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Crafting The PERFECT Shopify Home Page (Shopify Dropshipping)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Crafting The PERFECT Shopify Home Page (Shopify Dropshipping)

The above is a brief introduction to Crafting The PERFECT Shopify Home Page (Shopify Dropshipping).

Let's move on to the first section of Crafting The PERFECT Shopify Home Page (Shopify Dropshipping)!

Crafting The PERFECT Shopify Home Page (Shopify Dropshipping)

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanasa here so what
is the perfect shopify home page
a lot of people believe that the product
page is one of the most important pages
that you should have done correctly on
your shopify store but let me tell you
if you only end up focusing on your
product page you're gonna end up leaving
a lot of sales on the table and here's
exactly why a shopify home page has a
lot of important factors some include
the ability to basically show your
customer or potential customer
that you are not just another drop
shipping store or you're not just out
there to scam people
but rather you have a real established
brand and you care about the customers
more than just
about making a quick buck or even money
as a whole
because in reality the more you show to
your customer that you care about them
rather than the fact that you care more
about getting money the more your
customer is going to be impressed with
and the more money your customers will
give to you so it's very important you
watch this video until the end so you
can be sure that your shopify home page
is done correctly let's just get right
into it the first thing you'll have to
do in order to find any type of success
with the homepage you're about to make
however is to destroy the like button
until it turns blue
prom is not going to take more than two
quick seconds okay hopefully you have
destroyed the like button down below but
why even focus on the homepage why is it
so important why not spend your time
money and energy on doing something else
and here's exactly what the home page is
basically the doorway
to your website think about just any
home out there that you see or your own
home even the first thing that you see
when you're about to enter the home is
the door
leading to your house if the door is
very rusty if it's not really well kept
and it just has crack all over it
there's a very high chance you will not
be satisfied with the overall vibe of
that entire house or you might not even
want to enter that house too often you
might find ways to go outside more often
and that is exactly true when it comes
to a shopify website
the door to your house in this case the
door to your shopify website
is that home page if it is rusty if it
has leaks in it if it's not professional
your potential customer is going to find
it very difficult to continue
browsing through your website let alone
give you their hard-earned money
to buy something from your website
simply because the doorway to your house
was just not properly set up and it's
really not making them feel
any comfort which is why they're wanting
to run away from your website as soon as
possible in cases like these it's very
common to have a very
high bounce rate a lot of people
complaining about having a 90
or above bounce rate but that's simply
because the doorway to your house
was just not well kept right when
somebody landed on it
they were forced to basically leave
because they did not find any type of
comfort with it they were not able to
establish any kind of trust with your
website so
this is why it becomes so important to
have the right doorway to your website
but not only does it make your website
look professional overall
but it can also convert an additional
percentage of customers
especially those who first landed on
your product page but weren't really
satisfied with the price
they may have thought you were charging
a premium which is very common with
google ads and they simply
were looking for reasons to continue
purchasing from you and this is where
your homepage comes into play because a
lot of these people might end up
clicking the home page button
if they see that it is very professional
very laid out with the
exact layout i'm about to show you and
some examples they're much more likely
to convert and in this
in return increases your conversion rate
so it's really important you make sure
your homepage is set up properly but
what is the exact home page layout that
you should have before
before we discuss that it's important to
know exactly what you shouldn't be doing
i have a few websites pulled up here the
first one is a bad example
of a homepage which i want to show you
guys so this website is called
phoebestrode.com and as you guys can see
this is the overall homepage
and you might be looking at this and
thinking that this is a very common drop
shipping layout maybe you even have this
for your shopify store but we're going
to go over exactly why this is bad why
you should not be doing this
let's start at the top so right away at
the top we see a big banner image of a
person holding a shopping bag
and there's a lot of different
accessories right behind this individual
on the banner it says new arrivals
collection get awesome deals by browsing
our awesome collections today
so basically not only did they repeat
the same thing twice
but it's really not telling us anything
about their brand besides the fact that
this website
is really heavily focused on their
products to this website
the product is the main thing rather
than me the customer or my satisfaction
this is how a potential customer thinks
when they see something like this so
this is not really too impressive
nothing that would make me want to
continue shopping
at this point if i was a potential
customer i would just leave this because
it really shows me what kind of focus
this brand has and what they're really
after so if we scroll down
we can see that they're toking about
the top selling product they have a lot
of products here which are basic drop
products scroll down new arrivals sell
more products scroll down and again
trending products so even more products
if we weren't already satisfied with
this list right here
and if you scroll down even more
products latest products and as you guys
can see
it's basically a product based website
