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craigslist free ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Post FREE Ads on Craigslist To Make Money

in this video i will tell you how to,post ads on craigslist 100,for free how to make money on craigslist,100 for free,by posting free ads on craigslist my,name is alex i've been using craigslist,since 2018 to promote affiliate offers,and make money with affiliate and cpa,marketing,offers on craigslist if you want my,craigslist step-by-step blueprint course,it's on sale today for only thirty,dollars,i repeat it's on sale today for only,thirty dollars normally it's a 100,price point if you want that discount,today all you have to do is give me a,number below,text the number below to get it grab it,today but anyways,how to post free ads on craigslist and,where to post them,so the community section of craigslist,i've had success right,you can post free ads in the child care,section of craigslist right certain cpa,offers,work good in the child care section you,can also go to the community section,and post in the general area right,general area and as you can see,wow look at this i think this is,uh this is an affiliate offer right,there see other people are posting,affiliate offers in the general section,and it's 100 for free you can also post,in the pet section of craigslist,for certain affiliate offers and,clickbank offers right there,so that's number one number two is you,can come over to services right,if you ever make money online,opportunity hey look at here,a small business ad hmm if you have a,small business,why not post it in the small business,section services right i've had success,posting intel right in the all the motor,services,you guys remember motor club of america,boom motor club of america you can,promote motor club of america benefits,right here,that's how you can make money uh that's,just an easy way to make money,with motor club of america see creative,right,creative you can post in the creative,section right there are different ways,to post 100,for free and then make money by posting,free ads on craigslist,if you know what you're doing and you,know the right offers to promote,so section one is community,section two is services and section,three is resumes right because,people and resumes are looking for jobs,right so if you have a business,opportunity,you can come over here and promote free,section there's always a gig section,right,i recommend the gig section because you,can post you know an ad for three to,five ten dollars and get lots of um,uh hits right so let's go to the labor,section of new york normally,the labor section will be filled with,with like make money online work from,home opportunities,as you can see right here there's no one,in the labor section,posting any type of affiliate offers any,type of make money online opportunities,so if you have the right offer and you,know how to create the ad correctly,that's the biggest thing create the ad,correctly then you can get lots of leads,leveraging craigslist ads right but the,gig,section is money right the gig section,is three to five to ten dollars per ad,but the free section is the community,section i've had,uh success with child care i've had,success by posting in general,i've had success by posting the pet,section the service section i've also,had success,by posting in the service section under,right creative,under um you know labor and move on the,small business ad so here are three ways,to post ads on craigslist,100 for free if you want my craigslist,training for only 30,today text the number below but let's,make some more money thank you for,watching

Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (Game)

does Craigslist hold the free key to,Holiday gifting let's tok about that,[Music],good mythical morning before we get neck,deep in the weird part of Craig's List,just a heads up that this is the final,week of season 20 of Good Mythical,Morning 20 was a big one and a quick one,well time flies when you're streaming an,entire day for charity get R-rated on,Good Mythical evening launching a,surprise horror series on tiktok plus,an animated GMM episode plus every,single other episode of GMM that we,delivered to your internet Dorsey yeah,we want to thank our team the the team,they've got a great theme,thank you mythical crew for an amazing,season and thank you for making us a,part of your daily routine yeah so this,wraps up this week wraps up season 20,but don't worry we're going to still be,here for the next two weeks counting,down the best moments of 2021 on Monday,Wednesday and Friday and then before you,know it we'll be back in 2022 yes 2022,kicking off not just season 21 of GMM,but also marking the 10 year anniversary,of the show there's lots to look forward,to beginning right now forget Oprah's,Favorite Things this holiday season look,no further than your Hollow Daddy's and,a guy we met on the internet named Craig,s list you may not be able to put a,price on holiday spirit but can we put a,price on some freaky objects and spend,just a little too long in someone's,basement and are they good enough to,give to our loved ones so many questions,it's time for Twas the Night Before,Christmas and Santa had extra special,gifts all his elves went on strike so he,resorted to Craigslist the game the crew,is so forced only the finest strange,items Craigslist had to offer we haven't,seen any of these ourselves some of them,were free some