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cost of radio ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

What Does Radio Advertising Cost?

and now exclusive insider tips from the,world of advertising think of this as,your secret weapon this is advertising,advice how much does it cost to,advertise on the radio that is the,magical question that I am asked every,single day,and it's a very valid question if you're,a small business owner you're obviously,searching this topic out you want to,know what is it going to cost me to be,on the radio maybe you're the marketing,person for a smaller medium-sized,business and you're have the wonderful,task of gathering up a lot of,information I'm gonna do my best here to,answer that question but really it's,going to depend on a couple factors and,we can find this for you,but the only way to do that is really,take a look at the current data current,research and that's only done by by,actually getting our hands dirty and,getting in there and finding these,numbers because they change like the,stok market if there is a menu board I,could have in front of me that said,here's exactly what radio advertising,costs in every city across the country I,would be more than happy to post that,somewhere and then just shout it from a,mountain top but it doesn't exist so you,want to know what the advertising cost,though you're wanting to know what does,it cost each time that commercial airs,again big open-ended question your more,popular stations in a city going to be,more expensive obviously than the lower,rated ones does it mean the lower rated,ones are bad for advertising on not at,all it just means that there's less,listeners there so the price is going to,be lower if you're on a limited budget,it may make more sense to advertise more,frequently on a lesser rated station,rather than blow all the money on a very,highly rate station and air very,infrequently because it eats your budget,up so quickly but there are ways of,being on that major that very high rated,radio station with a limited budget it's,all about placing that ad in specific,times of day repetition that is key,where you're gonna find that everywhere,you go repetition is the biggest thing,when it comes to the effectiveness of,any sort of radio campaign okay but you,want some some numbers I can give you,some ballparks if you really want to,for this more I am more than happy to do,it before you just pick up the phone and,call us the numbers on the screen there,I'm not gonna charge you anything for,this information it's it's just that to,get accurate information like I said,this stuff changes like the stok market,you guys so we have to get current data,what I am looking at right here in a,specific city right now is going to be,outdated by next week okay so major,cities here's what we're looking at I'm,gonna go and give you two kind of,different averages of rates primetime,rates meaning your morning drive,afternoon drive rates on a very well,listened to radio station the smaller,tier stations that have less listeners,those fluctuates so greatly it's really,hard to guesstimate what you'll be,looking at until we actually go in there,and a negotiate a deal but so I'm gonna,tok about well listen to stations the,stations that you know you're probably,thinking of I want to be on that station,because it does very well gonna give you,an idea on rates primetime and then,you're off primes it should be nights,and weekends and nights meaning 7:00 to,midnight weekends meaning Saturday,Sunday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. right around,there okay so your top tier radio,stations cities with million-plus people,you're like I said New York LA things,like that your prime times you're,probably looking for hundred dollars,plus per airing right around there,very likely a bit more or a lot more,depending on the station that you're,toking about I've seen rates much,higher than that it just really depends,on the station and the demand for the,advertising on that radio station you're,off prime hours more so 200 $300 off,prime on very well as in two radio,stations and populations million-plus,large larger cities we're toking 500 to,a million people 500,000 to a million,people,primetime you're probably in that,ballpark range 200 to 400 dollars per,airing prime time off Prime's $75 to,around 150 off prime on those well,listen to stations again like I said,those are your top three top four top,five stations in the market that's,probably about what you're looking at,with rates lesser stations still good,options fewer people listen to them but,still don't keep it,not like no one listens to them there's,still hundreds and thousands of people,that listen to stations that are ranked,lower and that can work to your,advantage you can be on the air for much,cheaper than that and we can certainly,explore that for you if you're looking,at more of a medium sized City you know,four hundred thousand five hundred,thousand top-tier stations your going to,be around a hundred to one hundred fifty,dollars per airing prime time off primes,you're probably more so in that $50 50,to $75 range depending maybe little bit,cheaper more