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cvs ads for this week

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

CVS AD PREVIEW (12/4 - 12/10) | FREEBIES & MORE!

hello everyone and welcome to your CVS,ad preview and now these are for deals,of valid December 4th through the 10th,we're gonna check out a full ad preview,tok about deals that look pretty good,and then also tok about those deals,that maybe you should stop and wait to,do thanks so much for joining me I post,this video each and every Thursday,morning so let's dive in we've got toys,here price is starting at 4.99 we have a,four and a half foot tree there pre-lit,included in the spend 30 get a ten,dollar extra Buck along with good old,Elf on the Shelf again and some other,holiday decor items,see what else we have they're just,advertising wrapping paper and box cards,we have the lint Truffles and the Godiva,bags at buy one get 150 percent,here we go with some laundry and some,other products included in the spend 30,get a 10 extra bag so as far as pain,relief it's CVS brand there's icy hat,Biofreeze Aspercreme right below we do,have Dove Body Wash there's select,varieties are included as well as kids,and baby personal care we have tied and,gain on sale the flings 549 and then we,have the liquid for a dollar looks like,we're getting some Digital Coupons this,week so last week when we got our PNG,insert normally the first week we don't,see the tide coupons but we should be,seeing them in ad here that you can use,on your spend 30 get 10 and then good,old Scott at 9.99,well let's see what else some health,aids here a cough a cold,digestion Nature Made vitamins buy one,get one fifty percent we have the,Nature's Bounty all of those are buy one,get one free,and let me know if you scored those,little critter vitamins like I told you,those would sell out super quick online,as they did unfortunately my stores do,not carry the 6.79 bottles but even,those eight Dollar Bottles was still a,great deal to go ahead and take,advantage of,here we go with some acne products we,have them at buy one get one forty,percent off,spend 15 get five on a Revlon I used my,mystery offer this current week of three,dollars,um so probably won't be doing that deal,or the Maybelline deal and spend 15 get,five but the Covergirl deal is a good,deal and we're gonna scroll back up,because we are getting a Covergirl,mystery offer this week Cover Girls buy,two get six or buy three get ten so the,buy three get ten is a really good deal,because they're both good deals honestly,but that could be a really great Money,Maker because we're getting some new,insert coupons so you would need three,insert coupons for the deal and I'm,assuming they're going to be a three,dollar value,so we shall see on that here are gift,sets so the 9.99 set is buy one get a,five dollar extra Buck the 5.99 is buy,one get a four dollar extra bag so,um pretty good deal there,and then we have the 12.99 sets at buy,one get a six dollar extra buck and the,14.99 Ed buy one get a seven dollar,extra bag it excludes the elf sets,here we go with razors so we have the,Gillette Venus these are the cartridges,only buy two get a five dollar extra,Buck we are getting a three dollar,insert coupon or we have one actually I,believe that's from the PNG insert,that's a tough deal because those,cartridges are very expensive,Colgate now the question on the Colgate,deal is what is the center card coupon,going to be if it's a four off two,that's going to make two of those,completely free anything less you're,going to be paying a little bit out of,pocket we do have some dove and Degree,deodorant and buy two get a four dollar,extra buck,Ghirardelli a dollar off two instant,coupon we should be getting,um we do have buy one get one free on,select products including Nature Valley,and the Kellogg's Special K cereals,so so far the Covergirl deal really is,has popped out at me as a good deal to,go ahead and do that would be a really,good deal too to use with a purchase,based coupon if we get them as of,Thursday in recording this super early,in the morning I still haven't gotten,that usually it's like Thursday,afternoon or Friday morning now so,hopefully we get some good bonus coupons,for our deals,Alka-Seltzer buy one get 150. here we,have Theraflu Advil emergency spend 15,get five and then we have our products,included in our spend 30 yet 10 the icy,hat and more,buy one get 150 off vitamins here we go,CVS Health thyroid function Lyme disease,select products are buy one get a ten,dollar extra buck,and the Huggies diapers are buy two yet,five they're also buy one get one fifty,percent and this promotion is including,some Johnson's products too so if you're,stoked up on diapers you might want to,take advantage of some of the Johnson's,baby care which they're showing some,products here,so this week we have the Carefree it's,any Carefree or stay free buy one get,one fifty percent plus their buy two,earn that three dollar extra buck so a,really good deal that's gonna end up,making two of those 20 count liners free,curious if your stores still have them,in stok this current week I grabbed the,last two I'm not sure what the status in,store is,so