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custom hat dropshipping

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads


hey, what's going on? EECOM dominators, Cynthia, here, and in today's video, I'm gonna be showing you how to sell print-on-demand hats. now, if you've been following my channel for a while, you know that I love to give you guys different product types and kind of showing you how I create designs for them and how I actually promote them for my print-on-demand business, and so this one will be one of those videos. also, what I always say about pronouncing it is: it's not just t-shirts. there are infinite number of products that you guys can go out today and start selling. all you need really is a design file. so if you haven't started your own print-on-demand business, you can go ahead and register for a free, 100% free training and build dottie bootcamp comm, just to kind of get your feet wet and kind of get yourself familiarized with this type of business already. and also, if you like videos, just like this, please do me a favor and like this video and subscribe to my channel and tong that bell notification so you'll be notified every time I drop a video. just like this already, guys. let's get started already, guys. so, what is print-on-demand? so if you are new to my channel and you don't know anything about print-on-demand business. I'm gonna show you very quickly what it is, and it's a very simple business model, in my opinion. you basically take any type of design and you literally upload it on to a product and that's simply what pronounced a man is. you literally have no inventory. that's all done in the backend with your supplier. so the suppliers of your choice will print this product and border this products. they will screen print, sublimation, whatever it is, they will help you take care of that product production and they will ship out that order to your customers as if they were you. so put the print of the main business, in my opinion, is the best business in the world because you literally do not need any type of expensive equipment. you don't need you know a hundred different. you don't need to own the red, white and blue, yellow orange t-shirt in every possible size, right? we are only having a design file and we're uploading on a mock-up now, this mock-up that you see over here. we don't actually own this specific product. this product is simply generated by a computer that we can upload it on to our Shopify store or Etsy or whatever platform that you are using. but that, in a nutshell, is what print-on-demand is. it's basically taking a design and placing it on your product of choice, all right. so in this video I want to tok specifically about hats. I'm gonna be doing a series of different products that you guys can go ahead and sell. now, with every product there's always a few tweaks and variations, just because it's the nature of the product. we don't want to treat every design as if we're treating it on the t-shirt or on a mug or on a pillow. with hats it's a little bit more difficult because it is embroidered, and so there are certain guidelines that you kind of have to follow. so I'm gonna be toking about a few of the best practikes that you guys want to kind of keep in mind when you're doing print-on-demand hats. so the first thing is make sure you download those templates, provide it to you by your vendor of choice. so say, for example, you pick printful, printful will have a template that you can literally download and make sure your designs fit within their restriction size. now, in my opinion, if you hire designer- if you're not a designer yourself and you're hiring a designer- I would go ahead and send that template to your designer and say, hey, you know, I need you to help me make this specific design, but I need it within this template of size, alright. so the next thing I want to tok about is landscape versus portrait. now if you look at a hat in general, as you can see that if you pick a design that usually is more portrait looking, that it may look good on a t-shirt but it probably would not fit very well in a hat. so just think about the real estate of a head and how you want to kind of structure your design. so on a hat, I would always recommend going more towards landscape. landscape will be a little bit wider on the hat versus portrait. also, with hats you can find suppliers that will do embroidered or screen and print. I'm going to be toking a little bit about both some of the differences so quickly. with embroidered hats you want to definitely go with a more simpler design. only because it is embroidered and certain designs don't vary, do very well when you are actually embroidering it into the Hat. also, I recommend you guys go with text-heavy, which means having designs that are just plain text. those work very well for hats. I recommend that you guys stay away from complicated graphics. I've had a lot of customer complaints when I do certain graphics and you know it may look cool on the computer screen and it looks cool when it's generated on the mock-up went, but in reality, when they actually go in there and they create the product, it doesn't actually look like the products or the image that you actually upload. so if you are gonna do any type of graphics on these hats, I would do very, very simple clip art designs. this is the only time that you guys will hear me tok about putting clipart on your designs. I always say: stay away from clip art. no