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contact google ads support

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

I Don’t Trust Google Ads Support

have you been called by google. they seem to be trying to help. they'll give you recommendations for your google ads account. they'll tell you what to fix. they really sound like they're on your team and they're trying to help you. but, guys, i need to caution you about the google support reps. i've been toking to google for years now and they've changed a lot since when i started, but one thing is still the same: they are sales people, not just support staff, and the experienced google ads experts watching this video right now are just nodding their heads in approval. we know we've been burnt before. let me break it down for you guys. google generates a ton of revenue and it's almost entirely from google ads. they're a business. it's how they make their money and they made over 130 billion dollars from google ads last year. in 2019, and as part of increasing this revenue, they have sales staff, and these staff members are there to get us ecom store owners to spend more money on google ads. it's the truth. just look at the optimizations tab in your google ads account. the reps will often tell you that you need to apply each of these optimization suggestions in order to perform better in your account. and every time i'm on the phone with them and they say this to me. i ask them: okay, good, why, why this one, why this optimization? and do you know what? they never know why, and the reason they don't know why i should apply these suggestions is because, one, they are just reading these suggestions from a computer. they have an algorithm on their side where it spits out: okay, these are the recommendations for this ad account that you need to tell that client. and two, which is most important, they don't know my business. they don't know my store's profit margin, my business goals, my customers, my target market, who i'm selling to. they are just trying to provide recommendations so that i spend more money, and getting more clicks is a big metric for that, and this is wrong. they'll often say: okay, sam, yeah, we recommend you do this because you're gonna get more clicks. well, i don't care about more clicks, i care about more sales, and not all clicks are equal. i want profitable clicks, and so that's why i manage my ad account the way that i manage it: to optimize the account to perform better, deliver more sales and more profits, and so that account is working for me. and so, guys, when you speak to your google rep. they'll send you an email saying, hey, let's set up a time to chat. be respectful. don't just discount them entirely. you can still get some good insights, but don't just blindly trust everything they say. write down their recommendations and then go read about them and research for yourself. they'll often want you to apply the suggestions on the call, but you say no, i'm gonna research this and understand better what i'm doing. it's so important as marketers that we have skeptikism and we think for ourselves and we know what we're doing in our accounts. so important guys, don't just be a yes man. you know your store better than anybody else and as you learn more about google ads and digital marketing in general, the pieces will start slowly coming together. you will start to see how google can be harnessed to grow your store in ways that you never thought were possible. it's honestly like seeing the matrix in front of your eyes once you start seeing how the algorithm works and how you can manage your account. i know it sounds crazy, but it's honestly the truth, and the other google ads experts watching this video. they're also nodding their head in approval. anyway, guys, that's it for today's video. i really hope this was useful and helped you guys as you speak to your google reps, to know how to have that skeptikism and research things for yourself. if it was, leave a comment below, like this video, as always. tell the algorithm that i'm making good stuff for you guys out there. if you're not subscribed, i'm now putting out regular videos twice a week, so subscribe so you can follow along and grow your own ecommerce store. thanks so much for watching, guys, and i'll see you in the next video. bye for now. [Music] you.

How To Contact Google Ads Support From Nigeria

in today's video we shall be toking about how to contact google ads support from nigeria. the best way to contact google ad support from nigeria is to call the is to chat with them during their working hours. the working hours is between 9 am and 4 pm monday to friday. to get to the chat support um platform, here is how you you go about it. you go into your campaign dashboard, your google ads campaign, to the top right. you will see where we have it. it says help now. you click on help. then there are several options there, especially this one that says get help. don't go there, it will lead you nowhere. you should click on the link that says contact us. so you click on the link contact us now. when you get to the uh, the page that opens it says what can we help you with? then it is best to just give them, give the system, an idea of what you are looking to, the issue you are trying to address. for example, i would write: put in remarketing, remarketing lists. now you click on nest, then it comes up with a lot of suggestion relating to your uh, to the uh main or to the best keyword you input. so one of them is says remarketing list. then you look for the one that is most uh, that is closest to the issue you are trying to address. so now we are going to click on remarketing list. so once you click on the remarketing list, it gives you an option to continue to the next step. so click next step. now, here it is very tricky, don't, um, don't try and get to these artikles, because this, if you click on any of these options, it will lead you into artikles about and documentations about, how to address it the issue. so you don't want to click on there, you just want to click on next step. so once you get to this next next page, you will see there are two options. that says chat and email. the best way is to chat with them, but, as you can see, this is not highlighted now for a chat, because i'm recording this video, um, after midnight. like i said at the beginning, the uh support- i mean their working hours for the. the working hours for the google ads support team is between 9 am and 4 pm, monday to friday. so if i had i recorded this video during the working hours, this will be highlighted and then i could have clicked on it and start chatting with them. you can also contact them via phone number, but because a lot of these support team are not from nigeria, it may be difficult to um to understand you properly. so i always advise my students to to chat so that everything will be written and it will be clear. but if you want to call them, in the description of this video i will put a link to um to a page where you can see the list of phone numbers that you can use to call google as support from everywhere in the world and also in nigeria especially. thank you, i hope this is useful.

