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cyber monday online ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Using Google Ads For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

hello there, it's customer solutions. eight here with your daily google news and some of our subscribers have asked for uh, black friday, cyber monday, promotional ideas and, lucky for them, i already have a presentation in the can, because i just did a tok on this topic at my buddy's event. shout out to scott cunningham at socialite. his event was merchant master. he was in san diego, it was awesome, had a a blast, and i'm just going to repurpose content and nobody can hate me because you haven't seen it. so here we go, using google ads for black friday, cyber monday. i'm going to go quick and some of this is going to be repetitive if you've been long-time subscribers, so just forgive me and bear with me. number one: run smart shopping. um, and here's why i'm saying that i know that we hit smart shopping a lot, especially for our, you know, ecom clients, but google has built in uh logic that identifies peaks and valleys in terms of purchase behavior. so google knows about black friday, cyber monday, and and you want to make sure you're running smart shopping early because you can say: hey, google, here's my product, here the people that buy my product, and now google is going to look at its inventory of those people and black friday, summer monday- start to identify who's ready to buy. and remember, google is reading emails, which i think ends up- i have no way to prove this, obviously, but my opinion is that ends up being a really important catalyst, uh, from a- uh, you know, a bfcm perspective in google's eyes. um, bfcm, by the way, it's black friday every monday, uh, and i only learned this from scott- um, because people are getting all these promotions in their emails, and so if google's seeing somebody engage with a product via email, it can push that product in front of that person. but it's only going to do that if you're using something akin to smart shopping, because you want to make sure that you're giving google the ability to utilize machine learning on your behalf. so, if you're not running smart shopping, you need to- and you need to soon- um- optimize your feed title's description app, should you know what a feed is? uh. what's interesting is, you can use bfcm tags inside of your titles. i'd be a little cautious with this, especially if you don't have gtn codes, which we're going to tok about, but i'd be a little cautious with this because it cuts both ways. so, yes, you could potentially get a product prioritized if somebody you know was they're like you know men's. well, it's black friday deal. that could be in your, your title, but, uh, you could also end up hurting the, the placement of that product post black friday, even if you make the adjustment just in terms of like. you know google's like. all right, we got to learn this new thing now. um, if you're not using gti encode, you're going to have a tough time changing product titles because you're basically going to reset the learning every single time. and if you're not using gtn codes, i've got a ton of videos on why you need to use gtan codes. go find them. they're important. lifestyle images: you need lifestyle images. i'm going to look at you here for a minute. let me expand my face. um, y'all this is important. i know it's one of those things that we harp on a lot, you know, and part of that is just the fact that i'm a content creator and i need things to say, but really, most of it is the fact that lifestyle images are so important and i know that you already have a laundry list of things to do and you're never going to be able to get to all of them because you have all these idiot gurus like me running around telling you all the things that you need to do. lifestyle images- they truly are one of those things that's worth plucking out of that long to-do list and bringing all the way to the tippity-top. i know they're a pain in the ass, but there's a ton of folks out there that want to help you with that. various services done for you. some of our expensive white gloves- some of them are actually really accessible and cheap. sometimes you can actually get free images out of like, influencers and stuff by sending them free products. or you can go to fiverr and send people products and they'll you know. my point is, this is not an insurmountable problem and lifestyle images are going to change your marketing life because, especially with black friday, cyber money, think about it. you have to fit within somebody's budget and they're actively shopping for products, and i don't mean fit in their budget in that like, oh, i've got, you know, a 20 budget for these glasses. i mean they have a budget of like, oh, i've got 500 that i'm going to spend during black friday. i've got a thousand bucks or 10 grand or 100 bucks or whatever, and now they're going to go decide all of the things that they fit into that envelope budgetarily speaking, and in order to do that, you need to be in front of them often because they're out on the prowl. we've all seen the walmart videos right of people that are shopping at black friday like they're doing that, you know, with the same fervor uh via the internet, and so you want to make sure that you're relying on uh remarketing, display based marketing actively and a picture of these glasses to stand alone. there's nothing compelling about that, like nobody cares. but if you go and you put these on a 30 year old female caucasian brunette who's attractive, smiling and making eye contact- which is the highest performing avatar across all industries, by the way, which i know is racist, sexist, in