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controversial print ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Controversial Advertisements in the Philippines: When Publicity Goes Wrong

Advertisements are supposed to attract attention and generate revenue, but sometimes they go wrong. In the Philippines, where conservative values are still prevalent, controversial ads are often met with outrage and condemnation. In this article, we will take a look at 11 advertisements that caused controversy and were either banned or pulled out.

1. LBC Spelling Bee Commercial (2009):

This seemingly harmless commercial featuring Spelling Bee host Edu Manzano was pulled out in 2009 when the Department of Education complained that it was encouraging text-speak among students. In the commercial, Manzano can be seen asking students to spell the word remittance and congratulating them when they answer LBC instead of the correct spelling.

2. Jollibee vs KFC Chicken Crisis (2014):

When fast food giant Jollibee experienced a chicken shortage in 2014, rival chain KFC took advantage of the situation and released an ad with the hashtag chickensad to promote their own chicken products. While some praised KFC's ingenuity, others condemned the chain for being opportunistic.

3. Lapu-Lapu vs Ferdinand Magellan Diaper Commercial (2013):

This commercial showed Lapu-Lapu challenging Ferdinand Magellan to a fight after he disliked the press the latter gave him. The National Historical Commission and the people of Lapu-Lapu City condemned it as a mockery and distortion of history.

4. Fortifies Vavavoom Real Men TV Ad (2010):

This controversial ad featured actress Christine Reyes in a white bikini being massaged by a man on a beach. The Philippine Commission on Women criticized Asia Brewery Incorporated for portraying women as mere commodities, and the company withdrew the commercial.

5. Napoleon Brandy Naughty Kim Chiu Ad (2004):

Distillery company Tanduay faced public backlash when they released billboards of their brandy with the tagline Naughty Kim Chiu. Protesters accused the company of using the actress's name to sell alcohol, and the advertising board of the Philippines ordered the billboards to be removed.

6. Nescafe Nice Day Coffee Ad (2014):

This commercial featuring actress Alina Donna in provocative poses while promoting Nescafe coffee was never approved to be played on national TV for obvious reasons.

7. P-Bar Sexy Girl Fight Commercial (2012):

Directed by Rafi Francisco, this ad features two girls fighting and ripping each other's shirts off. While it never hit mainstream TV, it became hugely successful on YouTube, garnering almost a million views.

8. Bayantel Satisfaction Guarantee Ad (2006):

In their bid to secure more subscribers, telecommunications firm Bayantel posted a billboard of a semi-naked woman with a satisfied expression and the words Satisfaction Guarantee. The company withdrew the ad before any major protests could form and replaced it with a picture of a happy kid eating ice cream.

9. McDonald's Father-Daughter French Fry Commercial (2002):

This commercial shows a father handing out french fries to his daughter under the table to get her to favor him over her mother. Senators criticized the commercial for encouraging bribery and dishonesty, and McDonald's pulled it out and replaced it with the Karen Gina ad.

10. McDonald's BF-GF Commercial (2011):

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines objected to this commercial showcasing two young children, a boy, and a girl. In the commercial, the girl asks the boy if she can be his girlfriend, and the boy changes his mind after the girl says all she wants is french fries.

11. PLDT Hello PDS Series of Commercials (2001):

While the PLDT Hello PDS series of commercials was popular during its run in the early 2000s, one particular episode stood out for its stereotypical portrayal of homosexuals. Gay rights groups protested, and PLDT was forced to scrap the commercial.

Controversial ads can generate attention, but they can also do more harm than good. In the Philippines, where conservative values are still prevalent, advertisers must be careful not to cross the line. While some of these ads may have been intended to be funny or provocative, they ended up causing outrage and damaging the reputations of the companies that created them.

Top 10 Shocking Ads That Would Never Be Published Today

What Cigarette Do You Smoke, Doctor? Top 10 Shocking Ads That Would Never Be Published Today

Advertising has been a part of our lives for decades, but not all ads are created equal. Some ads are downright offensive and would never be published today. In this article, we'll be counting down the top 10 shocking ads that would never be published today.