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How To Contact Google Ads Support During Crisis | Fix Disapproved Google Ads

hey, what's up? guys, Ali here from my Sochi, do not come and welcome back to my channel and this video. today we're gonna tok about how do you contact Google Ads support team if your ads are getting disapproved or there's something strange going on in your account. now, during these crisis, there are limited options to contact their team. I think both Google and Facebook they've said that they have. they're really like short-staffed, so it's really difficult to get in touch with someone. but let me show you a couple of ways that you can use to contact someone at Google Ads to get some help and support. so here I am logged into my Google Ads account. by the way, before I jump into the demo, you know what to do: subscribe, hit the bell icon and also like this video. don't forget that all right. now here I am logged into one of my Google ad account and usually, like when we were not in crisis, you would click on this question mark and basically you will see an option, a phone number here that you were able to call them, but that number is not there, and look at this. so phone support is currently unavailable. and if, thanks to the, the crisis that is going on all over the world right. so what you can do right now is, when you hit so off to number one, is you hit, contact us and basically it's gonna open up a form for you so you can just kind of state what your problem is, confirm the issue and then contact them. there's gonna be an option to contact them via chat so you will be able to speak with someone at Google Ads team through the chat. so you can they call them, but you're able to speak with them via the chat window. now let me show you that's exactly what I did couple of days ago. one of my are at accounts was having issues and I was able to get in touch with the person in the rage and they were able to solve the problem for me and our ads were up and running very quickly. now one other thing is. so he did tell me another link. so this is the second option. so the second option again, you know there, if you're, you're gonna use this if your ad has been under review for more than 24 hours. if, if it's less than 24 hours, just stay calm, stay put, give it some more time, but if your ads has been under review for more than 24 hour and actually say it right here too. if it's less than one business day, be patient. if it's more than one business day, then you can pull this out and let me make this collective right here. so here's the save board. here's the URL if you want to save this. support Google com back slash, Google Ads, contact and then approval request. I will also leave a link to this at the bottom of this video, in the description, but you can also pause and get this URL now if you scroll down. it's very simple. do make sure. for one of my ad accounts. I filled this outlet within 24 hours and they were basically like: you don't have to wait, right? so do wait for like an one day or maybe two days, and then just fill this out. you know your name, your email, a login ID, your Google account, if you so. in my case, I'm a manage several different accounts. I have a drop-down. you may only have one- and then tell them exactly like what's going on, and then they will be able to get in touch with you and get get your problem or you add, fixed pretty quickly. so this is how you can get in touch with. it's kind of unfortunate during these crisis to get in touch. it's not as quick as it used to be used to be that. I would just pick up the phone and within like five minutes I'm speaking with someone. they- the support team- and they were able to fix some of my issues. now it's a little different, so, but you can still contact them via the chat option and also by filling out that form that I showed in this video. thank you so much for watching and I hope your ads are running without any problems. if you do run into problems, just follow some of these instructions and hopefully you'll be able to get those fixed. thanks again for tuning in today. before you go, make sure you subscribe. it's about like on and like this video and I'm gonna see in the next one. bye for now.

