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constant contact shopify

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Connect Constant Contact Abandoned Cart Email With Shopify

- Hey, there it's Brandon, And today I'm gonna show you just how easy it is to connect your Shopify website with your Constant Contact abandoned cart email integration. It's very easy to do and I'm gonna show you step-by-step right now. (upbeat music). Okay, so, before we jump into Constant Contact, there's one thing you need to do in Shopify to get yourself set up. You need to turn off the abandoned cart email that's being automatikally generated by default from Shopify. So let me show you how to do that. From your Shopify main admin screen. go down to settings and then click on checkout. There's a bunch of things in here. just scroll down almost to the end And there is a section clearly labeled abandoned checkouts. You're gonna see this box here is probably checked to automatikally send abandoned checkout emails. Go ahead and uncheck that and click save. That's it for Shopify. Now let's take a look at what we need to do in Constant Contact. Okay, once you're logged into your Constant Contact admin, up on that top menu, go ahead and click on integrations And that's gonna pull up all the potential integrations that you can do with your account. But we want to look at ones that are already connected. So go ahead and click connected integrations, If you've jumped ahead and you don't have Shopify already connected with your Constant Contact account, you can watch this video via this link that's going to pop up right here. That shows you how to connect your Shopify and Constant Contact account. But once you have that connected and you come into connected integrations, you're going to see this Shopify logo with the connected button there. Go ahead and click on that. That's gonna take you into things like lists and activity and you'll notike. right after that is the abandoned cart email option. Let's click on that And that will pull you into this. It doesn't look like there's much until you actually click on the link: the Shopify abandoned cart email. If you haven't set one up, it's gonna show inactive, just like this one. So let's go ahead and click on that link. This is gonna pull up the section for you to design, put in details, scheduling, how soon you want to send it out. There's a bunch of things that go into an abandoned cart email, but for this video I'm just gonna show you how to sync it and activate it. So along the left there's the menu there. Go through all of that. Do any type of customization and settings that you need, But remember, at the end, on the top, right over here, you'll need to click the activate button. Guys, gals, that's it. You've now synced up your abandoned cart email from constant contact with your Shopify store. Real simple, very important. I hope you enjoyed this video. I'll see you in the next one. (upbeat music).

Constant Contact Tutorial 2022 (Step-by-Step Tutorial For Beginners)