small cities hundred,thousand two hundred fifty thousand max,people you're probably more so in your,primes on those big stations going to be,75 to $100 per airing off prime nights,and weekends like I said you're gonna be,more so in that $25 $35 range for the,most part again this is such an,open-ended question the variables are so,great on this topic but like I said if,you want us to go and dive into this we,can certainly do that for you at,absolutely no cost just give us a call,take a the phone number on the screen,here or email me the the email is right,there on the screen tell me about your,business tell me what you're doing tell,me about who you want to reach you know,what what your expectations are and we,can find ways of optimizing a budget so,that you can get the most out of it you,don't want to just throw money at,something and hope for the best without,having any sort of plan as to what,you're doing that is unfortunately I see,that a lot with people and a lot of,times it's after the fact that kind of,me going well we already blew all our,money on this campaign but we want to,try and recover now and we have next to,nothing it's like well well do our best,here's here's what the options are for,you,so before you become that person let's,do a little planning let's take a look,at what the pros and cons are of all,this stuff and we can see if it's a,realistik option for you in your,specific city give us a call the infos,on the screen take the advice or step,further and learn how to apply it to,your business with free one-on-one,advertising coaching pick up the phone,and call area code two three,one four six eight nine nine seven two,that's area code two three one four six,eight nine nine 72 or send an email to,be addressed at the bottom of the screen

Radio Advertising (Pros & Cons) Everything You Need To Know

and he's a real party pufa if you know,what i mean i need somebody on standby,absolutely we've seen it all over the,last 67 years and can solve any plumbing,problem we promise to be prompt,professional and pleasant wow i'm so,glad i called yeah call us anytime kobe,brothers at,916-975-9898 that's,916-975-9898 hearing your own ad on the,radio is freaking awesome,radio advertising works that's why we've,done it and that's why we'll continue to,do it all right so by the end of this,video i want you to understand the pros,and the cons of using radio advertising,to grow your business whether it's a,graphic design business web design,business motion design business so let's,head back to the office and i'll tell,you more about it,[Music],all right,radio,advertising i've got a lot of experience,on radio advertising i've got multiple,ads hundreds of probably adds a total,now run on the radio and it's something,that i'm super passionate about,something i'm really excited to share,with you before i get into the good,stuff i want to tok a little bit about,the bad stuff because there are some,cons to radio the industry is changing,the industry's been really shrinking for,a long time and it's really important,that you understand the good the bad and,the ugly radio so let's go ahead and,jump into the cause the first con of,radio is that it can be pretty expensive,now the range varies just depending on,the type of station you're listening to,and the reach of that station but the,cons is it can be really really,expensive depending on if you're running,nationally or running locally that cost,can vary significantly it's also a lot,less targeted than online marketing you,can target so many different details,about a person they call those data,points with online marketing which is,why it's exploded and growth the way it,has and why facebook's had to take away,a lot of the targeting options because,it really got into people's personal,lives and privacy so now you have,something like radio which is less,targeted you can target by the type of,station so some stations cater to more,conservative people versus more liberal,people like npr versus fox right so,there's really a big difference business,stations versus christian stations,there's some targeting that's available,women versus men but the detailed,targeting of how many kids they have in,the household things like that is a lot,more limited so those are some of the,cons one of the other cons is,if you're really on a low budget then,you're only going to be able to,advertise locally and some of those,smaller local stations don't even get,ratings so you don't really get stats of,how many people are hearing your ads and,some of the information is just kind of,a guess so not having that local,targeting not knowing how big your,audience is and not having some of these,stations be rated uh the nielsen rating,as it's called can really impact and,affect your business so i'm just curious,have you ever been on a radio show have,you ever had a radio ad or have you ever,had your own radio show i'd love to hear,about it if you have if you have,experience with radio definitely drop a,comment down below and if you'd like to,be on a radio show also drop a comment,and say i would love to be on radio,drop that comment down below because i,always have opportunities coming up for,you