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cursed ads

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 CURSED Animated Commercials

this video is brought to you by raycon [Music]. the world of animated commercials can be summarized in one word: chaos. when it comes to disney and pixar and studio ghibli, well, they have reputations and brands and you as a viewer can form expectations and have an idea of what you might see from each respective studio. but animated commercials, oh, it can range from kind-hearted old men rolling out carpet to cringy coke commercials that look like off-brand warcraft cutscenes, or can be a soda bottle getting uncomfortably close to a bunch of children. i can smell you. anything can happen, and it is not uncommon for some incredibly bizarre and cursed commercials to just come out of nowhere. oh look, it's a sweet polar bear drinking a coke. oh, whoa, this taco bell commercial is like a full-blown anime, complete with mechs and kaijus. oh look, a gecko. just like the geico commercials, except that this one committed suicide. what? and now? pakistani shadow? the hedgehog is dunking on me, while the possessed pony demon is screaming at my face. again, pure chaos. for the sake of capturing my genuine reactions to these ads, i watched over 200 of them on my twitch. so yeah, brace yourself for some nightmare stuff. on that note, let's check out what i consider to be the top 10 cursed animated commercials. please protect me, baby jesus. wait, hold on. that's a trace version of moses from the prince of egypt. what the number 10? mcdonald's funky chicken released in 2010 and animated by a person by the name of andre friege. this ad for mcdonald's chicken nuggets makes one wonder: does mcdonald's know what chicken nuggets look like? because if these two sleep paralysis demons are supposed to be mcdonald's nuggets, then i'm going to avoid them for the rest of my life. i mean, they were already questionable enough, as is, but now i'm never touching them again. [Applause]. okay, did you know there's a dance called the phone? those are some very unappealing designs. what up? that is awful. that is awful. [Music]. did they make anthro chicken nuggets? is that what it was? i don't even get that with this. that that's awful. number nine: moga travel, aka the korean love hotel commercial. so i've actually seen this commercial before back in the day and it's still just as weird as the day i first saw it, released in 2015 for a phone app for a korean love hotel. moga thought it would be pretty based to have these background characters from snow white go from all to oh, oh no. [Music]. oh boy, is this just like an app to hook up with people. number eight chips: ahoy big city. released in 2014 and created by bent image lab, this cookie commercial is, uh, partikularly horny. like you think this cute cookie and lady are just gonna have a harmless chat, but no, look at her bedroom eyes. look at this woman. she really wants to dunk this cookie into her milk. if you know what i mean, here we go. this one's definitely cursed. you all ready for this one? oh, look at you, little guy, all soft and sweet with your cute little chocolate chips. can i can? can i be extra for a second, please? may i? okay, so, so there's boob jiggle on this character and i, i don't. i don't know why. i, i know it's a really bizarre like observation, but it's like whoever made this commercial were like, given enough of a budget or another passion or both, where they're like we're gonna make this model incredibly sensual, just saying, yeah, i get it, i'm little, but they're not chips, they're mouth-watering peanut butter, chocolate chunks and i'm loaded with them, and if you knew just how delicious i am, you wouldn't be able to keep your hands up. hey, like, it's a really well made model. it's really well made, it's uh. and you gotta say like this. this movement with the finger on her chest is like, well done, like you, really. you caught like her excitement without saying a word. he's drawing circles in her chest like: come on, give people cookie fetishes. if you're not careful, number seven: dealtastik me by jt's chrysler jeep. dodge. out of all the