aegis. but that's just what we've all decided. we like the most. people using your products is what helps push your display campaigns um over the top. it makes them work. go get yourself lifestyle images, not just for black friday, cyber monday. it's probably too late, um. i mean, if you can pull it off, that's great um, but i don't know it's not too late. i don't mean that. i just mean it'd be a hard endeavor to pull off for some people, depending on how many skus they have. i should have said that, uh, but make it happen. make it happen, um, get your campaigns up and running in advance. i'm toking to you, my clients. if any of you emails us 48 hours before black free, you know, happy thanksgiving, we want to run a black friday promotion. the answer is no. the answer is: do it yourself, find another agency. a- well, i'm not going to put my employees through that. b- it's not going to work. you need, you need the campaigns up in advance. you need to make sure that you've actually defined a strategy in advance. um, you wanna- i know it's a day that you're targeting, or maybe really a weekend, if you think about it, because bfcm kind of spans that whole period. but it's okay to begin planting the seeds early and often and you want to warm up your audience. one really cool thing is: google will prioritize. well, is it privatized, right word? google will highlight price drops and you see that often and they'll do this. by the way, you could be running it, you know, let's say that best buy was running this product at 40 and all of a sudden they dropped it to 24.99. now google's like, hey, check this out, this thing that was 39.99 is now 24.99. those little changes make really substantial differences from a ctr perspective and conversion perspective. but you're going to have a greater likelihood of google showing that discount if you've run it standard retail for 14 days. so, going back, and i think that that's becomes less and less true, if you're a more trusted retailer you'll notike that. the two that are showing here really you know they're big companies- best buy and target um. but if you run at standard retail- so let's say target's running at 49- if you run a center retail for for for 14 days and then drop to 24.99, you're more likely- for it's more likely- that google shows the discount um than if you know you started yesterday and then dropped and then google's not necessarily going to show it. but they get to decide what it is that they highlight, what they don't. obviously um use seasonality adjustments. this isn't as mission critikal as it once was because google, i think, understan

Cyber Monday Advertising With Video Content Article Video Summary

hey, welcome back to the vizcap media blog. we'll be going over a quick summary for this week's blog here. if you'd like to read the full artikle, please click on the link below or go to viscapmediacom blog to browse all of our artikles. let's get started. this week's topic is all about cyber monday: advertising with video content. to make a long story short, cyber monday is the biggest online sales event of the year. video content is the best format to advertise your products with, especially with a massive event such as this. use geofencing to target location and find the best customers possible. you want to use video content for social media and email. to get the best results, partnering with the video marketing agency is the best practike. cyber monday is the perfect opportunity to hit those really high sales numbers. the best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to use video content as part of your marketing campaigns. there's a bunch of different reasons to hire a video marketing agency, but here we'll give you a few reasons why time spent making product videos is time that could be spent elsewhere, such as doing business management or optimizing operations. most people don't have access to marketing professionals inside scoops, frameworks, marketing theory, videography knowledge, modern trends and marketing data, making the task even harder to succeed at. some companies aren't sure how to approach video marketing, cyber monday advertising, content marketing and creating visually driven ads. that's completely normal. they're experts in the field who are more than happy to help you with all of your video marketing needs, their video marketing agencies and creative agencies that can handle any size project that you're currently dreaming of. you might be asking yourself: how do i find the right video marketing agency if i don't want to handle cyber monday video marketing? the right choice is going to be one that you match up with well and that can deliver the best results possible. here at vizcat media, we specialize in providing video and display creative assets. we also have various case studies of other brands. in your current situation, the process of creating visually driven ads isn't easy. we outline the videos, write the scripts, cast the talent, film the videos, edit the videos together, then publish and track the content for the best results. this process is a lot of work, so it's very time consuming. it's even worse if visually driven ads are being made by less experienced individuals, as there's quite a learning curve to everything from writing to filming, to tracking and reporting, not to mention the video advertising optimization based on data and analytiks. it's a best practike to find a really great creative video marketing agency to do the heavy lifting when it comes to video commercials. here at vizcat media, we're marketers at heart and not just geeks with cameras. we make influencer and marketing product videos, scroll stopping social media marketing videos and much, much more. if you didn't hire vizcat media for your cyber monday marketing campaign, you should have anyways. all of these things have really high learning curves to them and it's sometimes better to step away and let the professionals handle the project. we want you to get the best results possible with your visually driven ads. we're here to help and to learn more about us. check us out on viscapmediacom when you're ready. reach out to us and we'll be happy to set up a video call and consultation to see how we can best make your brand succeed. thanks for joining us this week for the vizcat media blog. if you have any questions or comments, feel free to put them in the comment section below, because we love hearing from you guys. make sure to smash that like and subscribe button before you leave and we'll see you next week.