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Current Fry's Weekly Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to do grocery shopping online using the Fry's food website/app. With contactless delivery being the new norm, it is important to know how to use online services to buy groceries. We will cover the steps involved in ordering groceries online and picking them up at the store.

Steps Involved:

1. Go to Google and search for Fry's food website.

2. Log in to your account or create a new one.

3. Add items to your cart by searching for them on the website.

4. Check out and select the pick-up option.

5. Wait for a confirmation email with your pick-up time.

6. When you arrive at the store, look for the pick-up signs and call the number provided.

7. Wait in your car while an associate brings your order out to you and loads it into your trunk.


- Use the VIP card to save money on groceries.

- Check the weekly ad for deals before adding items to your cart.

- Turn off substitutions for out-of-stock items.

- Have age-restricted items and your mask on hand when picking up groceries.

- Explain to the associate that you are there for curbside pickup and cannot get out of your car.

Grocery shopping online has become more prevalent during the pandemic. It is essential to know how to use these services to make shopping more convenient and safe. Fry's food website/app is a great option for buying groceries online and picking them up curbside. Follow the steps provided to make your next grocery trip hassle-free.

how to use Kroger digital coupons

Michelle from Michelle's Figure Living is back with an updated video on Kroger digital coupons. She was previously told that her old video was too long and rambling, so she's come back to give a straight-to-the-point guide on using Kroger digital coupons.

Setting Up Your Kroger Account:

The first step to using Kroger digital coupons is setting up your account online. If you have a Kroger card or one of their affiliates, simply go to the Kroger website and set up your account. Once you're logged in, click on digital coupons to access the coupons.

Using the Coupons:

To use the coupons, simply flip through them and click the clip button to activate them. The coupons will automatically be added to your Kroger card. Make sure to give the cashier your Kroger card when checking out in-store or selecting pickup/delivery options. Some coupons are only valid for pickup/delivery, so be sure to check.

Coupon Details:

Most coupons are only valid for one use per item and will disappear from your account after use. Some coupons, however, can be used up to five times in a single transaction. Check the coupon details to see which products it applies to and if it's part of a special event.

Using Coupons on Sale Items:

Kroger digital coupons can be used on sale items, making it possible to get items for free. Just make sure the coupon applies to the specific product and that you're using the coupon during the sale period.

Using Kroger digital coupons is easy and can save you money on your grocery bill. Simply set up your account online, clip the coupons, and use them at checkout. Keep an eye out for special events and sales to maximize your savings. Thanks for watching!


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, Couponing with Kim. Today, I am starting a series where I will go through all the different sales that Kroger has. I want to explain each sale step-by-step and how you can use coupons, digital coupons, Ibotta apps, and Kroger cashback to save even more money.

In this article, we will discuss how to save money while shopping at Kroger. We will focus on the weekly deals and sales offered by Kroger. We will also learn how to use coupons and digital coupons to save extra money.

Weekly Deals:

Kroger offers weekly digital deals that can save you a lot of money. These deals can be found on the front page or in another section of the weekly ad. You can clip these deals on the Kroger app to get the discounted price. The great thing about these deals is that you don't even need coupons to save money. However, if you have coupons, you can match them with the weekly deals to save even more money.


Let's take the example of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. The regular price of the large giant size boxes is $5.99. But the weekly deal is offering them for $4.99. On top of that, the weekly digital deal is giving you the opportunity to buy five of these for $0.99 each. You can clip this deal on the Kroger app to get the discounted price. If you compare it with a manufacturer coupon, you can get an even lower price.

If you grab three boxes of cereal, it will cost you $5.97. Use the $1.50 off paper coupon to bring the total down to $4.47. If you had bought three boxes at regular price, it would have cost you $17.97. You are saving about $13.50.

Another example is Snyder's Pretzels, which are on sale for $1.88 (regular price $3.29). You can pair them with a coupon to lower your out of pocket cost.

