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costco ads february 2021

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

🚨FEBRUARY 2021 COSTCO Coupon Book 💘MEMBER ONLY SAVINGS DEALS Preview 2021 ► 2/3/21 - 2/28/21

in today's video we are looking at the february 2021 costco coupon book. it will be in effect from february 3rd to february 28th. the current coupon book will expire tomorrow, january 24th, so definitely check out some of our other videos so you can get in on some of those deals. if you like videos like this, definitely subscribe and come back every single month. we always have an inside scoop here and we get you this coupon book in advance so you can be intentional and plan accordingly for your next trip. it really helps to save money, time and stik to your budget. we go to costco once a month and we use our members savings to check out if there are any good deals that we may have on our list or new things we want to try. you don't need anything special. you just go in with your costco membership and you can take advantage of all the great savings. we also do this in collaboration with costcoincidercom, so check them out after this video. this video is brought to you by the most amazing monk fruit sweetened chocolate on the market that i wish you can get at costco, but you just can't quite yet. if you're looking for a sweet but sugar-free option to chocolate that tastes better than hershey's, then you need to try chalk zero. they have amazing holiday promotions, like their keto advent calendar for christmas, their chocolate pumpkins for halloween, their raspberry chocolate hearts for valentine's day, sugar-free chocolate bunnies on easter and so much more. if you're looking for a healthy chocolate to indulge in with your family, guilt-free, no sugar, then look no further. be sure to use the code for your family at checkout for a nice discount on your order, or by going to chalkzerocom and using the link below in the description. now let's see what's on sale this coming month at costco. it is february and we are here looking at the february costco coupon book. we have kosamine: ten dollars off. four dollars off degree men's ultra cure black antiperspirant- it's gonna be a five count of either men's or the women's. eight dollars off the hundred count. keurig brew k cups gonna be 34.99. two dollars off the veggie straws: five dollars off the two pack of the thermoflask: 17.99. we got those a while back and that's actually a better deal than what we got it for a couple years ago. seven dollars off the starbucks pikes place: it's going to be 29.99 for 72 count. 100 off the dyson v11 animal. five dollars off adidas ladies: seven, eight, three stripe tights, which are gonna be 14.99 a pair. 14.99 for champion fleece ladies logo hoodie. five dollars off the weatherproof vintage ladies reign slicker, it's gonna be 14.99. three dollars off the champions terry shorts- for men: 9.99 and four dollars off champion men's crew next sweatshirt, which is going to be 12.99. save on trusted self-care essentials. feel good inside it out. 12 off 40 count crest 3d white strips. 10 off to gillette, 16 count proglide cartridge reach fulls. 350 off head and shoulders. two in one complete scalp care, which is going to be the big 40 ounce, and 11 off the 84 count. a line probiotik. this is a great deal. the oregon protein is going to be eight dollars off the big 2.7 pounds, and the plant protein with probiotik powder is going to be the 2.74 pounds. you get eight dollars off both of those. you also get six dollars off the grass-fed protein shakes or the plant-based protein shakes. they're going to be a pack of 18.. eight dollars off the mohawk water resistant laminate flooring- 27.99. 10 off mohawk waterproof rigid vinyl flooring, which is gonna be 34.99. i believe that's by square foot. selection may vary but it's always a good idea to check costco first if you're doing any renovations or anything like that. you also get a great, obviously, return policy and purchase protection if you're using your costco visa. six dollars off the colestok- 210 count. three dollars off the kirkland signature vitamin e, which is going to be a 500 count. seven dollars off q mega coq10 and then red yeast rice plus four dollars off is going to be a 240 count. 10 off. the home zone led security light is going to be 29.99. outdoor led coach light: 15 off, which is 34.99. 30 off the felt electric led smart flood light with hd camera. we have one of those by ring and it was actually double the price. this one's only 99.99. three dollars off duracell batteries. you get the double a 40 count aaa 32 count, the 14 count c, 14 count d and the 8 count 9 volt, which is a really good deal. always check i. i do like the kirkland batteries, but duracell is really good at costco when it's on sale. save 150 off instantly any set of four michelin tires, say. four dollars off colgate optik white removal toothpaste, four pack. four dollars off the oral b glide advance floss, six count and ten dollars off gillette 3 turbo 20 count razor cartridges. nine dollars off the huggies plus diapers. four dollars off ultra thin advanced long pads 88 count or the overnight pad: 76 count. four dollars off the la ultra moisture body plus, which can be a three pack, four dollars off. mott's flavored fruit snacks: 90 count. four dollars off. that's it. mini fruit bar variety pack: 24 count. five dollars off the fit crunch: 18 pack. 420 off the versus kitchen organic steak strips: 12- there's 12 ounce. and 210 off the boom chicka pop: 25 ounce. big bag of boom chicken pop, sweet and salty kettle corn. we have some electronic deals here. we have 200 off of dell inspiron computer- it's going to be the 23 inch, it's going to be 649. 