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customizable dropshipping products

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Branded Shopify Dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping (2022)

drop shipping is becoming increasingly more competitive in 2022, and the way that you can stand out from your competitors is to start drop shipping private label and branded products and build a real brand around your drop shipping store. so in today's video, i'm going to be showing you how you can use cj drop shipping's new wholesale sourcing service so that you can start drop shipping private label and branded products, and cj dropshipping is an amazing alternative to using aliexpress or alibaba, especially when it comes to drop shipping, private label and branded products and also decreasing the shipping times of your products. so the first thing that you're going to have to do in order to start dropshipping private label products with cj dropshipping is, of course, to identify a product, so you can search through cj's extensive library of products and find a product that you want to start private label drop shipping with your branded logo on now. once you do this, then you can contact your agent from the cj dropshipping dashboard and just say that you want to set up a private label brand using cj's wholesale service. now, if there is a product that you want to start drop shipping using this service, but you can't find it in cj's library of products, you can actually post a sourcing request and then your agent will get back to you in around 24 hours with the result and if they can find the product and they can source the product, then you can continue on with private labeling and branding the product ready to dropship. and this is one of the amazing benefits of using cj dropshipping's wholesale service to actually private label and branded products is that you actually get a personal agent that will help you with the entire setup. once you have identified the product that you want to start private label drop shipping, you can now work on creating a sample with your agent. so, once again, you can contact your agent through the cj drop shipping dashboard and then you need to go and send them your logo file so they can print this on the product. now, generally, they will ask for your logo file to be in adobe illustrator format, and this is because it comes out much better quality when the logo is printed on products. so just bear this in mind when you are creating a sample. you are going to want to have your logo in adobe illustrator format now. once you have done this, it will take a few days for the first sample to be created and then the agent will contact you and they can send a sample to your address so you can check the quality, you can check how the logo is being printed and any changes that you want to make to the product. so the product that you can see on screen now is a product that i have set up using cj's private labeling service and, as you can see, the logo printing is super high quality and i have had the logo printed on the packaging and also on the product itself and, once again, it was a really smooth process to actually get all of this set up. so now your product has been put into production, your sample has been produced. so, like i said earlier, you can now ask your agent to send a sample to your address so you can inspect the quality. now, once you have inspected the quality and if you are happy with the product and how the logo is printed, you can then go and proceed with purchasing a very small minimum order quantity, which cj will house in their warehouse and also fulfill the orders. for now it depends on the product. some products have a minimum order quantity of just one. so you just have to go and set up this logo printing process and then you can just go and drop ship them one at a time. some of them maybe will have a minimum order quantity of 10. some of them will have a minimum order quantity of 20, 30, 40 or 50.. so it does depend on the product. usually the cheaper products will have a higher minimum order quantity and a slightly more expensive product will have a lower minimum order quantity, but you can start with really low minimum order quantities on almost any single product. so this just makes it a really easy barrier to entry to start private label drop shipping these products using cj drop shipping's new wholesale service. so that just means even if you're on a tight budget, you still have access to drop shipping these branded products. now, once you have purchased the minimum order quantity of the product- and, like i say, for some products this is just one, and you can pay for that minimum order quantity through your cj drop shipping dashboard- cj will now warehouse the product for you and they will also fulfill all of your orders once you start getting orders on your store. now this can once again be done through the cj dropshipping dashboard. so check out my full, full-length tutorial on how to fulfill orders with cj dropshipping, because it is the exact same process for these private label and branded products as well, and the really amazing thing about this is you can actually add more value to your products because they have a higher perceived value when they are branded. it means you'll have more repeat customers and you'll be able to build a more long-term business around your store with these private label and branded products. so make sure to check out cj's wholesale service- i will leave a link in the description below. if you do have any questions about the service, then make sure to leave them in the comments and i will get back to you right away. and also check out my other video on the full tutorial on how to use your cj drop shipping dashboard, and i hope to see you in one of those videos.

