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Create Dropshipping Store with Shop in the Box

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the presenter shows step-by-step how to create a branded Shopify dropshipping store from scratch using a product from AliExpress that costs $8. The aim is to sell the product for $30 and make a good profit. The presenter sets up a simple store that can work for any dropshipping product and encourages viewers to follow along and build their own store.

Steps to create the store include:

- Getting a free trial for Shopify and selecting a plan

- Choosing a theme for the store and installing it

- Importing the product from AliExpress using an app called Deezers

- Editing the product title, description, images, and variants to create a branded look

- Adding policies, reviews, and a favicon to the store

- Setting up payment providers and shipping rates

- Customizing the home page and navigation menu

The presenter also shares tips on how to create good product descriptions, find competitor stores, and use tools like Canva and Remove BG to create logos and favicons. The final step is to add a custom domain to make the store look more professional.

How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

Paul from Become Swift shares his experience with purchasing watches from a dropshipping company. He discusses his initial perception of the company and how they used marketing tactics to deceive him.

Key points:

- Paul is skeptical of marketing tactics and psychological tricks used in advertising.

- He saw an Instagram ad for a company selling watches and decided to purchase them because of a perceived discount and perceived legitimacy of the brand.

- Upon receiving the watches, he was impressed with the packaging and quality, but later realized that the company was actually a dropshipping company and not the legitimate brand he thought it was.

- Paul provides tips for branding and customer experience, including investing in packaging and asking suppliers for branding resources.

- He also notes that the company's deception could ultimately harm their reputation.

Paul's experience highlights the importance of transparency in marketing and branding. While good packaging and branding can enhance the customer experience, deceiving customers can ultimately harm a company's reputation. As a marketer, it's important to be honest and transparent with customers to build trust and loyalty.

How To Create A Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch (FREE COURSE)

the most important pages on your website as it is where customers will make the decision to purchase your product or not. Here are some tips for creating a high converting product page:

1. Use high quality images: Make sure your images are clear and visually appealing. Use multiple angles and show the product in use if possible.

2. Write compelling product descriptions: Highlight the features and benefits of your product and make sure to include any unique selling points.

3. Include social proof: Add customer reviews and ratings to your product page to show that others have had a positive experience with your product.

4. Offer clear pricing and shipping information: Make sure customers know exactly what they are paying for and when they can expect their product to arrive.

5. Add a call to action: Encourage customers to make a purchase by including a clear call to action button such as Add to Cart or Buy Now.

By following these tips and crafting a high converting product page, you can increase the chances of turning website visitors into paying customers.

I Tried Making Money With A Pre-Built Shopify Store (Scam?)

In this article, the author discusses the trend of pre-built Shopify stores and whether they are worth the investment. The author purchased a pre-built store for just $17 and launched a Facebook ad campaign to see if they could make a profit. Unfortunately, they did not make any sales.

- The author discusses the trend of pre-built Shopify stores and their pitch of being instantly ready to make money.

- They mention being skeptical about this and decide to purchase one to see if it is worth the investment.


- The author purchases a pre-built store for $17 and finds that it is a general store with various products.

- They note that the store came quickly and had some pre-loaded apps.

- However, they found it hard to find a good product to market as the store was too broad and lacked branding.

- They ultimately chose to market LED safety flares and created a video ad for Facebook.

- They launched a $100 a day testing campaign but did not make any sales.

- The author analyzes the situation and finds that people were interested in the product but lost trust when they made it to the website.

- The author concludes that pre-built Shopify stores are not worth the investment.

- They recommend learning the skills to design and create a unique website for a better chance at success in e-commerce.

- The author compares pre-built stores to fitness or diet plans that may feel helpful but ultimately require hard work to see results.

How To Create A Shopify Dropshipping Store (2022 SHOPIFY TUTORIAL)

Having a professional website is crucial for success on Shopify. Even with great products and ads, a subpar website can destroy your chances of success. In this article, we will show you the exact website template that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and teach you step-by-step how to build a professional-looking website.