in this video, i will show you, step by step, how to get started with the email marketing software constant contact. this is the complete guide to constant contact, so if you're looking for a tutorial showing you exactly, step by step, how to set up your email marketing with this provider, then keep watching. this is the perfect video for you. what's up, this is simon from medics media, providing you with the best tips, tools and tutorials to grow your online business, so make sure you subscribe to this channel to not miss any upcoming videos. now, in this tutorial, i will walk you through everything from start to finish on my computer so that you can easily follow along and set up your own email marketing within constant contact. the goal is that at the end of watching this video, you're set up and ready to go with your email marketing and constant contact. i'll leave timestamps to all the steps down below in the description, or you can just hover over the progress bar of the video to find the exact part you're looking for, and if, at any point, you have any questions, just leave them down below in the comment section and i'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. of course, thumbs up are appreciated at any time. so the first step is to go down to the description of this video. click on the first link that you find there and that will get you a 60 day free trial for constant contact. so do that now and we'll move on from there. okay, so that first link in the description will take it to this page that you see right here where you can get that 60-day free trial now. if you don't live in the united states or in canada, you will only get a 30-day free trial, but the rest of the tutorial is pretty much the same for you, so just follow along as well. so to sign up, we just type in our email address right here and then we click on sign up free. then we get to the next page where we just have to decide on a password and enter our first and last name and then, once we've done that, we can click on get started. so now that we have created our new constant contact account, they want to know a little bit more about our business and they're going to ask us some questions so that they can give us some recommendations how to set up our email marketing with their software. if you don't want to give them the information and you don't want to answer those questions. just go to the top here and click on skip, and then you can just skip all that part. but i'm just going to go through that real quick. so i'm going to click on let's go, and then my industry is, let's say, education, and then click next. then i want to grow my email list and click next. i already have a couple of contacts and that would be, let's say, 1 to 50 contacts. click on next and we have a website. let's say no, right here, and get results. so now, based on the information that we have given them about our business, they will just give us some tips right here about how to build a website if you don't have any, and stuff like that. so, um, you can go through that if you want to. but let's just go ahead and get into our constant contact dashboard. you just go to the top right here and then click on go to my account. all right. so now we're inside of the dashboard of your new constant contact account and this is where you see an overview of all your latest campaigns that you have just set up and also just some statistiks: how fast your email lists are growing and stuff like that. so once you send out a couple of emails and once you grow your list, you'll see a lot more data on your dashboard right here. so what you usually use to navigate through constant contact is this menu on the top right here. so i will quickly go through each of these menus, but while watching this tutorial video, you will see that you'll get familiar pretty quickly with this menu here. so you have the campaigns that you'll use to set up new email campaigns, new newsletters, new email automation sequences and all that kind of stuff. and then you have the contacts, where you see an overview of all your email subscribers, the different segments, the different email lists that you have set up. then you have the reporting, where you see all the stats like open rates, click through rates and all the analytiks that are associated with email marketing. then you have to sign up forms, where you can create new sign up forms and new landing pages that you can use for people to sign up to your email list. then you have something that they've introduced a little while ago, which is websites and stores, so you can actually build entire websites using constant contact. but i will not really cover this in this tutorial, because this is more about email marketing, which is what constant contact is mainly for. so if you want to build a website using constant contact, you can use that as well, but i'm not going to cover it in this tutorial. then you have social, so you can manage your social media accounts with constant contact if you want to. you have integration. so if you want to integrate, like shopify or something with constant contact, you'll find all the integrations here, and the library is just where all your um files are stored, like your photos, your videos. all the content that you use for your email marketing will be stored in the library right here. now the first thing we're going to do in your account is to go to the top right where we see your name, and then click on my settings, and this will take us to the settings, and this is where we have to set up our organizational address. you have to do this, otherwise you will not be able to send out emails, because at the bottom of every email that you send out using a software like this, you will have to have a physical address. it doesn't have to be your home address, i would just suggest that you get a business address and then just type in your business address in here. so to do that, we just go to the right side where it says organizational address, and then click on edit address, then just type in your address right here and then click save. okay, so now you see, you have set up your address right here and now we're allowed to actually send out emails from this account. now the next thing we want to do is to go to the top right here where it says verify address. this is where you can type in or where you can set up new email addresses that we want to send out emails from. so i usually sign up using a gmail address, as you can see right here. this is the email address that i signed up with for this constant contact account, but i want to. what i want to actually do is send out emails from my own domain, so something like simon medics, mediacom. so the way how we can do this is we have to verify it with constant contact. so what we do is we just type in the email address that we want to send out emails from right here- simon medics, mediacom, which is my personal domain right here- and then i just click on send verification email, and what they will do is they just send an email to this one right here, and all we have to do is just go to the inbox of this email, click on verify, and then it will say verified- right here, and we're able to send out emails using this branded email address, which looks a lot more professional and also helps to not go into the spam folder. so this is the email that you will get. so all you have to do is just click on verify email right here, and then it will take you back to your constant contact account. okay, so let's quickly check if that actually worked. i'm just going to go back to my settings on the top right and then let's go to verify email address on the top right here, and then, as we see, this simon at matiks mediacom is now verified and i'm able to send out emails using this address right here. now what i'm going to show you how to do next is how to import your existing email list into constant contact. so if you're switching from another provider and you already have email contacts, i'm going to show you how to import them into constant contact. if you're new to email marketing an

