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custom washi tape dropshipping quotes

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to make washi tape samples | 9 different ways 👍🏻

[Music]. hey guys, welcome back to my channel. in today's video I'm gonna be showing you how to make a few different washy samplers so you can send to your pen pals or for like swaps and stuff, and I'm gonna show you a bunch of different ways you can make them. so here I'm starting off by laminating a couple of the items that I want laminated in order to wrap the washy around it. it's like a tag from the lol brand, a little baby tag that was like in the tear apart cards journaling card, that one- this is hello uno card and the blueish thing- I want to use it like a bookmark because it's kind of like long enough- and that came on the like packaging of my cute little 99 for paperclips I just got in the last video I posted. this video is gonna be super long just because it's a bunch a different like ideas that you can do. so the regular parts I sped up two times and the ones where I'm washing that and where I'm wrapping the washi around. I sped it up four times because, oh my god, I took kind of forever, but it's really fast when you get the hang of it. so this is gonna be the first little thing you can wrap your washi around to send it to people, and I tried using this big LOL washi passatti. it didn't work because of those little like slits at the bottom. so I use this little pink cheetah from the LOL washi collection and you also fit another washi on there and the little white thing, the plastik bobbin, I purchased at Hobby Lobby. for a dollar you get about 30 pieces. so then I tried fitting this you go girl washi on there, but it had the same problem. so then I put this thin washi on there and if you put only thin washes, I think you can fit like maybe three or four of them on there. if you're doing like an embellishment box swap, this one fits perfectly into the embellishment box and you could put like a couple on there and maybe even include like some little rings for them if they don't have like a little collection already. so this is the first one, the little bobbin sample- super cute. okay, now for the next item. you can wrap your washi around these popsicle dollies, recalls and craft stiks I got like I don't even know, maybe like 50, 75 for a dollar, but they're actually pretty thin and I know they have like jumbo sized ones like at other places, or the colorful rainbow ones. so each like supply you can choose different options, like I got this thin lollipop stik but I know there's stiker ones and then I know there's rainbow ones. and for the plastik bobbins there's like some like they're called um plant name, like holder things, and it's like you stik it in the plant and it's white like the bobbin but it's like a pokey stik. so that's like another option, kind of like for the bobbin. so since I had a thin popsicle stik, I decided to just wrap thin washy on it. I wrapped around a heart washi- this wrong, wrong girl's washi- and eyelash washi, and there it was like a wrong, wrong quotes washi, the one that's gonna be right after this. if you wanted to make your popsicle stik more cuter, you can't really add like paper to decorate it or stikers really, unless they're like really tiny ones because it's so thin. but I think you can make paint it with either markers or like acrylic paint or something, just if you don't want the like brown wooden look of it. so depending on what lick you're going for it, you can pick which version you want to use to send your washi samples or like how small your space is like if you are putting it in an embellishment box, the smallest one is probably the little bobbin. so I was thinking if I should fill it up or not. but I decided, well, it would be kind of cute to write like a lot of something on there with the Sharpie and I just put for you with a little heart. and it took me a little while to decide if I wanted to put the heart or not, just because the washi right on top of it was a heart. so I was like, should I, should I not? but I ended up doing it and I'm not sure sharpies is really a great um like material to use on these wooden popsicle stiks, just because they kind of like bleed and the ink kind of like spreads. so I went over twice with my writing and then in the back I just wrote my Instagram YouTube name: glam girl crafts. now here's the third option you could use to wrap around your washi, and I'm just gonna be using the Starbucks gift card. and since it's a back-to-school theme, I decided the washes we're kind of going to be like schoolish related, they're like school planner related and again, so with the gift cards, I'm just using a Starbucks one. you can use any type of gift card you want and depending on the theme you want, if you can find a gift card that goes with your theme or like the color scheme, that would be awesome. you can use a chuck-e-cheese card of, like round one bowling, like any. any type of card would be good. so on this one I fit for why she's. so now I'm gonna work on the laminated ones and I just edited out all the part where I cut them and so, on the journaling card, I used my happy planner hole punch. I'm this one. I put us a little hole