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dan dasilva dropshipping

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Im sorry

hey there and my name is dan. for those of you that don't remember, those of you that don't recall, i know i've been away for a year, but this video is very much needed and more so, an apology to everybody that, more than anything, kind of looked up to me and and whatnot. so i'm just going to get right into it because i don't want to bore you. i don't know how long this video is going to be, but i think the i know the reason why i'm making this subconsciously is because i want to, more than anything, uh, kind of let people in on stuff they didn't see, and more than anything is to just let other individuals on the same journey know that they probably aren't alone. so let's go back to a year when the last video i made on this partikular channel- you'll notike that i was like super, super, super skinny and just looked malnourished- i mean, just just to give it to you straight, not even sugar coating it- i had to go to rehab. um, i was heavily addicted. i'm not going to mention my doc, my drug of choice, but it was man. it was a journey and the reason why i state this is because you need to understand everything behind it and i finally feel comfortable enough to tok about it because of how well i've been progressing through um, through sobriety, i guess that's the best way to put it. so a lot of people started to kind of notike that i wasn't posting anymore. i wasn't on, you know, instagram, i wasn't on twitter, i wasn't on youtube. i kind of just like fell off the face of the earth right. and let me tell you something is this was this past year and a half, almost two years, was probably the most eye opening, the, the hardest and, if anything, the most heartbreaking time for me, not because of what i, what i put myself through, but because of what i put everybody else through, and so i actually want to tok about that. so you'll notike that i don't own my cars anymore. um, you know the original, the original, you know watch collection, that i had the ap, the rolex, the richard. um, i liquidated all that, liquidated all my cars, and and i, i made a series of bad decisions and bad choices that led to my main company- everybody- pretty much just just quitting because i wasn't present and and obviously, bills kept coming in. bills didn't stop- um, they're still employee expenses and i wasn't advertised, i wasn't doing anything. so the company went belly up, um, and, and that is that is a hundred percent my fault, that is one billion percent my fault and i apologize to you know, all, all the employees that you know were were working for this incredible company and i take full responsibility because, at the end of the day, i didn't just affect people that were, you know, depending on me to support them, um, but it was, uh, a lot more of. you know their families and whatnot, and i know a lot of these individuals are, you know, not usa-based, they don't have a lot of privilege, and i think that's, uh, that's really what you know gets to me still to this day is that their, their source of dependency, failed them, um, and so i i do take responsibility for that and i do apologize. also, during the era of of, when i really shop dfy, um, this was like the peak of it, and when i say the peak of it, i mean the peak of the actual um addiction, where i would uh, man, i would just be all day sleeping and then at night, just up doing what i did. uh, some some weeks i'd stay up for like three days in a row, four days in a row and the long-term health implications. now that i look at it, it's it's pretty horrendous. i probably cut my life span by a third or even half at this point, um. and so you know those individuals that were in shop dfy, that was, that was my biggest mistake, not because i couldn't operate it, because i was incapable of operating it because of my cause, because of my addiction. and then i went to- i went to rehab during it as well, um, and i entrusted the company into somebody- i won't mention his name, but you know, great friend, great person. but i put somebody who wasn't trained in operating anything to operate an entire operation at that scale. and so that's when, you know, i actually stopped allowing new individuals coming into the agency and i just couldn't single-handedly manage it, nor could i single-handedly create the operations and systems needed in place to properly, uh, to properly make it all run profitably at that point, so that that completely collapsed. and, um, and we reached out to all the clients, and when i say we, one of my best friends, actually my best friend- uh, he, he didn't have, you know, much, much money or anything at the time, and so what he decided to do was he decided to take what he had, gather other funds as well and basically acquire all the assets that i built, which also included acquiring the debt. so, and the reason why he did this is because the assets that i've built previously- email lists, sites, uh, whatever it was- those could still be salvageable, so it was a distressed asset. so that also meant taking over the debt. so, you know, aside from taking over the debt, um, he went out there with, with the funds that he raised and allocated to acquire it, uh, the, the company that i pretty much was tanking. um, he went out and reached out to um if i, if i recall every single client, and um, you know, kind of basically said: hey, um, you know, this is the, this is a settlement agreement, here's, here's money, etc. uh, we apologize, yada, yada. and i was, i was so, i was so embarrassed i didn't even get on any of these settlement calls. it was just, it's just such an embarrassing moment, um, to like to, to just admit failure to people that trusted you enough and and and that hurts, but at the end of the day, i have to face reality, kind of say it like it is: i, i failed because of my actions and it, and it hurt a lot of people. i lost a lot of friends, um, friends that i thought would be there to help me at my lowest weren't there. there was only one friend and and he, you know he's, he's literally my best friend. he was the only one that truly went out there and and, uh, took the action to help. so he contacted my parents and