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Published on: February 17 2023 by pipiads

Revealed: The $45 Million Profit Shopify Store

Success stories can provide valuable insights into the path to success, and Triangle is one such story. This Australian couple, Aaron Dearing and Craig Ellis, started Triangle with just $500 and a $25,000 loan from friends. They used their knowledge of the swimwear market to create a brand that quickly took off, with $5 million in sales in their first year and $45 million in profit annually at its peak.

Lessons learned:

1. Know your market: Triangle's success can be attributed to their understanding of their market and their targeted marketing strategies. They used influencer marketing on Instagram to create a aspirational aspect to the brand, and attracted famous influencers like Kendall Jenner and Beyonce to promote their brand.

2. Branding matters: The founders chose a clean and recognizable name for their brand, which contributed to its success. They also had a clean and high-quality website, with photos of the product on models in tropical locations, creating an aspirational aspect to the brand.

3. Stay true to yourself: The founder of Triangle cautions against losing sight of yourself when your business grows beyond what you ever imagined. It is important to stay true to your values and vision, even in the face of success.

Triangle's story is a testament to the power of knowing your market, creating a strong brand, and staying true to yourself. By applying these lessons to your own business, you too can achieve success.

How To Use Google Shopping Ads With A Shopify Store In 2022

Driving Traffic to Your Shopify Store: What You Need to Know About Google Ads

- Google Ads is a popular method for driving traffic to Shopify stores

- Spending over 60 thousand pounds on Google Ads, the author shares the things they wish they knew before using it

- This article aims to provide insights for online businesses using Google Ads

- Organic traffic and paid ads are both important for increasing sales

Is Google Ads Necessary?

- Two main ways of driving traffic: paid ads and organic traffic

- Organic traffic can be achieved through SEO (search engine optimization)

- Using both paid ads and SEO is a wise idea

- Paid ads make scaling sales easier

Understanding Negative Keywords

- Negative keywords are keywords you don't want your campaign to show for

- This is important to avoid wasting budget on irrelevant keywords

- When a customer clicks on an ad, the seller is charged an advertising fee

- Adding negative keywords helps ensure ads are shown only to relevant customers

Finding Out Which Keywords Trigger Your Campaign

- To find out which keywords trigger your campaign, go to your Google Ads account and check the search terms section

- Make sure the searched keywords relate to the product being sold

- Look for irrelevant keywords and add them to your negative keyword list

- Using Google Ads can help increase traffic and sales for online businesses

- Using negative keywords is important to avoid wasting budget on irrelevant keywords

- Organic traffic and paid ads are both important for scaling sales

- Understanding and utilizing Google Ads effectively can help businesses succeed online.

How To Take $100,000+ Products From Competitors | Shopify Dropshipping

As an e-commerce seller, it's important to stay on top of your competition and find profitable products to sell. In this article, we will explore a personal investigation method to locate competitor stores, tie them together, and figure out what ads they are running and their best products. We will also discuss how to use this method to find good products to sell and protect yourself from competitors.

Step 1: Use Social Media

The first step is to use social media like normal and engage with ads that you think you can sell. Click on the ad's Shop Now button and go to the product website. By engaging with these types of ads, you can use them as competitive research.

Step 2: Use Facebook Page Transparency

Next, go to the Facebook page of your competitor and scroll down to see if they have been running ads for a while. If they have 20,000 likes or more, it's a good sign that they are running profitable ads. Click on Page Transparency and then See All to see all the products that the company is currently running.

Step 3: Visit Competitor's Website

Once you have a list of potential products to sell, go to the competitor's website and look for specific pieces of information, like their shipping policy and return policy. If they have multiple stores, they may have copied and pasted the same policies, allowing you to find their other stores. Use this information to look at the ads for those other stores and find potential products to sell.

By using this personal investigation method, you can stay on top of your competition and find profitable products to sell. Remember to engage with ads on social media, use Facebook Page Transparency to find profitable ads, and visit the competitor's website to find their other stores and potential products to sell. With these steps, you can protect yourself from competitors and increase your profitability.

How to Use ABC Analysis for Rebalancing Inventory at your Shopify Warehouse Locations

Welcome to this Q Savvy YouTube channel where we are going to discuss an important but often overlooked aspect of managing your Shopify store - balancing inventory across multiple locations. As your sales volume increases, it becomes crucial to keep your inventory closest to the locations where your customers are shopping from.

To achieve this, you need to focus on your A-grade items, which typically account for the top 20% of sales volume. By using an ABC analysis by product, you can determine which items fall under this category and prioritize them accordingly.

