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conversation ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads - A Guide to Creating Customizable Ad Formats

- LinkedIn conversation ads are customizable ad formats available on the LinkedIn platform

- They offer an interactive chat experience for customers to engage with businesses

- This article provides a step-by-step guide to setting up LinkedIn conversation ads

Setting up a LinkedIn conversation ad campaign:

- Choose your campaign objective, which can range from brand awareness to website conversions

- Select conversation ad as your ad format

- Choose the sender of the message, considering the authority and availability of the person

- Upload a banner creative to appear alongside the conversation ad

Creating the conversation:

- Use templates or create a conversation from scratch to offer different calls to action and types of conversations for customers

- Set up conversion actions to track success

- LinkedIn conversation ads provide a unique and customizable ad format for businesses to engage with customers

- By following these steps, businesses can set up successful conversation ad campaigns and track their success.

Creating a LinkedIn Conversation Ad in 2022 - Great way to generate B2B sales meetings!

How to Create a LinkedIn Conversation Ad in 2022

Creating a successful LinkedIn conversation ad requires careful planning and targeting. In this article, we will outline the steps to creating an effective ad that will generate leads and increase conversions.


1. Go to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and click on the blue Create button on the left.

2. Select the campaign group and hit Next.

3. Choose the objective, which will typically be lead generation.

4. Keep the location as the United States and uncheck the Enable Audience Expansion box for full control over who sees the ad.

5. Type in the audience, such as Director of IT, and select relevant options.

6. Narrow the audience by selecting other variables, such as company size.

7. Use negative targeting to exclude irrelevant job titles or functions.

8. Select the ad format, such as conversation ads.

9. Set the bid amount, which should be conservative to start.

10. Create the ad, customize the message and calls to action, and add images or forms as needed.

11. Experiment with different options and targeting to find what works best for your business.

By following these steps, you can create a successful LinkedIn conversation ad that will reach your target audience and generate leads. Remember to experiment with different options and targeting to find what works best for your business.

Here's Our Entire Playbook for Running LinkedIn Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads: A Powerful Tactic for Driving Results

LinkedIn Conversation Ads have been around for almost two years and have proven to be a successful tactic for B2B marketers. In this article, we will discuss what they are, what campaigns they are good for, different use cases, what we have learned, and how to jumpstart your experimentation with them.

What are LinkedIn Conversation Ads?

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are a choose-your-own-adventure experience that delivers a message in a conversation box inside LinkedIn messages. Recipients read a message and then have one, two, or n number of buttons to respond. The recipient's response opens up the next message, carrying them through that conversation based on what they've chosen.

Campaigns that LinkedIn Conversation Ads are Good for:

- Demo Requests

- Content Downloads

- Webinar Registrations

- Event Registrations

- Lead Nurturing

Different Use Cases:

1. Demo Requests: Conversation Ads can take a cold audience through the entire awareness, interest, and consideration process in a single ad. We've had massive success running cold demo request ads to a cold audience and having a successful take rate and a successful opportunity right after that.

2. Content Downloads: Have the ad come from someone the recipient is likely to have a relationship with. Tease the content in the message, and the recipient can immediately download the guide or get more information before downloading.

3. Webinar Registrations: Create an ad with a teaser about the webinar, and the recipient can register immediately or get more information before registering.

4. Event Registrations: Use the ad to promote an event, and the recipient can register immediately or get more information before registering.

5. Lead Nurturing: Deliver a series of messages over time to nurture leads.

What We Have Learned:

- Use a clear and concise message.

- Have the ad come from someone the recipient is likely to have a relationship with.

- Use an offer in the message to incentivize the recipient to take action.

- Use qualifying questions to ensure the lead is a good fit before booking a demo.

- Keep the conversation short and sweet.

How to Jumpstart Your Experimentation with LinkedIn Conversation Ads:

- Start with demo request ads.

- Run different variations to see what works best.

- Use A/B testing to see which ad performs better.

- Use qualifying questions to ensure the lead is a good fit before booking a demo.

- Keep track of the results and make adjustments as necessary.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are a powerful tactic for B2B marketers. They allow you to take a cold audience through the entire awareness, interest, and consideration process in a single ad. By following the best practices outlined in this article, you can create successful Conversation Ads that drive results for your business.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads: How To Drive More Conversions

In this article, we will be summarizing a free live webinar on LinkedIn Conversation Ads. The webinar was presented by Jason Whitaph, VP of Marketing from Metadataio. He was joined by Maurice Maxwell, Senior Digital Marketing Manager from Launch Darkly, Chris Ebogaie, Growth Marketing Manager at Labelbox, and Silvio Perez, Head of Adopts at Metadataio.

What are LinkedIn Conversation Ads?

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are a type of chatbot that is delivered inside LinkedIn messaging. These ads allow marketers to build a conversational flow with statements and specific responses. Based on the user's responses, the chatbot can carry them through a personalized, branched conversation. Conversation Ads can be used for lead generation, content promotion, webinar registrations, and more.