then my dad sat me down. he was like listen, i know, i know what's going on now. anthony told me everything and i was just like, well, cat's out of the bag. and again, he didn't have to come in and and i know my dad, even though till this day i don't think he'll say it, but my dad definitely helped with the funding of, of, kind of acquiring my assets from anthony's side, and i'm, you know, i'm, i'm forever grateful for that. there's there's no if ands or buts about it. and after rehab i came out and immediately, it didn't even take an hour of being home- i i immediately relapsed and- and we're not toking about alcohol either, you know, even though alcohol is a pretty, is a, is a pretty big addiction. it would, it was harder drugs. um, and yeah, i i immediately relapsed. i wasted no time. i am made my way out against medical advice, uh, so meaning i didn't finish rehab. i was like i'm out of here, i'm done, um, and that that clearly stated that i wasn't ready. but after that, uh, it went. it went on a few months and, as a matter of fact, the drug abuse got worse, believe it or not. i went to rehab and i thought, hey, you know, i can do this on my own. i came out and it was just, it was it amplified, it was just so much. it was so much more catastrophic than i thought, um, than than i thought it was at the time. and, like, looking back at it now, i don't, the progression, the aggressive progression, was just immense. i i don't know how i let myself get to that point. and so it came to. it came to a final uh, like cross in the road, if you will, where i realized that every single time i was using, which was every day, i felt like garbage, like i felt like i was legitimately there. there was literally some nights where i would be in bed with my heart just like just going at a million miles an hour, where i'm like, well, like this is, this is pretty much it, um, and there was, there's many nights like that and it also was due to, you know, paranoia, anxiety, um, because of, because of the use, and so i there was something in my there, was something in my head that just flipped a switch, an.

Shopify Did Me Dirty (& $1.85m With No Course Strategy)

Shopify did me real dirty, and I'm about to show you exactly what I mean. but before I do, first things first. this isn't anything negative about Shopify, even though I just said that they did Me Pretty Dirty. there's no, you know, hard feelings or animosity. it is what it is. and I get it back in 2016, 2017, they were riding their high horse but, as I predicted, they don't have a moat around their company. so now we see that they're not, you know, kind of doing well. so before I go ahead and start this, what I want to let everybody know is: it's very interesting how you can actually make money with courses without ever having to charge for a course. as a matter of fact, I was able to make well over a million dollars in about two- uh, two weeks or so, two and a half weeks- by actually giving away free courses. but how did I do it? it's going to be really interesting to watch, and I'm gonna break down the funnel. I'm even going to show you everything. I'm going to show you the statistiks. I want to show you and give you, uh, the funnel itself- how it worked, what I did, all of that- and I hope this helps somebody out there watching it and why am I doing this? uh, I have this new philosophy for 2023 that I just want to share as much valuable information as I possibly can this year, um, and just give back. and I wish somebody was there when I first got started almost 10 years ago- uh, well, 10 years ago- showing me information like this. so, first thing is, first, I'm going to hide this information, or this user, because he used to work for Shopify and well, he's the one who basically said, yeah, the higher ups want to give you the boot. so this basically started with: why am I getting kicked out as an affiliate? and, long story short, they gave me this run around where they didn't want people selling lifestyle content, but then I went in and said, what about Tai Lopez? so, again, there's a reason why they wanted me off is because of the lawsuit that I was involved with. so that's the real reason they wanted me off. but before then, I'll tell you exactly how I made so much money. but just to give you the background story, why I never ran with this um further is because I couldn't nor did I care. I actually gave the funnel to Scott Hills and, uh, I was toking to Seb about it and showed him all the stats that you're about to see as well. I said: why did I get kicked as an affiliate trying to figure out what went wrong? one of the high up affiliate managers says I'm trying to understand what's going on. long story short, they said they don't want any get rich lifestyle content anymore. it's a big thing. so they said to change stuff. I changed stuff. they said: well, it means they don't want any cars when promoting. okay, well, dang that, that stinks. I see so many people doing that already. so I got a list of a bunch of things. as an example, they said: Hey, in this video, the one where I said how I bought a Lamborghini by 22.. I had a link to my Shopify referral in the description and they were like: yeah, we don't want that. this content is not what we want to associate with. again, just the irony because of what's out there now, right? so again, I said okay, I'll start removing stuff. and then they told me you have to start taking down the videos that are like that. and then I say the problem with taking down the videos is that it ruins the audience I built for AdWords. the reply was: your choice. like what? so then it's so I think your decision is about getting into shopify's good graces or not. so then I brought up because Ty Lopez at the time was he was the biggest thing and he was promoting Shopify very heavily as well. and then I get again. it's just one video, as they said. it's the overall tone of the person. again they're saying: yeah, we don't want you again saying: you're one of the bigger guys at the top, so you can't go that aggressive. but at this point it was me, Fred lamb, Adrian Morrison, uh, and just a few other individuals. but again, I could see their point and then I decided: you know what? I won't be a part of the partner program. I'm going to