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Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing the life of Fernando, a seafood processor working in Alaska. We will delve into his journey and the reasons for his move to Alaska.


- Fernando came to Alaska to change his life for the better.

- He was tired of the crime and killings in his hometown of Stockton, California.

- He works as a seafood processor, putting fish in the freezer racks.

- He processes almost 100 racks a day.

- Fernando lost his mother, father, and two brothers, and is trying to do good in life.

- He believes that people in Stockton need help and urges viewers to donate.

- He has a big heart and wants to help others.

- He wants to get a patent to build cars and help comedians around the world.

- He believes in Jesus Christ and positive thinking.

Fernando's story is one of determination and hope. Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, he continues to work hard and strive for a better future. His positive attitude and desire to help others are truly inspiring. Let us all take a page from Fernando's book and work towards making the world a better place.

The Proof Is Out There: UFO SPOTTED ON U.S. MILITARY BASE (Season 2)

In September 2018, a video surfaced showing a triangular UFO hovering above the deck of the carrier USS Ford in the Mediterranean Sea. This caused quite a stir, with some speculating that the US military was working with extraterrestrial allies. However, upon closer examination, it was revealed to be a hoax.


- The US military has a black budget of around 50 billion dollars per year for research and covert operations.

- Historically, UFOs have been seen in certain shapes, including cigar, saucer, and triangle.

- The Iranian state media declared the video proof that the US is plotting with aliens to take over the world.

- Forensic video analyst Mick West noticed that the shadows in the video were at the wrong angle, and the object jiggled around due to improper motion tracking.

- The object in the video looked identical to a toy model kit of what is called the tr-3b.

While the idea of the US military working with aliens may be intriguing, this particular video was proven to be a hoax. It is important to be skeptical of viral videos and to carefully examine the evidence before drawing any conclusions. Exploiting hoaxes for information warfare can sow mistrust and anger towards the military.

Pod 54 - Car buying, live from eBay

Smith and Sniff: Dead People's Bargains

In this week's episode of Smith and Sniff, Johnny and Richard talk about cars and specifically about dead people's bargain cars. They discuss a super cheap Audi A2 in brown that is up for auction and the potential issues with it. They also share stories about previous car owners and their experiences.

Points discussed:

- The super cheap Audi A2 in brown that is up for auction

- Potential issues with the car such as an engine fault and low tire pressure

- The importance of keeping tire pressures in check

- The connoisseur's appeal of the Audi A2

- Johnny's experience of being contacted by the previous owner of his Porsche 911

- The modifications done by the previous owner of Johnny's Porsche 911 such as adding proper paddle shifters and putting grills on the front

- The regret of selling a car and the desire to know that it's being taken care of

- The potential issues with buying a car from someone with negative feedback on eBay

- Richard's experience of selling a full Granada low rider to a buyer from Seattle

- The importance of maintaining cars and fixing issues before they become bigger problems

In conclusion, Smith and Sniff discuss the importance of maintaining cars and buying from reputable sellers. They also highlight the appeal of buying a dead person's bargain car and the potential hidden gems that can be found. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for car enthusiasts and owners alike.

Apollo Miner / Earn 5% Daily / Free 10 BUSD / George Stamp Audit / Defi Club Degen Series

- Welcome to Defy Club, a crypto channel focused on exploring passive income opportunities.

- Please like and subscribe to the channel, and click the notification bell to stay updated.

- Defy Club recently partnered with Wolfi, a project focused on making trading more secure.

- Today, we'll be discussing the Apollo Miner as part of our DGen series.

Apollo Miner:

- The DGen series focuses on riskier, high-reward protocols.

- Apollo Miner promises 5% daily and a 10 free BUSD airdrop when you deposit 50 USD.

- The white paper explains that 1% of each purchase and sale is transferred to the time pool contract, with lottery-style rewards given out.

- There is a commission of 7% for every purchase, with 5% going to developer commission, 1% to the pool lottery, and 1% to partner fees.

- Different strategies can be used to compound earnings over 4-16 days.

- There is an ambassador program for those interested in referrals.

- The project is George Stamp approved with a score of 73/100.

- Fees are considered high, but overall the project is worth considering.

- Do your research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

- Always consider the various factors when evaluating a project.

- Check out the Telegram group for more information and to connect with developers.

- Defy Club offers giveaways, wireless spots, and airdrops for the projects we have teams for.

- Don't invest more than you can afford to lose, and thanks for watching.

Patrick Karim - Silver Stock Opportunities FOUND in the Long Term Charts

Music and Long-Term Trading Opportunities

In this article, we will discuss long-term trading opportunities in the music industry and explore the importance of analyzing trends on a macro level.

