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custom label dropshipping

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

White Label Dropshipping | FULL Beginners Guide + Suppliers List 🔖

how to start a white label drop shipping business and the best white label drop shipping suppliers is everything that we are going to go over in this video. even if you have no idea what white labeling means- and there is a significant difference between white labels and private labels- and if you want to start a dropshipping ecommerce business, you need to know this quick intro and let's go. [Music]. welcome back. i'm leron from autods and, as you know, in this video, you're gonna learn how to start a white label drop shipping business and we're gonna go into everything: what white labeling means, the difference between white label and private labeling, which is the two different methods that you can use when running an ecommerce business, and, of course, a step by step of how to get this business started. so what is white labeling in the first place? quick reminder: everything that i'm going over in this video we also have it in our blog artikle, which i will leave a link to right below this video, and, if you haven't done so yet, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the world of dropshipping and e-commerce. that being said, let's go ahead and jump straight into the action and learn what white labeling means and how to start a successful white label drop shipping business. so what is white label drop shipping in the first place? white label drop shipping means that you are simply drop shipping products from a manufacturer or from a supplier, from a seller, without tampering with the product's packaging, with the product's branding. so you're simply moving the box from one place to the other without labeling it as your own product. so how does white label and drop shipping come together? well, drop shipping is a business model where you can simply sell products. you have an online store, you're selling products, but you're not holding these products in stok. this means that you have no investment required and it's very easy to get started. so you're simply selling what other sellers have or what other manufacturers created, and every time you make a sell and the customer pays you only then do you go to your suppliers website and you purchase the product and ship it directly to the end customer. so the product doesn't go through you. you have no physical contact with the product, and white labeling simply means that you are not branding the product as your own, so the product does not have your brand, it doesn't have your packaging and it doesn't have your logos anywhere on it, since you did not do any customization on the product itself. the only thing you did customize was your online store, your product page and everything that comes along with that. now, private labeling, on the other hand, means that you are branding the product. you are creating a brand around your product, meaning the product is going to have your brand around it, like the way that jbl private labeled these speakers right here. so you're going to have your brand on your product, but this does mean that you will have to purchase inventory upfront, because it'll be very difficult to find a manufacturer who will create a product for you- and, by the way, many manufacturers can create this speaker for you and put your logo on it, but nobody's gonna do it, or it's gonna be very difficult to find someone who's gonna do it for you, with the dropshipping business model, meaning they're gonna have to create hundreds of these products for you and store it themselves, and the manufacturer is going to hope that you're going to make those sales because you didn't purchase that inventory up front. so if you're not going to make any sales, you're not going to be the one stuck with inventory, but rather the manufacturer, and nobody wants that. so we're going to get into all of that soon. but that is the main difference between white labeling and private labeling. now let's dive further deep inside. what are the benefits of white label drop shipping? so, first of all, it's perfect for beginners. if you haven't tested the market yet, you don't know what niches are selling well and you want to grow your ecommerce business from the start and learn about the market, it's very easy to get started with the white label business model because you're not purchasing inventory up front and if you don't make any sales, you can always replace those products with other products and continue testing the market. and once a product starts to sell, then you can multiply your success by adding more products similar to that one, while continuing with the white label business model and, of course, multiplying your sales and success. so it's perfect for beginners, since you are not purchasing inventory up front. therefore, it's easier to get started. the second benefit is that there are no moq requirements. moq stands for minimum order quantity, and we've just been over this. since your products are white labeled, the manufacturer is creating some label around it, maybe with their brand, maybe with somebody else's brand, and you are simply reselling that product as is. so that means that somebody already manufactured these products and they don't want you to purchase those products in order for you to sell them. you can just sell them as is and, as i