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covenant house ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

- Every superhero has strengths and weaknesses.

- Scorch Man has the strength of fire but his weakness is fire extinguishers.

- Catman always lands on his feet but his weakness is laser pointers.

- Hamster Man is in a giant hamster ball, which is both his strength and weakness.

- Colossal Man has the superpower of strength, but his weakness is porn.

My Story:

- I first saw porn at 12 years old and became addicted.

- It made me feel hopeless for years.

- I realized I couldn't quit alone and needed help.

- That's when I found Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes:

- Covenant Eyes is software that helps you quit porn.

- It provides an ally in the fight against porn.

- Porn is difficult to fight alone because of the shame cycle.

- Covenant Eyes helps break the cycle by connecting you with a supportive friend or sibling.

- It detects when porn is viewed and sends a report to your ally.

- The connection to a friend takes you out of isolation and gives you hope and encouragement.

Benefits of Covenant Eyes:

- Nearly 80% of users feel hopeful and motivated to quit porn.

- Covenant Eyes notifications are discreet and private.

- It rebuilds trust in relationships and improves confidence.

- It has been a game changer for over 1 million people.

- If you want to quit porn, download Covenant Eyes today.

- It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

- Don't try to fight this battle alone, find an ally and start your journey to freedom.

Stop Sex Trafficking in Ontario

Amy's story is a chilling example of the hidden reality of sex trafficking, a heinous crime that often goes unnoticed. In this article, we will delve into the horrifying world of sex trafficking and explore the red flags that can help identify victims. Let's shine a light on this issue and discuss how we can help these girls reclaim their lives and pursue their dreams.

1. The Deceptive Beginning:

- Amy, a successful student with a thriving social life, despised her appearance despite her accomplishments.

- Ryan, her boyfriend, showered her with attention and made her feel good about herself.

- Their conversations revolved around their dreams and the future, making Amy fall deeply in love with him.

2. The Start of the Nightmare:

- After two months, Ryan revealed his alleged money problems and suggested that Amy work at a massage parlor.

- Sex trafficking, the act of forcing individuals to sell sex against their will, happens right under our noses.

- Lured in public places, schools, malls, and online, victims are often girls as young as twelve or thirteen.

- The victims Amy worked with ranged from 16 to 24 years old, highlighting the vulnerability of young girls.

3. Manipulation and Exploitation:

- Traffickers use romance, compliments, and material possessions to lure and manipulate their victims.

- The girls eventually fall in love with their traffickers, who become their boyfriends.

- Amy experienced a breakdown and expressed her reluctance, but Ryan insisted she must comply as he needed the money.

4. Lucrative Business and Threats:

- A single girl can earn a pimp around 250,000 dollars annually, making sex trafficking a highly profitable enterprise.

- Conversations regarding killing and disposing of victims highlight the sinister nature of this crime.

- Amy lived in constant fear, knowing that her life could be taken away if she disobeyed.

5. Enslavement and Isolation:

- Traffickers impose strict rules on their victims, controlling every aspect of their lives.

- Victims are not allowed to eat, sleep, or go out without the trafficker's permission.

- Isolated and closely monitored, the girls feel shame, guilt, and are trapped in a cycle of exploitation.

6. Warning Signs of Sex Trafficking:

- Expensive clothing, secretive behavior, and declining school grades are red flags that someone may be a victim.

- If a girl mentions a boyfriend but refuses to introduce him to her family, it could be a sign of manipulation.

The harrowing experiences of girls like Amy highlight the urgent need to combat sex trafficking. By recognizing the warning signs and supporting victims, we can help them reclaim their lives, pursue their dreams, and ultimately build a better future for themselves. Let's stand together against this unimaginable cruelty and strive for a world where no one falls victim to sex trafficking.

COVID-19 Update on Fox National News | Covenant House International

Millions of Americans are currently staying in their homes during this difficult time, but unfortunately, the homeless do not have that luxury. Covenant House International, led by CEO Kevin Ryan, is one charity that is providing food and shelter for many homeless young people. In a recent interview, Kevin Ryan discusses the challenges his organization is facing and how people can help.

- Millions of Americans are staying at home, but the homeless are left vulnerable

- Covenant House International, led by CEO Kevin Ryan, provides food and shelter for homeless youth

- Kevin Ryan discusses the challenges his organization is facing and how people can help

Challenges Faced by Covenant House International:

- Covenant House has never seen a situation like this in their 31 cities of operation

- Sick and symptomatic kids in most locations

- Almost every bed is occupied

- Serving 45,000 meals in just one week

- Homeless youth coming to Covenant House scared and in need of assistance

- Examples of young people seeking help in Atlanta and New Orleans

The Terrifying Reality for Homeless Youth:

- Shelter-in-place measures are difficult for those without homes

- Homeless youth are especially vulnerable during this time

- Covenant House aims to provide safe isolation units for sick youth and care for those who are well

Status of Covenant House Locations:

- Quarantine and safe isolation units in Newark, New Jersey and Manhattan

- Conversion of classrooms and offices to create safe spaces

- Using emergency staff due to regular staff falling ill

Number of Children and Youth under Covenant House Care:

- Over 2,100 children and youth under Covenant House roof

- Number continues to grow each day

- Challenges of explaining the current situation to those in their care

The Importance of Hope and Support:

- Covenant House must be a source of optimism and faith for the youth

- Many young people have lost their jobs and face uncertainty

- Covenant House aims to provide love and support during these difficult times

Ways to Help Covenant House:

- Visit CovenantHouse.org for more information

- Donations needed for masks, gloves, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, and food

- Emergency staffing also required

- Every little bit of help makes a difference

- Kevin Ryan shares the challenges faced by Covenant House International during the COVID-19 pandemic

- Homeless youth are especially vulnerable during this time and need support

- Covenant House relies on the generosity of others to provide essential supplies and staffing

- Visit CovenantHouse.org to find out more about how to help.

The Covenant House Team at Keiler and "The Making of an Ad"

Kyler chose to work with Covenant House because they are more than just a homeless shelter. They provide a home for youth who are runaways, trafficked, or living on the streets. In addition to providing a roof over their heads, Covenant House gives them the tools they need to get off the street and stay off the street. However, standing out in a sea of worthy nonprofit organizations is a challenge for Covenant House.

Unique Point of View:

Our challenge as a team was to come up with Covenant House's unique point of view. We discovered that they were more than just giving handouts to kids. They were teaching them that their current circumstances were only the beginning of a new life and that they had a future despite the tough circumstances they faced. We turned this idea into an ad that used the word life in a special way by turning it backwards. This required the reader to turn the word around in their mind to read it, symbolizing the turning point for these kids.

Visual Interest:

To add even more emphasis to the concept, we put one of the teens with their back to the camera in place of the i in life. This created visual interest and made the reader curious about the unseen kid. By turning the life around with a kid in it, the reader could both see the kid and read the word life. This intentional visual interest was designed to grab people's attention and get them involved in discovering what Covenant House does.

Impact and Privilege:

Working on this ad, titled Life Turned Around, has been an absolute privilege. It is an ad that defines an advertising professional's career and allows them to use their skills to develop something they truly care about. This ad not only highlights the important work of Covenant House but also showcases the creativity and dedication of our team.

By highlighting Covenant House's unique point of view and creating visual interest in their ad, Kyler and their team were able to help Covenant House stand out among other nonprofit organizations. The ad, titled Life Turned Around, symbolizes the turning point for these kids and captures the attention of readers. Working on this ad has been a defining moment for the advertising professionals involved and has allowed them to make a meaningful impact.

covenant house

Hey everyone, today I wanted to talk about a really important charity that I fully support and want to share with all of you. The charity is called the Covenant House. I'll tell you what it does, ways you can help, and why it's so important.

- The Covenant House is a house that helps homeless people, especially teenagers under 21.

- It provides clothes, counseling, food, a warm bed, and everything they need.

- They also help them find jobs and get back into school.

- It's an amazing charity that supports young people who have run away from abusive homes or faced drug abuse, physical abuse, or mental abuse.

My Discovery:

- I live in Virginia, and I learned about the Covenant House while visiting Washington, D.C.

- I thought it was a place for homeless people, but I found out it's specifically for youth and people under 21.

- Homeless teens are more likely to fall into drugs, prostitution, and experience horrible things like rape.

How to Get Involved:

- Visit their website at www.covenanthouse.org.

- Check out their Light a Candle campaign in the action center where you can donate and light a candle.

- You can also donate money or items like clothes and hygiene products.

- The Covenant House has locations in various states and countries, so see if there's one near you.

- The Covenant House is an incredible organization that helps vulnerable teens who need a safe place to go.

- It's important to support them because not many people are willing to adopt homeless youth.

- I'm personally getting involved by collecting donations and participating in the candlelight campaign.

- If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me.

- Also, if you know of any other charities doing great work, let me know. I'm always interested in learning about new ways to help others.

Thank you, and I hope you have a great day!

Covenant House Texas "GALA VIDEO" 2014

Hello, I'm Sean Zanders, the lead Resident Advisor and youth leadership coordinator at Covenant House. Tonight, we have the privilege of taking you on a vicarious journey. The video you're about to see is just a glimpse of the path that has taken so many residents and alumni to a place of strength, healing, and hope at Covenant House. Enjoy!

- Hi, I'm a queer fisher governor, Chris, from Houston, Texas, in the years 1999-2000.

- Hi, I'm Jasmine Johnson, a Covenant House Texas resident in 2008.

- Hi, I'm Dylan, soon to be a house resident in 2013.

- Hi, I'm Ann Lee, a Covenant House resident in 2013.

- Hi, I'm Trisha Kyle, a Covenant House resident in 1989.

- Hi, I'm Demarco Kunis, a Covenant House resident in 2012.

- Hi, I'm Tiffany Lunsford, a Covenant House resident since 2012.