bow out because I'm not going to change what I'm doing in order to appease a company that other people are doing the same exact content for, but I'm the one getting penalized for it. I was like I don't, I don't really care, and that was a big income stream that was taken away, unfortunately. however, now- which brings me back to how I ended up making a lot of money between Shopify and what I constructed. for those of you that have been around long enough, you guys know that I had what I called my 90-day e-commerce challenge. now, what this was- let me show you and then I'll dive into the statistiks- was this: I said: hey guys, go ahead and sign up for a free 90-day Ecom challenge. it's completely free, it's, of course, 90 days, you'll learn this, etc. etc. so people would sign up, but the thank you page- what would happen here? but once they opted in, it would tell them: hey, in order to get access to this course, you would need to sign up to Shopify, a free trial account, where I actually partnered with a few buddies, cycled their affiliate links. some of them were actually even getting CPAs, which is very interesting, because I know a few people now, the people at the top. the reason why they're doing these free courses and whatnot is because they're actually getting paid a flat rate of anywhere from like 150 to 250 for somebody signing up. it's not 30 of how much they're spending on their membership. rather it's a flat rate. and I was able to kind of finesse something like this a while ago, so a long while ago, again, through not me. so I was getting paid up front for a trial- somebody who went ahead and signed up to Shopify, and if they went through their trial and then upgraded their account. it would be a- I think it was like 175, but something like that. um, after the split with the individual that I was dealing with, uh, and also I have send Lane- and Jimmy is Jimmy who owns Sun Lanes, a very good friend and he wanted users, specifically e-commerce users that stuck that were good users. so he just did a round of funding and he raised multiple millions and he got approval to essentially work out a deal with me. I worked out, you know. I said, hey, Jimmy, is there some possible way that I could incorporate inside of the 90-day trial and maybe I get a CPA? whatever it is, it would be great, just if they sign up on a free trial, no credit card needed. I think it was um, Etc. so he agreed, we worked out a deal again. this was also beneficial on who you know. so between between these two, I was getting over two hundred dollars for people signing up to two free things. so, right there, that's two hundred dollars that I would make just for them signing up to two specific uh softwares. now here's the thing: people saying: well, I can't do this. well, actually, you can, and this is something very interesting and I'll tell you how we made even more money where the big money came in. but, um, before I do, that a lot of people don't realize is that companies that get funded- you can find them on tikCrunch, Etc- and what do they need? they need to grow. they need to spend their money to acquire more customers. if you have an audience, if you have some sort of the funnel email list- whatever- you can actually approach them like companies on product hunt. or if you look on tikCrunch, you can see how much money they've raised. you could send them an email and say, hey, I have this, this and that I would love to go ahead and work with you on an affiliate basis, on a free trial affiliate basis or a CPA basis, capped. what that means is you could say to them: hey, I'll send you a thousand free trial users, but each user I want fifteen dollars. for whether or not they sign up for the paid plan is not your fault. you should provide good quality users that do like the service. but again, if they don't, it's not necessarily your fault, but you still get that fifteen thousand. a lot of people don't know this. it's CPA and a lot of these fresh tik companies that are funded, need customers, so again take a look at something like uh morning Brew or these app co.

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Dan Dasilva | Simplify Podcast w/ Scott Hilse Ep.144

hello everybody and welcome to the simplify podcast. my name is Scott hilsey. now this podcast is brought to you by myself. if you would like a free trial of Shopify, as well as a free Shopify course in which I will teach you how to build, launch and advertise your very own Ecommerce store completely for free. I literally have nothing to sell you, and that course used to be 500 and now I'm just giving it away. so go to simplified dropshippingcom to claim those offers and support this podcast by supporting yourself and starting your very first e-commerce store today. now on to the podcast. danda Silva, in the house we made it. there's so much to tok about. there's so much to catch up on. you've been doing so much. you said there's no, there's no limits to this podcast and what you're. well, there's one thing that we want to tok about, but besides that, there's nothing else that you don't want to tok about. I think one of the things that I've wanted to ask you since I picked you up at the airport just a few minutes ago is: uh, why did Kanye West post a text message? why are you texting Kanye West and why did he screenshot them? post on a story? um, I guess there's two things we can't tok about. uh, yeah, let's, uh, let's skip. okay, skip that one. uh, yeah, okay, I was wondering, because you posted it on your story too. yeah, um, but you just can't give the details about what's going on. Kanye's going crazy, Kanye's, Kanye, yeah, so well, you're going crazy too. absolutely, yeah, absolutely. I'm blonde right now. yeah, that should tell you. that should tell you everything in a voice memory you sent me a while ago. you're like, it's a never a good sign when someone goes, it's never, it's like a midlife crisis, but I'm too young to be having a midlife crisis. how old are you? 26. I don't know why I have to think about that. you're younger than me. I just turned 27.. really, yeah, when's your birthday? September 21st, December 5th? yeah, so you're older than me. I would not have thought that. I thought you're like one year older than me. no, no, I'm definitely