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How To Create Tech Support Google Ads Campaign #35

hey, welcome back. friend. may saga Cthulhu or asthma discuss Caramba, how to create. takes up on Google ad campaign. friend Agora takes a food company, gelateria, software development companies, a lottery at Kaiser Kaiser kids have good computer repairs, computer Keys, sorry process. Cuba, abu qamha, software related key, come here, AB will be tiknically supported. it over the ear Pharisees. AB Cassie. Google ad campaign: killing it, killing it, it services me. Adam cook details with AMA details. Bahama Yuki, evil job. what are the kid with the Pataki? obvious, Harris, it's chemically a moose kill car. every other right. so Google king is upset. Abby tiknique takes a food key ad campaign, Bernanke, who's good. tariqa, throw some, but earlier. or agora booth erica say eric is a follow car packet. I hope camco Google ad campaign telling it friend, make proportional detail marketing extra. do jihad of consumer PPC website design development or Google Ads champ. increase our business. Milton anger agar aapke eServices are you - please up mirror. you happen to number three in number. say call querque. your hearts of the criminals are not sit connected to the different Almay. of course our discuss karoonga tip will be: take support company Keeley and campaigns and equally abou character match a year right. or Google Camuto, big abscess, Casper, Giza. follow Kanaya, SRC, speleology e information, a tutorial class, nature guru, ab. step-by-step. follow karma, Chatham, unit of substrate, Giroux, khadija commands Iruka, DJ, friend means arrival. do the silly Hubbard, miku's ad campaign. the garage, a tool just, for example. many happily you would shred kira computer, a peon. and when a client kiss up, so they came. my client a clean PC, a K or is Kazakh software. he could support deter or is cam their upside. they can give made for us a zoomcar. do table Cooper a selling it. he repair your computer problem. get faster. Sweden minute Amira, Thai Delta or is cathodic a diagonals claims. fade up your PC ins minute, yes, Halsey's minute. logic a call to action. just a free diagnose can scan a call to action of the K accuser up to the occurred Java, the imprecision. a barrio aka ad campaign. Kelsey approval or Agora will be tiknically ad campaign. approve carvanha, Kavya, Cody Turk if she takes a pod k ad campaign Shailaja to the case. I have great committed to friend my aqua solution, capella, a bouquet and Agha Abu 26. secure Quijote if she is outside the app and lock velocities near the gray Yabu side. but I write to me a pattern as a marker due to capacity. Ebola right - yes, I set up the exact a key in Loki is: could HTTP, because ASL bigoted will be download option here. data collection, cut they, as I we said, can drop cool HTTP. is L'Aquila side of coconut a friend, yes, Harrison's curling it o up, who is it sick? or for Google, Monica kaha applicant Ricketts, a conquer, a number two, a K up kind of a circuit repair. supports offshore download. yes, I see the exit. Metallica, Tulsa, Allah, gala Kirkeby leaks at there right - yeah / the key is freed up your computer