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Copywriting Done For Your Websites by Feedbackwrench Accounting firms, CPA Firms & Bookkeeping Firms

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

Copywriting Done For Your Websites by Feedbackwrench Accounting firms, CPA Firms & Bookkeeping Firms

Copywriting Done For Your Websites by Feedbackwrench Accounting firms, CPA Firms & Bookkeeping Firms

hey folks my name is rob sacram i'm the
owner of feed backgrounds we do websites
and ads for
many businesses but in partikular
bookkeepers accountants and tax firms
cpa firms and whether you're a small
or if it's just you or you've got a
handful of employees we would love to
set you up
with a website and ads that actually
sales and we don't just set up a system
for you and run or give you a template
as part of this we're going to do the
writing for you something that you're
going to realize when you work with
other design firms is they don't have
the competencies in this area that
me myself has developed
and i'm the core writer so we've got a
small team around us we've got a
full-time web
developer we've got a project manager a
couple of other writers and then we have
a video guy but basically what we do
is we will handle the writing and
messaging for you
we're going to build that writing and
messaging partikularly for
your approach and your accounting firm
because everybody's a little bit
different whether you're working with
construction companies or maybe
you're only trying to work with larger
i've seen it all but here's what i'll
tell you more than any other firm that
you're going to work with we're going to
handle that homework for you which is an
absolute pleasure for our end customers
now it's a collaborative pro
process when we develop messaging um
what we're going to do and this is
really all about writing and messaging
we're going to make sure that we abide
by some really good fundamentals that we
know work really well we're going to
make sure that we have
clear calls to action so i'm showing you
on my website here
you know schedule a consultation make a
phone call we have buttons up here that
are there during mobile or desktop
we're going to work on messaging
throughout the site so that there's
always we're letting people know where
this is going we want to schedule a
the other thing that you're going to see
is we work very hard to make sure that
we have good hero sections that are very
clear show exactly what you do you know
we do web design copywriting ads and seo
and then the main problem that we're
trying to accomplish for you
and by doing that hard work of making
that clear and making sure that we're
um toking to business owners showing
them that you do the basics
and reeling them in to actually have a
consultation with you
um nobody does this better than us and
i'll just i'll tell you there's a whole
uh multi-layered approach that we have
we know that we don't want to convey the
fact that you guys are
too expensive most people start
just thinking that i just need my taxes
done or i got to get my books cleaned up
or maybe i want a bookkeeper
and then when you run a great sales
process and do some meetings
and drive towards a good you know
connect meeting analysis and proposal
we know that what will happen is you
will be able to convey
deeper value and the customer will start
nodding their head that boy it's not
just that i want the simple stuff
i know that i would like an outsourced
account or i'd like more of that
outsourced cfo
so when it comes to messaging though we
work really hard to cut through the
and get the messaging right here the
other thing that you'll see is that we
know how to make these sites skimmable
so that people can easily look at what's
going on we bullet
point them and a couple of things that
we're going to do is we're going to make
sure we have
your customer reviews so here's my
customer reviews we have over 75
five-star reviews we're gonna show this
off for your business as well
not only that but we will build systems
where if you wanted to
show a video so here's a video pop-up
and this is a video about
i won't play it but it's our clients
that have gone on and
given us good testimonials we can build
that video for you we can
have a pop-up like that your site will
be similar but some of what you're going
to see is that we're going to hit on
things like the value propositions we're
going to work to
position yourself against the competitor
we're going to position you
against kind of that it's not a
boogeyman and we don't want to hit on it
too negatively but
we're going to do this writing for you
we're going to make sure that when
people come to your website
they understand who you are what you do
and they're more likely to close with
you and i understand this
actually built a business from zero to
150 small businesses
i led 500 plus meetings in just
accounting and then i have feedback
wrench i i do
probably 20 meetings a week that i'm
working with people and i
understand this niche so well this is
why we specialize it's not because we
chose accountants it's that
i did this and it's just a natural fit
for us so
we'll handle all the writing we won't
give you tons of homework and i think
you'll really like the results
when it comes to the copywriting so
again check it out we're going to cover
a couple other things the next video
that you can watch
is going to be about the actual custom
website design and we're going to push
into that and a little bit into the lead
and then seo as well good luck god bless

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