not 27. no, I'm 26.. I was on 1995.. I was in 1995: 95 babies, that's crazy. so, yeah, so, yeah, yeah, you are older. well, I mean, I bet there's some people who's watching this who don't know you, but I'll bet most people do, but you were the guy who basically brought the information of Drop Shipping onto YouTube. yeah, you're I. I was in, I was about to go bus at a restaurant around here and I looked up. I found out about Drop Shipping through Tai Lopez and I YouTube. what is Drop Shipping? he had like a guide on how to build a Drop Shipping Store and that video is like one of your biggest videos. I think you removed it now, though, right, yeah, I moved like pretty much everything. yeah, what, what made you like remove everything? um, I realized that, uh, first off. so there were so many people that came onto this, to the scene and, um, you know there's, there's nothing wrong, remember Rory and and whatnot? uh, no, that's one guy I never saw, so he was. he blew up like crazy, um, and he just kind of disappeared too. there's so many people that, uh, that just started off in the Drop Shipping, you know scene, teaching people blew up and just kind of faded away. but I also notiked a trend where so many people started creating like content and whatnot, where it essentially drowned me out, and then I realized something: Creator burnout, like as a Creator as well, it it hits, um, and then again the, the content started getting washed down, like mine, like, started getting pushed down where I was like, okay, I'm like other people are taking the torch, now it's time for me to just do something else. right, went to you know a different form of of Drop Shipping, like mrr and all that. but you know the courses- like selling courses, ran its course. um, no pun intended, yeah, uh, and you know, I just went quiet because I want, wanted to. I realized that I wasn't necessarily A Creator anymore. I wanted to do something bigger. yeah, I wanted to learn because it's a means to an end Drop Shipping, it's good money. and meanwhile, uh, I got started Drop Shipping. I sold mugs. it was like an infringe product. I didn't know about like infringe and whatnot when I first got started. but, um, the reason why I even went to YouTube was because that was how I taught myself so in the very beginning was I would learn the information, keep recording these videos over and over and over again until I retained the info where I was confident enough to put it out there. so, like, like the diagram was, uh, my friend Dan Buchan at the time. he, uh, I was like, okay, like learning everything as I went, but I also regurgitated it out. yeah, because here's the thing is that, uh, you know, at this point I knew more than the average person to be able to regurgitate it out, but I wouldn't put something out unless I was doing it and confident enough and, like you know, very simple stuff. um, and then later on came, like, the ads, tutorials and all that. once I started getting going, but I was under, there was under 1.2 million advertisers on Facebook when I got started. damn, what year was that? uh, 20, 2014, 2015.. um, yeah, it was one of those. because I should. I should have graduated 2014, but I dropped out, dropped out of high school, yeah, bam, get out of here. no way. yeah, what made you drop out of high school? they wanted me to, they wanted me to be a super senior. because I wouldn't show up, I sold. I sold a lot of drugs, early entrepreneurship, absolutely- and I, you know, um, I was great, great friends with my principal, Miss Brooks. She's an amazing human. she always, you know, vouched for me, like, went up to bat for me, but she wasn't stupid. did you ever buy drugs from you? not yet. well, wait, wait, pause, I don't sell drugs. so, um, uh, yeah, so she never did. but you know, I live with my best friend. at the time I was emancipated, essentially, oh, yeah. and when? how old were you when that happened? uh, 17, 6, 16 or seven? was it just because the drug dealing, all that? no, it's because, um, I left home. so, God, here's the backstory. ready for this? yeah, so my, uh, my stepdad, as I know, is like my dad. I mean, he's my father. that I know from birth. uh, I never met my real dad, but over the years, um, I, uh I kind of was always with my family, like my mom's side, in regards to celebrating everything like Christmas, my birthday, Easter, always, always my, my dad, uh, his religion, he was a Jehovah's Witness, is Jehovah's Witness. so over the years, uh, my mom, you know, went ahead and started to get converted to that side, so like the age of 13, 14 maybe, um, like around that time, uh, it was just kind of like cold turkey, cut off from my family because the belief system didn't believe in birthdays or anything. so I went from every holiday, birthday, every celebrate, like don't believe in anything, not dude, nothing, don't have one celebration of anything. no, Jehovah day, no, it's, it's uh, um, it's uh, it's called the memorial, like the celebration of, uh, of, of, like God and it's his passing, you know, or excuse me, Jesus, and his passing, um. so, again, it was just. it was a very hard time period. this was also me leaving Middle School into high school. I had no friends, like literally had. no, I had no friends whatsoever. I would always be the kid eating like Alone, um, you know, by like the doors. but, uh, were you one of the kids that sprinted to lunch too, like nah, okay, good, okay, no, it wasn't, it wasn't that bad. um, they get out of hand, all right, um, so, so, uh, you know me not having any friends and then getting cut off for from like family events and all that when my best friend was essentially my cousin, Chris. um, shout out, Chris, you know, yeah, shout out Chris. uh, you know, it was. it was so hard. and then I was like, okay, uh, I knew my stepdad when he was younger. he, uh, he, you know, kind of dabbled with anabolics, right, so, anabolic steroids, oh, nice, so, oh, nice, um. so I was like, screw it, I want to dabble with some anabolic steroids at like 14, 15 years old and I ran a cyclone, 14, 15 years old. um, how did that make you feel like in general, like like a god amongst men, did you get super jacked? so yeah, it's very, I mean it like it does my body harm. now I could, I could tell you.