of them were paid for and,that's really what we're going to be,competing to do to guess which ones were,paid for and which ones were free we get,one point for each correct guess lot,lots of free stuff on Craigslist,apparently uh if the item is revealed to,have cost money though we're gonna get,to guess how much we paid for it and,whoever's closest wins the point for,that round and gets a bonus point if,they were within ten dollars of the,price that the crew paid for it in the,end the winner we'll get to choose one,item from the game to take home as a,very special holiday gift for himself,that he can snuggle with all night long,hope you guys are ready to start this,round with some pep because first up,we've got a vintage Burbank Bulldogs,cheerleading uniforms the Bulldogs oh,snap pom-poms,they still use these oh man the smell,that came off of these oh don't shake oh,man there's some Burbank coming off of,these pom-poms this is a like Burbank,hormones,this is the thick,uniform man feel it at oh that's nice,they don't make them that thick anymore,this is hot this will be hot to wear,you're not making that thick oh look at,that and there's a nice,lining I'm gonna have to try this on,later uh,if I get it if I win I'll try it on for,you and give Mythical More okay good,this meant something to someone at some,point this was like Burbank This was,like the peak of someone's life,potentially,and then they just gave it up,super vintage retro is how they,described it for free would you throw in,super vintage and retro if you thought,that it was free,um okay ready to guess yeah three two,one paid,we agree you guys you got us of course,this is paid it's super vintage in retro,but the question is how much did we pay,for it uh okay,okay I mean this is this is kind of cool,I could definitely see this hanging from,the rafters in a TGI Friday,Burbank Burbank Burbank got a fried Ace,no Chase has said no Burbank does not he,has a full list of restaurants let's,change this is there something that I,can there's Barney's Beanery he has,access to his Burbank directory that is,close okay there's an Outback all right,I think you paid 43 okay I went a little,bit lower of 29.,guys we paid a hundred dollars for it,it's super retro vintage 100 link was,closer but he does not get the bonus,bonus because I don't get a third if he,gets a point all right I'll take it all,right no I'm I'm taking this yeah yeah,you can have it,there's no better way to introduce this,next item than the way it's original,Craigslist poster did do you make,prodigious amounts of Gumbo congrats,guys you are now the proud owners of a,50 pound bag of Gumbo powder oh my God,gumbo powder,jumbo powder what what the heck is gumbo,powder 50.,well it's coming out the bottom already,oh my gosh dude this is gumbo powder,it's it's a it's a blue trash bag it's,just gumbo powder,what what's gumbo powder it's used to,make gumbo no it's just seasonings why,would you need that much,if you're a gumbo file I guess if you,work at a restaurant,hmm okay all right,you can make a lot of Gumbo you can make,this go really really really really far,all right I want to guess if you if you,put all this in one pot of Gumbo though,it wouldn't go as far and that would I,think that would be a different dish if,the pot was the size of a pool,three two one three oh shoot you went,with it too yeah I think a restaurant,closed and they're like just get rid of,it I don't want it anything reminding me,that my restaurant failed my gumbo,restaurant in Burbank,two for two it was free it was in Mar,Vista and now we have to give it away on,Craigslist for free yeah well no no no,let's make a big gumbo foreign,next up we've got a prop from none other,than JoJo siwa's holiday party,very large and,um honestly I am supremely personally,curious uh Lucas what what tell us about,how you picked this up uh I got this,from nearly normal Norman which was his,name for himself in Sherman Oaks okay um,and while well it was so big so we were,waiting for Michaela to come with the,truck he took me in his house which was,usually a No-No but yeah following,Craig's always a No-No and he had a full,Western like City in his backyard that,was like maybe 30 feet long and was a,facade like fake ghost town what and he,was obsessed with the west and I asked,him why and he said because I've always,been weird,um and yeah we should like do a whole,segment with nearly normal norm and this,guy is nearly normal I love Las Vegas,Angeles man because that you just that's,the kind of thing that can happen you,just go in somebody's backyard and it's,a western town wait but did he say it,all like I got this from JoJo's yeah,yeah I mean how do we know this is,authentik JoJo siwa so,he said that JoJo siwa lives in Sherman,Oaks and that's all he would say to me,so my assumption was stealing from Joe,was that he found it in the dumpster,like that's just basically what I think,happened but that doesn't reveal,anything of what we did with it yes,that's my he's going through JoJo's,trash,Jojo I love how it's the letter u space,tube sensation,party,JoJo YouTube sensation Christmas party,prop no text that's how that's how I,refer to YouTube when I'm toking about,parents,okay so the question is did we pay,something for this that was from the,dumpster or not in three two one paid we,paid for it because yeah because this is,his business he goes in the dumpsters,and then he sells things yeah yeah yeah,yeah we did we did pay for it and who,wouldn't look at it how much does he,think,it's huge I think it should just live,there I think our set needs a little bit,of an update and most of it needs to be,blocked by,um a hornless unicorn is the yellowing,purposeful I cannot tell yeah the horse,has jaundice got it got it,how much did he think someone would pay,for it but he was wrong except that we,did pay for it yeah,that's how I went about that,okay what'd you say I said 125. ah 75,going to disappoint you we paid 175,dollars whoa we did,175. now what are we gonna do with it uh,burn it,we have crafted a special holiday treat,for mythical Society members and it's,not too late to join because you want to,experience this Robert the mythical,party magician has his very own holiday,magic special