How To Start A Shopify Personalization Store From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

in this video, i will take you through every step of the way to bootstrap a new custom art store from scratch- [Music]. i myself am currently running multiple successful personalization stores specialized in selling art, but what if i had to start all over again? in my opinion, the whole drop shipping model is pretty unsustainable. when you're trying to send customers products from china, it is incredibly hard to build a long term profitable brand. you have zero control over what's been sent out from china. these things always break. this thing's always unsteady. it's a piece of crap. okay, you don't even know if the customer will actually receive the product. customers saying their online orders were never delivered, extremely delayed or empty, if you can believe it, and in my opinion, it is just too much to process when you're just starting out now. don't get me wrong. it is a business model that still works, but branding is definitely harder now. selling personalized art is what i see to be one of the most profitable business models in 2022. it's awesome. it's the real deal. the whole model can easily be overcomplicated. let me make it super simple for you. when an order is placed by the customer, all you have to do is forward the order to the designer, who will then illustrate the desired art file. once it's ready, the designer will send you back the art file, which you will then send over to the customer as a digital file with gmail. so you have 100 control over what's been sent out and when it's been sent out. now you can even upsell a frame poster, a pillow mod or whatever you can think of using a pod company. okay, before we start, i have broken the video down to four fundamental steps to get your store off the ground and running. the first and arguably the most important thing is the product we are going to sell now: obviously, art, but what kind of art? what's the art style going to be? for the purpose of this video, we will focus more on the yellow character art style, but what i like to do when searching for an art style to sell is to go on a website called fiverr and from there just keyword search, for example, custom portrait. now, the key here is to sort the results by best selling. this will give a good indication on what are the top selling art styles at the moment. now just spend some time on the research and try to find something that you might be passionate about selling. this custom bed portrait listing has over 1 000 reviews, so it means there's a high demand for this product. once you have found something interesting, then try to find some companies that are already selling this product. our objective here is to find out if this company is actually making some money. just try to find anything that reflects on their success. reviews, social pages, whether they're running facebook ads or not. sometimes i even go as far as making an order on their website to see how much sales have they made. now the order number indicates on how many orders have they received. when taking an estimated aoe of 50 dollars and multiplying it by the order number, we get an estimated lifetime revenue of now trying to go out there and sell a product like this or this and expect massive success is highly unlikely to happen because these stores have already built their brand around this product and spent massive amount of advertisement. but there actually is a way you can sell the same products successfully. this is the method i have been using to create my own stores. let me explain how, but before that, please subscribe to the channel. also, smash the like button for the youtube algorithm and now back to the video. now pretty much all of these big companies are advertising with facebook ads- i i am not a lizard- and most likely targeting worldwide audience. now, usually, facebook algorithm will pick up countries that interact the most with the advertisement and then it will start to push the advertising budget to these countries that have shown interest in the ad. when using a chrome extension called koala inspector, you can actually see what these countries are. for example, with turned yellow, we can see that the audience is mostly from these countries, which means they have just barely scratched the surface of the other countries. we can easily have a piece of that massive success by selling exactly the same product but to a more narrow down audience. this method is so untapped and has been working for me with pretty much every single store i have launched. now, when it comes to designing the art, you obviously have to find designers who will draw your orders, and it is 100 manual process. the way i go about finding designers to work with is once again hopping over to fiverr and just search for the art style you are going to sell. once you have found some promising designers, just shoot them a message like: hey, would you like to work with our yellow character company? we have a lot of orders, and 95 percent of the time, the answer is yes. now you don't want to make your orders through fiverr, because fiverr takes a fee on every single order instead, as if the designer is comfortable going private, and from there you can actually give a test order to the artist, which they will usually do you for free. you can even negotiate over the price per person, and at that point they are a part of your team. when you're starting