ZERO To $100k+ In 30 Days Shopify Dropshipping w/ Dan Dasilva!

[Music] is with youichi for me. [Music]. [Music]. what's up there, business? welcome back to the channel. so look who were with today: man the myth, the legend himself and the band. so honey, right here, be sure, of course, follow him on all social media platforms. everything will be linked down below ease. this guide is crushing it, and you guys see the title: that's a pretty big price figure in a short period of time. you're probably wondering how is that possible? so we're gonna dive into that a little bit. let Dan go tok all about e-commerce, because that's what you do, of course, along with watchful are things. but will let you get into a little bit of that. and of course, we're joined here with Kieran, so we're gonna be doing all this stuff. so what? let's get into a little bit. so tok a little bit by yourself some of what you do. how you started sounds good, right? so my name is Dan Basilica. those of you that don't know me. I run an operate very successful e-commerce businesses. it specifically dropshipping businesses. we're veteran into actual in Houston fulfillment now, but I made a ton of money still making a ton of money drop shipping products from like Aliexpress. the hu gave banggood so many differently. you know suppliers out there and I got my start cuz I actually need a pair of parents back, for I got in a little trouble. I need to pay them back fifty thousand dollars. we didn't know. yeah, it was a lot of trouble and I didn't know. you know, at this point in my life I wasn't really sure how to pay him back, since I dropped out of school and I have no debris or anything. found the warrior, okay. it was like this internet marketing forum all day, okay, how people make you money, all right. then I saw and then I felt people toking about e-commerce, yeah. so I linked up with some kid in Israel and we actually played a game of FIFA and then we were like: you know what you're selling? you're selling you this on on a form, on a certain form, you're selling services, and he had money but he can't move the money because of geographical where he was, and I think it was 14 years old, oh. so I was like, oh, just, that happens and I know about this business model called the drop should be. so our first month that we tried it, we did very, very well. we did six figures in the first month. so I got shoes, so so I will say that there was a little bit of luck went into that, obviously giving, yeah, another first month. it was, like you know, a home run, but the first two stores that we tried in the first month failed. a third store was that home run. so now we are where I am today, going out there and creating- I don't miss the game. a FIFA game changed your life. oh, absolutely holy boy. okay, so proceeding from there. so you started to find some success with dropshipping. you're like this is kind of fun, you know, you don't know nothing's on at that point when he's falling down, the same exactly, heck, yeah. so did you see how? I was like scalable and they're like: okay, how can I grow this? I did so around two years ago or so. you can literally put anything up online and run a Facebook app and it would sell like it would just sell six, seven figures in the long term. seven figures in the long-term, but six figures with him to give a month. it was super, super easy. nowadays it's not. it's not as easy to just throw something up, put up a Facebook ad, Amir, selling, so, exactly. so the market adapted to, people started to really understand what drop shipping wasn't. it can go to a different source and get it for a different price. so then you start to kind of have to have to develop around the market. I mean, you have to start using, you know, different sales tikniques. you'd have to start pricing the products differently, having to start building outpost sale sequences, and I started to really have to learn about that because it wasn't like smooth sailing, wasn't? the first month made a lot of money and then all the way up until now I made a lot of money, you know it was more. so, ok, made this much money until this amount of time, like it worked until this point. and then I had to kind of refigure out what the market wanted, give them different products, and not every single product was created equally gotcha. so that's why it's so important, like that's why it'll help a lot if you have your niche and you like know something inside and out, that'll give that upper edge. you need to compete with competition because it's fierce out there and you need that leg up. so if you can have that by having more knowledge in the industry, having better marketing tactiks, you know there's- you just got to do something to level up above everyone else else. what you're toking about that over there, it's mainly adopter dog that points it the mindset outside of your gap. learn what works or you fade away. because if you're still thinking that you can go out there and list a single product on a store and want a facebook out to it and there you go, you'll be a millionaire tomorrow morning. you're gonna learn the hard way that it's. it's it's not quite that easy, all right, yeah, maybe back then you could have done it, but I guess that's the sexy side things people see. the big number is all the cool things. I god, this is easy, but no, it does take a lot of work. they come, the concept may be easy to understand, but the backend of it is. so, speaking of big numbers, let's