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dating ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Push Ads Campaign! Exposed Dating CPA Offer - Adsterra Case Study

hi there joey from dayjobhacks.com in,this video i'm going to do a complete,case study on a push ads campaign for,cpa affiliate offers,if you want to learn how to set up cpa,affiliate campaigns,this is the video for you i'm going to,go step by step,from absolute beginner to starting up a,paid ad,campaign with push ads you're going to,see the actual data from this campaign,how much i paid,how many conversions i got all of that,is going to be revealed,in this video from start to finish so be,sure to watch the entire video,also don't forget to click that like,button or subscribe to my channel,and click the little bell icon so you,get notified of all my future videos,let's get right into building this,campaign i'm going to show you exactly,how to set up cpa affiliate campaigns,for success let's do it now okay welcome,to the inside here we go,i am inside maxbounty.com it is a cpa,affiliate network that is the first step,in this whole thing is you need to get,yourself,a cpa affiliate network account if you,want you can use my referral link to,this network it may speed up your,process in getting accepted,into this network it is at day job hacks,dot com,slash max bounty now once you're,inside here you'll have access to,hundreds of offers to choose from,and today we're going to be choosing an,offer here to run,on ads tara ads tara is an is an,ad platform basically they have,tons of different types of ads they have,pop unders they have push ads,native ads social ads all of this stuff,that you can get inside here,or social bar ads i should say but,anyway all of those are inside here,we're going to set up a campaign here,shortly,with the 300 test we're going to run 300,worth of traffic to one of the cpa,affiliate offers,we're going to be using ads tarot like i,said but in inside ads tera you can see,here they have a traffic chart,that i can go and i can search and see,what kind of,traffic i can expect when i did this,search you can see here i can select,the type of traffic i'm going to be,starting with a native banner,or push ads but later i'm going to maybe,switch to popunder,but first let's look at native banner so,that'll be like a pop-up like you see,down in this corner here on people's,computers i'm gonna focus on desktop,first so i'm gonna switch this to,desktop,and i'm gonna see which country gets the,most traffic as you can see here,germany which is great because as an,affiliate,i want to try and separate from the,people who are always,running u.s or canada or the english,speaking today we're going to focus on,an,offer that requires me as an affiliate,to translate,my landing page but it's going to be,super easy i'm gonna show you that here,in a second,um how i did it i'll show you that,landing page as well,so i need to find now an offer on max,bounty that accepts,banner or native pop-ups we'll say or,even like if you want to call them push,ads,then i need to find an offer that allows,that on max bounty,you can browse and search you can filter,your searches,based on your traffic type your country,so i've already done that so i'm not,going to go through the steps here but,you can do that here,this is the offer i found this is the,type of offer that i'm looking for it's,a very low,barrier entry it is basically a single,opt-in meaning i get paid,as soon as somebody signs up to this,site,i get paid two dollars and 80 cents per,lead now that may seem like a little,tiny bit of,money but considering that it's getting,a 43,earnings per click and considering i'll,probably be paying less than 10 cents a,click,then i think this is possible i think i,can actually make this work,assuming that the traffic is good now,i've never ran traffic on ads tara so,that is why i'm doing this case study,we're going to show you what actually,happens you're going to see all the data,in this video don't worry,you're going to see everything but if,you want to continue and