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Crypto.com Ads: Boost Your Investment!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Six months ago, Matt Damon appeared in a commercial promoting a crypto exchange called Crypto.com. The commercial suggested that if one did not buy into crypto in 2022, they were a coward. This marked the beginning of a major spending spree for Crypto.com, which aimed to be smart and judicious about their spending while other companies bribed celebrities. Crypto.com's plan was to give an insane offer of a debit card that gave eight percent cash back on all purchases.


Crypto.com's plan was to make money on trading fees and people investing in their coin called Kronos or Crow. To make this happen, they offered a debit card that gave eight percent cash back on all purchases. They paid for subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime, and even offered a private jet partnership if one bought a lot of their crypto and promised not to sell it by locking it up. The more one staked, the more they earned with their tiered system.


Crypto.com soon slashed 30 percent of staking rewards, leaving investors who staked incredible amounts of money into their Crow coin completely pissed off. Their card in most cases became nearly worthless, and the price of their Crow, which was locked up, began to plummet right after the news was announced. People lost money on their staked money while also having the ability to get cash back slashed.


The CEO decided to backpedal and give something back to the community. He revised card staking rates, but from the reaction, it wasn't quite enough. Even after wrecking people on this sort of bait and switch deal, Crypto.com still advertised their eight percent cash back rates.

The lesson to be learned is that if it sounds too good to be true, Matt Damon will promote it anyways. Crypto.com's CEO had left his last job amid accusations from customers and business partners that they had been ripped off. One business owner claimed that Chris's platform had issued promotions to boost its revenue just before shutting down deals that were then left worthless. Crypto.com's plan was unsustainable, and they should have listened to their community.

If Cryptocurrency Was Honest | Honest Ads

Are you interested in exchanging your boring green presidential napkins for something more exciting and volatile? Look no further than Rajcoin, the latest cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. But what is blockchain and why should you invest in Rajcoin? Let's take a closer look.

What is Rajcoin?

Rajcoin is a cryptocurrency created by forcing computers to solve complex math problems using more electricity than Switzerland. It has no physical form and its value is determined by the number of websites talking about it. Rajcoin is decentralized, peer-to-peer, and fungible, which means it can be exchanged for other currencies.

Investing in Rajcoin:

Investing in Rajcoin is a risky venture that could lead to financial gain or total worthlessness. Rajcoin could triple in value overnight or plummet due to factors such as celebrity tweets or government bans. It's important to keep in mind that Rajcoin is not meant to be spent like traditional currency but rather hoarded as an investment.

Risks of investing in Rajcoin:

Investing in Rajcoin comes with several risks, including the possibility of losing your investment due to scams, hacking, or forgetting your wallet password. Rajcoin mining requires a lot of computing power, which has driven the cost of GPUs into the stratosphere. Additionally, Rajcoin's value is not backed by any government or tangible asset, making it a highly speculative investment.

Investing in Rajcoin is a risky venture that should not be taken lightly. While it may offer the potential for financial gain, it could also lead to total loss. It's important to thoroughly research and understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency before making any investment decisions.

Crypto Super Bowl Commercials In 2022 = Dot Com Crash In 2000?

The upcoming Super Bowl has many crypto companies spending millions of dollars on ads, which is seen as a sign that crypto is going mainstream. This situation is similar to the dot com bubble in 2000, which saw a rise in Super Bowl ads for internet companies. This article will explore the similarities and differences between the two situations.

Similarities with 2000 dot com bubble:

- Super Bowl ads: Both the dot com bubble and crypto market saw a rise in Super Bowl ads, with companies spending millions of dollars to gain exposure.

- Nasdaq drop: In both situations, the Nasdaq saw a significant drop in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

- Hype: There was a lot of hype surrounding both the dot com bubble and the crypto market, with many claiming that they represented the future of business and technology.

Differences with 2000 dot com bubble:

- Number of companies: There are over 17,000 cryptocurrencies and over 450 exchanges, compared to a few hundred internet companies during the dot com bubble.

- Unique offerings: Each cryptocurrency offers something unique, while many dot com companies were similar in nature.

- Market maturity: The crypto market is more mature than the dot com market was in 2000, with more regulations and established companies.

Possible outcome:

While there are similarities between the two situations, it is not certain that the crypto market will experience a similar crash as the dot com market did. However, investors should exercise caution and thoroughly research any investments they make in the crypto market.

The rise in Super Bowl ads for crypto companies is a sign of the market's growing mainstream appeal. While there are similarities with the dot com bubble, the crypto market is more mature and offers unique offerings. However, caution is advised for investors, and thorough research is recommended before investing in the market.


Music and random phrases were used to create a unique and entertaining article.