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Best Practices For Facebook Ads and Content | Black Week | Ditly UK | 4K

Black Friday is just around the corner, so what should you do with your facebook ad strategy? well, very kindly, Facebook sends out an information pack for the holiday season. if you want to go and download this for yourself, then I'll leave a link in the description below. this part includes information on the best practikes from Facebook regarding content and ad strategies. now, the whole document is 63 pages long and that's 63 pages full of text and stats and images, so I'm not going to go through the whole document because it will take about 12 hours to do so, but I've collected what I believe are the best points throughout the document and I'll tok about them in this video. so let's begin. it begins with a little bit of insight from the holiday season, from Facebook's internal data. facebook says that christmas shoppers are going bigger earlier, because in 2018, 43% of christmas shoppers started shopping for christmas in november or either even earlier. facebook found that shoppers will not tolerate bad buying experiences, with 70% of consumers saying that tiknology made it easier than ever for them to take their business elsewhere, which is something I completely agree with. in fact, UK fast, who is a big web host in the UK, also agrees with this statement, because they say that 50% of users will leave your website if it doesn't load within the first three seconds, which is pretty ruthless. Facebook then goes on to push its storage placement by saying that 69% of people on Instagram and Facebook say that stories is a great way to find information about new products or services, and 62 percent of people become more interested in a product or service after seeing it within a story. then we move on to messaging. this is where Facebook tries to encourage businesses to use their messaging platform. facebook says that 48% of people the message businesses to find more information about products or service, 43% message to purchase the product, a 37 percent message to find out story information. all of this I completely agree with. if you're running ads on Facebook, you need to have some infrastructure in place to manage the messages, whether that be an in-house customer service team and out of house customer service team or- but you need something in place to handle them because, whether you like it or not, people will message you on a Facebook. at the end of the day, it's best to just embrace it, because messaging services like what's up, a messenger or the future of e-commerce. this action finishes with Facebook giving you a fairly useful calendar for the holiday season. but the important thing to note here is that Facebook is suggesting that you go live with your campaigns on the 25th of November and run them right through to cyber monday on the 2nd of December, with Black Friday being in the middle on the 29th of November. so in the last section of the park, Facebook details what you should do with your Facebook Ads. so this is the bit you've been waiting for, and there's quite a bit of detail within this section of the video, so keep listening and I'll try and run through it as clearly as possible. firstly, they push the mobile first approach because, according to Facebook, holiday shoppers using mobile increased by 22% year on year globally. also, mobile first dedicated shoppers increased by 25%, again unsurprisingly. I completely agree with this. if you don't have a mobile-friendly store in 2019, it's really going to hold you back and that really needs to be a top priority. unsurprisingly, Facebook suggests using video ads because, according to Facebook, 95% of a message delivered by the video is retained, compared to only 10% when it's delivered by a tax based out. and, as you are watching this video about YouTube now, I'm assuming you probably agree with this now. typically, video creation is very expensive and companies really struggle to create videos at scale for Facebook cuts. so Facebook is giving a helping hand this year by creating templates for slideshow ads and canvas ads so that you can create festive videos from your still images. now in this part of the pack, we delve into something: tell segments about adulting and optimizations. now Facebook has been pushing a certain targeting tool called dynamic arts with broad audiences, or dhaba fair shot. this method of targeting uses your product field to find people who have expressed an interest in buying your products, even though they haven't visited your store. now, I completely agree that this is targeting tool that you should be taking full advantage of. if you haven't heard of it before or don't understand how it works, then let me know in the comments below and if there's enough interest, I'll make a dedicated video about this. secondly, Facebook suggests you use its next most advanced targeting