mentioned, with the dropshipping business model, simply purchase that product from your supplier's website and ship it directly to your customer. so no minimum order requirements, no upfront investment, easy to get started for beginners. and another great advantage of white label drop shipping is that there are high profit margins here, and the reason for that is because you're not investing in inventory upfront. you don't have to take risks with your own money. you simply list a product it sells, you ship it from your supplier to the end customer. you keep the profit in the middle and, because you didn't invest in inventory up front, the profit is yours to have after making your first sale. therefore, the profit margins are higher when starting a white label drop shipping business as opposed to private label, where you are purchasing products upfront and it takes a much longer while to start seeing any high profit margins. now let's take a look at this chart right here, which shows us a great example of the differences between white label and private label drop shipping. so we created this infographic to really help you get an understanding. so, first of all, with white label drop shipping, we've got more white label suppliers and they're easier to work with than private label suppliers. so more of them and easier to work with them. also, you've got the low cost. we already mentioned how running a white label drop shipping business comes with lower cost, since we don't have to invest in inventory up front, we don't have any minimum order requirements because we are not changing the labels, we are not branding the product and if we don't sell it, then we don't have to worry about it: simply remove and replace it with another white label product. and, of course, the large profit potential, which i already mentioned and why it's like that. now, with private label drop shipping, there are other advantages, like customer loyalty, because once you brand your product, then your customer can identify with your product and identify with your brand and stay loyal to your brand after, of course, they purchased a product, they got it, they see your label, they see your logo and they feel like they can identify with it. so it's a high quality product, they got it on time, they will remember your brand and that increases customer loyalty. also, private labeling allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition because you've got your own custom logos and packaging. so, of course, if another seller is selling the same exact product as you, but they did not private label their product, it just looks like a generic brand. and then you've got your product, which looks better, it's branded, it looks like a big, serious compan.

Private Label Dropshipping?

what's up everybody, Anton chaley here from e-commerce lifestyle calm and welcome back to the podcast. so, as you know, this podcast is designed to help you grow your revenue, increase your automations and become number one in your niche, and today's episode should definitely help you do that. so we're gonna be toking about a topic and really a word, a term that you don't hear come up all that often, but it's something that we've made a lot of money with and there's definitely a time and a place for it within a normal drop shipping business, especially the type of drop shipping that I teach at my company, dropship lifestyle comm. so this is private label drop shipping. what does that mean? well, it means you're still working on the dropship business model, where you're accepting orders on your website. your job is to basically be the retailer, but then another company- the manufacturer- is shipping the products to your end customer. so, again, nothing different there. but what private label means is that when these products are being marketed on your site, they're not being marketed as the company's name that's actually manufacturing them, and you're not actually shipping products with another company's brand name on them. instead, you are basically creating your own brand, and this is a brand that lives separately from your ecommerce store. so give you an example: let's say I had an online store that sold hiking backpacks and I wanted to make my own brand of hiking backpacks. I wouldn't call that brand. whatever my store name is, I would make up another brand name. I would make up other product names, I would make up other SKU numbers and that brand- my new ecommerce physical product brand- would be one of the brands that I carry and that I sell for on my online store amongst all of the other brands that I dropship for. so, first of all, why would you do this? does it make sense? and kind of win? doesn't make sense because there are times and whether or not you want to get into this really depends on the products that you sell, depends on how much time you want to put into your business, because doing things like coming up with a brand and writing all these unique product descriptions and setting up the ads and managing it is something that does require a little bit different of a skill set than just being a quote-unquote, normal drop shipper or online retailer. but again, there are huge benefits for anyone that wants to do it. so first let me just explain- guess how I came across this and why I even ever started doing this. so this was way back in the day, maybe, like I don't even know- eight years ago, on one of my ecommerce stores where I was drop shipping