100 off the lenovo ideal pad 15.6 inch: 649. 350 off the microsoft surface pro 7 bundle. we have 35 off the apple watch series 6.. 70 off the samsung galaxy smartwatch. 60 off the samsung galaxy tab a7. 20 off the sandisk extreme portable solid state drive, which is going to be 119, it's going to be one terabyte. 60 off the samsonite carbon elite two-piece hard spinner set luggage- it's going to be 99.99. eight dollars off the shark iq robotik vacuum. 60 off the shark dual clean lift away- it's going to be 199. 30 off the phillips sonicare clean toothbrush: two pack: 119.. ten dollars off the philips sonicare premium brush head. it's gonna be a six pack for 39.99. five to seven dollars off pillow jumbo: two pack: 120 off. the silly mount auburn firm queen mattress can be 429, 10 off. the water pick power plus shower head: 29.99 and 15 off. the kohler stainless steel 47 liter step trash bin: four dollars off tied ultra, 10 off the tide pods: six dollars off tied he laundry detergent: 360 off gain he. these are going to be the 200 to 250 ounce big, big containers of laundry detergent. and then the kirkland ultra clean is going to be 320 off. that's one that we always get. that's a really good deal for the kirkland ultra clean and it's really comparable. five dollars off the cascade platinum action plus power detergent packs- they're gonna be 92 count and 250 off the cascade advanced power: 125 ounces. five dollars off the nylabone nubs: 22 count, 330 off scoop away cat litter: 42 pounds, 450 off the buy: 15 pack. 450 off peller grino: 24 pack. 450 off the liberte organic yogurt variety pack: 12 pack. four dollars off the kavita kombucha- it's gonna be a six pack. three dollars off the bubbies strawberry green tea or mango mochi ice cream. it's gonna be an 18 count and four dollars off the oikos triple greek yogurt variety package is going to be an 18 pack. two dollars off godiva chocolate. four dollars off sunship variety pack 30 count. 230 off the trail mix by power up. three dollars off the bark thins dark chocolate. 230 off cape cod kettle cooked potato chips. three, 380 off nabisco velveeta. three dollars off bertolli. four pack of organic pasta sauce. three dollars off the snapdragon. nine pack vietnamese foul balls two. ten off general mills cinnamon toast crunch two pack and 350 off kodiak flapjack waffle mix, 72 ounce. five dollars off the 30 pack of sunny d, 350 off the milkadamia unsweetened macadamia milk. it's gonna be a six pack. three dollars off nature's path organic pumpkin seed and flax granola. four dollars off ocean spray craisins, 450 off the go go sweets gonna be 28 pack, five dollars o.

🚨FEBRUARY 2022 Costco Coupon Book Preview! Deals Valid (2/2-2/27)

hello friends. in today's video, we're looking at the february 2022 costco coupon book, in effect from february 2nd to february 27th. the current coupon book will be in effect until january 30th, so be sure to get in on some of those deals before they expire. if you like videos like this, definitely subscribe and come back every single month. we always have an inside scoop here and we get you this coupon book in advance so you can be intentional and plan accordingly for your next trip. it really helps to save money, time and stik to your budget. we go to costco once a month and we use our members savings to check out if there are any good deals that we may have on our list or new things we want to try. you don't need anything special. you just go in with your costco membership and you can take advantage of all the great savings. we also do this in collaboration with costco insidercom, so definitely check them out after this video. in addition, we have a special promotion on costco memberships in the description box below. join today and get a costco shop card: twenty dollars for new executive members and ten dollars for new gold star members. use the link below to sign up for this promotion. with frida family. this video is brought to you by the most amazing monk fruit sweetened chocolate on the market that i wish you can get at costco, but you just can't quite yet. if you're looking for a sweet but sugar-free option to chocolate that tastes better than hershey's, then you need to try chalk zero. they have amazing holiday promotions, like their keto advent calendar for christmas, their chocolate pumpkins for halloween, their raspberry chocolate hearts for valentine's day, sugar free chocolate bunnies on easter and so much more. if you're looking for a healthy chocolate to indulge in with your family, guilt-free, no sugar, then look no further. be sure to use the code for your family at checkout for a nice discount on your order, or by going to chalkzerocom and using the link below in the description. now let's see what's on sale this coming month at costco. get heart healthy with better omega 3. we have the corey krill oil. five dollars off for the 90 count. save and receive a costco shop card 15 when you purchase those qualifying linux home comfort systems. save on mohawk flooring. definitely check out costco for all of your flooring needs, all of your renovation needs. they also have five dollars off those accent rugs that are going to be 9.99, also 3m. they have the 3m filtrate. you get a pack of those air filters- 29.99, and then you have some 3m products for the command hooks, um, the