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countdown timer shopify

Published on: January 5 2023 by pipiads

How To Add Countdown Timer To Your Shopify Store Without The App - 2022 Free

bonjour, bonjour, we are back. all right, how to create a countdown timer on your shopify store to create some urgency, just like this. right here, let's go to the steps. pretty easy, so follow me. step number one is you're gonna go to your online store right here. once you are on there, make sure to- number two, duplicate the theme you want to be working on. so there we go, let's duplicate this, and we're gonna be working on the duplicate. that way, if i make a mistake in the code, i don't mess up my original code. i can just remove the duplicate and start from zero. if you work on your live theme and you make a mistake, you're screwed. you have to call me. so make sure you work on a duplicate, because if you call me, it's going to be expensive. um, all right, once the duplicate is created, right here, you're going to click actions and then you're going to say: we're going to edit the code. so welcome to the theme editor. after that, we're going to go to snippets- all the way down here, right there, and we're going to say: add a new snippet. i'm going to name my new snippet: countdown timer. right there, i copy pasted it. there you go: countdown dash timer. write it exactly like that. don't change it, don't put a space at the end, don't put a, a capital, c or anything, just exactly like this countdown timer, and you create the snippet. so we're gonna be pasting some code right here, we're gonna do command v and there we go, and so you're going to be pasting this entire block of code. now you don't have to pause the video. i'm going to tell you exactly where you can get this code after, at the end of the video, so you don't have to like rewrite it. i'm going to show you exactly where you can get, but in the meantime can kind of put it wherever we want to on our website. so this is where we come to the fork in the road, because you have two options. either you say, hey, i'm just going to put this on all of my product pages, that's it, that's all. or you say, hey, i just want to add this on specific product pages, not on all of my product pages. so first i'm going to address the one where it's on all the product pages. for that it's pretty simple. you're going to go to the sections right here and you're going to be looking for product dash template. um, right here, boom. all right, so this is your product page template. this is the code of your product page, and so now you decide where you want that countdown timer to appear and it's kind of up to you. so i'm going to give you another piece of code that you can kind of paste wherever you want. to a certain extent you're going to have to a b test it a bit if you're not familiar with code. but let's say, i want it under the button. so let's do command f btn. it's gonna look for the button here. this is a button thumbnail slider. do we have another button? um, maybe, if we look for the ads here, we go type submits name: ads. this is the add to cart button right here. that's the entire code for the art add to cart button. so i'm going to put it right. i don't know the payments section. actually let me put it here. command paste includes the countdown timer. now i want to change the date here, let's say 2022, and then i even want to do a little bit of commenting. countdown timer code starts like that: whenever you see something gray, it is just commented: is not actual code. that way, when another dev walks in here, they understand what this is up and we do some spacing. spacings don't matter in code, so you can put as many spaces as you want. there you go and we can save that. so now we're going to have our countdown timer on all the templates. don't believe me. let's take a look. we do actions, we do preview. again, this is not your live version because we're working on a duplicate special offer. ends in 471 days, 7 hours and 19 minutes. okay, cool. but what if i don't want it on all of the products? no problem, just follow me along here. first we'll remove uh it from the product