from my we r memory keepers hole punch and a little tag. I did want to put a hole on the little circle but I didn't have any little tiny ribbon to put in it, so I did it. and then, lol, one, I put a hole and the uno card I put. I used the happy planner punch. so this one has four and the UNA had three and again, like so far that you know you could use like clean cards. there's, you know, a bunch of different themes or colors of playing cards and you don't have to laminate them. I just laminated it because I wanted it to be more sturdy. if you don't have a laminator. I know they have self-laminating sheets at some dollar trees. for only a dollar you get a couple sheets. I haven't tried to mount yet but I might get him just to try them out and let you know how they are. so I just put two washing on this one just because I kind of wanted you to be able to see the hello friend. and I think this one is small enough as well for some embellishment boxes, depending on the size you use. and it's totally up to you how many times you want to wrap around your washi. I just did it. I honestly don't even know how many times. I was just doing it till it was like a little thick, maybe like ten times around, depending on the like material used, like the popsicle stik. I probably did more stuff like that. but yeah, I've seen when a couple people swap like washi samples they select like a certain amount they're gonna each give. so they measure it out before or they say like 20 like times around or something like that. but these are just to show you like different ways you can do it. so I didn't really like care how many times I did it around. these are just gonna be given to like family or friends, probably. so this one I'm currently wrapping around right now is just like every purpose, like packaging theme from the paper clips. as I said, most of them like craft store stuff. if you buy it like from Hobby Lobby or Joanne's, sometimes like the back of it is pretty cute, so I just always keep it and then you can use it later for like this or like background of a picture or you know. you can just do so many things with it. so I always keep those, the ones that look nice, like this one. I decided to do the washes that kind of matched it, so like Purple's blues, and they kind of reminded me of a bookmark because it's like so thin in this sample. all the washes I placed on here are from the Dollar Tree. I don't think I have any from the nation on here, but the background was like from the 99. it just so happened that all the washes that kind of matched the theme of the like bookmark. I'm gonna call it happen to be from the Dollar Tree in 99 and if you have any questions of any of the wah she's like where I purchased it from like, let me know in the comments down below. try to be like this one, like, say, like the mermaid, a washi or something like that. so I know which ones you're toking about if you have any questions, and I'll see if I can remember where I purchased it from: [Music], [Music], [Music]. so I'm gonna add this:

14 Ideas on How to Use Washi Tapes 💁🏻‍♀️

hello everyone and welcome back to another stationery pals video. if you're as attracted to washi tape as i am, to its cheap, pretty, decorative million design, and really enjoy using washi tape- because it's natural, it stiks to just about any surface and it gets peeled off without ruining your paper- then you'll likely have a lot of washi tape before you know it. you will soon realize that it becomes a problem to use them well and not to waste them. in today's video, i'll introduce you to 14 fun and simple ways to use washi tape. so what are we waiting for? let's get started right now. number one: border decoration. you can easily create a simple and nice border with washi tape. it is perfect for bullet journaling or for adding flair to your pages. even though it's a pretty simple idea, it will make your page stand out. next you can add a title and some doodles- ta-dah, your page is now finished with a nice border decoration. number two: mark your monthly calendar. i'm curious if you mess up your monthly calendar as often as i do. if so, applying washi tape to your calendar would be a great option. when you have special days coming up, such as a trip or event to be reminded of, you can use your favorite washi tape to mark the calendar. just tear out a piece of your favorite, stik it on the calendar and write down the message on it as a reminder. this is such a great way to prevent yourself from messing up, and if you do mess up, you can always peel off the tape and start over. number three: mark the important page. if you have pages in your book or journal that you need to turn to often, this is a very quick and easy tip that is not only very useful, but also really, really cute. cut a piece of washi tape as long as the page and wrap it around the side of the page like this. in this way, you can still find where your marks are when you close your book. this method makes it easier to identify and revisit the important pages. number four: corner marker. here's another way to help you quickly return to the page you need to go back to just simply wrap a piece of washi tape around the corner of your page. this can be temporary and removed when you no longer need it