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Cracking the Code: Bypass Facebook's Ads Pop-up Messages

Published on: November 17 2023 by Konstantinos Doulgeridis

Cracking the Code: Bypass Facebook's Ads Pop-up Messages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Selected for Advertising Study
  3. Facebook's Focus on Bigger Audiences
  4. The Expand Audience Option
  5. Opting In or Opting Out
  6. Cost Per Purchase May Double
  7. Ignoring Facebook's Scarcity Messages
  8. Allowing Essential and Optional Cookies
  9. Transition to Actions within the Facebook Platform
  10. Conclusion

Selected for Advertising Study

Facebook's new pop-up messages seem to be causing some confusion and concern among advertisers. One particular message that has been circulating is the "Selected for advertising study" notification. Let's take a closer look at what this message means and how it affects your advertising strategy.


Recently, many Facebook ad accounts have been receiving a message stating that they have been selected to participate in a nine-week study to help improve campaign performance. This message implies that your ads using custom audiences may be delivered to people beyond your intended target audience. Naturally, this raises questions about the implications and consequences for advertisers.

Facebook's Focus on Bigger Audiences

With the recent changes made by iOS, Facebook now favors bigger audiences. The opt-out option has resulted in a smaller target audience, leading to the need for advertisers to expand their audiences themselves. Facebook is responding to this by taking your custom audience and attempting to expand it to reach more people, based on the demographics of your existing audience.

The Expand Audience Option

Many advertisers have noticed the "expand audience" option appearing for both regular audiences and lookalike audiences. This feature allows Facebook to further expand the reach of your custom audiences. While this is a strategy employed by Facebook to maintain larger audiences, advertisers have mixed opinions on its effectiveness.

Opting In or Opting Out

The question that arises is whether advertisers should opt into or opt out of the advertising study. Through various tests, it has been found that there doesn't seem to be a significant difference in results whether you choose to opt in or opt out. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your own analysis and preferences.

Cost Per Purchase May Double

Another message that advertisers frequently encounter is the warning that the cost per purchase may double. In the past, Facebook used to display a message to instill fear, stating that running conversion ads with purchase events would result in zero purchases. Now, they warn that the cost per purchase for a specific ad set may at least double compared to previous ad sets. Advertisers are advised to ignore these messages as they are designed to discourage running ads according to your own strategy.

Ignoring Facebook's Scarcity Messages

Facebook's messages regarding scarcity and potential cost increases are meant to push advertisers towards running ads the way Facebook wants rather than focusing on their own objectives. As an advertiser, it is crucial to ignore these messages and continue using the strategies that work best for your specific account. Listening to suggestions from experienced marketers and adopting a data-driven approach will yield better results.

Allowing Essential and Optional Cookies

When logging into the Facebook Ads Manager, you may often come across a prompt regarding cookies for the Facebook browser. It gives you the choice to either allow essential cookies only or allow both essential and optional cookies. If you are an advertiser or have your own brand, it is highly recommended to select the option to allow essential and optional cookies. This will enable Facebook to gather the necessary data within the platform and improve conversions and actions.

Transition to Actions within the Facebook Platform

Due to the changes brought about by iOS, Facebook has shifted its focus towards conducting a majority of actions and conversions within its platform. By keeping users engaged within Facebook rather than diverting them to external sites, Facebook aims to retain data and optimize ad performance. Advertisers should be aware of this transition and adapt their strategies accordingly.


In conclusion, the new pop-up messages on Facebook's advertising platform have raised various concerns and doubts among advertisers. It is crucial to analyze and understand the implications of these messages rather than blindly following Facebook's suggestions. By staying informed, creative, and consistent, you can navigate through these updates and continue achieving success in the realm of online advertising.

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