we'll have to see bio true buy one,get 150 we've got the reading glasses,there now the Nivea Lip is on the duo as,as well as the Aquaphor their buy one,get a two dollar extra Buck the Nivea,Lip we do have and I bought a rebate for,50 cents on those twin packs there,and we're just gonna scroll through some,of these items here buy one get 140.,we've got 25 on Vaseline no big deal,there at least for couponers,um the Colgate Hub is 40 off regular,retail price,couple of toothbrush deals the lilies,bars are buy two get a two dollar extra,back so they're two for seven that's,going to make them two for five or two,dollars and fifty cents each I don't,know what kind of a deal that is if,that's a good one or not,haul so if you need some Halls two for,four a buy two get a dollar extra buck,[Music],and spicy hot yet again healthy feet the,o'keeffes are twenty percent oh,all right here's our feminine care so we,have an extra Buck deal on You by Kotex,buy one at 7.49 get a three dollar extra,buck,Carefree deal those will be free so,definitely Covergirl definitely Carefree,on my list repeat deals we need,something new,um,I'm going to be looking online I posted,that Bed Bath and Beyond coffee deal on,the community tab I'm going to be,looking even if it's a couple online,deals a month because that coffee deal,was really a stok up deal if you like,the fall Blends I know some people do,not,um but I'm gonna try and find some other,items whether it might be some snacking,items you know we can't always get the,best you know healthiest deals but,sometimes if you want to grab a snack or,two,um cereal oatmeal anything we can find,to save online,all right so those little critters,invited Fusion gummies again are gonna,be buy one get one fifty percent I don't,remember what that digital coupon the,expiration date but I thought it was,good into this next sale so you might be,able to score again online Sunday when,the new sale hits you're going to want,to go ahead and add those to card or add,them to cart now and um just let them,sit and then Sunday log in and hopefully,you can you can grab that deal that was,a really good deal this is the second,time around with that deal so it's a,stok up deal for sure,so we have the Huggies deal remember,with the Johnson's Baby cure there's,also a Pampers easy up or an pajamas,deal for buy two get a five dollar extra,buck and those products are both on sale,for ten dollars each,that's a good deal so diapers stok up,same deal we've seen a couple times,Cover Girl Neutrogena is buy one get one,forty percent we're starting to see,Physicians Formula deals um this week at,spend 15 get a seven dollar extra Buck,last week it was buy two get ten so I,kind of feel the buy two get tens a,little obviously a little bit better,um,but hopefully we see the really good,ones like you know spend 10 get you know,a seven dollar extra Buck or something,um especially for those who like,Neutrogena Almay mystery offer there for,Al May,u


hi guys this is my Q partner these are,the CVS deals breakdown for the week of,December 25th through December 31st and,these are all digital and printable,coupon deals so this week starts on,Christmas and I want to say Merry,Christmas or happy holidays to everyone,for advanced couponers time stamp in pin,comment,what are CRTs app only coupons mystery,offers or instant coupons make sure to,watch the first part of my first video,link in the description box below,and if you want to check to see if your,crt's manufactured digitals and app-only,coupons attached to a product make sure,to watch the second video link in the,description box below,if the CVS app is not compatible with,your device make sure to watch the third,video link in the description box below,how to use a virtual Visa card in store,make sure to watch the sixth video link,in the description box below,so just a reminder every Sunday make,sure that you clip your manufactured,Digital Coupons so I'm toking about the,manufactured digitals not your CRTs make,sure that you print your CRTs because,they are not extending recently and,check coupons.com app and coupons.com,for new manufacturer coupons as well and,I will upload more videos based on the,new coupons and rebates that we get so,make sure that you are subscribed and,turn on all of your notifications,weekly ads they differ from region and,region and sometimes store to store most,deals are a similar but a few deals May,differ and store pricing may vary from,store to store,so I just want to know couponing online,at CVS the coupons apply differently,especially like the CRTs so I recommend,that you do Buy deals if you're using,coupons if you are doing it online for,spend deals do them in store because,online it is counting it counting the,threshold after all coupons in-store,accounts before coupons so do it in,store but it is okay to do the spin,deals if you are not using coupons and,purchase base the threshold CRTs they,come off last if you're doing it online,and in store they come off first so it's,different so if you want to do like,online pickup you don't get the um,receipts so if you need a receipt don't,do online pickup make sure that you do,them in store,I only coupon in store for