be part of the,discussion,and future case studies make sure you,come in to the powerhouse affiliate,forum where i've already set this up as,a discussion,and you can see um comments and what,other people are saying and you can ask,questions you can tok about others,um other campaigns that you may have ran,on ads tara and we also have a full,section,of follow alongs here that you can see,people running and you can see,what's going on so if you want to be,part of that discussion you're welcome,to come over to powerhouseaffiliate.com,okay let's now create a campaign now,that we know the offer,we know that we're approved to run it we,know it accepts germany it also allows,pop under traffic if we use a landing,page i'm going to be using a landing,page i'm going to show you that landing,page and,of course we want to make sure that it,is a single opt-in in this case,and that it allows adult traffic because,when i did my search over here i also,included adult traffic so this will mean,that my ad could actually show up on,some of the adult dating sites okay,or adult sites in general so that's what,that means,some offers don't allow that this one in,partikular,does allow that so i can do that with,this offer perfect offer for what i want,to do here today,so i'm gonna grab my link and put it in,my tracker i'm gonna set up my landing,page where do i get my landing page,basically i'm going to the templates,section at powerhouse affiliate you can,see we have hundreds of templates here,one of them here is the russian dating,i'm gonna just switch this to german,when i put it on my website so i'm gonna,set this up,all of this is explained in powerhouse,affiliate.com action,dash plan if you want to learn how to,set up landing pages quickly,and you can use these templates that we,have but anyway in that,in this case i'm not going to go through,all that either just going to show you,that this is the landing page i'm going,to show you,it now this is the landing page i'm,going to refresh it here,so the timer resets you can see it has a,timer to kind of give people the,idea that they have to hurry let's do,this now you have four minutes,and i also have inserted the city for,wherever you,live when you're when you visit this,website it's going to know your ip,address and it's going to show,your city that's what's shown here and,basically it's,a dating site like any other dating site,people can join and they can,chat and meet other people and all that,stuff okay it's not an,adult dating site it's just a straight,up dating site,they're paying 2.80 for every sign up,okay,i don't generally run dating campaigns,but today it just seemed to work out,that way because,this traffic type is is basically,catering to that,niche so we have 300 to spend here,we're gonna spend it on this campaign,and see what happens so that is the,landing page,and now let's get started i've set it,all up in my tracker cpv lab pro,is what i'm using today and now let's go,create the campaign so,inside here i've set up dating germany,max bounty,the traffic type we're going to be using,all traffic here so this is just,basically,the connection type i mean cpm i'm going,to start with cpm but i can switch later,to a cpa once i get conversion data,in here or cpc which is cost per click,i'm gonna be paying per thousand,impressions i'm gonna start with push,ads,mainstream okay so that means basically,i'm selecting adult and mainstream here,you can select which whichever one you,want but i've combined them for more,traffic,landing page url is the landing page,tracking link,that i have from my uh my my tracker,and here i can upload an image of my,landing page just to speed up the,process so i'm gonna do that,now okay so that is done now i'm going,to select the country here we're,selecting,germany so i can expect about 200 000,impressions a day with my current setups,windows style is the template i'm going,to use there are,other options here i'm going to put my,title,keep in mind i need to use german,language here so let's go to,the translate tool,and i'm going to type in something li

