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customer support shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Deal With/Respond To Customer Service Emails | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

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Yesterday i spend More Time the size you tomorrow morning, Tristana morning, Christmas and Skills and once more for herself and Forgive nakkeeran, invert within Seconds and the more I said Thank you feel I know her money for the Kind regards. weather Will Show You spend Some. where are you and respond to people: kaki, Number One, My auris and Justin Channel of single person ingesting chim non can discard interests and and go to printer. name or number is the key number. nathaniel, couldn't think about your evenicle. kcon in the ug-trad will present for An Element that they're just one and firmly most Common email thanked for my students also on the game or down to Gain and statements. Nomura a dân comment email. tagal sisyphe deduces National which anniversary commencal ado Today announced. As I can, I have one person hunt Eva. 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hi everyone, this is your boss. mom va and i create videos about work from home tips, freelancing lifestyle and home based business tips. so if you're interested with this kind of topic, just keep on watching. [Music]. hey, bossies. so before we further proceed with our video for today, i would like to greet each and every one of you a very happy new year and let's welcome the year 2021 with good attitude, positive thinking and, of course, and just let's just keep on moving on, be full of hope. everything will be finally okay. so for this year, i'll be giving you a gift. i will give you a gift of free tutorial, shopify, customer support or online job. and then this one is perfect for you because it's non-voice and sometimes it's flexible time. you can work anywhere you want and anytime you want and basically, on your skills, shopify. but then again, your first client i'm going to introduce acting, and then eventually inaudible, and then again, uh, skilled in the class. now work. so if busan malama- and this is a very special gift from me to you because it's year 2021- and cucumber, basic tutorial as a shopify, customer support, va or virtual assistant. so, first things first, let us define what is shopify, para um and being shopify. so if first time along the encounter, don't worry, nato, let us define this first. so shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products, so you shall, be fine a platform. the next, what is customer support? so in customer support or customer service is mostly about providing tiknical customer assistance by helping them resolve any issues they have with your products or services. so, as a customer support, va uh kailangan magazine issues any inquiries na sub products or service. no online store. so it resolves issues in a most patient way, friendly way, and make sure now only positive words. jung ebb game or encouraging words message sa customer uh. but customer support, uh, it's quite challenging because a matter testing patience. they lose their temper and then you know and magamet instead animal root words. but you, as a customer support, va calamine, italian, patient and always think: nah customer is always right and you have to assist them. give them positive words na uh encouraging words na parama pahupa yung kanilang um kumbaga uh yong kanilang uh easy pen about their products. so it could be on customer support. you have to give them the assurance the hindis commune company or hindi scam product and also you know patient guy asses information and, as much as possible, accurate information. param attract order and call my issues and address the issue and then apologize. it's very important customer support via. you always have to greet them and also apologize if marrying any issues or inconvenience. basic customer support, i know. [Music], all right. next is what are the requirements for this kind of online job, young page shopify, customer support, va. first is, of course, good english communication skills. but say you are dealing with international customers and you are dealing with your international clients, so the language that is commonly used is in english. so good english communication, as long as you know how to read, to write and understand in english and mental good communication, then that is fine. so next time is good customer service skills. that means that you are patient, you are natural in problem solving and you know how to handle customers, a customer, you are friendly and also you are patient. so attitude home-based job. then. the next is knowledgeable in computer and internet. of course. uh, salahatta, massive guru nanak class working on. you know how to navigate the computer, you know how to navigate um internet in basic application skills and your manga copy paste, uh, so you land them on indiana highly computer and you know how to use the internet, then you are good to go. next is common tasks on shopify: customer support. va so yum command is email support and mega answer concerns and inquiries and customers through email and also chat support. young chat support, relatively young. social media support: uh, most of the time if papa handled in social media on facebook and instagram and you will assist the customers there through chat. so dm pm, so young then. so crm for chat alone, but this one hindi coupon chat support only. email support and social media support. and then next is track orders. so communicate my physical product you store- uh, you shouldn't track the order- issue refunds, my returns and then you will issue the funds [Music] shipping