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county market ads springfield il

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the accomplishments and future plans of the utility company, CWPG. We will highlight the challenges faced by the company and how they have overcome them. Additionally, we will explore their commitment to reliability, affordability, and sustainability. Let's dive into the details!


- Improved the electric fund, increasing cash from three days to over a hundred.

- Established the environmental fund with 25 million for regulatory projects.

- Successfully navigated regulatory issues over the past decade.

- Implemented the integrated resource plan for power plant retirements and transmission system upgrades.

- Led the lead service line replacement program in the water side.

- Completed 87 million dollars worth of water works improvement projects.

- Upgraded the fiber network and created the mycblp and outage map for customer engagement.

- Survived the COVID-19 pandemic through operational changes and mitigations.

- Suspended disconnects for a prolonged period to assist those in need.

- Increased rebates for businesses and residents.

- Planned for future generation and purchase power options, such as smaller combustion turbines and a solar purchase power agreement.

- Explored the potential of the Lincoln Land Energy Center for capacity and energy supply.

Responsibility and Sustainability:

- Undertaking a large-scale carbon capture project to prove the technology's viability.

- Partnering with the University of Illinois for an algae project utilizing captured carbon.

- Planning for a new dispatch center and data center to enhance reliability and move away from hazardous railway areas.

- Researching electrical vehicle charging stations to improve community infrastructure.

- Exploring grant opportunities to minimize costs.

- Focusing on level 2 and level 3 chargers for faster charging and considering grid infrastructure improvements.

- Implementing smart city infrastructure, including smart LED lighting for energy efficiency and control.

CWPG has made significant strides in ensuring reliability, affordability, and sustainability in their services. By addressing challenges, implementing innovative solutions, and planning for the future, CWPG continues to move Springfield forward.

The Pawn Stars Were FORCED To Kick Out This Customer...

In this article, we will be discussing six customers who were banned from the Gold Silver Pawn Shop. Despite the friendly demeanor of the stars of the show, the guys from Pawn Stars, they are ultimately entrepreneurs and not there to make friends. We will delve into some interesting and memorable moments from the show, including incidents of physical assault, questionable items brought in for appraisal, stolen goods being sold, and even a robbery at the shop. Let's take a closer look at these incidents and the customers involved.

1. Daniel Callaghan's Lawsuit:

- In October 2011, Daniel Callaghan filed a lawsuit against Rick and the old man for physically assaulting him inside the shop.

- Callaghan, a Vietnam veteran, got into an argument with Rick and the old man, resulting in him being thrown out of the shop.

- He claimed that he was injured in the incident and sought $20,000 in damages.

2. Rafael and the Limited Edition Statue:

- A memorable moment from the show's second season involved a bald guy named Rafael, who came to sell a limited edition statue by French sculptor Emile de Becque.

- Despite claiming to know nothing about the piece, Rafael became upset when Rick offered his thoughts on the statue.

- This incident would likely result in Rafael being banned from the shop if it wasn't staged for the show.

3. The Stolen Gold Coin Collection:

- Pawn shops always run the risk of buying stolen items, and the Gold Silver Pawn Shop is no exception.

- In 2014, a woman came to the shop with a collection of valuable gold coins and sold them for just over $12,000.

- It was later discovered that she had stolen the coins from her uncle, who not only lost his coins but also had no chance of getting them back.

4. The Stolen Diamond Earrings:

- A well-dressed man came to the shop offering Rick a pair of diamond earrings of the finest quality.

- The man had all the right answers and even produced a receipt, leading Rick to purchase the earrings for $40,000.

- However, it turned out that the earrings were stolen, and the shop had to return them to the rightful owner.

5. Rick's Mistake with the Antique Ball and Chain Sets:

- Rick usually advises against buying items without authentication, but in one episode, he disregarded his own advice.

- A man named Bill offered Rick antique ball and chain sets from notorious prisons, claiming they were authentic.

- Despite having doubts about their authenticity, Rick purchased them, only to later find out they were fakes.

6. The Robbery at the Gold Silver Pawn Shop:

- On March 23rd, 2016, a group of masked intruders armed with shotguns and pistols robbed the shop.

- This was the first time the shop had ever been robbed in its nearly 30 years of operation.

- The thieves stole over $250,000 in cash and merchandise, leading to a temporary closure of the shop.

While the guys from Pawn Stars always maintain a friendly demeanor, incidents like physical assault, stolen goods, and even a robbery have resulted in customers being banned from the Gold Silver Pawn Shop. These incidents highlight the risks involved in the pawn shop business and the importance of thorough authentication. Despite the occasional missteps, the Gold Silver Pawn Shop continues to be a popular destination for those looking to buy, sell, or pawn unique items.