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Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (GAME) ft. Ben Schwartz

nothing in life is free unless it comes,from Craigslist let's tok about that,[Music],good mythical morning and happy Labor,Day and laboring with us today is one of,the stars of the new film Blue Iguana,Ben Schwartz welcome thank you thank you,so much for clapping I appreciate it,you're welcome,they love to clap here no they do it,sporadically and with semi emotional,levels of enjoyment does your audience,clap whilst watching your videos or no,it's a great course I would like to,[Music],stuff real quick,now speaking of FBI stuff in clandestine,stuff happening in your movie so you,play an ex-con I do you go to London to,still a rare Jim hmm that's called the,Blue Iguana right yeah but you didn't,know that you don't have to travel all,the way to London to get a rare Jim,that's true you can find those on,Craigslist I know what idiots are we,were so the movie makes no sit literally,right now grass stop it comes out on the,24th if this is coming out after it I,guess just erase it if you've already,bought it,erase it I'm so glad that you're you're,so with this yeah I am I'm ready for the,and instead you could replace the movie,with just taking items from Craigslist,that could be free yes and those are the,Jim's,and I've just heard about this and it,makes me very excited and then you can,determine what's this free or did,somebody pay for it and then hand it to,me mm-hmm-hmm,that's the game we're about that's,exactly what we're going to do it's time,for,all right so here's what happened like I,said our crew has collected items from,all over the Los Angeles area that have,been listed on Craigslist now we have,not seen any of these no you haven't,either no I have not I'm not cheated,some of them were free some of them,required legal tender they were,purchased and we have to guess if it was,free or not if we get it right we each,get a point we're competing against each,other I love it now if it is revealed,that the item actually cost money we,have the opportunity to guess exactly,how much it cost whoever's closest will,receive a bonus point for that round and,then whoever guesses the most right in,the end gets a prize and that prize is,actually taking one of these Craigslist,items home is that true round one all,right Stevie what do we have first our,first item is a horse head the,description states ceramic horse head,wall art from 1950 excellent condition,well was this item free or did we pay,for it,well with that thing increasing value,from zero to zero that is an excellent,horse head I mean it's got like vane,artikulation on the snout this is gonna,be harder than I thought it was I,thought it would be just like a piece of,actual like trash okay,I think can I write that you're showing,the people is his bad side it's like you,don't wanna I'm showing myself because,I'm playing the game okay,[Music],all right and let's reveal in three two,one,freebies I said money both of you guys,disagreed with me thinking NSYNC it,Oh what try okay dude this and try to,spell a word looking at that screen it,is Nair impossible ready just try to,write bad boy for those of you don't,know there's a screen down here that bin,can't stop looking out we're all amazing,it's incredible that's his bad boys he,was right you're you're excited about,this horse we paid for it in order to,get that bonus point I need you to write,down what you think this is great guys,I'm really happy we did this,yeah I'm really confident about this,really like a special connection to that,I know though okay definitely what I'm,picking I'm gonna I'm gonna say how much,we paid and then we can see you guys,that sounds great okay buddy that's,great we paid $20 also well let's review,what would you guys think man you win,this Superman well also the person who,gave this to us was three hours late to,the agreed-upon meetup time and to make,up for it she threw in a free box of,unopened tops hockey cards from the 90s,that's we paid $20 though sir - all,right Stevie what do we have now,this next item was listed as a red heart,according to creator this is a handmade,art mushroom stool was this item free or,did you pay for it is a heart but then,on the side its barked is it actual work,man this is heavy,crud what on you guys oh it's a real,thing no one ever sat on this this was,made this is new there's there there's,absolutely nowhere on this at all know,that heart has not been touched that is,a fresh heart the game is misleading now,I'm trying to play the game because,surely this would cost money look at it,it's a gorgeous beautiful piece of art,but it's the