address and then, as long as independence, ship out young order pedi payon politanza shopify in a platform. so on the next slide. and then access sensitive information and capacitor customer support usually may access calenza orders or details of customers. so it is orders. it will show you my order numbers. manga fulfilled the numbers and then ditu satas is my search bar. na pedi my search genium name or email address or order number. now customer comment issue or emergency inquiry. so let us see an example of an email. so email may not even a customer. so depends on crm number one. gmail may re-amaze partikular customer. hi brian, we are now on the seventh business day and this has now still not been delivered. please advice how and when this will be resolved. so um, abroad no. so international order and meron talagang, major delay casino. there's a pandemic affected deliveries, there's a limited flights and also they'll continue limited. all you need to do is to copy your name- it's either name or email address, no customer or pagmeron, nasa subject line, order number, and then orders, and then click order number, young email or your name, and then you will have to check for the status and all you need to do is to provide your latest orientation information regarding the delivery and kung meron, then you will also have to address that. so typically among our responses is other details. so um separate video regarding your basic email customers support responses, which is your video, is nasa description box below. and then we have my class. now it is uh shopify platform, so you know basically all right. so, uh, you are looking to track for an order. all you need to do is go to orders but click my orders, order orders using the name or email address or young small order number, and then search [Applause] if you click on tracking number and then it will show you how to track the order. next, panama track. now order pad search moasha, divided to some orders, and the hana panel customer number. all you need to do is to click on that paramagnetik status or copy paste tracking numbers, website tracker, non-customer mode, for example, yoong tracking or tracking usps. all you need to do is go to usps website and then a copy paste my interaction number in the intro and then, if you became a customer, you current information tracking- uh information is um forwarded nasa usps facility in las vegas. then all you need to do is to give the information to the customer that currently your order is forwarded to usps facility in las vegas and you will receive it a three to five business day. so imagine typical. my response was: which is marital time video. that's the description box below typical responses. next number is how to process a refund. so when you're a young, yeah, it's okay. go ahead and define the customer. so search order number, name or email address and then order details and then it will refine if you click order price or quantity. detosa available for refund: so 34.99, because if input mourinho, 4.99 is a shipping fee and and you just need to click on confirm, then pediment again. reason for refund is damaged item. so internally [Music] search bar and the la la basement order details and email address: right side, click on edit and then uh and click on save your address or contact shipping information. okay, so that's it for today's video. i hope name is shopify customer support v8, you tracking orders and shopify young refund and also you change your edit now shipping information. please don't forget to


More Detail into Shopify Customer Management

Hey everybody, This is Ori from Astral Web, and I'm going to introduce to you a little more detail into management of customers in Shopify backend, with defaults, what you can do. So I've made a video or a few videos about general Shopify. I've kind of introduced them a little bit, but I want to go a little bit more detail to explain how you use it, mainly from customer service, but just as a management of customer. okay, So, first of all, what you want to do, go to the backend, click on Customers and you can see your customer grid, your customer you know list one by one, though, and all of your customers are here. You can see basic information, the customer name, any notes about them, amount of orders, the money spent over the lifetime, and you can also use your customer groups to filter. So what are customer groups? These are built-in customer groups that are set, But, in addition, what you can do is you can use the search box and the filters to make your own, and this I find extremely powerful for customer service and especially for marketing right. So, for example, if I want to send certain emails to customers that are very loyal- they've spent, you know, over thousands of dollars, I can make that. So, for example, I would go here, click on More filters, Amount spent and I would say, for example, over $1,000. I click on Done, now I can see all of mine. Now I don't have, because this is a demo site, but let's give you a better example here. So let's say I wanted to do, for example, all the customers that accept email newsletters. okay, So I'm going to click. that's how I did this. So now I can go here and I can click on Save filters and I can call them subscribers. And now that I did this, I can create many, many different types of groups And you can use them for just easy navigation and especially, apps can use these things to really enhance the functionality, or custom coding, if you want to do So. we've done very, very cool things with customer groups. You can make things like restricted areas on the website only for customer groups, like only special groups and customers can see things. you can make special promotions, different