again. this makes it easier to find your page in your journal. so whenever you need to go back to the page, just simply look at it and it's right there. number five: diy washi tape bookmark. washi tape can also be used to make a simple bookmark. you can make them in any size and color that you want and they will look far more unique than the ordinary ones. first you need to prepare a paper clip. then tear out a long piece of washi tape and wrap it around the end of the paper clip like this, attach the stiky sides together and trim it nicely with scissors. now you have a one of a kind, cute and useful bookmark. number six: journal title ideas [Music]. if you want your journal title to be more interesting and appealing, try using washi tape to create your unique titles. first, you can put a piece of tape on the paper, then outline along the edge of the washi tape, make it a ribbon or something, then peel off the tape and write your title. a super simple and cute ribbon title is ready. alternatively, you can use washi tape to create other styles of titles and add some other fun little touches. start by putting on a piece of washi tape, drawing directly on top of the washi tape and adding some shading to it. then you can peel off the tape and write your title, favorite quotes or whatever you want to. oh, i absolutely love this one, isn't it cool? before i go on, to show you how to use washi tape to decorate your charger, if you enjoy watching this video, please like this video and let me know how many washi tapes you have with you in the comment section. without further ado, let's keep rolling. number seven: decorate the small items. using washi tape to decorate small items in your daily life will make them even cuter. you can wrap your favorite washi tape around the candle and cut off the excess tape. this way, a cute and special candle is finished. similarly, this method also applies to decorating any other items, such as chargers. by decorating the chargers with washi tape, not only will the chargers not be dull white anymore, but each family member will also have their own unique charger. even when you go out to use it, wars will no longer be mixed with your classmates. number eight: customize your own pencil. since the school season is near, you might want to customize some pencils as a gift for your teacher or your bestie. cut a strip of washi tape the same length as the pencil and carefully roll the pencil so that it is taped. if you need more, simply add another strip of tape and roll the pencil again so that it is completely covered. lastly, get rid of the extra tape. tada, a lovely and fun pencil is done. wrap the pencil beautifully and give it to your bestie. she'll be amazed by your gift. number nine: greeting cards. another cool way to use washi tape is to create greeting cards. draw one side of a heart on a folded piece of paper and cut it out. you will get a heart shape. that is even this way. then you can use the stencil as a guideline and place it on top of another piece of paper. then go ahead and add different washi tapes to use it and use the guidelines to cut out the heart. stik the heart on your greeting cards and then you'll get a cute washi tape greeting card. number 10: shelves and drawers decoration. if you have plain shelves or drawers, like i do, you can decorate them with washi tape. simply apply washing tape to the shelf's edge to make it colorful and lively. if, at some point in the future, you get bored with the pattern, you can easily peel it off and put on a new one. number 11: decorate your jar. if you have clear glass jars on your desktop, whether they are used for stationery or for growing plants. you can use washi tape to make them more beautiful. basically, you just need to wrap washi tape around the jars, like i did, and you're done super easy, right? number 12: make your own cupcake flags. you can make cute cupcake flakes out of washi tape. it is similar to making a bookmark. start by taking out a toothpick and cutting a small piece of washi tape off, then stik them together and trim them a little. bingo: your unique cupcake flags are done. number 13: masking your watercolor artwork. try using washi tape as the masking for your watercolor artwork. you can use the washi tape to prevent ink from leaking into other areas when you are working on your watercolor piece, and you can also create a special effect with this tiknique. when your work is finished, just peel them off to reveal the final work. it's easy, right? number 14: picture frames. do you have a frame for your lovely photo? hurry up and use washi tape to make one. all you need to do is glue the photo on a piece of paper, then use washi tape to create a frame on all sides like this. finally, attach a clip and hang it on the wall. our simple but lovely photo frame is done. [Music]. well, i hope we have learned something together today. which one do you think is the most interesting idea introduced today? let me know in the comment section. don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel. if you like this video, you'll love my 10 ways to use your dotted notebook video too. check it out. i'm so happy to have spent time with you in this video. love you and i will see you in the next one. bye, [Music].