and I was selling for every different brand in my niche. this was a store that has since been sold. somebody else is now selling all these products- not me anymore- but I was selling for a big number of brands- and then another brand reached out to me via email and they said: hey, we see you sell these products in this niche. I'm not gonna say what the niche was, but they said: hey, we see, you sell these products. we actually have some designs that would fit great on your store. we manufacture them all. I think the first one was in Brooklyn. somewhere in New York they sent me a bunch of really, really good photos of the products that they make, like super high quality. they sent me their price list and the products looked great. the prices looked amazing as far as wholesale cost, but they didn't have any brand right. they made them. they were a manufacturer, but it wasn't like: oh, we're supplier ABC, this is our best seller product. one, two, three. it was just like: no, we make this stuff and here's, you know the numbers we use like for a reference for each of the products, but they didn't have anything beyond that. now, typically with the brands we work with, again, they have established brand names. they have their product names, they have their product features, they have their product descriptions. everything is already set. this company didn't have any of that. they just had product images. they had a wholesale price list. so I said, like is there anything that you know? we should list these as on our store? because again, what they had is like: this is product one, two, three. you know, this is product one, two, four. this is product one, two, five. and nobody's searching for that because it's not a product name. it's just their internal way that they reference products. and they said, no, we don't have that. I was like, okay, what should I do here? like, I like the prices, I like the products, but I need to name them. so what I basically did was do just that. I came up with, like what I toked about earlier. I came up with a brand name. I actually came up with product names for the ones that they told me they're bestsellers and for the ones where my potential profits were the highest. now, this new brand name, these new product names, obviously nobody else was using because they were mine. I created them and what I did is just upload them to my store, as we would with anything else. I wrote the descriptions to be unique, obviously, and to actually have them exist, and I base that off some of our other best descriptions. I obviously listed everything else, like the dimensions and the product specifications, and then I uploaded them to Google Ads with the rest of our products. now, with our Google ads, specifically Google shopping, we weren't getting even impressions for these products because, again, nobody was searching for them. so I thought, okay, I have these things on my site. no one's really buying them. there's nobody searching for them. how can I actually kind of build up this, this reputation or this recognition of these products, and get people to choose them? so what I did was start sending emails to our email list saying, hey, we now carry for brand the brand name I made up. these are some of the best products. we're doing a sale, 10% off. here's the links to buy them. what happened? people bought them. I basically sent them to the supplier. the supplier shipped them to the customer under my brand name. so private label drop shipping again. I wasn't giving the supplier money in advance, I wasn't paying them to warehouse products. still drop shipping a hundred percent just now under our brand name and our product names. so that email was a quick little boost, got in revenue, God in sales, got in big profits. then I thought, okay, what else can I do? I want people to buy these things because my margins are higher than my normal margins and also the competition is a lot less because if somebody tries to comparison shop- nobody, they're not gonna find these products anywhere else. so what I started doing then is making more calls to action on the website, going to this new brand. some examples were in the sidebar of collection pages saying: check out this new brand again, save 10% on all orders. here's the link. even in some products that we had a lot of traffic for but that either didn't sell that well or where the margins weren't that great. on those product pages I would say you should also consider product ABC from brand ABC and then link to those other things we did on our pages is show-off those products from our new brand. some other things were in different collections on our store, the top products that we showed off. so somebody clicks into, whatever the niches, the first products they would see are from that brand. so what that started to do is really just build this organic traffic and really, through internal linking, started to drive people to these product pages and started to drive sales to these products. now, this was the beginning of it, right? this is when I realized this was an opportunity, almost stumbled upon it without ever planning for it, but I realized very quickly that this is something I wanted to do more of. but I should also say I realized this couldn't be the full business because nobody would be searching for it. so my opinion, if you want to get into private label drop shipping, your best bet is still follow the system that I teach you at dropship lif.