abandoned carts, a ton, a ton of things, mostly with external apps and coding, but it's really, really a powerful thing and I can't stress enough about this specific thing. right, Make a ton of groups, figure out what your business needs, how you want to work with your clients, with your customers, and then go and make these things. So this is a really powerful thing, right? So you have a few more filters here: tags and account status and of course you can search for names, right, Okay? So in addition to that, what you can do is you can actually add customers yourself. So typically, customers come to the website, they just register themselves. they do it. Sometimes you want to add customers. For example, someone has trouble adding their account. they might call you for customer service and say, "Hey, I want to, you know, register account for me" or other. So you just fill it up, right? So Janes, let's just call it Jane and then M, then Jane M. just do that and you can fill up all that basic information: the phone number, you know address. do they want to join the email newsletters? Let's say yes, All the address information. do you want to collect tax from them? And then these things are notes and tags are internal for the business, So customers don't see the notes about them. So if they were calling customer service all the time and annoying us, you might say: you know they like to tok a lot on the phone. Be careful, right For your customer service Or whatever it might be. They're very loyal and super nice, hey, and they're always very pleasant, right? So when they click, now I have my customer here. okay, This is my customer information. okay, So let's show you a few things. So, in addition to that, you can actually search for customers, right? So let's say, I want to search for a customer and I can actually view my customer information. So this is a walkthrough of what the customer detail page looks like. Now, first of all, you can disable their account. right, If there's some issue you can disable. they can't log in, they can't use the account anymore. You can reset the account for them. So what you can do is, if they are not able to go back and log in, you can reset their password. But because of security measures, you, as a business owner and customer service and marketing etc. you're not allowed to see their information, right? So what you do is, when you click on this, the customer will actually get an email. okay, So this account, this email that I have right now, is both my business account and my customer, just for example, just for this right. And so when the customer resets, they'll get an email and they can click here. they can reset the password by themselves. Okay, What else can you see? You can see their basic information when they started to be a customer, where they're from. you can make your own internal notes that only you, as the business, can see, and you can see their last orders, the total spent and their average order value. okay, These are all things that you can use for marketing purposes. okay, Now you can also click here to see the last order. Here you can quickly see the actual orders they placed and if they have more than one, you can actually go and view them one by one, especially good for customer service refunds, things like that. And one of my favorite things are the timeline. So when you tok to a customer and you want to know more about them or they're asking questions, you can actually see everything about them. So if they say, "Hey, I had an issue with an order, I didn't get the email" you can prove that they got their email, or they registered on a certain date or they refunded. you can see the whole order history. Now, if it's very long, you can go back and back and back and back, okay, So, in addition, you can leave your own comments. For example, you know, customer called and say I helped them, helped customer, fixed their problem, for example. right, I didn't have any refunds, anything. I can attach things, I can add some more information and I click on Post. Now this is going to go on the timeline. Okay, So right here it's in the timeline. and which admin that logged in? There's a note: which customer service, which user logged in and did that stuff? In this case my name is just called the admin, but it could be, you know, whatever customer service or other. Okay, In addition, you can edit for the customer their information, their general information, their name, email and phone, and do they accept newsletters. You can actually manage their addresses. You can either add a new one right here or you can actually edit their existing one. or if you can have multiple addresses, let me give you an example. so, Jane M, and let's just say Main Street, let's just say, for example: okay, If I save this, now I have two addresses. okay, So let's see: Oops, I think I clicked the Manage, So let me do this. Jane M, let me add a new one and let's just say this is the address I'm going to click here. Okay, So now I can click Manage and I can see multiple addresses And I can actually go and change and make them defaults right. So I can. this is the current default one. I can help them change, for example, to this one and you see it changed Okay. In addition, I can make sure I can have a customer that does not need to pay for tax. okay, And the most important are tag right. Another thing that's important is tags. This is a way for you to organize, label them right Here. this is a customer note, which you can only have one and this is a general note about the customer, But tags can help organize them in many, many different ways. You can have one customer have multiple tags. you can really use it for marketing. So, for example, for tags.