one will buy those designs. but in terms of hats, I find that very simple clip art designs work very well because we are embroidering these designs on the hats, so we want to make it as simple as possible. also, stay away from gradients or shadows and stik to only solid colors. I'll be giving you guys a quick example on what I mean in just a bit. I have an example, so stik with me to the end. also, stay away from photography photos. obviously. there's really no way that they could embroidered a photo that you took of a tree outside your house, okay, so sleep more with vector designs which your designers can actually create on Adobe Illustrator also. another one is: some has our screen printed. so if you find us suppliers there are screen printing the hats, then your designs can be a little bit more detailed, it can be a little bit more complicated, whatever it is, because it's more or less like how they screen print a t-shirt. alright, so depending on the type of hats that you are going for is you have to pay attention to the type of designs that you're going to be uploading onto these suppliers. but from my experience I prefer more embroider. it just have a higher perceived value. therefore you can sell at a higher price. so I do recommend you guys stik to hats that are embroidered, alright, guys. so let me give you guys a few kind of examples so you guys get a gist of what I mean by selecting or design. so I have two designs up here on the screen. so notike the one on the right. it says tent pitching one. now, this is more of a portrait type design. this is what I mean. if you're gonna put this design on a hat, it wouldn't look very well because the Hat real estate is very is shorter on the height, but it's a little bit wider, right. so you definitely want to create a design that is a little bit wider. also, if you notike the design on the right, there's a lot of complicated designs. it's very hard to embroider something like this, so I would go with, like I said, text-heavy something, a more simpler design, like the one I have here. by the way, I created this one myself. not that I encourage you guys to create your own designs. obviously always get a professional designer, but this is for just example purposes. alright, so my supplier of choice, cause everybody always wants to know something- who do you use for hats? there are so many suppliers that you guys can use. literally go into the print web, type in, you know, print-on-demand. there's like hundreds of different suppliers that provide you with different types of products. so perhaps I prefer printful because they give you the option to either do 3d puffs or a flat embroidered design. they actually show you step-by-step on how to do it. so if you, whichever one you choose, th

How I Started a Hat Company

this episode is about why I started a company and why I think you should start something. two ideas are created and processed through our internal feed at a constant and guaranteed basis, subconsciously organized into categories: the unexpected and complete the obvious, the someday. so which ideas are worth listening to and which are the ones we let pass? at least for now, I don't really think there's a true decision point here. I think you can tell it's the ideas that tap you on the shoulder, the ones that get you to turn around. now, while I think generally it's a natural instinct, unknowing which to pursue, what happens next is crucial. we've all heard the same: it's the thought that counts. is it? is simply thinking of something enough? how could it qualify as a count a thought alone? how can, how can it be the same as action? thoughts can be useful and motivating and important. they can also be disguised as a safety net. we can trick ourselves into believing that thinking is doing when compared to action, a thought lacks substance. so how can a thought count, as the whole point may be the start, but to count it, action must follow. speaking of thoughts, there was something that sometimes I often thought about. again, it was an. again I got to this point through a few experiences. I often found myself buying hats online and the result I received in the mail was never what I antikipated or what I wanted. granny 6a to kick it off like. I've been obsessed with entrepreneurs forever. well, I remember, like on our blog, we toked about it and like here, I still feel like in my five-year plan, yeah, and I was like I feel like a new free, monthly. here I was again sitting comfortably and my daydreaming thoughts. this time I reacted. you know what makes the hats that I like. you know I could've been really formally at that for myself. I knew when I put it on, I liked how it felt and I knew that I liked the color and how it looked. but what does that really mean? together, right after research and understanding what a good hat meant to me, I wanted to define it. and if I was defining it, I was now in acting. acting on my reoccurring idea. the idea: start a hat company, alright. so what does that mean? first batch ever. how could I provide that value and definition that I hadn't been able to find? many hats I like, no hats I love. I wrote down words that felt comfortable to me, that bring me power. but first to think of a company name, a challenge myself to think of words that meant something to me and I'm still. a single word kept reappearing to me. still can mean many things. still one day couldn't mean peace and calm, and keep. it can also mean persist, continue. this