Don't Be this Guy | Gun Shop Don'ts

Gun shops in the US often face the issue of people coming in with loaded weapons, which can be concerning. While carrying a loaded weapon is legal and encouraged for licensed individuals, it becomes problematic when it is pulled out without a valid reason. In this article, we will discuss the importance of keeping weapons holstered in gun shops and the potential risks associated with pulling them out unnecessarily.


1. The only valid reason to pull out a weapon in a gun shop is if someone's life is in danger and you are there to save them.

2. Accidental discharges can occur, even among trained individuals, including law enforcement officers. This rule applies to everyone, regardless of their background or training.

3. Employees at gun shops, like Top Guns, are trained not to pull out their weapons for any reason, even if a customer wants to see a gun or holster.

4. Customers should exercise the same restraint and respect the establishment by keeping their weapons holstered unless there is a legitimate need to use them.

5. Some customers may mistakenly believe that the rule does not apply to them and pull out their loaded weapons, which makes everyone uncomfortable.

6. It is even worse when a person walks into a gun shop not knowing that they have a loaded weapon, as this shows a lack of responsibility.

7. The issue of loaded weapons in gun shops is a significant concern, as demonstrated by the number of rounds that have been accidentally discharged in a short period.

8. It is crucial for everyone to keep their weapons holstered in gun shops to prevent accidents and to avoid giving ammunition to those who seek to restrict gun rights.

9. By keeping weapons holstered, individuals can help protect their rights and contribute to a safer environment in gun shops.

10. Feedback from readers is encouraged to understand their perspective on this issue and their thoughts on the importance of keeping weapons holstered in gun shops.

To ensure safety and maintain a respectful environment, it is vital for individuals to keep their weapons holstered in gun shops, unless there is a genuine need to use them. Accidental discharges and sweeping gestures with weapons pose significant risks and can contribute to negative perceptions about gun ownership. By adhering to this rule, individuals can contribute to a safer and more responsible gun culture.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced To Life In Prison After This

Pawn Stars: A Look at the Dark Side

Pawn Stars is a show about grown men running a pawn shop, trying to find interesting items that can make them money. With over 11 years on air, the show's success can be attributed to its dynamic cast and family dynamic. However, behind the scenes, there have been some dark moments that shed a different light on the Pawn Stars.

1. Chumlee's Legal Troubles:

- Chumlee, often mocked by Rick Harrison, got into serious trouble when his home was raided by Las Vegas police officers.

- Illegal substances and an unlicensed firearm were found, resulting in charges.

- Chumlee pled down the charges to attempted possession of a controlled substance, avoiding jail time.

- This incident caused stress on set and strained his relationship with the other cast members.

2. Corey Harrison's Bar Fight:

- Corey Harrison was arrested on suspicion of battery with serious bodily injury and resisting the law after a bar fight.

- Intoxication played a role in the incident, and Corey refused to apologize.

- This incident tarnished Corey's reputation and showcased a different side of him.

3. Corey's Public Urination Charge:

- Corey Harrison relieved himself publicly in a bar during a drunken night out.

- He even posed for a photo without pants.

- Corey later apologized for his actions, but it highlighted his issues with drinking.

4. Rick and Corey's Littering Incident:

- Rick and Corey were fined in California for leaving behind trash bags filled with garbage at a campground.

- The excuse given was that their friends were supposed to clean up, but it reflects poorly on them regardless.

5. Rick's Diamond Scam:

- Rick Harrison was scammed by a seller who sold him stolen diamonds.

- Despite taking all the necessary precautions, the police showed up a few days later to confiscate the diamonds.

- This incident left the Pawn Stars in debt and was a major blow to Rick Harrison.

6. The Shekel of Tire:

- The Pawn Stars bought a shekel of tire coin, claiming it might be the one Judas Iscariot used to betray Jesus.

- The coin was later revealed to be stolen before it was sold to them.

- While they were not held accountable, they overpaid for a devalued coin.

Behind the glitz and glamour of Pawn Stars lies a darker side. Chumlee's legal troubles, Corey's run-ins with the law, and the Pawn Stars' involvement with stolen items have all painted a different picture of the cast. While the show continues to entertain viewers, it's important to remember that reality TV doesn't always reflect reality.

Live PD: Top 5 Busts | A&E

I recently witnessed a vehicle driving recklessly, swerving into opposite lanes and outside of its own lane multiple times. The driver was also driving below the speed limit, which raised concerns for me. I decided to pull the driver over to ensure everything was okay.