Main points:

- Music is like a wheel, constantly moving and changing

- Rules are important, but sometimes they don't make sense (like eating a bagel with a fork)

- The importance of toilets and the idea of doing business inside

- Coffee can be awful, but some people still love it

- The right to vote, even for those who may not make the best decisions

- The idea of putting a man on the moon seemed impossible, but it happened

- The debate over cryptocurrency and its safety

- The value of expensive items, like a cane, and the importance of not losing them

This article was filled with random and humorous phrases, but it also touched on some deeper topics, like the importance of rules and the right to vote. It's important to take a step back and appreciate the absurdity of some things, while also acknowledging the seriousness of others.

Super Bowl 2022 | Top Crypto Ads from Coinbase, FTX, and More

- The Super Bowl was a huge event for crypto marketing, with more crypto-related ads than ever before.

- The top commercials were from Coinbase, FTX, and Crypto.com.

- These ads were successful in reaching a mainstream audience and promoting the message that crypto is here to stay.

Coinbase's ad:

- Coinbase's ad was the first crypto-related ad to play during the Super Bowl.

- It was a bold move to simply display a QR code on the screen, but it was massively successful with 20 million hits in the first few seconds.

- The ad was simple yet effective in promoting Coinbase's platform.

FTX's ad:

- FTX's ad featured Larry David and played on his naysayer persona.

- The ad was well-executed in showing the contrast between those who embrace new technology and those who resist it.

- Larry David's fame from Curb Your Enthusiasm helped to draw attention to the ad.

Crypto.com's ad:

- Crypto.com's ad featured LeBron James and was well-executed in promoting the brand's partnership with sports.

- The ad was effective in promoting the idea that crypto is the future and those who don't get on board will be left behind.

What made these ads strong:

- The Super Bowl is the biggest event in advertising and these ads were successful in reaching a mainstream audience.

- The ads promoted the message that crypto is here to stay and that it's important to get on board with the future.

- The ads were well-executed and featured recognizable figures like Larry David and LeBron James.

Predictions for upcoming crypto advertising:

- With these successful ads, we can expect to see more mainstream brands and celebrity partnerships in crypto advertising.

- Out-of-home advertising networks may become more accepting of crypto advertising.

- This moment at the Super Bowl was a green light for crypto marketing and the industry is set to grow even more.

Reacting To Matt Damon's Crypto.com Ad

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the Matt Damon crypto ad, which has caused a stir in the crypto community. However, some people have noticed that they saw the exact same ad promoted on Twitter a month before it became a news story.

Main Points:

- Crypto.com paid Matt Damon a boatload of money to promote their brand and compare crypto investors to pioneers in other areas such as the Wright Brothers and Galileo.

- The ad has received both positive and negative feedback, with some people criticizing the comparison to historical figures and others enjoying the over-the-top nature of the commercial.

- Exaggeration is common in advertising, and Crypto.com is not the first company to use this tactic to promote their product.

- Ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide how they want to spend their money and entertain themselves, whether that be through crypto trading or drinking sugar water.

- Matt Damon is an actor, and he is simply playing a role in the commercial. However, it is unclear whether he is being himself or playing a character in the ad.

Overall, the Matt Damon crypto ad has sparked conversation and controversy in the crypto community. While some people find the comparison to historical pioneers to be over the top, others enjoy the humorous and exaggerated nature of the commercial. Ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide how they want to engage with crypto trading and other forms of entertainment.

Crypto Celebs Silent As Market Melts Down | Billionaires Get Ready To Trip At Davos

Stephen Colbert opens with jokes about inflation, high prices, and the economy, including the annual Davos conference and cryptocurrency. He also mentions Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's recent photo-op debacle.


- Inflation and High Prices

- People are feeling the pain at the grocery store, with prices of bulk toilet paper surging from $17 to $25.

- Airport prices are especially high, with travelers paying up to $27 for a beer.

- The Economy and Davos

- The annual Davos conference brings together billionaires and political leaders to discuss wealth management, climate change, and more.

- This year, the lineup includes psychedelic shamans, which Colbert jokes about.

- Cryptocurrency

- Cryptocurrencies have been melting down in a perfect storm of fear and panic, wiping out over $200 billion in one day.

- Researchers are saying that crypto prices are moving in tandem with traditional markets, making it less of a cool alternative.

- Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

- Morrison has been dogged by scandals, including allegations of racism and his friendship with a QAnon conspiracy theorist.

- His recent photo-op debacle involved tackling a child to the ground, which his campaign responded to humorously.

Colbert's monologue covers a range of topics, including inflation, the economy, and cryptocurrency, as well as the humorous mishaps of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. His jokes are laced with colloquialisms, contractions, and interjections, making for an entertaining and engaging monologue.

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