is crazy to me. I can be both of those things. I'm allowed to be calm and to be persistent and loud, to be those together. I decided on still, yet was looking for a word to pair. after discussion with some friends, I realized still was enough. so I paired it with company, still company. so these are two tester versions for a next batch. I had a name, a little momentum. it was time to develop the concept: wool samples. just figure out its dive into the details. I had visualized the end result many times. but how do I get there? I'd never done this before. Wow, I did my best to formulate what was in my head into a business plan and draft a potential content across all platforms. I created target dates for even the most granular of tasks. I wanted to have some bearing while entering an extremely new arena. okay, so now what? well, I needed to come up with a solution first again, many hats I like, no hats I deserve. still, company will always provide very upfront instructions and descriptions of what the product is, what you can expect to receive in the mail, because if you receive what you expect, the chances are you're gonna wear it more often. and then it was time- today's the day that I get my first batch of hats- to see my logo on a tangible product. I had built up a lot of pressure for this moment. it's usually how I treat things that matter to me. I accidentally, subconsciously, apply a do-or-die mentality into anything I take on. just like he made it. it's the athlete in me. so even in these exciting moments, I still create a heightened anxiety in my mind. I'm weighing every moment against what I think should happen. I'm still calculating the details, so it's hard for me to come up for air in the moment. I'm trying to keep a perfect score but, as my wife would say, for what? the details can make me tense. I probably spent too much time just staring at a screen, a calendar, my schedule, trying to think of every detail, antikipate every scenario. what did a successful hat company look like? that's what I need to be. I could feel a new mood, overcoming my internal feed and I could tell it was becoming unproductive. I wondered, worried about what. I didn't know. what was I missing? I wanted still company to feel polished, to stand on its own. it was like I was trying to skip ahead to the end, over emphasizing details that would not break or make this company by any means convinced that people would pick apart my company, highlight my mistakes. okay, it was time to reset my mind. circle back: remember the idea I was making something, starting something, a brand new project where I could exercise new creative and business muscles. so what did a successful hack company look like? well, I get to decide that here and for now, I'm deciding to wing it and embrace every second of it. I wanted to remember to allow myself to guess and check that pressure and expectations should be recalibrated as fun, crazy, it's comfortable, it's like very flexible cotton. I had turned my daydream into action. I prepared best I could and for now, that was more than enough. well, I was using preparation to aid in my action. there was something else I could do. when you feel fear or hesitancy, you know it's a really good. next, ask for help. even in the middle of something I've never done, I knew a few things. to be true, if I wanted it- bad enough, Oh glad. and could lean on the support of extremely skilled and focus individuals, I could really do this. I couldn't make this company come to life. all right, another shoot, more of Instagram shoots: prep content vertikally, horizontally, for promo, for launch. let's do this. I was starting to feel the fire again. it's incredible collaborating with like-minded people and some badass woman at that. can't feel like it's product shoot day. still, company felt like it was officially underway. [Music]. the fact that we get to see any of this take pictures of this hat, it's because of a thought which turned to action. now apply it to something in your life that you have action. Don now pretend for a second you had not taken action, but thought about it 1000 times. did those thoughts count? did you really score 1000 points or were you just practiking? don't get me wrong. practike is important. however, I propose that we as a population change the phrase. it's the action that counts, because if you only think without action, you're not even in the game, on the sidelines warming up, and I can promise you that no points are scored in warm-ups. it's practike, sure, but you have to get in the game. it's how you start your season, acquire stats, it's how you get better, it's how you start counting. I promise to you I do not have it all figured out- I'm not speaking to you from an award-winning stage. I'm speaking to you from experience. Posey in Lux is taking a picture at me, an experience that was my own. okay, I just started people and breaking news. part of that experience includes what society likes to call mistakes, accidents, a real bummer. I think this screen is maybe broken, so I just broke my camera. it just fell like it really. I mean, it's like four years old and so it broke its fall in a million times. but mistakes always make for one heck of a story. plus, the one thing I know for sure, one thing that stirs no debate, is that I started. so, if you wanted to, you've been daydreaming. I think you should start something, too, and watch the story fall into place, because what's your alternative? [Music] listen t.