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Branded Shopify Dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping (2022)

drop shipping is becoming increasingly more competitive in 2022, and the way that you can stand out from your competitors is to start drop shipping private label and branded products and build a real brand around your drop shipping store. so in today's video, i'm going to be showing you how you can use cj drop shipping's new wholesale sourcing service so that you can start drop shipping private label and branded products, and cj dropshipping is an amazing alternative to using aliexpress or alibaba, especially when it comes to drop shipping, private label and branded products and also decreasing the shipping times of your products. so the first thing that you're going to have to do in order to start dropshipping private label products with cj dropshipping is, of course, to identify a product, so you can search through cj's extensive library of products and find a product that you want to start private label drop shipping with your branded logo on now. once you do this, then you can contact your agent from the cj dropshipping dashboard and just say that you want to set up a private label brand using cj's wholesale service. now, if there is a product that you want to start drop shipping using this service, but you can't find it in cj's library of products, you can actually post a sourcing request and then your agent will get back to you in around 24 hours with the result and if they can find the product and they can source the product, then you can continue on with private labeling and branding the product ready to dropship. and this is one of the amazing benefits of using cj dropshipping's wholesale service to actually private label and branded products is that you actually get a personal agent that will help you with the entire setup. once you have identified the product that you want to start private label drop shipping, you can now work on creating a sample with your agent. so, once again, you can contact your agent through the cj drop shipping dashboard and then you need to go and send them your logo file so they can print this on the product. now, generally, they will ask for your logo file to be in adobe illustrator format, and this is because it comes out much better quality when the logo is printed on products. so just bear this in mind when you are creating a sample. you are going to want to have your logo in adobe illustrator format now. once you have done this, it will take a few days for the first sample to be created and then the agent will contact you and they can send a sample to your address so you can check the quality, you can check how the logo is being printed and any changes that you want to make to the product. so the product that you can see on screen now is a product that i have set up using cj's private labeling service and, as you can see, the logo printing is super high quality and i have had the logo printed on the packaging and also on the product itself and, once again, it was a really smooth process to actually get all of this set up. so now your product has been put into production, your sample has been produced. so, like i said earlier, you can now ask your agent to send a sample to your address so you can inspect the quality. now, once you have inspected the quality and if you are happy with the product and how the logo is printed, you can then go and proceed with purchasing a very small minimum order quantity, which cj will house in their warehouse and also fulfill the orders. for now it depends on the product. some products have a minimum order quantity of just one. so you just have to go and set up this logo printing process and then you can just go and drop ship them one at a time. some of them maybe will have a minimum order quantity of 10. some of them will have a minimum order quantity of 20, 30, 40 or 50.. so it does depend on the product. usually the cheaper products will have a higher minimum order quantity and a slightly more expensive product will have a lower minimum order quantity, but you can start with really low minimum order quantities on almost any single product. so this just makes it a really easy barrier to entry to start private label drop shipping these products using cj drop shipping's new wholesale service. so that just means even if you're on a tight budget, you still have access to drop shipping these branded products. now, once you have purchased the minimum order quantity of the product- and, like i say, for some products this is just one, and you can pay for that minimum order quantity through your cj drop shipping dashboard- cj will now warehouse the product for you and they will also fulfill all of your orders once you start getting orders on your store. now this can once again be done through the cj dropshipping dashboard. so check out my full, full-length tutorial on how to fulfill orders with cj dropshipping, because it is the exact same process for these private label and branded products as well, and the really amazing thing about this is you can actually add more value to your products because they have a higher perceived value when they are branded. it means you'll have more repeat customers and you'll be able to build a more long-term business around your store with these private label and branded products. so make sure to check out cj's wholesale service- i will leave a link in the description below. if you do have any questions about the service, then make sure to leave them in the comments and i will get back to you right away. and also check out my other video on the full tutorial on how to use your cj drop shipping dashboard, and i hope to see you in one of those videos.