1. Men Are Better Than Women - Drummond Sweaters:

In 1959, Drummond Sweaters released an Esquire ad that bashed women and promoted their brand. The ad featured two manly hikers and a struggling female at the bottom, clinging on for dear life. The tagline read, Indoors, women are useful even pleasant. This ad is disgraceful and hostile towards women.

2. Because Innocence Is Sexier Than You Think - Love's Baby Soft:

Established in 1974, Love's Baby Soft sexualized young women in their early days. The tagline read, There's one person nobody can resist, and that's a baby. So love made baby soft with the innocent scent of a cuddly, clean baby that grew very sexy. Even the little teddy bear looks uncomfortable in this ad.

3. Keep Her Where She Belongs - Weinberg Massage:

This ad from 1974 treats its female subject as a sexualized object. The naked woman lies in the buff, admiring the dreadful footwear, while the tagline reads, Yeah, yeah, keep her where she belongs. The ad is mysterious and absurd.

4. Which Cigarettes Do Doctors Smoke The Most? - Camel Cigarettes:

In a post-World War II society, Camel cigarettes provided a brief escape, and doctors were their biggest fans. The ad from the late '40s states, More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. The real question today is whether they'd be alive by Christmas.

5. If Your Husband Ever Finds Out - Chase and Sanborn Coffee Company:

In 1952, Chase and Sanborn Coffee Company released an ad that implied a spanking may be in order if the coffee isn't fresh. The ad features a female subject who appears to be enjoying an obvious case of physical abuse. The seated man looks unamused, confused, and perhaps suffering from short man syndrome.

6. Aren't You Cross-Eyed? - Revere Copper and Brass Inc:

This nationalistik advertisement from 1944 denigrates the creativity and intelligence of the Japanese. The Lord is even referenced to do so. The overall sentiment of this ad is the most troubling of all.

7. So The Harder A Wife Works, The Cuter She Looks - Kellogg's Pep:

In the late '30s, Kellogg's executives presented an A shucks campaign to pull some Jedi mind tricks on women. The husband's pleasant surprise when he discovers that vitamins have transformed his honey into an all-out cleaning and cooking machine is downright lunacy.

8. Why Doesn't Your Mama Wash You With Fairy Soap? - Fairy Soap NK Fairbank:

This ad takes on an even more despicable sentiment by using children as the selling point. The white subject is portrayed as innocent, curious, and clean, while the African American must be naturally dirty, given the absence of shoes.

9. It's Nice To Have A Girl Around The House - Mr. Legs:

This 1970 ad from Mr. Legs takes the cake when it comes to carefree misogyny. The tagline alone isn't necessarily the major problem, but the ad itself features the image of a female human rug adorned with a male foot upon her head.

10. Chlorine All - Soda Bleaching:

This 1910 bleach advertisement is shocking and racist. The black versus white premise along an aquatik sunny horizon is what mystifies the most. No one should ever feel like they're not good enough because of their skin color.

These ads are a reminder of how far we've come, but we still have a long way to go. Advertising has the power to influence our thoughts and actions, and it's important that we hold advertisers accountable for their messages. Let's hope we never see ads like these again.

Top 10 Marketing Fails: Coke, Ford, Netflix

Welcome to WatchMojo.com! Today, we will be discussing the top 10 marketing mishaps in history. These seem like good ideas at the time, but ultimately ended up being major mistakes. Let's take a look at the list:

1. New Coke: Coca-Cola's decision to introduce a new, better tasting beverage back in 1985 turned out to be a major disaster. The public rejected it, and it was quickly pulled from stores.

2. Ford Edsel: Despite a huge hype leading up to its 1957 release, the Edsel turned out to be an unmitigated failure. The car was ugly, had quality issues, and had to compete with another division of Ford, Mercury.

3. Netflix's Qwikster: In 2011, Netflix tried to embrace digital downloads and shun their core DVD-by-mail business by splitting it off into Qwikster. Customers dropped the service in droves, and Netflix's market value dropped significantly.