template. so we go to sections. my computer is having a hard time here. there we go, it is still open. on the product template we find the countdown timer timer. no, that's not what i want. command f timer here and i remove all of this. i save it. okay, so now it is removed from all of the product pages and so let's just add it to one specific product page. so we're going to be adding a new section right here. click add a new section. how are we going to call it? we're going to call it product dash. template dash counts down. no caps, no spaces in the back, pretty clear. create the section. there we go. we have a new section, some code that was pre-generated for us. we're going to remove all of this code because we don't need it, and then we're going to go back to product templates. so the product template section right here- or in my case the tab was still open- i'm going to command a on mac to select everything, or ctrl, a, i believe, on windows, and then i'm going to copy all of this code. copy and i'm going to put it in our new section that we have just created. so paste. all right. so basically what we did is we already had a product template that was everywhere, the regular product template that you use. now we duplicated that product template and we're going to add the timer code in the second product template and that way, when you create a new product, you can choose which template. should it be the product with without a timer, which is the old template, or the new template with a timer? show you how to do that, but first in our new product template. well, we got to put our timer, so add that little timer snippet that we had earlier. uh button. this is our add to cart button right here. so i think i put it here last time, let's put it back again at the end of the video. i will tell you where to find all the code. just a moment, please. and then we comments: uh, start timer. there you go that way again. if another dev walks in here, they know what they're looking at. make it a little bit prettier. there we go, and then the end date of the timer again, let's do, uh, november 26th, because that's my birthday, 2025.. there you go, save great, and there's just one little thing left to do. well, two little things left to do. in case you want it on just specific products, is we got to add a new template as well, right here? so, add a new template. we're going to choose a product template. right here. we're going to do a liquid type, and so we have to name it. obviously we're going to name it product dash countdown template. we're going to create that template. it was successfully created. and then we need to find one partikular line in here. so we do command f on a mac, control f on a windows, and we paste that specific line sections product template. right here, it's highlighted. in my case it's line number five, but it could be completely different for you. i just need that specific line and we exchange it by the referring to the new template that we just built right here. so there we go, save. alright, so now everything's working. but, um, you have to put your store online live to see this version. so we go, uh, publish. try to do it when you're not too busy, not at a, not on black friday, that's what i'm getting at. so, okay, our version is live. now we go to products and then we can assign different products. the black letter back, for example. we're going to give the black letter bag a countdown. we go to templates right here: product countdown template. we save it and we preview it and you're going to see, only the black leather bag will have the countdown timer. but if i go to another product, like you see here, but if i go to another product, you will not have the countdown timer. let's look at the yellow wool jumper: no countdown timer and no count that time. so i hope that makes sense. if you follow the link down below, you'll be on the ecom expert's blog. there you have all of the codes that i just copy and pasted. you can just follow there again. so it's going to be really easy for you. everything is pretty straightforward at this point. have fun with your new countdown timers and see you in the next video. ciao.

