import list and then choose as many product as you want. as you can see, i have added or imported a product already, so you may now then click on import list right here and then make sure to tik the box right here. or let's say, for example, you have a lot of products. you may click on the box right here as well, so everything will be selected. once you have selected your products, click on import to store right here, then make sure to turn it to draft first and click on import ass draft, then wait for it to load. once it is done loading, a tik mark or a check mark will be seen right here, and then now you may proceed back to your shopify store and go to your products and, as you can see, now you have your product right here, so you may click on it and then you may be able to see your product. jimmy also edit the name of that product, the description and etc. so again, let's just wait for it to load and then- let's say, for example, that you have already edited your product name or your description. you may click on the bottom right of the screen and then now let's proceed to what you're looking for, which is the setting up of the payment. so let me go to settings, right here on the left pane, and then you may see store details, plan billing, users and permissions, payments, checkout and many more. so let's focus on payments right here. so click on payments and you may choose payment providers, supported payment methods or manual payment methods. so, on manual payment methods, you may add manual payment method, such as create a custom payment method, your bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery or cod. once you are looking for your desired payment method, you just simply try all of this so that you may um experience everything. so let's say, for example, i want to choose a provider. i'll just simply click on that one and then wait for it to load. so, right here i may look for the provider that you want. you may choose to check out by d local credit card or debit card, via paymongo and etc. so you may see here as well what cards are supported by these payment method or your payment providers. so let's say, for example, i want to choose this to check out, and then, as you can see, there is a description. there are also instructions, which include create a to checkout account and log in and activate your to check account, access the integrations under the api section, and you should read all of this so that you will have a successful payment gateway. so the merchant code and the secret code can be seen once you created an account on to check out or other payment options. so let's say, for example, let's click on create a to check account and then make sure to sign up for free. since i have already signed up, i'll just sign in right away. so i'll just log in first, i'll type in my password and make sure to provide again a working email so that you will not have problems later on. so let's say, for example, that you have done um, creating your account, and this page will appear. so let's go back to shopify and the payments method. as you can see, you need your merchant code and your secret word. so to do that, go to integrations and then make sure that you are in the web hooks and api. so let's say, for example, you forgot this video. you may go to shopify and again read all of this, since everything is um the same. so again go to web books and api and right here you may see your merchant code. so simply copy this one and paste it right here, and then your secret word or secret key is right here. make sure to click on the i button first and then copy it and paste it right here as well. so you may check on the credit card providers, such as visa, mastercard, american express, jcb, discovery and diners club. so if you don't want diners club, you may uncheck it and etc. you may enable to check on enable test mode so that you may see what are the things needed in order for the customer to pay your product. so click on activate, found on the lower right corner, if you are already done, and then you may now go back to the shopify store type in shopifycom. make sure to log in and then go to your store. so once you are in your store, let's just wait for it. you may now go back to products and then make sure that this product status from draft. you may um turn it into active. so let's just click on more actions and click on set us active and wait for it to load. as you can see, now your product is active, so it can be seen on your store and you have already set up your payment method, which is good, so that they may pay for this product, so t.

Stripe setup with Shopify and Woocommerce

in this video, we'll see how to integrate stripe with woocommerce and shopify. go to your snipe account dashboard from left hand side. go to api keys. press create secret key button to create new keys. i already created the keys. step one: integrate with you commerce. go to plugin and add new. now install and activate the woocommerce drive payment gateway by woocommerce. once activated, go to woocommerce settings. now go to payments from all this type options, enable first one and press setup. you can create account from here as well. press enter account keys, copy and paste the keys and save receive changes. step 2: integrate with shopify. in shopify, you can only use one payment provider at a time: a cash free or stripe, or to checkout or pay you money, etc. as you can see, i'm using cash flow right now. in order to integrate stripe, i have to deactivate cash free first and you are done. always make sure to place a test order before starting advertising or making your store live. if you still have any question, comment or you can direct message me on instagram or facebook. make sure to subscribe to never miss any updates.