SNL Commercial Parodies: Dating

-I joined Match.com because I want a successful man...,for intercourse.,I've had it before and I'd like it again.,♪♪,-I think I'm a pretty good catch,,so why can't I meet the right guy?,I've tried all the online dating apps, like Tinder,,OKCupid, and Match.com,,but I want to get married now.,That's why I joined the new online dating app Settl.,-There's nothing wrong with the men on Settl.,They're just normal guys with characteristiks,I am now willing to overlook.,-I already bought my wedding dress, so I just needed a groom.,I joined Settl and went on tons of okay dates.,That's how I met my Henry.,He may drive a smartcar, but he's a manager at Petco,and even has a 401(k).,We're getting married in April, which is before my sister.,-Settl isn't misleading like those other dating apps.,It's honest.,For example, men are only allowed to upload,their passport photos,,or ones of them pretending to hold,the Leaning Tower of Pisa.,That way, we can't focus on their looks.,Hi! -Sorry I'm late.,I don't have a car.,-Whatever.,-And they guaranteed a date because Settl won't allow us,to swipe left.,[ Dinging ],-Because, remember, it's not giving up --,it's settling up.,[ Giggles ],♪♪,[ Laughter ],-Settl. tik-tok.,-Would you like to have another glass of wine?,-Oh, no, thank you. I-I'm usually in bed by now.,[ Cheers and applause ],-I joined Match.com because I'm a single mom.,-I'm new to the area.,-I'm a busy professional.,-I wanted to try something new.,-Match.com -- more dates and more relationships,than any other dating website.,And now, since she signed up this week,,more Martha Stewart.,-I joined Match.com because I want a successful man...,for intercourse.,I've had it before and I'd like it again.,-Match.com helps me find someone who shares my interests,,like dancing. -Karaoke.,-Sushi.,-Whimsical window eggs,,tiered macarons,,and of course, the simple elegance,of a good bang.,-Match.com -- the dating website,that knows exactly what you're looking for.,-I want a guy who's kind.,-Considerate. -Thoughtful.,-Rough like a rustik burlap wedding invitation.,-Handsome. -Smart.,-Someone with calloused hands and no debt.,-Someone who's silly.,-Someone who can work my body.,-So why join Match.com?,-Because it's fun. -Because it's easy.,-Because I'm Martha [bleep] Stewart.,I can do whatever I want.,-Love is just a click away,,so sign up today and meet the person of your dreams tonight.,♪♪,-Tonight's the night.,Just the two of you. No phones, no emails.,Just you and the one you love.,Time to tune out the world and tune into each other.,You've earned this moment,,and nothing is going to get in your way.,[ Dog whimpers ] Unless you own a dog.,-The dog is watching us.,-Ho-Ho. To your crate. -Crate.,-Ho-Ho to your crate. -Go to your crate.,-Ho-Ho to your crate. -Crate, Ho-Ho.,-Ho-Ho.,[ Dog barking ],-Stop. He thinks you're attacking me.,-Okay, well, just put him in the laundry room.,-With his anxiety? Yeah, right.,-No, we're just toking, Lady Bug.,Everything's fine.,-Bud, go in the hall, we'll be three minutes.,-Three minutes?,-Don't let your fur baby ruin the intimate moment,you've waited for all week.,Now you don't have to, with "Pound Puppy,",the furry dog costume big enough,for two people to have sex in.,[ Moaning ],Once inside, you can go to town,,and your dog will just think there's a much larger dog,in the room with him.,With "Pound Puppy" you get the privacy you need,,and your dog has a new best friend.,Suitable for any style of love-making.,-[ Moaning ] -Ooh, yeah.,-Need to check on your dog?,Just use the mascot-style eyes.,-Ho-Ho's buying it. [ Barks ],-I think it's working a little bit too well.,-So throw your dog -- and yourself -- a bone,with "Pound Puppy.",Your dog will smile while you doggy-style.,Available in the adult section of Petco.,♪♪,-Are you exhausted?,♪♪,Bone tired?,♪♪,Feeling overwhelmed?,♪♪,Sure. Everyone could use a little extra energy.,But you need it more than most,,because you're dating an actress.,-You're just jealous, Mother,,because Tommy loves me!,-Introducing 24-Hour Energy for Dating Actresses.,'Cause for her, all the world's a stage.,-I guess Mama was right about me!,I am cheap!,-Whether she's trying out a new accent for a part...,-I am a German woman.,I am a German woman.,I am a German woman.,-...or being told she didn't get the callback...,-[Bleep] my life!,No! No! No! No! No! No! No!,-...or that she did get the callback...,-They want to see me on Monday!,Yes!,Yes! Yes!,-Now you'll have the energy you need to tell her,she was great in that local commercial.,-Other blinds are too flimsy.,-[ Chuckles lightly ] Oh, man, I'd buy those blinds.,-Or hang out with her actor friends while they scream,show tunes in your face.,-Or even see her latest Off-Broadway performance.,-I'm scared. -That's funny.,You don't look scared.,-Oh. Hold me every night.,-So, go ahead, date that actress.,You can handle it.,-Bravo! [ Laughs ],-Yes, yes.,And the award goes to you for good acting!,-And now for women,,24-Hour Energy for Dating Comedians.,-Hey, anybody need a stool sample?,[ Grunting ],[ Cheers and applause ],♪♪

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CPA Dating Offers Promotion via Facebook Ads: Make $200/Day Promoting MaxBounty Dating Offers