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Dandy Hats | How to start a Hat Business | Social media | The truth about | A Toast To Life Podcast

we got the man, the myth and the legend. finally, mr dandy, mr leo sandoval, what's up? what's up? what's up? how you doing, bro? how are you doing sir? um, i thought i was ready, but i think i'm kind of nervous now in front of the camera sitting here because he's nervous. we're gonna just take a small shot, all right, let's do it. but we finally got you on after, uh, a while of seeing each other, seeing what we're both up to right. yes, sir, and we are here. so you ready? all right, you want to pour it, pour it, pour it over, sir, all right, he said he was ready, but i don't think he was ready. if i make a face, bro, i make faces, so, but, uh, you brought a. you you bought a driver. yeah, i bought a driver. i brought my girlfriend, you know she- back up, she's looking at him right now like i'm gonna carry this guy out of here. that's all right, all right, cheers. before we start, i want to tell you something. i want to congratulate you for your new path. we went out, you know. i mean, we were in high school together. i've knew you for a long time. yes, sir, very happy bro, that you know you're coming up in life. you're doing what i, what you love. right here, we both are um and cheers. so this is so to all you just said to me, and to a successful new hat drop coming up soon. wait on it, wait on it. oh, that cleared up all the the nervousness. i'm not a very big drinker, bro, so i don't like to drink. yeah, i like to drink. let's get right into it. how did? how did dandy come about? because you get this. you have how many years with this, with his name, with his brand, with this movement? um, since 2015, bro, 2015. so what? six years, six years, six years, bro, that long, yeah, but i mean it's kind of- i wouldn't say this- six full years, because i've been out for like two, two years and then i come back. so it's six years since the brand has started, but i've been in and out of the brand back and forth, back and forth. now, people counting you out, i don't even, yeah, people call me out, probably kind of myself out as well, you know, um, but i mean, we're here now, we're trying to bring it back up to where it once was and well, yeah, bro, you're working hard, we're working hard, man. so now that, uh, you're on you, your latest drop, right, did you have a certain name for the latest drop? um, no, we're just, we're just taking it's dropping, i'm just dropping, i'm just dropping new colorways. how did how did you? and let's tok to the young entrepreneurs right now: all right, yeah, that uh had success when they started, fell off and came back. how did you stik with it? how did you overcome that downfall? well, i, um, let's, i want to tok about how i fell off first. let's tok about how we felt. story time. so i started my business. right, little, little back, little background: my summer business 2015.. uh, one of my, how, one of my uncles helped me with 350 bucks. shout out to my uncle, max, if you're watching right now. shout out, um, he had, he had the. i had toked to him about it like, hey, bro, i want to make cats, i want to be known, i want to. i don't know how to play him, i don't know how to play guitar, i don't know how to play accordion. and that's when i was into the pisces scene a lot. you know. so, one of his friends, you know he was an up-and-coming brand as well. yeah, and um, you know, i went to a party and i seen him and i seen like a bunch of people like, oh, he's here, you know, like even me, like i wanted to have from him bro. so i was like, i looked at him and i was like man, like this guy, like this guy i'm, i'm me, i'm getting there, i want to take a picture with them, i want to buy a hat, like i want that. you know, i want that type of thing. you know what i mean. that type of love, that type of love like when i get somewhere people, hey, look, that's dandy. you know, like dandy sells hats. you know, i don't want to be like, i didn't want to be known for doing other dumb [ __ ], like, oh, like just other dumb stuff. you know, like, oh, he's probably sells drugs, blah, blah, blah. now, like a good positive message to people like, oh, dude, he's actually like, yeah, i'm known for something good, right for business that i'm building. so my uncle lend me 350 bucks and we started, bro. so we went off strong. um, i would, uh, i made two hats right, a jalisco and a mexico hat, and um, i started giving them to my friends like kind of like, here's two hats, post them like you bought them, but then like, give them back to me, you know, just to kind of just build my, build a name so people can think that they were buying my stuff, like, oh damn, this was like i'ma buy it, it goes. because what i've seen is like, if you buy it, bro, if people see everybody wants to buy it too, you know, it's crazy, like that. you know, um, that's social media for you, it's social media, bro. so so then, little by little, bro, people started buying here and there i finally got my. i got like i started off with 12 hats. i had like six designs, so i had jalisco, culiacan, tj, the mexico one and, yeah, it was probably what? five, four or whatever. it was the last count. um, so, yeah, dude. so i started off with that. and then when it- when it kind of when i seen that it kind of blew up, was when a store and southgate hit me up, hit me up like like norm, like like i wasn't even selling a lot, bro, just out of the blue hit me up like, hey, um, we want some hats, you know, we want 12 of each that you have. and i'm like like, really like, yeah, we'll catch you out right here, give us