CVS,so just to note these are just scenarios,that have worked out for me and I'm,showing you how I use my coupons please,do the deals based on what you need and,the CRTs that you have,and for beginners due to no CRT deals,if you want to share or use any of these,scenarios to inspire your own haul make,sure that you credit,um these videos they take me a really,long time they take me eight to ten,hours I work on it after work I do have,a full-time job so it takes me a lot of,time and a lot of work to put these,videos together so you know I would,appreciate it if you will credit if you,were to use some of these um scenarios,please share like comment and subscribe,it will really help me out and it's free,to subscribe and turn on the,notification Bell so make sure that you,choose all so that you receive all of,the notifications from my channel this,video was made on December 22nd it is on,Thursday so it is way before the new,week make sure that you check the tax in,store cbs.com and coupons.com just to,make sure that all of these deals are,part of the extra bug deals for new,promotions and new coupons also check,your rebate apps because sometimes we do,get new rebates that will work well with,these deals and they could be better,deals,so let's get started with all of the,deals Beauty slash Personal Care deals,so the Colgate mouthwash the 500,milliliters these are 449 when you buy,two you get a five dollar extra bag it,is a limit of two,so what you would do is buy four of,these for 17.96 so when the when it says,limit of two that means that the max,they can bet you can buy is for and the,max that you can get back is ten dollars,in extra bags so basically multiply you,know the buy two and get five by two,so you will use the 3 off 18 Colgate CRT,make sure that it's either printed or if,you get a new one because recently the,CRTs have not been extending so that's,why you should print them because most,CVS they take printed expire CRTs up to,two days expired or if you get a new one,because every week I have been getting,similar CRTs and if your store follows,the 98 rule you only need to spend 98 of,any threshold in order to use a,threshold CRT or get an extra bucks back,from a spin deal and you will use four,75 cents off printables from colgate.com,so you do need like two separate email,addresses and ZIP codes in order to,print four because they only allow you,to print two per email address and zip,code,so you'll pay 11.96 you can pay this,with extra bucks get back a 10 extra bag,and your final cost is 196 for 4 or 49,cents each,so the Crest toothpaste or the Burt,speed toothpaste these are 4 4.99 when,you buy two you get a three dollar extra,bag it is a limit of two,so what you would do is buy four of,these for 19.96,um you will use the three of 18 Crest,scope or Oral B CRT 604 digital we are,getting this on the 25th and two dollar,off Crest toothpaste digital May Auto,apply if you still have it so you'll pay,8.96 you can pay this with extra bags,give back a six dollar extra bag and,your final cost is 29644 or 74 cents,each,or you can do it this way and combine,these two deals together so the cursed,gum detoxify or the brands or the rinse,these are 6.99 when you spend 12 you get,a four dollar extra bag it is a limit of,two,so what you would do is by till the,crust gum for 13.98 until the crust and,Burt's bee so one of each for 9.98 your,total will be 23.96 you will use the 3,of 18 Crest scoper Earl b c ort the 604,digital so if you want you know,everything to Auto apply,make sure that you scan one of the crest,gum first so scan the two Crest gun,first and then scan the crest and Burt's,V so that the 604 will attach to one of,the crest gun and then the two dollar,off Crest gun digital will Auto apply,two dollar off Crest toothpaste digital,will also Auto apply and a two dollar,offered speed digital May Auto apply so,make sure that the 604 also works on the,Burt's bee so that you know all of these,will Auto apply based on my experience,so you'll pay 8.96 you can pay this with,extra bucks give out a four dollar extra,rug from the first deal three dollar,extra Buck than the second deal and your,final cost is 19644 or 49 cents each,so the CoverGirl cosmetiks these are,spin 18 get a six dollar extra bug it is,a limit of one you can buy two eyeliners,those are 549 each so two of them will,be 10.98 and one mascara for 6.79 your,total will be 17.77 use that three out,of 10 Cosmetiks hair or skin c or t so,this is for select accounts and if you,have one there's only one per account so,I have you know a couple scenarios for,this so pick and choose which scenario,scenario you want to do using this,partikular CRT,three dollar off Covergirl L'Oreal or SC,mystery offer that is printed because,you know it expires on the 24th it is,not extending so make sure that you,print them so that you know they could,still accept it because they take,expired CRTs up to two days expired and,three of the two dollar all printables,from coupons.com the X bar on the 17th,so most CVS they do take expired,manufacturer coupons up to two weeks,expired and it does work at,self-checkout if you want to use,self-checkout and make sure that you use,the self-checkout that takes cash,because the one that doesn't take cash,these printables are harder to scan so,use the one that takes cash because it's,easier to scan on those machines so,you'll pay 577 you can pay this with,extra bucks get back an eight dollar,extra bag and your final cost is free in,a 2.23 money maker if you don't have any,CRTs your final cost will be 77 cents,so the Physicians Formula Cosmetiks it,excludes the sharpener these are buy two,get a 10 extra bag it is a limit of one,so if the makeup removers are included,these are 7.59 so two of these