How to Add BLACK FRIDAY Discounts & Countdown Timer to Your Shopify Store

Black Friday is coming and in today's video, I'm going to show you how to massively speed up your discounting process by showing you how to quickly create and apply discounts to certain products, collections or your entire Shopify store. I'm also going to show you how to add this countdown timer. this will add a sense of urgency and move your visitors towards a purchase. before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products, Drop Shipping, Shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. the app I'm using to complete this is bold discounts: the sale app. click add app, install app. and then we get here. this app has a 14 day free trial. if you don't want to be charged for it, just cancel before your trial ends. so if you want to use this for Black Friday free of charge, I would suggest saving this video and then wait and get this set up a few days prior to when your sale starts. when you're ready to begin your free trial, click approve. now we get here. in order to get this set up, we have two options. we can do it ourselves, which requires inserting pieces of code into our theme files, or we can hire someone from the Bold discount support team to do it for us. this cost about twenty dollars. I'm gonna save you the twenty dollars and walk you through everything step by step so that you can do it yourself. but if you absolutely do not want to mess around with the coding yourself, the option is there to hire them. alright, let's get started. the first thing we're going to do is install the sales clock. now one quick note before we jump in. the directions I'm following and demonstrating are for Shopify 2.0 themes. so any of shopify's free themes are paid that have 2.0 capabilities. if you have a vintage theme, the instructions would be different for you. you can follow their vintage theme instructions instead. the very first step, and the most crucial one, is to duplicate your theme. this way, if you make a mistake, you can always revert back to your old theme. to do this, click the three dots under your theme, then click duplicate. by the way, this Black Friday theme is an upcoming video. I'm going to show you guys how to recreate this exact design using shopify's free theme ride. so keep an eye out for that video soon. once your theme has been duplicated, it should say copy of before the title under that theme, click the three dots and click edit code. the instructions say to look under Snippets for a file named this. if you don't have it, click add new snippet. for the file name. type the following text: then click done. then you're going to copy this section of code. I'll put the link in our description box to this page where you can copy these codes yourself. then what you want to do is paste it in the snippet you just created and click save. next look under sections and find Main productliquid. then you're going to copy this line of code again. the link to this page is in the description box and then you'll go back to your file and scroll down to line 334.. the number might be different depending on which theme you're using, but you're looking for this piece of code. then what you want to do is paste the piece of code you just copied directly underneath it, then click save. that's all the code for the sales clock. now we're going to do the code for the sales icon. look under Snippets for this file name. if you don't see it, click add new snippet. name your snippet this and click done. copy this piece of code and paste it into the snippet you just created. then click save. now click add new snippet again and name this one this. then copy this piece of code, paste it and click save. open mainproductliquid. you should still have this file open, but if you don't, you can find it under sections. then what you want to do is find this piece of code- if you're using the ride theme, it's on line 800- and then paste the code directly below it and click save. next, what you want to do is find this file name under sections, find this piece of code- it's on line 109 for me- then copy this piece of code, paste it right underneath and click save. next, look under Snippets and find card productliquid. find this piece of code- for me- it's on line 52- then copy this piece of code, paste it directly underneath and click save. this is the last part, you guys. open the Bold discount app, click dismiss helper and click accept and continue. then click on sales icon, scroll down near the bottom of the page. then copy this piece of code, paste it here, and then this piece of code and paste it here. then click save. congratulations, you guys. that was the hardest part. now we get to move on to the fun part of customizing how we want it to look. from the same sales icon, you can select whichever sales badge you want. now, just a heads up. if you select one and go to your store to view it, it won't show up yet because it only works on discounts created through this app. so if you have products on sale that you discounted through Shopify, the badge won't show. we first have to create a discount through the app, which I'll show you shortly. if you click the sales clock tab, you can choose how you want your text to appear. if you scroll down further, you can adjust the appearance of the countdown. a lot of the options can be selected here, such as your font color or border color, but I wanted to add some changes that weren't options, so I added my own custom coding. I changed my text to uppercase, changed my border from a solid line to a dashed line and made my font bold. so if you want yours to look like mine, copy my settings. now just a heads up. if you view your theme and your changes aren't showing, try clearing your browser. catch, I had this issue myself where I would change the colors and I'd refresh over and over again and it wouldn't update my changes. but once I started clearing my catch, my changes showed. now it's time to create our Black Friday discounts. click current discounts and click this link to create your first discount. for the discount name, I'd suggest naming it something obvious like 25 off. this way, when you create multiple discounts, you can know which discounts are which at a glance, then enter your discount percentage, which in this case is 25. you can also do dollar amounts, if you prefer, instead of percentages. then click select products so we can choose which products to apply it to. with this app, you can apply the discount to entire collections, product types, vendors, even your entire store, or you can select products manually, like I'm doing. next, we want to click enable date range. this is going to allow us to set our discount to start the minute Black Friday starts on November 25th and end just before the clock strikes for the next day. this is based on a 24 hour clock. they've written examples at the bottom here and tell you exactly what to type for a sale that goes from Midnight to midnight. once you are done, scroll down to the bottom and click create. our first discount is complete. now let's set up one more. this one is going to be a 50 off discount. enter 50 here, click select products, and this time I'm going to apply the discount to all the products in the toys and games collection. click search, then select all results, then I'm going to enable date range and set this up for Black Friday. once you are done, scroll down and click create. you don't need to turn the discounts on for this to work. in fact, if you do make the offers active, it will make those discounts active immediately. so leave that to the app. they will activate the discount as soon as Black Friday starts. it will automatikally activate when the start date and time you set happens. and here's the finished product. remember to keep an eye out for our next video, where we will show you how to create this Black Friday theme using shopify's free themed ride. if you like this video, do me a favor and give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment down below, and, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time sensitive content such as win.