ads i watched on my twitch stream, this was the one that made me laugh the hardest, like to the point where i even had to call the car dealership just to thank the guy who was in this commercial. is it legendary? is it cursed? hey, i say it's both. just watch at jt's chrysler jeep dobbs in lexington. i'm going to give you look at the top of his head. [Laughter]. i was not ready for that. i drink christmas. [Laughter]. [Music]. i'm crying, oh my god. [Laughter]. it sounds like he's trying his best. i bet the guy watched a minions the minions- and he's like: i want to make a commercial like that and this, being from 2014, just makes that much funnier. that's a good price: save 8 000 on chrysler 300.. well, new jeep conference or chrysler 200, i want to call him. thank you for calling jq kia. how can i help you? hey, i just saw a commercial um with, like the minions in your cars- was that your like car company? who did that? um, that was years ago, okay, but like the pers, the guy who did that, does he still work there? uh, which guy are you specifically toking about? the guy who was like grew in the commercial? he, he was like the. i think there's only one guy in the commercial, sorry, like. i just watched the ad and i laughed out loud pretty hard and i wanted a call just because i wanted to thank him for making this commercial. it was part of the dealtastik me 2013 um- jt. is that his name? jp? he's the owner. is he still working there? he does still work here. that's awesome. just tell him thank you for making my day. that commercial was just fantastik. i give him such props for, like, doing that. thank you. if i get a jeep someday, it's because of jt. thank you, okay. number six: neo energy nose job released in 2011 by a company that makes this liquid caffeine for your water. mio here decided to fully embrace the anthro lifestyle with abominations that come right off the island of dr moreau, especially the camel with the double d's. this is so weird looking. michelle got her nose done. yeah, i know she said it was for medical reasons. medical reasons, what a crock. hey, i'm sorry, not you. hmm, uh-huh, ooh, 12 o'clock. i think those are real. those do not exist. oh my god, i don't know how i feel about that to nature. i've been in mio. shake things. are there more neo energy? oh, my god, there's a few. sometimes you need a little flavor. how many are there? observe, hey, mommy, i'm gonna go die now. number five: orangina. speaking of going full anthro, let's tok about the ads from organdina orengina. yeah, this company, this french orange soda company, basically said: what if soda commercial but furry and horny. and i've been worrying about france ever since. there's even a commercial from 2007 with anthro stripper girls dancing on anthro guys. and i haven't even mentioned the ads from 2009 with the splashing bottles. or the one with the cougar in the locker room with his boyfriend right behind him. these ads are unhinged. [Music]. i'm never gonna escape it. am i just like i'm? i'm never going to escape what is happening. it ensures i feel fresh, is. is this uncomfortable all day long in the morning, i just love that fruity, fresh orangina feeling in my mouth. it fights bad breath. so there's no denying that furries worked on this like there's just the dirt and enhances the shine in just one step. orangina- what is? what does this do? is it orange juice? do you drink it or use it as like a cleaner? i don't even know my secret. a few drops of orangina? [Music]. oh, [ __ ]. i'm sorry, it's nothing sacred. [Music]. i need names right now. what country is this? first, of course, the fridge did this number four truth: smaller babies. most of the ads so far have been wild and crazy and and shocking, but this was the first one where it made me genuinely uncomfortable. i mean, i guess that's the point when it comes to anti-tobacco psas, right, i just wasn't mentally prepared to watch a bunch of animated babies suffering from birth defects dance on my screen. that wasn't on my bingo sheet for today. babies are just no fun, eat too much and they weigh a ton. it's really [Music], [Music]. so so we've done a few commercials so far that are like a bit.