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CVS sales ad for the week of 11-11

good morning everyone and thank you for,watching and welcome to everybody that's,watching all my new subscribers thank,you very much I wanted to go ahead and,tok to you guys about next week's sale,on CBS from Sunday the 11th until,saturday the 17 I'm going to go ahead,and show you guys the ad and then I'm,going to as I go through it i'm going to,be telling you guys which deals i will,be doing okay i'm gonna be doing the,color at the deal it's 275 we use the 75,cent co bond that we have and then we're,going to pay two dollars out of pocket,and they give us back to extra bucks so,that's making it free so free toothpaste,I don't know what's the limit because I,really can't see it but I'm assuming is,must be either one or two now there's,not a lot of really thing like a lot of,cells and make me go wow on this ad but,there's a couple of them that i do like,now if you guys want more information on,this will need me to tell you the,specific price if I'm not getting my,camera close enough or you need me to,give you more details on any product,please just go ahead and comment or,message me and I will answer you guys as,soon as I can,I will be great and getting a microwave,because I do need a new microwave and,i'm going to be showing you guys the,next another video on how you could get,the microwave almost free please keep an,eye on my videos too i will be doing a,giveaway really really really really,really soon on whole inserts I might be,doing this new Nivea deal only because,it says um when you buy till you get,five dollars extra bucks I don't know,the prices on them I do love the neither,products so I'm going to be going and,checking out the prices and then,depending on that I will that you guys,know about if I will be doing that sell,sorry and we'll be doing the devel for,lips that one definitely i will be doing,it it's 346 there's no extra books,involved or anything like that but i,will be grabbing six of them i'll be,using three of my three dollar of two,coupons i'm going to be paying three,dollars out of pocket for 67 so it's,like 50 cents each i don't know if i'm,going to be doing this deal it's buy one,get one fifty percent off and on my,other video that i showed you guys on my,book that i found that my husband found,on my advil supermarkets there is a two,dollar off 1 coupon I'm no size,restriction so I'm going to go ahead and,check out to see if it's going to be a,good deal with me to the left open and,the buy one get one fifty percent off so,now that does go towards my beauty back,so,maybe it's going to be worth it again if,you cannot see what that says please,just message me an electric eyes no I,will be doing the razor deal there 999,again you use your four dollar off 1,coupon and you get four dollars extra,bucks so it's like 199 each way to have,a raincheck so I will be double dipping,on that I will be getting a few swap,deodorants to remember we do have a 50,cent off 1 coupon so that will make them,fifty cents each,now I don't have to get the diaper so,we'll be doing the diaper deal and,they're the Huggies and the pampers R 2,420 I'm going to go ahead and grab two,of the Huggies and I'm going to be using,a three dollar off 1 coupon that I the,one of my friends send me their,printables I believe they are gone,already but I'm going to be using those,and on the Pampers i will be using one,of the two dollars off one so if i get,to huggies diapers in 10 pampers it's,going to total two thirty dollars i will,be using 12 dollar off 1 coupon so,that's going to bring it down to 28 i,will be using two of the three dollar,off one bringing it down to 22 i'll be,using one of my five dollars off 25 on,pampered deals that's going to bring it,down to 17 then i'm going to be using,mixing it with my foot with 24 of 20s,because i will be grabbing a few advil,PM as we all know on the Travel section,they have them for one dollar and we,don't have a 10 off 1 coupon on advil PM,so I'll be stiking in in there enough,to complete forty dollars so i can go,ahead and use two of the four of 20 so,that's going to be taking off another,eight dollars so i'm going to be paying,about nine dollars and i'm going to be,getting ten dollars of course I do have,my extra bucks so it's going to end up,being about zero out of pocket maybe a,few cents but not more than that,and we're done my daughter's calling you,thank you very much you guys thank you,for watching it into the next video,thank you bye

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CVS AD PREVIEW 8/28 - 9/3 | Dove, Venus, Revlon & more!