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How To Manufacture a Product on Alibaba || My Product Story

[Music]. hi everyone. so one year ago, we started selling our affirmation card deck and in december of 2020, it finally launched, and we've been selling pretty consistently ever since. i wanted to film this video to give any aspiring business owners, or already business owners who are interested in manufacturing a product from abroad. i wanted to film a video that goes through my whole process, from start to finish, as well as include some tips that you should follow along the way. so, without further ado, let's dive into the whole process of my manufacturing journey. so, before i begin, i should probably explain what my brand, modern love, is, and modern love is a brand that is created for the self-development journey of women, and it's a brand that's created to help women on their journey of growing, discovering themselves and also leading fulfilling lives. so this mission is something that is at the core of who i am, which made it extremely easy to carry out the mission and also develop the product. if you have not done so already, i recommend that you create a really strong mission statement that goes ahead and guides your product manufacturing, and this is because, without a mission statement, which is your why and what of your business, it's extremely hard to pinpoint your dream audience, or to communicate with them, or to even know why you're doing what you do, um, and so you won't be as grounded throughout this process. so i do recommend to take out a pen and paper and spend a few minutes really narrowing down your mission statement of your organization before any manufacturing happens. so the first part of the manufacturing process is something that i call ideation. the ideation phase is when you sit down with your thoughts and you do a huge brain dump of your product and you find what the idea behind your product is. for me, this ideation process looked like writing down a whole list in my journal of the products that i wanted to manufacture down the line. after looking at the list, i looked through how feasible it would be to create each of the different types of products and, based on the ease of production, i decided to choose the affirmation card deck, um, just due to the fact that we don't want a complicated product, especially when it's your first time going through a manufacturing process like this one. so i wanted something that was smaller in size and also something that would be really feasible and accessible for me to go ahead and design and to create. once i picked the product. i then had to expand and ideate further upon what this product would become. that's because, yes, you can have one type of product, but there are so many different types and ways that the product could come to life and there are so many variations, from the color to the size, to the specific niche or audience that it serves. and so, when it came to my product, i opened a google document and i wrote all the types of options that there were and i looked at all the different decisions that i would have to make throughout the process. some of the decisions were easy, like researching the design and the style that i was interested in, but the other ones were a little bit harder, when i had to actually research the competitors and the other affirmation cards that were already in the market. it is extremely crucial for you to actually look at the market and analyze what's happening and what's already available, and for you to go ahead and identify the gaps, the things that are missing in the market that your product could potentially fill. for me, the gap that i found is that there were not many affirmation card options that were designed to appeal to women in my age range and with my style, and another thing was that i found the affirmations were very broad, um felt really general and didn't really speak to me, and sometimes they were way too cheesy for my liking. and the last pain point was, if i did find a affirmation card deck that was not too cheesy and it was my style, the price range was way out of budget for someone like me. so i wanted to create a product that was in the right price range, the right style and also the right affirmations that would speak to women in my age range. so once i went ahead and looked through all of the decisions, thought through the different ways my chronic product could come to life, it was finally time to go directly to my audience and to begin an audience research phase. the secret sauce to my product being a hit is actually inside this phase and i would recommend that you do not skip this phase as you are creating your product. during this phase, i made it a priority to chat with my audience. i did a mini project that panned over a month and i went ahead and interviewed 20 women about their dreams, their goals and their mission, their day to day and the advice that they would give to other women. from these series of interviews, i went ahead and created the affirmations that lived on the affirmation cards, and their interviews really helped me create and write affirmations that were not only relevant but also hit home for the themes that we were all going through as women, and especially as women in our 20s and our 30s. i then began to design and develop my product with a background and design. i was able to go ahead and create this for myself, but if you do not have a background design, you can easily go on fiverr upwork or even go through networking sessions on facebook groups and go ahead and find a designer that is right for you. and throughout my design process i went through many iterations. um, even when it the designs felt unfinished and it was still in process, i kept going back to my audience and started asking them on polls. i joined facebook groups and asked the audience there to see what feedback they had about my cards, and every time i did these polls or asked for feedback, the feedback always led to me, to the right direction and gave me a really good idea of what my audience was looking for. after this iterative process of designing, ideating, going back to my audience and going through this cycle a few times, i felt like my product was finally coming to a good point for me to go ahead and start reaching out to manufacturers. so how do you go ahead and get in touch with manufacturers abroad, especially in china or in other countries? well, the answer is a website called alibabacom, which is created exactly for