How To Add Stripe Payment Gateway On Shopify(New Update)

hello, my amazing subscribers. today I'm going to be showing you how to add stripe payment Gateway on your Shopify. now we go to Google Chrome. this is the home page now, if you are not on YouTube, you can just simply search for Shopify and it automatikally brings you to the home page. now I will go to settings. go to settings. click on payments- [Music]. now choose a provider: [Music]. because we want to be paid by strike, we are going to have to be like: yes, [Music]. I don't have an account stripe too. [Music]. password: foreign [Music]. [Music]. okay, mobile number. so you're adding your mobile number. verification code: three, six [Music]. thank you, because I'm teaching. I'm just going to choose to show you guys how it works. no, because my country does not support these payments, does not support Strife. I'm not going to go further, but if your country supports it, just fill in the details if you don't have a stripe account already to connect with, and continue following instructions, and you definitely connect your stripe to your Shopify account. I hope, with this video, that you were able to learn how to connect your stripe to secure payment for yourself on shopping. fine, see you next time. bye.


How To Setup Stripe Account For Shopify In Without SSN | For non US Residents

hello guys, welcome to this video, and i want to just show you exactly how to get um stripe activated inside of your shopify account if you don't have access to stripe. now, this is a question i've gotten a lot and the reason we have this problem is because you're a non-resident and if stripe is not natural, like natively supported for your location, your stripe is not going to show up inside of your dashboard. so this is me logging into my shopify account. i created it on trial and when i came i didn't find stripe under the third-party providers that exist, and we all know that you are currently unable to use um shopify payments because um shopify payments is for people who are in the us, like people who are us residents and have an ssn. so even if you register your business and you have an ein, you're unable to actually like use it because you still like an ssn and then most of the time, stripe is not available inside of your account. so the simple thing that you need to do is to go to your account and you go to the shopify help center. when you go, you want to find a way to speak with support. right? you want to contact the support so you can either send them an email or you can call them on phone. so what i did was to actually get them on charts. so there was a chat option and, um, if i type stripe here and i would just say no, no, no, no, no and i'll come here, and then you see, we have the chat, we have email, we have um phone call and we have twitter, so i chose the chat option. now the thing you have to note is that, um, the chat option actually takes a long time, so i think i waited around 15 minutes, but i did get somebody to speak with, so you can either send them an email, whatever the case may be. now i'm going to show you that chat transcript so you can see. i explained that i am a non-resident with the us registered business and i i need to use shopify. can i use shopify payments or at least get access to stripe? and then the lady came in and explained that, um, well, she asked me to first verify my identity. then she now mentioned that shopify payments is only for people who have a valid ssn. now, as a non-resident, you will not have access to an ssn, which is fine. but she said if i want stripe, she can tell the billing team to edit the account to allow stripe as a payment provider, right? and then i specifically asked if this is something that can be available to anybody- said yes, i should ask them to reach out to support and they will get the same solution. that is what i'm here to tell you today. so what you need to do is you just need to reach out to support and they will activate stripe inside your account. so just this afternoon i got a response that said: um, this is matt from shopify and they have added stripe as like inside of my account. so we're going to go into my account to see. he said to go to my third. um, not alternative, i should go to my third party providers and choose. and then if you come here and type stripe, you see that stripe is now added to my account. so it's asking me to deactivate and i say confirm, because i tried setting up shopify payments but i know that it's not going to work. so i'm going