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Creating Your First TikTok Ads Conversion Campaign

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Creating Your First TikTok Ads Conversion Campaign

Creating Your First TikTok Ads Conversion Campaign

we already have a number of videos on
this channel that tok about individual
components of tiktok advertising you
can check out this one right here that
toks about all the different targeting
options available on the tiktok ads
platform and if you're just getting
started and you don't have your account
set up fully yet you can also check out
this video that'll show you how to set
up your events and conversion tracking
for your tiktok ads account
we even have a video that walks you
through the start to finish setup of a
slightly less utilized campaign
objective which is lead generation and
you can check that out right here
but i realize that most advertisers
probably utilize conversion objective
campaigns on almost all social ads
platforms so in this video i want to do
the same thing as we did with that lead
generation video and walk you start to
finish through creating and launching a
tiktok conversion focused campaign
as i mentioned in the intro we have a
number of videos already put together
for the tiktok ads platform and in an
effort to keep this video from being
three hours long anytime i come across a
portion of the campaign setup that we
already have a video for i'll give a
short overview here but i'll direct you
to the other video that we already have
available on the channel if you want to
learn more about it when you first log
into tiktok it's going to drop you on
this dashboards page so to create a new
campaign we need to come over to the
campaigns tab now we're in a section
that looks a bit more like an ad manager
rather than just a dashboard overview so
let's come down here and click create
campaign more often than not the first
thing tiktok is going to ask you is if
you want to use simplified mode or
custom mode simplified is an experience
that's taken a few pieces away that is
designed to help you spend less time
creating and managing campaigns and
getting back to running your business
now while this sounds really useful and
can be helpful to people who are just
genuinely overwhelmed with the number of
different things you can do through
online advertising this is the paid
media pros channel and we like to call
ourselves pros so we're not going to
take the simplified route in the custom
mode you get full control of the
experience that's perfect for all
advertising objectives so let's click
this and then the first thing we get to
do is choose our advertising objective
or our campaign objective as it would be
referred to in other platforms as i
mentioned in the intro this is going to
be a conversion focused campaign but if
you're interested in any of the other
advertising objectives on tiktok you can
check out the video at the top of the
screen right now for now i'm just going
to click conversions and i'll scroll
down to the settings section the first
thing we get to do is choose a campaign
name i do not intend on saving this
campaign by the end of it so i'm not
going to give it a name but there will
be a default campaign name that always
starts with the advertising objective
and then the campaign id number my guess
is that most of you will not be able to
that 202 208 1908119
is a specific campaign compared to
anything else so you probably need to
give it a more descriptive name than
this original placeholder the next
section is choosing special ad
categories this is going to be extremely
similar to facebook if you're
advertising in anything in the housing
employment or credit space you need to
declare that at the beginning or risk
having your ad be rejected and have your
ad account put in limbo because you did
not declare those these are highly
regulated areas and need to follow all
special ad category policies the next
setting is if you want to create a split
test we do not want to do that here but
at some point in the future we will
likely put together a video on how to
create a tiktok ad split test but for
now suffice to say they do have that
capability on the tiktok platform the
last two settings are going to have to
do with your budget first is you can
turn on campaign budget optimization
which effectively means that you're
going to be able to share your budget
across the different ad groups within
your campaign so if you turn this on you
can only choose from a daily budget and
that budget has to be at least fifty
dollars so there is a minimum on a
campaign level budget utilizing campaign
budget optimization in tiktok the bid
strategy is going to be set for lowest
cost and you cannot change this and
you'll notike that all ad groups under
the current campaign must all use the
same optimization goal which we'll get
to when we get into the ad group level
setup for now i'm going to turn this off
so it'll bring back the campaign budget
so you can click on the set campaign
budget which basically means that on a
daily basis or a lifetime basis you only
want it to spend a certain amount of
money once that campaign spends that
amount of money within that day or that
lifetime it will turn off for now i'm
going to turn this off and then click
continue now we're into the ad group
level setup and just like with the
campaign the first thing you get to do
is give it a name and then second you