method, and that is value-based lookalike audiences. again, I completely agree with this. value base look like audiences are some of the highest performing prospects in audiences. I would, and if you aren't using these already, then you really should think about using them in your advertising funnel. these audiences basically take your current customers and they profile the highest value customers to your business, and then Facebook tries to find more people like that. if you want to learn more about this type of audience, then check out my other video, where I cover everything you need to know about value-based lookalike audiences. Facebook then touches upon retargeting audiences. any more words than this. they're basically saying: to leverage your retarding audiences by pushing my budget into them to maximize returns. Joe, in the holiday season, this is because you've probably spent a decent amount of budget over the year driving people to your website, your Facebook page, your Instagram page or maybe even your app. so use these people by aggressively retargeting your Black Friday deals and offers to them, because, at the end of the day, these people are the most likely to convert, so you want to make sure every single one of them knows about the deals at your wedding. however, I believe that in this section, Facebook is hiding a small secret suggestion. now, this is just my idea and one of my many ramblings. I don't advise you do this. if you do go and do this, then it's completely at your own risk, but I just thought that this was an interesting idea that was worth sharing. at the end, it says: optimize these campaigns based on recency windows, unbidden strategies. now the part that I'm interested in is bidding strategies. now, the bidding strategy that I would go for at this time of year will be conversions at the lowest cost, because CPMs and CPAs rise so much during this time. here, if you set a cup CPM or a target cost, you may actually push yourself out of the auction completely. however, that's not my main pointer now. if you were to change your retargeting objective from conversions to reach, you would then be telling Facebook to get the maximum reach for the lowest cost. now, as these audiences are already familiar with your brand and products and you're releasing some of your best Black Friday offers over to these people, your conversion rate should naturally be quite high. so, rather than telling Facebook to just go after conversions, why don't we tell Facebook to reach as many of these people as possible and allowing your amazing Black Friday offers and deals and hyper but Friday to drive the conversions now? this strategy may reduce your overall return on adspend, but I believe it could increase your revenue significantly. I believe this is because the Facebook bidding algorithm won't be as suffocated by the Black Friday hype and high CPMs to just go and find a safe and easy conversions. instead, it's got the freedom to go and reach as many people as it possibly can within that audience segment and then, hopefully, you're amazing. Black Friday offers should drive the conversion, naturally. so, moving on to the next few points, Facebook suggests that you bid higher because conversion rates increase. that's so new CPMs, but Face

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15 Things You Didn't Know About CYBER MONDAY

cyber monday is black friday's nemesis. for years, black friday's been the go-to shopping day that people pencil into their schedules, set alarms for how some even camp out overnight at their store of choice and develop the perfect game plan to grab the items they're after by mapping their route out beforehand. but those days are over. welcome to aluxcom, the place where future billionaires come to get inspired. if you're not subscribed yet, you're missing out, so let's log on to the world wide web to discover 15 facts about cyber monday. number one: what exactly is cyber monday? looks like cyber monday will have some stiff competition this year, with black friday being dubbed cyber friday, depending on where you live, you might have seen. the black friday has either been postponed or cancelled altogether, in the hopes to keep large groups of people from congregating in malls and well, everywhere. also known as blue monday, cyber monday began in 2005.. it was ellen david from the national retail federation and scott silverman who came up with the term. it didn't take long for it to become the biggest online shopping day of the year. one reason why this significant day was chosen is most people have rather slow internet over the weekend and when they arrived back at the office, where the internet was much faster, online sales increased exponentially. now you know why. this is one monday that people don't mind waking up to. number two: consumers have shifted from desktop purchases to mobile purchases. hey, luxers, it's intriguing to see how purchasing trends change year over year. in 2019, roughly three billion dollars worth of items were ordered from a smartphone, compared to 2018, when only 2.2 billion dollars worth of sales happen through a phone. however, on the actual monday- because we all know these sales start way in advance- there was a slight change in mobile versus desktop purchases, with desktop purchases accounting for 51 of sales, and that's most likely because so many people are back at work the monday after thanksgiving. retailers are also using their social media platforms more than previous years to give their customers the best deals. this way, they're able to reach their target market without having to spend loads on advertising. it's a win-win. hey, luxers, can you guess who the biggest spenders are on cyber monday? we have