4. Honda's Llamo: Honda's attempt to appeal to sci-fi lovers with a robot designed to help people with low mobility failed due to the machine's inability to walk up stairs.

5. AIDS Diet Candy: A popular appetite suppressant in the 1970s, AIDS Diet Candy's name became unfortunate once the AIDS virus started to spread.

6. Skittles' Touch the Rainbow Campaign: A cute campaign featuring a man who could turn anything into Skittles by touching it turned dark once it was revealed that the man killed every person he touched.

7. Snickers' Mr. T Ad: Mr. T hunts down his prey, a slightly effeminate speed walker, and shoots Snickers at him until he runs. The ad was accused of promoting discrimination and was quickly pulled.

8. Burger King's Creepy Monarch: Burger King's attempt to resurrect their creepy mascot, the King, with the Wakeup with the King campaign failed to perk up sluggish sales.

9. Facebook Beacon: Facebook's Beacon, which allowed users' activity around the web to be shared with advertisers, was controversial and damaged Facebook's reputation with privacy watchdogs.

10. McDonald's and the 1984 Olympics: McDonald's When the US Wins, You Win contest offered free food based on the United States' medal count at the 1984 Olympics. However, the Soviets boycotted the games and the US took home 174 medals, resulting in McDonald's giving away too much free food.

In conclusion, these marketing mishaps serve as a reminder to companies to carefully consider their campaigns before launching them. What are some other marketing disasters that made you scratch your head and wonder, What were they thinking?

40 Seriously Funny Print Ads

The passage talks about the author's likes and preferences, but also highlights the insecurities caused by economic downsizing in the eastern US. The author expresses their love for simple songs with pretty words and their significant other, with whom they enjoy spending time.

Main points:

- The author likes Saturdays in the rocky summer blue skies and autumn leaves.

- They also like February and Tilly and the Wall, as well as simple songs with pretty words.

- The author expresses their love for their significant other and enjoys spending time with them.

- The economic downsizing in the eastern US has caused insecurities.

- The author questions their significant other's claim of liking Johnny Cash when they haven't heard of Prism Blue.

The passage portrays the author's likes and love for their significant other, but also highlights the impact of economic downsizing on people's lives. The author's questioning of their significant other's claim of liking Johnny Cash is an example of how people may question the authenticity of others' interests.

Top 20 Worst Marketing Fails

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, but sometimes even the biggest corporations can make mistakes. In this article, we will be looking at some of the biggest marketing fails in recent history.

20. Live for Now Pepsi:

- Kendall Jenner featured in a short film/commercial where she unites a protest with a can of Pepsi.

- The ad was criticized for borrowing elements from the Black Lives Matter movement.

- It was pulled just one day after its debut.

19. An Illegal Weapon as a Giveaway:

- Electronic Arts sent out commemorative brass knuckles along with early press copies of Godfather 2.

- This stunt was illegal and grossly underestimated the impact it would have on parent groups.

18. All I Want for Xmas is a PSP.com:

- Sony created a fake fan blog following the adventures of Charlie attempting to get his friend Jeremy a PSP for Christmas.

- Visitors to the site immediately smelled something fishy and left some nasty comments.

- Sony was forced to admit their ploy and pull the ad.

17. The Endless Crab Fiasco Red Lobster:

- Red Lobster offered an all-you-can-eat special on crab.

- By the end of the promotion, Red Lobster had lost roughly $3.3 million.

16. New Look Holiday Inn:

- Holiday Inn spent a collective $1 billion to upgrade its facilities.

- The company compared it to a post-op trans woman in a Super Bowl commercial.

- The ad received backlash and was pulled from the air.

15. #MyNYPD Photo Campaign:

- In an attempt to address the bad PR surrounding police brutality, the NYPD asked people to tweet images of their interactions with police.

- This backfired when users flooded Twitter with photos of police brutality.

14. The World's Largest Popsicle Melts Snapple:

- Snapple attempted to set a world record with a 25-foot-tall popsicle.