what is going on guys in this video,we're gonna cover everything you need to,know in order to promote dating offers,on cpa networks such as max bounty or,clickbank using a unique method and,usually it's fairly easy to promote,these dating offers but the problem is,it they're not allowed to be promoted on,Facebook so in this video you're gonna,learn a very unique method in order so,that you can promote these offers on,platforms like Facebook or any other,platforms if you choose to do so as well,so what will you learn in this,presentation you will learn why you,should promote dating offers the,different kinds of dating offers the,problems with promoting them on Facebook,which is my preferred method and should,be your preferred method as well how to,promote them effectively and then stay,until the end for a special bonus where,I'm going to tok about Facebook,targeting which is crucial if you want,to promote them on Facebook so why,should you promote dating offer so,dating is a billion dollar industry,Tinder's revenue is 1.7 billion in 2018,tinder is just one of many many apps,there's a lot of dating websites you,know these old school dating websites,there's a lot of other apps so it's a,huge market and the reason it's a huge,market is because it's part of the whole,health wealth and relationship kind of,this triangle and if you're not aware of,what that is,that is basically the areas where you,know the profits can be made so health,can be something like Fitness eating,right working out wealth could be making,money online finance you know investing,that kind of thing and then,relationships is about how to become,better in terms of attracting a mate,going out meeting people and getting,married getting into a serious,relationship or even casual dating,anything like that that's part of,relationships and so Facebook actually,recently rolled rolled out something,called Facebook dating which is a way,for you know for you to find your,significant other on dating whether it's,casual dating or more serious,relationship,so nobody can deny that dating and,relationships and kind of even,self-improvement is a huge huge market,and so you know you would be a fool to,basically ignore this kind of market and,it's actually a lot easier than you,think even if you have no experience or,have not really dabbled in this industry,in this market I'm gonna and I'm gonna,explain to everything you need to know,so that is that is why it will always,make money for the reasons that I've,described ah so there's you know there's,different kinds of dating offers right,you have this regular dating offers such,as tinder and maybe some of the other,apps is kind of casual dating offers but,then you have this niche based dating,offers they're either geo based so in,partikular country in partikular region,of the world or age based and then,there's all kinds of other niches like,religion interests race etc etc so when,you have kind of a niche you offer it's,a lot easier to target then something,like tinder but then there's also you,know people that that are very,generalized it's also not very difficult,to target and this is what we're going,to tok about today so the problem is,with kind of promoting these dating,offers is that I've mainly use Facebook,for promoting a lot of my offers are,using various methods and I love,Facebook Ads because I think it's pretty,much the best source of high quality,converting traffic I think Facebook is,definitely number one and then you have,maybe Google Ads Bing ads in the second,place but I always prefer Facebook and,fit but the problem with Facebook,explicitly prohibits promoting online,dating sites and this applies to all,kinds of dating offers even the,non-sexual ones okay and so you can,still promote it on Facebook but you,have to be very you have to be very,creative about it you have to be go a,little bit indirect and you can't you,know we forget about basically taking an,offer and running an ad on it because,you're gonna have your account banned,you're gonna have the a disapproved,you're gonna have your account banned,and maybe even have your business,manager banned,or maybe in some extreme cases they,might even restrict your personal,Facebook account from running any kind,of ads and any kind of business manager,or account so you don't want you'd never,want to promote Facebook dating offer on,Facebook directly you have to be very,very careful with that so there's always,a solution to this problem right and the,way the way you can do it that's,probably a lot of ways you can do it but,the way I like doing it and the way that,has been successful for me is that I,basically get my leads and these are,people that might be interested in that,partikular offer and then promote these,offers on the back end so I basically,acquire out the specific target audience,that will probably convert for the offer,that I feel and then I use email,marketing on the back end or other,methods to sell these offers to them and,so there's a lot of ways of doing it and,then you can create a lead magnet you,could you can promote them on your,website you can you can do all kinds of,things but you know this this avoids the,problem of moding it directly on,facebook which is gonna get your account,banned and so what I work so there's a,lot of things that you can do one method,is creating a dating blog and this is,basically a you know just the site right,and this is this is a this is a method I,definitely recommend because dating is a,very large industry so you know you,could you could find a couple of offers,and you never want to create something,specific to our offer because if that,offer goes away or you know they stop,allowing you to promote it what are you,gonna do your whole strategy is is,basically it's gonna fall apart how much,better strategy is to think about it in,kind of bigger terms and when I think,about dating offers I think about dating,I think about self-improvement I think,about relationship and that whole you,know kind of a kind of these topics is,this area this niche is very,all-encompassing right you can promote,you can you could sell a lot of things,to that audience right like relationship,advice you know you could sell them,offers you,sellin clickbank products you could sell,them all kinds of things so my preferred,strategy for this would be creating a,dating blog and you know you probably,don't want to create a generalized,dating blog you want to niche it down,because it's gonna be very hard to kind,of you know get that blog to have,traction so what I would do is I would,create kind of you know you could create,a specific dating blog maybe for older,dating or for maybe some kind of niche,dating or casual dating or relationship,minded or maybe specific country if you,want and then you can target you could,write content that targets the audience,and then you can advertise that content,on Facebook and then once you know you,know but but the content you can,advertise obviously it has to be very,very innocent innocent sounding like it,has to be very non-sexual so maybe,something like you know if you're,advertising dating for older people like,50 and plus 50 and over which is you,know a good niche all in itself you can,say something like you know 10 mistakes,people make when dating 50 and over,right if you're 50 and over don't commit,these 10 dating mistakes or something,with NASA dishes of the top of my head,or how dating changes when you get older,right or how can older men or women,succeed with dating now a lot of these,offers are for typically they are,targeting men unless you know there's,some specific there they're specifically,indicated to target women obviously,you're probably gonna have more success,targeting men than women but you could,probably target about both of audience,as well and so I am definitely thinking,about it in terms from the man angle so,if you're gonna target men let's say,we're targeting men 50 and over you,could say something like you have to