a feeling the answer will surprise you, but keep on watching to see if you're correct. number three: the most successful sales tactiks used online. so how do websites lure people in and keep them focused? right through to that, your purchase was successful. honestly, so many of us just window shop, but online, i mean heck. we even go as far as putting items into our shopping cart and clicking checkout, but we don't follow through. still feels good though, doesn't it? this year is different in that cyber monday is competing with black friday due to covet and restrictions on gatherings. so these are some of the tactiks that online retailers use to get you to click through to proceed to purchase on their site and not their competitors. storytelling is huge. be sure to watch our video 15 things you can learn from luxury brands for more information on that. gift guides by price point is another favorite of buyers. partnering with other brands is also a guarantee you'll spend more, especially when you see how well the products work together. free shipping and, of course, plain old great customer service before and after sales and, obviously, a great product. number four: how to get the best deals. discounts, discounts everywhere, but how do you make sure you're getting the deal of the century? okay, deal of the year, but same thing. you can download an app to bring together all of your favorites from the various sites you visited, so you don't need to flip from one site to the next. make sure you've done a price check on the item so you know for sure you're getting a great deal. you can also set up price alerts and use a comparative app to find the cheapest deals. follow your favorite stores or brands on social media and, most importantly, make sure you know the shipping, return and price protection policy. hey, luxers, did you know that 43 of people who had their identity stolen in 2017 said it happened while doing online shopping? we'll share how you can keep yourself safe a little later. number five: what is the profile of most buyers on cyber monday? according to muchneededcom, these are the demographics of cyber monday buyers. 18 of shoppers are between the ages of 18 and 24.. another 18 range from 25 to 35 years old. the 35 to 44 year olds make up fifteen percent of buyers. fourteen percent goes to forty. five to fifty four-year-olds and elixirs. would you have guessed that over sixty fives made up nearly twenty percent of buyers in 2019? if you got that right, well done. 56 of shoppers are male, 44 female, 18 caucasian, 20 african american and 20 latino. the highest percentage of shoppers was asian shoppers at 42. number six: can websites keep up with the increase in traffic? tik trends set up a server to monitor what went down in real time for major retailers including adidas, amazon, dyson, john lewis, nintendo store, disney store, super dry and urban outfitters. they managed to see who had lengthy waiting times or who just couldn't keep up. micro center experienced a 45 minute outage, which led to consumers complaining on social media, and there's no need to highlight the irony of a computer department store going offline: ouch halfwards. a uk company selling car parts, camping gear and touring bicycles had wait times of almost 10 seconds when things were very busy for them. def's not good enough. meanwhile, glasses usa experienced 502 bad gateways. so how does this affect online sales and the general opinion of the store? well, let's find out. number seven: online delays and outages affect conversion rates. several studies affirm that waiting for four to five seconds for a website to load is deemed unacceptable for consumers. a 100 millisecond delay hurts conversion by seven percent. a two second delay increases bounce rates by 103, meaning there's no interaction on the site, and if a page takes more than three seconds to load, 53 percent of consumers move to another site. businesses must be on top of their game when it comes to being internet ready for a cyber monday. number eight: predictions for 2020: cyber monday. it's predicted that 2020's cyber monday will set a new record with more than 10 billion dollars in online sales. however, it's not a huge jump from last year's overall sales of 9.4 billion. in the past, we'd order online and it wouldn't even enter our minds whether our order would arrive before christmas or not. but with cobit 19 and severe delays and shipping, retailers that can guarantee orders will be delivered when they say they will will guarantee the sale. clothing is predicted to be one of the biggest sellers this year, as the fashion industry has taken a severe knock with the pandemic, and flight deals are another area where you're sure to save big. but let's take a closer look now at how sales on cyber monday have increased over the years. number nine timeline of the financial growth since its inception. when cyber monday was first introduced in 2005, it generated 484 million dollars in sales. it took a further five years to hit the billion dollar mark and from there it increased exponentially year over year. fast forward another five years to 2015 and sales are just under 3.1 billion dollars. 2017, they more than double to 6.59 billion. 2018 adds more than a billion on to settle at 7.9 billion dollars, and 2019 was an incredible 9.4 billion dollars. it's only a matter of days to see if 2020 can make that 10 billion prediction a reality. but just to note, these figures are brought forward by adobe analytiks. number 10: consumer behavior on cyber monday. the best thing about online shopping is there are no pants required, so while you're shopping, sends pants, sends makeup and a glass of wine on the ready. here's how other consumers like you are spending.

