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cringe youtube ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing the prevalence of bad ads on the internet. These ads can be found on various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. We will be looking at specific examples of these ads and analyzing their effectiveness.

Some of the ads we will be discussing include Fortnite's Free Jimmy Neutron ad, a shitty Buzzfeed quiz, and a mobile game ad for Boyfriend Simulator. These ads are often poorly executed and unappealing to their target audience.

Other ads we will discuss include scams for free Robux and ads for mobile games like Gardenscapes and Princess's Vacation. These ads are often misleading and do not accurately depict the actual gameplay of the games they are promoting.

Overall, the prevalence of bad ads on the internet is concerning. These ads often waste people's time and can be misleading or even harmful. It is important for companies to create effective and honest advertisements to avoid further negative impact on consumers.

YouTube Ads Are Getting Insane and I Hate It.

- The author is a YouTuber who relies on ad revenue and is concerned about YouTube's aggressive ad strategies.

How Ads Work:

- YouTube auctions off ad slots based on demographics and bidding bots.

- Advertisers pay varying amounts depending on factors like age and location.

- YouTube gives 55% of ad revenue to creators and keeps 45% for themselves.

- Ads are cheap to earn, but Adblock reduces revenue.

- YouTube punishes viewers by making them watch more ads to make up for Adblock use.

Aggressive Ad Strategies:

- YouTube adds new features to make viewers watch more ads.

- YouTube forces mid-roll ads on videos.

- YouTube automatically adds ads to old videos after monetization is enabled.

- YouTube's ad placement tool is excessively aggressive.


- Use Adblock or sponsor block to skip ads, but this reduces revenue for creators.

- Switch to Firefox as a browser alternative to Chrome.

- Use YouTube premium, but it is pricey and includes unnecessary features.

- Support creators on Patreon or with one-time PayPal donations.

- Join YouTube channel memberships, but they offer limited benefits.

- The optimal solution is to watch and enjoy videos without being burdened by ads.

- YouTube's aggressive ad strategies are frustrating for creators and viewers alike.

- There are various options for skipping ads while still supporting creators.

- Ultimately, the best solution is to watch and enjoy videos without wasting time on ads.

Reacting to the CRINGIEST mobile game ads ever

Today, we're going to take a look at some of the funniest and worst mobile game ads that have ever been seen. From questionable grammar to bizarre storylines, we'll cover it all.

Mobile game ads can be a hit or miss. Some can be entertaining, while others leave us scratching our heads. Today, we're going to explore some of the most questionable ads in the mobile gaming world.


- In one ad, a prisoner breaks out of jail only to find that the cell door was unlocked the whole time.

- Another ad features a man fighting off sharks that jump out of the water to attack him, which is not a common occurrence.

- A sniper scope on an 1800s musket pistol in a pirate-themed game? Not historically accurate.

- An ad that promotes marrying a rich girl over a beautiful one, making us question the character's priorities.

- A man who becomes a viking chief and asks his followers what pig snotew means, causing confusion.

- A squid game knock-off that tries too hard to copy the original, from the piggy bank to the uniforms.

- A game that promises amazing graphics but delivers a game that looks like it was made for the PS2.

Overall, mobile game ads can be a mixed bag. Some make us laugh, while others leave us feeling confused or skeptical. While they may not always accurately reflect the game, they can still be entertaining to watch.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Mobile game ads have become a plague on the internet and are getting worse every day. These ads are everywhere, from YouTube to Facebook, and they are misleading, deceptive, and pandering. Many of these ads rely on fraudulent claims and shocking promises rather than actual quality. The mobile game industry has become so lucrative that it dwarfs every other facet of the gaming industry when it comes to revenue. However, the entire system is corrupt, and many websites are complicit in the process.

The origins of mobile game ads can be traced back to the early 2010s when mobile games required upfront payments to play. However, companies decided to go for in-game microtransactions, which became the main form of generating revenue for the industry. The increasing competition for viewers' attention led to more bizarre and outlandish ads, including hypersexualized waifu games and eating burgers and farting on people.

These ads are specifically targeted towards children, and many kids have spent thousands of dollars on microtransactions for these games. The mobile game industry is using predatory tactics to track down consumers with addiction problems and then get them hooked on microtransactions. This has led to an increase in false promises and manipulative advertisements.

Many mobile game companies do not take the time to make their ads and instead directly rip footage from other more competent games. They use false gameplay and obvious mistakes to get viewers' attention. Some companies even apologize for being sleazy in their ads.

In conclusion, mobile game ads have become a corrupt and disgusting world. They are misleading, deceptive, and pandering. The mobile game industry is using predatory tactics to get consumers hooked on microtransactions. Many of these ads are specifically targeted towards children, and this needs to stop. It is time to take a deep dive into the world of mobile game ads and put an end to this plague.

These YouTube Ads Are DISGUSTING!

YouTube is known for having some of the most insane ads on any social media platform. Despite being accessible for users over the age of 13, some ads are not suitable for younger viewers. This double standard is alarming as ads that are allowed on the platform have no regulation, while content creators can be demonetized for minor infractions.