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Constant Contact Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | How to Use Constant Contact Email Marketing Software

constant contact beginner's guide. now this video is going to be a complete tutorial. i'm going to show you everything that you need to know about the constant contact email marketing software as a complete beginner. so if you follow along, by the end of this video, you will know everything that you need to know about how to create emails, keep contacts organized and, basically, how to use this entire platform. so if this sounds like something you are interested in, keep watching, as this is going to be the most valuable video you ever watch, okay, guys, now the awesome thing about constant contact is that you can actually try this out for completely free now. if you use the link in the description of this video that is going to take you over to constant contact, and you will be able to get a completely free 30-day free trial. on top of that, guys, by using that link in the description, i will also get a small kickback, and that allows me to keep creating educational content like this and helping you out in the future. so, with that being said, let's actually go ahead and sign up for a free account and get started with how you can actually use constant contact now. as it says, start free today. all of these fields are required, so what we need to do is fill in things like email password, first name, last name under organization name, and then we will be able to go through and get started. once that is all entered, we can click on get started and then we are going to be taken over one moment while we create your account. so let's give this a few moments to load up and, as you can see, with your free trial, you can send up to 100 emails, create lead gen landing pages and a bunch of awesome stuff. however, guys, before we actually jump into this, let's tok about the pricing plan and how much each of these is going to cost. now i'm going to be working this out on a monthly basis, as i'm guessing that's what most people are going to do, and the two payment options we have is core and plus. now, plus is quite a bit more expensive. if you have between 0 and 500 contacts, you can see that core is 8 pounds a month. now, if i just go and switch this to us dollars, there we go, so call is 10 dollars a month and plus is 45 a month with this amount of contacts. but, of course, like, the more contacts that we get, the more expensive. this is going to be right. so we can see that with the core version, this ranges from 9.99 up to 300 a month. but look guys, like you can get a lot of contacts in for that 300 a month and there is so many different tiers and options along the way. and then the plus option is it starts off a lot more expensive but, like, the further down and the more contacts you get, plus actually gets cheaper. when speaking in relative to the core platform, like you can see here, it's actually 4.5 times more expensive than core. however, down here it's, it's literally like 100 more expensive. so that's how the pricing plan is going to work. however, i'm not going to worry about this. i'm just going to start with the free trial and show you guys everything that you can do while using the free plan. okay, so, as you can see, i am in the constant contact dashboard right here and let's just go along the top area. so, starting out with campaigns, you can see that it basically you can see that we can just go ahead straight away and get started. so, choose a campaign. do we want to go for an email or email automation, a survey, landing page, social post a bunch of things that we can choose from. so let's first of all go into email. now. email is pretty simple. this is just a one-time email that you can send out to your list, and, if we go for these different areas, so you can see that there is a bunch of templates that we can use from here, very, very different in how they look. and then also, we have the layout, which brings this a little bit more blank and gives you more freedom to build this from scratch. and these are just a few templates that we