a, a wholesale price, and we'll catch up and make it happen. and i'm like like i was stunned bro, like i was like me, like like my hat's, like i'm just up and coming like, oh yeah, we want them. bro, like we'll cash around and i'm like, oh hell, yeah, so right away, um, i got some money, i did the hats and i took it to him and he catched me right there and from there is when i, when i, when i kind of popped off because once he bought hats, other stores started buying hats off of me. i remember seeing that, that you were just delivering and you were post like this store has, danny has, go get them. boom, boom, boom, boom, yeah, so just that i can, i think that store, um, it's called denim exchange. i mean, they don't have my hats anymore, but at the time they i think they're the ones that really helped me to like, kind of like, go, all it takes is that one, that one person, that one brand, that one, that one thing that just sets it off right, yep, and- and there's no limit, limitations to what could happen, like how you're just saying right now that one story got him, yep, other stores popped off, yeah, the stores. so how did you? i wanted to ask, yeah, i'm curious, why did you get into the designs of mexico? because at the time i was into the pisces scene, bro. and to say, at the time i was into the paisa scene, so i like, like, like i said, uh, i wanted to be known for something, like go somewhere and people be like, oh, that's dandy, like hey, that's, that's crazy, or that's leo per se, because i at the time i didn't, i didn't know when no one, no one really knew you, as, yeah, no one really know my dandy, or i didn't have the name. yet, you know, people started calling me dandy after i did the job, right, yeah, so, um, so, yeah, bro, so, but what was it? my bad? so the other stores pop, they started ordering too, just because of that store. yeah, and, and that was like the blow up. that was kind of the blow up, bro, and it just kind of went from like like just, i would it. just it blew up, bro, like it blew up other stores from: um, oh, come in. after that. there's some store in kuliakan called big boss. bro, those guys would cash me out like good money bro, like like 150 hats, like 200 hats, and just, i would get there, bro, and uh, some guy, some we were meet up in an alley, i think- and he would send them out with a bunch of other things that they sell over in kuliakan and five racks, boom, you know, like, just like, right there for me, i'm just like, and all i would do, bro, is just go to la, buy the blank cats- yeah, take them to covina where i get a maid. yeah, wait a week. i remember we went on a trip, yeah, whatever 100. so so we, i just take them to covina, wait a week and take them. so it was just like. it was like you saw the, you saw the potential of what this, this industry, or what you were doing, had.

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Print on Demand Hat Results!!! (Shopify - Fuel - Yupoong)

hey everyone, greg, back here with another video. um, today i'm gonna be reviewing a hat that i did using fuel. it's a print on demand hat with just a logo on the top. um, i'm gonna be going over what went well as far as this print-on-demand hat and what didn't go so well, slash what i would change about it. um, anyways, without further ado, let's get right into looking at this hat and what my thoughts are on it. [Music]. all right, you guys. so this is the hat that i ordered off the website and um, the first thing you'll notike, at least looking at the footage i showed you of the hat we have: um, i ordered a gray one and then it came out black, and fuel emailed me and told me that there was like a shortage on the the gray hats and that they ran out of them. and then they sent me a black one anyways, and they didn't give me like an option to change it or anything like that. so that was definitely an issue. another issue was that, um, this hat that i ordered it like, i put it through for the sample and i ordered it, and then it said nothing had changed about the hat status for like two weeks. it said it was still in production. then i got that email that they had run out of stok on that grey hats, and then it took another week before they actually sent it and another week on top of that before they actually shipped the hat. so, oh no, it took a month to get this hat. that wasn't even the right color, so there is like a pretty big issue, at least as far as i'm concerned. all right, so this is what the hat looks like on my head. um, this model is called the u-pong dad cap and this is just one of the hats that they offer on fuel as like a blank um. as you can see, i thought the logo looked pretty decently sized when i rendered it up on um, like the fuel website, but because this hat is so shallow, it ends up being way too big and it it kind of like goes over on top of my head, so you can't even see the logo. so one thing for sure i need to change is to make it smaller and then move it down, because fuel only lets you have a certain window on the hat brim and that's like the highest that you can like. this is the most surface area you can take up, but obviously that's not a good idea because it's too high up here, so a tinier one moved further down would definitely look better. and here's the side profile of that. and then here's the back as well. one thing i really like about this hat is that it has like the adjustable um, like little brass cuff instead of like a like a whole, like clip thing or like one of those snap ones, like a normal snapback. it's got the brass clip and then a little tuck thing, so that's pretty nice quality. um, i like the hat a lot. honestly, it was just the logo on the