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How To Create A Sale Countdown Timer Bar in Shopify Without Apps (2021)

in this video we're going to create an announcement bar with a countdown timer without installing or using shopify apps. stay tuned for that. we start this video. i just want to announce that i have already published my course, shopify theme development. so if you're interested to learn how to create shopify themes or if you're interested to learn about shopify liquid programming, then you can enroll to my course and use the coupon code countdown to get 50 off of your purchase. if you're interested, you can check the link in the description below and enroll to my course. all right, so let's just go back to the video. so in this video we're going to use the library called countdownjs, created by fiona chan. i'll put the link of this repo in the video description below so you can open that. and then we're going to use the countdownjs. so first of all let's just open this and just click the raw, and then here we can just copy all of the code. so just press ctrl a and then copy, and then let's open our store. let me just close my dashboard, honestly, we don't need that- and then let's open the online store page and we should have the theme section and then click edit code. but before we do that. make sure that you have your your theme backed up. so here i have my copy of debut. this is my previous theme that i used, but i backed up it, so make sure that you have your your theme backed up. so all right. so let's just click actions and select edit code and let's just go down here a little bit and select the assets folder and here we have the add a new asset. click that and select create a new blank file and we'll call it countdown. and then, instead of css, select js, click add asset, and let's open that countdownjs file and here you can just paste the code that we copied from the um countjs raw file. all right, so let's just hit save, all right. so the next thing we're going to do is to use this file. so let's open the themeliquid and here in our head tag, look for the head tag and just look for the closing head tag- she should be right over here. so closing head tag, and we have here the faqcss that we created in the in the previous lesson or the previous video. let's just add another asset- url should be an object- and let's reference the countdown dot js and let's use the filter called asset, underscore url and after that, after the asset url filter, we'll pass the url to script tag. all right, so let's just hit save. there we go. the next thing we're going to do is just to create the section. so let's just open the sections folder, click the add a new section and then let's just call it countdown, hyphen bar, click rate section. and in this file we can just get rid of the javascript and then the style sheet tag. we don't need that. instead we're going to create script tag, script. make sure that you close that, and we're going to use that later on. but for now let's just change the name of schema to count down bar. and then for the setting, the first thing we're going to create is for the- uh, it's a checkbox. so basically, if you want to disable the announcement bar or the countdown bar, you can do that by creating a setting for that. so here let's just create a new setting. so first we need to set its type, to check box, and then next is the id: we need to set it to enable underscore countdown, i guess. and then underneath of this, we can just set its default value to false. and then last is the label: we can just set it to enable countdown bar. and if we save this and if we go back to themeliquid and here inside of our body tag, we can just use the section tag. so let's just create a tag, so opening close curly braces and then inside of this a set of percentage symbols and then between this we're going to type section and single quotation mark and instead of the set of single quotation marks we're going to type announcement, not an ultimate countdown hyphen bar. so basically, this is the name of the section that we created. let's just hit save. and if we open our customizer, honestly, let's just open the online store once again and we can just click the customize button and here we should have the following condom bar: section settings. so let's just click that and here we can enable or disable the countdown bar. so let's just check this, hit save, we can just go back to the editor and here we can finally start working on our countdown bar liquid. so first let's just check if the enable countdown is true or false. so let's just create an ef tag, make sure that you type if and then the condition is if: section dot settings dot enable, underscore countdown. so enable countdown is the variable id that you created here in your settings so section- this is the section settings, the settings object, and then enable countdown. that is the id that you created for your setting, all right? so if this is true, don't forget the ndf here. so basically, you're starting the if condition and then you must end that using the ndf tag. inside of this if condition we can just create these sections, so we can just type section, we can just give it a class of countdown, fan bar, hyphen container, and then we can just close this section and then inside of this section, we can start creating the um, the template for our countdown bar. so first we need to create a div and we can just give it a class of countdown and we can also give it an id- this is important- of countdown. and then the next attribute that we're going to apply to our div is the data date. this is also important. let's just give it an empty string for an hour, empty value. and then next is the data time. so if we go back to the um, to the repo or the library, so here, as you can see in the html must-haves, it's asking for data date attribute, or data date attribute and data time attribute. so let's just apply that. let's go back to the editor and then here we have the data data date attribute and then next is the data time. so let's just give it a value of zero, zero, column zero, zero. and for the data date, for now we can just give it a value of, say, for example, what day is it today? it's already um, almost march, so we can just give it a date of i don't know, like two, and then hyphen three, hyphen 20, 21. so that's the format for the data date attribute. if we go back to the repo or the library, as you can see, the format is dd. hyphen mm: supposed to be dash, dash, yyyy, so full year, all right, so let's just go back to the customizer in that customizer editor. i apologize, let's just continue with this div. so let's just close this, and then, instead of this div, we can just start creating this pen for each um, for each time. so first is the hour or, i think, the date, so let's just open this again. so day, hour and then minutes and then seconds. so first is the day, so div class day, close that next stop. we can just copy this four times: second is hour, third is min, four minutes, and the last is sec four seconds. and then instead of this div, we need to create two spans. so first is the um span for the num and then the second is for the label for, like, say, for example, day, so this number is for day, and then the second is for hour, minutes and so on. so inside of this div let's just create that first is the span, let's just give it a class of num, let's just close that. let's copy this element, duplicate that and instead of num, change it to word and next up let's just do the same thing for the rest. let's copy the span and then paste that inside of the div class hour, do the same thing for the div class min and for the seconds as well. let's just save this and there we go. i think we're almost done. the last thing that we're going to set up is our script. so we need to enable or initiate the countdown. so here in the script tag we can just create a variable and we can just call it countdown, and then we need to use the countdown functions or countdown class, and then inside of this we need to apply a set of options. let's just end this with semicolon. first is the element. so we have here the countdown id. so target and set it to countdown id. make sure that you have the number sign symbol next,