to get a lot of orders, then just repeat the process and expand your team of artists to the point where they can easily deliver the orders within days. now, usually, drawing of one person will cost you around five dollars and you can mark it up on your store for even as high as 50. also, this product has huge scalability. the customers can actually choose how many people would like to get drawn yellow and, for example, let's say, a family of four would like a drawing of themselves in this yellow looking art style. that's already 105 and it's going to cost you only 20, leaving us with around 120 straight profit from one order alone- and i know it's possible because i have even made as high as 500 dollars from single order, and if that isn't crazy enough. you can even upsell a printed poster along with the digital file to stack up the profits even more. when it comes to upselling a printed file, i recommend using printify or printful as your pod companies, and it is a manual process. so each and every time a customer wants to order a printed poster, you have to hop over to printful and fulfill that order manually. our next step is to get the store up and running. now, when you have decided to narrow down on a non-english country, then you can hire someone from fiverr to translate your store and build a long-term relationship with them. also, shopify offers a wide range of languages you can choose from and have your store automatikally translated into your desired language. when it comes to building the store, our objective is to build a minimal conversion orientated store at first. there is really no need to spend hundreds of dollars on website design, as you can improve it along the way, and it usually cost me only fifty dollars to launch the stores. but now let's tok about reviews. reviews are one of the most important aspects about your website and obviously, when starting a new store, you don't have any customer reviews. but what i like to do is to get these reviews from my competitors websites and usually i aim to get around 100 reviews on a fresh store just to give a customer the needed level of confidence before purchasing. they put you in jail right away. no trial, no, no, nothing. once the others are consistently coming in, you can get these reviews from your own customers. and that also leads us to the next step, which is applications. the most important personalization apps i recommend to use are bold product options that allows you to set up your product page options, including the box of notes. secondly, looks reviews for making your page look trustworthy and collecting customer reviews. and lastly, upload kit, which allows the customer to attach photos to the order we have spe.

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🔥 The BEST Products for Shopify Dropshipping in 2021 (CUSTOM PRODUCTS) 🔥

thousands of dropshippers all selling the same products. it's becoming increasingly difficult to get an advantage, but you'll be pleased to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. there is a way, and that way is to start drop shipping custom products. and when i say custom products, i don't just mean your typical t-shirts and mugs from printful. i mean proper, unique, personalized products. so i thought i'd test this method out for myself. the first thing i need to do is find a custom product. now, when you go on aliexpress, what you can do is you can just go and type in custom and go through the alphabet, and when you go and do this, you will notike that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different custom products that you can sell, and you can drop ship them one at a time. you don't have to go and buy a big bulk of inventory for these different custom products. so, like i said, just go over to aliexpress and type in custom a, b, c, d and you will see loads of different custom products that come up, and you can also go and do this with personalized and, once again, you should find a lot of different products. now, after going through this process, four products have really stood out for me. we have custom puzzles, so somebody can upload a picture and they'll just turn it into a puzzle for you. you have custom cufflinks, so cufflinks where you can get the person's initials, you can get different logos engraved or you can get images added to them. and then we also have custom rings as well, which i thought is really cool, so you can get a person's name, you can get a different word and, once again, you can get them engraved with a logo. and finally, custom bobble heads. this one really stands out for me. i feel like this is a really great personalized gift, and some of the bobble heads that they have on here- they look really similar to the picture of the person that has been sent to them. so i feel like this is the one i'm swaying towards. but what i want to do next is i'm going to go and contact all of these different suppliers just to get a rough idea of their shipping times, their pricing for these custom products and the level that you can actually go and customize them. what type of logos can you engrave, how complex can they be and all of those types of things. so, after contacting all of the suppliers, they have got back to me with some prices, with some shipping times and, like i said, i was sort of swaying towards the custom bobble heads anyway. so they have gone and outlined their shipping times. now the really great thing about custom products is that people are willing