Main Points:

- Long-term trading requires reducing noise and analyzing macro-driven trends.

- Precious metals and silver have been outperforming the Dow Jones ratio and could be a good investment opportunity.

- Kirkland Lake Gold is an example of a stock that has seen explosive growth over the years.

- Technical analysis and frameworks like stage analysis can help traders hold on to stocks for the long-term.

- Emotions can play a significant role in trading and it's important to have a plan and stick to it.

Long-term trading opportunities exist in various industries, including music. To make the most of these opportunities, traders need to analyze macro trends, reduce noise, and have a solid plan in place. Technical analysis and frameworks like stage analysis can help traders stay focused and avoid emotional decision-making.

Level1 News June 1 2021: Swipe Right for Hot Vaccine Action

In this article, we will be discussing various tech news and updates from different parts of the world. From music to orange soda, we have got it all covered. So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of technology.

1. Orange Soda Treats:

- Another package of orange soda has arrived, which someone won in an engagement challenge.

- The soda was sourced from viewers who sent in various types of orange sodas.

- Morgan, a liquor store owner, reviewed and rated the soda samples.

- Publix brand and Big K were the favorites.

2. Amazon and the Government:

- DC Attorney General has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon.

- Amazon spent $50,000 on lobbying for its subsidiary, Blue Origin, which is worth $10 billion.

- The close relationship between the government and businesses raises concerns about corruption.

3. Cybersecurity Regulations for Pipelines:

- DHS is the first to issue cybersecurity regulations for pipelines after the Colonial hack.

- TSA will be in charge of the pipelines, which raises concerns about government overreach.

4. Federal Reserve and Digital Payment Systems:

- Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome H. Powell, outlines the Federal Reserve's response to technological advances driving rapid change in the global payments landscape.

- The Fed coin may lead to top-down control of the digital payment system, which goes against the freedom-oriented nature of cryptocurrencies.

5. White House and Dating Apps:

- The White House is partnering with dating apps to get more people vaccinated.

- The partnership aims to encourage people to get vaccinated by providing incentives and discounts.

6. Florida's Unique Approach:

- Florida has taken a unique approach to the current situation, which has caused controversy.

- Florida has decided to fine social media companies that bar political candidates from posting.

- This decision applies to journalists as well as political candidates.

- The state has also required Uber and Lyft drivers to transition to electric cars by 2030.

The world of technology is ever-evolving, and it is essential to stay updated with the latest news and updates. From orange soda treats to government overreach, we have covered various topics in this article. It is crucial to keep an open mind and understand the implications of these technological advancements.

Earn $14,357.61 With FREE Ads SECRET TRICK | Make Money Online With Ads

Are you tired of doing surveys and watching videos to earn a little extra cash online? Do you want to take your income to the next level and make significant profits? If so, then stay tuned because I've got you covered. In this article, I'm going to reveal a secret trick that many entrepreneurs have been using for a long time to earn over fourteen thousand dollars with free ads, without needing to invest a single dollar. Not only am I going to reveal it, but I'm also going to walk you through the entire process one step at a time.

If you're interested in making some serious money online, this article is for you. In this tutorial, we're going to cover a new way you can earn over fourteen thousand dollars with free ads, without needing to invest a single dollar.

Steps to Make Money Online:

1. Connect to SiteLike.org: This tool is going to prove tremendously helpful for our initiative to drive traffic. We're going to take advantage of the affiliate marketing business model. Once you're on the website, type in classifiedads.com, and it will display a full list of over 75 different websites that you can actually post ads on for absolutely free.

2. Choose the Marketing Jobs Category: Once you're on classifiedads.com, go over to the jobs section and click on the marketing jobs category.

3. Post an Ad for Free: Click on the post an ad for free button and add a title and description. To provide them with a description, take a screenshot of the landing page of the product you want to promote.

4. Choose the Right Product to Promote: Go over to digistore24.com, an affiliate marketplace that provides you with all sorts of products that you can promote for absolutely free. Choose a product that pays you between 100 and 400 dollars per sale.

5. Shorten Your Link: Instead of pasting the long link, use bitly.com to shorten your link.

6. Switch Things Up: If you see that a product in a particular niche works better for you than another, stick to promoting the product that generates more money for you.

In conclusion, making money online can be easy if you follow these simple steps. By posting free ads on multiple websites, driving traffic to your affiliate link, and choosing the right product to promote, you can earn over fourteen thousand dollars without investing a single dollar. Start making money today and leave your reviews in the comment section below.

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