grippers and all that. you're gonna have a sale six dollars off of all those and batteries- we tok about batteries all the time here- but you get three dollars off the duracell- all different sizes there. you get five dollars off of the duracell 550 lumens flashlight. the coat of motion activated led security lights- 39.99. the kohler adjustable three and one shower head is 74.99. the american standard slimline 1.25 hp food food disposer is going to be 79.99 and then your apache half round scraper mat is going to be 9.99. plus they have that initial entire deal. they always have that michelin tire deal. save 150 instantly on any set of four. i always see people getting their tires in over there and then save ten to fifty dollars on your gutter guards over at costco. also, the bio bidet is a hundred dollars off. lg appliances are 400 to 500 off. the apple series 7 watch is going to be 25 off and then the vizio channel home the sound bar is going to be 30 off. that's really important when you're buying those new tvs. lg gear 32 inch gaming monitor- 249, which is going to be 50 off, and the lg gram 1080p laptop is going to be 200 off at 7.99. plus more electronic deals over here: the q led tv 4k, 82 inches- 13.99. the hp pavilion 15, 6 point inch laptop is a hundred dollars off at 5.99, and lenovo ideapad 14 inch is gonna be 749 as well, and that comes in at 150 off. samsung galaxy 8.7 inch tablet is going to be 129.. the samsung galaxy watches- two different sizes: 40 and the 44 millimeter, or 50 off. and then that sandisk extreme portable one terabyte solid state drive is going to be 40 off, coming in at 100. also, tons of other computer deals over here for your microsoft surface, your touchscreen laptop- don't inspire on. they have really good customer service. go in there and tok to someone. they'll be really happy to help you. plus, they have a really really good warranty and support on all their electronics too. 329 for the lg 43 inch class led lcd tv, and then the dell xp desktop. xps desktop is going to be 100 off at 8.99. plus you have this osaki massage chair. now it's coming in at 3 000, but it's 1600 off, if you know. you know that's not a cheap thing, but it's a big discount. also. you have here tons of gillette deals: ten dollars off the gillette plus three disposable razors, 36 count. 11 off the pro glide cartridges, 16 count and four dollars off the gillette ultimate protection gear. antiperspirant- i like how they make it look very like super bullish. that's really cute. moisturize from head to toe- four dollars off the la plus body- uh moisture plus body wash- three pack and then 350 off the two in one. scalp care for uh head and shoulders is gonna be 350 off. also the oregon protein. this is a big deal. my husband really likes this and when it goes on sale that's a really good time to sug up. but just you know it does go on sale, like i'd say, every every two to three months or so, from my experience. just saying: eight dollars off the super foods and powder- 2.7 pounds- that's gonna be the vanilla bean, and then eight dollars off the creamy chocolate, 2.64 pounds, and those are the powders. but then you also have the liquid, the little shakeable liquid protein drinks. six dollars off and that's gonna be for a pack of 18, which is really big. considering where you find these in other places, it's gonna be a really big pack. all right, so some crest deals and oral b deals. five dollars off the oral b cross action, 12 off the crest white strips- big pack of those- and four dollars off the crest complete scope advance active foam toothpaste. as well as that, philips sonicare perfect clean toothbrush, two toothbrush set with extra brush heads, or 119 coming in at 30 off. i would definitely price. compare that over to amazon. that is a really good deal here at costco. i can tell you straight up, i've seen that on amazon. and 10 off the philips sonicare replacement brush head. six pack plot control and or diamond clean as well as prescription glasses- pretty good deal here. buy one pair and get the other one for 40- 40 off, which is really good, definitely check out, like the reading glasses and all the glasses. over there at costco we have skechers, so we have some apparel gear: 19.99 for the short tunic, sleep sleeve, short sleeve shirt and that's going to be a two pack. so that's really really good. it's a really nice soft french terry fabric. and then you have the ladies ultraflex shoes coming in at six dollars off, coming in at 23.99, two of those types, the men and the women's, and then 1499 for the go walk tights and they have that little side stash pocket, which is cute. i love leggings with pockets. 32 degrees ladies sleep pants- two pack: 11.99. the buffalo ladies crew neck pullover 12.99. the champion men's crew next sweatshirt: 14.99. 14 carat gold bracelet with the heart charm is 100 off. and the safe racks- overhead garage storage racks- are 130 off. also, nice rugs over here. the thomasville timeless classic rug collection is 25 to 100 off. great deal on those things and rugs and different decor over there. and then they also have a really good deal on the strivectin. so the superc retinol brightening correct vitamin c serum. you get a two pack for thirty dollars off. and then you get the multi-action r, our eye cream. it's going to be 12 off. and then we have some coffee deals. always when i walk in i always see coffee deals. there's always some sort of k-cup pod but you get the 100 count either the donut shop, the newman zone for se.

