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controversial ads 2020

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Advertising is a crucial part of any business, but sometimes companies take it too far. In this article, we will look at the top 10 controversial commercials that somehow managed to make it to the public eye without getting banned. From racially insensitive ads to emotionally manipulative spots, we will explore the various ways in which these commercials crossed the line.

1. Body Wash Ad (Dove)

- Dove's ad for its Real Beauty campaign was labeled as racist due to its poor editing that showed a black woman turning into a white woman.

- The company received flack and withdrew the commercial.

2. Bob Johnson's Super Bowl 31 Ad (Holiday Inn)

- Holiday Inn's commercial compared its renovation project to that of a transgender woman, leading to a sea of complaints and prompting the company to pull the ad.

3. Live for Now Ad (Pepsi)

- Pepsi's commercial featuring Kendall Jenner was heavily criticized for attempting to profit off the Black Lives Matter movement.

- The ad was accused of trivializing a serious issue and the company issued an apology.

4. Test Baby Super Bowl 45 Ad (HomeAway)

- HomeAway's campaign used a doll baby to slam into a glass panel to promote its rental safety benefits.

- The imagery overshadowed any point the advert was trying to make.

5. Loves Baby Soft Ad

- Loves Baby Soft tried to sell its perfume by correlating innocence with sex, which is creepy and disturbing.

6. Make Safe Happen Super Bowl XLIX Ad (Nationwide Insurance)

- Nationwide's commercial was emotionally manipulative and depressing, featuring a child who died in a preventable home accident.

7. Pandas Super Bowl 42 Ad (Sales Genie)

- Sales Genie's commercial featured animated pandas with over-the-top Chinese accents, leading to criticism and the ad being pulled.

8. Tibet Super Bowl 45 Ad (Groupon)

- Groupon's commercial poking fun at celebrity-endorsed ads trivialized the situation in Tibet and caused a lot of backlash.

9. Felicia the Goat Third Ad (Mountain Dew)

- Mountain Dew's commercial was criticized for its use of racist and sexist stereotypes.

10. Mr. W TV Ad (Virgin Mobile)

- Virgin Mobile's ad for a new phone was considered too sexually explicit and was banned in the UK.

These controversial commercials show that sometimes companies cross the line in an attempt to get attention. While some ads are pulled off the air, others manage to make it to the public eye, causing controversy and backlash. It's important for companies to consider the impact of their advertising and strive for tasteful and respectful campaigns.

Top 10 Commercials the Internet Tore Apart Immediately

Welcome to WatchMojo.com, where we explore controversial ads that the internet couldn't help but mock. From sexist commercials to tone-deaf apologies, here are the top 10 ads that caused a stir online:

1. Peloton's The Gift That Gives Back - Peloton's holiday commercial in 2019 was accused of sexism and caused a billion-dollar loss in shares.

2. Wendy's Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken - Wendy's attempt at incorporating memes into their ads backfired and was widely mocked.

3. Apple's iPhone 5 Cheese - Apple's commercial featuring Jeff Daniels saying cheese repeatedly to showcase the panorama feature was poorly executed.

4. Apple's What's a Computer? - Apple's commercial featuring a young girl not recognizing a computer was confusing and illogical.

5. Facebook's Here Together - Facebook's apology for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was criticized for being insincere and not taking responsibility.

6. Chanel's There You Are - Chanel's commercial featuring Brad Pitt giving a nonsensical monologue was widely parodied.

7. Dove's Racist Ad - Dove's commercial showcasing their products for all skin types was criticized for showing a black woman turning into a white woman.

8. Gillette's We Believe - Gillette's ad criticizing toxic masculinity in the wake of the Me Too movement caused controversy and lost the company eight billion dollars.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog - Paramount's first trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog was widely criticized for its nightmarish design, leading to a redesign and delay.

10. Old Spice's I'm on a Horse - Old Spice's iconic commercial featuring a man on a horse became the subject of mockery and parodies online.

While these ads caused controversy and backlash online, some were able to recover while others faced long-term consequences. It's a reminder that in the age of social media, brands must be cautious and thoughtful in their advertising campaigns.

Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements

In this article, we will discuss various topics such as advertising slogans, fast food, and business news. From the famous Old Spice commercial to the introduction of an all-natural burger at Carl's Jr, we will take a look at the ways in which companies use language and marketing strategies to capture consumer attention. Additionally, we will touch on the recent news of Walmart's potential purchase of TikTok.

Using Language in Advertising:

- Contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, and colloquialisms are all commonly used in advertising to create a more relatable and engaging message.

- The Old Spice commercial featuring the phrase look at your man, now back to me is a prime example of how language can be used to capture attention and create a memorable message.

- Carl's Jr's introduction of an all-natural burger with no antibiotics, added hormones, or steroids is a clear attempt to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Fast Food and Advertising:

- Fast food companies often rely on catchy slogans and jingles to create a memorable brand image.

- In the Carl's Jr commercial, the announcer's description of a football player running across the midfield and into the endzone creates a sense of excitement and energy around the product.

- However, excessive celebration in the endzone is often frowned upon in football and can be seen as a negative aspect of the commercial.

Walmart's Potential Purchase of TikTok:

- Walmart is currently in talks to purchase the popular social media app TikTok.

- This move could potentially allow Walmart to expand its e-commerce reach and compete with other online retailers such as Amazon.

- However, there are also concerns about the security and privacy of user data on TikTok, and some politicians have called for the app to be banned in the United States.

Language and advertising play a significant role in how companies market their products to consumers. From catchy slogans to relatable messaging, companies use a variety of strategies to capture attention and create a memorable brand image. Additionally, business news such as Walmart's potential purchase of TikTok highlights the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and the importance of staying competitive in the online marketplace.

10 Shocking Ad Campaigns That Caused Controversy

Music in the world of marketing and advertising has become increasingly prevalent, and with this rise in exposure comes a rise in controversial ads. Here are some examples of ads that have caused a stir.

Controversial Ads:

- Burger King's 7 inch er

- Tom Ford's fragrance ad

- Dunkin Donuts' charcoal ad

- Oreo's breastfeeding ad

- Dove's Choose Beautiful campaign

- King Khalid Foundation's Can't Be Covered ad

- St. Matthew's in the City ad

- Humans for Animals' beaten baby ad

- Benetton's On Hate ad

- Groupon's Super Bowl ad

Controversial ads can be effective in generating buzz and attention, but they also have the potential to backfire and damage a brand's reputation. It is important for advertisers to consider the potential consequences and reactions before launching a controversial ad.

Top 20 Worst Marketing Fails

groaned in sympathy as the presenter tried to make light of the situation, but the damage was done. The demo had failed spectacularly, leaving the company red-faced and struggling to regain its credibility.

Marketing is an essential aspect of business, but sometimes even the biggest corporations make mistakes. In this article, we will be looking at 20 of the biggest marketing fails in recent history. From ill-advised advertising campaigns to disastrous promotional stunts, these marketing blunders resulted in negative press and public backlash.

1. Live for Now Pepsi

- Kendall Jenner appears in a short film/commercial, parting a protest and uniting them with a can of Pepsi

- The ad was criticized for insensitively borrowing from the Black Lives Matter movement and trivializing the protests

- The ad was pulled one day after its debut

2. Electronic Arts' illegal weapon giveaway

- EA sent commemorative brass knuckles along with early press copies of Godfather 2

- The stunt was illegal as brass knuckles are banned in many states

- EA asked for the knuckles to be returned

3. Sony's fake PSP blog

- Sony created a fake fan blog called All I Want for Xmas is a PSP

- Visitors quickly realized it was a marketing ploy and left negative comments

- Sony was forced to admit their ploy

4. Red Lobster's endless crab promotion

- Red Lobster offered an all-you-can-eat crab promotion that resulted in a loss of $3.3 million

- The parent company's president stepped down as a result

5. Holiday Inn's transphobic commercial

- Holiday Inn compared their billion-dollar facility upgrades to a post-op trans woman

- The ad received backlash and was pulled from the air

6. NYPD's #MyNYPD photo campaign

- The NYPD asked people to tweet images of their interactions with police using the hashtag #MyNYPD

- Users flooded Twitter with photos of police brutality, including during the Occupy Wall Street protests