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How To Add Your Logo To Shopify Products (Private Labeling Your Dropshipping Brand in 2022)

so you guys have found a product that works for your store, you validated it and you're making consistent sales with it every single day. well, what do you do to go ahead and take this product to the next level? well, the first thing you should focus on is private labeling your product and getting your logo on it. private labeling is essential to building a brand in 2021 and it's how you stand out from your competition. so, what's up, guys? my name is alex and in this video, we're going to dive into my laptop really quickly and tok about private labeling your products and getting your logo on them. let's jump into that right now, okay? so, like i said, i want to keep this video short and simple. so i just went and pulled up the aliexpress drop shipping center and we're gonna pick one of these random products on here. so i already went through and did this all for you guys to keep it short and simple, but we'll go ahead and choose this laser hair removal tool. so i've been seeing this all over. i've been seeing a ton of brands take advantage of this product and private label it themselves, and it's just performing well overall. so i went ahead and opened up that listing over here and that's what you see. so you're sourcing it for around thirty one dollars with free shipping for each order. and i also went on an ad spy tool, drop a spy- and found this product actually private label to a brand. so this is kenzie, and they went ahead and got their logo stamped on there and i went ahead and checked out their product page as well. so if you go on here, i don't know how much they're getting this product for because they've actually private labeled it. so it's probably a significant discount compared to the aliexpress cost. but even for a 31 dollar price point, these margins are crazy. so they're selling it for 230 dollars when or when the average product cost was around thirty dollars. so that would be a two hundred dollar markup and i don't know if they're just advertising and marketing it very well or if they're offering discounts in the process or what, but i really like the way this is set up. so, as you can see right here, you got this product, you got your logo on it and i'm not going to pay attention to fine detail for this for the purpose of this video, because, if you can see right here, this product slightly different from this one, but the same overall idea and the same concept is: you just want to get your logo on your product. i don't care what you're selling when you, you know you validate it and you're ready to move on. you need to private label it, you need to get your logo on it and you need to secure your logistiks for your store. so i like what they have going. they have their private label product, their logo on it and everything. they're doing a great job branding it, as you can see right here. uh, they actually it looks like they got an influencer to review this product and they're using it on their home homepage. that is awesome. keep going. they got all the reviews. so this is put together very well. this is a very nice brand. so let's go ahead and move over to alibaba. this is where we're gonna source this product for the purpose of this video. we're going to move away from aliexpress because, let's be real, in 2021, you can't deal with those long shipping times, especially if you're private labeling your product. it's just going to give you a bad name overall. so alibaba is just like aliexpress, but it's for more buying in bulk and customizing your products and really working with these suppliers on a more one-to-one basis. so i went ahead and typed in laser hair removal tool on alibaba and we're gonna go ahead and find this product and stamp our logo on it. you'll just want to go ahead and scroll through until you find a few of those exact listings that match and open up a few tabs. you want to compare. you know a bunch of different listings, some suppliers and you know. just look at the fine details and everything. you want to find the best deal possible. okay, so i found this listing and this is the listing we're going to use for the purpose of this video. but, like i said, you want to compare. you want to find the best price, the best shipping times, the best suppliers and everything to do with that. so, if you look right here, the original price point on aliexpress was about 31. well, if you look over here, the minimum order is two, so that's actually pretty low. a lot of suppliers have minimum order quantities of like a hundred or a thousand and a lot of times people just can't afford to buy that much inventory up front. so if you look right here, the minimum order is two. so anywhere between two and nine orders, you're getting it for twenty six dollars and ninety cents a piece, anywhere from ten to about a hundred orders. you're getting it for twenty four and then 100 and up 22.. and about 50 000 pieces. you are paying 9.90 for each one of these. so there's a few aspects that you want to look at on these suppliers to determine if they're legit. one of the first things you want to look at is alibaba trade assurance. so that, just you know, protects you, make sure you're not getting scammed. you can get a refund if your order doesn't arrive, or if it arrives and the products are terrible. so this just really protects you overall. you want to look at a few other things, like some of the actual reviews on the product or if there is any. so this supplier right here: they've been in business for two years, their ratings are pretty good and yeah, so you