to get spots if you're interested in,toking about your business or what it,is you're doing if you want to be on my,show so drop a comment down below and,let me know,all right so now to the important stuff,the meat and potatoes of what you came,here for is understanding the three,different types of airtime that you can,buy on the radio the first type of,airtime that you can buy are commercials,most commercials do not go more than 60,seconds but sometimes radio stations,will do promos and they'll sell 15,second and 30 second spots the 15 second,spots we're going to tok about in a,minute but i want to stik to the 30,second 60 second spots for now these are,the go-to lengths for radio ads i've,done both i've done more of the 60,seconds with a 30 second but you really,get a lot of bang for your buck when you,do the 60 seconds because you can fit a,lot of content into one minute and if,you tell a story and you actually have,the right marketing strategy behind,these tactiks which these are you will,have a lot of success on the radio now,the second type of air time that you can,buy are sponsor spots so you may hear,them doing the weather or the traffic,and when they do those they said this,segment is brought to you by,aais insurance right so these certain,segments and these sponsor spots can be,done for certain sections like traffic,weather news radio whatever the,different spots of these radio campaigns,that they're doing throughout the day in,sections of the radio station they,actually have radio sponsor spots so,this is a really good deal it's usually,cheaper and during the holidays and then,major pushes if you listen you can,actually get a really good deal on these,sponsor spots and you can tag in some,actual radio spots with it and this is a,really good type of airtime as well,gives you a lot of branding a lot of,credibility the third one and this is,where i have the most amount of,experience as i did it the longest is,actually creating shows or like new,shows and this is what they call block,programming this is where you buy a,block of time on the radio station,usually it's in their lower non-peak,times of the station where you buy this,block programming time of an hour it,tiknically breaks down to about 50,minutes and they'll quote you anywhere,between a thousand to sometimes five,thousand dollars a month depending on,the size of the station to have that,hour block and during that time it's not,like you can put anything you want but,you can basically create a show or some,sort of content around whatever topic,you want to tok about and you buy that,time you can bring on guests and do,interviews you can do just tok you can,do sermons you can do,all kinds of different things with shows,you can tok about news current events,and make that block programming whatever,you want you can tok about tiknology i,just happened to take mine because i was,on a christian business station as i did,a mentorship christian mentorship show,where i toked about sales marketing,leadership and tiknology those are some,big areas that i have a passion for so i,broke my show into four segments i,toked about each of those during my,show i did some awesome interviews i met,some great people i actually built,myself as an authority versus pitching,somebody to be on my podcast i said hey,you want to come on my radio show it was,an fm radio show and that positioned me,a little bit differently than everybody,else so that's the last one and that's a,big one if you've never done that before,i'd highly look at it highly consider it,because it's a really good authority,building tool for you so if you found,this content helpful so far please do me,a huge favor hit the like button right,down below introduce yourself i want to,know who you are what you do why what,brought you to the channel why you got,here and let's go ahead and roll into,the next section which is important,because i want to validate everything i,just said with some industry data,industry data is really helpful it,brings some facts to the table i'm not,just sharing fluff and my own,experiences but i'm sharing data that,has been collected over the last decade,so as far as industry data goes i want,to read this to you guys all right so,data evaluating the radio market in the,united states shows that in 2020,radio advertising spend in the country,and this is in usa amounted to 10.1,billion us dollars yes that's 10 billion,with a b it is forecasted that spending,on radio ads is going to grow to,11.7 billion by the end of 2024 we're,almost there 11.7 billion dollars it's a,ridiculous amount of money the second,stat that i found that i wanted

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Radio Advertising Costs Toronto | Toronto Radio Advertising