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How To Add Countdown Timer To Shopify 2020

welcome everybody. my name is Marcus stone and in this video you will learn simple way how we can add countdown timer for your Shopify website. so let's start first. what you want to do is just scroll down below to the description and click on the link. when you will have it, you will get on the site called L side. L side is amazing company with a lot of widgets and one of the riches they made is a countdown timer. let's click sign up for free. now you want to sign with an email password or Gmail, Facebook, and when you will have it, let's click login now. in applications you want to write countdown and just click countdown timer. creativity: now you have options. which one you want to actually use like. I'm going to choose this one here, but you can like honestly choose whatever you want. continue with the template. now you can choose the type: remaining time counter- start to finish- and really choose start time and time and just really choose our remaining minutes and we can go like with that five minutes after the visitor comes. okay, we can also like position: install the required position statik -, banner, etc. you can really play around it. you can also like get rid of the button. then you can like style. I will leave this one here, but you can like choose which one you like and I'll just click Save after you do it. you need to choose a plan. if you're just starting out, you can start with a lite version, but if you have already like 50 thousand, five thousand views, go with the pro or basic version. they just my recommendation. now let's copy the code here and let's just add section custom content. let's click Add. okay, now let's do this one here, let's delete this one here and let's add content, custom HTML- and let's paste the code here and, as you can see, 100% perfect. we got like a really good, really good countdown timer in Shopify also. what I recommend, guys, is check all the other applications if you like it, if you like, like Google Maps testimonial slide or Twitter feed, like a lot of stuff, Amazon reviews that you can use and let's see. so, thank you, have a great day and if you have any questions, ask me down below in the comments. are really happy to help you and if you enjoy this video, don't forget to like it. thank you, see ya, and good bye.

