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Cracking Dropshipping's Product ID Code

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Seth Kniep's passion is to show people how to create passive income, focusing on Amazon currently

- Received a request from a follower on YouTube about dealing with EAN and bar codes on Amazon

Dealing with EAN and Bar Codes on Amazon:

- UPC codes are necessary to list products on Amazon

- UPC codes can be purchased easily and cheaply on eBay

- Ordering a thousand UPC codes can last a long time if focusing on a few successful products

- Once purchased, UPC codes can be inputted into the product listing on Amazon and accepted

- Seth Kniep is happy to help and make videos specific to questions and concerns

- Will find answers even if he doesn't know them initially

- Have an awesome day and take care!

Guide to BRANDED Dropshipping UNDER $500! (Step By Step)

In the world of e-commerce, it is essential to differentiate your business from the competition. Two effective ways to achieve this are by finding a unique product or branding that product as your own. However, it can be challenging to dropship custom-branded products under $500. This article will provide nifty tips and tricks to find low MOQ items, negotiate with suppliers, and protect yourself by doing due diligence.


1. Alibaba.com: Alibaba.com's low MOQ customization function allows you to buy and customize small batches of items. Additionally, you can use the browse alphabetically function and search for MOQ to find 420,000 low MOQ items to customize.

2. Negotiation: Once you find three to five suppliers who can dropship, make it clear that you want to brand your products and place a small order to test the market. You can negotiate an MOQ of 30 to 40% of the original MOQ and a slightly increased unit price for lower MOQ orders.

3. Due diligence: When placing cheaper and lower quantity orders, it is crucial to ask for legitimate supplier documentation, business addresses and phone numbers, and customer references. Additionally, Alibaba.com's built-in payment protection system can safeguard your orders.


For advanced dropshippers and e-commerce business owners, Alibaba.com's elite partner event provides access to premium suppliers with world-class manufacturing capabilities, hundreds of patents, and partnerships with global companies.

To succeed in e-commerce, it is essential to differentiate your business from the competition. Finding unique products or branding them as your own is crucial. With Alibaba.com's low MOQ customization and browse alphabetically functions, negotiation skills, and due diligence practices, you can dropship custom-branded products under $500 successfully. Additionally, Alibaba.com's elite partner event provides access to premium suppliers for advanced dropshippers and e-commerce business owners.

How Shopify Dropshipping Works

Dropshipping: The Trendy E-commerce Fad Taking Over Social Media Feeds

- Dropshipping is a growing industry that relies on targeted ads to make impulse purchases from a Shopify store.

- Many young consumers are looking for creative ways to make money, and dropshipping has become a popular choice.

- Some sellers say dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme, while others see it as a serious business that takes major hustle to pull off properly.

- The dropshipping world is largely unregulated and without trademarks, so hit products can be sold by anyone.


- In 2020, at age 21, Kamil Sattar's dropshipping sales topped 1.7 million dollars.

- Nick Peroni does dropshipping full-time sourcing sites like AliExpress for low-cost products available directly from suppliers, usually in China.

- False advertising is a big problem in the dropshipping world.

- The dropshipping that fills social media feeds isn't happening on Amazon. It thrives on Shopify.

- Gymshark is building up its legal team to protect intellectual property, but more needs to be done to combat copycat dropshippers.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

- The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

- The dropshipping world is largely unregulated, and without trademarks, so it can lead to months-long shipping times, unvetted products, and unhappy customers facing a challenging overseas returns process.

- To keep shipping times down and quality control up, big dropshippers use agents who know the supply industry in China and a sourcing company to speed up the shipping, but that all costs a lot.

- Dropshipping is here to stay, and it's going to be a cat and mouse game between Shopify and a lot of the more fraudulent dropshippers.

- For those looking to make millions in the current online shopping craze, some say dropshipping should only be the first step in creating a successful sustainable e-commerce business.

How to find Shopify Product ID, Handle, SKU, and Variant ID number

How to Find Variant ID, Product ID, and SKU in Shopify

As a Shopify store owner, it's crucial to know how to find your variant ID, product ID, and SKU. These identifiers help Shopify identify your products, and they can be useful for troubleshooting and integration purposes. In this quick screencast tutorial, we will show you how to find these identifiers.


1. Go to your Shopify admin and open a product.

2. Look at the URL, which should be in the format of yourstorename.com/admin/products/productID.

3. The number after products/ is your product ID, which is Shopify's unique identifier for your product.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the product handle. This slug identifies the product and is used in the search engine listing.

5. If you have multiple colors, styles, or sizes, each of them needs its unique identifier. The handle and ID together identify the entire group of product options.

6. To find the variant ID, change the product options (such as size or color), and watch the number in the URL change. The URL also shows the word variant, which is a giveaway that this number is the variant ID.

7. Another way to find the variant ID is to click on the edit button for the variant, and look at the URL. It will show the product ID and variant ID.

8. To find the SKU, scroll down to the bottom of the variant edit page. The SKU is listed under inventory.

9. If you want to access all the information Shopify has about your product, add .XML to the end of the product page URL. This will show you a human-readable listing of all the data Shopify has about your product, including the product ID, variant ID, and SKU.

Knowing how to find your variant ID, product ID, and SKU is essential for troubleshooting and integration purposes. By following these steps, you can easily access this information and use it to improve your Shopify store's performance.

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

In this video, the speaker addresses the most commonly asked questions about dropshipping, including the pros and cons of this business model. They reveal the truth about dropshipping, which is often misunderstood as a get-rich-quick scheme.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where the online store doesn't carry inventory for the products it sells. When a customer places an order, the online store purchases the products from a wholesale supplier who then ships the order directly to the end customer. As a result, the online store owner does not have to deal with physical inventory or perform any shipping and handling.