just want to look at their overall stats. i'll go into more depth and show you what you actually need to be looking for in another video when i tok about sourcing and building long-term relationships with these suppliers. but you just want to look at some of the basic factors, what other people are saying about them, and make sure you're protected as well by making sure these people are legit. so, looking down at customization, you want to look at the minimum order quantity for getting your logo on this product, and there's also customized packaging and some suppliers might offer, you know, additional features and benefits, stuff like that. some might not even offer it at all, but basically you have to buy a hundred of these to get your logo on it. so if you guys can afford that, i'm gonna show you how to go about sourcing this product and getting your logo on it. if you guys can't, then find another supplier that has a logo for a smaller quantity, or look at sourcing another product, but let's move forward with this one. so what you want to do is you want to go ahead and click contact supplier so you can go ahead and fill in some of the other additional stuff, but the main message you want to say is you want to be professional, polite and get your message across so you can say something along the lines of: you know, hi, i'm alex, i'm the purchasing manager for whatever your store is. i'm looking to place an order for however many of this product and i would like to get my logo on it. can we tok about pricing and you guys can negotiate with these buyers on the actual product, pricing and the shipping cost and everything to do with that. the main point is you want to get it across to them that you need your logo on this product and you can send it over to them and just discuss, you know, the timing, shipping, the cost, everything to do with that. it's all in the negotiations, by messaging the supplier. so this should be pretty straightforward. you just want to negotiate with them, you tell them what you want, what you need, and then you guys can tok about the shipping times, the shipping method, the actual cost, and go ahead and message around a few suppliers, kind of get this going and see where you're gonna find the best deal. and i know a lot of people up front will place sample orders so they can, you know, ensure that the quality is there. but a lot of people don't have time to go through this process because shipping times are still crazy and everything like that. so me personally, if i don't have time to place a sample order, i'll go ahead an

Coffee Packaging - Private Label Dropshipping

[Music]. what's up, guys. this is jason coming to you from the path coffee roasters lab here in port chester, new york. today i want to take you on a tour through our packaging, the packaging that we offer to our drop shipping, private label uh customers and our wholesale customers. so we've got a couple of options here that we currently have, and the first one is our most popular black matte block bottom bag. this is a great structure. it's really nice, it sits up really tall and it has the one-way degassing valve, because even though it's whole bean coffee or ground coffee, it's going to give off gas and that gas needs to escape the bag. so this valve comes in really handy when you're putting really fresh coffee into a bag. the tear notch is great because all the customer has to do is tear it and then snap it sealed. so it's a really good bag to keep fresh coffee in and just put it on the shelf and it looks nice also. the second bag that we offer is basically the same bag, except it is more of a environmentally friendly bag. this is the exact same structure as that one. the material is a little bit thicker but has a really nice look to it. again, it has the valve and it has the um, the snap seal option here as well. the last big daddy bag here is the five pound bag. so this is a really nice craft bag, a gusseted bag, and it does have the valve. it doesn't have the terra notch. you know, this is more of a wholesale product. somebody who really likes to drink coffee at home, i guess also. but you would just cut this up, roll it down and then use a clamp and if it's whole bean it'll keep a lot longer obviously than if it's ground. so all of these bags are available to you, our drop shipping customers or our wholesale customers. now the next thing i wanted to chat with you about is the labeling. we offer an in-house printed label opportunity for anybody who wants us to print your labels here on demand. we don't keep any stok. you're not obligated to pay for labels that aren't being used. so that's a really good option for you guys out there who are just looking to get started really fast and, frankly, the lowest price. so our labels are really nice. you can situate them horizontally or vertikal on the bag. they are paper stok so they absorb the ink really really well. you get really nice deep, rich blacks and really poppy colors. we do offer full color printing, but we do not offer full coverage printing, meaning that ink goes edge to edge on the label, essentially a full coverage of ink. that's something we're looking at offering in the future, but not right now. we do offer a full bleed option for elements on on a label. so if you did have a bar, let's say, with content in it, we can print that edge to edge perfectly. your registration will be perfect. you won't have any white uh lines or gaps here on the sides. so, edge to edge in terms of the full bleed element. we do have a bunch of templates that you can choose from. you can send us a design of your own that you've designed and we'll put that into our templates here so