to wait for them because they're personalized. when you drop ship a normal product and the customer has to wait 25 to 30 days, if not longer, just for your regular average product that you might be able to find somewhere else on the internet, it kind of gets on their nerves and eventually they won't want to purchase from you or they just won't purchase from you full stop because the shipping times are so long. but when it's a custom, personalized product, a customer is willing to wait a bit longer for it because they know the process that goes into actually creating that product is going to take some time. so, for example, the custom bobble heads that i'm planning to sell, that's going to take a little while to actually produce them. they're going to upload an image and somebody's going to actually have to create that bubble head from scratch. so they're willing to wait 25 to 30, if not a few weeks longer than that, because they know it's been created from scratch, and that's the same with a custom ring, a custom puzzle. it's something that is actually being created personally for them, based off of their needs, so they're going to wait a little bit longer for it. so if you can find a custom product that's shipping within 30 days, like most products that you can drop ship, then that's totally fine, because your customers will understand this and they're more willing to purchase when this is the case. so, now that i've had a look at the product that i want to sell, the next thing i need to do is build the store. now i want a really catchy brand name and domain name for the store and, unfortunately, a lot of the dot com domain names now they're all taken, so you have to think of something really creative. so what i've actually done is i've gone and purchased a dot store domain name from a website called get dot store, so they specialize in dot store domain names. now you might be thinking: why would you want to use a dot store domain name? well, they're actually becoming quite popular and there are loads of big companies using them, for example, cristiano ronaldo, pewdiepie, emirates- and it basically tells your customer straight away that you're an e-commerce store and the really great thing about using a dot store domain name is that you can get a catchy or good domain name that you wouldn't be able to get with a dot-com extension. so the domain name i've gone for is bubble u dot store, which basically means we're going to turn you into a bubble head bubble us store. now you, like i said, you can't really get these types of domain names if you're using a com extension. you have to think of something that's really creative and really unique, because most of the dot com domain names- the good ones- have been taken. so that's why i opted for a dot store domain name and i've used get dot store to actually purchase that domain. so now that i've done that, we're going to head over to shopify and start building out the store. [Music]. so the store has taken me a few days to build and i am using the page builder- for anybody wondering- called shogun page builder, and i just feel like some of the themes, for example debut- they're just very limited and they don't allow you to create something really unique. so that's why i've gone with a page builder. you can use gem pages, but i personally prefer shogun. i just feel like it allows you to create something really unique, and it gives you a lot more freedom when you're building your pages and also using an app called best custom product options. so this app allows people to actually go and upload text and go and upload images and those types of things when they actually want to personalize the product or customize the product. so for me, i find this one the easiest one to use. there's quite a few different apps that you can use for this, but i just like best and best custom product options, because all i need for this is for people to be able to upload an image of themself and then upload an image of their outfit. now, one thing that you might want to do- which is what i'm doing, when you're creating a store like this, selling custom products, is to focus in on a niche, because, selling custom products, there's enough room for everybody to actually make money with this if you focus in on a niche. now, the niche that i'm focusing on is soccer, or football as we call it here in the uk, and rightfully so. and i'm focusing on this niche because the, the supplier who actually creates these bobble heads, has got some really great ones that are surrounding soccer. so the what i've done with the best and best custom product options app is allow people to go and upload an image of themself and then upload an image of their favorite soccer top soccer jersey. so that way, we're going to go and send this to the supplier and they'll go and create this, and i've gone and added some really great images that they have supplied me with. so go and ask your supplier if you're planning to do this, can you send me some images with our watermark? because most of the products on the aliexpress product pages will have watermarks on them, so you're going to want to get some products without watermark, so they'll send you a few. they might not send you loads, because they're always kind of skeptikal about people dropshipping their products who aren't serious, so they might send you a few. so for this supplier, they sent me about 10 and they said: once you make more sales, we'll send you some more and al.