Is Dropshipping Legal and Legit?

Dropshipping is 100% legal, as long as you use legitimate dropship suppliers. It is important to work with officially licensed distributors for the brands you carry to avoid liability for fraud.

Does Dropshipping Require a Seller's Permit and a Business License?

In the US, a seller's permit is required to legally sell online. Most states require you to charge sales tax to customers where you have economic nexus, and dropshipping is no exception. If your locality requires a business license, then you must get a business license as well.

How Profitable is Dropshipping?

The margins for dropshipping are much less than other e-commerce business models, with typical margins between 10 and 30 percent compared to 50 to 66 percent for private label and traditional wholesale. However, higher ticket items that yield more revenue per sale are the best products to dropship.

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

Despite the low margins, dropshipping can be a great way to get started selling online. You can start a fully featured e-commerce business that carries hundreds of products for less than three bucks. Dropshipping is worth it for product research, allowing you to list many products online to see what sells and then private label or carry inventory for your best-selling products.

How Does Dropshipping from Your Own Website Work?

If you use a well-supported e-commerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce, setting up dropshipping is a straightforward process. A customer places an order on your site, and the customer's order is electronically transmitted to your dropship supplier, where you are charged the agreed-upon wholesale price for your goods. Your dropship supplier then ships the order to the end customer, and you pocket the difference in cost as profit.

How Does Dropshipping on Amazon and eBay Work?

You can also dropship on Amazon and eBay. Dropshipping on Amazon works by listing your products or selling as a merchant fulfilled seller. When an order is placed on Amazon, you electronically send the order to your dropship supplier who then ships the products to the end customer. Dropshipping on eBay works by listing your products for sale as an auction or store listing. When an order is placed, you electronically notify your supplier who fulfills the order.

How Do Dropshipping Payments Work?

When you sign up with a dropshipping supplier, you'll be asked for a form of payment, and typically, you can pay by credit card or use ACH or direct transfer. The best way to pay a dropship supplier is through payment terms, where some suppliers offer you payment terms so you don't have to pay for your products until 30 or 60 days later.

Where Do You Find Dropshipping Suppliers and Products to Sell?

You can find dropshipping suppliers and products to sell by using Google, a directory like Worldwide Brands, or attending wholesale trade shows. Print on demand companies allow you to print your own designs on select merchandise to sell online without any upfront cost. The best way to find profitable products to sell online is to leverage sales data from Amazon using a tool like Jungle Scout.

When Should You Use Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is best used to collect data for potential products to private label or to buy wholesale because it allows you to instantly sell hundreds of products online without any upfront costs. You can easily test a bunch of products, find out what sells, and then private label your winners.

What Are the Best Dropshipping Companies?

Most dropship companies are middlemen who help online store owners quickly list products from e-commerce marketplaces like AliExpress, Taobao, and 1688. The main advantage of using a dropship company is that you instantly have access to millions of products without having to build relationships or negotiate for pricing.

Dropshipping is a risk-free way to sell products online, but the low margins make

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

Today, I will be sharing with you the top 10 products that you should be selling in 2023. These are validated products that are currently going viral, and I have handpicked each and every one of them so that you can succeed in your Dropshipping Store. In this article, I will be providing an introduction and listing the top 10 products that you can sell. I will also include bullet points and a conclusion if needed. Let's get started!

In this article, I will be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. These products are proven and validated, and I have handpicked each and every one of them so that you can succeed in your Dropshipping Store.

Top 10 Products:

1. Scooper with weight measuring function for food and pet food

- Can be advertised as a food prep and pet product

- Competitor website can be improved upon

- Competitor sells for $19.99, while AliExpress sells for $4.31

- Can be sold for $39.99

2. Heated gloves for winter

- A classic example of Click bait marketing

- Great potential for advertising during winter

- Competitor website can be improved upon

- Competitor sells for $45, while AliExpress sells for $18.32

3. Windshield defroster and portable heater for car

EASIEST Way to Find a Product | Amazon Dropshipping Guide

- Dropshipping on Amazon has changed due to recent policy updates

- Understanding these policies is important to avoid account suspension

Policy Changes:

- Must be identified as the seller on all packaging and information provided with the product

- Responsible for accepting and processing returns

- Must comply with all of Amazon's terms of services

How Dropshipping on Amazon Works:

- Amazon customer purchases product listed on Amazon

- Seller purchases product directly from supplier and gives them customer shipping information

- Supplier sends product to customer without any branded identifiers

Finding Suppliers:

- Look for suppliers who don't put logos or branding on their packaging

- Avoid major retailers like Walmart and Target

- Use online suppliers like AliExpress and C J Dropshipping

Product Research:

- Browse bestsellers, new releases, and movers and shakers pages on Amazon

- Use Jungle Scout's sales estimator tool to find products with high demand

- Use Jungle Scout's opportunity finder tool to find products with low competition and high profitability

Calculating Profit:

- Check average monthly price for product category on Jungle Scout

- Use Jungle Scout's profit calculator tool to calculate profit margin

- Subtract FBA fulfillment fee if dropshipping instead of using FBA

Creating Listings:

- Choose FBM listing type to be responsible for shipping

- Use AliExpress or C J Dropshipping to fulfill orders

- Sample product before listing to ensure quality and branding compliance

- Dropshipping on Amazon requires understanding of policies and careful product research

- Using tools like Jungle Scout and finding trustworthy suppliers can lead to profitable business opportunities

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