[Music],please welcome to our program the CEO,I'm guessing although I have fingers in,this Virginia his wife Virginia Tom Gus,star is the man behind green Jeannie SEO,Tom come on Tom,yes what's going on man you told me this,idea of ranking high as in the world of,Google I for some reason before you guys,became involved with our fantastik,program I thought that had sort of gone,away but as we've discovered recently,ranking your website is still as crucial,if not more than it's ever been yeah,well I think I went through a fad stage,there for a while where it was really,easy to sort of game the algorithm,Google was a mathematikal algorithm so,people were just about anybody could do,it I remember the first conversation I,had a boat with us was with a guy in a,music store he was toking about how he,was doing all this crazy stuff like just,putting artikles up on artikle,submission websites and you'd put links,in them and as soon as Google read the,algorithm within a week he'd be number,one and so that was kind of a time when,I think it was like just about anybody,could do it so it was really popular it,was a buzz word in your cabbage days,wasn't the whole idea was to get as many,things as much content published and,linked to other sites and that's how,excuse me that's I just burped again,that's how Google did it is that it took,it became a content aggregator and if,you had a lot of content you rose up is,that what it well there's still a,component in that like when I tok about,digital marketing or SEO there's kind of,two components to it and they get,confused and one is pure SEO is about,just ranking and usually that's that's,what we most popular you do for people,but then there's content marketing which,are kind of two different things and for,really really big companies content,marketing is more important because I,mean really for a local business what,affects the algorithm the most is when,you build a few links to their website,Google's algorithm reads that looks at,his votes of confidence and they rank,you higher but if you're,if your amazon you already have two,million links to your website what good,is 10 or 12 more gonna do hey so what,they do is they build more and more,content so it just becomes the the mass,of different tentacles of different,knowledge on the web and that's really,two different entities in two different,reasonings for how you go about the,business so you made the point there was,a time when anyone can do it now anyone,can't do it and what's the difference,yes and no I mean if you're in a if,you're in a small market and and you put,some time in like you spent some time,online and if you were smart about,sifting through some of the,misinformation you could probably get,your own website in in a not too,competitive industry to perform better,okay,but the thing is is now that it's not,very many non-competitive Marcus just,even small towns like of 50,000 people,it's getting very competitive because,more and more people are throwing their,hat in the rain for sure hiring people,like me sure um and you sort of made the,point when we were toking the other day,Tom and I about our website now,obviously we rank highest or number one,for humble and Fred right but we we,don't rank as high as we could for,Toronto radio advertising it's something,I never even thought about that that,people are searching and we looked at it,together as o'er you showed us in the,you did an analysis for us sure was,pretty cool because you sort of showed,that that's available it we could have,that and it's for some reason and radio,companies haven't gotten on that because,the only thing someone like Bela Rogers,would have wanted to rank number one for,radio advertising you would think so,there's there's a significant amount of,search for it but the thing is if it's,it's hard from your own it's like not,being able to see the forest for the,trees when it's your own business,sometimes you're a little bit blind to,what's really important to sure and we,sort of have an advantage in SEO because,we have a bunch of tools that when you,learn how to use them their software,tools very powerful it's very quick to,you know assess in a situation with a,piece of software because I can go local,you know look at your competition see,what's going on with them and the,software returns a whole bunch of things,saying oh well this is what they're,ranking for and then you know you,quickly go through that and if you look,at what the search terms are you can,kind of figure some of them are just,generalized search terms people looking,up info,and then some of them are more what we,call a money term meaning if you were to,rank for this it would be have economic,value right so and in our case if we,were number one ranked for Toronto radio,advertising it could you know be a,monetary value to us because who knows,what people are searching for and,wouldn't it be just so funny I thought,of this it'd be so cute if we actually,out ranked Bell and Rogers number one,for radio advertising that would be,pretty powerful I can't I can't not,imagine that did I say that right it,wouldn't be beneficial yeah to me,anybody that's looking that up I mean,certain types of searches if if you take,the word run to term running shoes I,mean people could just be looking for,pictures or running shoes to put in a,collage for a school project all right,but when you look at radio I have,Toronto radio advertising it's very,specific right imagine people looking,for that or so what would that strategy,be to make number or Hummel and Fred,number one in that well the first thing,is just to optimize