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crime & punishment

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

crime & punishment

crime & punishment

hey guys King human here and I got a
frog my throat haha anyway uh this is
gonna be a little different from my
usual happy happy joy joy giveaway video
and a friend of mine on YouTube galaxy
cat got me thinking about crime and
punishment we had a little short
dialogue of comments on a video she made
regarding crime and punishment and her
her position was punishment really
doesn't affect a lot of these guys is
not going to change their behaviors and
my position is you're right but
punishment absolutely is a deterrent the
problem is the punishment our current
justike system has going on is it
doesn't work and the way it's
administered doesn't worry now let me
clarify the psychological community
psychiatric community has determined
there are basically two ways to change
human behavior that being operant and
classical conditioning meaning you can
either reward good behavior or punish
bad behavior to alter human behavior
patterns and obviously you can't reward
people for not going out and being
criminals I mean you know you've got to
take the other tack and punish those who
break the law and that can be anything
from getting a traffic tiket to prison
to the ultimate which is the death
penalty putting them to death now the
the problem in our current justike
system and the reason why that falls
apart and doesn't hold water in the real
world is for a few reasons first of all
people don't think they're going to get
caught secondly people think if they do
get caught they'll get off with a good
lawyer and thirdly in a lot of cases
they figure prison isn't a big deterrent
I'll do a few years I'll get out
no big deal it's not enough of a
deterrent you're right because it's not
enough of a punishment now let me
illustrate what happens when you take a
punishment and make it instant and
absolute and I guarantee you no prisoner
would argue with this or try to beat the
system let's let's create this fantasy
situation we're in a prison population
yard and the population in this prison
yard are the worst of the worst they're
there they're murderers rapists their
total sociopaths that kill anybody for
two cents now in the middle of this
prison prison yard you put this golden
sphere and in the middle of this golden
sphere suspended is a full pardon they
can get out of prison there's a million
dollars in cash there's a Pamela
Anderson there's a every everything they
desire is in this sphere and all of
these guys come crowding around and you
say okay everything you desire is in
this sphere and we know you guys want it
we know you're all criminals you're
thieves at the very least so you know
all that stuff is in there and you can
easily reach in and take it but don't do
it because if you do it you'll get
punished and you walk away first guy
immediately walks up stiks his hand in
the spear to grab the thing and his arm
melts off he screams in pain he turns
into a bloody gooey melty blob on the
ground how many other prisoners how many
of the population do you think are gonna
stand in line to be the next guy to
stik his hand in that sphere punishment
does work if it's instant and absolute
and it's a real deterrent even a monkey
if a monkey stiks his hand and fire and
he gets burned I guarantee you the
monkeys not going to stik his hand and
fire a second time punishment works the
problem is the way punishment is
being administered in our justike system
now now that's my take on it and of
course it's unscientific it's just
anecdotal obviously you can't really set
up a scenario like that with the golden
sphere but I don't think anybody could
argue with that I mean if anybody really
thinks that would be somebody else that
would stik their hand in that sphere
after the first guy turned to goo I
think you're nuts anyway I'd like to
hear your take on this what are your
views on crime and punishment what are
your views on capital punishment have
you ever been a victim of violent crime
did that affect your point of view did
you change positions after you became a
victim if you've never been a victim of
violent crime do you think you have a
valid position anyway make a response
video if you're interested or make a
comment and maybe we can get interesting
dialogue going on on this topic I think
it's a topic that affects all of us and
it'd be interesting to know what people
think not just within the USA which is
where I'm at but across the country with
I mean across the globe it's really
interesting to see what people think on
this anyway okay people sayonara audio
sabita zine arrivederci fraud gotta go

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