Next, you need to analyze your sales by location and identify the regions where most of your orders come from. By setting up your primary warehouse or fulfillment center in these locations, you can reduce shipping costs, turn over inventory faster, and manage it more efficiently.

To balance your inventory further, you can use a Shopify-based warehouse management system like Sku Savvy, which helps you organize and manage inventory across multiple locations. By using the location priority feature, you can ensure that orders are fulfilled from the warehouse closest to the customer, and by using bin replenishment rules, you can move holding stock for A-grade items to the pick stock area, reducing the time required to fulfill orders.

In conclusion, balancing inventory across multiple locations is a critical aspect of running a successful Shopify store. By focusing on your A-grade items and analyzing sales by location, you can optimize your inventory and reduce costs, resulting in a more efficient and profitable business.

FREE App To Sketch Your Clothing Designs *MOBILE FRIENDLY* | Design A Clothing Line

Iconic Fashion Figure: Using Vectornator to Create Fashion Sketches

Are you ready to discover a free app that is almost a dupe for Adobe Illustrator? In this article, I will introduce you to Vectornator, a free application that allows you to create fashion sketches and design a complete fashion collection. In this article, I will show you how to use the app to create a fashion sketch and share my experience with the app.

Using the Pencil Tool:

- The pencil tool is a free-hand drawing tool that allows you to draw anything you like.

- You can trace images or draw your own sketches using the pencil tool.

- However, the lines created using the pencil tool may not be as clean as the lines created using other tools.

- If you prefer to use the pencil tool, you can clean up the lines using the pen tool.

Using the Pen Tool:

- The pen tool allows you to create vector points that can be adjusted to create clean lines.

- With the pen tool, you can create your own vector points and adjust them as needed.

- The lines created using the pen tool are cleaner and more precise than those created using the pencil tool.

Adding Color and Logo:

- Once you have created your fashion sketch, you can add color and a logo to it.

- Use the paintbrush tool to add color to your sketch.

- Use the text tool to add a text logo or import an image for a logo.

Vectornator is a free application that can help you create fashion sketches and design a complete fashion collection. Whether you prefer to use the pencil tool or the pen tool, Vectornator has tools to suit your needs. Give it a try and see how it can help you bring your fashion designs to life.

How to Edit Shopify Order Notification Emails

In this video tutorial, James from After Dark Graphics shows us how to update email order notifications in Shopify. He suggests using either Sublime Text or Visual Code to edit the HTML code, or an online editor like HTML-Online.com. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings and then Notifications in Shopify.

2. Choose the notification you want to edit (e.g. Order Confirmation).

3. Copy and save the original email subject and body to a text editor.

4. Edit the email subject and body as desired.

5. Use Liquid variables to output color and logos.

6. Preview the email to see how it looks.

7. Save and test the email.

James recommends copying and saving the original email content before editing, and using Liquid variables to add logos and color. He also notes that some elements, like the logo on the checkout screen, will automatically appear in the email. With a little tinkering, you can update your email notifications to match your brand and style.

$200,000 In Shopify Sales: Revealing My Winning Dropshipping Products

Hey guys, it's David Hanlon, aka the Laptop Legend. Today, I want to share with you some of my best-selling products that have generated over $200,000 in revenue for me. I believe that product selection is the most important aspect of e-commerce, and I want to give you insight into my thought process when choosing these products. By learning from my successes and mistakes, you can have a better product selection and make more money in e-commerce.

Product #1: Barbell Chain Necklace

- Sold around $10,000 worth of product

- Emotionally appeals to fitness enthusiasts

- Unique and eye-catching product

- Cool idea that stands out in advertising

Product #2: Skynet Sneakers

- Sold around $10,000 worth of product

- Unique and eye-catching design

- High-quality product photos from supplier on Aliexpress

- Lightweight, making it cheaper to ship

Product #3: Venomous Joggers

- Sold around $30,000 worth of product

- Resembles Gucci snake, appealing to those who can't afford Gucci

- High perceived value

- Streetwear appeal

- High-quality product photos on product page

Product #4: Heatwave Sneakers

- Sold around $30,000 worth of product

- Exceptionally eye-catching design with flames on both upper and sole

- High perceived value

- High-quality product photos on product page

Choosing the right products is crucial to succeeding in e-commerce. Look for products that emotionally appeal to your target audience, are unique and eye-catching, have a high perceived value, and have high-quality product photos. By following these tips, you can have a successful product selection and make more money in e-commerce. Remember, always keep your best products a secret until you're done selling them to avoid competitors stealing your market share.

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