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CRAZY Shopify Review Hacks To Increase Sales Fast | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

CRAZY Shopify Review Hacks To Increase Sales Fast | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

CRAZY Shopify Review Hacks To Increase Sales Fast | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanasa here so
in this video i'm going to be going over
a few review hacks
that a lot of people don't even know
about in fact these are some of the
review hacks
i've personally just learned within
these past few months which have kind of
10xed my sales with my shopify
dropshipping store
in fact i personally believe a lot of
people use these
reviews in the wrong way traditional
ways of using reviews would be to simply
download a app that lets you import
those reviews from aliexpress
then go on aliexpress and import as many
reviews as possible because customers
more likely trust you just because
the product on your website has so many
reviews that is far from the truth of
what really works with shopify drop
and that could actually lead your
customers to not even trust you
in the first place because the reviews
from aliexpress often have a lot of
by the end of this video you're gonna
know exactly what i'm toking about so
make sure to watch until the end but
without wasting any more time let's just
jump right into it so the review hacks
that you should be using
in 2020 and onwards before i go in depth
into the review hack
one thing you'll have to do is make sure
to destroy that like button for the
youtube algorithm just kidding but
hopefully you do do that anyways
the real review hack that i'll be
mentioning very soon but before that
it's important for you to know exactly
what the traditional ways of importing
reviews are so
this website right here avilora.com is
one great example of what a traditional
shopify dropshipping store would look
like so when you go all the way to the
bottom at the very end
this is what you'll often see a lot of
people use luke's to import these
other people use ali reviews regardless
it seems very very identikal to each
as you can see here this is one of the
most common ways people import reviews
with luke's you have the ability to
directly import whatever photo is
on aliexpress and this is also available
with something like ali reviews as well
but with luke's it just has that little
bold effect to it however the biggest
issue with luke's is that a majority of
the stores nowadays
use loops and use this same exact method
of displaying the reviews so what i mean
by that is basically having the photo at
the top
followed by some text at the bottom as
you can see right here what happens is
not only is the photo bad quality but
also the photos could actually not even
be related to the product itself
people often put photos of themselves
within the reviews or put some
funny gifs or emoji images within the
reviews what happens when people do that
it kind of lowers your overall
professionalism for your website
in addition to just having bad photos in
sometimes a lot of the reviews on from
are not in proper english they'll often
have bad words in them bad grammar
a lot of the people are not shopping
from within the us there's also shoppers
from russia europe etc so from these
these people type the reviews within
their language and then ali
express tries its best to convert it
when you're importing it to your shopify
store so what will end up happening
is that the review really doesn't make
sense in english the next and most
common problem a lot of these reviews
have is that there's no
kind of text related to the review it's
just simply five stars four stars three
stars etc
what happens is that if you just have
those kinds of reviews it's going to
lead to
your customer actually not trusting you
because it's the same thing repeated
over and over again and it's
very easy to know whether it's really
true or not so i'm going to going
over a few example websites which
actually have that as well but this is
one of the most common problems which is
just basically having text followed by
on the reviews and even though the
images are in the text may be good
this is not the right way to be laying
out your reviews let's look at the next
example website
i have for you guys and it is
bindismarket.com so this website right
has a product doing really really well
and they're a traditional drop shipping
store but
if you scroll all the way down to the
reviews you can also see that they have
a very similar thing going on over here
the only major issue is that these
reviews have no kind of text
on them so again this seems a little bit
fishy to the common individual because
most individuals are not really used to
seeing just having images and then no
text for the reviews
it does kind of send up red flags even
though these images are very very high
quality but another
big issue with this website is that the
review that it does have with text
it's not in proper english as you can
see right here it says very good with
the w so
this again sends up more red flags to
the customer and any customer who's
serious about buying a product
will often check the reviews before even
making that decision of buying it if
from the beginning they see
these red flags such as just reviews
with photos with no text or text which
is not in proper english
it is again going to make them
psychologically want to stray away from
your website because
it is again not too professional and
this brings me to my next example on the
list for the reviews and this website is
elementvibe.com now again another
traditional drop shipping website
if you scroll all the way to the bottom
the biggest issue with these reviews and
is one of the biggest major issues i
already mentioned before
is there's barely any text associated
with the reviews and in this case
there's no photos as well what happens
is that when a customer scrolls all the
way down just to find this
empty page right here with just one text
and that text too is not in proper
it really sends of bad vibes and makes
it seem as if the
website is doing some kind of illegal
activities to get these reviews in the
first place
of course in this case we as drop
shippers know that those people leaving
reviews on aliexpress
often don't leave any types of text in
the reviews and if they do
