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Custom Print Dropshipping and Fulfillment

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you a custom decorator interested in learning about drop shipping? If so, you've come to the right place! Drop shipping is a business model that has boomed recently, and it can be a great way to make a living as a custom decorator. But before we dive into how to make it work for you, let's define what drop shipping means from the perspective of a custom decorator.

Defining Drop Shipping for Custom Decorators:

- Drop shipping for custom decorators involves serving as the production and fulfillment center for a fashion apparel company.

- The fashion apparel company handles all marketing and design, while you produce the products and ship them to their customers.

- Adding fulfillment services to your business is a growing trend in the industry and can be a great way to add another stream of revenue.

- However, it's important to make sure your business can handle the extra workload before jumping in.

Print on Demand:

- Offering print on demand can be a great option for your business.

- This is where a drop shipper comes to you looking for print on demand services so they don't have to worry about handling printing duties or buying inventory up front.

- You handle the printing and shipping while receiving payment from the drop shipper.

Choosing the Right Fashion Apparel Brands:

- It's important to partner with reputable businesses that have a proven track record.

- Determine how much drop shipping you can handle before partnering with a drop shipper.

Setting Your Own Prices and Options:

- Offering a fulfillment service allows you to set your own prices and printing method.

- You can also give your drop shipping partners a list of options, including online stores, product catalogs, mock-up tools, production alerts, and branding.

Benefits of Using Deco Network:

- Deco Network is a software designed to give all the tools you need to manage and grow your apparel decoration business.

- It offers affiliate stores with integrated fulfillment centers, making it easier to manage orders and payments.

Adding a drop shipping fulfillment service to your custom apparel decoration business can be a great way to make more money doing what you already enjoy. With a good plan in place, you can succeed in the world of drop shipping.

10 Best Print On Demand Companies For Custom Products

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Running Your Art Product Shop: POD, Dropshipping, Fulfillment Centers? Which Should You Choose?

My first taste of entrepreneurship was creating my own greeting card line, but it was exhausting and required a lot of work. Today, my business partner Katie and I are two self-employed artists on a mission to help other creatives make more money doing what they love. In this article, we'll explore two ways to have your own product line without spending a ton of money: print on demand websites and dropshipping.

Print on Demand:

- Upload your designs and the website/platform prints those anytime an order comes through

- The product is only produced if there's a sale, so there's no excess inventory

- Many products to choose from: fabric, phone cases, mugs, etc.

- Platform takes care of everything: manufacturing, shipping, customer service

- Lower profit margins because the platform takes a large cut

- You lose control of quality control and customer experience

- Organic traffic to the site, but competition with thousands of other artists

- Requires a lot of work and management to be successful


- Similar to print on demand, but embedded in your website

- Customers appear to be shopping on your site, but an invisible third party does the printing, manufacturing, and shipping

- You can brand the shipping and keep information from customers to connect with them later

- Responsibility to market and drive traffic to your site

- No fulfillment or production worries

- Lower profit margins due to the invisible party needing to profit

- Examples of places: Guten and Printful

Direct Manufacturer:

- Good for custom products like planners

- Requires finding the right manufacturer through samples and considerations like eco-friendliness, budget, and quality

- Minimum order numbers and inventory management

- Fulfillment centers available for a fee

- More control over process and quality

- Requires a larger investment upfront

There are many options for having your own product line, and it's important to find the one that works best for you and your business. Whether it's print on demand, dropshipping, or direct manufacturer, each option has its pros and cons. By testing products and finding the right manufacturer or platform, you can make more money doing what you love.

CJ Dropshipping Full Tutorial (2021/22)

Running a successful dropshipping store requires a reliable supplier. AliExpress has long shipping times, suppliers running out of inventory, and no branded packaging. CJ Dropshipping is currently one of the best dropshipping suppliers out there, offering faster shipping times (around 10 days international shipping) and allowing you to dropship your products with branded packaging to give your customers a branded feel.

To connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store to CJ Dropshipping, go to their website and register. Then, head to My CJ and connect your store. For Shopify, click on the Shopify tab and add your store name. For WooCommerce, click on the WooCommerce tab, add your store URL, and find your consumer key and secret.

To import products, search through CJ Dropshipping's vast inventory and select the product you want to sell. Choose your shipping method and price, and then list the product on your store. To set up custom packaging, go to the Custom Packaging tab on CJ Dropshipping and choose the packaging type and size that fits your product. Design the packaging with your logo and order the minimum quantity.

Using CJ Dropshipping as your supplier can help you offer faster shipping times and a better customer experience, with branded packaging and high-quality products.