get to choose your promotion type
whether you're trying to drive users to
an app or to a website this will be
different based on every business but i
think the more common one and the one
i'm going to use today is going to be
website once you select website we need
to choose which tiktok pixel we want
to use for the account there's only one
set up in this account i'm sorry it's
blurred out but we have one and then
next we need to choose the optimization
event remember all ad groups within this
campaign need to use the same
optimization event unfortunately since
this account has not been robustly built
out just yet there aren't any events
we're going to see how far tik-tok
lets me get in this ad setup but there's
probably going to be some errors because
i do not have an optimization event
selected all of this is going to be if
your goal is to send people to an
external website meaning you want to
send them to a landing page your home
page what have you but another option is
to send somebody to a tiktok instant
page for now i'm going to use this
because we don't have any events set up
so ideally this will let me continue
moving forward but with an instant page
you also get to choose what your
optimization event is currently the only
one available is click button so i'm
going to leave it as that one the next
section that we get is to tok about the
placements within the tiktok platform
automatik placements is going to be the
default just like it would be on the
facebook ads platform but you can choose
to select individual placements whether
it's tiktok the news feed or pango i
tok a little bit more about the
placement targeting options in the
targeting options video first i want to
tok about a couple of the advanced
settings that live under this section
first is going to be user comments this
is going to decide whether or not you
want to allow users to comment on your
ads tiktok recommends keeping this on
that way they can do that and it'll help
you achieve more impressions and
conversions or so they say but it also
mentions that you can hide pin and reply
to comments using your comment
management tools and then there's a link
that you can go follow if you want to
learn how to do that the next is video
download basically do you want users to
be able to download your ad as a video
from tiktok or not the default is going
to be on and that they can do that but
if you don't want them to just click the
toggle off to the left and the last is
going to be a pango block list think of
this as a negative placement for google
ads or a block list for facebook ads if
you don't want your ad to show on
undesired media placements on pango you
can upload a block list to make sure
that your ads won't show there but
tiktok does mention that this will
decrease the reach of your campaigns and
again they've got a little link there if
you want to learn more about that the
next section we get to choose the
creative type even if we're not going to
set up the creative just yet at this
point we just get to choose if we want
to use automated creative optimization
where we can create multiple
combinations of creative assets
including videos and text and then add
delivery will be automated to show the
audience the combinations that will most
likely maximize your results this is a
pretty easy toggle on or off the only
thing to note is that if you turn this
on you cannot turn it off later on so
once you've created your ad group the
setting cannot be changed you also
cannot turn it on if you started your
campaign with it off you would then have
to create a new ad group and opt into or
out of automated creative optimization
the next section is going to be around
all of your targeting who are you going
to reach on the tiktok platform and
how can you find your specific customer
base i'm not going to go over custom
targeting just yet first i want to tok
about automatik targeting if you opt
into this you'll notike that pretty much
all of the other options went away the
only thing you get to choose is location
and languages this is effectively if you
are going to be running broad targeting
on facebook you're going to be using
only the machine learning from tiktok
that will then try and get you the best
results possible based on your campaign
objective there's a little bit more
information about that up here it says
tik-tok will optimize your targeting
settings according to your advertising
objective the content of your ad and
your past campaign data as well as other
influencing factors i would recommend
using automatik targeting only if you
have a lot of conversion performance and
you've already seen good performance on
tiktok with custom targeting because
you're leaving everything in tiktok's
machine learning hands but if you
haven't done that or you don't fall into
that category of having enough
conversions custom targeting is going to
be the right way for you to go i'm going
to give a very quick overview of each of
these different pieces but if you want a
more in-depth rundown of the targeting
options as well as some of the placement
insights that i referred to earlier you
can check out the video at the top of
the screen right now
the first section is demographics we
still retain the location and language
targeting that we would have been able
to set with the automated targeting but
after that we've got a number of other
factors as well so we can utilize gender
whether male female all we have some