Regular Sales:

Kroger also has regular sales where you can get great deals on items your family needs. For example, Rotel diced tomatoes are on sale for $1 each (regular price 10 for $10). You don't have to buy 10 to get the sale price. You can just pick up one and pay $1.

The milk is on sale for 2 for $6. You can buy just one for $2.50. The sports drink is 2 for $3, but you can buy just one for $1.50.

In conclusion, Kroger offers great deals and sales every week. You can save even more money by using coupons and digital coupons. Be sure to clip your coupons on the Kroger app and only buy five of each item at a time if needed. Don't miss out on these great deals and start saving today!

Futurama Moments that Aged a Bit Too Well

The following article includes various quotes from the popular animated TV show Futurama. These quotes range from humorous to thought-provoking and demonstrate the show's use of unique language and characters.

- Behold The internet My god It s full of ads

- Wow the jungles on mars look just like the jungles on earth

- You see nowadays we can take a unique and beautiful object and easily reduce it to a formula for mass production

- You guys were totally out of control That s our job we re peace officers

- I know those cookies are fresh alicious but they produce an awful lot of trash

- Cue the Supreme Court

- Do refrigerators still come in cardboard boxes?

- Are there any girls in this room at all?

- It s a girl

- Ii don t like to play games so I ll just say I m a cyclops

- You gotta help me Send the army or something something big that suits

- Our armed forces do not serve your private business interests

- Please everyone knows 20th century colleges were basically expensive daycare centers

- I can t keep running people over

- Screw the quarantine I m out of here

- We re all scared it s the human condition

- If you complete your death transaction without filing a suicide and or falling accident permit, you will be posthumously demoted

- I love this planet I've got wealth fame and access to the depths of sleeze that those things bring

- You see TV audiences don't want anything original. They want to see the same thing they've seen a thousand times before. Trust me on this.

The quotes from Futurama demonstrate the show's unique use of language, characters, and humor. From discussing the internet and jungles on Mars to social issues like waste and gender, the show covers a range of topics in a creative and entertaining way. The quotes also highlight the show's ability to make the audience think and reflect on larger societal issues while still maintaining its humor and quirkiness. Overall, Futurama remains a beloved and iconic animated series that continues to inspire and entertain audiences.

Fry's Food Store**In Phoenix AZ Downtown**

Music Megan invites viewers to check out a new location in Magic City, Arizona, offering a mini-basket for snacks, Starbucks coffee, and a fresh salad bar. The video showcases the different products available, including milk, bacon, toothpaste, and canned goods.


- Starting Monday, the location offers a mini-basket for chips and other snacks

- They offer Starbucks coffee for coffee lovers

- They have a fresh salad bar available from 9am to 8pm

- They have a wide selection of canned goods, including tomato paste

- They limit the quantity of certain items per household, including chicken, bacon, potatoes, milk, eggs, hamburger meat, turkey, and water

- The video showcases different products available, including toothpaste, milk, bacon, and orange juice

- The location offers a variety of Japanese soldier pizza flavors

- The video features a mini chef using products from the location for his performance

Music Megan's video showcases a new location in Magic City, Arizona, offering a variety of products for shoppers. From Starbucks coffee to fresh salad bar, viewers can find a variety of items to suit their needs. However, certain items are limited per household due to high demand and support. Overall, the video offers a glimpse of what the location has to offer.

Calm Sleep Stories | Stephen Fry's 'Blue Gold'

- Stephen Fry will be your guide as we travel to the south of France.

- We will be meandering through the lavender fields and sleepy villages of Provence.

- The story, Blue Gold, was written by Phoebe Smith.

The Scent of Lavender:

- Lavender is a plant with calming properties that has been revered for thousands of years.

- Provence is home to some of the most famous lavender fields in the world.

- The scent of lavender can be found worldwide, but it is perhaps most famous in the southeastern corner of France.

- Lavender was classed as a precious plant by the ancient Greeks, and the Romans used to extract its essential oil when bathing.

- The scent of lavender is soothing and has a sedative effect, aiding sleep to come naturally.