address with this video, all right, so what I want to tok about that? so this is a brand new store that I created, and it's more so without trying to reveal exactly the needs before everybody starts flooding it. yeah, I did this one time when, when, way back when, I released that I was going into the gaming niche and in three months we destroyed me like 400,000 selling gaming mice and keyboards and the next thing you know was after that certain month period, everybody started creating a gaming store because I was documenting the entire pool. so I'm very, very lightly as to how much I reveal and what me shaman, but basically what I did was I found. I found another app, okay, and it was an ad that was running and, just to give you an idea, it was in the fitness marketplace, okay. so some- and actually I maybe you've seen these apps, but you know those app vibrator thing, yeah, yeah. so I saw somebody selling: now how's it? okay, this is interesting. now it's not. it's not. I'm not selling that. what I'm selling is they had different products on their store and they were. they're selling a lot of different products on there. so I start to go through and there's like this little thing that you can do with Java flash stores at the end of the website is, if you just add bestsellers, like a certain line of code, it will show you all their bestsellers. so I went through their bestseller when I took the top three and it was all different nations. so it was a store that was just kind of selling different stuff. and this is a generic store like this, on how its laid out is, you put a bunch of products on there and you start advertising to it and then you see which one sells the best and then you take that product and move it over to a little weird. that's. that's how that works, but if I can go ahead and find that type of store without needing to run it on my own. but they did all the hard work for me. yes, yesterday I took their top three built out stores in. the most important part and how I'm actually making money here is the upsells. so the upsells and post-sales tea houses, I break even. actually, I think a little bit of a loss on the initial product for this: 100, 200, yes, toking about that. so the initial coccyx: 1012 dollars, depending on the variant that you want. but I'll end up paying like 15 to 18 dollars for the sale which I'm fine with. tiknically, I lose money. he's losing my buzz. it's all in the other making money exactly. so a lot of people play the short-term game where they want to make that one sale and then that's it right. so if, when you start getting those customers in- and I told you this before - literally just the basis of what I can give to anybody is, if you have customers coming into your store, you can at l.

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | Real 7 Figure Results (Complete A Z Blueprint 2021)

what is up, guys? welcome to the best shopify drop shipping tutorial that you'll ever watch. as a matter of fact, here's just some results right in front of your face, learning exactly what you're going to be watching throughout this entire tutorial. this partikular store went on to make over a million dollars in under two weeks from one of the experts that i am bringing on to teach you, and this partikular store right over here is one of my partners as well, and he's been able to generate, on the front end alone, 579 thousand dollars with this one partikular store that we have, which is absolutely incredible, and you're gonna learn everything that we do. nothing left out to be go out there and be building these type of businesses. so let me just quickly tell you, before we dive into the meat and potatoes, is that the goal of what i'm doing this year is very important and i hope that you support. this is i'm bringing on unknown e-commerce experts that are in the trenches every day, generating millions of dollars every year, but they don't have what's known as social clout, meaning that they're not famous on platforms because they're in the trenches working day by day, and that's why i took a year off of youtube is to work with very closely, learn from and just retain a lot of this information upon the e-commerce skills that i had, and not going out there and trying to be one of these youtubers that don't necessarily know what they're toking about now. with that being said, i can't wait to hear about your results. let's just hop in to the core training and let's get started. hey everyone, dan da silva here and welcome to anarchy ecom. this is the best shopify drop shipping course on youtube, made by real dropshippers, and the best part about this tutorial is that not only am i going to go ahead and input what i've learned over the last few years, but i've also created a little conglomerate known as the tribe, and they are underground e-commerce experts that do millions of dollars a year, and specifically one of the tribe members here today- his name is kyle russell. he has gone out there and literally made a million and a half dollars in 14 days- very recently actually- and we're going to actually show you how this business runs and operates, so you can learn how to go ahead and operate the drop shipping model for yourself as well. not only that, you're going to learn the real way to do it, but why should you listen to us, while some very well-known industry experts have started out with me and one of my partikular programs or have been trained by me and have evolved on their own as well. so you