this. it helps people from other countries that don't have as many manufacturers or factories and connects them with countries that are abundant in factories and manufacturers, such as china. there were also a few from thailand, india and so on. i began by searching for manufacturers, and i did this by typing into the search box manufacturers that created products that were similar to the ones i was looking to create. i typed in keywords such as affirmation cards, card deck and tarot card decks. even though i wasn't creating a tarot card, it was similar enough that i thought that manufacturers who created tarot card decks could create my decks as well. when a list of manufacturers popped up, i sorted through the listings and found the ones that i liked, and i picked 10 out of the list and decided to go ahead and reach out for them for a request for quote process. the way that i went ahead and requested a quote from manufacturers is. i created a message template that said: hello, this is um from the company modern love and i am requesting a quote. please fill out the spreadsheet and get back to me by a cert specific date, thank you, and i signed by name as if i was the owner or a product manager at a company. as mentioned in the message, we did have a spreadsheet created and on the spreadsheet i just listed out the things that i wanted to collect from the manufacturer. so some of the things that i collected was their email, their address, especially seeing what country and what city that they're located in. i also wanted to know if they were a manufacturer or a trading company, which is extremely different, and most of the times i

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13 Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

hello, plenty of mashers and welcome back to the channel. today we'll be toking about washi tape. i have tons in my collection and i'm pretty sure if you bought one, you ended up with lots of washi tape as well. so today let's tok about actually using washi tape in your bullet journal and i'll share with you my best ideas. and if you're new here, my name is marsha and i'm creating videos on bullet journaling, doodling, creativity. so be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you always know when i release a new video. well, let's get to it. [Music]. okay, so i have my bullet journals here. i have tons of washi tape and well, let's see how you can use this in your journals. and, of course, all the supplies i'm using will be linked in the description in case you want to check them out. [Music]. we are going to start with two simple examples on how to use washi tape in your weeklies. so first, you can actually use your washi tape as headers. so if you have washi tapes like this, which has days of the week on it, you can actually use these pieces of washi tape as headers for your weekly. so let's set up this weekly spread. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] is [Music] and just like that, you get a very simply weekly setup. that took just a few minutes. so for our next weekly, i will be using washi tape as a divider. if you have some thinner washi tapes, you can absolutely use them to divide your days or to divide different areas in any of your other bullet journal pages. well, today we're doing a weekly, so let me show you [Music], uh, [Music]. and there you go. here's a very simple weekly which was very easy to set up because i needed to draw no lines whatsoever. let me show you a few more examples on how i used washi tape as dividers in my bullet journal. for example, on one of my weeklies in december, i use washi tape to divide areas for my to-do list and my notes. okay, so another way i really love using washi tape is obviously to decorate my bullet journal pages. i will show you how i use it in my day-to-day planning as well, but for now i'm going to create a little quote page and simply decorate it a little bit with some washi tape. [Music] is [Music]. it's kind of funny that i misspelled the word perfection when i was drawing the letters. i drew an extra e here for some reason, but i feel like it works very well for the quote altogether. [Music] is [Music], so [Music]. so that would be how i would decorate a quote page. but let me give you a few examples on how i use washi tape for decorating my everyday bullet journal. so, for example, this is my key page and so i added some washi tape here. this is my word of the year, and again i have some washi tapes. for example, this is my monthly log and you can see i had some empty space here, so i added washi, some more washi here. it's kind of a great decoration, but also a little bit of a filler, to just fill out empty spaces and just make a page a little bit more interesting, because these two pages, for example, before you write things in them, they kind of look really empty. but with washi tapes i just felt like it would be a little bit more interesting, and you know i decorate my weekly pages with washi tape as well. okay, now let's try another thing, and this is also going to be a weekly spread. what you can do is create little banners out of your washi tape. so, for example, let's take this one. let me divide first the weekly and then i'll show you how to do the banners [Music]. for this you might need scissors. i have this little ones. so what you do is you first cut a piece of washi tape and then you cut here a little flag [Music] and just like that. this is kind of a fun decoration, so let's do it a few more times [Music]. another thing you can do is use a darker type of washi tape and use this little flax to write a date, for example. i have this black one and well, we can give it a try with that [Music]. so here are the two different styles you can use with this flag idea. another way you can use washi tape in your journal is to highlight important pages. for example, this is my current journal and i'm not sure if the camera catches it, but there is an obvious orange page here. this is something i can easily find, and on one side this is my future log, on the other side it's my grid guide. so these are the two pages i have to look back the most, and because i added washi tape at the border like this, this page really stands out, so i can easily find it at any time. it's pretty easy to do that as well, and let's try to do it on one of my january pages. so what you need to do is first take a washi tape, and i really prefer a thinner one. that way it won't occupy that much space on the border. so i'll use this yellow one, because it's in color with