Walking Through the Lavender Fields:

- The lavender fields in Provence burst into vivid color between mid-June and early August.

- The fields are arranged in pleasing lines of purple that stretch out towards the ochre-washed farmsteads in the valley beyond.

- Bees land on the buds, gathering the amber nectar from within the flowers.

- You can walk or cycle through the fields on a meandering journey at a distinctly slow pace, taking in this sublime spectacle.

Distilling Lavender:

- The essential oil from lavender is famous for its use in aromatherapy, said to elicit calm in even the most stressed soul.

- At a local distillery, lavender is heated up, and its molecules are released into the mist, which is then carried up into the condenser, where it's cooled by water, causing it to turn back into a liquid now rich in lavender oil.

- Patience is the name of the game, as over time, the oil naturally rises, separating from the water until it's ready to be collected.

- Visiting during peak season, you can see local lavender farmers come from miles around to have their plants distilled.

Spiritual and Culinary Offerings:

- Notre Dame de Senanque Abbey is a place where you can undertake a spiritual retreat amid the monks, who grow their fields of lavender, harvest the plants, and keep bees.

- You can also infuse lavender in food, from bread to ice cream, to offer a kind of spiritual as well as physical journey.

- Every year on August 15th, a celebration comes to Sault, bringing visitors from far and wide to commemorate the end of the season's harvest.

- Standing at the edge of a lavender field, you can see the picturesque landscape and smell the reassuring scent of France's blue gold.

- Every time you smell the scent of lavender, you will be transported back to this site, where the fields truly glow in an almost impossibly deep tone of purple haze.

- In these rolling foothills of ever-peaceful Provence, you can find inner calm and relaxation.


Ohio Valley Couponer: Kroger Weekly Ad Preview for November 17th - November 25th

- The upcoming Kroger weekly ad preview for November 17th to November 25th

- The ad will run for nine days instead of the usual seven days due to Thanksgiving

- Kroger will be open on Thanksgiving until 5 pm, which is different from Walmart

- A new Kroger deals video will be released on Friday for Black Friday


- 49 cents per pound for Kroger brand turkey with an additional purchase of $25

- $1.29 per pound for fresh honeysuckle turkey

- 99 cents per pound for fresh asparagus or green beans

- $1.27 for a large pineapple

- $2.77 for 18-ounce blueberries

- $1.99 for fresh Tyson natural boneless chicken breasts

- $4.99 for boneless beef chuck roast

- Buy one, get one free on Kroger shrimp

- Four for $12 on soda

- $1.88 for three bags of Lays potato chips or Lays kettle chips

- Three for $6 for Nestle Toll House morsels or Pillsbury products

- Four for $6 for Kroger brand six to eight-ounce cheese

- Two for $6 for Tropicana orange juice, Fairlife milk, or Kerrygold butter

- Four for $4.45 for Campbell's Chunky soups

- $5.99 for Green Mountain Donut Shop or McCaff coffees

- Buy one, get one free on Intimans Little Bites

- 4x fuel points on gift cards

Weekly Digital Deals:

- $1.77 for Kroger brand butter

- $1.77 for Kroger deluxe ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, or private selection ice cream or sorbet

- $0.97 for Sara Lee Artisan rolls (with rebate and Fetch rewards)

- $3.97 for Private Selection in-shell bagged nuts

- $1.97 for Ore-Ida frozen potatoes

Other Deals:

- $4.97 for Car's Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

- $2.47 for Jack Link's Jerky Axe

- $7.97 for Kingsford Original or Matchlite Charcoal

Black Friday Deals:

- Cutting board for $14.99

- Pyrex for $14.99

- Dolls for $9.99

- 43-inch Smart TV for $29.99

- Trees for $19.99

- Kroger's weekly ad preview for November 17th to November 25th has a variety of Thanksgiving foods and other deals

- The ad will run for nine days due to Thanksgiving

- A new Kroger deals video will be released on Friday for Black Friday

- Take advantage of the sales and deals, and don't forget to split up transactions for the best deals.

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