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debut theme shopify

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Debut Theme Customization - How to Add Sections to Product Page

hey shopify users in this tutorial i am,going to show you how you can,add more sections to your themes product,page if you are using any of the older,themes like debut theme,so what i mean by older themes is,beginning of 2021 shopify,introduced online store 2.0,and with that they introduced some,changes a new set of themes,and,debut theme is one of the older theme so,with these changes,you get,more benefits in terms of customization,these themes are also much faster,so and and in future there's going to be,more and more benefits from these themes,and even with the current changes,there's a lot more to it so,um i will leave a link,for this,artikle and you can read more about it,and in this video,let's get on with,adding more sections to the product page,and,to show you,the difference i have here,dawn theme,and then i have here debut theme,and you can see i am on the product page,debut theme doesn't have much here,if i go to,dawn theme you can see,a lot more going on here plus you can,all add a lot of sections here,that,were not available in the older games so,how do we achieve this so,shopify has,made it possible that,you you don't have to upgrade everything,you can one by one update the page,templates so how you do that is if we go,into the code for each team right now,i'm here in the dawn theme,you can see within templates you see dot,json files up here,and then if i go to the old debut theme,the same thing in templates you're,seeing dot liquid extension so this is,the major difference what needs to be,done is we need to,change this product dot liquid template,here to,a product dot json template just like in,this dom theme right here,so let's get into it,so first thing you would want to do is,create a backup of the theme that you,are going to be,working on so i am going to be updating,the debut theme that is not my active,theme right now so what i'm going to do,is just,duplicate this theme,duplicate,and then i can just rename it to,something that,i can remember,debut,product page,chain,upgrade,so,now i can work on this theme here to,make the changes,and,so we go in here,and go to edit code,so once you are in the code for this,copied,theme,what you can do is go to,the,product dot liquid template,in templates folder,and,right where you see the section product,template and product recommendations,down below from this div,just copy all the way down,till the end,and then go to,sections folder,and look for this product template,and it should be around this one product,template,and then in here,look for,the schema,uh you can search for schema quickly or,just scroll down around here this is,where the schema starts and then you,have this,and unless so around,right before the schema starts just,paste that code,that you just copied,click save,and now go back to,where the dot liquid template is and,click on that and then we are going to,delete this file,so make sure you have selected the right,file product that liquid selected click,delete file up here,and now we are going to create,a new file,add new template,here gives you the options json or,liquid the new templates are json,templates,so you will keep that selected create a,new template for,product,and then,create template,and in here it,gives you these sections right here so,instead of typing in here some values i,am going to just copy paste some,code in here,so this is the code i pasted in here,and,what you are going to do next is just,save,and now you can see,what we did here is we are specifying a,main section,and the type is product template which,refers to,that product template file,right down here that we already pasted,some code in,now if we go and,look at our product page,and if you look on the left hand side,we are in that debut copied theme and,then you can see down here we have those,sections and then we have this here if,you go add section,it opens up a whole drop down,you can add more,sections to your product page now,so this is great but,there is one,more thing we still need to do if you,remember in the old template,there was also a section called product,recommendations,so,we still need to,make sure that we have that section,added to product page so how you would,do that is go back in the code for the,new template you created,so in here,product.json,here so what you would do is these are,the sections so one section is,main,we are going to add another section,so what we can do is right after you,click on this bracket here tells you,kind of where this is closing,right after here add a comma,in quotes double quotes,recommendations,and then,you do the same two brackets like this,and within that,that's it so this is recommendation,section you added corresponds to product,recommendations which is this,section here,and then in here this is the order you,can specify in which order you want,those sections to appear on the page so,i want recommendations after the main,so,do that in there,and save,now let's go back to,our page now because there's no,recommendations,on the page we probably we're not going,to see much,but you can see,we have this product recommendation,section added here,and we still have the ability to add,more sections so,right now,your page has everything that the old,template has and also the ability to add,more sections so i could go in here and,add,say,image with text,and you can see right away right side it,opens up all the options,and,right here if i go,and,add some image,save,you can see how that section got added,down here so same way you can,add any section you like from here now,so one more thing i wanted to show you,was if you go back to the product.json,template we created you will see that,some of the settings have been changed,and this is,as you continue to add more sections on,the page it's going to keep updating,this file and if you look here show,quantity selector false,and,go back to the product page and click,inside this product pages,you will see on the right side show,quantity selector is,unchecked so you click that,it will show up right here save,and now if we go back,in here right now it is false but if you,close this file,and then open it again,you can see it's turned to true,so this file from now on,it's it will continue to change for you,based on what options you're selecting,so same way you can keep upgrading all,your other templates and have the,ability to add more,sections to other pages also if you like,the video please hit the like button and,subscribe to the channel thank you and i,will see you in the next video