How to Add a Countdown Timer in Shopify

hello everyone, welcome to educate ecommerce. in today's video i will show you how to add countdown timer in your shopify. countdown timer is a very good feature. this build urgency in customers to check out faster. so today i will show you how to add this in your shopify. so first go to your dashboard in here, click on apps and then go to view more apps in this collection. so it will redirect you to the app store. click on search and search for product countdown. so in here you can see many apps. for me, i use urgency bear countdown timer- right, so click on here and it's a free app. click on add app now here you can click on install and it will install it to your store. so now you can see urgency bear countdown timer in here. first you have to install the app, which we already did, and then, second, when this page pop-up to enable this countdown timer, you can see there's option called enable here, right, so click on enable- enable this. the countdown value is enabled right now, so you can see it will look like this. the countdown will look like this. you can also customize this by. you can see if you scroll down on the left hand side, you can see countdown timer. you can click on here to show this, right. you can also change the text here. like you can see: hurry the sales ends in. you can add this and you can also change the text color here. i can change any color here and you can also change the font size in here. i can make it little bigger and you can see a show countdown option- tik that. and you can also add the countdown starter time. you can add like two days maybe. if you scroll down, you can see this box, right, we can change its color. the timer works. you can change it to. you can change the digit color and you can also change the style, right, yeah, there are four options. you can change this style in here and you can change the font font in here. below that, you can align this timer. also. below that, you can see when the timer reaches zero, zero, zero, uh, what will happen next? so you can do nothing. this option will do nothing. or you can restart the timer or you can hide it right straight away. you can hide that. and if you scroll down, you can see the inventory countdown: the only 12 left in stok. you can edit this also. so text before stok number, what all you can add. you can edit that in here and below that you can add the store, custom stok or real stok, or you can add the random stok in here- right, you can edit that in here also. you can also click on here and hide the last stok if you want, and also text after the stok. you can change this also. and you can change the color- the same thing color and the stroke number, color phone. and you can change the counter style- this one, right, you can change this to like this or this. you can also change this color too. if you go below that, you can see advanced settings in here. you can add this countdown timer to maybe all products or you can add to specific product. just click in here any product, like yeah, i will save this, or maybe you can add to a specific collection. so for for now i will just go with all product page and you can this both show on mobile or you can do it on desktop. so in the content placement you can show your countdown on the product page. for that to just click and save it here, i'll show if i click save and go to my store and click on any product and you can see my countdown timer here. right? so let's say, if i want my countdown timer below my description, if i want this in below my description, go to the counter and placement here and you can see a code in here: div class ultimate countdown. just copy this and you can see a template file here. i will open this in a new tab in here, scroll down and in the section area i will close all this. so in the section area, if you go down, you can see product template: liquid. so in here, find the product description code for me. it's here. you can see product single description: rt. this is this will be my description of the product. so i want my countdown timer below this description, so i will go down and in here you can see div. just enter and paste that and click on save. if i go to my product and reload this countdown timer under my description, you can remove this by just clicking here and uncheck this and save and go to your store and reload. now you can see it has been removed and only you can see this below the description. so yeah, guys, that's it for today's video. i hope you like this video. please do subscribe and share our videos to reach more audience. if you like our content, please like the videos. if you have any, any issues or any topic you want to discuss, just let me know in the comments. so yeah, guys, that's it for today's video. i will see you guys in the next video. bye.

How To Add Countdown Timer To Your Shopify Store | Simple Tutorial (2022)