Setup Amazing Customer Service For Your Shopify Store (Richpanel)

hey everybody, justin cener, here i'm going to show you how to set up amazing customer service for your shopify store. let's jump right into it. we're going to be toking about why happy customers equal big dollar signs for your bottom line, and this is really all about. if you want to build a brand, if you're just trying to build a store that's going to last three or four days, i guess you could ignore customer service. but for everyone else, you definitely need to pay attention to it, because great customer service is needed for long-term brands. and don't just think of this, as you know, answering kind of annoying questions. this is actually a sales opportunity. when you have the people in a pre-sale- potential customers or people browsing your store asking questions about products- right, you can turn those guys or girls into customers with good customer service so we can increase sales. we could also increase repeat customers- happy customers- they'll come back. they get good service. they'll come back. they'll refer friends, they'll buy more. we'll make more money. crazy thing about all this is there's no built-in way to do customer service with shopify. they don't give you anything. and i want to be really upfront from the start: don't use gmail as a customer service tool, right. this is not going to give you the ability to cash in on these potential customers, to keep track of everything, to see a date, see lots of data. we need to find an app that's going to do this for us. it's got to work with all themes, all products, all niches, and the big key here is that we obviously need to be able to have access to customers and allow them to reach out to us, but, more importantly, we need to have all of the data connected to these customers and to the orders and to the products easily accessible as well. and that's why i'm making this video to show you all about rich panel. it's what i use for customer service. it's what i recommend all my students to use. i'm going to go over the shoulder and show you more about rich panel. i'll show you the site, the app, and we'll do a little sample install. but this is the best way to do customer service. you'll see that it totally integrates with shopify, so we're going to be able to pull in all of that information, like product data, order data, customer data- all inside of this one place where multiple channels storefront, social media, right, all different ways for customers to reach out and get that service. so let's go over the shoulder. i'll show you about rich panel. you see the link directly below this video and you'll see why i use this app and why i highly recommend it. this is the rich panel help center and crm app. you're going to get everything in this one app: live chat, help desk, self-service- all of the abilities that you need as a storefront to offer a great customer service, and there's a free plan available in here. but take a look at these five-star reviews on over 80 reviews. rich panel does exactly what i've been describing. lets you set up amazing customer service for shopify, and we could take a look at review after review after review. five star, five star, five star again. the best way to set up your customer service when it comes to shopify- and this is all about turning browsers into customers. you could chat live with visitors, give them product recommendations, share coupons and the ability to turn these potential customers who are in that customer support mode right. they need to get answers about the brand or the product right. turning those guys or girls into customers: that's what rich panel is all about, and it allows you to do that through all different channels: live chat on the site: email, facebook, instagram, even phone sms- all from one inbox. and this is going to allow you to save a ton of time on support, and i'll show you more when we install the app in a little demo store here. but there's the live chat functionality. there's the ability to have all of your channels in one inbox, whether it comes from instagram or messenger or email or live chat. right, being able to see everything and then having that complete what they call customer context. what is the customer toking about? why are they coming to get customer service? is it about an order? well, you could see their order, you could see the shipping, you could see the ability to refund or cancel orders. right, all of this is built in right inside of the rich panel apps and great analytiks as well, so you'll be able to see exactly what's going on. again, i invite you to read more about this. you see the link directly below this video. but we're going to go ahead and install this. we're going to install rich panel in a little demo store and you're going to see just how powerful this is. so we're going to click add app and this is going to bring us back into our shopify store. really, really easy. all we need to do is click the install app button over here and this is going to set up rich panel with shopify. we're not going to need to do any other tiknical setup or anything like that. we're going to immediately be brought into our onboarding panel here with rich panel and we'll be able to get started. you see, it's connecting into our shopify store. so this is the rich panel onboarding, which creates a personalized experience for you, and you've got the three different sections: chat, centralized messaging. spend less on customer service. you want to check all that. you could put how many team members you have over here and you can put a little bit more about yourself. this is just going to help you set up over here. and now we're going to be able to set up our colors. super powerful rich panel can pick your brand colors when you simply enter your store url and create a customized widget for you, or you can create the custom widget like this: we can come over here and select our either custom colors. come over here and we have a red, black and white color scheme, so i'll go ahead and set something like that and we can come back over here. we can also add our icons and logos, and we could change all these settings later on. i'm just going to kind of skip through here, but you see that these are different types of ways and you see, the most popular is default. we're going to leave this on default. we can go ahead and set everything else up as you create your account. and as we go to the next step over here, we want to make our widget live on our site, obviously, so people can be able to tok with us. simple as that. right, we have now again- never looking at code, never looking at anything tiknical- we want to enable notifications as well. we'll come up over here and do that. and now we'll come over and connect our uh support email, select your email client as well and literally get this going. you could now have your forwarding email set up and ready to go. so really, everything taken care of. and again, this will depend on what email client you use. but basically what we want to have is our uh support email automatikally go off into our customer desk here, our rich panel customer desk email, which basically creates those tikets automatikally. so you'll follow those step by step. with gmail, you just set up a forwarding address. same with outlook, depends on what type of mail system you have. once you set up the forwarding address, we'll be able to go over here. we could do a confirmation as well, just to make sure everything is set up. i'll do that in the background and uh, one last step in gmail is just having the uh or forwarding a copy of the mail to that new inbox again, just to have it automatikally get set up over here with rich panel, and the setup should only take a couple of minutes. then you'll be ready to go. there's also a really powerful uh iphone app and android app so you can literally take care of customer service on the go. but now that we have everything set up, we're going to be brought back into our dashboard and this will take us into our rich panel inbox where we'll be able to handle everything, all those cross-channel communications, and we see a couple of sample. here's that.