person who would make heart,art is the kind of person that might,just give it away for like this you know,love I love the deep dives we do on our,product it's big what are you gonna do,with it get rid of it I'm playing the,game not my heart I'm playing the game,and not my heart okay okay he's in it to,win it as they say let's see in three,two one,it was free guys this is free we all,agree it is free set your heart free you,guys are all right it was free the,person who we got this from says that,she typically charges $15 for these,tools but quote due to it not being,perfectly made this one is free there,are no imperfections this is it because,it's a broken this next item was simply,listed as bottle caps with this item,free or did we pay for it then you want,to do the honors yeah let's see what we,got in there right now we have a ton of,Guinness we have a couple seller they're,all they're all beer bottle tops but,this is free but it's it's so money like,I'm listening you have my attention,just like cartoon money and also there's,the machines around town you can just go,in just drop these in and coins come out,for bottle caps yeah right I just don't,get it,someone someone put this on Craigslist,as a joke by the way if there's,largeness replay you caught that so,beautifully and you act like it wasn't a,big deal happens all the time I'm very,athletik,Wow sorry okay ready three two one $3.00,in 47 I think I think you're I think you,may be playing the game incorrectly I'm,just getting on with it,we got these for free the person to us,was only gonna give us half of them the,other half they wanted to sell to us but,when we told them we're using them for a,fine art project they give it to us for,free,oh okay now what are we gonna do with,them impress Bennigan's this next item,was listed as healthy broccoli chicken,dinner according to the contains chicken,yams raw broccoli steak and potatoes and,it was quote made on Tuesday it's about,a week old on Craigslist is this like a,blue apron situation is Craigslist this,is blowing my mind this is this is like,homemade blue apron red apron you can't,you can't you can't you can't,and it's good I mean this is good stuff,this is holy you're gonna lose money and,we're asking for what all three of these,together are yeah let's go let's play,links rules from the last round so if,you think it cost something why don't,you go ahead and write down how much you,think it costs all right well let's go,one at a time then link freak no way,yeah it's I think it's to help people,who need food and we shouldn't have,taken it yeah I think someone's being a,good Samaritan,and we took advantage of it for the sake,of entertainment okay Ben,I say 1250 is that per month he made too,much food and he was leaving town he,didn't like to waste food so that's,that's so nice what a great guy didn't,think about that partikular angle,drowned by next we have a sports squad,FX 48 foosball table oh yeah the post,reads used but assembled thought the,kids would play more but they don't so,it's just taking up space still in,pretty good condition one soccer ball,okay,sports squad you know what the last,thing I got off Craigslist was a,foosball table and you know how many,times that thing's been places it's been,in my house three over the past few,years I thing's only been used three,times oh I should put it back for ibly,large item that no one has a use for but,everyone thin

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How to Make Money Flipping Free Stuff Off Craigslist | Million Dollar Comeback Week 1 & 2

hey guys what's going on so it is week,two right now i just moved into this,awesome co-working space these last,couple weeks have been super crazy if,you want to see how i got here,watch this video i'm mike black and i'm,giving up everything,during a global pandemic the world,economy has been crippled by covet,but with the right mindset we can get,through this,i believe right now is one of the best,times to reinvent yourself,and so i'm putting everything on the,line to prove it,i drink my bank account to zero dollars,got rid of all my belongings,and i cut off my entire network i walked,away from my seven figure business and,i'm now going by the name,scott i'll have 12 months to build a new,business,and go from zero to a million dollars,this is the million dollar comeback you,have to just put,stuff out there,it's something really hit me i don't,know what else to tell you there's a lot,more work to do,[Music],all right so this week's video is me a,little bit different than most,unfortunately it was a little bit tricky,to get good shots,because i wasn't revealing my identity,to isaac,our film team wasn't able to come out,and really shoot that much so i'm going,to be recapping,everything that happened here at the,office,all right so day one was super tough i,met isaac how do y'all he was nice,enough to drive 20 minutes to pick me up,and give me a place to stay,but i'm still broke today's not going,well this is not a good start,i didn't have anything other than one,pair of clothes and a cell phone with,internet,so the first thing i had to do is figure,out how do i make money,so it's 8 30 a.m slept in this rv last,night,it's nice to like actually get some,sleep it was pretty dark last night when,i was toking i also was a,little emotional so it was a very very,tough day,nothing was going as planned some nudist,dude invited me to his nudist party,we'll see how things go from here