Conversation with the Driver:

- After pulling the driver over, I approached the vehicle and asked if they were okay.

- I asked the driver for their driver's license and insurance card.

- The reason for pulling the driver over was their erratic driving near West Palmer Lane.

- I questioned the driver about any alcohol or substance consumption.

- I requested the driver to step out of the car for further questioning and observation.

K9 Unit and Discovery of Drugs:

- I informed the driver that Detective Turner and his K9 unit would be called to search the vehicle.

- The K9 unit alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle.

- Upon searching, we found drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, morphine, and oxycodone.

- A ledger with names and amounts owed, as well as a significant amount of money, were also found.

- The driver claimed that the drugs did not belong to them.

Arrest and Additional Discovery:

- The driver was arrested for possession of heroin, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and possession of methamphetamine.

- A loaded firearm and syringes were also found in the vehicle.

- The driver was uncooperative and refused to answer questions about their drug use.

- The gun did not come back as stolen.

- Further testing of the discovered substances was conducted.

Dangerous Rear Tire:

- During another traffic stop, I noticed a car with a dangerously worn-out rear tire.

- I approached the driver and asked about the condition of the tire.

- Concerned for their safety, I asked them to pull over to investigate further.

Shoplifting Suspect:

- I encountered a suspect wanted for shoplifting.

- After pulling over the suspect's vehicle, I asked them to step out.

- The suspect's name was obtained, and they were informed about the reason for the stop.

- The suspect was patted down for weapons and detained.

- Due to their involvement in the shoplifting incident, they were placed under arrest.

Consent to Search and Discovery of Drugs:

- The suspect's car was searched with their consent.

- Drug paraphernalia, including pipes, were found in a hidden compartment.

- The suspect claimed that the drugs and paraphernalia did not belong to them.

- Further questioning revealed inconsistencies, leading to their arrest.

Illegal Tinted Windows:

- I stopped a vehicle with illegal tinted windows on the front windshield.

- I informed the driver about the violation and the potential consequences.

- I also noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

- I questioned the driver about any marijuana in the car and conducted a pat-down for safety.

These incidents highlight the importance of proactive policing and traffic stops. They also underscore the need for thorough investigations and effective communication with suspects. Each encounter presents unique challenges, and officers must adapt to ensure public safety.