0-100,000 Customers On Shopify - Here's What I Learned

so that brand you're trying to build is never going to be a real brand unless you start taking things seriously right now. and if you're even hesitating on whether or not you have the time or money to start an e-commerce business, you might as well not even start in the first place. you have to be willing to sacrifice everything and literally be obsessed when making this work. in this video, I'm going to share with you guys the key things I've learned after generating millions of dollars in revenue and accumulating over a hundred and fifty thousand customers on the Shopify platform for my eCommerce Brands. now, just trying to build a Shopify brand, I lost a lot of money, wasted a ton of time and made a bunch of silly mistakes. I'm still learning every single day, but those major setbacks help me get to where I'm at to this day. you know how they say the customer always comes first. well, that might as well be true if you're trying to build up a sustainable, long-term business, but if you want to act like the rest of the drop shippers that just repurpose tik toks, make a whatever website and simply act as the middleman from AliExpress to the customer, go ahead. I'm just going to warn you that you're probably going to ruin your entire seller reputation. you might not ever be able to run Facebook ads again and you're likely going to get your Shopify account shut down. unfortunately, customers have a lot of Leverage when it comes to hurting a business by simply writing a review, a bad review, or filing a chargeback with their bank or PayPal, and, thanks to the implementation of the Facebook feedback score, each account that plans to run ads will get a score out of five. your score refreshes every week or so, and if, at any point, it gets below a two, the cost to run ad starts to increase, and if it gets below a one, you will never be able to run ads on that page ever again. so this is a measure to keep close attention to. your score is reflected by three categories: shipping speed, product quality and customer service. Believe It or Not, agencies have actually been made to help you increase your Facebook feedback score. yeah, that sounds very sketchy. I would suggest just doing it the right way. with all that being said, the best way to avoid any of these issues that might arise from the following is to just put the customer first. let's cover customer service and some things you can start doing with your brand. usually, customer service has everything to do with the communication with someone who has purchased from you or has interest in your brand. one thing I highly suggest to start using your brain power more efficiently is to Outsource the busy work so you can work on the conceptual work. email and Instagram DM will generally be your primary form of communication with your customers. so going out to websites like Fiverr and upwork and hiring a virtual assistant for four to five dollars an hour will be in your best interest to save time on those tedious tasks. but keep in mind you should probably give it a day or two to train your VA to make sure that they have a list, scripts and proper instructions to know exactly what they need to be doing for you to save as much time as possible. so I'm gonna put this out there in reference to my brand. if anyone asks me for a refund or they say that they haven't received the product, I usually give a partial or a full refund. it saves me the hassle of having to deal with crazy customer and even if they are trying to scam me, it might be 0.1 percent of my orders, so I'm fine with losing a few hundred dollars for the reputation of my brand. next measure and advice to cover is product quality. this doesn't only refer to the product itself, but also the way in which the product comes to the customer. no one wants to pay their hard-earned money to receive a white box with Chinese lettering. the perceived big investment in custom packaging may come from having to pay out good graphic designers, 3D artists and the physical unit you'll have to purchase from your manufacturer. you may not realize it, but the little things go far and in this case, really far. custom packaging immensely increases the credibility of your brand. if the videos issue have the custom packaging of your brand and that aligns with the boxes on your product page, people won't even think twice when buying from your website, overall increasing your conversion rate. one thing I learned in business is that you can't go cheap. if you go cheap, it always ends up biting you in the back and you end up losing more money and you might not even be able to recover from it because you were a bit stingy and wanted to save a few dollars. don't even think about scaling a product until you have received the physical unit and you can prove that it functions effectively. this leads me on to the next topic of not rushing the process. the second you start to see some success. it's going to be very tempting to start to scale by increasing your budgets and posting more