front. that was the main mistake on my part. um, and i do like the fit, although the logo doesn't look right right now. um, i do like that kind of fit on hats because, especially if you're like me and have like a more shallow forehead, uh, you definitely need to wear like a hat with a shallower- i don't know- dome hole, whatever you call this. so, yeah, that's about it for me, guys. um, in conclusion, i think the actual hack quality for the blank that fuel uses is really good. um, shipping was definitely a minus. that took forever. i don't know, um, what else i should do. if you guys suggest maybe using a different print on demand: person for that, or company for that, or um, maybe i just stik with fuel for now. um, also, if you're making print on demand logos with a dad cap, make sure that you use a smaller logo size and move it further down on the hat, since it's so shallow. if you use the full size, at least with fuel, you'll end up with a logo that's like on top of your head instead of in the front. um, what else? yeah, i think that's pretty much it. um, if you're watching this video, leave suggestions down in the comments. as far as what else i should make videos on. um, i'm thinking about maybe moving away on from print on demand stuff right now and trying other things. um, i i don't know what else i'm gonna do right now, but uh, i've just kind of gotten hit a wall with print on demand. i'm not as excited about it anymore. so if you have any suggestions of other types of content that you'd like to see me make, let me know down in the comments. um, yep, that's it. thanks for watching, appreciate it, like and subscribe. peace. [Music].

This Guy Makes $1,000,000/Month Selling Hoodies..

so last week i got a pretty interesting dm. it was actually a dm from justin phillips. justin is one of the co-founders of a brand called support black colleges- support black colleges. for the past eight months, we've been doing bigger ever to support historically black colleges. we love this. this is a brand that's all about supporting black education and bringing awareness to the amazing hbcus out there. him and his team have started a crazy movement. they're making millions of dollars a year with this company. they've gained hundreds of thousands of followers and they've collabed with countless celebrities and even got their clothes in nba 2k. so i decided to fly out to atlanta and tok with justin to see how he built this business, and my flight's actually leaving soon, so let's go all right, guys. so we just got to atlanta and now we're about to head over to justin's warehouse and see how he runs his business. so let's go all right, guys. we just got to the support black college's warehouse, or this is my boy, justin, right here. i want you guys to meet this guy, so introduce yourself to the people. yeah, i'm justin phillips, one of the co-founders of a business called support black colleges, and our main goal is to inspire, uplift and raise awareness for our hbcus, and if you don't know what hbcu is, it's a historically black college or university. so that's what we're all about here, man, yeah, this brand is doing extremely well and today we're going to kind of break down what they're doing and how he's running this operation so you guys can get some inspiration for starting your own online business. [Music]. all right, bro, so let me know a little bit about how you got started with this business, because you've been running this for how long? yeah, we started in 2012.. so a little, a little while now. yeah, yeah, you went to hbcu. yeah, so i went to howard university and actually i wasn't a part of the original founding of the business. so my business partner and his cousin- they started it together. right, i was just a friend, i wanted to help out, i had a digital media background and that was my thing. so i made them a twitter, instagram, got him a few hundred followers and then partikipated in the first photo shoot and you know, i just kind of let them do their thing. i did my own thing. then, a few years later, my partner- currently his name is corey- he was like, hey, dude, let's, let's pick this up, let's take it seriously because we kind of let it fall off, yeah. and then i jumped into the business, brought the facebook, instagram as google, youtube and digital strategy, and then that's when we really started to take off about two and a half years ago. so where are you guys at now? i know you're doing collaborations with nba and all these celebrities tok to me about this position you're in now. yeah, now we're just fresh off the doing the nba all-star game, so we had the opportunity to make all of the gear for all of the all-stars. so you know lebron, steph giannis, all of those guys, and then i mean i can't even name any influencers. that warned myself. you know zion and missy elliott and chris paul and rick ross, like all of these people. so now you know we're just trying to scale it up. yeah, i know it takes a lot to run a brand like this. bro, let's tok about kind of a day-to-day of running this business and maybe show me around the warehouse on what you do. yeah, sure, all right, let's do it all right. [Music]. so first thing you do when you get to the office each day: oh man, i sit down, check my to-do list, check in with the staff and then i just get to it. bro, check out the on, let's go- jordan. thank you, man, nice to meet you. great operation, you got here, bro, thank you. thank you, no thanks to him. all right, so now we're in my office and we can meet the team. so we got my boy, tim. he's the coldest in the game with the camera. he does all of our creative direction, all of our social media content. he's that