a theme. so you kind of measure for it to be more or less as long as the page border. you stik half of it around, half of it to the page and then you stik another half to the other side of the page and just like that, here's the yellow stripe and i can always easily open this page. let's take a look at some other ways and we'll need to use another journal for that. [Music]. so this is my memory journal and i'll be creating a little memory page. and the trick i want to show you is how to use washi tapes to create frames for your pictures, in case you add some to your bullet journal day-to-day planning or maybe to your memory pages. [Music] is is, don't worry, [Music]. so, as you can see, i have a very easy and very fun frame here. and here is the other way you can use your washi tape by creating borders on your bullet journal pages. so i'm going to add a washi tape here and this is going to be kind of uniting element and a border, and it's actually a fun way. if you want to create like a theme in your bullet journal, you can just create the same border on all the pages and well, that's an easy way to unify the design. okay, going back to the previous journal for more ways to use washi tape: [Music]. so when you're new to bullet journaling you probably use your key a lot. so here's a little trick to make it easier to see all your signifiers using some washi tape. so i cut out this piece of paper and these are all the signifiers i want to use and i also edit here color coding as an example. so what you can do is open the first page and attach this key to your journal with some washi tape. so you can just stik it with an adhesive. but as you go you might want to change some of signifiers, you might want to use different color coding. so it's kind of better, i think, to use washi tape, because that's something you can unstik and change and then stik again. [Music], just like that. it looks pretty, you can flop it in and you don't see it. but then if you open your page and you need to plan, you can easily just do that and keep on planning, conveniently, knowing all your signifiers. another fun way to use washi tape would be to add an envelope to your bullet journal, so that could be a fun way for extra storage for your stikers. maybe to put your journaling cards or i don't know. maybe keep something important in your memory journal, like letters or some notes or tiket stamps, something like that, and you can easily add it to your journal with just some washi tape. we're going to use our neutral black and white washi here [Music] and just like that very convenient little storage to keep your important moments. so another fun way to use washi tape would be to create a flop in your journal. so let me show you how we can do that. you can use flops to just add some extra space to your page. um, i think they look pretty cool if you use like a monthly page and the flop has maybe the name of the month and then like a little habit tracker. here i'll just going to show you how to create one. and well, you can use your creativity and use it any way you would like. so for this i'm going to be using a notepad to get some paper to create the flop. if you don't have, you can just get one of the pages from the end of your journal so you can cut the flop and make it shorter, or you can use the entire page. it's kind of up to you. um, i think.

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping from scratch in 2022 [The Right Way] | Dropshipping For Beginners

In this video, I’m going to tell you how to start shopify dropshipping the right way in 2022.. Hey, whatsup, dropshippers? welcome back to another video. This video is really special because it is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters out there who want to start dropshipping, who want to earn money online and some passive income, but do not know where to exactly start. I’m going to cover everything step-by-step, And all the tools that I'm going to use in the video will be in the description down below. Now let’s get straight into the action without any hassle. So, first of all, what dropshipping exactly is? Now I’m only going to give you a quick introduction, because I know most of the people who are watching this video already know about dropshipping, but still, I want this video to be beginners friendly, so I’ll just give you a quick introduction about this amazing business of dropshipping. So, basically, dropshipping is a business model where you sell products online but you never touch or see them. When your customer places the order, Your supplier directly sends the product to your customer. So you’re just a middleman who connects the supplier to the customer. Now the main thing: how do you earn money in this process? So the margin between the supplier’s price and your selling price is your profit. Now you do not have to worry about how I’ll find the product, how I’ll contact the supplier, how I'll get the customers and visitors and all that. You do not have to worry about that at all. I’m going to cover everything in this video, So you just sit down, relax and enjoy. When I was getting started with dropshipping in 2019, everyone said: this business doesn’t work anymore, it is too late, dropshipping is dead, and stuff like that. So if you’re also having the same questions like: is it too late? Or you know, Shopify, dropshipping is dead in 2022, let me give you one clear answer: dropshipping is not dead in 2022,, it was not dead in 2019, and it will not be dead for next at least 10 years, Because, as long as online shopping is there, dropshipping will be there And, as you can see the numbers, the number of online buyers are increasing rapidly every year. But, yes, the methods have changed. The same methods that we could use in 2018, 2019 won't work in 2022. For example, in 2017, 2018, 2019, facebook ads were killing it and we could make a lot of money with that, But nowadays the scenario is totally different, Because TikTok ads are taking the market like a storm. But yes, one thing that stays the same from the very beginning is the work ethic. You need to put in the time, you need to put in the hours, you need to put in the sweat to make this business work And, more than that, you need to treat this as a proper business instead of some get rich quick scheme. Keep this one thing in mind forever. So now let me tell you how to practikally start your shopify dropshipping business from scratch. The very first step to start your dropshipping business is finding a winning product, and it is very obvious: without