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HOW TO SAVE AT COSTCO IN FEBRUARY 2021 !! February COSTCO Coupon Book Preview

hi guys and welcome back to saving with kelly in my channel. i am all about saving: saving you time, energy and, most importantly, money. so if you like saving, then please make sure that you're subscribed so you never miss a deal. in this video i will also put in the description box. i will link to my costco sales cycle. so from 2020 i have a costco sales cycle that i followed. so every month it tells you what to look forward to or what i notiked was on sale. this is their online and in warehouse savings booklet for february: february 3rd through the 28th. so let's see what they've got. all right computers going on sale: the lenovo, the dell, microsoft, surface- and they've got the apple watch. so i don't know if you have an apple watch. could you drop me a comment below and let me know: do you think it's worth the money? i've never invested in the apple watch be, even though a lot of my friends have them- just because i'm so cheap and i worry that i'm not gonna actually use it. but you know, if i feel like it's a good deal, then i'll. and or i mean, i feel like if i'm gonna use it, then it's a good deal. so let me know if you use an apple watch and if you really enjoy it. all right, the samsung galaxy: we've got a galaxy tablet and a scan disk. another laptop, more laptops. okay, kitchen bags: i'm gonna definitely add this to my list because i think that the very best place that you can get a um kitchen bag is from costco, as far as the cheapest price per bag, and getting 330- 330 off is going to make it even lower. so i think cos go garbage bags are usually like 10 cents each, so this would make it even cheaper, i believe. so i'm putting that on my list. ziploc bags: the oxiclean: i really do like oxiclean, although i've been using just my detergent and i don't know, do you guys see a difference in your laundry when you use oxiclean? i haven't really seen a difference, so i'm going to stay from that. but if you do love oxiclean, that's a great price with it being on sale. downy unstoppables: the tide tide pods and the bounce: i like pods because then you're getting a specific amount and you're not over pouring, which i sometimes tend to do when i'm using liquid. but oh gosh, the powder is probably the very best bet, right price point, but i haven't gone there yet. so six dollars off for the powder looks like some gain laundry detergent- the kirkland. now one insider secret i have heard is that kirkland brands and other main brands are basically the same. they're made in the same warehouse. it's just they're either putting the kirkland label on it or another label on it, like tide or clorox or you know whatever it is. so i'd be interested to see if this kirkland laundry detergent has the same like ingredient list as some big brand name. i would assume it probably does all right. action-packed dishwashing soap: okay. so the cade when cascade whenever this is on sale, the gel dishwash dishwasher detergent. i always get that because that is a stok up price for me. i don't think you can get detergent at the grocery store any cheaper. they've got some nylabones, dog chews. i swear cat litter. you can't get a cheaper price at a costco. i've always wanted to try these crest white strips. has anyone tried these? i, just you. i look on amazon and this is the costco has the best price for the amount of strips that you get. um, let's see this one's eight with four, um, oh, plus four treatments. okay. so anyway, i'm gonna put that on my list. i'm gonna see. i'm gonna compare it to amazon. but i believe costco always has the best uh price gillette program, pro glide head and shoulders. now i do feel like with the head and shoulders, with any shampoo or conditioner, you can usually get that pretty low at a like fred myers or walgreens. so i kind of stay away from costco. but if you like the big size, that's a good idea. okay, protein, i feel like protein powder. you cannot get a better cut price than a costco. the organe protein shakes: they've got the dove in the degree deodorant. okay now toothpaste- i feel like you can get for free at a lot of times at well, walgreens. so i don't buy it at costco. but if you like to buy in bulk you could buy that the glide four dollars off. gillette mock turbo: i think that my husband uses those. i'm going to add that to my list and ask him: oh, hockey's diapers? i don't. i mean it's hard to get a better price than diapers at costco. we've got the pads, the moisture, body wash, a water pick. shower head: oh, i've heard that this stainless steel trash bin is really nice. that would be a good one if you needed it. security lights, more security lights- oh, i think i need to pick up some batteries, even though usually the um kirkland ones are cheaper. but i think sometimes duracell can be cheaper than the kirkland when they're on sale. okay, a bidet, a safe. we've got some vanities and appliances. samsung- oh, i don't think you can get better than their laminate flooring. their pricing, it's awesome. okay, and they've got vinyl flooring and luggage. hopefully you can go somewhere and use that kind of luggage. uh, thermoflask, stainless water bottles- again, they always have a great price on water bottles. okay, they've got the dyson. i bought the bigger dyson and i will never go back, even though it was more expensive. i bought it when it was on sale at costco and it is the best vacuum i've ever owned. let's see. okay, i've always wanted one of these self vacuums. does anybody have one of these? tell me if you do, i've never really bought one, but i've always wanted to. all right, a shark vacuum, toothbrush pack, phillips brush heads to go with it, pillows- you always get a. you can get a good price on pillows at costco. and a massage chair, mattresses, sofas, another sofa set, adidas striped tights- costco always has good clothes, don't they? all right, a hoodie and a rain slicker french shorts- oh, my husband likes these. i might ask only ten dollars. i mean for a man's shorts just to lounge around, since we're not really going anywhere much these days. crew neck sweatshirts. joint