it may not be in proper english so this
again leads to a little bit more hassle
when it comes to building up that trust
relationship with your customers as you
can see here
the same review is repeated two times
again not a very good thing to do if you
want to build trust
within your customers eyes but these are
all the bad examples
of what traditional drop shipping stores
do and what kind of causes them to lose
what should you be doing and what is the
best way to lay out your reviews in 2020
and onwards now
the best way to do it is what amazon
does if we go ahead and go on to amazon
and look at one of its sample products
right here so for example
the blackhead remover which is one of
the most common dropshipping products
and go all the way down we can see that
amazon does the review section a bit
differently than what you would be
expecting from a normal drop shipping
store so when we scroll all the way down
first of all we see that the customer
images are all aligned at the very top
and they're also associated with the
reviews at the bottom as well but a
person who wants to just view the images
can be looking at the very top section
right here in addition
they can see all of these sections on
the left side such as value for money
suction power easy to use etc these are
of course personalized
based on these products and then not
every shopify app can actually even
allow this in the first place so you
don't really have to go too crazy with
but if we look at the text followed by
the images we can see that the first of
all the text
is at the top and then the images follow
it's not the other way around
as a lot of these drop shipping stores
have on their product page
this is mainly because people would
rather read the text first
and then follow that up with the image
because the image is the supporting
evidence it is not the other way around
not only does this make amazon look more
professional over here and it takes up
much less space
but it also kind of gives it off a
professional look
compared to just having this right here
where it's just image followed by text
and the images and the boxes which these
images are within are not aligned with
each other
it looks very very funky and very off
on a computer or laptop if you look at
it on a mobile device it will look
something similar to what amazon
looks like but of course there's a lot
of differences as well with amazon's
again the images need to be at the very
in addition if you look at amazon's
reviews all of these reviews are very
very detailed
they describe the ins and outs of a
product this is what you want
on your shopify store you don't want
just those reviews where like on this
website there's nothing even associated
with the reviews but if there is
all it says is received and good or just
good which is not giving enough evidence
regarding the product you want both the
good reviews as well as the bad reviews
on your website when it comes to the
products themselves and
one of the easiest tricks that you can
do in order to get these reviews onto
your store
is simply find the product that you're
trying to sell and i highly recommend
you do this with mostly your winning
product so what i would personally do is
i would find the same product that is a
winning product for me on amazon or ebay
in this case
this blackhead remover is exactly what
you can find maybe with a few
differences with the colors and
everything and the boxing but overall
it's somewhat of a similar product
what you want to do is you want to
scroll all the way down look at the
reviews which are appearing at the top
or those reviews which are the most
detailed for example this one right here
or this one
or this one you want to copy those
reviews go back to your shopify store
and then you want to kind of just simply
click write a review right here
and leave the review from amazon on your
shopify store of course you want to make
sure it's for that same exact product
otherwise this is not the right way to
do it but you can basically choose
whatever stars is associated with the
reviews right here for example here this
was written by alice so you would do
five stars over here
and then you would simply add a photo if
there's a photo associated with it if
not simply
click skip and copy and paste that
review in here once you do that simply
next and that's when it lets you enter
your name and the email associated with
once that's done simply hit finish and
that's all you have to do
in order to start importing these high
quality reviews from amazon
onto your shopify store and this is
something again you don't really want to
waste time doing with
a random product that you just added on
your shopify store
i start doing this for all products
which are winning products on my shopify
i also recommend that you don't just put
in the five-star reviews
in fact i'll often click here for the
two star reviews or the one star review
and basically copy and paste that why
simply because these two star or one
star reviews
often have the most details regarding a
product they basically describe
all sides and sections of the product in
extreme detail and that is what we want
to happen when we're trying to sell this
product because people don't just want
know about the good side of a product
they also want to know about the bad
side and if you're worried that doing
this may
decrease your sales that is far from the
truth because in my own experience i've
never found that it decreases the sales
if you have a few
negative reviews in there if you on the
other hand just have all five star
reviews like a lot of these drop
shipping stores often do
what you're going to notike is that
people actually will not buy from you as
much as you want
because they get the idea that this
could be just a scam website because
every review out there is a five-star
review and as you can see
a lot of dropshipping stores actually do
that whereas they just leave the good
reviews on their website and just delete
the bad ones
you never want to do that make sure to
mix in good reviews as well as bad
reviews but these were kind of my
general hacks on what i do to increase
my sales in 2020 and onwards
when it comes specifically to the
reviews if you found any type of value
in this video
smash that like button and smash that
subscribe button and i'll see you guys
next time

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