in minute. connect a tree KISSING in Bernanke and the RIA is, we said, candor, AB Asakusa, what sneaking into Google's name banker caricature, for example. yeah / computer repair: dumpy Quincy's haining fear be mini Google ad campaign key title calendar mini repair your computer is Alice's aha, but computer repair X at minute in a helical right, a big sector K repair. your tube is me, a clinical Teresa, me take what you have per input. Korea just a, for example. yeah, hapara gap taking it took some grief service fix eat wall, just wrong calls the a/b computer repair key services key here. or is ke saath sabka set of thread agar up computer repair key key word: Cooper Rankine. adjust the Abu URL. do a manual check, sir, be repair or computer SRS is Abdul Rahman. Haga can turn up. esoteric is in the K key will be duplicate side coffee mug, pyramid rock, Medusa, psychotropic LK are babka wizard. can the pissed mercury uncle landing page arena is Friedrich. a way as a heartbreaker key design mercury lighter. keep fresh the key q ki aapke website gel. this is LD mobile pay. Oh, pay no monitor. yeah, agar aapke websites were open. what ify be unnecessarily Turkish Arabic away said attached at the performance. may courage to quit. developer. they care about Kuwait, Seneca, pains Street schools, but our sector? yes, I see them carrying it a chai boba train, other of a sidekick with problem here you should help me resolve a debt collector may who I said care solution they sector, because I am professional with site designer, with developers, right, so frac other up curling it. I hope telling it or ha will be legal Turkish. a software, install cameras, a package of Google Code, Trump's and condition privacy. SRC, Garuda, babka. we said gender Rocky, Google up go privacy Eric, their friend do Srebotnik a a Bob Cohen said candles, dude, robot, dot, exe, rack a robot, the tip, seek a hotel, Cooper the heck, it will be something you know. he said a church, etc. can say in this clip I or us Co optimization can find a B X is a sitemap XML, sitemap MATLAB. kebab cool said: did nursery you a new structure? Binaca excite map dot XML. Chuck's a file of great career. or walk a server can de down mother upload card again friend Ibuka website. can the 4:04 Joe, hey, yeah, ABS fighter against a optimization Theory, the all said ago. I said: can the 4:04 Misaki yata practike me. AB Kawai said key under title. can the new keyword Cooper up come Canosa. so just a mirror cured key come connect either against a computer or meaning a hopper title. can the Rekha who computer or a b-side key Joe, Helen it, Oh, Helen K and their Abu a Sun tik Andrea keyword or headline of cook. fresh headlines right now. unique content, unique title decay or unique theory gives a bad company. merengue Daru. Google ad campaign. approve cutting it up. go inside calendar will be the cut. yeah, ad camp in Salonika problem. but sit, create a friend video. select a solution of collecting a hot tip tik a una bad idea or a get up, collect a. give me. say: drink is a bully by. I am veneer, so please come on. curry Miyoko 0, hell Karaka. thank you so much disarmed about, simmer every tiknically giant mother, mother.