to sign into my stripe account and you see they are asking me if i want to connect and i can connect my business with it and i will say connect my stripe account and you see that the account is automatikally um connected. so you come here and you see stripe right. so now i have stripe in my account. so the only thing that is the additional information that you need to know is that, in addition to the price that um stripe is going to charge you, which is um 29, 2.9 plus 30 cents. so if you go to stripe website here on their home page and if you scroll down, you will see: let's see, come on, there's a place to see fees. okay, pricing, great. so stripe has transparent pricing. so if it's integrated, they charge you 2.9 plus 30 cents on every um transaction that you're that is successful. now, depending on your shopify plan, if you're on the basic or the normal shopify or the advanced shopify, you get an extra charge. so if you're using um shopify payment, you don't get an extra this thing. but if you're using any additional, like if you're using an extra payment provider that is not shopify payments- depending on your plan, you get an extra fee. so if you're on the lowest plan, you get a two percent fee, which will bring this total percentage to 4.9 plus 30 cents. if you're on the 79 per month plan, you get one percent extra charge and if you're on the 299 per month plan, you get 0.5 extra charge. so that's the only thing that you need to know. so it will be two point nine percent plus two, two extra percent from shopify. that's the total amount of charges that you will be paying. but at least the good thing is that um stripe will be activated inside of your account and if you um, if you have a legitimate llc and you have your stripe account activated, then you can use it with shopify as a non-resident. so, um, that's a very simple and straightforward way of getting strapped inside your account. all you need to do is message their support and tell them that you have a registered us business with an activated stripe and you have an ein. so they should please add stripe to your well, non-stripe supported shopify account and you'll be good to go. so that's what i wanted to tell you, guys. and if you don't have um, if you don't have an llc, if you don't have access to stripe, then you can get the llc formula and i'm going to show you what it is. so it's my step-by-step course that shows you how to get an llc from anywhere in the world. it's very affordable. it's currently 37 and i'm actually going to increase the price because i'm re-recording the course from scratch and everybody who buys the course- past and previous, everybody who's going to get access to the updated version. but the current version has over 100 students currently and it has done amazing for them. they have gotten access to an llc. they've also registered their business in the us. they have access to stripe. they have us bank accounts and they don't. they didn't even need to um fly out to the us to get it done. now a lot of you may have questions about how you can get this done, or maybe some faqs. you just need to scroll to the bottom of the page and you see the questions. uh, i know the most common one is whether i will this work in my country. there are a few countries that are not currently supported when it comes to banks, but most other countries are supported. so questions about taxes, how long it will take, how much you're going to spend to get it done. you're going to spend around 200 to 300 if you're doing it as a diy option and if you want a done for you option, depending on when you're watching this video. i'm actually working on setting up a completely hands-free done for you option later this month. so if you're watching this video now, um, when it's just recently published, you want to check back later to see if, um, the done for you option is ready, but for now, you can actually get the entire thing set up. so this is the llc formula. as you can see, it's currently 37 and i'm going to increase the price very soon. this is the checkout page you can come out. you can come and check it out for yourself, and this done for you option is not currently available. i'm creating a brand new one, so i'm going to take this out. but if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. i'm so happy that, um, as a non-resident, you can actually get access to stripe inside of shopify, so let me know whatever questions you have and i'll answer them in the comment section. i'll see you guys in my next video. bye.