having a product, how can you sell one? And if you ask me the definition of a winning product, in my opinion a winning product must have at least 3 of these 4 factors: First is the wow factor. second is the problem solving ability. third is profit margin above 15$. and fourth, not easy to find in general stores. And if it has all the 4 factors, that’s really awesome. To find the winning products, first I’m going to tell you the free methods that I used in the beginning, when my budget was very low. Then I’ll tell you the paid method that I personally use nowadays, which saves me a lot of time and headache. So the first free method that you can use is go to tiktok and search for this hashtag called amazonfinds or #tiktokmademebuythis. the prior one works better. So once you search for this hashtag, most of the videos that will appear will be from ecommerce or dropshipping, where someone is trying to sell a product, For example. when I search for this hashtag, these videos appear, and if we see this third one, they are selling this brush type, which I can guarantee you is a dropshipping product, And they must have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this kind of views. The next free method that you can use, which is really time consuming, is scrolling through your tiktok feed and hunt for videos that contain some kind of dropshipping products. When you do it for long enough, tiktok will push more and more of these kinds of videos, which will make it a lot easier for you. These free methods are good, but sometimes they could be really frustrating and irritating, Because it happened to me a lot of times when I kept on searching and searching for hours and hours but could not find a worthy product. So finally, I decided to start using paid tools And, believe me, this tool has made my life far easier, as I can find the winning products really fast- within 5 to 10 mins- as it has a lot of customizations that we can use to find specific products related to our niche And, moreover, it has tons and tons of information about every single product and their advertiser, which really helps me to beat the competition. The name of this amazing tool is PiPiAds. If you want to check it out, I will leave the link in the description, from which you can get at least a $31 discount, which I think is really great when you’re just getting started. The next step for starting your dropshipping business is creating a website around your winning product, which is really simple. you just need to go to shopifycom or just click on the link in description and sign up for the 14 day free trial using your email and without providing any credit card information. There are a lot of amazing videos on youtube that show you exactly how to create your first dropshipping store with shopify. You can watch those videos for the basic information. Always keep this thing in mind when you’re creating your dropshipping store. only use three colors: black text, white background and one main bright color that resembles your logo. You can see this website as an example: white background, black text and this orange color as their theme color, which is also the part of their logo. When you do that, it makes your website look professional and not some scammy one. Other than the color combination, some other things that you can include on your website to increase your conversion rate is Pictures with the reviews, providing a lot of videos, adding a good description and adding the tracking number for every order. Now, some of you might be thinking how to do all that stuff, so for that reason, after this video, I’m going to bring a complete shopify dropshipping tutorial free course where I’ll tell you every single small thing in detail, step-by-step. So for that, make sure you subscribe to the channel. Now. once you have created your website, the next step is to bring visitors, because if you do not have any visitors, you won’t be able to make any sales as well. So there are two ways to do it. first one is the organic way, which is absolutely free, and second one is paid advertisement. So first we will discuss the organic method. What you can do is create short videos for your product and post it on all the platforms, like tiktok, youtube shorts and instagram reels, and leave the link for your store in the comments or description. In this method, you need to completely rely on the algorithm, because unless and until it is picked up by the algorithm and made viral, there are very low chances for you to make a sale. And to increase your chances to get viral, you need to post at least 2 videos everyday for about a month Now. before posting the videos, you need to get the videos. for that there are two ways: whether you can collect the pics and videos of the product from internet and then create your own video by reassembling them, but this way is not that much reliable as you can’t mak

TFL Tutorials: How to Manufacture Washi Tape with Alibaba and Seamless Repeats in Affinity Photo

hi everyone, welcome back to the freelance life. so this week we are going to do a tutorial on a process that i think is kind of hard to come by in terms of information on the internet. oftentimes, when it comes to manufacturing products, um, there's kind of like a an air of secrecy about that whole process. when it comes to the the product world- whether you're a graphic designer looking to design stationery or surface pattern designer looking to manufacture textiles or fabric, or even a clothing designer who's just starting out, trying to tap into the manufacturing world can be a little difficult and sometimes complicated and convoluted. but today i'm here to share my whole process of manufacturing the washi tapes that i launched that you guys probably saw in our vlog last week. so what i'm gonna go through today is kind of the whole process. so start to finish my design process: how i use affinity photo to create surface pattern designs and seamless repeats that i can apply to washi tape. we're going to go over information on why seamless repeats are important when it comes to this process. we're going to go over how to set up a file for manufacture, and the biggest part of this whole video is going to be basically finding a manufacturer, so i used alibabacom even during my fashion design career. alibaba was actually a go-to source for sourcing and manufacturing and finding suppliers for materials, and i know alibaba has had bad press when it comes to some of the information you might find online. i know i'm a part of quite a few like