can choose from. now. what i personally like to do, guys, is just choose a template that i think looks similar to what i want to go for, as you can edit this entire thing. now, i think this one looks pretty cool, so let's click into this and then, as you can see, this is going to load up this exact template that we can go ahead and customize and everything like that. okay, so the first thing that you can do is, of course, go in and edit any of these text, so i'm just going to say: sub scribe, we can change this bit at the top and also this text at the bottom. we have images here that we can, of course, move around or basically do anything like that, and that is very awesome. we can, of course, change the images at any time by clicking replace on this left hand side, and then you can literally upload a brand new image from your computer. another cool thing that we can do with these images is we can actually add links. so if we add a link to this image and people click on the image, of course they will be taken over to that link. we also have things like buttons, which, once again, you can create links to, so when people click on this, they will be taken over to your website. and, as i said, guys, it is pretty simple and it is a pretty standard email marketing software, uh, where all you have to do to add in new things is simply drag and drop them into different areas and you can go ahead and customize this entire email. you can add things like polls, rspv, product headings, artikles with borders, coupons and a bunch of cool things like that. but, guys, as i said, it is pretty standard, so i'm not going to go into every little individual detail and nuance, as i think, like as a beginner. it is honestly so simple to create these emails: drag and drop, double click to start editing, and it is pretty simple to do so. once you are happy with how your email looks, all you have to do is click on continue in this top right corner and then, as you can see, we have a few options. so we can either send this now or- well, you can- if you have a more premium plan you can schedule for later. we can also go ahead and change the subject line. so this is what the first thing that your customer will see in their email inbox. you can choose the send name where this is being sent, from your physical address, if you want to, and after that, guys, all you need to do is click send now and that will send the email out to your email list. okay, so that is option number one, and that is creating an email. and another cool thing that we can do is create these landing pages. so if we just go into the custom landing page now, this is a page that you can build to actually collect people's email address, and this effectively mitigates the need to have something like clickfunnels or an expensive website or funnel building software, as it allows you to do everything inside constant contact. so, for example, we might click into event information- just this random template, and then you can see that this is basically like creating our own website where we can add like buttons into click. basically, guys, it works the same as the email in terms of drag and drop, simple to edit and do all of that good stuff, and that is, and this is, what you can use as a very cheap and effective way to start collecting emails for your business. the next area along the top is going to be the contact section. now, this is relatively self-explanatory, guys. this is where people on your email list are going to show up and you can view all of the contacts that you currently have. now you can see along the top we have two options: add contacts and create lists. so if we're just going to create list, you can create basically as many of these lists as you like, and that is super handy. if you're like selling different products and so on, so you might have it. so, let's say, you have a shopify store, you might have different lists for people who are interested in mugs, people who are interested in tortures, people who are interested in barbecues, and you might choose to send them out different emails specifically toking about the thing that they are interested in. so that is what t.