now i,just need to make some money so i can,get some toiletries get a new pair of,clothes and then,and it's off to the races okay so here,is,the rv campground uh this is the rv,that i slept in last night isaac was,nice,enough to give me some like bars so i,got to eat,i still have one pair of clothes,which is really gross i smell pretty bad,today i'm just gonna spend all day just,looking for jobs,i just need some money so i can get on,my feet that's it,it's like 10 am i think something like,that so we have,we have all day to figure some stuff out,now the big challenge here with making,money is that i didn't have a car i,didn't have transportation,so the conclusion i came up with is that,i have to flip things remotely from my,phone,one of the best things to sell are,tables,tables are really good people like love,tables with chairs,those sell really quick so what i,started doing is just taking ads on,craigslist in the free section,putting it on facebook marketplace and,selling it for a profit,i just sold my first couch for 100 bucks,i acted as the middleman,handling all the logistiks between the,buyer and the seller,let's do it baby we're in business the,first day i did this i made my first,fifty dollars in profit a hundred,dollars in revenue the second day i made,two hundred and fifty dollars in profit,on day two,i officially have 300 in my bank account,now so i was posting this a lot on,instagram and i had so many people reach,out to me and ask me,mike how are you doing this so what i,want to do is show you exactly step by,step,how i go about flipping stuff from the,free section of craigslist on facebook,marketplace,i do this on the phone typically but i'm,doing a screen recording here so i'll,show you how to do it on the computer i,go to the free section,of whatever area i'm trying to target,this looks like a nice couch right here,so i'll click on this,so i'll look at the pictures make sure,there's no issues i'll save,all these images and i'll copy this text,and,i will go to facebook marketplace you,just go over here you hit create a new,listing,items for sale and you get started here,so then like,again we'll copy all this stuff we'll,add it in here i'll put a title for it,description i'll just like make the text,better and then we'll hit post,now before i do that i will reach out to,the person so i'll open up my email here,and i'll say hey,okay so then i send this message here,pretty much to say is still available,i'm really interested in the couch,i really want them to call me my goal is,to get them on the phone so i can,explain what i'm doing here,you'll have a much better conversion,rate on the phone than you will like,replying to emails and telling them what,you're doing,after i send that then i'll just like,wait for them to respond now,all of a sudden you get start getting,all these messages so let me go to some,messages okay so like here's an example,of a message someone's like,is this available i can get today i'm,ready whenever blah blah blah,once the person selling it agrees to,this then you have to handle the,logistiks,i pulled off something today that i'm,pretty happy about someone wanted a,couch,and they said hey can you deliver it,instead of making excuses and going oh,no i can't do that,i closed the sale i started posting like,hey looking for a delivery person blah,blah blah,i had four or five people reach out to,me that want to do deliveries now,this is big whenever i need delivery i,have people,that are ready to deliver if you want to,be successful in business,one of the most important things is just, care,after you have sold the item they'll be,really happy like people have said to me,like oh my god this made my weekend all,this stuff,asked them like do you have anything,else you need help selling someone i,sold a couch for had four more couches i,was able to sell for them,that's it if you're interested in doing,this that's how we do a baby hope you,enjoyed,this flipping video so that's exactly,how i went about taking free items on,craigslist and flipping them,on facebook marketplace all you need is,a cell phone,with internet no excuses,don't include that,coming out of the weekend i made 300,bucks and to figure out what am i going,to spend this money on,what are the first things i'm going to,buy so there was a walmart,and a thrift store right next to each,other on the way to where isaac goes to,work,so isaac was able to give me a ride to,walmart drop me off,and i was able to get all the essential,things that i need we're at,walmart ready to get some stuff so the,first thing i got at walmart was,underwear one of the unfortunate things,about this project was the first couple,days,i had to shower and then put my clothes,back on,i'm very very very very very very,excited to get close tomorrow look how,gross this is,and i get to put these boxers back on,that i've been wearing for the last,three days isn't that nice,it was so disgusting so gross i was so,pumped when i got my first,pair of underwear that was actually,clean,so i bought 10 pairs of underwear 12,pairs of socks,i got deodorant so i didn't smell,anymore,it's all right and then i got food but i,didn't spend a lot of money i think i,only spent 30 bucks on food,all i've had for the last three days is,just like one protein bar every day,i'm hungry i ate real good the first,week i got canned tuna,i got canned beans i got spaghetti with,no sauce,i have beans for breakfast and lunch,and i got a gallon bottle of water so i,could keep reusing it and refilling it, bug in here god damn it dude i,gotta get,out of here we're drinking premium bug,water,it's actually a new craze it's called,high protein water,so after doing all that i went across,the street to goodwill,the first place we went to actually,wasn't the right goodwill,they moved to all the way over there,which really sucks i was lugging all of,my groceries,this is why it's called the comeback so,i got 10 shirts and i got eight pairs of,shorts,i just found these pants and they're,literally the same pants that i used to,have,and mankata is wearing them right now,l