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How To Get Custom Packaging For Your Shopify Dropshipping Products For CHEAP (Branding Tutorial)

yo, what is going on? everybody shriek Inasa here. so how to customize packaging for your Shopify store? now, this is literally one of the biggest things which a lot of people actually get scared of, and I'm not sure what the reason is, but the reality is, doing custom packaging is actually not as hard as a lot of people make it seem. normally, people think that you would have to go through a big process and pay a lot of money to have this done, but the reality is- I mean, you're gonna find out by the end of this video how to do it, but the reality is it's much, much easier than you think. in fact, I would say it's just as easy as just choosing one specific design, having somebody created for you, and then you're done and good to go and, best part of all, it really doesn't cost as much as you think's. but nonetheless, this is not something a lot of people know how to do and, as a result, they don't do it. now, the big reason why I'm even making a video like this, why I'm recommending something like this, is because this is one of the easiest ways to stand out of the crowd with Shopify, and I'm sure you guys want to stand out of the crowd, because that leads to a lot more money, a lot more profit in the long run. so it's really important that you watch this video until the end, but without wasting any more time. let's find out exactly how to do custom packaging for your Shopify store. now, a key note about this video: I'm gonna be showing you guys exactly how and where to do custom packaging. but also an example store which is actually a drop shipping store. turn it to a brand, how they have their logos design and their packaging design and everything like that. but why should we even focus on custom packaging? what is the big reason as to why this is so important and why this boosts your profit in the long run? well, let's go ahead and start toking about the normal packaging first, because without knowing that normal packaging and how it looks, you won't really know what kind of big difference is made when you invest in custom packaging. let's go ahead and go on over to an image I have opened up here of a normal, a packet package that came from China. as you can see, this is literally all there is to the package: just a yellow bubble wrap, a very, very bland, boring shipping label on top of it and there's nearly all that is to it: no kind of fancy designs, know kind of logos, no kind of custom notes, nothing. and this is what 99% of dropshippers are doing with their packaging, and this is what their customers aren't getting. do you really think that if a customer receives this, there would be really that inclined to buy from you again? and the answer is no, because after looking at this packaging, there are a few things that come to mind. the first thing is it is absolutely horrible quality. there is no type of customer satisfaction in this. there is nothing in it basically that's going to make the customer say wow, and unfortunately for a lot of dropshippers are just Shopify store owners in general. this first transaction is the last transaction, and one of the reasons as to why this is the last transaction is because of this packaging and how boring it is. not. normally, what I would recommend is that you invest in packaging after you start scaling a product and when you have a winning product. but what the amount of suppliers out there who are more than willing to do this for a really cheap price? I think you should start doing it right from the beginning, but I'll be going over more into that very soon, but basically understand that with this packaging, there's no kind of differentiation for your store compared to some other Joe Schmo running a drop shipping store, and the name of the game with the Chop- if I drop shipping in 2020- is differentiation, because without differentiation, it is really going to be hard to get consistent results with their Shopify store. but along with looking different, there's one more thing that is an issue with these packages, and that is some suppliers really have no understanding of English and even though in one of my videos I mentioned that you should put a custom note when ordering that says: please do not include any promotions or notes because I'm drop shipping this product, a lot of the suppliers, believe it or not, don't even know how to read that, and I've seen photos on Facebook groups where the supplier actually put that entire sentence as a custom, not on the shipping label: [Music]. that is really a horrible way to do business because, number one, your customer just find out that you were basically acting like a middleman and making money off of them. but number two, it just adds overall to the unprofessionalism in general. so clearly that's a very, very bad idea, but all these things really make it so important to just take that step and invest in branding- and again, it's not as difficult or expensive as you think. but in addition to that, you want to understand that just having a custom package is a huge step towards branding. a lot of people nowadays preach that you should focus on building a brand, a brand is the way to go, etc. but they don't really specify as to how it should be done. well, let me tell you that the first step towards branding is actually just investing in the custom packaging, and the truth about this is you gotta start off small. you don't have to buy thousands and thousands of different package designs and invest thousands. you can do this with a few dollars, even less than a hundred dollars. but the main reason as to why we're even doing all of this is, first, the customers themselves, and what I've personally notiked, after having done this for over two years now, is that having a custom packaged product arrive in their doorstep really makes a big difference in their psychology and how they think about you and your store. it's like a whole new level of professionalism to them, because they had already stopped believing in you after that to wait seven to twenty days just to have their product delivered. so in that time period that started to lose faith in your store. but when they see this amazing package, which is really amazingly decorated and it has a custom note saying thank you for the purchase, that really gets their psychology started from step one and they forget about the weight that they had to go through. I'm saying this because I've notiked this happen in my niche store consistently. because my niche store all of the products get shipped with a custom package and I've seen it happened right in front of my eyes where a customer emails me with a lot of emotions and they're very angry about the weight and they started saying some bad words in the emails and after the product arrives I've seen a lot of them actually apologize for being so mad and tok about the packaging and how beautiful the product is. and all this leads to kind of several things, and these things are that they increase trust in your customer for your store. they increase the overall customer retention, meaning whether the customer comes back to purchase from you again or not. it doesn't matter whether you run a general store or a niche store. customer retention is really important, especially in 2020 and onwards, but in addition to that, it significantly lowers the chances of returns. I know this is one thing a lot of people don't like dealing with. well, if you invest in custom packaging, I can definitely let you know that the amount of people are wanting to return it and lose that custom packaging and that whole experience there's a very small number. overall, people will be more than happy to just keep the product or accept partial refunds compared to just having to return the entire product. but all of this actually starts one thing and it starts the organic traffic for your store. now, what do I mean by this exactly? well, what my main niche tour, as I mentioned, I do custom packaging- and what I've notiked is people actually start not only posting photos of my products on their social media accounts, but also of the packaging with it and one t.