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BEST Email Marketing Software 2022 (My TOP Recommendation)

so in the past couple of months, i've tried out pretty much every popular email marketing software out there, and in this video, i'm gonna share with you my thoughts on each of them and tell you exactly which one is best for you. what's up, this is simon from medics media, providing you with the best tips, tools and tutorials to grow your online business, so make sure you subscribe to the channel to not miss any upcoming videos. so before we get into the video, i want to make clear that this video is not sponsored by any of these email marketing providers that we're gonna be toking about in this video. everything i'm saying is based on my own experience and own opinion. i'm gonna be giving you the pros and cons between different email marketing software's that i recommend and, specifically, we're gonna be looking at eight different providers, including both free and paid options. so there's active campaign, constant contact, get response, aweber, convertkit, mailchimp, mailerlite and send in blue, and i've already created complete beginner tutorials for each of these eight providers that we're going to be toking about in this video. so, no matter what you choose, these tutorials will show you step by step on how to start using them. i'll leave a link to all of these tutorials down below in the video description. now i'll break this video down in five things that you should look for when deciding on your email marketing software, and i'm going to be giving you my overall thoughts at the end on which platform i would choose for what. so let's now dive in and tok about the five things that you should look for when deciding on an email marketing software. let's start off with the most obvious one, which is price. pretty much all email marketing providers are so called sas companies, meaning they charge for their service on a monthly or yearly basis, kind of like a netflix subscription. if you stop paying the monthly fee, you will lose access to their software. the amount you'll have to pay normally depends on how many contacts you have on your email list, so the larger your email list is, the more you'll have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. the only exception to this pricing model is send in blue. they charge based on how many emails you send out per month rather than how many contacts you have on your email list. so this provider might be interesting to you if you already have a large email list but you send out relatively few emails. five of these eight providers also offer a completely free plan that you can use up to a certain amount of contacts on your email list. when you go over that contact limit, you will have to choose one of their paid plans next to that contact limit. most free plans also limit the amount of features that you can use so that eventually you will become a paying customer. however, in my opinion, there are some very attractive and capable free plans that you'll be able to use for a very long time until you will have to upgrade and choose a paid plan. in my opinion, made a light and mailchimp have the most attractive free plan on the market right now. you can use both of these free options to create signup forms, build landing pages and send out email broadcasts. plus, mailerlite is the only free option that you can use to build entire email automation sequences, and mailchimp has the most attractive contact limit at 2 000 email contacts. activecampaign, constant contact and getresponse don't have a free plan. what they're offering is a free trial so that you can try out their software before choosing one of their paid plans. constant contact has the longest free trial period, at a 60-day free trial, followed by get response with a 30-day free trial and active campaign with a 14-day free trial. however, the 60 day free trial of constant contact is only available for people in the united states and in canada, so for everybody else you will only get a 30 day free trial. now, trying to compare the prices side by side of these email marketing softwares, it's quite a difficult thing to do because most of these providers have multiple plan tiers that are just hard to compare to each other. so, for example, activecampaign's cheapest plan comes with their powerful email automation builder but not with the landing page builder, whereas get response cheapest plan doesn't include their automation builder, but they do include the landing page builder. so the attractiveness of each plan really depends on what features you actually need. nevertheless, here's a comparison of the prices for each provider with an email list size of up to 2500 contacts on their lowest tier plan with a monthly payment option. again, send in blue has a different pricing model, so i chose their light plan with a monthly sending limit of 10 000 emails. so this comparison should give you a good idea about how expensive those providers are compared to each other. but again, the features that come with these plans vary between these different providers, so definitely check out the prices for yourself before making a decision. i'll leave some links down below in the video description. now let's move on to the next important question that you should ask yourself before choosing your email marketing provider, and that is: what email marketing tools will you actually need in your business? will you just send out simple email newsletters or will you be building complex email automation sequences and customer journeys? because there's no point in paying for a very powerful tool if you're not going to use those features. out of all eight options, activecampaign is definitely the best provider when it comes to email marketing automation. they are known to be the leader when it comes to email automation, allowing you to pretty much build anything you can think of. you can also use it to send text messages, build landing pages and split test different campaigns, and they also have a very good crm feature, very in-depth reporting and tons of integration options. next to activecampaign also offers a lot of pro features and customization options, but it's not quite as sophistikated as active campaign when it comes to email automation. however, get response is more and more turning into an all-in-one marketing platform offering tools like sales funnels, webinars, split testing, landing pages or customer relation management. definitely one of the best options if you're looking for a tool that goes beyond just email marketing. all the other providers don't really stand out to me in terms of automation possibilities. all of them do the basic features like signup forms, landing pages, basic automations and email broadcasts. some of them offer some unique things like survey tools or logo makers- all little things that i think are not that important when it comes to email marketing, but are good to have when you actually need them. by the way, if you're already using other third-party software's like shopify or salesforce and you want to integrate those softwares with your email marketing provider, then you want to make sure that they offer this specific integration. however, you shouldn't have any issues with those eight providers that i'm toking about in this video, because all of them have a wide variety of integration options. another big difference you see between email marketing providers is how many design templates and customization options they offer for creating nice looking signup forms, landing pages and emails. they all do a pretty good job when it comes to templates and customization possibilities, except maybe for convertkit. they do have some good landing page design templates, but when it comes to emails, they are very limited. all you can basically do is create simple text emails and maybe add a couple of images, but if all you want to do is send out simple text emails anyway, then that's not such a big deal. now, the next thing you might want to look at when deciding on what email marketing provider to go for is how easy it is to use their software. like i've already mentioned, i've personally t

How to Create a Constant Contact Form to embed on WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.

