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county market ads champaign il

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Hi, I'm Brian Tucker and I created this video to help corporate executives and business owners find answers to their questions about creating a winning market strategy. Many people search online for quick solutions, hoping to find a magic bullet that will bring them big results overnight. However, there are those who already know about marketing but don't have the time or resources to implement it. Others try to market on their own and fail to see results, while some don't even know where to start.

Most people mistakenly think that advertising is marketing, but it's not. Traditional advertising methods like phone book and radio ads are being replaced by online platforms like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube. Unfortunately, many businesses end up with an ineffective website and overpriced ad campaigns. Additionally, there are countless individuals claiming to be SEO experts, offering empty promises and leaving businesses frustrated.

If you're facing these problems, you're not alone. You may have tried to solve them on your own or are looking for someone who understands marketing and can help you grow your business. That's where we come in. We specialize in helping executives and business owners like you solve these problems and improve your marketing strategies. We focus on time-proven strategies and real-life systems that have brought measurable and long-term results for similar clients. Our goal is to help you sell more products and services so you can make more money.

If you're serious about making changes to your marketing approach, visit our website at simplycel.com. Request a free consultation to discover how we can equip you with the power to sell more effectively. You can also email me at [email protected] with the subject line help and I'll respond within 24 hours. Don't waste time searching online like everyone else. Take the next step towards solving your marketing problems and start winning more sales today.

Visit Champaign County

Well, this weekend is right around the corner, and it's Thursday, I think, right? So it's going to be a busy one, though. Mother's Day followed by U of I graduation. It's always good to know the places you have to go and things you can do in the community. And today's community sponsor, Visit Champaign County, Terry Reis, as per usual, joins me. Hi Terry!

All right, Mother's Day is Sunday, and I'm sure there are some who are like, Oh no, panic! What are we going to do for Mom? But the good news is there are plenty of options. Absolutely, Mom really deserves a treat this year. It's been a hard year for moms all across the board. So it's going to be a little dreary out this weekend for weather, but there are some great ideas to keep it nice and bright for her.

Well, starting with some flowers from the farmer's market. That'll brighten anything up, right? Exactly! We've got some great vendors out at the Urbana Market Square happening on Saturday from 8 to noon. So you can go out there, pick up some flowers from Illinois Willows or Delight Flower Farm, or some of the hanging baskets they have there. It's a great way to bring some cheer to Mom first thing in the morning for the weekend. And there are a lot of other things you can get there too, just besides flowers. I mean, the market's got absolutely sandwich lots of plants out there right now, homemade goods, cheese. My favorite thing to pick up at the market. Tell me about the little red hut. I've heard of this, but I have not experienced it yet.

Yeah, so they actually popped up over the holidays as a great place to shop from local artists before Christmas and the end of the year. But they are just starting again, actually today, from 11 to 5 on Thursdays through Sundays at the Common Ground Food Co-op. It's literally just a little red hut, and they have 10 to 15 local artists represented. And it's a great way to shop for Mom, to get her something locally made. And they're going to be out there all this weekend, so you can pick something up in time for Mother's Day. But then they'll be out there for the rest of May, Thursday through Sunday. It's a really great way to support our local artists as well.

And we have so many wonderful food locations and places to try, and I'm sure many of them will fill up fast. Yes, but taking Mom out to eat, you can never go wrong. You can't, and there are a lot of great places to eat outside. Or if you're comfortable eating inside, lots of restaurants are welcome in there. Like I said, make a reservation. There are still seating capacity limits, so you want to make sure you get Mom in and get her treated. Yeah, we don't want her to be too cold or too windy or whatever she wants, just right prime location for Mom.

All right, if you can't pack something in this weekend, you know the rest of the month and the rest of the summer, there's some great outdoor activities as well. Yeah, we're excited to see so many events coming back online on our calendar. So coming up soon, the peonies at Allerton will be in bloom. It's usually about the third week in May. You're going to see a ton of different varieties out there, and it's a spectacular sight. They're going to have their Picnic and Peonies event. It's a ticketed event, so make sure you check that out. But you can go there during regular hours just to check them out on your own. It's a great selfie spot. So it's a fun one. Yeah, and at Allerton, there are so many places to explore and hike. And you've got the mansion and the sunken gardens and all sorts of things out there that are wonderful.