Payment Gateway Problems With Shopify Dropshipping | PayPal Vs Stripe Vs Others

all right if you own a drop shipping business should use PayPal. should you avoid PayPal? should you stripe? today, in this video, we're going to cover everything having to do with payment processors for Shopify drop shipping. what's going on, Braden, here? so in this video, we're gonna cover everything having to do with payment processors, with Shopify dropshipping. I get asked all the time: can I avoid using PayPal? do I have to use stripe? what are the best payment processors? today we're gonna cover all of that and I'm gonna cover what to do about holds and how to avoid holes and reserves with PayPal, stripe and the other payment processors. but before we get into the video, I've got a quick announcement to make. as you guys know, on prior service military, I'm a former firefighter and paramedic. with that, it's needless to say, I'm very patriotik. because of this, I'm holding a July 4th sale, flash sale, for the dropship fortune program. so you can look down the description box below for the discount code for that and if you jump in right now for a limited time, you'll get a free one-on-one coaching call with myself. the results coming out of the dropship fortune program have been absolutely insane. we have many, many students during six-figure months, even more during five of your months. so the results coming out of this are absolutely insane, and right now you get that one-on-one free coaching call. so definitely look down in the description box below and get in while the sale is still going on. all right, so let's get in today's video. so first, let's go ahead and cover the whole argument about PayPal versus stripe. so this is something that I've tested multiple, multiple, multiple times and I've seen the results, last with many of my students and other people in this space. I do consultation calls all the time with people and the results speak for themselves. so first let's go ahead and cover PayPal and stripe. do you need both? so with stripe, you know, accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal- that's obviously PayPal payments, and we're gonna get into some other credit card, debit card payment processors in a second. but the whole point here is: do whatever you can to be able to offer both. I have so many people that reach out to me and they might have been in this space for a long time. there's several people that were in this space for a long time and, for whatever reason, they hate PayPal. that could be for the reserves, that could be for the, the way they they go with disputes, everything like that. but what I can say is- I've tested this on my test store and I've seen this with many students- that if you have paid PayPal and a credit card, debit card process or you're going to be helping yourself a lot out. so recently I did a coaching call with someone that was not breaking even they were losing money and they only were able to accept credit cards and debit cards. they avoided PayPal and I went ahead and I said: you know? I asked the reasons why they wanted to avoid PayPal. they were scared of getting a hold. so they're essentially just doing it to avoid ever getting a hold of Reserve on their funds. so I had them go ahead and add PayPal as a payment processor for their store and they immediately had a winning store. they immediately were profitable. that was the the the kind of key. so one thing I can say is, at least with my stores and my experience, most of my stores are almost split down the middle about between customers that purchase with card and the customers that purchase with PayPal. you definitely want to go ahead and have the other option. a lot of customers are only comfortable shopping with PayPal and other customers are only comfortable shopping with card. so the whole point here is is, if you're able to get accepted and use both PayPal and a credit card processor, you need to go ahead and do that and it'll go ahead and it can really really boost the conversion rate. I've seen cost per conversions go way down and conversion rates of stores go way up by just adding essentially the missing piece, whether that's a PayPal or a credit card, debit card processor. so I get asked all the time from people outside the United States and Canada and other countries. I get asked all the time: you know I'm not able to use stripe in my country. what can I use? this is where you're gonna have to do- do due diligence so for many countries you can use to check out. there's many other processes out there. this is where you need to shop around, see where you can one get accepted, but then to which ones are gonna give you the best rates. but the whole point here is is: don't only use PayPal in your store and preferably don't only use a card processor. you want to go ahead and have both. if you look at almost every big reputable brand out there, they have many checkout options, with the two main ones being PayPal and a card processor, and then they might have Google pay, Apple pay, Amazon pay- all the rest. but the two big ones are PayPal and card. it looks very fishy to a cuss if you only accept one of these methods, if you only have pay by paypal or you only have pay by card. this looks very fishy and can completely destroy the trust of your store. so one, you're decreasing your conversion rate because you have a lack of trust. but then you're decreasing the conversion rate because you have a lot of customers that will only check out using paypal or only check out using card, and this is something that I've tested multiple times and it's, without a doubt, had a big impact on conversion rate. you want to have a card product processor and PayPal. so if you can get accepted by both, you want to use that. and what I can say is, if you're in another country and you can't use stripe, you might not even be able to use to check out. you need to go ahead and shop around, you need to do your due diligence, you need to put in the effort because you most likely can get accepted by a payment processor. so now let's go ahead and tok about holes and reserve. so I've had reserves in the past from stripe and I've had holes of reserves in the past from PayPal. one thing I can say- because so many people are so scared of getting a hole to reserve from PayPal- one thing I can say is, out of all my stores I've only had one major hold on one of the stores and I've had many PayPal accounts, many stores that all use their own PayPal account. it is hit or miss, but I can say least with me and what I've seen with many of my students is it happens less than what people think. now the reason that a lot of these holes and reserves happen is it can be purely by chance. if you have a new store open and you really start scaling, it can literally hit you by chance. you can have a lot of charge backs or disputes come in. so if PayPal you could have a lot of disputes with stripe, you could have a lot of charge backs come in. that is going to flag reserve. and that's one thing I've seen almost for sure happen is if you have a lot of them come in, especially in the early periods of your store, you probably will get a hold of reserve. but then the big one is it is kind of by chance. you know, I've I have a photographer friend does nothing really with e-commerce, just accepts payments, PayPal, for their photography business and she was hit with a reserved on her paypal funds for, I believe, three months. so it really somewhat is by chance. but one thing I can say is it happens less than what people think, especially if you're doing the right business practikes. so to avoid those disputes and charge backs, this is where you want to have great customer service. you want to be shipping your products out right away. you won't have, you know, done your due diligence on the supplier and the products you don't want to start selling and then figure out you have really bad products. your supplier takes forever to ship out the products. this is where you want to have done your due diligence. but big big thing here is it comes down a lot of times to customer service, one thing that I've seen actually work out really well with avoiding a lot of dispute.

