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Crafting Shopify: Examples of the Craft Theme

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will learn how to set up and customize the Craft theme in Shopify, which is one of the new free themes optimized for OS 2.0. We will also introduce Lai Product Reviews, an affordable Shopify app that enables you to add great-looking product reviews to your store with just a few clicks.

To get started, we will need to make sure that we have added all of our products to our store and added them to collections. Then, we will go ahead and customize the header and announcement bar, select a font for our headings, and edit our color scheme and typography.

We will then go section by section through the home page, adding blocks and editing text as needed. We will add a collage section with images, a collections list, a blog section, and an email sign-up at the bottom.

Throughout the process, we will make sure to save frequently and tweak settings such as section padding and the number of columns on desktop. By the end, we will have a fully customized and visually-focused store that showcases our products and boosts our conversion rates.

Shopify Craft Theme Customization Tutorial | Online store 2.0

In this video, the presenter explains how to customize the Craft Shopify theme for a home and garden niche. They guide the viewer through the process of adding the theme, customizing the header, navigation, announcement bar, rich text, collage collection, video section, email sign-up section, and footer section. They also explain how to customize the slideshow section and product pages. The presenter emphasizes the importance of adding products and having a ready navigation menu before customizing the theme. They also provide tips on how to resize images and assign collections to different sections. The presenter invites viewers to subscribe to their channel and ask any questions in the comment section.

Shopify Craft Theme Customization | Complete Tutorial OS 2.0

Hey guys, Happiness here, and welcome back to my channel, the best place for you to learn about all Shopify tutorials, small business tips, as well as entrepreneurship in general. In today's tutorial, I am going to be showing you guys how to customize your Shopify style using a Craft Shopify theme. So basically, a Craft theme is a theme that has been released recently by Shopify, so it is a really brand new theme that you can use on your Shopify store. So I am going to be showing you today how you can customize this Craft theme.

- Today's tutorial is about customizing your Shopify store using a Craft Shopify theme.

Features of Craft Theme:

- Recently released by Shopify

- Version 2.0

- Free

- Good for telling detailed stories

- Allows for adding videos

- Friendly user interface

Customizing Your Craft Theme:

- Click on Customize

- Start by editing the announcement bar

- Add your brand name and choose a background color

- Upload your logo and select its position

- Edit the Talk about your brand section

- Add collections by adding products first

- Select your product's options, quantity, and tags

- Create a new collection and add the products to it

- Customize your homepage collection by adding and removing sections

- Edit the rich text section to add information about your brand

- Add a video section to show your products visually

- Customize your footer by adding links and information

- By following these steps, you can easily customize your Craft Shopify theme and create a unique online store that showcases your brand and products.

Shopify Dawn & Craft Theme Release & Online Store 2.0 Updates

Did you know that Shopify has released a new free theme called Online Store 2.0? In this article, we'll explore the amazing new features that come with this update, as well as take a closer look at Shopify's newest theme, Dawn.

Features of Online Store 2.0:

1. Customizable sections on every page

- Previously, sections were only available on the homepage

- Now, you can customize every single page to your liking

2. Filter collections by availability, price, and more

- No longer limited to tagging products

- Great new feature to improve user experience

3. Meta fields for custom product information

- Create custom fields such as part numbers, color swatches, launch dates, and more

4. Install or change apps without code using app blocks

- Allows for easy customization without technical knowledge

Dawn Theme:

- Clean and organized design that emphasizes products

- Currency converter and language translator built into the theme

- Room for four products across on product page

- Collapsible tabs for customization and choice of icons

- Lookbook page with mix of photos and video

Craft Theme:

- No hero banner, but large photo linked to dinnerware collection

- Emphasis on blogs with several articles featured on homepage

- Currency and language converters at the bottom

- Meta fields for custom product information

- Zoom feature on mobile version

- Ability to install or change apps without code using app blocks

Online Store 2.0 and the Dawn and Craft themes offer a range of new features that make it easier than ever to customize your Shopify store. With customizable sections on every page, filterable collections, meta fields, and app blocks, the possibilities are endless. Which new feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe for more Shopify tips and tutorials!

Shopify Theme Review Crave, Sense, and Craft | Online Store 2.0 [2022]

Shopify Releases Three New Online Shopping 2.0 Themes

In this episode of the E-commerce Coffee Break Podcast, Klaus reviews the three new online shopping 2.0 themes that Shopify has recently released.

Crave Theme:

- Ideal for food and drink-related shops

- Fits any catalog size and allows for quick setup

- Supports a slideshow and offers a good overview of different collections of products

- Has an email sign-up box and a clean, narrow header

- Recommended for anyone running a food-related business

Sense Theme:

- Ideal for health and beauty-related stores

- Works best with smaller catalogs

- Features a standard product detail layout and energizing theme

- Offers trust-building elements such as reviews and testimonials

- Provides benefits for the brand and an email sign-up in the footer

- Has pre-integrated tabs for additional information

Craft Theme:

- Ideal for brands dealing with home and garden products

- Works well with bigger catalogs and offers high SKUs

- Offers a unique selling proposition and a value proposition for the brand

- Provides bundles and some content marketing for informing and educating about the products

- Offers trust-building elements, including testimonials, and a chance for cross-sell and upsell

- Allows for a drag-and-drop feature for customizing the store

Shopify's new online shopping 2.0 themes provide a range of options for different types of businesses. They are easy to customize and offer a range of features to optimize the user experience. Shopify store owners can choose from a variety of free and premium themes that work well with the new online shopping 2.0 framework.

Transforming Shopify's FREE Theme Craft into a DARK Tech Theme

In today's video, we are going to transform Shopify's free theme, Craft, into a dark tech theme. This is a simple transformation that anyone can do, and I'll walk you through each of my settings. I've also created a free cheat sheet for you, which you can download for free through our private Facebook group.

- Today, we will transform Shopify's free theme, Craft, into a dark tech theme.

- This is a simple transformation that anyone can do.

- We'll walk you through each of our settings and provide a free cheat sheet for you to download.


- Install Craft from your Shopify dashboard.

- Click customize and work on colors in theme settings.

- Switch form fields to transparent in the checkout section.

- Change typography to Poppins font and increase heading font size.

- Customize the logo, sections, and background colors on the homepage.

- Set up the email section as accent two and change the color scheme of the default product page to accent two.

- This transformation is simple and anyone can do it.

- By following our settings, you can transform Craft into a dark tech theme.

- Subscribe to our channel for more content like this and turn on notifications to stay updated.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

In today's video, the focus is on creating a top-notch online store with Shopify's new themes. There are five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features, making it easy for users to customize their stores and offer a better shopping experience to their customers. In this article, we will explore some of the incredible Shopify themes, discuss their features, and help you decide which one is right for your business in 2022.

- Shopify has rolled out new themes for online stores, making it easier for users to customize their stores and offer a better shopping experience to their customers.

- In this article, we will explore some of the incredible Shopify themes and discuss their features to help you decide which one is right for your business.

What is a theme?

- Themes are like the skeleton of your online store, defining what it will look like and its functionality.

- Shopify offers free and paid themes with built-in features, making it perfect for those who are not tech-savvy.

- Users can edit their store without touching any code, making it flexible and easy to customize.

Benefits of Shopify themes:

- Themes are designed to be fast, high-converting, and highly accessible.

- Shopify themes offer industry-leading performance and deep customization, making it easy to get your vision into the real world.

- Online store 2.0 features make it easy to get set up in less than 24 hours, and themes are responsive, ensuring your store looks great on any device.

- Support is

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