the website not not,to pick on you guys but do you mind if I,reveal a couple no please pick on okay I,mean because that's that's where our,bread and butter is hard on carte,blanche to pick on you so one first,thing I did was I just went look at your,source code all you have to do is,right-click and go view page source and,that's yeah that's all the data but,you're gonna say that makes the browser,browser reads to see what we see,visually as humans and so I look in that,and I just look radio advertising if I,don't see that in there Google's not,gonna see it either right did you put,that as your meta tags to be honest with,you no but Phil's laughter aside I mean,boon Mike boons created our website the,guy knows what he's doing no he never,really until we have this conversation,with Tom I don't I don't think I ever,really thought about sure that's fair,betting well advertising that zags the,website that's fair Tom said it's like,you're in your that you're we're in our,own little world here I don't know why,it wouldn't have way you can't do it,you're not aware exactly exactly and,that's what's still got powerful about,what Tom saying is here we are in this,industry we're trying to encourage,people to advertise with us and yet we,didn't embed that meta,because we just didn't think about it,but you the first thing you thought of,Ness radio advertising well I'm always,looking for where the money is right,because if I don't if I don't return,people some sort of economic value I'm,out of business so I mean you mentioned,you had a web guy and you surprised it,and I'm not actually surprising is,falsely and I have this conversation,with people a lot it's a well I got a,website guy and I've got a guy on the,jet and I say well if if that's the case,then how come you're not showing up for,this and so I'm right and it's because,they do it they're in completely,different ways and sometimes they get,directives in our case it would be if we,had said to him listen we want to rank,high and radio ad for advertising he,would have gone in absolutely and done,that we know that and that's why I say,Dan and Mike who has been you know he,really and he's not somebody who's just,a web guy he's a guy that does a little,bit of what you do for a living he works,for big companies and he's you know done,online marketing but but I think what's,fascinating about this

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How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost In Sacramento?

hey everyone how's it going my name's,aaron criswell,with radiodigitaladvertising.com,and what i want to tok to you about,today is the cost of radio advertising,in sacramento,a lot of people know the radio is the,most powerful medium to reach your,target audience,when they're thinking about your product,or service however they just don't know,how much is cost and what i want to tell,you today is,it's more affordable than you think,radio cost per commercial depends on,three things,one the station that you're on two the,length of the commercial,and three the time of the day your,commercial runs let me explain it to you,there's about 25 radio stations in,sacramento,there's your number one reaching station,kscd the eagle 96.9,then there's also the bottom reaching,stations which is typically,um station you've probably never heard,of,now the station you never heard of you,could get a prime time commercial,for about five dollars now kseg the,eagle,96.9 that same commercial is probably,going to run you about 200,but there's a big difference eagle 96.9,reaches about 350 000 people a week in,sacramento,that's right it's a big radio station,now that station you never heard of,yeah maybe a thousand or two,so the point is the rally station you're,on,the the size of the station you're on is,going to determine the cost,number two the length of the commercial,radio has always been,a traditional 60-second medium why,because it's storytelling stories sell,that's how you sell things you tell a,story,people need a picture in their mind what,you're toking about,how can help them and then lead them to,the product or benefit,lots of people ask me hey aaron can i,run a 30 second radio commercial,could but is it right for you,and that's the question meaning it's a,30-second radio commercial,is right for a lot of big companies,mcdonald's,burger king well let's just go to,mcdonald's for example one you know what,mcdonald's is,two you know what it tastes like three,you know where it's located,so mcdonald's for the next 30 seconds,they can tell you all and paint pictures,and create a motion and tell stories,and you still know where it's located,what they serve,and what it tastes like now for the new,business,let's say there's a new hamburger spot,in town that might have the best,hamburger one awards great things,they need to tell a story they need to,tell a story,if you want something different than,mcdonald's if you want a taste that's,gonna blow you,your mind when you eat that hamburger,and take your first bite,then you should come on down to the new,burger,that takes about 60 seconds 30 seconds,to create that emotion,and then 30 seconds to sell it,three the third point,third point is the time of day prime,time and radio,6 a.m to 7 p.m morning drive midday,prime time 6 a.m to 7 p.m monday through,friday,nights and evenings 7 pm to midnight,they're not prime and television time,they're prime,but they're not prime and radio so,there's more demand in the prime time,for major advertisers local advertisers,like you,which is gonna create a higher rate,during the prime time,whereas the evenings the night the,weekend,outside of prime the cost all varies so,for example going back to that,eagle 96.9 300,commercial in the evenings yeah you're,looking about 100,maybe even less for more information go,to the website 916radio.com,that's radio digital advertising,sacramento,it will teach you everything you need to,know i'll see you there