How to set up a Google Ads Search Campaign ... to GET SALES & LEADS 🤑

in this video, i'm going to take you through the step-by-step process of how to correctly set up your very own google ad search campaign, and the campaign strategy and setup process which i'm going to be showing with you now is actually the same campaign structure that i've used for hundreds of companies like these and which has generated well over 17 million dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone. if we haven't met yet, my name is aaron young and i'm your 15 000 google ads master, and i've been creating and managing successful and profitable google ads campaigns since 2010.. so if you're keen to learn how you can use google ads to grow your own business, why don't you give me a quick subscribe right now? thank you, okay, let's get straight into it. but before we get into that step-by-step process of how to set up your very own google ad search campaign, i want to quickly take you through the correct campaign structure that you need to be using for your own google ads campaign, and the reason for why this is so important is because, if you don't have the correct structure in google ads, you will actually be wasting a lot of money and, ultimately, you won't be able to have a profitable campaign for your own business. this is the google ads campaign structure that you want to be using for your account. so, at the top level, we have our google ads account and this is your core account where we have all of your different campaigns. now, when we look at your campaign level, this is your high level products. so if you're a clothing store and wanting to create a campaign for selling your men's clothes and women's clothes, and then maybe some men's shoes and women's shoes, these are the core campaigns that we'll be looking at. so you'd have a men's clothes campaign, a women's close campaign, and then your two shoes campaigns and then the level below that. we would then have our different ad groups. for example, with our men's clothes campaign, you would have your ad groups which are relating to men's clothes. so you might have a t-shirts campaign and then a jeans campaign and then the level below that. we have all of our individual keywords which are relating to those products, all those services which you're looking at selling. and the reason for why we set it up this way is because that way you have your individual ad groups with your keywords that can go through and target individual ads. so look at it like this is that we have our campaigns for our men's clothes, women's clothes, men's shoes and women's shoes. then the next level below, under our men's campaigns, we have our men's t-shirts and our men's jeans. under the women's clothes, you might have your women's dresses and your women's skirts. you could also have your women's jeans, and then the same for the shoes. you have your men's casual shoes and your men's leather shoes, and the same for the women's. you'd have your women's casual shoes and any other type of shoes that you wanted to sell, and the power in this is that, by breaking these keywords into individual ad groups so that each ad group only has one keyword theme is that that means that you can then write your ads and point people to your landing pages, which are highly specific to the actual initial search, and this avoids a case is that when you have someone searching, for example, a men's shoes, that they go directly to your page on your website, which is selling men's shoes. they don't go to the home page and then have to try and navigate to the actual page where it shows all of your men's casual shoes that you have for sale. so that's a very quick overview of what your google ads structure should look like for your search campaigns. now we're actually going to go through the process of how you would set up a campaign, but what i want to make clear is we're only going to be going through this process of setting up one campaign. so when you put together your whole account, this process that we're about to go through, you might have to replicate another two or three times, depending on how many other type of core products or services that you want to go through and market. so that's the google ads account structure that you need to be using. so now i want to take you through the step-by-step process and how to set up your very own google ads campaign. now i do want to give a warning that i am going to be going through this process quite quickly, but don't worry, because if you stay around to the end of this video, i'm actually going to give you a link where you can get my free google ads search campaign setup guide, and this setup guide not only has that structure which i just showed you, but it actually has screenshots of the step-by-step process that you need to go through so that you can set up your very own google ads campaign. but right now, let's get into that screen share, while i'll take you through the step-by-step process and how to correctly set up your very own google ad search campaign. to start the process of setting up your very own google ads search campaign, you want to be going to adsgooglecom and if you have a google ads account already, you can just go to sign in. but if this is your first time, you need to go to get started. this will then prompt you to set up your own google ads account and once you've set up your google ads account, you'll actually see a screen similar to this, and what you want to do is you actually want to go down and switch to this expert mode now. don't get scared by the switch to the expert mode, because the reason that we do want to switch this expert mode is so that we can actually set up a search campaign, because if we stay in this mode, we are only allowed to run smart campaigns, which are campaigns which are automatikally generated by google and they generally do not give you the same level of results of what you can get by setting up your own campaign. so you can see all the data and create your manual optimizations and remember that's what i am here for, and what this channel is all about is to not only teach you how to create your very own google ads campaigns, but show you how to optimize them so you can get the best results for your own business. so once you've clicked on the switch to expert mode, you'll actually come over and you'll see a screen like this, and the first step is that we want to go through and click on this new campaign button. now this brings up some different campaign objective options. if you're running an e-commerce store and you're wanting to sell products, i would actually use a sales campaign. or if you're running a service based business and you're looking for more leads, so, whether that be phone calls or email inquiries, select this leads button and in this case, we'll be choosing leads. and the next section from here is it actually brings you down to your conversion actions. now, if you don't have any conversion actions set up in your account yet, you can just leave this blank. but what i will do at the end of this video is i'll also be giving you a link to show you how you can actually go through and set up your very own conversion actions in google ads, and then we press continue. this then shows all the different campaign types and because we're dealing with a search campaign, we select search and, once again, because we've got our conversion actions, we don't need to do anything extra here. if you don't have those conversion actions, remember as i said, you don't need to worry because you can add them at a later date. now, when it comes to the campaign name, i wouldn't just leave this as what google says is: you want to put an easy name so that you can actually understand the campaign. remember the example we said before: if you're doing something like an e-commerce store selling men's women's clothes, you would call this campaign either men's clothes or women's clothes, or men's shoes or women's shoes, depending on the product that you're wanting to focus on. for this example, we're going to be setting up a campaign for our villa resort in bali, which is called my vill.