How to Post Ads on Craigslist *100% FOR FREE!!!*

hey everyone Michael O'Brien here just,wanted to do a really quick video on how,to make a Craigslist ad if you're not,already posting on Craigslist I suggest,you do a lot of my leads come from,Craigslist it's very easy to use takes,only about five minutes to make a post,and best of all it's a hundred percent,free if you're posting in the events,section so in order to do this all you,have to do is just make an account once,you made an account choose the city that,you want to post in for this one we're,going to go ahead and post in Los,Angeles you're going to scroll down at,the bottom here where it says services,and we're gonna choose event you see,here these are all two different,postings that are four people have made,it looks like jumpers and bouncy castles,and stuff from very popular as you can,see and you can also start search the,event services you want so if you do,magician and just like this you see a,bunch of different magicians who are,actually posting in our area you'll even,find a few of my postings in here,alright so to make a post you're gonna,go up to the top right hand corner click,the post button click service offered,and event services now Los Angeles is,broken up into these subcategories here,so for the sake of this one let's go,ahead and do Central LA this is your,main posting page go ahead and post a,title here I'll do this one hire a,professional magician for your event,today great deals I like to put some,kind of hook in there to get people to,actually click on it and people like,great deals so they'll probably click on,it a specific location I'm all over LA,so we'll do Los Angeles it forces you to,put in a zip code so we'll go ahead and,put this one here and then you're gonna,go ahead and make a post in your body,this lets people know what services you,offer as well as your contact,information and if you have some kind of,you know discount or some kind of,special offer suggest putting it in,there too for me I do fifty dollars cash,for,girls have a referral program and there,was a link for it there once you've made,that you're gonna go to your contact,info this is how they're gonna contact,you so if you leave this first one here,this CL mail relay if you leave that,checked basically what that means is,that your contact information will,remain hidden,so anyone the emails you will only see,your contact information as a generated,email created by Craigslist,this is a really good idea if you don't,want people knowing your personal,information however for me personally I,like to check show my real email address,because I actually want people to know,my email address I also highlight,contact by phone and by text message one,there goes my phone number and my name,now I suggest that you create a business,phone number so you're not giving you a,personal one,me personally I don't really care too,much about spam I get a lot of tell them,telemarketing calls and stuff because I,post on Craigslist all the time if you,don't mind getting telemarketing calls,and stuff like that go ahead and put,your phone number here if you do mind it,I suggest leaving this section blank,don't fill this out and also see mail,the CL mail relay section if you don't,want spam because by filling out this,contact info you're gonna get a lot of,spam and then down here it says show on,maps now I suggest unchecking this box,if you're mobile like if you're just you,know doing shows at different locations,and stuff like that I would uncheck it,however if you do have an actual,physical location like if you own a,magic shop or if you actually have like,an entertainment firm that people can,walk into physically and actually hire,you then I would suggest filling this,out but otherwise go ahead and uncheck,it alright go ahead and click continue,this is gonna take you to your images,page,ah let's see here let's sorry I should,have had this already here we go so,let's go ahead and check all of these,takes about ten seconds,you're allowed to upload 24 photos for,the photos I suggest you upload some,promo photos but also make sure that,you're uploading photos that feature you,performing magic for like real people so,as you can see here these first few were,promo photos for different work that,I've done promo photo for my reviews,showing that I have a 5 star rating but,then once you get past the promo photos,you're gonna notike a lot of photos,feature me actually performing for,people there's a great reaction photo,there photos that showcase your,personality and you want to try to get,photos that are good you know high,quality of you and your actual element,while you're working this way you're,creating an experience for them so when,I pitch myself to my clients I like to,not just tell them you know oh this is,the kind of magic I do and you know