Best Shopify FREE themes 2021 - Debut VS Debutify

what is there everybody i'm modikai,founder and ceo of command in this video,i want to tok about something that's,really bothering me at the past few,months,um a friend of mine told me that he paid,over one thousand dollars,to someone to build his shopify store,and the result was,really really bad so on this video i,want to take a moment to tok about,uh themes tok about uh should you go,for a paid,or a free theme and basically what you,should do,if you want to launch your new brand,store so this is what we're going to,tok about in this video and i have,a tiny surprise that a friend of mine,ricky is uh gave me access to his uh the,beautify theme,so we'll be covering it as well and,there's a ton of value in this video so,make sure you watch until the end,because at the end of this video there,will be a tiny surprise for you,and it's included the world uh free in,it,and we all love free stuff so watch it,till the end,and one last thing before we get started,make sure to subscribe,like and comment below if you want more,videos of me,and in general from ecom hunt and that's,pretty much it let's get started,[Music],so first thing to know when i launch new,stores and you can watch the previous,videos when we,built a store from scratch and actually,got sales on it and it was profitable,and you can check it out on the previous,videos or in the description we will put,a link in it,we started with the dpute theme,it's a free theme guys you don't need to,pay any money on it,and between us it has everything you,need to get started,um in terms of uh page layout in terms,of uh,testimonial section and even the product,page looks,pretty much uh okay you just need to fix,it a bit with colors and,add some apps in it the kind of the,reviews apps,and some tiny tweaks but basically,you get pretty much everything you need,to get started and the editor is pretty,simple,if you already used shopify or if you,never,use shopify to build your online store,it's really simple to,customize your page um from the home,page,to the product page everything is on,your left side,uh when you change pages in the editor,you will see the options that you have,on each page,and what you can actually do on the,specific page that you are watching,and you can add new sections to the page,they have like,built-in sections that you can use if,it's content if it's blog posts gallery,uh slideshows and etc etc a lot of stuff,uh this would be the best option to get,started with,a free theme um uploading your stuff,customizing your store,and this is basically uh the first thing,that i want you to know,before we continue with this video now,the next thing is my friend,ricky is is the founder and the creator,of the beautify theme,and as you can see here it's a very,famous,theme and not for nothing guys these,guys created,a pretty amazing theme and it's for free,so,if i had to choose between debut and,the beautify i would probably go with,the beautify,and in a few seconds i will show you why,but,just so we get started this is a really,an amazing theme,it's super convenient to use very simple,very fast,and it will save you a lot of money uh,later on and we will tok about this in,a few seconds as well so let's go back,to the store ricky is opened,for me install with his theme installed,so,let's go back and activate the beautify,here it is actions publish,now we're basically turning telling,shopify to use the beautify theme,instead of the,debut theme if you don't know how to get,to this page it's,on the online store in the left menu and,you go to themes,and this is where you will find your,themes this is where you install them,this is where you choose,between different themes etc so let's,customize the beautify theme and i want,to show you,why it's so amazing guys first of all,it's free,okay and we all love free stuff so,if you're looking for a free theme that,is already built,um and optimized for conversion so,you will not have to pay extra fees to,developers,uh to fix some basic stuff on the debut,free themes and you will see on my,previous videos that when,i chose the deput uh theme i had,to customize some code to make it look,better and to,optimize it for conversion and the,beautify theme already adds,all of this built in so you don't really,need to change or code anything also the,beautify as,a facebook group with a lot of people,where you can ask questions and they,have a really really decent support,where they answer,your problems with the theme so their,support is really top-notch,let's go back to the editor and what you,have here first of all,let's check it out let's check out the,store with the new theme so this is the,debut,theme you can see it's pretty uh,straightforward really simple,now let me refresh so you can see the,beautify theme,and you can already see the changes this,big image on the top looks really good,and when you scroll down you see this,change color on the top the menu,and it scores with you looks really,really good,um you have this cool featured product,slider,and then you have the collections which,looks also,pretty amazing and then you have here an,example of a featured product that you,can do,then they have this guarantee badges,which you can also simply,uh really um you can add it really,simple in the editor we see that,as well newsletter and the footer look,how professional it looks look how,inviting it looks and they have also,this top bar here,built in as well so let's go back to the,editor and see what we can do,if i go to the featured product you can,see how simple it is to change stuff,like the original free themes of shopify,everything is,built in and using the same layouts of,shopify to make it,as much as possible user friendly now,let's,select a product that i've created for,this video purpose,okay i chose this one and now we scroll,here you can see the featured product,you have this uh close up,when you go over the picture um,look how big the pictures are at the,bottom which looks really good,then this section right here looks,amazing,big add to cart button really inviting,to click you have this link to full,details,let's go inside the page and see what we,have inside so,here on the product page we have a lot,of options now these options costs money,guys,every single widget they built inside,this theme,costs money out there so instead of,paying over a hundred dollars,by installing a lot of different apps,just go for the paid version of this one,so you have the free version,which has all the basic uh conversion,optimized,by default and it's free and then you,can upgrade,for 19 a month per stall,and you can have three add-ons,to use on your store and each one of,these add-ons guys,costs the monthly amount of the entire,theme so you're basically saving here 40,dollars per month,and it's a lot let's go back and show,you some of the widgets that you can use,so they have a upsell bundle built in,i don't have we need more products to,see this but basically they will add,um this frequently bought together,uh section that you need to install,different apps to have this option and,they have,this option built in they have here,product recommendation they have related,product testimonials,upsell pop-up and if we go to the theme,options,look how many widgets they have here,it's,crazy guys to have all of these options,within your theme,installed without doing a thing like,it's,it's beautiful like it's beautify if you,ask me deep beautify,um let's see what they have so,they have this review app which you can,they have installation instructions,and then you have reviews on your store,they have,this educate animation it will move the,echocard button to make it,pop out of the page so customers will,not miss,this button you can choose how many,seconds you want it,to wait until it shows the animation you,can choose the different,animations here then if i go back they,have,cart countdown this is also an app that,you will pay money to use,so they have it have this also built in,really coo

