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Crime & Punishment V2.0

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Crime & Punishment V2.0

people King humid here hey I put up a
video just a little while ago on crime
and punishment and furtive her actually
made a really great comment on that
about a prison somewhere she wasn't sure
where it was that actually makes
prisoners do labor and I think when
she's referring to part of me is the
prison in Arizona where the director of
the prisoner actually believes imagine
that that prisoners should be punished
and not just house until their time is
up I mean let's face it Prison is
basically just a segregation it's not
rehabilitation and it's not really
punishment now this guy in Arizona I
came a lot of credit because his
philosophy is hey you guys did bad [ __ ]
you're here because you deserve to be
here and you know what we're going to
make you carry your own weight
financially that means you have to do
work so that you can offset the bill for
your housing to be here we're not going
to put that burden on our taxpayers
we're going to make you do it because
you caused the problem you're gonna have
to own it and take responsibility for it
and I think that guy is kick-ass but
naturally he gets sued all the time
because it's cruel and unusual
punishment to make this guy or these
prisoners actually have to do work after
all they should be allowed to sit around
and watch cable TV or surf the internet
and a lot of these guys are surfing the
internet committing crimes and prison
don't get me started okay so I really
give a lot of credit to that guy in
and I forget his name and I forget the
details of it this was quite some time
ago but my barometer usually is and I
think this is a pretty accurate
barometer the more a prisoner or a
person complains about his punishment
the better the punishment actually is
and the more effective it is if you
think back I don't know if you guys
remember this but there was an incident
back in Singapore or Thailand or
something like that where this kid this
real bratty [ __ ] kid goes around and
spray paints and tags all these trains
or something he did some kind of
vandalism and he did it in that country
so naturally he's subject to that
country's rules and their punishment was
they were going to take him into a
public place and Kane him basically
spank him with a stik give him a good
switching which in my day that's what we
got now he screamed and yelled like a
stuck pig I wanted no no no well that
tells me it was a good [ __ ]
punishment because the more he screamed
he didn't want it the more effective it
told me it was gonna be and then it
became this big international incident
and they're all these Americans got
aboard oh you can't punish our people
that's for us to do send them to us and
Wolf and everything will be cool and of
course the the government over there
said no [ __ ] way he's in our country
he's subject to our laws I mean who you
people think you are you know here you
are Americans you think you can dictate
to the rest of the world how we should
treat you when you're in our country I
mean if we come to your country America
and we break your laws we're subject to
your punishments so why would it be any
different when you come to our country
again double standard people don't think
and it's all [ __ ] and it makes me
mental but anyway ferni fur thanks so
much for that comment it really brought
up a great issue and I hope people
follow this thread make video responses
and make comments it's great to get a
lot of different points of view on this
and a lot of different feedbacks on it
because I think it's really great to get
all points of view and see what really
people think out there not the
government but real people think in
maths anyway adios sayonara I'll be the
same ok I don't know goodbye