Highlighted Ads:

1. The Gay Test: A harmless but bizarre ad that may capitalize on people's insecurities about their sexuality.

2. 30-Minute Ads: The purpose of such ads is unclear, and they may be skippable.

3. Leud Game Ads: These ads are highly inappropriate, and their only purpose is to exploit horny teenagers.

4. Peppa Pig Fan Games: These games are copyright infringements, and they mix different franchises to attract viewers.

5. Scam Ads: Ads that promise money or prizes are scams and should not be clicked on.

6. Inappropriate Dating Ads: Ads that promote dating and matchmaking can be highly inappropriate and should not be shown to kids.

It is essential for YouTube to review and regulate the ads that are being shown on their platform to protect younger viewers. Content creators should not be penalized for minor infractions while inappropriate ads that exploit teenagers should not be allowed to run. YouTube needs to take responsibility for the ads that are being shown and ensure that they are suitable for all viewers.

Awful Youtube Ads

Are you tired of your boring phone interface? Do you want to make your phone stand out and impress your friends? Look no further than CM Launcher 3D! But beware, not all phone apps and advertisements are created equal. Join me as we explore the world of phone app ads and the strange and sometimes hilarious content they offer.

1. Loudest Footsteps:

- Add moving icons to your phone with CM Launcher 3D

- Touchscreen technology allows for interactive and fun phone usage

- Unique transition effects to make your phone even cooler

2. Wish App:

- Access the lowest prices on earth with the Wish app

- Strange and sometimes unidentifiable products for sale, like a possible bacon dog toy

- Beware of plastic dog toys that might splutter

3. Photomath:

- An app that solves math questions for you

- Ad fails to actually explain what the app does

- Advertisement features awkward and repetitive patter

4. CM Launcher 3D Themes:

- Flaming Skull 3D Android theme

- Halloween and spooky themes available

- Ads can be overwhelming and annoying

5. Asian Mart:

- Japanese snacks and products for sale

- Ad features comical patter and untranslatable Japanese text

- Shop at 168 Asian Mart for an Asian exploration

6. Potholes in Michigan:

- Hilarious and relatable ad about the potholes in Michigan

- Photoshopped pothole adds to the humor

- Catchy and edgy meme song in the background

7. Anime Face Rig Channels:

- Channels that use face rig technology to feature anime chicks playing popular video games

- Ads for these channels are often misleading and lazy

- The channels could be completely manufactured and the gameplay may not be real

Phone app ads can be entertaining, informative, or downright strange. CM Launcher 3D offers a unique and interactive phone interface, while other apps like Photomath fail to effectively advertise their purpose. Beware of ads that are misleading or lazy, and don't be afraid to explore the weird and wonderful world of phone app ads.

Awful Youtube Ads (Bad YouTube Ads Are OUT OF CONTROL)

The internet is a vast network that offers endless entertainment options. One such option is the world of YouTube ads. Some of these ads are funny, some are bizarre, and some are downright offensive. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most ridiculous YouTube ads that have surfaced online.


1. Fall Game Join Your Friends - A Black Market Knockoff of Fall Guys

2. Deadgaming - Is Mufasa Still Alive?

3. Gang Memes - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

4. Abysmal YouTube Ads - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

5. My Son Is a Simp - The Modern Day Parenting Struggles

6. Darth Maul Poop - A Question No One Asked

7. Elon Musk - Is He Really Human?

8. Titanfall - When Gaming Takes Over Your Life

9. Finding Your Soulmate Online - An Uncomfortable Encounter

10. FBI Open Up - A YouTube Ad That Actually Looks Good

11. The Straights Are Not Being Okay - A Look at LGBTQ+ Issues

12. Seven Clues on When Jesus Died - Religious Propaganda on YouTube

13. Rihanna Savage x Fenty Show - A Masterclass in Fashion

14. How to Play as the Eastern Roman Empire - A History Lesson on YouTube

15. A Night in the Life of a Full-Time Stripper - An Unconventional Lifestyle

16. Try Not to Laugh Funny Videos 2020 - When Humor Goes Too Far

17. Vote Loud Thug - A Political Campaign Ad Like No Other

18. Siren Head Versus Stickman - The Battle of the Internet Memes

19. Defloors.com - A Weird and Wonderful Website

20. Values Online Since '99 - Taboo Stories and Love Episodes

21. He's My Step-Dad - A Touching Family Story

22. Mood Habibii - A Window into Arab Culture

23. I Can't Wait to See Him Play Fortnite - The Rise of Esports

24. Join the Battle for Free Now - A Marketing Gimmick or a Genuine Offer?

25. Thanks, I Hate YouTube Ads - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Again)

YouTube ads are a mixed bag, offering a range of entertainment options that can be both amusing and offensive. Some ads are so bizarre that they leave us scratching our heads, while others are genuinely entertaining. The world of YouTube ads is constantly evolving, and we can expect to see more strange and unusual ads in the future.

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