The Real Cost of FREE Radio Advertising

hey everybody it is jager coming to you,from the,familiar backyard for people who've been,around this channel for a little while,so this is,part from my audio podcast i've posted,about,advertising possibly for free on old,school radio terrestrial radio as they,say in the,biz i was on radio for about 20 years so,i got all these kind of terms kind of,floating around up here,and by doing trade deals you could maybe,get your business your product your,service something,advertised on real for little to no cost,or maybe just,a cost of time it's not quite that,simple i break it down this podcast,i didn't mean to be video so this is,just meant to be just an audio clip,on the podcast that you can get out of,spotify itunes and all those places but,i thought,it had so much value we'll just throw it,up here on youtube so maybe it can help,some of you out,for whatever you want to do as far as,advertising possibly on the radio,on to our main topic of this podcast,one of the things i've been doing for,years is,advertising on radio as we call it,terrestrial radio the old school radio,i remember years ago where a co-worker,got at sam or sirius paid radio,and another co-worker said this is the,competition what are you doing this is,gonna kill us,and i was like no it won't kill us,terrestrial is free,we were both right and wrong i was right,on the side of,if it's free you're not gonna beat it,which terrestrial radio is,he was right on the side of,well it wasn't the paid radio it was the,free internet,that's how long ago this conversation,was,late too well it was definitely 2 000.,not,much further past 0.102 um,and here we go spotify apple music,apple podcast the internet revolution,whatever you listen to this podcast on,right now,came in as the free one to not kill off,to rest your radio but definitely give,it a thing and a hit so i say all that,debris that stuff some are going to tell,you that these old school ways of,advertising are dead,so we're going to tell you that they,still work obviously i'm doing it,so i think that it still has value to it,so people who say i don't listen to the,radio,anymore i just listen to whatever's on,my phone or as i call it in the carolina,podcast,the mp3 player because i just completely,lost,what decade i was living in and by the,way i'm also toking about sales on,winning packages so check that podcast,over there caroline's photography,podcast but,people who don't listen to radio do,believe not everybody obviously that,would be silly there's a,fair number who thinks that just because,they don't listen no one listens,you guys you your person you are your,person,you are yourself not speaking for,everyone,there is still a large number who has no,working cd player or music device in the,vehicle don't care,want to stay informed just to get some,news when i hear what the daily morning,gossip is,on their driving to work with the kids,there's features and shows that they,like,that they've grown up listening to and,still exist so it is still a market that,if you can get into,get into it and as a business you are,uniquely,positioned sometimes in radio and it's,been this way forever,even in small towns to some of the,larger ones of course there's more,competition in larger ones but that's,the planet earth they do,love trade they can't trade with,everybody because i had to make money at,some points,but they do love trade if you can come,in with a unique,value proposition for radio stations,they generally will do some kind of,trading business with you,now you say well jaeger why go through,all this if,this is what you've been doing aha i,never really actually,yeah that's exactly what i've been doing,i was like i was going through a,curveball oh i've been buying,for years now guys i've been trading for,years as well i'm not going to kid you,full transparency also i've worked in,radio for 20 years so this is why,i feel somewhat uniquely qualified um,to tell you how the inner workings of,radio can be you know for crossing,around,and toking with other stations yeah,so it's just around um my area and a few,of course outside of the area yeah trade,is still really a big thing maybe not as,big as it used to be at one point,there's so much more red tape with some,companies about trying to trade nowadays,where you know anything can just get,abused and then rules and things start,getting in place and putting,in