Cursed Commercials #37

this year car insurance? [Music]. did she just grab the other character? and, oh my God, oh my God, what the heck is this? confusedcom? confused com. you bet my butt cheeks. I'm confusedcom right now. oh yes, at last it is my favorite spooky time of year- December. look how spooky it is. [Music]. you can hear me what I said. you can hear me what. [Music]. the cursed commercials is brought to you by G fuel, a natural energy drink formula that is a healthy alternative to sugar-loaded energy drinks that is both delicious and has no crash. get it in powder, get it in a can. use code curse to check out to save 30 off your order while the promotion lasts. so things for Chad weren't going well. he thought he'd read a good luck spell, but he misread and then he fell under attack. [Music]. now they cursed, but they're not the worst. they're often kind of funny numbers with no. [Music]. welcome to the Christmas commercials. what's up times? we watch the commercials and I will throw up [Music]. I think this is the fastest intro I've ever done. I didn't actually explain the show very well. this toilet may look clean, but under the rim our grungies ordinary cleaners can't always reach. introducing new toilet duck the thick liquid toilet bowl cleaner. preferred three to one over the leading brand toilet Duck's unique duck neck and thick, powerful formula. reach up under the rim to leave your whole Bowl clean and sanitary, right down to the grungies. new toilet duck: nothing fights dirt like Duck the messy Johnson wax. I like the bottle design because it insinuates that the top of the bottle is the duck's head. however, on this like duct tank that appears in the commercial, I guess I'm not sure what that cap bit is supposed to be. I assume it's the cannon guys. it's the cannon guys, it's Canon, it's not something else, it's the cannon. this kind of marketing would legitimately work on me. I just like buying products that look like characters themselves. kind, kind of like the L'Oreal kids shampoo. it's effective on me, a little cursed, but uh, like a four. it's a booger Ball battle introducing booger balls, liquid slime balls you may toss, catch and splat. Easy Clean, no steam fix, and pick up, flick them slimy out real quick. snotty colors, gross Pokemon, take your pick. booger balls, a product made up of two words, both of them inappropriate, kind of. how is it you think they manufactured this? is it made of real boogers? I don't see a booger guarantee on the packaging anywhere. everyone loves booger humor though. yay, booger humor. tell me, folks watching this show, would you buy this, yes or no? let me know in the comments we're taking. it's a very serious census here. the seven makes sense, all right, mom, I know. hey, Mom, check out Toby's new trick. oh, my Toby, no, stop time to get your carpet clean. call today about our 99 special [Music]. okay, so, uh, I have a few questions. well, I guess the first one's not really a question, it's more of like an observation. uh, kids watching this is this is actually not a dog trick, okay, but I do have a question. um, this is a real dog performing this. I think like, uh, did they? someone I guess really did have to train a dog to to do this purposefully, or I just is just like kind of weird. some, a crew of people, guys, they filmed this. they filmed a dog, a real dog, I think, doing this, people making this commercial wanted you to see this while you watch TV, that they wanted you to see this way to go, Toby, you just cost mom 99 animal abuse nine. when is too much too much to find out? we crammed everything into Super Mario World 2- Yoshi's Island: 60 more levels, massive enemies, huge Yoshi tricks, all served up in the latest graphic, tiknology, morph Nation. hmm, oh sure you don't have room for another little bonus level. oh, that a team of people made put their heart and soul into. and the marketing people just want to shove this footage against your game back and forth. this is an insult. why would they think this would make people want to buy the game? just Reserve more air time to show more gameplay, not some guy. eating is weird. Super Mario World 2 only on the Super NES, still the big one. oh my God, the man literally explodes. the Nintendo marketing team: all right, guys, we're making the Yoshi's Island commercial big, big, equal to Super Mario World 2, so the marketing has to be top-notch. here's what we're gonna do. we're gonna show some guy who is just overly obese eating lots of food. uh, no questions, please. I know this is advertising a Mario and Yoshi game, but no, no questions, please, please, let me continue. so, anyway, we show this guy gorging himself with things like spaghetti, other various kinds of food, and this all takes place in some type of a cafeteria, restaurant or something. oh, and we'll sprinkle in some gameplay or something, because you know we have to do that, but then at the end he explodes and his guts go everywhere and food gets all over everything and it's absolutely disgusting and somehow I think this marketing tactik will