health supplement for dogs: glucosamine, vitamin c, mature multivitamin, calcium, melatonin- oh, that's nice to have those wipes because, uh, my girls are now using those blue light glasses from having to do school online. ooh, the kirkland signature slope solution. i will definitely be picking that up. i always like to get my contact solution from costco because it's the best price around. moisturize, bayer color, clear allertec, ricola, super c immune complex. that might be good for the winter. salon, more, salonpass, citrocal bounty. vitamin d3: i know that vitamin d is really good for us here in oregon because we don't get very much sunshine in the winter, so that would be a good one. to stok up on. b12- one a day, one a day, 50 plus fish oil, fish oil, magnesium, coq10- oh, my goodness, what is this? ashwangda? don't even know what that is. uh, lotion meal, med, sinus rinse, delsum- that's a good price for delsum for coughing. prilosec, allorflow, krill oil, estroven, claritin, mucinex- lots of, lots of medicines right now, since it's winter time. oh, these energy shots. has anyone ever tried these? i've never tried those kirkland energy shots, turmeric glasses, the hair, skin and nail gummies, the fish oil biflex glossed off. vitamin e is good for you, i know. mega ready's rice align probiotik- okay, getting into some of the food. so let's see, we've got the k-cups. i know that k-cups are the best price you can get. when it comes to costco garden veggie straws, pike place starbucks is the best, isn't it? oh, my girls really like these moths, so i'm going to add that to my list. i was wanting to try these. this that's it. mini fruit bar: sounds, sounds easy for my kids to kind of grab, and sometimes fresh fruit right now in the winter isn't easy to get for a good price at the grocery store. so i just thought this is a great, great alternative. fit crunch bars: we've got the steak strips. boom. chicka pop- oh godiva, masterpieces you can't go wrong with. ooh, chocolate hearts, that'd be great for valentine's day. sun chip variety packs: they've got the trail mix and the bark thins- oh, those are so delicious. the cape cod pot:

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10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Costco in February 2021

these are the 10 things you should be buying from costco in february. welcome back to the channel. i'm the youtube deal guy, matt. granted, that was weird, but i'm clearly just very excited to have you here, and i have some social issues, from furniture to food tik and some other surprises. i'm going to bring you inside my local costco and unveil some products that will hopefully rock your world. today's video is not sponsored by costco and if, for any reason, you're not yet a costco member, i've got an awesome deal on a costco membership, which i will unveil over the course of this video. if you like this content, please give it a thumbs up and if you are subscribed, with your notifications turned on, thank you for making me feel better popularity wise than i ever did in high school or college or my other life. anyhow, let's begin with the first thing you should buy: take and bake. now, if there's anything we learned from the unfortunate lockdown of bakeries and eateries in our communities, folks are obsessed with the whole diy concept of freshly baked bread. the highly coveted take and baked bread that you can find at costco from the essential baking brand is not only a great way to take matters into your own hands, but with baking supplies sometimes impossible to find on local store shelves, this delectable product has a 190 day shelf life, which is actually a result of its packaging, and that means you can score fresh bread on your own terms whenever you want. before i get to more delicious food items. in the number two spot of what you should be buying from costco in february: flowers. and in partikular, if you are looking for roses this valentine's day, there should be no hesitance on your part with regards to stoking up at costco. my wife fully approves because the flowers are a fraction of what you would pay from a national chain like ftd, or 100 flowers where the going cost right now is 90 for 12 roses. obviously it depends if they're long stem and whether they have the vase, but there's just so many markups attached to roses specifically for valentine's day, the costco flowers. they last a long time, they look beautiful and i think there's something very romantik about saving money. in the number three spot of what you should be buying from costco in february: nuggets. and if you don't yet know where this is going, there's a whole virality tied to the nuggets that are now taking social media by storm: the just bear, lightly breaded chicken nuggets which are sold at costco are considered to taste the closest to the chick-fil-a nuggets and, more importantly, from facebook to instagram, tiktok and all the other taste tests you're gonna see all over the place, these are not only a must try for 2021, but i can attest to the fact they certainly taste like the real thing and they are a product you should definitely consider on the food aisle from costco. i'm now going to handle furniture and tik, or a combo of both, before i go back to food, and i will get to that awesome deal on a costco membership in a few moments. let's take a look at this brookstone massage chair at two thousand dollars off, valid until february 22nd, as an incredible find. this kind of those zero gravity chairs that you might see at the consumer electronics show, and to shave this much off of a list price that has actually made my stomach very uncomfortable at this present moment might be something you would want to consider. but some of the other less expensive options, like this serenity 2d zero gravity massage chair 700 back in your pocket, that might be worth considering. or this shiatsu chair massager 110 bucks and another great find at costco in the number five spot of what you should be buying from costco in february a tik product tied to the big game, and no, not actually a television. if you guys have not yet seen these sound bars and subwoofers, the one deal that i want you to