are in great, great hands. a lot of these youtubers and instagram influencers that you see now have, in part, gone ahead and passed through one of my programs that have been released in just the last six years alone. now, i'm not saying every single one, but a vast majority of them have. so why anarchy econ? why did i name it like this? well, there's people out there who try and rule the e-commerce space right now and they call themselves the king or the queen of e-commerce, but the truth is they give you wash down information or- and here's a secret- they don't want you to know the ad accounts or the actual store themselves. they have never owned them personally. so, when it comes down to actually operating and running the stores, we do this on a day-to-day basis. we're in the trenches every single day- myself, bagan koslov, one of my partners, and kyle russell, another one of my partners, for multiple different businesses that we run. so we are in the trenches every single day doing this. so you're learning factual information that works from individuals that are in the trenches every single day. so what you're going to learn here today? so you're going to learn the exact mindset you need before you get started now. here's the thing i know a lot of people will say: dan, i don't want to learn mindset, i want to get right into the nitty gritty. well, mindset is more than half of the battle. as a matter of fact, if you go and tok to any single business owner that is relatively successful and ask them what's the number one factor to your success, they're not going to tell you a strategy, they're not going to tell you a secret little three-step process that they use. no, they're going to tell you it starts with how they think and how they process and their thought patterns. right, because that, in the end, is what makes a true winner. and i'll get more on this later, but i don't want to harp on this too much. but i want to set you up and your foundation for success. i want to start it there because it's like i always say to everybody: getting started. try building a house in thin air. well, you can't. you need a foundation, just like building a business. it's like a house. you can't build it in thin air. you need a foundation, and your foundation is how you think, and you're going to learn the proper foundation to finding winning products and what i call the magic formula. you're also going to learn how to construct your first e-commerce store for sky-high conversions. you're going to learn creating proper structure in your store. we're toking about email sequences, text message sequences, order flow for tracking and fulfillment, live chat, etc. so you're going to be learning a lot when it comes down to properly structuring your store. you're going to learn creating your first creatives for your ads and how to do that as well. you're also going to learn creating and structuring your first ad account and a testing strategy called the product mayhem strategy, which allows you to find winning products rapidly and, more specifically, what you should be looking for, and not only that. we have scaling the million dollars in one month campaign structure and how to effortlessly execute with low budgets. so three reasons you should watch till the end. this system, this strategy that we're going to be teaching you here today in step by step format, stands the test of time now. i've been doing this for years and i can tell you right now this is by far one of the- if not the best- exact step-by-step strategy for you to follow to launching your first successful shopify drop shipping business. but not only that, since there's multiple of us here and we're going ahead and creating one massive video for you, there's no reason why, with multiple different brains in one video, not just me telling you: hey, this is the only way you get multiple different people telling you exactly what works at their skill level, which i went ahead and look for the best individuals at their skill level to go ahead and bring on and teach you. so it's not just one-sided and it's not just me telling you what i think works. rather, i'm going getting the best experts so i can even learn from them as well, and you can at the same exact time. so all of us have done over seven figures in sales online, and collectively, the tribe has been doing this for well over 10 years, if you take all of our combined experience and go ahead and kind of package it all up into one. so those are the three reasons why you should be listening to us now. this is not get rich quick. if you think this is going to make you a millionaire overnight, you should probably go watch a different video. you should probably be watching like a 4x video or something, um, because this is this is definitely not for you. so again, you're in for a rude awakening if you think this is get rich quick. so let's tok about what drop shipping actually is. so there's three main components that go into drop shipping. we have your store, the customer and the supplier. now, the very first part of this is to getting your store up and running, which this entire tutorial is all about, and i'll show you how to go ahead and get the customers, and you'll also learn how to go ahead and work with a supplier. so basically, uh, we're going to teach you everything there is to drop shipping. so again, we have your store. now your store has a product on it. now it can have multiple products. it can be a one product store, whatever.