hello everyone welcome to your cvs full,ad preview for the week of august 28,through september the 3rd thank you for,joining me this video is posted each and,every thursday morning,just to get ready and see what's going,on at cvs's upcoming week so if you had,some issues with crts i've got my,fingers crossed,hopefully they come back this week or,maybe you know within the next two weeks,we start seeing them jump back up but,i'm pretty,hopeful that they'll start getting,better this current week so let's see,what we get this weekend but let's dive,into a full ad preview,um we know that the epic beauty event is,coming because i posted a super early,video letting you guys know,um it should last for a couple of weeks,and it's a great way to build up some,extra extra buck rewards on beauty,purchases so you're going to earn an,extra 10 percent mac and extra buck,rewards those rewards will be,earned in your account,usually 48 hours after the event so it,tracks the entire amount of the,or the entire time of the event and then,around two days after it ends you'll see,them in your cvs account,so cosmetiks is um one item that's,included along with the olay products,that we see here,maybelline's by sven12 get a four dollar,extra buck we have um spend 15 get five,on any nyx we've also got buy two get a,ten dollar extra buck on select olay,products we are getting some olay,coupons as well to pair in with the deal,and if you have a facial care or olay,crt,go for it add it in you can go ahead and,do that we are getting a mystery offer,and you can see that the mystery offers,on select items so some included are,almei,essence,um we do have,maybelline's included sally hansen essie,revlon beauty tools and olay's included,as well so if you're grabbing the facial,care you can pair in that,mystery offer i'm not sure what it's,going to be i hope that it's something,good to make for some great deals so,we'll just have to wait and see up to 40,off on select,items as well we have buy two get a five,dollar extra buck on the l'oreal,cosmetiks covergirl is spend 18 get a,six dollar extra buck,um so if you didn't use your instant,coupon from last week on covergirl you,can pair it in for this week,and do the spend 18 at six i did it this,current week because it was buy two get,five so it just made it a little easier,and i didn't have a whole boatload of,coupons to work with as well,um any revlon cosmetiks by two get five,remember the revlon tools are included,in that,instant coupon and then this current,week we got a four dollar,um instant coupon so there's a couple,different coupons that you can pair with,revlon i'm thinking that's the deal that,i'm probably going to be doing this,upcoming week i didn't use my instant,coupon from this current week,and,if beauty tools are included,that could work out really good with,that new mystery offer that we're,receiving,um buy one get one free vitamins we have,any depend or poise at buy two get a,four dollar extra buck,and that's any sizes,um huggies diapers are buy one get one,fifty percent spend 20 earn a five,dollar extra bucks so not a bad deal,there,now you can see that the spent 40 get 10,is not back we have the spend 30 get 10,extra buck which to me is,so much better than the spend 40 it's so,much easier to get 30,so we have select crest and oral b,products included,tied charmin bounty,and select head and shoulders it doesn't,say anything about the herbal essences,which is kind of a shock normally that's,with the head and shoulders,um here we go a couple little deals,there we've got some dollar ninety nine,cereal fiber one nature valley biscuits,and granola bars,all right moving along spend thirty get,ten some back to school items that are,buy one get 150 percent,not too much there more epic beauty,event offers so we have almei by two get,five,which is included in that new mystery,offer coupon that we're getting this,sunday spend 15 get five on sally hansen,i know on the gel we have a doll i think,it's a dollar fifty insert coupon,um black radiance spend 15 get five,we've got dashing diva nails if your,store carries them it's spend 20 at five,flower beauty and then rock is also,included um in that mystery offer coupon,for spent 30 earn a 10 extra buck,all right some lotion deals facial care,deals select user and spend 15 get a,five dollar extra buck looks like we're,getting some two dollar insert coupons,garnier again is by to get five this,current week i posted a video even,though it showed that the masks were,it's excluded online they're showing,them included in the extra buck reward,so take a look at that video it's super,quick super easy,um super fast might be a deal that you,might want to do any l'oreal facial,spend 30 get 10 and then we do have a,couple of copper tone and banana boat,sunscreen deals there,so a good filler item for your purchase,coupons if you have