uh, get people to want to, to purchase, um, the game or something. that concludes the meeting. no questions, please. that is very cursed. that's a 10.. if you have problems with rats then you need Talon. it's the baked professional Pest Control others recommend. so it's no wonder that Talon is the one rats fear most. [Applause]. [Laughter]. that was funny. could have done more takes of screaming. Talon, it's the rat's fear. um. [Music]. so bring it in and get your cash today by your jewelry. [Music], so bring it in and get your cash today. I'm little John, don't mail it in. yay, yay, it's the return of Little John's. they're back with another excellent ad. super gold man didn't look like he was flying very fast in that earlier bet. what kind of slow wouldn't that recommend for transportation? good commercial, just like last time. I'll give that a nine again, not because it's super cursed, but just that was just good execution. what is it about Smith's crinkle-cut potato crisps that make them so irresistible to gobbledogs? The Taste, the delicious, tantalizing real potato taste. Smith's crinkle gut, the only chippies with real potato taste. ask any gobble duck- what are those things called gobble duck, Bobble duck Goblin [Music] be called? but it's obviously like a Kremlin Goblin, baby Yoda type character that likes to eat chips. this is a great premise. this should just this concept this character should be made into like a movie just goes from house to house taking victims and stealing ships from every household. I would watch that very scary character. sounds like it toks, like Gollum or something. potato chips, chips, seven baby pie down here. don't freak out, but I'm a hedgehog now, see, I'm at this witch. no, no, you don't freak out. I stopped at first thing today and asked some questions about us buying our first home and she answered all of them nicely, offered to do it all over again for you. I think she even cared about her long-term happiness. I am totally freaking out right now. I know me too. [Applause]. Mortgage Services that will Amaze you for good. I'm on the fence with this one. is this a? is this a good- actually a good- ad, or is this cringe? I'm gonna be honest, guys. I'm just. I'm kind of on the fence right now. this is pretty rare where I can't tell on a scale if a commercial is actually good or terrible. you know what? for the first time ever, I'm actually gonna ask the audience: what would you rate this commercial? out of 10? you just tell me: dude, dude, dude, dude, a dude, a dude. yeah, they're sick. it's the amazing DQ Blizzard now introducing the Keebler fudge stripes blizzard, vanilla soft serve blended with chocolate and keep the fudge stripes cookies. do a new fudge stripes, blizzard and DQ. something different took for them to get this perfect, you think? do you think the actors lost their mind at any point? what if this commercial was like one of these guys's big debut? you know this is the start of their career. they were in that rare, one-off, extremely annoying Dairy Queen Anne. it only goes up from here. isn't this bit where they freeze frame it at the end, kind of implying that the blizzards do fall ou?

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Mario Reacts To CURSED Nintendo Commercials

[Music]. [Applause]. once again, santa forgets me. oh, i didn't forget you. here's your present. it's this sexy game called mobile legends adventure. mobile legends adventure is an auto rpg mobile game where rewards accumulate even when you are not playing. as an auto rpg, heroes can automatikally fight for you, so you can play the game while doing other things. you can play 5 or 10 minutes every day and still build a strong squad. i like to play when i'm watching shows, but you can play wherever: while you're on a walk, having lunch or when you're taking vengeance against santa for always forgetting you. for gamers who love strategy, mobile legends adventure lets you flex your big brain by making important decisions about how to use resources and form the strongest lineup. there's also mazes to explore and plenty of awesome puzzles to solve, so you'll never get bored with christmas coming soon. from december 17 to january, 6 mobile legends adventures holding a christmas celebration event where you can gain spicy rewards. select wish globes and hang them on the christmas tree, and santa will deliver random prisons to you the next day. logan every day during the event and you can claim a total of 17 premium summon scores for free. plus, there's also christmas and new year's themed skins for limited time only, use this christmas card. you can activate 1 000 diamonds and 20 summon skulls. just click the link in the description and download mobile legends adventure today. also use my special smg4 bonus code where you can claim an extra 300 diamonds. oh, now on to the video. [Music]. [Applause]. that is my impression of nintendo advertising. so nice, here we go, let's go stupid. you lied to me, okay, okay. okay, this, this is not okay. i can feel the tumors growing on my back and it's not