there but yeah and it is as simple as,emailing whoever,is over the sales department or whoever,is in the sales department,um there's generally not a big line of,communication,or chain of people to go through on the,sales side,of radio and that's kind of the business,selling advertising is kind of a radio,business model,and if you can get some trade with,something unique that they don't,generally have access to or so that they,can help them,in some kind of way to do it great,question someone asked me which i,thought was kind of,great only if you don't pay attention to,the space but yay,why give away the quote unquote secret,of what you do,um i've been asked a lot and it's a,little bizarre because,a i learned from other people giving,away their,air quote secret for lack of a better,word and b there is so many steps,involved,to try to knock out a radioactive,campaign,ooh it was never a situation too much,where the radio station would,handle things on their end think about,this way they can trade,but as far as having that manpower and,women power to,create bright whatever copy,that's just a test that's said on radio,and actually produce,uh i think that's why i was always such,an attractive deal because,i could do all that literally in-house,myself,even though all my friends in radio,world it's kind enough to,let me work at the station and actually,work on my own commercial to air,but everybody's not gonna be in that,position but there wasn't,much workload added for the radio,companies,for me to ever come in and do an ad,campaign,what do i mean by there's a lot that,goes into it well,for one thing what's going to be said,the terminology and photography and,here's a pro tip if you have too much,photography terminology take it out,because regular consumers just aren't,going to pick up on all that stuff,the terminology can be a bit wordy just,a word photography,photography is four syllables it's not,like,it's too many syllables for people to,pronounce but it gets very very,terminology wordy and,if you don't really know exactly what,the heck you're toking about it might,come across in the head,um i there's very talented dj's who can,of course can read anything and make it,sound absolutely great and perfect but,getting that script right is going to be,so much of the headache and who's going,to perform it will it be you will it be,a jock,or where it's at the station what's the,sound effect it's going to be are there,going to be sound effects is there going,to be music what's the music do you have,rights to music,say royalty free music are you paying,for some rights to music,is there too much music is there not,enough music all of these things a,tiknical,side of hey this means it's way too loud,that you paid for that you want people,to hear we can't really hear your voice,but in all those types of situations not,hitting the point quick enough,so there's a few things the problem from,a photo photography standpoint some,people have is,there's not a lot of photography radio,commercials out there so,that is something where i had to go in,and look at,other businesses and how they did radio,and that's not that's both,good and bad go outside the box but also,it's like i could really just use a,direct photography commercial,to see what has worked before was failed,before,this is maybe just sparking an idea,those are problems that can be unique to,whatever your industry is,so it's definitely a thing to keep,in mind when trying to pull off a radio,commercial another thing that said it,was so tough about it is,man even if it's trade,what resources are you giving up do you

Selling Radio Advertising - How to sell ads on a radio show

how to sell ads on your radio show so I,got a great question for my YouTube,viewers love you guys our B radio show,who wrote in with a question to say good,video I had the real brother radio show,and I do have video ads that I've run as,commercials on my show I want to know,how to sell more ads this is a great,question and I have a radio show and I,have YouTube channel and I have a,website that had ads before so I know a,lot about selling ads here's the thing,okay here's my two tips,my two best nuggets of advice for you,number one stand for something it has to,be really clear what you stand for and,who you're selling to right so for me if,you look at my channel you look at,anything I do you can tell that I,believe in entrepreneurs so if you are,selling something that relates to,entrepreneurs and you want to connect,with somebody who knows entrepreneurs,I'm the guy to tok to,I'm one of the best people in the world,to tok to if you're gonna sell anything,else I'm not the guy to tok to right,there's only a there's only a handful of,companies if you look at how many,companies there are in the world there's,only a small percentage who care about,entrepreneurs and those guys come to me,because they know that I help,entrepreneurs if you're selling plants,if you're selling makeup if you're,selling statues if you're selling cars,all this other stuff I can't help you,and I'll tell that to people like if you,are not selling to entrepreneurs there's,no point in working together because I'm,not gonna get