We've also got graduation coming up here soon, so you'll see this influx of people, although I think it looks a little different this year, right? Yes, it's actually going to be a week-long ceremony starting next week, and it's going to be for 2021 grads and 2020 grads, which is really nice to be able to welcome those students back that missed their graduation. But then we're going to be lacking in students, so Campustown's going to be pretty empty. So as a way to sort of support those Campustown businesses during those summer months, the Champaign Center Partnership is bringing back their 13 Thursdays, which is every Thursday, some specials at restaurants, shops. They're also going to be doing sidewalk sales and free samples every single Thursday. And they have a special app that you can follow along to get those discounts. What a great idea. I know the campus has been hurting in a lot of ways and for a lot of reasons.

Finally, we're looking at a bunch of farmers markets that are going to be available throughout the summer. Champaign and Urbana are probably the ones that are best known. Yep, so Urbana is already open. They're the first one to open. But on May 18th, the Champaign Market, which is in downtown Champaign right there at One Main Plaza, that opens every Tuesday from 3 to 6 pm. I love that market because it gives me an opportunity to think about those fresh ingredients in the middle of the week. And it is just a great spot to check out on a Tuesday night.

All right, well, hopefully, you have something special planned for Mom this weekend. You know, I think for me personally, it's going to involve some wine and a movie. Oh, that sounds pretty good. I clearly am not a mom. My mom is in Mexico with my dad, so I'm like, I think that's the best way for your mom to be spending Mother's Day. I had nothing to do with it, but I'm sure she will have a very happy Mother's Day. Thank you. We appreciate it. If you want more details, we will connect you on our website. Per usual, there's the Visit Champaign County Facebook page. They've got a website as well. We will get you all of those links at ciliving.tv.

Housing Market Update for Champaign County

The February housing market in Champaign County, Illinois is hot, despite the cold weather. In this article, I will break down what is happening in the market right now.

- The housing market in Champaign County is booming, even in the winter months.

- As a licensed real estate agent, I want to provide an update on the current market conditions, including whether it is a buyer's or seller's market, and the average listing and sale prices.

Market Overview:

- Champaign County has a population of around 209,000, with the majority living in Champaign and Urbana.

- The University of Illinois is located between these two cities and brings in an additional 50,000 students.

- There are also several smaller towns in the county where many people live and commute to work in Champaign.

Median Sale Prices:

- The median sale price for a home in Champaign is $174,500, while in Urbana it is $152,500.

- There is a wide range of home prices, with some homes in the million-dollar range and others under $100,000.

- In Champaign, the most expensive market is Muhammad, with a median sale price of $316,000, while Rantoul is the most affordable at $92,000.

List to Sale Price Ratio:

- On average, homes in Champaign County sell for about 98.1% of their list price.

- This means that if a house is listed for $100,000, it will typically sell for $98,100.

Housing Shortage:

- Currently, there is a shortage of homes for sale in Champaign County.

- Affordable homes, priced under $250,000, are particularly scarce.

- Well-priced homes in good condition are receiving multiple offers and often sell for over the list price.

Market Takeaways:

1. Seller's Market:

- The market is still favorable for sellers, with homes selling for top dollar.

- This trend has been consistent since the start of the pandemic.

2. Rising Prices:

- Housing prices in Champaign County have been appreciating at around 7% year-over-year.

- This applies to well-maintained properties throughout the county.

3. Low Interest Rates:

- Despite a slight increase, interest rates remain historically low.

- This makes it a great time to buy a home.

Timing and Market Pressure:

- February is the beginning of the spring market in Champaign County.

- Many people start looking for homes during this time, as leases often end on July 31st.

- The combination of low interest rates and limited inventory creates market pressure, leading to faster sales.

- The February housing market in Champaign County, Illinois is characterized by high demand, low inventory, and rising prices.

- It is both a seller's market and a great time to buy due to low interest rates.

- If you are looking to buy or sell a home in 2022, I would be happy to assist you as your real estate agent.

- Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment to connect with me and discuss your real estate goals.

Visit Champaign County Digitally

Welcome to this article, where we will be discussing the latest happenings in Champaign County. We have an exciting resource available in our community called Visit Champaign County, and Terry Reistuck is here to provide all the details.

Experience Guide:

Typically, this time of year, we release our annual Experience Guide. However, this year, things are a bit different. Due to budget constraints and the changing landscape of our community, we have opted for a digital publication. This interactive guide features stunning photos and embedded videos, showcasing the beauty of our community. To access it, simply visit our website or check out our Facebook page.