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advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad

hi guys Jason Lee here with friends date,network comm and I wanted to touch base,today come and share with you something,we've run into with our PPC advertising,campaigns and I'm going to take this,really slowly because a lot of you may,not even know what PPC means PPC is,pay-per-click advertising and so that's,a term that you're going to be referring,back to and again some some people that,I'm toking to right now are very very,advanced even more so than me are able,to do some some things with Google,Analytiks and tracking and maybe testing,and so forth that it takes me you know,considerable amount of time to do some,of you though have never run any sort of,ads online and so you're still trying to,understand you know what but our Google,ads and how do I set up an account how,that I monitor those ads how do I set up,Facebook ads and I mean there's there's,basically probably 20 levels I'm at,level 7 of it saying and that some,people are you know just like level 0,and then some people are extraordinarily,advanced maybe I'm not giving myself,enough credit there but I think of a,little farther along than that but it,anyway with PPC advertising something,you may have run in with your run into,with your Facebook advertising if you,placed an ad on Facebook and again all,you have to do is go to Facebook Ads,register set up your credit card and,then from there whilst you do the,process is super easy but what you may,have run into is that Facebook will,block your hands at first I thought well,geez they don't want any competition,from Suzy the truth is is the,relationship target parameter has to be,set to single or not specified it's the,quality issue Google excuse me Facebook,does not want your advertising to people,that are in married relationships hence,they don't allow any adult content and,they specifically don't want you,advertising like an affair type dating,say so,the gender targeting parameter must be,said to men or women so you can't keep,it vague and targeting parameters must,be 18 years of age or older so if you,didn't do those things,chances are you went through as I did,the first time 20 or 30 different times,of trying to set up your Facebook ad for,a dating site and it just got rejected,the last thing is they say can't mislead,people and so you can't use the phrase,like meet me tonight or come chat with,me so anyway I'm going to post a link,directly below this video and it's a,standard response you get back from,Facebook so anyway and if you currently,do have one of these dating sites that,are on you know lousy tiknology me more,or it's something custom coveted but,it's really dated and you probably want,to consider what skill sets you're good,at how to utilize your time most,effectively and how to make the most,amount of money and that's something we,do a friend state network is we show you,exactly what we're doing and you know,what we're making from it and if that,interests you great if it doesn't no no,no harm no foul as they say so anyway at,my direct cell phone this published,another website you can call me if you,have any questions and I can help you,through the the very basics of setting,up something like your Google Analytiks,account and or give you some suggestions,on domain names and you know keyword,tool and how to research those things to,make sure that your organic search,traffic the terms that you're targeting,are good ones going to convert you know,hopefully well for you and once you,build the search engine optimization and,do your you know social media marketing,and all you know all the steps that go,into that from from artikle marketing to,everything so having it come all the,other is very exciting as we've,experienced because now you know our,our brands the friends date network,brands are starting to grow and so it's,exciting to see but and I'm sure that,you know if you focus on when dating,said to start with you can do quite well,within a couple of months sometimes,people start doing incredibly well,within a couple of weeks if they,advertise a small advertising budget and,they're very quick on their feet,understand the basics of online,marketing quite well too so anyway,that's a conclusion with this video,underneath is a link to the artikle that,we wrote and that's referred to as,advertising your dating sites on,Facebook and why I got rejected we're on,we here with friends date network,upgrading