facebook groups, um, that are dedicated to surface pattern design and artists in general, and it was really interesting when it shared that had manufactured through alibaba. there was like people who had either never, you know, gone that route or i've been interested, and then there are people who are like, oh, you, you, how can you trust you know that company with your, with your artwork? um, and just like anything in the world, there's gonna be good players and bad players and it's just a matter of actually doing your research and doing the leg work to make sure that the companies and the sourcers and the suppliers and or manufacturers that you're working with are actually legit and are professional. and alibaba actually does a really fantastik job because when you think about it- and that's why sometimes i'm kind of hit or miss when it comes to made in usa and actually outsourcing overseas- you want to find a manufacturer that treats its employees well, that pays them a living wage, that, um, that is responsible and gonna, you know, not steal your artwork, so to speak, and for the most part, alibaba has lots of different things in place to ensure that you are protected. um, i'll share my manufacturer later on in the video when we go through how to use alibaba. you know the manufacturers that i've experienced there, as well as the ones that i found when it came to, like, sourcing fabrics and textiles when i was designing, um, my textile line for my clothing line way back when. most of most of the manufacturers i've worked with are professional and they're looking to build long-term relationships with clients that they want repeat business from. so they're not gonna- you know, they're not gonna- play you dirty, so to speak, because they want you to sell your product and then come back to them to get more. um, so it creates this long lasting relationship. and i also think, too, when we look at this from kind of like the foreign business world, the global business world, there's kind of like this other, um, this fear of other, and we see this a lot, even just like in the regular world. right now, with all that's going on with the pandemic and things like that people are more likely to be more mistrusting working with manufacturers overseas, but the reality is that these are companies that are looking to grow or that have already been established and, like i said, they're looking for clients that will work with them for the long run, so they're not gonna do anything that would necessarily hurt that relationship, um or break it before it has a chance to grow. so, like i said, while there may be some bad players on places like alibaba- i don't use aliexpress, so i'm not sure about that website, but i have a feeling that a lot of people confuse the two and they're two different things- um, they have. alibaba has a protokol in place to protect you from those, you know, negative things, whether it be um people taking your money and not giving you product or people stealing your artwork and things like that. there is trade assurance, which i would highly suggest. any supplier, any manufacturer that you work with, you make sure that you get your quotes and you get your final invoices and things like that through trade assurance, because it just adds a level of protection, and we'll tok about that more when we go through the whole alibabacom um website and how to actually reach out and communicate with suppliers and manufacturers, and so i did a a very small run. i did a hundred pieces total 50 of one design and 50 of another, and i ended up creating a floral set and a kind of like gemstone witchy set. so i shared these in my last vlog. they didn't come with labels, so i ended up making my own, which i was fine with because i have more control over the process of the branding and getting the file to be just right. um, so i ended up making those on my cricut, since i make stikers anyways, um, and i think they turned out really fantastik. the communication with the supplier was fabulous. they were very, very on top of replying to messages. um, they gave me updates throughout the process. they were true to their turnaround time that they told me. um, and basically my experience is really great. if you hear otherwise, it could be people who don't know any better. um, or maybe they've just heard bad rumors and they, you know they didn't do the research for themselves to actually find out how the process works and how it's there to support creators and actually a lot of the. the suppliers and the manufacturers on alibaba are low minimum order quantity, so you don't they have very um doable and feasible and approachable minimum order quantities. so you're not having to order thousands or tens of thousands. some start as little as 50 pieces. so it's definitely a great resource for a budding designer, for someone who's just starting the whole product development, product design process, and i highly highly suggest you check it out. so later in the video we're going to go through how i do that, but first we're going to tok about my whole design process. so i've shared some of this before you see it in my vlogs, but i do surface pattern design and i do illustration and i like to take those concepts and apply it to product design. it's just something that i'm looking to build for my small business. you know it's part of my long term plan is to have a product line that is consistent, that is profitable, and i found that taking my artwork- rather than always, you know, leasing it out or licensing it out- um, actually using that artwork to create my own product line is a lot more feasible than i realized, and so that's what i want to go through today. we're going to go over the design process. i'm going to show you guys some tips and tricks on how to use affinity photo to create a surface pattern- repeat. all right, so that is all i kind of wanted to give you up front. let's start into the tutorial. we're going to look at the whole design process and then we'll jump into working on alibaba and some tips and tricks that i have to share with you when it comes to finding a supplier or finding a manufacturer. so before we begin the actual design process, i just wanted to show a quick example of what we will be working with. so what you see on screen right now is an example of one of the washi tapes that i got manufactured through a manufacturer that i worked with on alibabacom. i set up this file. it encompasses a seamless repeat pattern that i applied to the strip. that is the size requirements: t.