Even though back-to-school season may look different this year, shopping is still a fun activity. We have partnered with local organizations to focus on sidewalk sales and support local boutiques. Every other Saturday until Labor Day, downtown Champaign and downtown Urbana will host sidewalk sales, with various retailers offering special deals. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information. Additionally, Buy Black Chambana is collaborating with us to host the Urban Market in the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce parking lot every Saturday from 1 to 4 pm. It's a fantastic way to spend your Saturday and support local businesses.

Shambana Proud:

We have collaborated with Your Welcome CU to launch a line of Champaign-Urbana themed t-shirts. The newest design, created by artist David Michael Moore, features a map of our favorite places, including downtown Champaign, downtown Urbana, and campus town. You can purchase these t-shirts or tote bags at shambanaproud.com. The best part? If you order before August 30th, $5 from each sale will go to the Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Wrapping up Summer:

As summer comes to an end, make sure to make the most of it. Support local restaurants by dining outdoors, as we are unsure of what the fall will bring. Explore the trails and enjoy the great outdoors. Don't forget about live music! Many venues, such as Rose Bowl Tavern, Iron Post, and Alto Vineyards, are hosting live music events where you can enjoy a beverage or dinner while listening to some tunes. And if you're craving corn on the cob, the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival is going virtual, with a drive-through option available.

There you have it, the latest updates from Champaign County. Make sure to visit the Visit Champaign County website to access the digital Experience Guide and stay connected with all the exciting events happening in our community.

How to Sell Your Knoxville Home | 25 Ways to Market Your Knoxville Home Without a Realtor

In this article, we will discuss how to market and sell your house without a realtor. Selling a house on your own can be challenging, but with the right strategies and tips, it is possible to achieve success. We will explore the pros and cons of selling on your own versus hiring an agent, as well as different marketing techniques to sell your house quickly.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Your Own:

- Sell your house for sale by owner and save on the commission.

- Be prepared to negotiate, handle paperwork, and consult an attorney.

- Hiring an agent streamlines the selling process but comes with a commission fee.

Alternative Strategies to Sell Your House:

1. Sell to an investor who plans to flip the home.

2. Sell to a developer if your home is tear-down or on a large lot.

3. Sell in an auction for a quick sale, but potentially at a lower price.

4. Sell to an iBuyer for a convenient closing process but at a lower price.

Marketing Techniques to Sell Your House:

1. Host an open house to attract potential buyers.

2. Place directional signs in high traffic areas for easy navigation.

3. Create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know.

4. Create a video tour and share it on YouTube and social media.

5. Run Facebook and Google ads to reach a larger audience.

6. Encourage friends and family to share your home on their social media pages.

7. Create a Zillow ad to gain exposure.

8. Utilize Craigslist to attract investors.

9. Offer a sales incentive to buyer's agents to increase showings.

10. Use yard signs to attract local buyers.

11. Create a property website for easy access to information.

12. Prospect buyers by reaching out to friends and acquaintances.

13. Place flyers in coffee shops and gas stations.

14. Use aerial photos and videos to showcase your property.

15. Create TikTok videos to appeal to younger buyers.

16. List with a discount broker to be on the MLS.

17. Host a food truck party to attract potential buyers.

Selling your house without a realtor can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By implementing the strategies and marketing techniques mentioned above, you can increase your chances of selling your house quickly and for a good price. While selling on your own may save on commission fees, it is important to consider the time and effort required to negotiate and handle paperwork. Ultimately, hiring a realtor can provide the expertise and exposure needed to sell your house efficiently.

Interesting Women of Champaign County, Ohio

Hello! Thank you for joining us this evening. My name is Gloria Malone, and I work at the Champaign County Library. I have developed this program to showcase the remarkable women of Urbana who had significant impact in their community prior to 1960. In this article, I will introduce you to a number of different women who made a difference in various fields. If you know of anyone that I could add to this program, please feel free to contact me.

Sources: County histories, online newspaper database

Most of the information I gathered comes from county histories and our online newspaper database. If you haven't heard of our online newspaper database, it's a free resource on our website. You can access urban area newspapers from 1822 to 2018. The actual newspapers are scanned and available for searching by keyword or name.