Strategies for using LinkedIn Conversation Ads:

1. Targeting is key: Use LinkedIn's targeting options to ensure your ads are reaching the right audience.

2. Keep it personalized: Use the chatbot to create a tailored experience for each user.

3. Test and iterate: Test different messaging and calls to action to see what resonates with your audience.

4. Use a clear CTA: Make sure your call to action is clear and encourages users to take action.

5. Don't forget about branding: Incorporate your brand's voice and tone into the chatbot's messaging.

Examples of successful LinkedIn Conversation Ad campaigns:

1. Launch Darkly used Conversation Ads to promote a webinar, resulting in a 65% registration rate.

2. Labelbox used Conversation Ads for lead generation and saw a 90% conversion rate.

3. Metadataio used Conversation Ads for content promotion and saw a 52% open rate and 27% click-through rate.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are a powerful tool for marketers to create personalized, engaging experiences for their audience. By targeting the right audience, keeping it personalized, and testing and iterating, marketers can see great success with Conversation Ads. Incorporating branding and using clear calls to action are also important elements for a successful campaign.

LinkedIn Advertising: Get Started Easily with Message & Conversation Ads [2022 LinkedIn Ads]

LinkedIn Advertising: Why Conversation Ads are the Best Place to Start

When most people start with LinkedIn advertising, they typically use single image ads, similar to those seen on Facebook. However, conversation and message ads are an easier and more profitable option.

Why Conversation Ads?

- Pricing: Conversation ads may seem expensive at 40 cents per send, but they are quick to produce and don't require coordination with a creative team.

- Bottom of Funnel: For smaller companies looking to prove ROI, conversation ads are more likely to generate revenue and sales pipeline.

- Case Study: Jason Whittup generated a 5x ROI from a single conversation ad campaign by offering a gift card incentive for a demo.

The Hidden Costs of Free:

- Content marketing and cold email seem free, but the labor involved and hidden costs make them more expensive in the long run.

- Advertising is transparent and scalable, allowing for economies of scale and reaching entire addressable markets.

Creating a Conversation Ad:

- Create a campaign group with lead generation as the objective and customize the audience.

- Write copy for the message, including a clear call-to-action and incentive.

- Launch the ad and monitor performance, adjusting as necessary.

Conversation ads may seem expensive, but they are a profitable and easy option for LinkedIn advertising, especially for smaller companies looking to prove ROI. The hidden costs of free options like content marketing and cold email make advertising a transparent and scalable alternative.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads Tutorial | How to Scale Demo Requests in 2023

How to Successfully Scale Demo Requests using LinkedIn Conversation Ads

In this article, we will discuss the strategy, targeting, and creative required to successfully scale demo requests using LinkedIn conversation ads. With an incentivized offer, this campaign has proven to generate over a thousand demo requests and more than 5 million in pipeline created.


The idea behind this campaign is to reach out to dream prospects and offer them an incentive to take the time to get on a demo with your company to learn more about your product. The incentive could be an Amazon gift card or a DoorDash gift card, which should resonate with the recipient. When considering what incentive to offer, take into consideration who is receiving the message and what will be the most valuable for them, and think about fulfillment.


Since an incentive is being offered, it is important to have proper targeting to ensure lead quality. LinkedIn's Audience Insights tool can be used to preview your audience ahead of time to understand who you are getting in front of. It is important to use the proper targeting and exclusions to ensure that the right audience is being reached.


The primary advantage of using an incentive with your LinkedIn conversation ad is conversion rates. The average cost per demo request when you factor in the cost of the incentive is usually cheaper than not having the incentive in the first place because the conversion rate is substantially greater by having the incentive. Additionally, the incentive may attract dream prospects who are earlier in their buyer's journey.


The biggest disadvantage of offering an incentive is lead quality. Monitoring cost per qualified demo over time is important to ensure that lead quality is not negatively affected.

Using an incentivized offer with LinkedIn conversation ads is an effective way to generate demo requests and pipeline. Proper targeting, thoughtful incentive selection, and monitoring of lead quality are important to ensure success.

How to Launch Facebook Messenger "CONVERSATION" Ads to Start Conversations

Setting Up Facebook Messenger Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to start a conversation with potential customers through Facebook Messenger? In this article, we'll guide you through the process of setting up a Facebook Messenger ad, from selecting the right objective to creating the perfect ad and message prompts.

1. Select the Messages Objective

When creating a new campaign, select the Messages objective in the guided creation mode. This will ensure that your ad prompts users to start a conversation with your business through Facebook Messenger.

2. Choose Messenger as Your Destination

In the ad set settings, select Messenger as your destination. You can choose to send people to click-to-messenger or sponsored messages, depending on your marketing goals.

3. Target the Right Audience

To get the most out of your Messenger ads, target people who are further down your advertising funnel. Consider using custom audiences or retargeting individuals who have already engaged with your business.

4. Optimize for Conversations

Choose the conversation option when optimizing for ad delivery. This means that when someone clicks on your ad, they'll be prompted to start a conversation with your business through Messenger.

5. Set Your Budget and Schedule

Decide on your budget and schedule for the campaign, and leave the bidding options as default. You can adjust the budget according to the size of your audience and the amount of traffic you're expecting.

6. Create Your Ad and Message Prompts

Choose your ad format, such as a single image or video ad, and create your ad copy with a call-to-action button that says Send Message. You can also create message prompts to suggest topics or questions to start a conversation with interested users.

By following these steps, you can set up a successful Facebook Messenger ad campaign and start building meaningful connections with potential customers. Give it a try and see how Messenger ads can help grow your business!

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