preset age ranges that we can choose
from and then next within the united
states you get to choose household
income you can choose based on zip codes
and it'll be top five top ten up to top
fifty percent next you can choose
audiences these are going to be the
audiences that you create and you can
opt into including them or excluding
these and you'll notike when i opened
this up it included all audiences
whether they are custom or a look-alike
the next section is going to be about
interests and behaviors so here we start
to get into the interests whether they
are general or purchase interests that
certain users have on the platform so if
i open this up you get to choose general
or purchase and then basically just get
to start choosing from this drop-down
list what people are interested in
whether they're interested in financial
securities all sorts of different things
and then you can target people based on
the behavior that they exhibit on tik
tok based on these last three sections
here how do people interact with certain
videos what are they doing are they
watching things are they clicking on
them how are they interacting with
certain creators how are they
interacting with certain hashtags all of
these have different targeting options
available based on the type of content
but also the type of engagement or
behavior that people are exhibiting on
the platform the last piece that lives
within the targeting options section is
going to be device and there's quite a
lot that goes into the device targeting
options first you get to choose the
operating system whether android or ios
since tiktok is just an app there is no
web it's only going to be with on these
two main providers you can then choose
the os version this is very important if
you have an app that only is supported
on a certain level or above within an
operating system for example many apps
that i have operate only on ios 13 or
higher so if you want to exclude users
who have anything at 12 or lower this is
where you would do it you can also
target people based on their device
model so if you only want to target
people on an iphone or an iphone 13 or
whatever android runs on you can do that
you then get to choose the connection
type if people need to be on wi-fi 2 3 4
or 5g that 5g option is relatively
recent because i remember last time we
did this video it only went up to 4g so
they've expanded the coverage with the
changing tik available and then lastly
you can choose the carriers whether
somebody uses at t sprint t-mobile and
you get to choose the device price how
expensive was that device which seems
like a really specific type of targeting
but for those of you out there that this
resonates with you'll probably be pretty
happy about it next we get to choose the
budget and schedule before moving on to
bidding and optimization so we get to
choose the daily budget or a lifetime
budget at the ad group level and then
you'll notike that the daily budget has
to be at least 20. so you remember if i
turned on campaign budget optimization
the daily budget had to be 50. at the ad
set level daily budget only has to be
20. so if you only have a small budget
it's probably best for you to utilize
daily budgets at the ad group level to
make sure you don't have to spend
upwards of 50 a day you then get to
choose your ad schedule so you can
choose to let ads run continuously from
the time that it starts which is
effectively just an evergreen campaign
with no end date but if you do want to
have your campaigns run only for a
certain number of days you can choose
the start date so you can schedule it in
advance and then you can choose the end
date so that your campaign will turn off
on a certain date so if you have a
specific event you're trying to promote
or if you're only running a sale for a
certain amount of time you can schedule
it so that your ads will automatikally
pause and you don't have to remember to
do it manually lastly we get to choose
day parting you can have your ads run
all day basically 24 7 or you can select
specific times you get to choose if you
want your ads to run from wednesday at
1am to 2pm or any other days and then
you can clear them if you need to so
it's very customizable when your ads are
running and who you're going to be
targeting within the tiktok ads
platform and then the last section is
going to be bidding and optimization
again we need to make sure that we have
the same optimization goal here we're
focused just on conversion though you
can optimize for a click if you want to
and if you have a tiktok pixel with
events that are set up with specific
values associated with them you can also
opt into value which would kind of be
the equivalent of revenue for different
e-commerce campaigns but for now i'm
just going to leave it as conversion you
get to choose your bid strategy whether
you want to be lowest cost which is
going to be the default or cost cap
meaning you keep your average cost per
conversion around or lower than your bid
that's the goal but it's not guaranteed
if you have very strict targets that you
need to hit you could start off with
cost cap and then as you see good
performance you might adjust to lowest
cost but i'll be honest most of the
campaigns that i run whether they're on
tiktok or facebook really just lean
into this lowest cost bidding strategy
because it tends to work best down in
the advanced settings section scroll
down a little bit you can see that there
is a impression as a billing event and