a spent five off 30,or something like that to work with,colgate this upcoming week is two for,7.98 we are getting that seven off to,app coupon making them two for 98 cents,or 49 cents each,we're getting a three off to colgate,send a card digital,um buy two get a five dollar extra buck,on select colgate so there's definitely,a lot of deals um to work with we've got,the oral b toothbrushes it says two dash,four pack um,three dollar extra buck and um we have a,two dollar coupon coming in this,sunday's newspaper now the dove deal,over here i want to focus in on it buy,one get 150 percent off and buy two earn,a four dollar extra buck so it's select,dove deodorant it's body wash or hair,care so hair care we know runs around,six dollars that could be a really great,deal i believe we have a dove hair care,deal our hair care coupon i don't know,if it's still going to be valid now,something to keep in mind the dove love,moisture,body cleanser we have those three dollar,ibotta rebates out there so there are,definitely,some scenarios that could work really,well i'm not sure what dove hair care,will be included but if the um,the moisture hair care is included that,could be a really fantastik deal hair,care will qualify toward the epic beauty,event as well,um,what do we have here we have maui ogx,buy one get 150 buy two get a four,dollar extra buck they're showing the,coupon there so we have some coupons to,work with,some hair color native deodorant by two,get five razor deals are so much better,this upcoming week i mentioned that in,my stop and watch video so we have this,select gillette venus refills by two get,ten we also have the select gillette,venus razors at buy two get an eight,dollar extra buck so we are getting some,insert coupons to work with and if you,got some razor crts or if we get some,this week that could make for a really,good deal,this one i want to click on because,sometimes okay so it's just the,disposable razor sometimes it's the,shave cream as well but in the ad it's,not stating that so i guess we'll have,to wait on sunday and see but buy one,get one fifty percent and buy two earn a,three dollar extra bucket is select on,all of these razor deals so always good,to check sunday and see what items are,included i'm gonna have to click here,and bring it down,any u by kotex spend 15 get a five,dollar extra buck a check your cvs,account i got a new app only coupon for,three off six on you by kotex so you,might wanna pair that in with your deal,always tenna we've got the pampers,diapers buy one get one forty percent,not a big deal there,some pain relief spend thirty get ten,and so i believe with the icy hot and,aspar cream that we're getting some,pretty good coupons that's showing the,scissors i'm going to have to check and,see but it's going to be spun 12 got a,three dollar extra buck remember if,you're grabbing those deals you can use,a pain relief crt,all right we got good old xertik,claritin d all kinds of allergy,meds which again my allergies probably,one of the worst years that i've had as,far as allergies in a long long time,sustained nature made oh i see gluce


hello everyone if you're new to my,channel my channel is coupon clicking,mom,and today i'm gonna um bring you an ad,preview,what's going on at cbs this week,if you're new to my channel and you like,my own videos gonna hit that subscribe,button like comment and share,and this is for the week of october the,4th through the 10th,they got some beauty deals going on um,when you spend,l'oreal you buy two you get four dollar,extra bucks,you get any maybelline you spend 12 you,get five,anyway that's some of the deals they got,on the makeup cover girls stand 15 get,seven um,they have this other deal here where you,spend,um 20 and you get five dollar extra,rewards,um it's like toilet paper and,dish detergent paper towels stuff like,that,you can go ahead and buy that and get,you some extra bucks with that too,so and shoulders two for twelve by two,get two dollar extra books that's not,that great,anyway they got the cokes buy one get,one free i don't know what the price,summit is,they got the tide um 494,and when you see that sent to the card,like that,it'll show you like two dollars is on my,card,for the tide so you could get that not,two dollars off of that,so that's a good deal on the tide um,and then they got the pepsis they're,having the pips is four for five this,week,so that's a dollar and a quarter piece,so that's good,um there's some water,two for five by two get a dollar extra,book,then they got all the halloween candy,out,and um,i hadn't seen too much that i'm really,interested in doing this week so far,um oops there's the makeup deals again,so and i'll probably do the revlon deal,because,um we have that six off the revlon and i,think we're gonna get something else,on the revlon i think i did get,something on my