Google Ads Financial Services Verification - Everything You Need To Know

hello and welcome to the channel, or welcome back if you're a regular viewer. now, one of the things I'm being asked about quite a lot recently is the verification processes that mortgage brokers and financial advisors have to go through if they want to run Google ads, and I'm finding quite a few advisors are getting a bit confused about it, or the networks that they work through are confused about it. so I'd like to make this quick video to explain what the verification requirements are and show you how you can apply for verification so you can get your Google ads up and running as quickly as possible. so stay tuned and I'll show you everything you need to know. foreign [Applause]. [Music]. so if you want to run Google ads to promote your business and bring in new clients as a mortgage broker or financial advisor, then there are two types of verification that you will need to go through. the first of these is what Google calls The Advertiser verification program. this is something which all advertisers are required to do, regardless of what kind of products or Services they're advertising, and the second type of verification you need to complete is the financial services verification, which, as the name implies, is specifically for people who are advertising things like mortgages, pensions, Investments, Etc. on Google ads. so let's tok first of all, about the general Advertiser verification program. as I said, this is something which all advertisers on Google have to do at some point. it's not something which you need to initiate yourself. you basically wait for Google to send you an email asking you to start the verification process and then that's your cue to do it, and once they send you that request, you need to start the verification process within 30 days and then complete it within another 30 days of that. so overall, you've got 60 days to complete it and you can see here in this help artikle on Google's website what it's all about. I'll put a link to this in the video description below, uh, but basically you can see here the stated you have to go through. you have to give them some information about your business, you have to verify your own identity, verify stuff about your business, etc. etc. so it's all relatively straightforward and, as I say, that's something all advertisers have to do at some point once Google actually gets around to asking you to do it. so then we come to the financial services verification. so this is a relatively new process. it's only been required in the UK since September 2021, but it is now a requirement. if you want to run any ads or keywords which are related to mortgages, pensions, Investments, protection, that kind of thing, you will need to go through this process, and it was brought in basically to make it harder for unauthorized firms to promote these kind of products or promote Financial scams or whatever, using Google ads. in order to get verified, you'll need to do one of two things: you need to either prove to Google that you are an FCA authorized firm, or you need to successfully apply for an exemption from the verification and obviously, as a mortgage broker or financial advisor, you're going to be on the FCA register, so that's the easiest route to take when it comes to doing the verification process. also, I've never seen, as yet, anyone successfully apply for an exemption on this, so if you are FCA authorized, then definitely- uh, that's the easier path to take. so how do you do the application? well, the first thing is you're going to need to create a Google ads account, if you don't already have one. that's simply because, although you can't run your ads until you're verified, you need to quote your Google ads customer ID number as part of the application process to get verified, so you'll need to create the Google ads account first of all. then you need to decide who's going to apply for verification, and this is quite simple. if you are a directly authorized firm, then you apply for the verification yourself and you complete the form- the online form- yourself. but if you are an AR working through a network, then it is actually your network who needs to apply for the verification on your behalf, and they themselves- the network- need to have been verified before they can apply to get you verified. now, at the time I'm recording this, this policy has been in place by Google for about a year, so in theory, all the networks should have got themselves verified by now, and therefore it'll be a relatively quick process for them just to get the verification for you on your behalf. so once you decide who's going to apply- whether you're doing it yourself, if you're directly authorized, or getting the network to do it for you, if you're an AR, um- then you need to make sure that the form is filled in correctly, and it's a fairly simple form. I'll show it to you in a moment. but one of the key things I've seen is that if the details you put on the form about your yourself and your business don't match exactly what's on the FCA register, then there's a good chance that Google will reject the application and you'll have to start it all over again. to give you an idea as to how um nitpicky they can be, I have seen one firm where they are, they were a limited company and their company name appeared on the sca register with the word limited written out in full, and when they filled in Google's verification form they abbreviated it to just LTD and that was enough to get their verification rejected and there to redo it with the name exactly matching. so do make sure that the business name, the address, all that kind of thing exactly matches on the form what you've already got listed on the SEO register. so this is the online form that has to be filled in, and I'll put a link to this in the description for the video as well, so you can see. it starts off asking for the contact name and email of the person filling in the form. remember that's either going to be you, if you're on directly authorized, or it's going to be someone from your network putting their details in here, if you're an AR who works through a network. so put their contact details in there the Google ads customer ID. again, if you're doing the application yourself, that will be your customer ID. if it's for network doing this for you, the network will put their customer ID in there and then you pick one of the options down here. as I said, we're not looking at the applying for exemption because, um you, if you're a mortgage broker, financial advisor, you're going to be FCA authorized and, as I said, I've never seen anyone successfully get one of these exemptions here. so leave this on the default setting of um FCA authorized and then down here you need to pick one of these three options. so if you were directly authorized and doing this yourself, you'd pick this first option and then you'd put your details in here, your organization name, remembering as it says there, making sure it exactly matches what's on the register: your firm reference number, your address, contact email, your the domain name of your website, tik the Box and then click the submit button. if you're an AR and your network are doing this for you, it'll be slightly different. they would select the second option up here. then they put in again their customer ID for Google ads. they have a Network's customer ID. they put in their contact details, their organization name. you know, Primus, open work tenant, whatever it is, their address, their contact details and then down here in this box, that's where they put the Google ads customer ID, a view of the of the mortgage broker, financial advisor that um that they are doing this application on behalf of, and they put your contact email address in there and the details of your website again. tik the box and click submit. once that's done- whether it's being done by the network on your behalf or done by you yourself as a DA firm- you should get an acknowledgment straight away from Google and then you should normally get the response as to whether you've been approved or not within 24 to 48 hour.