- Hi, I'm Alicia Bleacher, a Covenant House Texas resident in 2005.

I came to Covenant House Texas because I was homeless and needed a place to stay. I didn't have anywhere else to go due to financial issues. I had been abandoned, abused, and neglected when I was little. I was lost, abandoned, manipulated, and broken due to family issues. Covenant House was my only option. I had just been released from jail and had no relatives in Texas to contact. I felt abandoned by my family and was considered a runaway and throwaway youth. I ran away at the age of 15 and had nowhere else to go.

Covenant House helped me understand that there is more to life. They became friends with everyone, including staff members and residents. They helped me learn to manage my time and set goals in my life, such as getting a job and a GED. Covenant House Texas made me a better person. They not only helped me but also taught me valuable lessons. One of the strongest lessons I've learned here is to turn homelessness into hope. I gained independence and learned to help others. They helped me see a future for myself and my family. I was able to find a home and get the documentation I needed. Covenant House gave me assistance for myself and my children.

Now, I am a full-time student at Texas Southern University, majoring in social work and working two jobs. I got married, had four beautiful children, and returned to Houston, Texas. I am grateful to Covenant House for helping me get a good start in life. I am currently employed at the VA Michael DeBakey Hospital, assisting disabled and homeless veterans. I am also employed at One Life and will be going to school soon. I am a full-time mom to my daughter Janiyah.

I am now a part-time visual merchandiser at Forever 21 and a full-time student. I am also a full-time employee with Maribel Construction, where I am eager to learn and grow in my field. I am currently a full-time employee at Walgreens. I am an evangelist, gospel singer, songwriter, and teacher. I am also the president of a women's ministry within our church. I pay it forward by volunteering and helping others in my community. Whenever I see a homeless youth, I offer them information about Covenant House or buy them a meal. I want to show them the same care that I received.

I believe that to whom much is given, much is required. It is my mission to encourage young people and women who are in the same situation I was in. I want to help them see a future and know that their struggles are temporary. I am paying it forward by being a helpful and encouraging presence. I am grateful to Covenant House for giving me a family when I had none. I want to show my gratitude by sharing my story and letting other young people know about Covenant House.

Hello, I'm Devin Green, in the same place, at the same time, one year later. The champion building process continues. In just one short year, my life has been filled with growth and success. I continue to grow here at Covenant House Texas. My mentor and I continue to chart a course towards victory. I spend my free time at Harris County Courts, educating myself on the legal process. I am accepted at Boston University's paralegal program and have successfully completed the course with a 3.7 GPA. I have been employed by Hazen Makan law firm. I have been honored with a congressional nomination to attend the United States Air Force Academy. I have also started my own nonprofit organization called Lost and Found. I have received a significant promotion at Hazen Makan Rice and Pickering, with a salary and benefit package exceeding $45,000 annually.

My journey has just begun, and I am truly blessed. Thank you.

Ark of the Covenant Finally Found, Find out Where and When (2022 AD)

- After the establishment of the old Covenant, God instructed Moses to build the Tabernacle, a sanctuary for Him to dwell among the people.

- The Tabernacle consisted of a tent divided into two parts - the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.

- In the Holy Place, there was a golden Candlestick and a table for offering loaves.

- In the Holy of Holies, there was the Ark of the Covenant, which held the tablets of the Commandments, Aaron's staff, and the vessel with Manna.

The Fate of the Ark:

- After the formation of the Kingdom of Israel, King Solomon built a temple to house the Ark of the Covenant.

- According to the Bible, the Prophet Jeremiah hid the Ark in a cave before the destruction of the temple.

- Jeremiah declared that the location of the Ark would remain unknown until God gathers His people and shows His mercy.

- The Ark will be found when the Lord gathers His people.

Contradiction or Revelation:

- Jeremiah states that the Ark will no longer be remembered or missed, which seems contradictory to the previous statement.

- The gathering of God's people has already taken place.

- The Ark is revealed to be in the temple of God in heaven, according to the Book of Revelation.

Symbolism of the Ark:

- The tablets of the Commandments represent the written word of God.

- Aaron's staff symbolizes the role of the high priest, which Jesus fulfills.

- The Manna represents Jesus as the bread of life.

The Woman in Revelation:

- The woman in Revelation is the mother of Jesus, Mary.

- She gives birth to a son who will rule all nations with a rod of iron and is taken to the throne of God.

Mary as the Ark of the Covenant:

- Mary embodies the symbolism of the Ark as she carries the true bread from Heaven, the high priest, and the Word of God incarnate.

- Her womb is the New Covenant, surpassing the holiness of the Old Covenant's Ark.

- The Ark of the Covenant holds significant symbolism, representing Jesus and the New Covenant.

- Mary, as the mother of Jesus, fulfills the role of the Ark, carrying the embodiment of the Old Covenant's symbols.

- The Ark's location is revealed to be in the temple of God in heaven, emphasizing the fulfillment of the Old Covenant in the New Covenant.

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