that we can print them. one of the great things about using our labels is that we can also make changes if necessary. our coffees are seasonal. some of them are not as not around as long as others. so if you do have a label and you had to go to a third-party printer and bring them in, let's say you ordered 100 labels, which, coincidentally, is our minimum for labels that you're going to be sending into us- we have a 100 label minimum for individual skus. so if you had 2 skus it would be 100 and 100.. but anyway, with those labels we wouldn't have anything to do. we'd have to send it back to you. we would have to throw them away. but with our label printing capabilities, when an item changes, we go ahead, we add a new label or we remove a label and since we don't have an inventory of labels printed out, really it's not an issue and you're not obligated to- you know, financially- be a part of that at all. so that's another benefit of using our labels. that being said, if you did want to print your labels with a third-party printer, that's not a problem. so once you're approved, essentially from our perspective, you go ahead and print your labels and have them drop shipped essentially directly to us. we'll inventory them. there is a small fee for inventory and storage of your labels, but other than that, you can send us labels or bags and you would communicate with us about the bags as well. we would go through that process with you and your designers from the very early beginning stages. guys, i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for watching our video about our packaging options. we really appreciate the support. please leave a comment below. if you have any questions, you can certainly contact us via email or through our website, and please smash that like button. it really helps us out. lets us know that this content is working for you guys. we look forward to doing a lot more, so thank you again and have an awesome week. 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How To Get Private Label Dropshipping Started?|Dropshipping To 7 Figure Private Label Brand

now you have enough stuff on capital and have tested, improved product with stable orders already, and you also works with a translated professional supplier. you can now go ahead with private label. joshua, i'm ready for increasing your revenues and scaling up your store to seven to eight figures- and how to exactly do that. today's video should definitely help you to get it started and return your drop shipping store from generic one to private label store. hey guys, this is ecker from daddy fulfilled welcome to our daily profit channel. it is the second episode of private label john shipping. if you don't know whether you are ready for it, check it out in our previous video and in this episode i'm gonna share four simple steps to get private labeling started. the first step: design your brand. you can start designing your logo, brand colors or etc. if you don't have design experience or you'd rather avoid the design process, you can go to the some online freelancer marketplace to hire someone to do it for you, such as fever99designscom- dribble. make sure what your brand identity is. second step is making production. once you have your own design, you can proceed to baking samples. the easiest way to start is to do custom packaging. make your own bags, stikers, thank you cards or box with local name on them. it is cheap and fast and you can start with custom packaging first to create awareness. and the more complex way is to private labeling of products: printing your logo on products, adding new colors, making your own specs, etc. take some beauty tools, for example. some clients will do their own colors and print their brand name on the surface product and for also for some clothing. you can also have your own specs on sizing and make size labels and care labels with your own design. and step 3: launch and market your private label store. promoting your brand will definitely require some professional help. paid marketing channel- a great way to get any immediate traffic. this includes platforms like facebook, instagram ads and google ads, and social media marketing is another good way, especially social media influences. these are people who have a large following on social media, since they have the eyes and ears of huge fellowships. getting them on board is a great strategy. step 4: order fulfillment and shipping. you will get more customers hooked and over time, your client will grow once you have reputation for short processing and faster delivery with stok at your agent's warehouse. you have to process and fulfill your orders properly to maintain your reputation and provide quality service to your to retain loyal customers, no matter where you are in your economic training. you can start thinking about your next scale up strategy right now. hope about four steps. help you build your own private labels dropshipping business. if you want to get some more ideas and strategies to help you in your private label job shipping venture, you can reach out to us on website deliverycom. i would really appreciate if you can hit the like button and leave us a comment below and i will keep delivering more valuable content of dropshipping business, so please don't miss out by subscribing to our channel. you can also contact us anytime by joining our facebook group. whatever we deliver will provide is one-on-one web service for each professional dropshippers. delivery is a solid support and you just focus on what matters will make your business easy and whisk out together. this is echo from teddy. fulfilled thanks for watching. see you soon. bye.