How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

hey guys, it's Paul from become Swift and today I wanted to and a packet drop shipping product review. you know, as a marketer myself, I'm very wary of the marketing tactiks, of the psychological tricks that they use in their copy and their images in there. you know sale, price and their email newsletters. I'm aware of it all. I'm aware that I'm being sold and it's pretty hard to sell me. okay, like I'm a consumer, of course I buy things, but I'm very strategic with buying things and I know how to make that decision. I know how not to get convinced. but, um, apparently not. actually, because this company, I'm not sponsoring them. I don't even care if you purchase them. this Instagram added, basically said they're going out of business, they're having a last blowout sale, like a hundred dollars off their watches. so I was like: man, this is a pretty good opportunity to buy some watches. I was considering to myself. I was like, okay, this is a Shopify store. is this his drop shipping store? and I was like, maybe it's not. and the reason I thought not is because it said Godfrey, since 1923. and I was like: but since 1923? I was like, okay, they established 1923. they probably had a bunch of artisans, watchmaking artisans, you know crafting this thing all the way back in the nineteen hundreds and there's like a history behind it. there's a brand and the website and everything looked really good. I could trust it. I never heard of the brand before. I interacted with it with like two or three times on the website before I bought this thing. like men, this is a legitimate company. you know, this is not a job shipping store. this is the actual brand that's been around since a long time. but they fooled me. they fooled me. okay, this is not a positive nor negative review of their watches itself. this is a review of their marketing and their tactiks and their branding and I think there are some lessons to learn here. so, right when you open it, you are greeted with two very premium looking luxury brands: watch cases, watch boxes. it's nice, like it's. it comes to customer experience. it makes makes it seem like you've got a legit, really good quality thing. so, right when you unbox it, you get greeted with this little car thing. it's just really nice and like the thicknesses is of an actual credit card. like. this thing is not a cheap little paper. one thing I would change is the grammar is like you can clearly tell somebody non-english wrote this thing, but you know it's a nice touch. so got a nice little protective sleeve thing and then you're greeted with the actual watch. now you've got this little, nice little banner thing going up like that and it's actually a very nice looking watch, like- I'm not even gonna lie- it's a stainless steel all over silver and nice. it's very nice. it's very flexible, very thin and this reminds me of like a Daniel Wellington watch. in terms of quality definitely looks pretty good. you know, the whole perception I have of this is, you know, pretty high quality. so let's look at the second one. the same thing going on here and we got this one right here. so, like I said, if you guys are familiar with Daniel Wellington, this is like the exact kind of style and, yeah, the quality is very nice. so these are the two watches I bought. they even have the gold free sketching on the back of this thing, so you can clearly tell they put a lot of difference to this. so some tips for branding and customer experiences: go the extra mile. go the extra mile like: if you have a winning product, if you're still testing products, do not do any of this stuff. you're gonna waste money. if you have a winning product, go ahead and invest a little bit more into packaging like this- and, like you know, business car is old flyers. all you have to do is ask, ask your supplier, because a lot of times your supplier will have these resources and will be able to do it for extremely cheap. for example, I used to job ship a comb- a beard comb- and it had silver screws. in the past I asked my supplier. I was like hey, can I get these in gold? and they were able to do it for me. it was a little bit more expensive, but the perception of a comb with gold screws rather than silver screws is pretty significant. you can charge more if the perception is higher. if you still want to do the job shipping route, you can still provide the branding experience, just gonna have to have like automated emails saying or manufacturing it right and make it seem like it's a legitimate thing. however, it was a very deceptive how they tricked me and said that they're going out of business, which is probably not true and it probably won't bite them back in the ass when customers see they're still advertising and they're