Topic: The Power of Travel in Southwest Illinois

Okay, before I introduce Corey, I do want to introduce Stephanie Tate, who's the Marketing Communications Director of Great Rivers and Routes Tourism. If you give Stephanie a round of applause. So just a little quick brief background, a few years ago, the city came to an agreement with Great Rivers and Routes to hire them to promote Edwardsville as well as other communities. They do the same with Great Rivers and Routes, and so they are an integral part of many events that happen around the city. But also, the Criterium as they stepped up a couple years ago. The first one was kind of last second, but they started pushing out promotions for the Criterium, and they'll do that again this year. So they're really going to be an asset to the event and the Rotary Club with their efforts. Our speaker today is Corey Jobe. Corey was appointed as President and CEO of Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau in November of 2020. Corey comes to the bureau after a distinguished career spending more than 20 years in various roles inside Illinois state government, where he most recently served as State Director of the Illinois Office of Tourism. The Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau region is the only place where the mother road of Route 66 meets the Great River Road. The region celebrates three of the nation's great rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois, alongside famous road history and small-town charm. And encompasses a six-county region in Southwest Illinois, including Madison, Jersey, Calhoun, Macoupin, Montgomery, and Greene. The bureau is a nationally certified destination marketing organization, providing world-class destination management and marketing leadership that improves the region's quality of life and economic vitality. Corey joins the bureau with a wealth of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, most recently serving as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Navy Pier in Chicago. I think a lot of us have been there for sure, the most visited tourism attraction in the Midwest. While at the Pier, Corey was charged with leading marketing, branding, and communications initiatives. In his first year, the Pier established a data-driven strategy to drive incremental increases in visitor attendance by two percent and visitor spending by three percent, the first time for both metric increases in three years. During his time at the Illinois Office of Tourism, Corey worked in collaboration with tourism industry professionals to promote domestic and international visitor travel to Illinois, expand international marketing efforts into China and Mexico, and increase domestic visitor spending, visitor volume, and state and local tax revenues year over year during his tenure. Outside of work, Corey serves on the board of directors for Equality Illinois. And with that kind of background, I think Corey can handle the Criterium. Corey, welcome, thank you. Well, good afternoon. Yes, I think I can handle the Criterium. I'm anxious to get an update after our meeting today. And it's exciting to see that kind of sports activity. And I hear an expanded festival with us this year. So I'm really excited to be involved. And it's great to be back downstate. Thank you for the introduction. I spent most of my career and life in Springfield. I grew up in Southeastern Illinois in Robinson, Illinois, and then after college, moved to Springfield and spent 20 years in state government, worked for I could probably write a few books about different elected politicians I worked for. But had the honor to be appointed State Tourism Director by then Governor Bruce Rauner. And then went from state government to Navy Pier. It was a great opportunity at the Pier. And then a pandemic hit and all of us were laid off at Navy Pier. And the process of being at the Pier, I missed kind of the destination marketing management side of the business as being state travel director. My chief job was to travel the state, promote all of our great domestic product to regional travelers, but also the opportunity to travel internationally and promote tourism to Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois to international travelers. And always enjoyed visiting this region. Brett Stewart, who ran Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau, was always inviting me. And you know it's got a really great product here in the region. And so we've got a fantastic organization. We've expanded pretty rapidly over the last few years. But it is something that we like to talk about regionalism. Not one community in Southwest Illinois can do it all. And we really have this approach of the six-county region. That not it's not all leisure. That's the, I call, the sexy side of the business where you get involved in the advertising and the marketing promotion to certain markets and demographics. But we also have key priorities, which really fill our hotel rooms and trickle out and support our economy, which is our business travel, meetings market, and sports tourism. I know Nate and the team at the Park District do a fantastic job with the facilities here in Edwardsville. And we have many of those across Southwest Illinois. You know really our destination. A lot of people ask me, what is a DMO? You know, we used to be called Convention and Visitor Bureaus. We're well beyond that these days. We're more about really marketing and managing our destination for really a livability factor for all of us. You know, tourists love to visit our communities, but once they leave, they love to visit our neat restaurants or visit our outdoor recreations or sites and attractions. We get to reap those benefits and enjoy our parks and recreation facilities and our sites and attractions and our cool downtowns, our foodie towns, and so we are really responsible for marketing and managing and, as Brian said, we're a six-county regional destination. We've been in business for over 25 years. We used to be known as the All Around Alton Convention and Visitor Bureau. And our offices are still in Alton, but we have rapidly grown. And as Brian said, we're a six-county regional tourism destination. And really our mission and vision is to provide world-class marketing, destination management, working with community leaders, economic development professionals, to market and attract not only travel but people that might be interested in looking to relocate a business or the livability factor of our communities. You know, we're in the tourism business. So we always got pretty pictures and presentations. So I do have video content today, I will tell you, but I just want to give you a snapshot of our regional destination.

The Pike County Massacre | Full Episode | Hometown Tragedy: A True-Crime Series | Very Local

The small county of Pike County, Ohio, was rocked by a tragic and brutal crime in April 2016. Eight members of the Rhoden family were found murdered execution-style across three different properties. This shocking incident, which has no parallel in Ohio history, sent shockwaves through the community and left people fearing for their safety. The investigation into the murders has been extensive, involving over a hundred personnel and receiving numerous tips and interviews. As the community grapples with the aftermath of this unimaginable violence, questions arise about the motives behind the killings and the identity of the perpetrators. Speculation about a possible drug cartel involvement adds to the fear and uncertainty surrounding the case. The lack of arrests and clear answers frustrates the local residents, who long for justice and closure. However, recent developments have shed light on four individuals connected to the case, raising hopes that the truth will finally be revealed.

Bullet points or Numbered list (if needed):

- Eight members of the Rhoden family found murdered execution-style in Pike County, Ohio

- Shocking incident unlike anything in Ohio history

- Extensive investigation involving over a hundred personnel and receiving numerous tips and interviews

- Speculation about possible drug cartel involvement

- Lack of arrests and clear answers frustrates local residents

- Recent developments connect four individuals to the case, raising hopes for justice

The brutal murders of the Rhoden family have forever changed the community of Pike County, Ohio. The fear and uncertainty that followed the incident have cast a dark shadow over the community, leaving residents fearful and desperate for answers. The extensive investigation has yielded some leads, but the lack of arrests and clear answers has only added to the frustration. However, recent developments connecting four individuals to the case offer a glimmer of hope for justice. The community remains united in prayer and solidarity, mourning the loss of their loved ones and praying for quick resolution and closure. The truth behind this heinous crime must be revealed, and those responsible must be held accountable. Pike County deserves justice, and the memory of the Rhoden family deserves to be honored.

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