Shopify vs Stripe - Which One Is Better?

hey there guys. my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to compare stripe with shopify. the first thing i'm going to compare, or like share with you is what is my actual recommendation for you to use. then i'm going to compare the fee structure of stripe and also shopify and then i will tok about additional features they offer. so let's start now. personally, i would, if you can use your shopify payments, use shopify payments. it's going to be much more effective than choosing a different payment processor. but what i would do if i would be you that, okay, i would let you use shopify payments but then have a stripe or paypal or something in a backup. why? because what can happen? let's say that, uh, you have a summer collection and you gonna sell a new product in summer and you are earning right now, 2k a month. what can happen that? let's say that you're going to jump to 30- 40k a month, but, right, then shopify is going to stop, like it's going. they are going to review your store. if you're not a scam or something right, they're going to stop. uh, they're not going to allow you to sell products. it can happen, but then you need to figure it out fast: another payment processor and what will happen? that you are going to wait to get verified on i don't know- stripe for a while, like one week, and you are going to lose a lot of revenue. so this is why i always recommend, if you're going to choose a one payment processor, have some that you're not going to use straight away in a backup that you can use anytime. this is what i would definitely recommend for you to do and have it as a backup and from year two, three years from now, when you're going to be big, you will remember what i said to you and you will be so thankful because just this one minute is going to save you so much money. now let's go further, to just payment and fee structure. so in shopify you have to pay for the basic account, like okay, but let's say you can't use shopify payments. but it's really important that if you're going to choose different payment processor than shopify payments, you have to pay in a basic shopify two percent, in the normal shopify one percent and advanced shopify 0.5, based on a plan that you're gonna choose. and then why is it important? only because let's say that you would choose stripe in stripe, you're gonna see that okay. integra, 0.4 percent, 0.25 cents or 2.9 percent, right. and to those let's say that i'm going to order from the india, let's say i'm going to pay 2., 2.9 percent to strive and also i'm going to pay another 2, 1 or 0.5 to shopify. so that's like free. this is like what: five percent on a basic shopify and two percent goes to shopify and zero point. uh, three percent goes to stripe. so this is really important. and when you like, compare the online credit card rates. the shopify payments is 2.9, 2.6 and 2.4. here it's zero point four percent for european card. so if you can have like a lot of orders from europe and you know that you are targeted in germany or uk or i don't know, uk is not already in europe, so it's a brexit. so let's say sweden, whatever, i would definitely go with a stripe. you're going to save actually money. so let's say that even here it's 2.6 percent. but let's say you're gonna see additional fees here for zero percent. i would choose advanced, like the shopify account for 79. and then i'm going to pay one percent to shopify. then i'm going to get from european cards one point four percent. i'm like two point two point four, four percent. the cents are really similar. so still, it's better comparing to shopify payments. so you always need to do those, this kind of shenanigans and calculations like which one is actually better. now to go further, the one huge advantage- i personally see there are more of them to stripe comparing to shopify payments- are these: so you got 135 currencies in stripe. you got it available in more countries. comparing to shopify payments, that's another thing. uh, two business days is really similar. uh, the payment then you're gonna have like integration. there are plenty of them both. both customer support is good, but one really thing i like about- let me show you about stripe- is 3d secure, pretty secure. that c3 is a method used to verify customer identity before an online car purchase. this is really important. so if you're gonna get a lot of orders, uh from scam people etc. using stripe is really effective and really good. so that's what i would definitely recommend for you to do and buy this. you're going to save also money. now, adaptive acceptance, so they are going to help you: 0.08 local payment methods, sepa, direct, and that's pretty much it. so i don't know what else should i share with you. so, if you can use the shopify moments, use shopify payments, but have stripe in the backup. if you are in a risky business, that can happen, that they are going to stop. they are not going to allow you to sell the product through shopify payments in that way. i would just go definitely stripe. so thank you very much, guys, for watching. if you have any questions, ask me down in comments and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.