all right, hello, hello. this video is to give you an idea of how to create a sign up form and Constant Contact that you can then embed on your website. so, number one, make sure that you're signed up for constant contact and you're on a paid account, um, and then you'll want to go to the sign up forms tab. so there's lots of little tabs here, lots of options for you to do and sign up for. go to sign up forms. right here you'll show a sign up forms dashboard that'll have something that's pretty similar to this. if you've already created one, it'll look a little different and we'll see that towards the end. but to create a form, you can simply click here or click here. we're just going to click here to create our first one. now, there's lots of different forms. if you're familiar with constant contact, you have a lot of options. you have your pop-up fly out Banner. today we're going to create an inline, so this is one that you can embed directly into your websites and it just sits on a statik page. it doesn't pop in anywhere. it's not at the top of your site. you can kind of put it wherever you like. so we're going to create an inline and then we're going to have a bunch of options to create and mess around with Constant Contact here. so you have your title. this is going to show you like the sign up for updates, and you can just kind of edit each of these inside that respective sections. you can kind of customize this to your Delight. so say, you wanted to add a feel for people's first and last name and also their phone number. you can just click on all those to add those in, right? so I'm going to leave those as they are. you do need to make sure the people are connected to an email list. if you don't have that ready by the time you hit publish, it will tell you you need to do that. you can also get kind of creative if you want to customize the button colors, the text colors, the background colors, all that fun stuff. um, there are also a few different options so you can hide the constant contact branding if you're wanting to just keep everything really simple, and you can also specify which devices. this form goes on, but for now that's everything that I want to do with this form. so I'm going to go ahead and hit publish and pick a list, all right, now that my form has been created. I have a couple of things that I need to do. so, first, if you're using, like WordPress or Shopify or Wix or any kind of um Builder that has a connection to Constant Contact, you'll probably want to install the plugin first and sign into that plugin, because then you won't need to do a lot of this Universal sign-in code stuff. but if you don't have that option, then you're going to need to do two things. so, number one: you're going to need to grab this universal code here, copied your clipboard, and then you're going to want to install that in your footer. so, depending on how you have your website set up, we're in my site right now. I'm actually going to go to my footer here. if I can remember where I put it, I think it's a global section. actually, I don't want to put them in here. I want to put this in WP code header and flutter Perfect. all right, I'm gonna go right to my footer here and paste that code, hit save and I'm going to go back to Constant Contact here, and then I'm also going to grab the inline code and copy the clipboard and then we're going to go back to the page that I want to add this to. so this is a page that I actually have left over from an old school project with the background image from devs, the TV show on Hulu- very good show, you've never seen it. take a look foreign, but we're gonna go actually into that page here. boom, here it is okay. and then, depending on what theme- if you're in WordPress, um, or what CMS you're using- if you're on maybe Wix or Shopify- the process is going to look a little different. but essentially, what you want to do is you want to find the way that your CMS wants you to install an HTML embed form and you're going to paste it right in here, yeah, and then from there you're going to hit update, boom, and now that I've hit update, you'll see my form starting to pop up right here. so that's about everything that we need to do in terms of creating the form and embedding it, uh, into your site. if you have any questions, let me know.

Constant Contact Pro Overview | Constant Contact

with our pro package, you're on the right track to supercharge your marketing and improve your results. who has time to understand each customer individually and optimize the campaigns they receive? with pro, ai driven tool, does the work for you. our platform will process your data and predict the best outcome. it will customize subject lines, recommendations, email content, delivery time, email frequency and even promotional offers. with pro, you'll be able to send the right message at the right time every time, with the only marketing platform that is taking advantage of ai. to give you an example of how rai works, let's tok about stages. your customers will fall into different stages at any given time in their life cycle. while they can only be in one stage at a time, our system, depending on what stage that person is in, will send specific content intended to address that stage, for example, new customer needs, nurturing, ready to buy, cart, abandon, welcome, etc. to activate a stage such as the welcome stage, simply create and publish your email templates and they will automatikally send to users in that lifecycle state. the welcome email, for example, is sent immediately upon the user entering the database. set up each stage just once and you will immediately have a comprehensive email marketing program that is automated and powered by data. another important part of pro is the determining of a churn score. turn score is a calculation of how likely a customer is to churn from your brand. having a low churn score means that customer is likely to buy soon, while having a high churn score means that customer hasn't been actively engaging with your brand and may fall into the needs nurturing stage. too many businesses focus on getting new customers that they let existing customers fall by the wayside until they get fed up and churn away from your brand. with pro, you'll be able to do all sorts of things like view your ai stats, send sms and email communications, view your automatikally segmented contacts, connect with different integrations and so much more. if you're curious about any piece of the pro package, don't hesitate to contact your coach with any and all questions.