Zero to $1,000 a Day Dropshipping Challenge

I'm gonna start from complete scratch and try to get an online business to one thousand dollars per day in a single week from this exact bedroom, and we'll make a bed. if I don't get there by the end of seven days, I'll buzz my head bald, which I really don't want to do. not sure if I can take the confidence hit right now. so the stakes are high. [Music]. so what kind of online business will we be starting here? well, if you guess the same kind that I've been toking about for the last three to four years on this channel, then you guess right: Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is where you find a product, usually on AliExpress, for, let's say, five dollars, build a website selling it for 20, marketed and then people buy that product from you for twenty dollars. you take the twenty, send them the product for five dollars and you keep the 15 as profit. now, some people will tell you that it's dead over saturated, but I'm here to tell you now this might be a controversial statement, but selling products online is not a dying business. no, Amazon is dying. what insane. [Music]: brick and mortar. however, there's one big major thing that I want to introduce and that we're going to be doing differently this time around. so in the past they made the most sense to advertise using Facebook ads, but as those grew more expensive, more strict, more regulated and just less effective. why am I wearing this nft augmented reality cowboy hat? because I don't know where I put my real one, but also because there's a new sheriff in town and an ad platform that frankly, feels like the wild west. tik tok advertising- I know sounds ridiculous- advertising on the endless Scroll of do map that only kids and this guy use. shopping for a Rolls-Royce with a 600 beanie? yes, absolutely. right now. it's kind of in like this perfect Zone where the ad platform is new enough and there's not enough people using it for the ads to be overly expensive and have the same issues as Facebook ads, but it's just developed and advanced enough to where you can definitely get sales with it. step one: find a product, nothing goofy like some lion bracelet from 2015.. so there's a lot that plays into what makes a good winning product, but for tiktok especially, you need to have some sort of wow factor and I personally mainly sell products that solve some sort of problem. it's just the easiest type of product to Market. you don't need to be a creative genius to sell someone a product that fixes a problem that they already have. I was actually going to run this up outside of YouTube because it's really a good product. it's unsaturated. but I just don't really have the mental capacity for another store right now and I don't want to do you guys dirty and blur it throughout the whole video, so I'm just gonna give it up. take a guess: what does this do? introducing the microcurrent device? now we all obviously know that when you go to a skin care clinic or Salon there's a treatment you can get called the microcurrent. it sends electricity to your face and, because our muscles are connected to the skin, you end up getting this face lifting effect. but you don't want to spend thousands on microcurrent treatments every single week and your time is valuable: driving in traffic to the salon, waiting in line in the waiting room, then you gotta wait for the skin doctor to do their thing, then you have to drive back in traffic. I have a product that will let you do this, all in the comfort of your very own home. real jargon, I mean. come on, that's an easy, no-brainer swipe up atsu card. all seriousness, these microcurrent devices self like three to five hundred dollars online and we can get ours for around 15 to 20 dollars shipped from AliExpress. so now that we have our product, let's build a store. step two: build a website that doesn't look like an early 2000s infomercial scam. it basically needs to look like one of those woke infographics that people will put up on their IG stories after any major world event or social problem comes to life, like actually on some neutral Vibes. that's basically the aesthetik that you want to go for, at least for our product. that's in the skin care, Beauty niche. what are we gonna name our store? skin fion? what does it mean? I don't know. well, it's. it's kind of like contemporary right, what? what does it mean to you? I could easily see skin fion on a billboard or in Sephora. so I ended up working on this website for a total of two sessions- about two hours the first day and two to three on the second. I was hoping to get this done all in one day, given our time constraints, so second day in, we were already kind of falling behind and the possibility of a buska just absolutely started looping over me in an ominous manner. this is my all-new Drop Shipping Store and today I'm going to review it. I will first give you a tour of all of its quirks and features and then I'll take it out on the road and give it a be treasy score. Doug demero reference. anyways, here we are on the homepage of our store. the homepage actually doesn't even really matter because you're going to be sending traffic to your product page and most- I'd say like 98- 99 of people won't ever get out of the product page to explore the rest of your website. so let me actually show you the important part, which is our product page. everything on here is pretty simple, but I think it looks kind of clean. we have a product description with some before and afters, some how to use type menus and then a video of how the product actually works, and then scrolling all the way down. that's where I imported all of the reviews. step three: create an advertisement that looks like it was made by someone over the age of 12.. okay, so it's day two. we're finished with the website. so it's time for the advertisement, and for that I'm gonna be using a service that kind of scrapes the internet, scrapes AliExpress, supplier videos, videos of the product online into one single video that we can use as an advertisement and that costs 50 bucks. I ended up working on the advertisement for a bit on day two. day three: I got the 50 ad I ordered, which here's how that looked like- edited some different scroll Stoppers in the beginning, uploaded some different variations of it- so our skin feel on tiktok account and we were pretty much ready to launch step four: get your money up, not your funny up. run up some ads G. it's now time to install The tiktok pixel on our website, which is what will allow tiktok to gather data and optimize our advertisements. so we'll install it by connecting our Shopify account to our tiktok ads account. okay, so after I press this submit button, our ad account will either go into pending- which looks like this, for like up to two whole days, and if that happens we can't really do anything. we'll just have to wait it out, which is really gonna mess with our time constraint here- or it could get approved right away and we can start running ads right now. so let's see, let's go, we're approved from the get-go with this rite of passage from tiktok. be treasy. eagerly hopped on the platform, absolutely clapped out 10 different ad sets and launched those suckers straight into the metaverse, right. so same day here. I just got a notification from tik tok and our ads are not approved and, even worse, it's not like: oh, we don't like this or that about Chad. please fix. product promoted on the ad landing page belongs to prohibited industry of the targeted location in your app, which isn't true. you can sell makeup on tik tok in the US. so when I get home I'm gonna have to submit this for a manual review, which can take up to around two days, which means our new updated time frame here is: after the review, they have to approve us. that'll bring us to day six, meaning the next day, day seven. we have to do a thousand dollars that day or Busca. our schedule couldn't be any tighter. they they always say it takes two days for manual review, and they're not lying. it usually takes exactly two days. maybe they can get Stars a little quicker just this time somehow, but if not, it's a crazy tight schedule here. d.