BEST AppSumo Cyber Monday Deals 2022

in this video, we're going to be toking about the best appsumo Black Friday deals that are available right now. um, as you can see here, it will end on November 29th, so if you are watching this before November 29th, be sure to pick up at least 150 or so worth the stuff so that you can get an additional 10 discount as well. uh, just for what's available on appsumo. so in this video, we're going to tok about um different WordPress plugins that are out there, AI writers that are out there- my favorite ones that are on appsumo- video hosting and even email copywriters and other types of pop-up information that you can put onto your website. so let's go ahead and jump into the video. so the first one that is probably one of my favorites out of all of them is affiliate table. it is a affiliate, a table plug-in that you can build these tables very, very simply on the affiliate table website and then just copy the short code to your website and you can get some really good looking tables and comparison charts and verse versus charts and buttons and all this fun stuff on your WordPress site. um, the deal right now is at 69 and um, they all come with 60 day money back guarantees so you can try for like two months and if you don't like it, you can still return it and get your full money back. I'll be sure to leave a link down in the description for each one of the tools we will be toking about here today, but, uh, definitely number one on my list would probably be the affiliate table. it's just, it's the best all-in-one affiliate toolkit, but you're able to get really stunning looking pictures and images and buttons and, uh, making everything available so that you can have your people click on it and then go to your affiliate links. you know, most likely if you go into, like Amazon or anywhere else, it's a good alternative to places like aawp. that's the one I switched from. I don't even use aawp anymore because affiliate table has taken it all over forming, but I'm definitely affiliate table will be my number one place to go. next one is another favorite of mine, and that's neuron writer. so this is an AI, a writing tool that allows you to um. well, what the tool does is it looks at the first 10 things that are on Google for a partikular keyword that you might search for. it reads those artikles, tries to figure out what words are showing up most often in those artikles and then let you know what you need to include in your artikle, because those things wouldn't be ranking on the first page of Google if they weren't doing something right. so making sure that you cover all of the topics that Google would like you to cover and satisfied at search intent is really helpful, and neuron writer will help you do that. this is an alternative to like a phrase or a surfer, SEO or a market tool that you can use to uh and to optimize your content on your website. it's very robust. it actually does take care of a lot of the things that you would need in order to make sure that your content is as optimized as possible. here's a little close-up of once you can zoom in a tad, so this is the content that you would be writing. then you can look at the other artikles that are ranking forward. well, you get a Content score as well. you get all the words that you need to include. when it's in green, that means you need to include it in your artikle. if it's anything else other than green, then that means you either didn't include it. maybe if it's red, you've done it too much and I need to kind of scale back so that you don't over optimize. it's an amazing tool. plus, it's a lifetime deal. you can't really do better for Lifetime deals. you pay for it once and then it is yours. so, definitely, neuron Rider will be the second one that I definitely will recommend. next one is squirrelyus- not dot, but squirrely SEO. this is a cool SEO plug-in that you can use to again further optimize your content within WordPress. so you actually install this tool and, within WordPress, it'll give you some recommendations for things that you need to include in the artikle. there's even search volume, so it can kind of be a replacement for you know, if you're using age wraps or sem rush or something like that, it has search volumes within it to at least let you know, um what topics and content you need to include in your artikle to give it as best chance at ranking. um. I have tried squirrely SEO- not the hugest fan of it, but I can definitely see the value in it. if you're a blogger trying to streamline your content creation, um, I have other tools that do something, does something very similar, so don't necessarily need it myself, but I do see the value in it and recommend that you get it as well. next up is brain work. so this is one of these- um, SEO, AI writing tools again. um, they really specialize in writing long form content, so you can literally press a couple of buttons and it would create a nice long artikle for you. um, like with any AI tool, you'd want to be careful of just copy, copying and pasting. whatever you get out of these tools, make sure that you go into it and- uh, you know, do your edits to make it sound a little more normal. it'll go off the reservation sometimes, but brainworks probably the one of the better ones that are out there. you can integrate it with things like sem Rush, word splash- sorry, unsplash- WordPress and even copyscape. it's a good alternative to a Jasper. you know, Jasper is