results for you so it has,to be really clear who you're helping,who is your target market right and if,you're pitching somebody or if you are,even writing to me right you're telling,me about your show what is the real,brother show all about who do you serve,who's your audience right that,moves out of everything that you do make,it super clear so then I can even tok,about you and I can refer somebody to,you if I know you're looking for a,certain market and I run across somebody,I can say hey you got a listen to this,show that's a great show check it out,right make it easy for people to tok,about you so that's number one stand for,something and,two is a little tougher to swallow,number two is make your show better,here's the thing okay I never go out and,sell anything I don't sell any,advertiser on anything and yet I've,worked with the biggest brands in the,industry for my industry I work with,American Express and Google and,Microsoft and Dell and major banks and,major telcos I've worked with all of,these companies but I've never reached,out to get a sale here's the reason why,okay this is really important it's their,job to know what's happening in the,markets that they're selling so if I'm,working with American Express there are,people who are at American Express whose,job it is to know what's happening in,the entrepreneurial market right they,are actively looking for people who are,influencers who are getting an audience,who are building traction that happens,when you build a great show you have to,have people coming away from your show,saying that was the greatest show I ever,heard,that show was for me I can't wait to,listen in next week and tell all my,friends about it right if somebody's,listened to my show I want them to say,that was a great show and anytime I meet,an entrepreneur I'm gonna tell them,about that show right that's what,happens with some of these videos right,you like the videos you comment you,share it it builds traction at this,moment and that's how people find me I,just came back from speaking in Malaysia,I had a keynote speech was about social,media for entrepreneurs I don't know,anybody in Malaysia I have no,connections there I've never been there,how did it happen they found my videos,on YouTube and said wow we need to bring,this guy to our event that's how it,happens because my videos now are good,enough my show is pretty good I'm still,working on it I like it there's still,things to improve on it right so your,show has to be better your show has to,be at the point where people can't wait,to call in can't wait to listen to the,show next week can't wait to tell their,friends about tuning into this thing and,if you get that you get that momentum,going,then the advertisers will come and you,don't have to worry about selling them,on anything because they're pre-sold to,say this is the guy who you have to go,to to reach this certain community your,shows not there yet and that's okay but,here you are you're gonna be investing,your time your energy your resources,your thought process into doing,something that you love hopefully which,is making your show better and making it,have a stronger impact with people,versus going out and doing something,that you don't love which is selling,advertising I've never had you think,about it I'm gonna go on a little bit of,rant about sales now you think about,sales right you're thinking about,following up with people and you're,calling people and following up and,following up and fall I don't do that,okay I don't follow up with anybody,people write to me I'll write back to,them I'll give them a proposal they need,it but I never follow up after that,because the people who you have to,follow up with they're never gonna be,good customers for you think about the,people who keep following up with you,write some goodies trying to get you to,buy a car or insurance or whatever it is,and they follow up and they follow up,and they follow up and they follow up,are you ever happy with that person no,right like the guys there Derek they're,gonna be companies who love what you do,who say this guy is the best of what he,does he's an expert he helps me reach my,audience I need to work with him and,they can be other companies who just,don't quite get what you do and you have,to sell them and convince them and,follow up with them who's gonna be a,better customer and who's gonna take,more of your time toking to right so,instead of wasting your time when the,guys who don't get it who you have to,followup with constantly spend it on the,guys who love what you do and create a,product create a service create a show,that people can fall in love with make,your show better and you'll get a bigger,audience you'll feel more fulfilled and,you,advertised notike to follow belief those,watching like the video thumbs up below,let me know what you think comments,questions down below in the section if,you ask the question of a video response,I really love seeing those comments come,in they really make my morning everyday,when I'm eating my breakfast so please,leave a comment and subscribe to the,channel if you want to see more click on,my face thank you so much and I'll see,you soon