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Shopify Debut Theme Customization | Debut Theme Design Tutorial |Shopify Theme Setup |Shopify Part 9

hi there it's me adash and in this video,i have shown you how to edit your,shopify's debut theme okay,how to you know how to edit the theme,how to edit the how to,upload your logo upload images how to,create buttons,to the announcement bar everything step,by step,okay how your theme is like optimized,for like,phone for tablet species okay for,everything is covered in this video okay,so watch this video till the end to get,to know about,everything about customizing the debut,theme of your own shopify website okay,so let's get started okay so here we are,on a shopify dashboard okay,so to edit the theme of our page for,shopify website okay,just click go to this online store,option,and you can see by default you will be,on the themes,option page okay so see i want to take,some time until you see,the theme of your shopify store is like,a one-stop window dressing okay,like if like some a person is,going through a mall and they they are,different showrooms okay,so the first impression the first image,of the shop of the of the showroom,which the person or the customer sees is,like the theme of your store on,the online platform okay on your online,website your theme is like,the first impression which a person sees,the look and feel of your entire store,okay,so first let's start with the debut,theme okay which shopify pro,provides us by default okay so click on,customize,okay let it open,you see here we are on a show now with,this we can edit our,shopify's theme okay our stores this is,our store,okay and these are the options different,options to edit the themes okay,see this is like a simple like direct,response theme,editing software okay like you don't,have to customize things,like it's not that complex or tiknical,okay like let's see like,other store okay like we have to,as in the previous lectures we have,created our logo okay,so let's put our logo over here okay so,we see this is like which the header,option okay,so go to this header section click on it,and then you can see logo you can align,your logo to the left you can,like i can make this logo in the center,if you just click like this you can see,other store over here okay,so let's make it to the left okay and,let's upload our logo okay,select image then click on upload an,image okay then yeah,here we have our stores logo,yeah it's uploading will take some time,yeah see here we have we have our image,of our store,the logo of our store okay so that's so,easy you can see okay,then just click select it's uploaded,okay now,you can change the width of the logo,from here or anything okay so let's make,it 100 only,okay,yeah then you can change and remove,image from here okay,then these are the main menu okay you,can and edit main menu edit the,you can edit these of this menu in the,menu section of your website okay,okay then you can add the home page only,or can add the announcement,you know the show announcement like a 10,sale on our website or anything,okay so you can add this section over,here okay,like it's see announce something right,here okay,you can yeah let's you can just type in,like,yeah free yeah you know like,fresh,free shipping,worldwide okay,free shipping worldwide okay or you can,like add like,let's say 10 off 10,discount okay,okay like this okay like 10 percent,let's say,yeah 10,10 discount okay so by this you can add,the different different,announcements over here okay,then you can change the color of the bar,or anything like let's make it,red okay see here,on,the products okay,see okay,then can paste the link then text okay,what kind of a text you want the color,of your text you can change everything,from here okay,okay so these are with this you can,customize the header section,of your debut theme okay so if if you,have done with this section,okay go back from here from this option,see don't press this one okay it will,just,exit everything okay okay,back okay now let's edit the seed like,this is the like the main like display,section of our,like theme right image with text overlay,okay so find here image with,see image with text overlay okay click,on this,okay so see image with text overlay okay,so this is the heading of our store okay,so let's give it a heading okay like a,simple heading okay yeah,like come and,visit my,store or something okay you can give it,whatever you want okay,like we have like the store let's focus,on selling like,dog related jewelry or dog related,products okay,like you can see i have a dog logo on my,logo okay picture of a dog okay so,you can give uh like the text below that,see you have to make everything related,okay like the heading of the,the section and the text overlay,sorry the text overlay below this this,should be related okay you should not,like,don't give a like 10 off on entire store,over here or anything,okay see i've seen in different stores,where people like,they give an image over here and they,don't give any