how to add a countdown timer to your shopify store. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in today's video, i'm going to tell you how you can add a countdown timer to your shopify store. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. so, first things first. as you can see, i'm over here into my shopify store and you're gonna need to sign in as well, and we're gonna straight ahead, jump into the online store over here. as you can see, i'm over here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and straight up jump into it. so what we're going to do is we're going to go into action- all right, this is the theme. we're using the dawn theme- and we're going to go into action and we're going to go ahead and click on edit code and it's going to go ahead and open up the code section over here, and once we open up, this is how it looks like. so, as you can see, uh, i've opened up a bunch of different codes. let me just close this up. so, as you can see, this is how it looks like over here. we have a bunch of different options. we have layout, we have templates, we have sections, we have snippets over here. what we're going to do is we're going to close up all of this so that we have everything in front of us. what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and into the snippet section over here and we're going to create a new snippet. now, what is a snippet? so, as you can see the names over here, we have artikle, we have collection notifications. these are basically like actions, for example, notifications or stuff like that. like over here on the website, like as you can see, as i hover around, the images changes and there's an animation over here. that's what it basically is. so what we're going to do is we're going to create a new snippet. so i accidentally closed the window. let me just open it up again. okay, so it's loaded up again. all right, we're good to go. so now what we're going to do is we're going to create a new snippet and we're going to name it like this: all right, i'm going to click over here. we're going to call it countdown timer and what you're going to do is you're going to write it exactly the same: no capitalization of any letters, no space over here anywhere. we're just going to add this slash over here, that's it and we're gonna click on create a snippet, and that what that's gonna do is it's gonna create a snippet now. what we're gonna do is: now we're gonna put in some codes that it actually works. so, over here, i have that code, here we go. so over here, this is the code, and, uh, don't worry, you won't have to like pause this video or copy everything or type it yourself. i'm gonna tell you where you can find it at the end of the video. so be sure to stik around until the very end. we're going to tell you where you can get this code. so, once it's done, what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and click on save and the snippet is going to be saved and it's going to be done. we're going to find it over here, as you can see: countdown timerliquid. this is the timer. it's been created. now what we're going to do is we're going to place it over here into different products, right? so now that we've done this, now we're going to move over to the second part. what we're now going to do is, since we've created the snippet, now we're going to actually implement the snippet. what we're going to do is we're going to go over to templates or no. actually, we're going to go over to sections over here. what we're going to do is we're going to find the product template over here. let me just find it, let me know. p page: product recommendations- main product template. i think it should be over here. here we go. main product is this, it, i don't know all right, so for some reason i can't find it. so, um, i think maybe it's deleted, so let me just try to get it back and i will catch you guys in a little bit. okay, so i forgot that i'm using the web 2.0, so for that i have to go into the main product. right, we don't have product template. but if you have the product template, the process is going to be the same. okay, so there's two ways to add the counter. either you put that counter on every product or you put the countdown timer on a specific product. so what we're going to do is first i'm going to show you how you can do it on all the products and then we're going to show you how you can do it on specific products. so for now, i'm going to put another piece of code over here underneath the payment button over here, as you can see, and what we're going to do is, over here, this was the button, the buy button, and then over here, this is the payment button, over here, and the timer is going to be over here underneath this one. so for this one, i have another piece of code, and this is very important. you have to have created the snippet beforehand. so this is the call, right as you can see, this is the code, right? i'm just gonna- oh, sorry about that- just gonna add it over here, some spaces to make it look more pretty. you can add as much space as you want within the codes, it doesn't matter. and over here, this is the countdown timer. all right, this is the snippet, as i said before, the countdown timer. make sure that the spelling of the snippet and the one over here is written the exact same. don't want to, you know, get it confused, okay? so, once this is done, what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and click on save and now, hopefully, when we go into the website to view our products, it's going to be there, so i'm just going to go ahead and show you. so if i click on these products, then, as you can see, the timer is over here. now, since the date is off, what we can do is, once we have added the snippet over here- the countdown timer- what we can do is we can change the date as well. so let me just go ahead and do it: 2022 and today is march 9th, so we can say, like it's the day it'll end on march 31st. all right, so if i click on save and if it has been saved, let me just go ahead and refresh it, and here we go. so, as you can see, now we have the special offer and it's changed to this date. it will end in 21 days. now, another thing that we can do is we can view other products to see if it is available over there as well. so, as you can see, it's available on every item. so this is how you basically do it on every item. now, what if you wanted to, you know, add it on specific products. so for that, what we're going to do is we're going to remove this template, the timer. as you can see, if we remove it, we're going to save it. right. as you can see, it's saved. let me see if it works on the website. yeah, it's completely gone. now, what we can do is we need to go ahead and create a new section. so for that we need to click on add a new section. and what should we call it? we'll call it product countdown template. remember, guys, keep the names similar. you can name it whatever you want, just make sure that you remember the name and you don't add any species or capitalize any words or whatsoever. so after we create this section- all right, this is how it looks- we're gonna remove all of this code. what we're gonna do is we're gonna go back into the main product, right, we're gonna go ahead and copy all of this, we're gonna paste it over here, we're gonna click on save, as you can see it's saved, and now we're gonna go ahead and add that snippet that we created earlier and we're gonna paste it in here. that way, we can have two product templates the same. so payments- yeah, okay, this is the payment. uh, where is it? okay, over here. so i'm gonna paste that code over here as well, and once we're over here, just simply paste it. and there you go, as you can see it's pasted. so now let me just go ahead and add like a comment over here, so that if we ever need to come back, we can remember it. we'll just say start timer and we'll just copy this one, as you can see. um, no, actually, let me just go ahead and remove that. it doesn't matter, but we'll just find it anyway. so yeah, this is how it looks like right now. what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and save right now. one more thing that we need to do is we need to create a new template, so we