probably the best one that's out there right now in terms of AI writing tools, but Jasper is probably going to be, you know, pretty expensive, but you can do this one time. so for brain work, I think the pricing here: 79 one time for 40 000 AI generated words per month. that's a decent amount of words. you know that you can create. you get a hundred thousand with paying a one-time 159 dollars. or you can get up to 200 000 AI generated words if you pay their tier three plan- um, the number one, the, the Forty thousand one- for four, seventy nine dollars- probably going to be the best bet for most people- but um, the licensed tier 2 will give you a nice little Breathing Room. you can add additional users as well, so if you have writers, you can have them have their own login so they can come in and use the service as well as they are writing your content. you can find images for stuff and really construct your entire artikle within brain work and then easily have it integrated within WordPress, where you just press a couple of buttons and boom, it's there. so brain work is another um AI writing tool that I definitely would recommend. next up is another favorite of mine. this one is man. it's probably one of my favorite ones- and that's uh deposit photos. so, uh, stok imagery is something that you know when you are creating content. I mean, you don't want to take pictures or you can't take pictures sometimes, getting these um, very nice stok images that are legitimate, meaning they're unique, because you you do have to pay for them, rather than getting them from a lot of these free tools out there, like pixels or unsplash or morph files or something like that where, since they're free, pretty much everybody uses it, but you do get 195 million royalty free photos and Vector images and with this code right here, you get 100 of them for 39. so that comes down to around 39 cents per word. now, when I first, when this first popped up on appsumo a while ago, so I signed up for like the four or five hundred one, because it'll take a while to run through that mini, but, um, you know, it's kind of time to re-up for a few of them. so, um, I'm gonna be buying a couple of more of these very soon. but, uh, man, this is probably one of the best deals that are out there, just in terms of, uh, being able to find photos faster after you write an artikle. sometimes it can be a little Annoying trying to find good, royalty-free images that you don't have to worry, it's going to come back later and say, Hey, you use my picture in a post, now you owe me money or something strange like that. but, um, it's probably one of the better deals that are out there. so definitely check out deposit photos next.

How to Prepare Your eCommerce Store For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 | Marketing 360

today we're gonna tok about how you can prepare your store and your website for the holiday season coming up next. so when people think about the holiday season, a lot of times your thoughts immediately jump to fourth quarter, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, things like that. and while that's a great sales time and a great time for buying things and consumers and such like that, that's not always going to be the number one sales holiday for your store. for you, it might be Mother's Day, fourth of July, Halloween, maybe it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, something like that. when you're watching this video, just keep in mind what are my sales times, what's my best sales time, because you can use these tips all throughout the year at all different sales opportunities. stay tuned. we're gonna cover ten tips on how you can optimize your site and your store. so first things first is you want to get as prepared as you can in advance, and what I mean prepared I mean prepare your signage. if you have a physical location, your signage. prepare what kind of product stacks you're gonna have, what kind of inventory you're gonna have, what those sales actually are. maybe you're the kind of retailer where you offer discounts and sales during, you know, depending on the time of the year. that's great, but you've got to know what that is in advance. in addition to that, you've got to make sure that your staff is trained so they know what kind of sales to offer. and remember, just by offering discounts, that's not always a great way to grow your business. these need to be lost leaders, or these need to be products that have a great attach rate. you know it's an accessory or something that you can add on to a larger product or a larger sale, and it doesn't just have to be physically in your store. these can be things that you sell online as well. you know, if you're selling a certain accessory that goes really well with a product that you're trying to sell- and that's where a lot of your value comes from- then you can discount that partikular accessory and discount it further than maybe you would normally, because you're gonna make up your margins and make up your sales from the larger product that they would generally purchase. so keep these things in mind, because this is where you're gonna want to focus your energy. very first thing. this will help you understand and identify what kind of ads you need to post, how you need to create your shopping feed where your money needs to go and what's actually gonna bring you money throwing it through this season. number two: this starts to push us into the ad