80s Video Dating Montage

[Music],okay early to bed early to rise makes a,woman healthy wealthy and wise that's,why you're wiser than me it's Steven hi,I'm Maurice I'm an executive by day and,a wild man by night hi my name is Monroe,you've probably already notiked that I,have incredibly blue eyes hi my name is,phil most my friends call me big Phil,okay I like to tok to people deep into,the night I play guitar,I'm a Tom hi I'm Fred hi my name is Mike,and if you're sitting there watching,this tape smoking your cigarette well,hit the fast-forward button cuz I don't,smoke and I don't like people who do,smoke I'm not afraid to get sand on my,tuxedo if you're not afraid to let the,wind mess your hair up a little bit when,I take the top down perhaps even a an,ice bath with some champagne and candles,hi mom,I do fashion photography and I do,consider myself a refined Valley dude,okay I'm looking for a trendy girl with,a simple smile wait it says here oh,excuse me I don't know what I'm not,looking for is some big overgrown,monster that's always thinking about,food and who so binds to himself a joy,does its we need life destroy I like to,do out of saline I like to outdoor,activities or like climbing and like,travel I took a sponge ball I was,pulling him out of a little girl's ear,fascias foxy I'm looking for the goddess,are you the goddess who is the goddess,the goddess is the woman is a woman as,any woman is all women a figure that is,sexy slim tight excellent legs I'm a 25,year subscriber to both Playboy and in,New Yorker magazine at night I operate a,damsel in distress hotline,I guess you'd call me a night when my,favorite foods is pizza and just sugar,and spice and all those things that are,nice like to be with people who are fun,and adventurous um as well is into,having fun have fun I enjoy having fun,yes looking for somebody who has who,likes to have a lot of fun I'm looking,for someone to have fun with love to,have a good time,able to have fun fun and laughter and,anything it's fun I like to have fun and,I have a lot of fun no fatties I want it,all no hamsters that steal watches no,dopers no smokers no alcoholics we don't,like the right checks no Donna Juanita's,we don't like to take out the garbage,no posers what I'm doing right now is,making a movie about World War two no,crazy,santa monica and my front porch swing,I'm currently involved in cleaning up,toxic waste I'm not having fun doing,this do you like cats the domestik,violence that I like to wear bright,socks and I'm an avid Cleveland,Cleveland Browns fan sexual abuse life,is a playground and I want somebody to,play with all sorts of alcoholics and,addicts and stuff because I really have,a zany says a humor we probably don't,like to clean the house my mother still,writes to me regularly because I average,about four hours a night's sleep I will,cry at a commercial I'm interested in,most phases of data processing,fire-breathing dragons Taipei I'm not,comfortable caring and serious about our,relationship I am I'm really looking for,somebody I can feel special about and I,don't encounter people like that very,often and I'm hoping you're one of them,are you that woman please give me a call,and you know that a journey always,begins with the first step and I hope,that if you like what I'm trying to say,or you'd like to know more about me too,please write,you,[Music]

Facebook Ads for Dating Website

ah i'm excited good afternoon i'm here,with uh jason malroy of,tulip singles um jason why don't you,tell us a little bit more about your,company,yeah my company is a dating website that,uh for,christian reformed people and um,we uh basically allow people to come,onto the website and meet other people,via chatting video and audio uh,type of services so that's what that's,what we do,sweet so um what was it that uh that,brought you to us,um what were you looking to to have done,so i was looking to have a,marketing expert with facebook to be,able to,reach facebook i thought facebook was a,great place to advertise,and i did not have the skill sets to do,that and so i reached out to you and,your company,uh to do that and we have been very very,very happy with the results,um it is incredible what you've been,able to do,thank you thank you yeah um that's what,i was going to ask you know like,uh i know that we we we put the ads in,for you this was a special category,um so uh facebook normally they're,they're you you you you have to run,through some loops to be,able to do the ads for for dating sites,um,but i'm glad that all that panned out,and i agree you know i think that uh um,how many how many uh people were on your,site how many members did you have when,when you first started when we first,started,before before you started we had a,couple hundred about 200,200 people and you know we were new,yes but i knew that it was important,to do this advertising and now we have,about 1300 people,so we have uh gone,way up in the numbers um and we've got,had our ups and downs and and along the,way,in regards to uh the ad spend,but other than that your,insight on what it takes to make this,work and also,the ability to duo dating website which,you as you mentioned earlier is a lot,harder to do than just a regular like,you're selling widgets of some sort,because there's a lot more hurdles to,jump through um,your guidance has been invaluable it's,been really a big help,great thanks so much i really appreciate,that just one quick thing,if uh there was someone else out there,who was considering our services,what would you say to them,i would say follow what oscar says,he knows what he's doing and even if it,because initially there were some things,that i was like,i don't understand why we're doing it,this way and,but you were very gentle and you,educated me about the process so be,patient,let oscar do his magic and it will work,it really really really does work,i mean um i've been quite amazed so,listen to oscar he knows what he's,toking about and,he'll get you the results you are,looking for,thank you so much i really appreciate it,jason we'll be toking soon,no problem