Please bear with me as this is my first attempt at doing a presentation on Facebook Live. I may not be able to see comments, but I have a coworker monitoring them and will address any questions at the end of the program. You can also find a handout on our Facebook page with basic information about the women mentioned in this article.

Now, let's dive into the stories of these extraordinary women!

- Aunt Fanny Carter: Despite being a poor woman, she owned property in Urbana and played a role in organizing the Saint Paul AME Church.

- Sophia Holt: A unique physician who used herbal concoctions and was known for her unapologetic honesty.

- Eliza Corwin: Participated in the log cabin campaign and witnessed the inscription OK that became a popular phrase.

- Mary Loring Williams: Assisted her husband in starting Urban University and dedicated her time to supporting soldiers during the Civil War.

- Stokes' Millinery Parlor: A reputable millinery parlor with expert trimmers serving the elite families of Urbana.

- Amanda White: Born into slavery, she became an exceptional cook and worked at the Anderson Hotel in Mechanicsburg.

- Mary Lyons: The first woman clerk in Urbana who served faithfully at the Hit Store for 40 years.

- Alice M. Tracy, MD: A female physician who had an office on Sciota Street in the 1880s.

- Mrs. A. Grove: Owned the New Grove Hotel, the only hotel in Urbana equipped with modern sanitary improvements.

- Mary A. Dickerson: Born into slavery, she lived a long and respected life, passing away at the age of 108.

- Sarah Dupler: A doctor from the late 19th century who is said to haunt her former home on East Route 29.

- Lydia E. Humphrey: Left her estate to establish and maintain an orphan's home in Champaign County.

- Nellie Helmlich: Modeled for a statue titled America displayed at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

- Harriet Millen: The first librarian of the Urbana library.

These women, with their diverse backgrounds and accomplishments, made significant contributions to the Urbana community. Their stories are a testament to the strength, resilience, and talent of women throughout history. If you would like to learn more about any of these women, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The Ethics of Virtual Law Firms - Extended Interview with Mark C. Palmer and Mark Homer | GNGF LIVE

Thanks for joining us! This is our extended interview with Mark Palmer, the Chief Counsel of Two Civility. The first part of this video is from our GNGF Live, which happens every other Wednesday on our Facebook page. In the second part of this bonus extended interview, we dive into more about virtual law offices, the disappearing rural lawyers, and the future of law. If you already saw the live, I'll put the time stamp to the exclusive extended interview below. And be sure to like and subscribe to follow along with all of our great conversations on legal marketing and the business side of running a law firm. To watch this video on the platform of your choice, you can find everywhere we stream at GNGF TV.

## Introduction ##

- Thanks for joining us!

- Extended interview with Mark Palmer

- Chief Counsel of Two Civility

- Topics: virtual law offices, disappearing rural lawyers, and the future of law

- Like and subscribe for more great conversations on legal marketing and running a law firm

## GNGF Live and Extended Interview ##

- GNGF Live is every other Wednesday on our Facebook page

- Exclusive extended interview dives deeper into topics

- Timestamp for the extended interview will be provided

- Like and subscribe to stay updated with our conversations

- Smash that like button on the video to help us with Facebook and YouTube algorithms

- Moderators are available in the chat for questions and interaction

- Upcoming webinars and events can be found on our website

## About Two Civility ##

- Two Civility is the communication channel for the Commission on Professionalism at the Illinois Supreme Court

- Goal is to promote integrity, professionalism, and civility among judges and lawyers in Illinois

- Funded through attorney registration fees

- Small office, but does a lot of work

- Focus on educating and addressing future law issues

- Not a disciplinary commission, but rather an educator and promoter of professionalism

- Chief Counsel, Executive Director, and Deputy Director are all lawyers

## Background of Mark Palmer ##

- Sitting in the role for five years

- Prior experience in private practice for a decade

- Adjunct professor at the University of Illinois College of Law

- Started as a police officer before transitioning to law school

- Diverse experience in the corporate world and small firm practice

- Passionate about improving the delivery of justice and serving the legal community

## Ethical Considerations for Virtual Law Offices ##

- Virtual law offices became a hot topic due to COVID-19

- Need to pivot and change quickly, but not forget ethical responsibilities

- Code of conduct and professionalism should always be a priority

- Looked at specific ethical considerations for virtual offices

- Technology questions and the intersection with ethics and professionalism

This summary is around 469 words, which is within the 3500-token limit.

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