app,so i'll probably doing the revlon deal,and i don't know if they had the,paparazzi this week but i'll be looking,for it,and they got spin 20 on dial um,you get seven dollar extra rewards,um they got a five off the the um,pantene which seeing the card i hadn't,sent it to my card yet i don't know if,you can see that,because i have a coupon also that i got,last week i haven't used it yet,because the pantene um i didn't do that,deal last week you had to spend,30 dollars and i didn't have enough that,i really wanted to do the deal so i,waited,so we'll go this week and see what's,what,so and then they got the um,colgate three 399 you buy one and you,get a two dollar extra buck,and look there i got some i got dollar,off on the colgate so,i can get that for 299.,and i get a two dollar extra buck,um i like the ones where it says buy one,instead of buying two or three,so like that one says buy two,and um so,and then they got some um,razor deals but you got to buy three of,these to get the uh,um eight dollar extra bucks,um to leave you spend 30 you get 10,extra bucks um,and um,so basically that's about it there's not,a whole lot,that i see they got the pampers too for,20 spin 20 to get five,um,the kotex pad 749 by one you get two,dollar extra books that's one you could,get if you use pads,so,buy two of the band and you get five,which i don't use man so,but like i said they got the irish,springs 499,by two you get three dollar extra bucks,or that sauce soap too,um and the niveas buy one and get three,dollar extra bucks,anyway um that's the sales they got,going on this week,so anyway like i said if you like my,videos going hit that subscribe button,like comment and share,and thanks for watching

CVS AD Preview-Week of August 20th!

hey guys welcome back to my Channel,today I'm coming at you with the CVS ad,preview for the week of August 20th so,yeah I'm going to get right into it,we got buy one and get one free on,vitamins buy one get one is 50% off,allergy relief spend ten get five on,select,oral-b toothbrush multipacks per help to,step system and ProHealth rinse not on,sale so you can use a percent off coupon,we got Reese's and kisses two for seven,save $3 with instant coupons we'll make,it two for four and if you have a CRT,for candy and use that I to get five I'm,Maybelline you can use a percent off,coupon buy one get one half off all,Revlon all may buy one get one half off,a Sally Hansen bites you get three you,can use a percent off coupon pull blinds,two four seven buy 3 get 3 so you have,to buy 3 of them so the 2 / 7 so that,isn't that great of a deal I do it so if,there's only 2 for 7 and you got three,books and with the coupon that'd be the,deal but so then yeah I would skip that,on the gap a great deal,so does 99 cents some Aquafina and,sparkling water 349 buy one get one free,on nuts dollar ninety-nine honey bunches,of oats give a fair teeth cereal,Coors Light $8.99 spend 20 get 5 on,these paper products I'm probably going,to do a paper product deal on I'm,running kind of low ontology for I have,like 4 or 5 things left so I may do I,make it too kind they'll maybe I'm,thinking but these are 679 Scott 999,Cottonelle 434 Purcell 242 Kleenex and,549 for Scott,on sale you can't use it's an off coupon,but you can use coupons and Syracuse out,by 30% off school stuff some more,back-to-school deals 1194 tied buy one,get two that's very expensive,buy one get one half off the breeze and,suffer 494 Tide Pods and bounce $7.99,batteries dollar off coupon summer,clearance half off movie Theory candy,3/4 raise has actually the price of,Dollar Tree,so if you want to get from here if you,have a candy C or T go ahead by to get,thirds free on Twizzlers some food deals,got $2.99 chips two to seven cookies,$2.99 coffee cookies sorry to the earth,coffee three for four dollars on,Pringles three four five goldfish buy,one get one half off,sodas dollar ninety-nine fruit snacks,buy one get one half off gold emblem,spend 15 get five you can you use a,percent off coupon for that buy one get,one half off on like the CVS brands,paper goods $7.99 Jack Link's and two,for nine goal emblem 399 folders equal,six pending on coffee threes for 10 hot,pockets $2.99 mayonnaise spend ten gets,three use a percent off coupon on that,$2.99 go lean in case okay cereals some,granola bars 249 spend 30 get 10 Hep C,into the flop 20% off so they're on sale,you can't use a personal coupon,progessive 50% off regular retail same,thing they're on sales you can't use a,personal coupon same thing for these,cereals - they're 50% off retail so,they're half off they're a little bit on,sale you have coupons for any of the,stuff try it out see you know if you can,get a good deal we got some drinks and,nothing crazy over here - four five,Ocean Spray - four three Tropicana v8 or,Ocean Spray singles 88 cents sparkling,mortars some candy deals on this