organic content and, believe it or not, this is exactly what you do not want to be doing. I've made the same mistakes. you'll save yourself time and your selling reputation if you just have a bit of patience. let's just make up a hypothetikal scenario if you were to rush the process. so let's imagine you're in the testing your product and you get your first viral video. the money's coming in and the ads are performing well. you're getting hundreds of sales per week and you continue to scale up, resulting in a ton more volume. so now you've accumulated a few thousand orders, but you're still using that AliExpress link with 30 plus day shipping times and that Chinese box. the website has no Custom Design, simply using a free theme. you've imported tracking numbers from AliExpress. a few weeks have passed and your emails are starting to blow up with people that are Furious for why their product has not arrived. you can't handle the amount of emails that are coming in and 10 to 15 of people are filing chargebacks with their bank and PayPal if you get a high number of these disputes, the payment processor will deem your account a high risk account and in that case they'll hold a reserve which you cannot touch for over six months. so you've already paid your supplier for your product and your shipping costs, and you might have even spent money on Facebook and Instagram ads, and now you can't take out the money that you got from your customers. and on top of that, people are now getting surveys about the buying experience with your brand. and remember, if enough people have a bad experience, the cost to run ads will start to increase and if it gets below a one, you won't be able to run ads on that page ever again. clearly, it's just a domino effect of bad things to come. this is exactly what I try to tell you guys: to avoid: to test a product to see if it works. if it works, get ready to legitimize with faster Shipping Lines, maybe a fulfillment center, nice custom packaging and va's to cover the customer support. for those wanting to make fast cash and exit quickly, you're honestly better off going to the casino, and that's completely fine. you guys have your own life goals, but if you want to build something sustainable, you need to make a positive imprint on those you're providing for, whether that be a service or a product. if you want people to come back and tok about the positive experience with purchasing from your brand and you need to think carefully about how you can differentiate, focus on providing value, not just the sole intention of acquiring more money, then the rest will come well. that pretty much wraps it up for everything I wanted to cover in this video. if you made it to the end, kudos to you. I'd appreciate if you smashed that like button and if you guys have any suggestions, any comments, feel free to drop them in the comment section. don't forget to subscribe. continue to post new content. I'll see you guys in the next video. peace foreign.

My Shopify Customer Service Experience STORY 😱Customer Review

alright, guys, so we got to tok about something super serious today, toking about Shopify's support. you heard me? Shopify's support. look, I just had a crazy experience and I literally have to make a video on it. you're so freaking shook right now. I don't, I can't thank you. [Music]. okay, hi, you might be wondering why are you making an entire video toking about Shopify's support. well, I now have not only had one experience, but now two experiences that I have to share this. well, for anyone that works with software or building websites- and, trust me, I have worked with all of them- clickfunnels, Carter wicks, scarce, scarce space, Squarespace, WooCommerce, like- if you work with websites- you've worked with one, you've worked with most of them- come to find that usually when you have to go to a support, customer support- it is a freaking nightmare. the dreading tasks that you have to do, and you know you have to do it because you can't freaking figure out what it is that you're trying to figure out, because you would think it's common sense, but it's freaking not. okay, sorry, I don't like it crazy. if you're using platforms like this, like if you're using website builders that are drag and drop, you're using them for a reason: because they're drag-and-drop. we're not coders, we're not web developers, we're not that smart, right, we're just building websites for our clients or for ourselves, because it's easy. but sometimes on these websites you come to find out that you need something that's specific, that's outside of the realm of the template, and it can be an absolute nightmare trying to change something that the template doesn't allow to be changed. so what do you do? you go to customer support and it's usually a freaking nightmare, really. you have to send in a tiket and then it maybe take some one, three, eight, you know ninety, seven days- the freaking answer. and then, when they do answer and they don't understand what you're trying to ask- because you're not a web developer