all they really care about is the
products they don't really show anything
about their brand
about why i should buy from them and so
forth here at the very end in
very unprofessional and different colors
they have
trust badges right here so it says fast
shipping 24 7 guarantee and easy payment
so what these different colors do is
that it makes the entire website
look a little bit jumbled up and
unprofessional because these are three
different colors
and the website is not really following
one specific color
theme which should follow basically two
colors or so so this is really not that
good for their website it's just gonna
make things worse
and make people not want to purchase
from them or even
trust what they're saying right here and
then at the very bottom they have a
section to again
offer us more promotions and deals so
this is again going back to the fact
that they want to just keep on selling
those things
and at the very end they do have a lot
of information such as mailing address
phone addresses and so forth but
by this time by the time they get to the
end and see these trust badges
the damage has already been done with
all of these different products and
collections around these products all
they did was show us that they didn't
really care
about the potential customers so this is
what you want to do if you want to drag
people away from your website
if you want to have a low conversion
rate but exactly what should you be
doing in case
you want to be the opposite you want to
have a very high conversion rate and
exactly the perfect home page layout so
at the very top here's exactly what you
want to do
you want to have a very clear image
showcasing happy people
or something general which promotes
happy feelings and i'm going to be
showing you guys two examples of this
done right on
example websites in a second but it want
you want to have a very clear image at
the very top showing happy people or
just something in general
which induces happy feelings if it's a
general store you might want to do
something like a very generic beach
themed banner image or just nature
banner image or something
similar along those lines which again
promotes happy feelings because
that is going to want a customer to keep
on scrolling through remember
not to do what the first website does
which is just tok about shopping or
have somebody have an image where people
are shopping and so forth because
that is just going to make things worse
for you second thing is after that you
want to have a clear set of trust badges
right below the first banner image and
these trust badges should be followed by
the product section because note
the following order we're having people
trust us first before selling them
we're not having the products first
simply because if we just sell them the
products and this is their first time on
our website
there is no reason for them to trust us
for them to give us their hard-earned
money so in
that case what we want to do is instead
we want to give them a clear set of
trust badges
which should at least help a little bit
in increasing their trust for us because
that will at least let them know we're
just not after their money and then show
them the products
in the products section however here's
what you want to do instead of having
multiple products section
like the first website did you want to
have four rows within this product
section with up to 16 different products
four products per row and below that you
want to have the collection section so
no more
of those unnecessary products where it
says trending products new products
hot products and so forth like the first
website did just one simple section with
products followed by the collection
section for the collection section
you want to have up to two different
of items right here so you can have up
to eight different collections so if
it's home and garden
baby products and so forth you want to
have four collections in the first line
and then four more collections in the
second line because
that is exactly what a proper layout
should be of the website
and this should be followed by then
having a reviews
slash testimonial section and at the
very end you want to have an instagram
post section
which is basically optional at this
point but it can definitely add a lot of
that extra trust factor that you need
to have your customers convert so now
that we covered the basic layout
let's go on over and see the example
websites i have for you guys
so the first example website i have for
you guys is called gizmopremium.com this
a website that basically caught my eye
simply because of the very simple
straightforward layout that it had now
keep in mind that this website is also
not perfect and does not perfectly
follow the layout i just mentioned
however it does get very close and it
has some features that you need to
definitely look into
to make your entire website much more
professional so the first thing is
at the very top they don't have just one
image but they have a changing set of
images right here with the same exact
only the shirts are changing so this is
something i really thought was
interesting and cool because a lot of
drop shipping websites
don't really do this but one thing i
don't like is that right here they say
cheer yourself up with a new product
not only is this an improper english but
also this is toking about products
which we don't want to do rather they
would want to be toking about some kind
of sale going on
or just have a simple shop now button
and that would have been enough but what
they do next kind of overrides this
simply because
they do follow the directions which i
just went over so right after that they
do have these trust badges right here
first one is shipping perks money back
customer service and finally non-toxic
better quality products so
these four against very unique because
not a lot of websites really tok about
non-toxic products so this makes them
stand out of the crowd and
they're toking they have different
trust badges right at the very top right
below the main image
which kind of helps add a little bit of
extra trust to
their overall website if you scroll
below they don't have the product
section right here
instead they have the collection section
but what i want you guys to notike is
that their collection images