I'm,really good you should book me but I try,to frame this experience for them you,know your guests are gonna have a good,time and you know you're not gonna have,to worry about your entertainment,everyone's gonna get you know involved,people whose minds are gonna get blown,people are gonna look like this girl,here with the oh my god face and all,that good stuff and then I like to put a,couple of screenshots of of reviews not,necessary but it works so like I said,you're allowed to post 24 images it only,posted 22 sometimes there's a server,error when you're uploading but it'll,tell you which photo didn't post so it,looks like image 22 didn't post if I,want to try again and just go down here,I think 22 and 23 didn't post but we're,just gonna fix this one and it should,there it goes it'll drop it in right,there at the bottom and you can move,these around too if you want to so if,you're not happy with the order that,they're in I have them in a pre-arranged,order at the beginning so I don't have,to mess with it,cuz I post every day so it takes too,long if you want to mess with it but,like let's just say I wanted this photo,down here for some reason you can just,drag it like that,and then when you're done with images,you click done and then it'll give you a,little preview this is what your actual,posting is going to look like,so the clients gonna click reply and,it's gonna show your email address and,your phone number so they can call you,here's your headline,here's your photo album and they can you,just scroll through like this if they,want or they can go to the photo that,they actually want to see and they can,click on it and then your body so all,your information that you put in here,and that's it,just click publish and thanks for,posting with us so it usually takes,about 15 minutes for the posting to go,live but once you see this screen you're,done every so often it might ask you to,confirm your identity it might say like,you know put your phone number in and,then they're gonna send you a,verification text message to make sure,that you're not spamming or it might do,the same thing it might send you an,email in which case you'll just log in,your email and click on the link and,then it'll go ahead and make the post as,soon as you do that so really easy,anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this,video if you did go ahead and let me,know in the comments section what you,liked about it what you didn't like,about it if you guys have any advice or,things that you've notiked that work on,Craigslist go ahead and leave a comment,because I'm sure others would like to,hear about it and if you're not,subscribed I suggest you go ahead and do,so because every week we're gonna be,putting out content like this where I,offer a piece of advice for magicians,thank you so much for watching everyone,and I will see you next week with more,advice videos take care

Make $100 Per Day On CRAIGSLIST Without Posting Ads

We're going to make it rain again. People because we're toking about Craigslist,money today. So, Craigslist is used by over 50 million people, okay?,And mostly Americans, okay? So, that means there's a lot of money there. 50 million,Americans is. I mean Americans have a lot of money. So, and billions of pageviews,they serve per month. So, you can make a lot of money on Craigslist if you just,know how to reach people. Fortunately for you, I'm going to be going over 2 methods,today. And I have a special bonus for you at the end of today's video. I'm going to,show you from soup to nuts how to post, how to get free traffic on craigslist,and how to monetize how to make money from craigslist traffic. We're going to go,on my computer just a second here. i'll show you how. So now, the first thing we,have to do as in any business to start making money is we have to get some,products to sell. Now, the easiest way i do to sell products is what's called,affiliate marketing. For those of you who don't know what it is. It's you're,selling other people's products on a commission only basis. So, basically you,get a link and that's all you need. You post the link other sorts of businesses.,You have to you know like amazon or ebay or drop shipping. You have to actually go,out and buy products and sell it. You have to support them. You have to have a,business, phone number. You know, an address for returns. All that's too,complicated. So, i'm always... As always on this channel going to focus on affiliate,marketing. And i suggest you join a lot of the affiliate networks in the links,in the description to get started. Now, there's a number of affiliate networks i,recommend and all the links are in the description. Now, the first one which is,probably one of the cooler ones is click funnels. And they they will actually buy,you a car. And if you check this out, here's one of the recipients of a car.,I've gotten a car. They pay me $1,000 bucks a month towards my car lease. It's,really cool. And they give that once you get 100 sales. So, really strong,incentive. There's six figure mentors which is another affiliate,marketing network that you can sign up for. There's the super affiliate Network,,a highly recommended one that you can find a lot of products inside it's run,by really cool guy Mischa Barton based out of Hawaii. There's max web. There's,digistore. But affiliate network that we're going to focus on is Clickbank. Now, I,suggest you sign up for all of these. But the product I'm going to use