like, hey, you're going out of business. and then the description says quartz watch and some Chinese letter and this is a SKU I would say like the actual branded watch name and no Chinese letters, no SKU. and then over here at value I will put the value of how much I paid worth, of how much the customer pays for it. this one says five. that's the actual Aliexpress price. I would tell the supplier to change this invoice and forge the value of it to make the received value a lot higher and you don't have to pay any extra tariffs for that. if you're above a thousand dollars or something in value, then you have to pay some tariffs. but you know I'm not a legal expert, so don't count me on that. this is what I've done them. whenever I sold shops, even products that were with like $2, I told the manufacturer: hey, price it at $50. we're like you know something like that. I didn't have to pay any tariffs. but yeah, good job. guys, if you're watching this, this is not a review. I'm not even gonna have that link in the description. you guys really convinced me, especially with the subtle since 1923 that is so subtle, but it actually works. we found this content useful then, going into the subscribe button, upload videos like this all the time, especially with e-commerce, Shopify, drop shipping, that sort. give it a like button and leave in the comments if you have any questions and I'll see you guys in the next video. thanks for watching.

10 Winning Products To Dropship as a Beginner 2023

today we're covering 10 winning products for Shopify Drop Shipping. the first product we're taking a look at are these Yeezy slippers. there's currently one competitor running these over on tik tok right now, and if we view the ads on their shop, we can see that they have seven videos with these easy slippers. so there's definitely enough content out there for you to test this product yourself. and if we go on over to the competitors website, let's switch that to the mobile view. here's what their website looks like. if you're following the format that I teach in my videos and in my Discord server, the econ Mafia- your website can easily be better than this. and again, we know there's a variety of content out there. in the past there have been these Cloud slides, shark slides and how they're- shark slippers, which are literally the same thing, except there's fur on the inside and they're more comfy. so I think these Yeezy style slippers can definitely pop off. this next one is a fake charger stash. I've never seen anybody sell this before, but I think it could do really well for tiktok organic. it's basically a phone charger. you plug it into the wall, but it's not a real charger and you can hide whatever you want inside. so if you were doing tik-tok organic, there's a ton of super hilarious marketing angles you could do. if you're somebody who has some good dark humor or just understands meme culture, you can definitely Rack in a good amount of views with this product. and it's also kind of practikal, like I could picture a bunch of younger guys who would want this product just to have a little more privacy. so, overall, good product for tiktok organic. this ship one of these out. it's gonna cost you about five dollars in total, so this gives you some cool room for an offer. you could do a free, just pay shipping. maybe you could do a buy two, get one free. there's a ton of ways to make an offer. that's appetizing with this product. moving on to product number three, that is, this cat plushie. now, this isn't a new product by any means. however, I came across this one competitor and they are scaling like a madman. you can see all of the tiktoks that they are testing. they just have an infinite amount of videos. like no joke. they are blasting this product to the moon and it's still loading more. like on top of all these videos I've showed you, they are running more ads on top of this and if you go on over to tiktok, there are literally hundreds of videos with this giant cat. again, this was an older winner, like a year ago, but you can still find videos from the last month that are still popping off with this plushie. so when it comes to selling a plushie like this, I would go more of a niche store, so maybe you find a few other complementary products in the same plushy Niche and just throw them all on there. the plushie Community is absolutely insane, so having a niche theme store definitely has some potential. product. number four is this portable Snoop Dogg. I think this could be hilarious for a tik-tok organic product. it's literally just an ornament with Snoop, but I think if you hang him from your car mirror, exactly how this photo is, you can do some really stupid organic tiktoks again. if you're gen Z and understand beam culture, you can probably get a ton of views with this