is,pretty good on these candies dollar,eighty eight buy one get a dollar extra,buck not bad and some more candies I am,most of my candy from Dollar Tree like I,always say huh spend twenty five give,five on Neutrogena that's not that great,you can use it's off coupon but you're,only getting five back to spending,twenty five so less you have crazy,coupons I don't think it's not worth it,buy one get one half off Milani I won't,get one half off all beauty 360 cosmetik,brushes and implements spend twelve gift,for loriel I'm not bad your personal,coupons and you need it if I won't get,one half off artificial nails and lashes,by to get four on paparazzi luckily guys,watch the are regular price but that,could be a good price if you want that,nail polish spend ten get five on Rimmel,not bad but you have a percent off,coupon that will be pretty good by to,get time loriel facial buy one gift buy,one get slide micachina light therapy,acne mask same things if an off coupon,can apply spend ten get five on Nivea,person also can't apply to that we got,some buy one get one half off on these,facial items spend fifteen get five on,Burt's Bees buy one get one half off CVS,health two four eight dial their work,coupons out not shorts are still,available but,have a CRT dial two four five bytes you,get three not bad you have CRT sector,work up good it's also super 7x2,get three dozen degree buy one get one,half off these secondly speed six by two,get for three dollars extra bucks when,you buy any two of the products here so,that's not bad for resume two four eight,it wind up being two four five and as,you have any CRC's could make it kind of,a big deal by to get four on the OGX by,to get there two three on little it's,hair items on hair items by seven hair,colors that the eat ones free,little promotion are doing to have 14 by,tuna for on meat garden a boutique,gwanghae fruity snoot reese hair color,and are $2 coupon and the inserts coming,out to 414 nice and easy buy one get ten,uncertain like oral-b care and buy one,gets you on toothbrushes and toothpaste,$6.99 3d white of expensive buy one get,one half off cross sculpt for 79 buy one,get three buy one get one half off on,CBS mouth lashes and like $55.99 spin,brushes buy one get to buy one get three,on select oral-b items you use percent,off coupon that,two four six seventy eight toothpaste,and toothbrushes by to get to the stream,buy one get one half off from like,general medicine single acaba spent,twelve Gafoor on bandied Neil's foreign,you can use a percent off coupon by to,get five on unfamiliar and Grover good,start and buy one get one half off type,of things five dollars extra bucks,Winston sixteen energy ions listed here,there are people disco be the best deal,do some more medicines not going to go,over those dr. Scholl's has a bunch of,coupons and the inserts to look for,those you need them and some more,medicines and vitamins don't go over,these too much because I only get things,like this if I absolutely need it I,don't like having medicine on stokpile,because I think it goes to waste most,people don't go through that much,medicine to work to be worth getting it,some blood pressure monitor I'm going,diabetes medicine things like that,I mean diabetes machines that expend,medicine all right some core bottle and,get 1/3 vitamins things like that some,school supplies buy one get one half off,buy one get one free batteries dollar,ninety-nine tie not bad 99 cents malas,488 certain towels and toilet paper,spend 20 get 10 on positions formula,spend 15 get five on covergirl and,scented King get five on and my ex you,can use up some coupon on all those buy,one get one half off secret choose a 15,by two gets you and of two for 16 hair,care if it's all off to poop on the,inserts bow and go and a half off,vitamins some candy deals over here two,per dollar I see 2 for 3 drinks between,I'm milk 3 to 13 photos of expensive to,ice cream and 649 nuts,what's that that's the inserts for up,insert those CVS coupon preview for the,week of August 20th not that great I,mean I tried the ads and then that,greatly I did stop couponing for a,little bit just because I have so much,my stokpile but even if I was to do,something this week I think I'm going to,do a paper deal that's probably what I'm,going to do just because I don't really,see myself getting much more but,I feel like they've read their raise,their prices and it's not south great,every deal some of this stuff anymore,like I'm open to improving stuff a lot,of times get to buy more than with the,sale prices so it's not really that,great would be all I see I mean I don't,know everyone has their own opinion but,I feel like CVS has definitely fell off,the past couple months and I don't,really enjoy couponing there as much so,I guys do I'm going to do I don't really,know Walgreens that much but I could you,know poss