keep an eye out for in partikular at costco is eclipse audio subwoofer. now, this is a high performance deep bass system. typically retails for 250. it's down to 169.99, so that's 80 back in your pocket. this is a great pairing for a big screen tv deal, which i will discuss in a few moments as a great purchase from costco. in the number six spot of what you should be buying from costco in february- bacon. i am so excited because the bacon bites at costco actually have something very unique tied to them, which i will get to in a moment. the kirkland bacon crumbles, specifically, are not only 100 real bacon, but you're not going to find the fillers or substitutes tied to many other brands that actually use soy in place of bacon. the kirkland bacon crumbles are now so popular. this month they're actually also being sold on amazon, you'll notike. they're incredibly well rated, but even amazon can't keep them in stok where they keep selling out. so if you are at your local costco, the bacon crumbles are a tremendous grab. i'm going to stik with food for the next topic on my list before we move into storage. tvs, that membership discount and a few other surprises. in the number seven spot: rotisserie meat. but no, not those famous rotisserie chickens. new this year and in larger quantities than before. costco is offering its rotisserie chicken meat and all of that goodness tied to the famous rotisserie chickens that i've discussed in prior videos, without the bones, in larger handy packages, which are great for sandwiches, even a lasagna, a stew or a casserole. this shredded chicken is robust, with all of those flavors you already know, and i can assure you that when my toddler is old enough to attend school, this will be dada's lunch meat of choice. now, from main courses to dessert. in the number eight spot, before i go to a different category, i think we should discuss the brownie brittles, because at this point in the year, a lot of us are focused on our new year's resolutions and eating better or snacking better, and by february. well, if you're looking for something that borders on dessert but doesn't have the same calories as an actual brownie, the brownie brittle at costco could perhaps be classified as a healthier snack that does not taste like cardboard. the brownie brittle is light, it's chocolaty, it's crispy. it replicates a lot of that joy i would get from actually biting down into a brownie. the only difference is one entire serving has a 120 calories. so this is a great alternative, and keep an eye on this because it's not always in stok and the popularity is so high tied to this product. it's now actually also being sold on amazon, where it's in stok at the time that i am uploading this video, but this, as you can see from the ratings, unbelievably popular and not so bad bang for your buck. now, while we are discussing eating better and some of the changes that we may or may not be making in the year 2021, i have promised to my family that this is going to be the year where i definitely go to the gym at least two to three times per season. the vitamin section of costco is a phenomenal area to visit in 2021. just to remind you, the pharmacy and a prescription at costco does not require a costco membership. costco is also serving up all types of coupons tied to their vitamin aisle and the brands they offer, extremely well rated and, as a bonus to this point, actually keep an eye out for coupon books. when i was shopping a couple of weeks ago back in early january, it was handed an organic coupon book. so there are individual coupons that are being handed out to shoppers, as well as some really good digital offerings. in the number 10 spot of what you should be buying from costco in february- storage bins, but in partikular, the pro keepers baker storage set of airtight sealed containers that you can use for cereal, tapioca, for my bubble tea, other baking essential spices and more is an entire six piece set for 29.99. if you shop other retailers, when they quote you a six piece set it's usually three containers and three lids, and one of my pet pees as a consumer advocate is when manufacturers and retailers will actually calculate the l.

Costco Shop With Me / FEBRUARY 2021 DEALS 🤗 and HUGE CLEARANCE

hi everyone, welcome back to the channel. so today we are going inside costco and you know what that means: the new deals for the month of february. so they had this deals running from february 1st- that was yesterday- till 28th of february. so the very first thing i came across at the entrance are these contigo bottles. these are for 13.99 and the glass lock containers for 23.99- 15.99. you get two pack of baking sheets by nordic ware. so all these three items, they are good only till 7th of february. how pretty are these pyrex balls set, seeing for the very first time this design on their bowls and these colorful lids. so you get four bowls of different sizes and they are 15.99. propane tank- always the best price- at costco for 37.99. they are very expensive at the gas stations and even costco does the refill for the propane tank at the cheapest price, for fifty dollars. they have those mini heaters, rachel roy, two pairs of leggings for 12.99 and you have an option to choose two black or a black and gray pack. and these were all the respective prizes for the apple care airpods and airpods pro. sound bar by samsung t50m, and this one was for 219.99 and this deal was good till 28th of february, so i mean it's good till 28th of february. panasonic, the phone: it's a set of three: 54.99. one tb sandisk- this one was for 164.99 and this was on deal till 28th of february. hp, officejet 8022, the printer, and that one is 149.99, just on the regular price. probiotik: these are on the deal price. smartypants: kids formula: my kids did not like the taste of these and they are a little bit expensive than the gummy bear style that they have. these are new, or at least new to me. they are the razor for men by chic, and they are also on the deal price. and similarly by the same brand they have these laser razors for women, and these we have seen before. 