guy. and then you got corey, the less attractive one of our collectors, and he's my business partner, co-founder of the business. so that's my guy next up. after you do that, what's the next step? what goes on out here? yeah, i'll probably pull out my laptop, start designing some stuff, check on our inventory. go check in with my blood brother, jason- he's running a business with us- and just kind of see how orders are doing if we're shipping everything on time, stuff like that. yeah, we gotta check out the shipping operation over there. we got a ton of units, so it gets serious over there. [Music]. this is the warehouse, right? oh, yeah, this is where it is. taught me through some of this man, how does it run? how do you work this? yeah, so this is all of our inventory all up against the wall. you got small, medium, large, xl all the way up to 5x and we use a program called finale inventory to make sure we're tracking everything properly. we use ship station to ship all the orders. but- and this is everything right here? yeah, so with these hoodies, how do you get them made? yeah, so, right now we get the patches from overseas and they're a chanel patch with the adhesive backing and then we heat, press them onto the hoodie and then we sew them down just so they don't go anywhere. but we order the blanks either from somewhere overseas as well or we usually will do a united states-based um inventory supplier. so, yeah, there's a ton of people in my comments and my dms that want to do clothing bro. that's like one of the number one things if you want to start. what's the number one tip for somebody that wants to do clothing bro? i know it's a tough industry, yeah, and that's tough. i think the most important part is just like figuring out what type of person you are as an entrepreneur, because there's so many different ways to make money in this space. you can do high volume, low tiket you can do. you know exclusive drops, you can do any type of business. so it really just depends on who you are as a person, what type of stress level you're willing to take and what amount of time you're willing to put and how much money you want to make. so depending on the answers to those questions is going to tell you whether you should do print on demand or screen printers or drop shipping- a bunch of different things. so i understand understanding yourself and creating a business that's in line with those values- exactly that goes a long way. hey, man, it's the key. yeah, [Music]. all right, bro. so there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are brand new. they're probably super motivated by your story. tok them through the starting phases of your journey, though, because i know you weren't like this from the start. you had to come from somewhere, right, oh man? yeah, i like to attribute most of it to my mom. i was raised in a single parent household, so my mom was grinding it out. she was, um, doing it during the day, and then she was doing like bottle service at night, and then she was also a real estate agent as well. so seeing her kind of grind and trying to put me through school and all that stuff alone kind of. i guess, gave me that in your blood, man. it had to have been, because my um, she was started doing the real, doing real estate- at her day job and then they fired her because she was doing it on the computers and whatnot. so then i would ask for things and she would be like, well, you need to go make you some money? yeah it. so i'm from houston, so i wanted a grill, like paul wall and like water. so i started selling candy as my first business and then two, three days i made a couple hundred dollars and then got my first grill. and then the third day they called me into the office and was like you can't do this, and they poured all of my candy out in the trash right in front of my face. so that was like my first experience of rejection. so then you kind of, you know, grow up, try different things here and there, try drop shipping- i wasn't very good at it- tried affiliate marketing, just all these other internet businesses, but all those failures just gave me exposure to online marketing in general and i used all of the knowledge from buying books and

How to Make Money Selling Hats Online 🧢💸 With @Ryan Hogue Passive Income

if you've ever wondered how you can make money selling printful hats online, then this video is for you. hi, i'm michael, and today we've teamed up with an experienced ecommerce seller and youtuber, ryan hogue. ryan will share how he managed to start a hat business and make 1500 in seven days by selling custom hats online. i'm excited to hear how he did it, so let's get right into it. hey, ryan, hey michael. thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story with your audience. my name is ryan hogg and i've been selling online since late 2016. that's where i got my start as an amazon fba seller. before long, i was selling print on demand products alongside of my amazon fba products as an additional source of income. today, i want to tell you, guys, the story of how i made hundred dollars profit recently selling hats like the one i'm wearing right here through amazon seller central that printful fulfilled for me. i was actually not even home. i was in miami at the bitcoin conference while all this money came in. so, guys, i'm sure you're gonna be interested in what i've got to share with you, but i'm gonna send it back over to michael for more information on printful's integrations with marketplaces like amazon and other places. before you figure out how to replicate ryan's success by selling our print-on-demand hats, you'll need to get some tiknical details in order. one of