the delivery type is standard i can't
choose either of those i can't edit them
so i'm not really sure why it's there
but if you're curious about your billing
event or delivery type you can find them
there now let's move into the last
section which is going to be the ad
creative itself we start off by giving
our creative a name just like we did
with ad group and campaign next you can
determine the identity that the ad is
going to be coming from you can use a
tiktok account to deliver spark ads
which means that you can use the posts
from a tiktok account as ads which
will help you build the account presence
increase engagement and achieve better
long-term results or so says tik-tok
you can also set a custom identity which
will basically mean that you can choose
an alias that you want to advertise from
rather than advertising from a page
specifically once you've determined who
the ad is going to come from we get to
determine the ad details themselves
first we get to choose the format
whether it's single video or collection
ads and then we get to upload the
creative itself and any of the
supporting text we plan on putting
together another video in the future
around ad formats so i'm not going to go
super in depth here but we can tok
about each of these little sections just
a little bit so for a video you would
upload the creative you could find it in
the library or you could create a video
directly in the tiktok ads platform and
then you would add in your supporting
text you could add any sort of
interactive add-ons you can create them
directly in here or you can choose them
from your library of assets you've
already created and then you get to
choose the destination page if you'll
remember at the ad set level i chose
that we were going to use an instant
page so that i didn't have any errors
and now is the time where we need to
actually make that i can either create
one here or i can choose from the
library if i already have some
associated with my account you can then
choose your call to action whether you
want it to be dynamic and let tiktok
select that for you or if you want to
choose from a standard list and you can
choose from learn more shop now sign up
all the classics that we've come to know
from all the other social media
platforms already next is this check box
down here and by checking this box you
agree for your ad and the associated
performance metrics of the campaign to
be displayed in the tiktok for
business creative center and if you
don't know what that is you can click
the link here and it'll take you to this
trends ads and insights that elevate
your whole creative game and there is a
ton of different insights and image ads
and all sorts of things that are
associated here that you can see within
the accounts so if you want your ads to
potentially be part of this public
domain that shows different performance
metrics for your ads you can opt into
that box but if you're trying to be a
little bit more secretive maybe you
leave this box unchecked the last piece
is going to be your tracking options you
get to choose the pixel that you want to
use so again for this one i'm utilizing
the tiktok instant page so the pixel
is going to be this on-site custom
instant page because there is no
third-party page they're going to but if
you did use a website and you were
sending somebody to an external site you
could add in any of your utm parameters
any of the additional pieces to your
destination url that you would want to
use right in this section here and then
lastly you can use impression tracking
and click tracking urls depending on
what software you use for your company
to track performance of your campaigns
once all of your assets are filled out
on this page for your ad all you need to
do is click submit and your campaign
would start running based on the
schedule and budget that you put in the
previous few sections since i didn't
really fill anything out i'm not going
to click submit because that would just
be a waste of money and there would be a
lot of errors that would pop up
the good news is that for the most part
setting up a conversion focused campaign
in the tiktok ads manager feels very
similar to what it does in pretty much
any other digital advertising platform
we've got some settings that live only
at the campaign level we set all of our
targeting and some different
optimization goals at the ad group level
and then we get to customize our
creative to present our brand to the
user exactly as we would like in a
number of different formats the biggest
thing with any conversion focused
campaign is to make sure that you have
enough conversion volume associated with
it to really lean into the digital ads
platform's machine learning so they can
optimize toward your campaign conversion
goals and make sure that you're getting
the performance out of it that you need
hopefully this overview has been helpful
if nothing else we at least refer you to
some other videos that we've got that
can expand on a couple of topics but
just like always if i missed something
or if you have additional follow-up
questions feel free to leave us a note
in the comments below thanks for
watching our video if you thought it was
useful give us a thumbs up below we
release a new video at least once a week
so if you want to get notified of when a
new one comes out be sure to subscribe
to the paid media pros channel

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