and you don't even know what you're trying to ask her and how you can even explain that, oh, this five-second change that it's gonna take them to change it or help you, it turns into a five week thing. I have been using Shopify now for some of my clients for a few months and I freaking love it. Shopify is by far the best platform if you have an e-commerce store and you're trying to sell physical products. the templates are, you know, sexy. it gives you the MVP the minimal, Viable Product for what you need to really kickstart a business, especially if you're on a budget- one of the things that comes with Shopify: Shopify support. I just want to tell you this story, actually two stories- of my experience with Shopify support. no one is like totally stoked that they have to go stay in support. right, oh god, my client wants this thing. okay, let me go find support and a lot of platforms they like literally try to hide where are you where, like support? even ants like they literally try to keep it a secret because like they don't want to tok to you. okay, Shopify makes it so freaking easy. hold on, let me show you info to find Shopify support. all you do is you click up here and then you hit Shopify Help Center- this story gets better, by the way- and then, unlike other shop, unlike other platforms where you have to submit a tiket and you have to sit there and freaking wait via email, Shopify actually has a live chat room. oh my god, I love when you get to tok to a real person immediately. he helped SOS, everything's ruined, I broke everything, blah, blah, blah. and then you can't get help from the Shopify support team and look at what they have right here you hit chat with us now, so the plot thickens. so the first experience I had was Shopify was really really good, like they fixed what I needed. fixed like really fast the service. I didn't have to wait in the queue for two hours. like they got to me, they fixed it, whatever. so the second time that I go into Shopify store, I was like you know what? I had a really good experience the first. I bet you they're not that consistent. I bet you I'm gonna have to sit in the support forever. do you know what? that didn't happen at all. literally, it was an even better experience. I was just like why you sell freakin your support support? people usually hate their lives. like an experience that I had was I needed something that was I knew was gonna take custom coding in order to fix my header of my website. it was kind of like a really weird specific thing where I needed like texture to be fluent, not gonna get like tiknical or whatever, but it was really really hard to explain. so I was recording loom videos of myself trying to explain what it is that I wanted and the person inside the chat room who was super nice- that name was dumb. Thank You, Dom Dom, if you're watching this video I freaking love you shout out to Dom DOM: is the MP feed? what's expressing to dumb? what my problem was and he so kindly informed me. as a Shopify user, you get sixty three minutes of custom coding time with your Shopify account. anybody that is new on the block with website building and you're not a developer or a coder or you don't know Shopify CSS or HTML or all that that they expensiveness and Shopify gives you 60 minutes and then he connects me to a web developer. Dom hooked it up and he got it done for me for free. thank you so much. tok about everything that's going on in this moment in this conversation with Dawn, Dom Dom then gives me the nicest compliment on the website that I'm building. like I don't know if you're getting paid to give compliments, but generally I've never met a support. you know team, they're nice, usually like they're dealing people dealing with a lot of people that are super rude and have problems, so granted. so it's fair that most supports. you know the people are not. you know, genuinely, generally the nicest people. hello guys, Shopify people there, freaking, can't even plea. I screenshotted. I screenshotted a part of the conversation. I wish I still have the whole conversation to show you. this is after I was transferred to Cheyenne and Cheyenne said that my web site is. it's the perfect blend of sexual and tasteful. if you look at, if you took these, they're gorgeous way to make a homey feel good. let's be real. like that does not happen. and other support system. not only is Shopify support immediate help when you need them, but they're also super nice and they like to give you compliments and, on top of it, they will make custom changes to your website. you have my vote plea. if you're on the computer all day long, like me, hence why I'm wearing these like fake glasses that are like blue light glasses, so I'm not flying by the time I'm 25. anybody that like wants to like help your life be easier, like when it comes to you know, making things faster, more convenient, like. we appreciate that stuff. well, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you Shopify. thank you Shopify support team. you guys are awesome. honestly, just use Shopify.