okay. [Music]: go anywhere you want to go, do anything you want to do. what am i? a monkey? here we go. shut the [ __ ] up. [Music]. the nintendo entertainment introducing super smash brothers, where all your favorite characters in one, four players. [Music]. oh my god. [Music]. good night. mario said luigi. sweet dreams. luigi said mario. and that's when something quite strange began to happen. [Music]. see you next time. [Music] pikachu, roll it in. he toks to pikachu. pikachu listens. pikachu, come here. it's busted [Music]. [Music]. what is that? what the [ __ ]? [Music] all is boys. let's see a terminator do that. it was at this moment that he knew. [Music] would you like to comment to that sonic the hedgehog? you got a small dick. it's the size of this walnut, except way smaller. here's what my dong looks like. [Music] it's a rat. oh my god, thank god i'm blind. mario kart super circuit on game boy advance. [Laughter]. nintendo entertainment system: zelda, mamma mia, oh my god, oh no, i'll take care of this. [Music]. oh okay, you need a parachute. that's a backpack. oh oh. [Music]. what the hell is this? let the battle begin. you can use incredible power up moves in new mario power tennis. get down on the ground. [Music]. you will never take me alive. open fire. what, hey? plumber boy, mustache man. your worst nightmare has arrived. i don't care. [Music]. did you see the latest nintendo newsletter? whoa, nice graphics i'd like to get. this isn't very good. you mean, it's the legend of zelda and it's really rad. those creatures from ghana are pretty bad. after ux levers too. with your help, our hero, come on, i can't move anywhere. [Music]. defeated now [ __ ]. [Music]. what's your emergency? [Music]. would you like some things? [Music] me, hi, everyone. [Music] you.

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The SCARIEST Commercials in The World?

welcome back for the first time to the world's scariest commercials question mark. i forgot i had a standing desk. i'm free from my confines, i can walk around, i can turn around, i can. today i was remembering an old commercial that i saw in the early days of youtube and i thought: why not make a whole video with the scariest commercials? so i searched the internet and the first link had a whole last list, so made my job easy. okay, this is the creepy mcdonald's commercials. how does who? who thought about this? hey, let's have ronald mcdonald try to break in your house. oh, now he's opening the bolt. yo, this is like me playing hotel r and r trying to stop the manager from coming in. hi, cabron, hello, imagine, dog, you decided not to eat at mcdonald's and this happens to you. [Music]. whose idea was this? this doesn't attract people to come to mcdonald's. in fact, if i saw this commercial, i wouldn't want to go eat at that place. what if i get touched by a clown? i guess what they're trying to tell you is: if you don't go eat at mcdonald's, they'll come for you. all right, it continues. the story is not over. it continues. hola stardes. [Laughter]. that's creepiest. [Music]. now can you at least like sing some like vicente fernandez or some selena or something? why you gotta sound all creepy? and i get it. okay, this is japan. we'll start singing, like the intro to demon slayer or some. oh, but you thought it was over. nope, he tried to break in. he tried to warn you. now it's time for him to come get you. you're just chilling, toking to your girlfriend on the phone, but have you looked under your bed? [Music]: that is the creepiest man. oh, there's one more. [Music]. they called the cops on his ass. i forgot about that. still creepy as though. all right now, do you see where my idea came from? i remembered this commercial- this is one of my favorite commercials ever- and then it led me down this rabbit hole. and here we are. let's react to these other ones. okay, this one's another japanese commercial. i have not seen this one. [Music], what is that dog? [Music]? [Music], [Music]. is that the name of the dog? or is that the? oh, that's the. that's the name of the snack. the consumer, panchi, dog commercials. so there's multiple ones. okay, so what? i'm trying to understand what happened with this one. first of all, that's a furry. when a furry tries to offer you snacks. you run cause the next thing you know. okay. so there's more. so every time he passes by the dog, he tries to offer him snacks. [Music] come on, dog, eat my snacks. what the dude? oh, he jacked them. no, they got him. they got my little mans. he took him, consumed, punchy, kidnapped my little mans. what is this? what's a playstation commercial? i don't remember this hell, no. [Laughter]. hey, that's why i bought a xbox 360. [Music]. i imagine being a little kid and you're just watching cartoons and that starts playing. if i would have seen that when i was growing up, i'd have been scared. i remember i was home alone when i was like 10 years old, playing legend of zelda, ocarina of time, and the first time i walked into the temple of time and i heard the. when i heard that music, it ran out