in the example,is called the super affiliate system. It's my product. And you will go to,clickbank, you'll have to set up an account and then you click Affiliate,marketplace right there. And once we're in the affiliate marketplace, we're going to,go down to the sidebar here and look in a business and emarketing right there.,Okay? We're going to click there and you can see my product is generally one of the,top selling products right here. And we can make up to $500. We make $500 on,average selling this product. And all we will do to get our affiliate link is to,click promote right there. And we will put on our account nickname and click,"generate link". Then we click this button, copy the link,,voila! Now, I went ahead and actually just shortened the link. I used bitly which is,a link shortener. So, I just went to bitly.com. And I shorten the link real quick,and I got my short link. So, you just post your link in here and you shorten it and,you get your link out. So, I put all my links in a notepad just for handy,reference. Now, let's go to Craigslist and do the first method. So here we are on,Craigslist. And Craigslist is a really old looking site. You wouldn't believe,that 50 million people per month use this website. But it is. And the we want,to focus on one section here. We actually want to go to the resumes section right,here. Right there. We're going to click resumes. And you see a ton of people are,looking for work. A ton of people are looking for things to do to make money.,Now, what we want to do is we have a product, okay? If you're selling my,program, you have a product that is teaching people how to make money, okay?,So, it seems like it's a perfect fit. You have people that are,to make money. You have affiliate link that you can send them to. So, here's what,we do, is we're going to open up every one of these. Maybe open up 5 or 10 at a,time. I click ctrl on my keyboard and I'll just click, click, click, click, click,,click, click. I'll just keep opening up links. And I'm going to send messages to,them all. Now, Craiglist gives you the ability to actually message people. So,,we're going to click reply. And you copy and paste this into your email. See that,right here, okay? Copy and paste this in your email. So, we're going to highlight this.,We're going to click copy. We're going to go to our email program. And I use Gmai.l I,think Gmail is the easiest. And I'm going to write a new email. Compose and I'm just,going to paste that sucker in there. And I'm gonna write them a message. So now, in the,message, we'll want to write them an email and want to include our affiliate,link in that email. Now, once we have our email open, we have to you know, we use a,subject line and an email. Now, to make this real easy, what I've done is I've,created a file that has all the methods I use for affiliate marketing in one,document. Now, stay to the end and I'll be sharing with you how you can access this,document so that you can actually copy my message templates if you want to now.,I do suggest that you modify things to using your own words. Don't feel like,you always have to copy and paste. But you can use my templates and I'll show,you how at the end of the training. Now, once again, we need to get this person,clicking on our affiliate link and buying from it, okay? So, the first step is,getting them to click on it. And the first step here is actually getting them,to click on the email. So, the message title we're going to use is Craigslist,resume. So, we're going to post this in the subject line because once again, this,person is looking for work. I'm like endorsing muscle milk right here. Muscle,milk. Gives you stronger muscles just by drinking it. And then I'm going to copy and,paste the message template right here. Okay? So, I'm going to copy this right into,here. Now, what you'll notike is that this link section, what you'll want to do is,you'll want to replace this link with your actual affiliate link.,Okay? So, we'll come here and we'll grab our affiliate link right there. I'll,click copy and we will click paste, okay? And then we'll want to delete this text,where it says optional. Now, I put this in here I said, "Feel free to follow up with,me after you watch the entire training if you have any questions." Now, the reason,I put this is because, if they have questions, I do not mind answering their,questions if I'm gonna get a 500-dollar commission. And neither should you.,Once again, somebody seen this, they might think it's just an ad. They might think,it's just a way for you to know an affiliate post. But you can't respond to,an ad. Whereas if they say something, they say, "Is this real? Does this really work?",Then they might actually want to buy the product that you're selling. And you just,say yes. Okay? Or you chat with them. I'll just say best John Crestani.,So, then all we do is we click send. And message sent right there. So, we sent our,first message and you can do this to as many people in the resume section as,possible, okay? Look at the shared volume of people that,are looking for for jobs. They're looking for ways to make money. And you can help,every one of them and make money you're doing it. I shot this video a little bit,in the past but you'll see just this day in October 15th, you see there's like a,hundred resumes already, okay? And this is just in Los Angeles. Now, you can change,this to different cities, Las Vegas. You see tons of people you can