- It melted before the public unveiling.

13. Making the CEO's Social Security Number Public Lifelock:

- In a PR stunt, Lifelock's CEO put his social security number on the company website.

- He was promptly defrauded by criminals, undermining people's faith in the company.

12. Susan Album Party Susan Boyle:

- Susan Boyle's PR team used the hashtag #SusanAlbumParty to promote her album.

- Many people on social media hilariously read it as Sue's Anal Bum Party.

11. The Windows 98 Demo Microsoft Corporation:

- During a presentation, the operating system decided to tap out resulting in the widely feared blue screen of death.

Marketing is a delicate art that requires a keen understanding of a company's audience. The marketing fails discussed in this article serve as reminders that even the biggest corporations can make mistakes. It is essential to carefully consider the impact of any marketing campaign before launching it to avoid negative press and potential financial losses.


Real Madrid is a Premier League football club that has gained immense popularity among music lovers. The club has a rich history and has been a favorite of football enthusiasts for years. In this article, we will explore various topics related to Real Madrid and its fans.


1. The significance of Real Madrid in the Premier League

2. The importance of music in Real Madrid's fan culture

3. Real Madrid's impact on the music industry

4. The role of social media in Real Madrid's fan community

5. Real Madrid's influence on popular culture


1. Real Madrid's Legacy in the Premier League

- Real Madrid's history and achievements in the league

- The team's current position and prospects for the future

2. Music and Real Madrid's Fan Culture

- The use of music during Real Madrid matches

- The role of music in creating a unique fan experience

- The significance of music in Real Madrid's history

3. Real Madrid and the Music Industry

- Collaboration between Real Madrid and musicians

- The use of Real Madrid's brand in music marketing

- The impact of Real Madrid's fan base on music sales

4. Social Media and Real Madrid Fans

- The use of social media platforms by Real Madrid fans

- The creation of online fan communities

- The impact of social media on Real Madrid's global reach

5. Real Madrid and Popular Culture

- Real Madrid's influence on fashion and style

- The use of Real Madrid references in movies and TV shows

- Real Madrid's role in shaping popular culture

Real Madrid's impact extends beyond the football field. The club has a unique relationship with music and has influenced popular culture in many ways. Real Madrid's fans are passionate and dedicated, creating a global community that celebrates the team's legacy and its influence on the world.

How to Analyze Advertisements

Analyzing Advertisements: Unpacking the Subtleties Behind the Images

- The average person is exposed to thousands of advertisements per day.

- Advertisers have only a fraction of a second to make an impact on viewers.

- Ads are carefully crafted to get our attention and weave their way into our minds.

- The best marketers are experts in understanding how their specific audience is influenced by various elements.

Analyzing Ads:

- Everything in a well-made ad is there for a reason.

- Advertisers use a variety of strategies to appeal to their target audience.

- Let's examine a couple of advertisements to see these strategies in action.

Ad #1:

- A simple ad featuring two dogs fighting over clothing with the word sale above them.

- The use of dogs instead of people may tap into a primal urge motivated by scarcity.

- The red background may be used to induce a sense of urgency, hunger, or danger.

- The dalmatians in the ad may evoke associations with firefighters and fire trucks, further emphasizing the sense of urgency.

Ad #2:

- An advertisement for Juicy Couture's perfume line featuring a model holding a bottle of perfume.

- The words peace love and the graffiti font used to write them suggest a connection to the 60s and 70s hippie movement.

- The model's attire and the presence of butterflies and flowers evoke associations with nature.

- The model's eyes and the design of the perfume bottle may suggest drug experimentation.

- The use of a Victorian font for the Juicy Couture logo may suggest a connection to upper-class royalty.

- Analyzing ads requires attention to detail and an understanding of the strategies used by advertisers.

- Ads are carefully crafted to appeal to specific audiences and evoke particular emotions or associations.

- By unpacking the subtleties behind ads, we can better understand how they work and become more aware of their influence on us.

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