the house. bro, i went to go look for my mom and i never played that game unless my parents were in the room. there's still more. look at this. [Music]. oh, the other dog went to get him for you. [Music] i just gotta race the dog. yo, this is actually pretty unsettling. it just looks weird like this humanoid dog. how is this even air? oh, what do people actually like this. all right, let's keep it going, keep going. well, i've got two glasses. what is this coming right up? christ, in every drop, ray, jesus. [Music]. imagine just trying to drink orange juice and this little comes out [Laughter]. it was a sprite commercial. i thought this was a commercial for the orange juice. so they're saying: don't drink your vitamins, drink soda instead. i mean, i was told growing up that soda was good for you. coke and tortillas: classic meal. again. another playing soccer with little girls. this can't end well. hey, you want some consummate punchy. you gotta fly that plane. i shouldn't teach you how to fly. [Music]. he was an alien all along. i want to know the thought process behind this. somebody had to have been on some serious no-no snow to come up with that right there. what is this? [Music]. what breakfast? i'm hungry. no, thank you, i'm not eating breakfast. take it from car wrinkles. that's me. the best breakfast under the big top is post sugar rice karinkos. so crinkly, so delicious, so different. each grain of rice and sugar rice ca wrinkles is crinkled with no and sugar. it's so good i can wrinkle every time i eat it. i'm crinkling right now from the cringe, my guy. honey and sugar, make it different and wonderful: a circus of fun to eat. i'm just gonna click on the next video, because this one was up: the dawn is your enemy. this whole thing. i actually remember this commercial, this whole thing. it's just like music and someone's staring at you while it says the dawn is your enemy. it goes on for a whole minute and then this move winks at you. i remember that that was from adult swim, the dawn is your enemy. it used to make me want to stay up all night and just watch the adult cartoons. what is this one? oh, we got puppets. i've never seen this one. [Music]. a judder man [Music] is [Music]. but schnapps, those sweet as teeth, my love, and sharpened ones at that. beware the other man, my dear, when the because you turn into a puppet. this is what you see when you have too much of it. that one's creepy, i'll give it that. oh, the classic, the classic ice cream commercial. i hate the music on this. for my glistening skin- try to stare at it without blinking- shine [Music] and how my pores are so clean and clear. [Music]. i eat little babies ice cream. it keeps me young. it keeps me light on my feet. i to activity. i love my job, i love my life. when you eat little babies ice cream, you'll wink and nod and hug and high-five each other with great enthusiasm. i hate that one. little babies ice cream. not gonna lie, man looks like he eats little kids. next commercial: this one's titled i didn't mean to shoot daddy's gun. this is my brother, omar. oh okay, there was a hole in his tummy. a bullet hit him. i saw a red grass. the gun was in the garage. i didn't mean to shoot daddy's gun. i didn't mean to shoot daddy's gun. uh, that's a up psa dude. that's horrible. i got nothing else to say to that one that one's heavy. all right, we gotta include an australian commercial. let's see what these fools got. is it creepy? [Music]. oh hell, no. [Music]. did you see behind him? behind him there was a ghost. [Music]. run, run. [Laughter]. [Music]. what nothing repels like deluxe wash and wear advanced. it was a paint commercial. [Laughter]. that's good. this paint looks like it's very useful against women. maybe johnny depp should have used some of that when amber was chasing him around the house. all right, next video, this one's called daisy. [Music]. [Music], [Music]. okay, these are the stakes. what is this commercial for which all of god's children can live are to go into the dark. we must either love each other or we must die. vote for president jonathan. the stakes are a presidential ad. that's the most dramatik presidential ad i have ever seen. they blew up a little girl, they blew up daisy just to make this ad this up. that's pretty grim, though that's. that's like. that's like some somber, like. imagine you're sitting in your couch and in 1964 and you see this airing, it's up. what is this one? i know a place that's peaceful and quiet, a place where animals play. it's called the forest, but every year we start forest fires. oh, it's a forest fire, commercial, cigarette and poof fire. so the next time you're in the forest, be extra careful. okay, okay, um. you knew it was me. would you have listened? the bear was hiding inside the woman the whole time. oh, eddie, that's what a skin walker does. we're not doing this. this video, please. a yoshi's island commercial. how does this end up in a creepy list? when is too much? too much to find out who crammed everything into super mario world 2? yoshi's 60 more levels, massive ene.