super ridiculous product, and the best part is that it's super cheap, so similar to the fake stash charger that we previously toked about. you can sell this for free, just pay shipping. maybe you can do an offer: buy two snoops, you get one free. you can be really creative with it, but you want to make your offer as entiking as possible. one disclaimer: this product is Snoop Dogg, so please test at your own risk, and real quick. I put all of the products featured in today's video on a Google sheet, so if you want to get access to this, just join my Discord. the link is at the top of the description and the pin comment below. literally every product is on here with all the links you need. moving on to the next product, we have these fake press on nails. now I'm just gonna show you the video that they have pre-made, because this product can be pretty hard to understand, so I'll rewind it. so they put this little uh paste on the nail. there goes the fake nail, it fills in somehow and it looks good pretty much right off the bat, and you can do some cool designs. these are different than like traditional press-on nails and if we go to their shop again, they have an absolute boatload of creatives. um. so if you wanted to test this for yourself, it would literally be as simple as clicking these dots, downloading the creative and using that. and if we go to the competitors website, it's pretty basic. you could probably replicate something like this literally just using the dawn theme. it's nothing really too fancy- in fact it's. it's a pretty straightforward website. this next product is a super cool one. it is this pixel LED block. you can pretty much pair this with your phone and sync whatever image you would like onto this block, and there was somebody who scaled this product with tiktok organic. they have just about 70 000 followers and throughout their entire profile they've got a couple million views. so let's just click one of their videos to show you how this product looks. again, you can put whatever you want on. this blog is fully customizable to your liking. this product is actually so dope. you can make a ton of Awesome creatives with it. the only issue is that it is a little more expensive. it costs about 32 dollars to ship one of these out, meaning if you were to sell it, I would sell it for about 60 to 75 dollars, and on tiktok that's a little higher than what I typically sell for, but I can see some potential issues there. however, this product is badass. it's super cool. I think everyone would have fun with it, so it's definitely worth a shot. moving on to product number seven, this is this interactive pet feeder, so it stiks to any surface and when the animal is trying to eat it spins in circles. I found this product through Dropship IO. actually it's very cheap. it costs about seven to eight dollars to ship out, meaning you can easily sell this thing for twenty to twenty five dollars, which I think is totally justifiable. on top of that, it's not very saturated. it's still a pretty new product and there are tik toks available for it, so you can easily repurpose. is this into a tiktok? you can add commentary over it, do text to speech, change the music up. you can easily convert this one video into like five to ten different variations. so please definitely add this product to your product research list. and just a reminder: over in the Ecom Mafia Discord we have the Google sheet that has all of the products and their links, so that way you can easily access everything. now this next product is an interesting one. it is these little lint collection balls. I just have to show you this video so that way it makes sense. so let's say you have a dirty bag or something. you take this ball, you open it up, you throw it in the bag, shake it around a bit and when you pull it out next, it's gonna have all that dirt, dust, debris, all of the lint, um, just automatikally attached to it so that way you can get those hard to clean areas. and you can see this video has a 100K likes, 2 million views. people are loving it and, what's funny, this is a German store, meaning this product isn't even in the the United States yet. so here is a winning creative in a different country and since it's not big in the USA, I would say this is an untapped low saturation product. now this next one would be perfect for tik-tok organic. it is this wooden block game and the angle I would do here is: like nobody can solve this puzzle. you know, like using the, the scream text to voice effect on on tiktok, make it sound like this is the hardest puzzle to solve. like you need to be a thousand IQ, say it's harder than a Rubik's Cube. you know, really hype this puzzle up like it's the most impossible thing and you're gonna have so many people like: oh yeah, I'll prove you wrong and the