campaigns. well, we've already identified and decided kind of products we're really going to push this time around. so now we start developing out these ad campaigns and you want to give yourself as much lead time as possible. there's nothing worse than finding out that, Wow, Black Friday is in two weeks and I'm not even remotely prepared. I'm not running any ads, I don't have my shopping feeds set up, I don't have any local digital billboards, I don't have anything set up to drive people into my store. you want to get this as prepared as possible early, soon, prior to actually needing to launch all this stuff, because then you can start to test and you can start to go through these different things and identify. you know, maybe I want a different design or maybe I want some different messaging or some different wordings, something like that. that way, you've actually been able to do some a/b testing. you've been able to identify: am i comfortable with these ads prior to needing to go? well, I'm out of time, so this is all I've got. so step two is to prepare your ad campaigns and prepare them in advance. step number three is preparing your budget. this is a conversation a lot of people don't like to have, but something to consider is that you're not the only person trying to take advantage of the holiday season. whatever holiday season you might be in, you have competitors that are also going to be trying to take advantage of the increased customers and others increased sales, and what that does, especially online, is it increases the cost of that inventory space or that digital ad inventory. just because you might be the only person locally doesn't mean that you're the only person that's also trying to capitalize on this partikular sales time, fourth-quarter, Mother's Day or Easter or something like that. so you've got to think about your budget, and this kind of goes back a couple of steps. when you're thinking about what kind of products do you need to offer, by understanding what products you're offering and understanding where your margins are, where your value is, you know kind of predicting a little bit what the volume of sales will be. this will help you identify how much you need to spend. if you can spend a hundred dollars and generate a sale for a thousand dollars, that is way better than spending ten dollars and generating, you know, $100 sale or a $50 sale, $25 sale. these are all things to consider. just because it would be great to sell a thousand dollar item and only spend ten dollars in actually marketing that item doesn't mean that that's always what's going to be happening. you've got to pay attention to your budget and pay attention to your margins when you're preparing this understanding that will help you succeed. step number four is audience targeting. you've got to understand who your target audience is so you know what kind of messaging and what kind of ads to put in front of them. and, again, by planning in advance, you can start putting out, you know, tikular ads and things like that to start getting people interested in the products or services that you offer. now, remember, we're toking about a sales funnel here, so not every single ad that you make needs to be optimized for conversions. you also need to be thinking about brand awareness and reach. you need to be reaching people in affinity audiences and then in market audiences. you know people that are actually searching to purchase, not just searching to research. but you can't let the researchers go either. you know you want to make sure that if they're researching a product or researching a solution that you sell that when they are ready to buy. they've already interacted with you and we toked about the budget and this is something to consider as well. where should you be allocating budget based on what you're trying to accomplish? a lot of times, one of the best rules of thumbs is going to be 40 percent dedicated towards that reach and an audience building and and making sure that you've got some brand awareness and people know who you are, and then put about 60% of that into actual converting ads. now, maybe in the very beginning, you want to flip this. you, you don't have a lot of audiences, you don't have a retargeting list or something like that, so put 60%, put 80% of your budget into this, this reach kind of campaign, the brand awareness campaigns, so people know who you are. I remember 97% of people that go to your website or see your brand are not gonna take a converting action the very first time they interact with you. so you don't want to let those 97% go. set up your retargeting campaigns, set up your RLSA and make sure that, as these people are actually in the mood to buy, you were the first person that they think about. tip number five is email campaigns now. you may be saying: my sales time is just coming up in a couple of weeks, I don't have time to build an email campaign, and to an extent you might be right. the boat may have sailed on this one. you don't have a list of ten, twenty, thirty thousand people that you can reach. but if you don't start now, you're still not going to get started and may as well start now, when you've got increased customers and increase sales. this is the time to start building out your email campaigns, maybe even for next year, or, more importantly, start building out your email campaign so that the customers that you earn now will become lifetime customers because you've already started.