Cursed Commercials #33

wanda, pick me up, i'm gonna jump again. don't do it, you're not gonna make it this time. here go. i sure hope. that dress has a lot of padding. save on three rooms of carpet for only 399.. had you bought this local company's carpet, you could prevent somebody's death, okay? [Music]. hey, raps. there's a conspiracy going around about the show, about what people are saying: that i'm you like, that you're a puppet and i control you and stuff like that. but i'm a mummy, yeah, i know. it's just that some people have notiked that we're never in the same shot, we're never in the same camera frame together. so you know what? let's just do some myth busting. okay, let's do some myth busting right now. look, myth busted, there's not even anything back here. oh wait, is this yours? what did i tell you about recycling? i'm sorry. curse commercials is brought to you by g fuel, a natural energy drink formula that is a healthy alternative to sugar loaded energy drinks that is both delicious and has no crash. get it in powder, get it in a can. use code curse to check out to save 30 off your order while the promotion lasts. so things for chad weren't going well. he thought he'd read a good luck spell, but he misread and then he fell under a curve. [Applause]. [Music]. now, they may be cursed, but they're not the worst. they're often kind of funny. [Music], [Music], [Music]. welcome to another episode of cursed commercials. this is the show or watch commercials from television, and then we rate out of 10 how cursed each commercial is that we watch. i thought i would spin the remote really fast and catch it and it would look cool, but after like trying it three times and now really hurting my finger, that's. that's the take. [Music]. i recognized instantly by that weird melody what this commercial was going to be advertising. wow, this goes way back to the roots of the channel- getting some major ptsd right now. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. i'm honestly surprised it took this long for one of these chocobo ads to get in an episode of cursed commercials. it took 33 episodes, but it finally happened. yeah, pretty cursed that's. uh, let's just start with a nine on that one. look at this guy. he wanted to ask out this girl for ages but never plucked up the courage. how are you? [Music]. oh, after watching that encounter i don't feel too good. [Music]. mate, you should try link's ice chill, cause you're hotter when you chill. i find the most humor from the watermark on this. best ads on tvcom, i would say confidently that website has lost all its integrity. with me personally, the chin i recognize as part of this cosplay, but i don't remember thanos wearing a hood- uh, i guess that's like a four. well, there's a certain gooey thing that makes you glad to be alive and there's a certain gooey thing that helps us all to survive. well, it's jeremy. [Music] is [Music]. it's red, it's good [Applause], [Music]. i would categorize this in commercials that go hard. this is kind of unsettling just as a visual. it's part of this cookie made from like monkeys, because it's kind of like they can't be what this is implying. but that's where my mind goes when i like watch this. what the heck is this website? dodgersnumber1.com? i guess i don't know what the website is. my phone won't load it. i don't know if that's the sign that it's just like not a website anymore, or if this is like a continuation of the curse of this cursed commercial or something. maybe i can reveal what it is after i've edited the video. i guess i'm unfamiliar with this snack, but i'll tell you what this advertisement does not make me interested in it. this is pretty cursed, though i'm actually gonna give that a nine. it's a very effective advertisement in the way that it makes me not want to get whatever this is, and i guess if an ad does that it deserves a high rating. i called the witch doctor. he told me what to do. [Music]. that means play dr mario on game boy or in. yes, i would say the marketing agency nintendo hired for this commercial definitely missed the mark. dr mario has, uh, nothing to do with witch doctors, but that seems to be