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

The biggest problem facing print on demand sellers in 2022 is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular YouTube channels. While print on demand sellers face challenges such as rising Facebook ad costs, increasing fees on Etsy, and difficulty getting approved to sell on Merch by Amazon, the saturation of t-shirts and the lack of profitability is a major hurdle.

Reasons to Avoid Selling T-Shirts:

1. Saturation: Selling t-shirts on any platform is highly saturated, making it difficult for sellers to stand out from the competition.

2. Lack of profitability: With rising ad costs and low profit margins on t-shirts, it's challenging to make a decent profit.

3. Better product choices: Choosing unique, high-profit products such as hooded blankets, bangle bracelets, or all-over print hoodies can attract more buyers and make more profit.

Strategies for Success:

1. Choose a great niche to get people interested.

2. Choose high-profit products to make a great design.

3. Use Shopify and paid traffic (e.g., Facebook and Instagram ads) to make real money in print on demand.

Print on demand sellers must think differently and explore unique product choices to succeed in the highly saturated market. Choosing high-profit products, targeting a great niche, and using paid traffic can lead to greater profitability and success.

Dropshipping Custom T-Shirts VS AliExpress Products

Hey there! In this video/article, I'm going to talk about the differences between dropshipping custom t-shirts and dropshipping Aliexpress products. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Shopify dropship store owners who are using the trend of print-on-demand custom t-shirts. They are claiming to make a lot of money, so I want to look into this for myself and share what I learned with you.


- Print-On-Demand Service: The Printful website is a popular print-on-demand service that takes a design and prints it on various types of products. The main product that is trending right now is t-shirts. You can create an account, choose the t-shirts you want, and upload your design to see what it would look like on the mock-up generator.

- Connecting with Shopify: Many dropshippers connect Printful to a Shopify store, which holds all of your custom print-on-demand products. When someone places an order, Printful processes it and ships it to your customer. You keep the difference as profit, just like dropshipping with Aliexpress.

- Challenges of Custom T-Shirt Dropshipping: The biggest challenge is coming up with a product idea and creating a design that people will want to buy. If you don't have graphic design experience, you can find t-shirt designers on Fiverr. Another challenge is finding a niche and creating a trendy design that connects with that niche.

- Marketing Custom T-Shirts: Just like with Aliexpress products, you have to put your product in front of your niche. You can find Instagram influencers and use Facebook ads to advertise your product. It's a process of testing to see if your advertising pays off and if the t-shirt design is something people want.

- Comparing Custom T-Shirts and Aliexpress Products: With print-on-demand services, you're limited to the products they can print on, such as clothing, hats, mugs, and pillows. With Aliexpress, there are millions of products and categories to choose from. Shipping times may be faster with custom t-shirts, but they are still long compared to Aliexpress products. Shipping times may not be a big deal for most people, as they are impulse buys.

- Multiple Streams of Income: It's always good to have multiple streams of income, so you can try both custom t-shirt dropshipping and Aliexpress dropshipping. The Ali Dropship plugin works with WordPress, and you can order the plugin and create your store yourself. They also offer a custom dropshipping store service where they handle everything for you.

In conclusion, custom t-shirt dropshipping may be challenging, but it's worth experimenting with if you're interested. Don't rule out Aliexpress dropshipping, as there are millions of products to choose from. It's always good to have multiple streams of income, and the Ali Dropship plugin and custom dropshipping store service can help you achieve that. Thank you for reading/watching, and check out the description for more helpful resources.

How to Create and Sell Personalized Products with Printful

- Michael from Printful introduces the topic of selling personalized products with Printful

- Explains the two ways to create personalized products: using Printful's Product Personalization Tool and manually personalizing each product

- Outlines the process of creating a personalized product and handling personalized orders using Printful

Creating Personalized Products with Printful:

- Two ways to create personalized products: using Printful's Product Personalization Tool or manually personalizing each product

- Printful's Product Personalization Tool available for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy

- Etsy orders import into Printful as a draft for editing

- Manual personalization can be done on any ecommerce platform as long as automatic fulfillment is disabled

- Importance of clear instructions on how to request personalization

Creating a Personalized Product:

- Example of creating a personalized direct to garment t-shirt with a customer's pet photo and name

- Creating a product template in Printful

- Adding the product to the store and setting up personalization options

- Disabling automatic fulfillment for personalized products

Processing Orders for Personalization:

- Customer places an order with personalized image and text

- Order imports into Printful as a draft for editing

- Editing the design and completing the order

- Making sure the correct product options are selected before checkout

- Summary of the process of creating and handling personalized orders with Printful

- Encouragement to start selling personalized products with Printful

- Invitation to reach out to customer support with questions or ideas for selling personalized products

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