those things is setting up your store and linking it to your printful account. this is to ensure your customers can actually buy your product. you can connect printful to more than 20 e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. if you choose an ecommerce platform like shopify or wix, your store will be a standalone website. if you choose to create your store on a marketplace like amazon, etsy or ebay, then your online store will be part of a large marketplace. of course, you don't have to limit yourself to selling on a single platform or creating just one store. with printful, you can create multiple stores on different platforms and marketplaces to cast a wider net and reach more people. take a look at our ecommerce platform guide to learn more about every platform and marketplace. if you're unsure which integration would suit your needs, you can take a one minute quiz and get marketplace and platform suggestions based on your preferences. once you've decided on your ecommerce platform, built your store and listed your products, you can start selling, and we'll take care of fulfillment and shipping. integrating printful with my amazon store has been a huge help. i can't overstate the importance of automated fulfillment. it frees up so much time so that i can focus on things like niche research. when i say niche research, what i'm really doing is evaluating markets, trying to figure out what customers are buying. by following the customers, you dramatikally increase the likelihood of making sales. so in the case of me- making 1500 profit on this hat in a one week span- i did a little bit of arbitrage. so i went over to the popular ecommerce website redbubble and scanned the trends there and realized that something that was really popular over on redbubble was not being catered to on amazon. so all i did was say, hey, this niche is popular over here. i bet you it's gonna be popular over here on amazon, the world's largest ecommerce website. and what do you know? i was onto a gold mine and if you're wondering, what hat did i sell exactly? well, it was the yupong 6007. i've got one right here in my hands and you can see here it's a flat bill snapback cap, kind of like the one that i am wearing, but not the same brand exactly. and when printful fulfills them for you, uh, this is a pretty good example of what the customer will receive. now they do have multiple colors available within printful, and this- just this- is not actually the hat design, by the way, in case you guys were wondering, uh, but i did have this on hand so i wanted to show you this was the best selling hat type for me thus far. if you love the five panel hat style, you can find more of those on our printful catalog. besides that, there are many different styles and colors of hats to choose from, so you can successfully sell hats with printful. you can design bucket hats for the trendy crowd, visors for the sporty folks and baseball hats for the people who appreciate the classics. even if you're not yet sure which hat style will sell best, with printful you have room to experiment. it's easy to create designs with our free design maker and then add them to multiple products on your printful's end. since you don't have to order products in bulk, as they're only made when someone makes an order, you don't run the risk of ending up with unsold stok. let's say, you create a custom design for a bucket hat, but people aren't keen on buying it. with a few clicks you can remove the bucket hat from your store and try the same design on different hat styles to see if the hat sells better. give your customers a variety of choices and offer the design you created on multiple different hat styles and colors from the get go. i definitely agree with that piece of advice. if you are making sales on- let's just say, in this case, hats, well, there's a good chance some customers are going to want to purchase that same design on t-shirts, hoodies, stikers, mugs- you name it. obviously, printful's got a massive catalog that they are constantly expanding, which works to our benefits as sellers of these products. so make sure, if you are making consistent sales in a niche, that you make that design available on multiple products. you can choose from more than 300 products. plus, we're actively working to expand our product catalog by introducing new products, colors and styles. sky is the limit when it comes to your online store product selection. i wanted to thank you again, michael, and the team at printful for allowing me to share my story today before i leave. i wanted to leave you with one last piece of advice. if you're selling on the major e-commerce marketplaces like amazon, etsy and ebay and you come across a niche where you're making recurring sales, i think you may want to consider running advertisements to your most successful listings. this helps you cement your place at the top of search results so that you don't get overtaken by a competitor that stumbles onto this niche a little bit later than you. this is just something that i prefer to do to protect myself whenever i have a winning product. but, guys, thank you so much again for the opportunity to be here. i hope that you've learned a lot from my experience and that you're able to replicate my success. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. i personally feel super inspired by your success story. it's been great having you here, ryan. i hope all of you watching took notes of all the valuable tips ryan shared. the next step for you is taking all of this knowledge and heading over to our product catalog and designing your next best seller. let me know how it goes. [Music]. [Music]. you.