13 cartridges, one handle for 22.99. these are 17 cartridges and one handle for 19.99. l'oreal, the revitalift: they have two different ones. i'm not sure what exactly the difference is between the red and blue, but they both were 22.99. pistachios: these are the best. they are salted and there was a deal on this one. they were just 997 for those. truffles. shredder is on deal. this time they are 20 off the regular price. samsung galaxy tab, s6: these all tablets were just at the regular price. i haven't seen them going down on price in quite a long time: lg g8: 499.99 and that was an unlocked cell phone, so i think that's a great price. flare 2: these are the bluetooth speaker. it's a pack of two and they were 149.99. home security- the camera system: they have lots of options at costco. we were looking for some before a few years for our home and we were not able to find any that has like eight or ten cameras and we had to get it from states. but now you can find up to eight cameras at costco. they also have the ring doorbells for 200 and the surface laptop, the go for 1199.99. some more of the sound bars: these are by sony, they are wireless, for 379.99. they also have some by sonos and they are 949.99. they are a little bit on the pricier side as compared to the others, but the sound quality of these are really great and they also have this smaller one from sony for 139.99. some more of the security cameras- so these are six- camera 4k- 499.99 and it says no monthly fees required and you can also get an additional 2 over those for just 200 cameras. these are fujifilm fine picks, xp 140. these are on clearance and they are for just 129.97, while the polaroid ones are just 99.97- great price for polaroid cameras. always make sure to check out their jewelry section too. they have quite a good collection. for the yellow gold they just have the 14 carat, so they don't have the 22 carat or 24 karat ones. but at least they are reasonably priced and the quality is great and the selection varies from stores to stores. they also have the sterling silver option and they also have the pearl options. i've got many of my necklaces from costco and i really love the quality. now, coming over to the clothing section, these are new by buffalo david button and these are just a cozy sweater. they are marked down to 13.99, so four dollars off the regular price. and my favorite sweaters are also five dollar off the regular price. i just got one before two weeks at the regular price of 19.99 and now they are 14.99, so i'll try to get one in each color. i got purple one before two weeks. hunter boots: they had very limited um stok for these and they are 18: 99.. these fila shoes were like forever on the deal price but now they are back to the regular price of 37.99. the hairy fashion cardigan for 16.99 and you have small to extra, extra larger size option and black, gray and the beige color to choose from. these are just the kirkland jackets for 29.99. black and green color option- and how beautiful is this color. i absolutely love mustard yellow. so these are new. they are 18.99. they have the yellow, blue, maroon and black color option. the blue looks more like royal blue, but it is a different shade of blue. just on camera it seems. royal blue filler t-shirts for women: four different style, 13.99. these dresses are on clearance for 9.97 and for 19.99. they have these jackets by mondeta. they only had the size a: medium and large kids. puma jogger. i need to get some for my daughters. they are 12.99 and they have three different color options. they have the gray, the purple and black. they had very few left in gray color. they had lots and purples. i think that's not a lot of popular color, so the purple, and then they have the black. on purple they have the wordings in white and on the black they have the weddings on pink. i think that's a great price for 12.99. pickle pajama set: two pack for 13.99. so they are four dollars off the regular price. so this is the time i usually tend to stok up on the pjs for my kids, so they have the boys option. two different prints, so they have the dinosaur one, so you get one short sleeve and short pant and one long sleeve and full pant option, and then they had this camo print with the surfboards and then for the girls they had an option of the pink and blue with the flamingo and the floaties and then they had the ice cream option and they are all hundred percent cotton. similarly they also had four piece pg set by kirkland. at costco sometimes there is a hidden markdown that you need to be sure of. lots of clearance in the toys section still from this christmas toys. so the nerf gun, they just had like one box left for 14.99. this is new disney junior mickey and mini track set. that one was for 39.99. for the mickey you have the firehouse track set and for the mini it's an ice cream shop mario kart- again, this is mark down on clearance price: 49.97 and this one was the best find or best deal at costco for me at this trip. so these lol 4 in 1 glamper 49.97. these retail at 149.97 at walmart canada and amazon canada and these are heavily marked down to just 49.97. so like almost hundred dollars of savings these has been out for quite some time: the meal prep set. they are all the same size. you get five in a pack and they are for 23.99. these are new: the vacuum insulated water bottles, and they are for 17.99. and they have the beautiful bright neon colors and the reflections mirror for 28.99. i'll just do a scan through in this section because i know many of you love to go through the kitchen section of the kitchen utensils, kitchen gadgets, and they have lots of different options, lots of different brands. they have the kirkland brand too and they have amazing prize on these. cooking set: french oven is for 300. stok pot is 46.99. defile: the skillets are 29.99 for a pack of three. i absolutely love the color of these henkels, the pan or the skillet. these are dutch ovens. you get two in a pack. they are 76.99, two different color options and they are cast iron and they both are different size. these are all on clearance: 1497, 26.99 for the pizza tray, 897 and 1297 for this mini treat pan set by wilton, so great to make donuts. two-tier serving tray- 18.99. i'm waiting for this one to.