Importance of a Good Website:

- A bad website can hinder your chances of success on Shopify, no matter how great your products or ads are.

- Learning how to build a professional-looking website is crucial for overall success in dropshipping.


- In the last 90 days, a store using the exact same strategy has generated $237,000 using the template we will be showing you.

- This strategy has helped the author achieve results of over $100k per month on their stores.

Getting Started:

- Start your free 14-day Shopify trial by clicking the link in the video description.

- Download the free premium Shopify theme provided in the link tree.

- Add the theme to your store and publish it.

- Customize your store with your logo and a slideshow header to give it a professional look and vibe.


- Take your time with branding to ensure your store looks professional and fits your desired vibe.

- Canva is a great tool for designing logos and graphics for your website.

- Use effects in Canva to make your logo and text pop and stand out.

Building a professional-looking website is crucial for success on Shopify. Using the template provided and following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create a website that generates significant revenue. Take your time with branding and design to ensure your store looks professional and stands out to potential customers.

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

newsletter section so let's simply drag and drop this section above the email signup section so now we have this section here and we can start customizing it so first we want to add an image of the product that we are selling so let's click on select image here and then we can choose the image that we want to use so I'm going to choose this image here and then click on select and that will add the image to the section now we also want to add some text here to communicate the main benefits of this product so let's simply click on this text box here and then we can add our text so for this product we can say something like Enjoy fresh and healthy smoothies on the go with our portable blender. Easy to use, clean and perfect for any lifestyle. We can also play around with the text size and color to make it stand out more. Now we have a nice looking section that communicates the main benefits of our product with an eye-catching image.

For the next section, we can add some social proof to our store by adding some customer reviews. So let's go to add section again and then select the customer reviews section. This will add a section where we can showcase some reviews from our customers. Now we can add some reviews manually by clicking on add review or we can use an app like Loox to import reviews from our AliExpress account or other platforms. Once we have some reviews added, we can customize the section by changing the text and color to make it match our brand.

Finally, we can add a call to action section at the bottom of our home page to encourage visitors to take action. This can be a section with a discount code or a limited time offer to create a sense of urgency. We can also add a button that leads to our product page or a collection page.

To conclude, building a one product Shopify store from scratch is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right tools and strategies, even beginners can create a professional and branded online store. By following the steps outlined in this article and customizing each section to match your brand and product

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

Creating a Branded and Professional One-Product Shopify Store: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you looking to create a one-product Shopify store that is branded, professional, and converts well? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on how to design a one-product store that will work with every product you choose and convert into a niche store if you desire. This is the exact method used to create six-figure and seven-figure dropshipping Shopify store designs, and we will provide you with copy and paste templates for policies like privacy, terms, and shipping.


1. Choose a product with good photography and information. Use websites like Pixlr.com to find winning products.

2. Download the Chrome extension AliSave to download product images and videos.

3. Sign up for Shopify's 14-day free trial using our exclusive link.

4. Install the AutoDS app or the free alternative DS's to import products and fulfill orders.

5. Choose the Refresh theme and customize it by removing unnecessary sections like the featured collection and blog post.

6. Use the colors of your product to customize your website's color scheme using the Color Picker extension.

7. Edit the announcement bar to say Free Track Shipping on All Orders.

8. Customize the slideshow section by either designing it in Canva or uploading an image of your product.

9. Change the heading of the slideshow to the name of your product.

10. Use the Product Pages section to add product images, descriptions, and videos.

11. Use the Theme Settings section to customize your website's fonts, logos, and more.

12. Add necessary pages like About Us, Contact Us, and FAQs.

13. Optimize your website's speed by compressing images, using a CDN, and optimizing code.

14. Launch your store!

Creating a one-product Shopify store that is branded, professional, and converts well requires attention to detail and following a step-by-step process. By using the methods outlined in this tutorial, you can create a successful Shopify store that will work with every product you choose and convert into a niche store if desired. So, what are you waiting

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