7. Snapple's world's largest popsicle

- Snapple attempted to set a world record with a 25-foot-tall, 171.5-ton popsicle

- It melted on a hot summer's day during transport and firefighters had to wash it away

8. Lifelock's CEO puts his social security number online

- Lifelock CEO Todd Davis put his social security number online to prove his company's protection against identity theft

- He was promptly defrauded by criminals, undermining people's faith in the company

9. Susan Boyle's #SusanAlbumParty

- Susan Boyle's PR team used the hashtag #SusanAlbumParty to promote her album

- Many people read it as Sue's Anal Bum Party, resulting in hilarious social media responses

10. Microsoft's Windows 98 demo

- During a presentation, a scanner was plugged into the PC, resulting in the Blue Screen of Death

- The demo failed spectacularly, leaving the company red-faced

Marketing fails can be costly and damaging to a company's reputation. These 20 examples serve as a reminder to all businesses to carefully consider their advertising campaigns and promotional stunts before launching them to the public. By avoiding these mistakes, companies can maintain positive relationships with their customers and protect their brand image.

Burger King's 10 Most Controversial Ads of All Time

Burger King's Strange and Controversial Marketing Efforts

Burger King has always been known for its bold marketing tactics, but in recent years the fast food chain has taken things to the next level. From controversial ads to risky social media campaigns, Burger King is not afraid to push the boundaries in its quest to knock out the competition.

10 Most Controversial Ads of All Time:

1. Women Belong in the Kitchen Tweet

2. Poop-Shaped Mascot

3. Creepy Clown Halloween Promo

4. Oversized Chopsticks Ad

5. Brexit Campaign Bus Ad

6. Milkshaking Phenomenon

7. Michelin Star Petition

8. Whopper Virgins Ad

9. I Am Man Ad

10. It Just Tastes Better Ad

Bullet Points:

- Burger King's marketing efforts have become increasingly strange and controversial in recent years.

- The fast food chain has created ads that push the boundaries of taste and appropriateness, such as the Women Belong in the Kitchen tweet and the poop-shaped mascot ad.

- Burger King has also taken risks with its social media campaigns, such as the Creepy Clown Halloween promo and the milkshaking phenomenon.

- Some of Burger King's ads have been criticized for being insensitive or offensive, such as the oversized chopsticks ad and the Brexit campaign bus ad.

- Despite the controversy, Burger King's marketing tactics have generated a lot of attention and publicity for the brand.

Burger King's marketing efforts may be strange and controversial, but they have certainly made an impact. Whether it's promoting a scholarship for women in cooking schools or petitioning for a Michelin star, Burger King is always looking for ways to stand out in a crowded fast food market. While not all of its ads have been well-received, there's no denying that Burger King knows how to get people talking.

Top 20 Funniest Banned Commercials Ever

Did you bring anything for the clothing drive? No? Too bad, you get a free Bud Light for every article of clothing you donate! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 funniest banned commercials.

For this list, we're looking at hilarious ads that were pulled from screens. Some of these commercials may have kept running in certain areas; however, if the ad was banned or pulled at any point in any place in the world, it is eligible for this list.

Numbered List:

1. Cheesy Dads - Philadelphia Cheese

2. A Flatulent First Date - Smart Beep

3. Kim Cattrall's Car Commercial - Nissan Tita

4. A Bad Place to Read - Audible

5. A Time of the Month Talk Show - Tampax

6. Inappropriate Shaking - For Goodness Shakes

7. Cheated Out of Chicken - Burger King

8. Taking Care of Chores - Woodka Vodka

9. An Orange Man Tangos Too Hard - Tango

10. The Banned Super Bowl Ad - PETA

11. L'eggs Pantyhose Commercial

12. A Touch Too Much - Lynx Deodorant

13. Love Hurts - Axe Body Spray

14. The Saucy Shower Scene - Aquafina

15. A Sexy Sitcom - GoDaddy

16. The KGB Loves Mail.ru

17. A Raunchy Beer Ad - Carlton Draught

18. The Banned Calvin Klein Ad - Obsession

19. The Banned Bud Light Ad - Swear Jar

20. A Sexy Car Wash - Carl's Jr.

Let us know in the comments which commercial you can't believe advertisers ever thought was a good idea!

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