the entire emphasis of this advertisement. it's okay, though. we all know the superior dr mario advertisement. [Music]. that was weird. six wanna step into my reality and enter trim spa's million dollar makeover challenge. want a viper, want some money? you want to play? win a chance to party at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino, like my body. then get dieting, exercising and trend spot x32 and enter the million dollar makeover challenge- trim spa baby. i like how this advertisement tries real hard with visuals to distract you. what it's saying on the bottom of the screen results not typical and may vary. consult your physician before use. not for sale for those under the age of 18. not evaluated by the food and drug administration. use as part of a diet and exercise program. this is just set up to mislead you because if you follow the intended instructions that go alongside this product, you diet, you exercise and you consume this and you get in better shape. to which goes the credit? the better diet, working out or consuming this product? probably everything except the product, especially with how hard they're trying to sell this to you. this is like kind of cringe. two, that was embarrassing. [Music]. today i took the family to play on the swings and i need more than one pair of hands at bedtime. your behavior today. i'm so proud you pepper army nibblers. they're little bits of an animal. now, this little biggie went to my kid. this little. this is a trend i see in a lot of like snack and food ads. make a cute character that resembles the food and or snack and the whole gimmick is that the character eats other characters that are of the same kind. is it cannibalism? funny? also, what the frick is a pepperoni nibbler? that sounds like a nickname given to something you do in the bedroom. pepperoni nibblers- they're little bits of an animal. wow, they're not even trying to hide where this comes from. also, you might want to have a chat with your like cgi guy, because these don't look really tasty in the commercial. they just kind of look like giant stik people or something like as if tim burton made a movie about stik people. pretty cursed. [Music]. [Music]: respect the pouch, respect it. oh look, another disrespectoid commercial. i just don't. i don't understand why they did this- capri sun that is. i think the whole idea was just to show you something that was extremely shocking visually so that you just like wouldn't forget the ad. but it kind of proves to be a bad idea because everyone just remembers the weird thing that happens in the ad, but i don't think anybody remembers the product that goes along with it. they just remember the weird parts, like this seven cannonball. [Music]. action man who invited you party's over pesky, don't let pesky problems throw a party in your home. call action. plumbing, heating and electric. go to iwantactionnowcom. what are these little men even supposed to be like representing? are these supposed to represent? like bugs, mice? but even so, it doesn't really make sense because it's an advertisement for, like an hvac guy. i guess if i suddenly have an infestation of tiny cosplaying burglars inside my home, i guess i know who to call. now called 249 drip. i mean, this guy does have some drip. is this part green screen? it looks green screened, but why would you need to green screen? someone standing in a doorway seems like an extremely affordable and feasible shot you could get for your ad. i don't know why you would go to the effort to green screen a shot like this. actually, yeah, come to notike, he's not even in this house. i mean, they did clearly get this shot from someone's house but for whatever reason, they could not get this man to come out on location. this, this is all sorts of weird. uh six, you enjoying your monster cookie blizzard, mm-hmm. but dad, where mozart could this come from? [Music]. hey, what do you do with the green m m's? i'm making a special cookie. it's scary good. the monster cookie blizzard with m m's. new at dairy queen, the new disney mon.

Top 15 Weirdest Commercials ever shown on TV

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