very high quality in a very similar
manner so all of it basically
blends in together very well and it
matches the overall theme that they have
for their website so
this is something you want to be doing
and right here they have six different
collections you can do this
or you can have four different
collections per line but make sure to
have this right below the product
but they do have a section right here
which is why choose us again
a very important thing to have and this
sort of acts like another trust badge on
your home page
so you definitely want to be looking
into this as well but right here is
where they have the featured products
looking at the products
it's very obvious it's a drop shipping
website but what i personally recommend
is that you have this products
section right below the main trust
badges and that should be followed by
the collections
or you can have a why choose us section
right after the product section
followed by the collection section below
that they have another special
section right here which says sign up
and get 25 off one thing i don't like is
that they don't have a section right
here to enter my email address
because that would have been better that
way i could have signed up to get that
coupon code
but right below that they have the
testimonials and reviews section which
is what you should have as well
right after the collection section on
your website so
right here is all of the testimonials of
course you want to make yours much more
and make it stand out a bit basically
have it popping out with different
colors and so forth so
people actually end up reading the
reviews and at the very end you want to
have something similar like this a
follow us on instagram section
in case you were not sure what that even
means this is basically it
this can be achieved with a app that you
can download on shopify if you're
wanting more info on the app let me know
in the comments section i'll provide the
link for that app
for you guys but at the very end they
have a very simple footer menu
toking about the different policy pages
different payment options and so forth
so very simple
straightforward and to the point but
this is exactly what you want to be
doing especially if you have a general
store now
you may be thinking what should you do
if you have a niche store or a one
product store
in that case you want to follow the
second website's overall layout
for the home page so on the homepage
right when we land we see something
they have a very clear professional
image of a woman laughing which
induces happy feelings because people
like seeing other people laugh it makes
them feel good about themselves so this
is exactly what this website does right
on the left they're toking about some
diy things so it says diy at home
aqua facial treatment is here and
instead of describing the product and
its specifications it says
get the same brilliant results as a
professional aqua facial treatments
in the comfort of your home at a
fraction of a cost so
not only is it toking about the cost
itself it's also describing what they're
going to achieve
when they use this kind of product and
then they have a shop now button at the
very professionally exactly what you
want to be doing for your own home page
as well right below that they have a
section which toks about
the product itself why it is
revolutionary why it kind of brings
and so forth again a very important
section to have in this case this acts
like a trust badge
for this website and in this case this
is a one product store so it only has
that one product right at the top right
here below the trust badge
you want to do this as well and they
have laid this out very professionally
and in a very different manner than you
would see
as a normal drop shipping store right
below that they actually have the
testimonials section because they don't
really need a collection section
here for just one product the thing
about this reviews section
is that these reviews are all active and
live which just adds to the
trustworthiness of this website
and it really makes people want to trust
this website but in addition
the reviews themselves are very big and
laid out very professionally so again
another reason why a potential customer
would want to trust them
and what i like is that they have added
these action-based buttons
right on their homepage so add to cart
button with a small trust badge
because they don't want people to just
go through their homepage and not really
take any action so they've added that to
cart button right here
much easier to do for one product stores
and these stores rather than for general
stores but below that they have more
reviews more testimonials
toking about their product and finally
a section to subscribe this could be
made better because this could tok
about a coupon code
or a discount these people could get if
they entered their email below and then
more trust badges at the end and this is
followed by the footer menu which goes
over a lot in detail so
as you guys can see this basically
follows the entire layout which we just
went over right here
first of all you want to have a clear
image showcasing happy feelings or happy
followed by a clear set of trust badges
there can be various different ways you
set up these trust badges
with a product section right below that
in four rows maybe up to even 16
products followed by a collection
with two rows up to eight different
collections followed by a review slash
testimonial session and finally to end
it off
with the instagram post section at the
very end so these things really help add
a lot of trust to your overall home page
and as i already said
the home page is the doorway to your
website so you want to make sure
the doorway is set up properly it looks
very fancy very unique
because otherwise people are not going
to come through your door and look at
the entire house in this case your
entire website but
if you're wanting more direct help with
all the things i mentioned or even
with google ads which is what i
specialize in i do currently offer
one-on-one google ads mentoring
you can message me on instagram
dedicated young to find out more
but if you find any type of value in
this video smash that like button and
smash that subscribe button and i'll see
you guys next time

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