Costco Shopping Vlog February 2022* Virtual Shopping Walkthrough

hey everybody, welcome back to shawnee shopping saga. so i just walked into costco's and they have this pathfinder's brother speaker for 100.. what is this? owlette led lamp? that's 35.. look at these floor rugs, the half round scraper mat- these are ten dollars. those are 10.. the cuisinart is 47.99 and the cuisinart die-cast food processor was 159.. okay, and i have another cuisinart. this is 30.. blender with storage bags. i've been saying this massage gun everywhere. so they have this massage gun. sharper image power, percussion- that's 64.99. 119 sonic hair. but then, right over here, look at how cute they always have the tote bags, the laundry totes, those are 15.. c and san california: 15.. and the misca 2 and 1 tiered lazy susan, that's 30.. look at these. i was, i think, look how cute all the time looking at something else. we're showing y'all something else but this. these are 32.99. these things are huge. i have that pretty one. they're pretty. hello kitties, it's like a little donut. [Music]. oh, this is pretty. um, 35 premium floral arrangements and these are 20.. these are really pretty. there's a little heart and then this one has that little heart. i think they only have those two. yeah, oh, they have some more flowers over here and these and some burgundy jars. these are 60.. oh, that's really pretty. they have them in the pink and red deluxe base arrangement: 60 little sign says love. can you see the little love in there? and they did have these that i was just walking past. these are 17. these different bouquets [Music] and keep working our way through the front. so these are 25. they're having them in the black, purple or the red jar. these are 20.. right over here they have some furniture: 8.99. this one is 1 000.. this one is 2599. let's see, just have that in the box. and then this recliner is 650.. [Music]. this sofa set is 13.99 and a black and fireplace 600.. this is 4.89. sorry, my arm is in the way. this is pretty. 529 for this cabinet. did i tell you guys we were in costco? yeah, we're in costco's. this desk is tuna. this tv stand is 219.. harlow 56 inch three in one tv stand and they have these. notike light is 100 by asia floor lamp and these are 35.. the lamps are 100.. this sofa set is 1500.. and this table set is one thousand. oh, look, they have a bookshelf that's even cheaper than amazon. this table set is one thousand. this bookshelf is for the shelf: it's 139. this one is 124. they have a like sideways but it's kind of like that. these rugs are 50.. and these frogs are: what does it say? five by three, by seven. and this one, five, three by seven, point five. these are 150. and they have all these little floor mat outdoor runners- these are 20.. they have a lot more of them. the rugs right over there, early home fashion woven texture pillow: 697, i think these are 20. so they have those different styles down there. faux fur body pillow, the full fur body pillow- i'm trying to find the price. okay, i think these are 20.. oh, they always have the cutest little like sets and stuff. so it's jojo, minnie mouse, star wars, spider-man- cute little sets. minnie mouse, star wars, spider-man. look at those. the slumber bags: these are 18.99. and the, these are 18.99. these are 20.. these are 18.99. i have the cute little jojo siwa eco soft blanket. i see teal, purple, blue and gray. these are 22.99. heated throw: oh, that's neat to have it in this print. this one, this one. this is perfect. i need something like this. i'm always cold. these are 30.. charisma sheets: 15.99. calvin klein sheets: these are 60.. some more blankets: these are 25. three-piece comforter sets: 70.. i see that blue, gray and a white. winter proof men's jackets- these are 20.. that green and blue. i have some of the hurley and feli bottom pants: 20.. cute patio set: 669 hoodie. and jogger said, oh, these are nice for ten dollars. little girls- hello, two little girls- easter dresses- these are 18.. blue, so i have that yellow. the prep works pro keeper. six piece baker storage set- these are 23.99. certified bowl sets: 8.99. over back celebrations, three police three-piece platter: 13.99. oh, look at this pretty patio set that's hitting opposite of it: 2399.. what does it say? ceramic modern design with generous handles. helps protect oil from light, to preserve taste. dishwasher safe- okay, these are 15.99. then they have the kitchenaid: stainless steel drying rack: 30.. this knife set is 129.. i've been thinking about getting an air fryer. this one is 50. seven quart airfryer. garnina, the cuisinart toaster- sporty, oh, that's pretty. reflections design led tiknology [Music], that is 30.. phil loves the multi-groomer trimmer- that's 40.. 159 cuisinart digital toaster oven with airfry settings- this one is serla table, 100 air fryer. and then the foodie ninja is 119.. shark navigator: lift away upright vacuum: 199.. lg core zero: this is 339. cordless stik vacuum. and then they have the. this one, bagless for weeks. shark robots: so empty that one is 319 and this one is 219.. and i have one more here for 80.. total clean deluxe 5 in one. uv air purifier: this is 139. i have a monitor for 250 by ultra gear, and then the wireless keypad is 44.99. washer and dryer: these are both front load- 1129. that's nice. all the samsung appliances: this is three hundred three thousand three hundred ninety nine. one thousand one hundred ninety nine and two thousand eight hundred ninety nine. for the stove and the microwave is six nineteen. what is that? that's a dishwasher. this one is a dishwasher stove. and then the refrigerator: oh, look at that fancy under freezer ice maker. i got bookmarks- google, facebook, twitter. they always have the prettiest jewelry. i'm not even going to kill myself and try to go through this because they have a huge glare on it, but i am going to close the vlog out here. thank you guys so much for clicking on this video shopping with me at costco. hope you enjoyed what we looked at on this. browse through and i'll see you guys in the next shopping trip. five thousand, it says platinum. round diamond is pretty. it says diamond color clarity guarantee.