description or heading,over here okay,so always given heading as when the,person,just visits your store he will be or he,will or she will be like you know like,see this first okay the heading of the,store okay,so you can just give it yeah,browse store,for amazing let's say dog jewelry okay,amazing dog,or products,okay,okay then you can see you can place a,button or in this too okay,you see the button label button link,okay so click on button label,okay you can uh just let's go to,you can like you have to name the button,now okay so,let's do browse more okay,browse more dot,dot okay and then button link like where,is your button gonna head,okay like see so from here we let's,choose products okay click on products,okay then this button is gonna head the,customer to our all products page okay,see browse more and then the button is,created okay,so that's so easy okay so now the main,thing you have to change this,image okay so as we have already,selected the image,go to upload okay,let's see this image this one,okay it's uploading,okay yeah see so here we have our image,okay so,you can see like just by doing a couple,of things,see the look and feel of our shopify,store is completely changed okay,now just select this image yeah,okay if you want to like change image or,remove this one you can do this,okay you can change the alignment of the,image if you want this image to be on,the top,you know see the top section or like,bottom you want to see the bottom part,okay,or like in the middle okay so we will,place this in the middle,you can change the layout that you want,a full width or a fixed width,image the section height should be extra,small large,extra large or something okay the text,size which,is these should be medium or large or,anything okay,you can like if you want to make this,bold just do this,okay it is bold now okay you can italic,or you can like you can also insert a,link on this one like if someone clicks,on this,they will head to a different page or a,different url okay,so then as you can see this section and,see if,let's say i do this okay like middle,i make it top okay okay i did i did,something and now i'm,confused like what i did how to like how,should i revert it back,okay then see you we have different,options over here okay,so this one's if you did click this one,time okay,it will just undo the option which you,just did okay like you see this is on,top,do this see it's gone back okay and now,if you want to go front again,forward see click this and now this is,on the top okay,so we'll do this well okay see shopify,makes,see shopify the best thing about like,designing your website and,shopify is like you don't have to,optimize your shopify,uh you know the shopify store and,website for different different,you know like devices like how is you're,gonna store,look on you know if someone opens it the,website your website on a pc or someone,opens it on a mobile phone or a tablet,okay like this is the,how your site will look on a pc okay if,you click it and,click mobile see this is how it's gonna,look on the mobile phone okay so shop

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Set Up Your Shopify Store For Beginners in 2021 | Debut Shopify Theme

i wanted to show you how to start your,shopify,site if you are completely new to,shopify,and you're thinking about shopify as a,potential website,to have your products or your services,on so this left,tab is where i'll start first you have,home,orders products customers analytiks,marketing discounts apps and then lastly,online store any order that you get will,be on,this tab this product tab,here will prompt you to start to create,your product so whether they are,a product or a service anything that you,plan to sell for money will go,here since i've already clicked this i'm,just going to start by adding a,fake product um since i work with hair,companies and i have a lot of like,hair photos in my folder i'm just going,to start with that so i'm just going to,put a,you would add your description,you can also bold italicize and,underline specific parts of your,sentence,as well as include images and videos in,your description if you wanted to,as far as media these are the images,that you would upload and that would,show,up as your products picture so i just,used a picture from one of my things,that i already had,now this pricing inventory,and all of the stuff below here are,really important especially if you are a,product space business,if this is just one product so just like,i put here if this is a,16 inch so if we have 16 inch brazilian,body wave as our one,product and we have our image of it,then we would only need to put one price,here so if our 16,inch is 60. her,bundle then that is what you would just,put as the price,if it was a sale and the price was 60,dollars but originally it's 80,you could put that 80 there and it would,still show the 80 but then it will show,that it's actually,60 as the price you can also include,cost per item as well so you can keep up,with your margins and your profits for,each of the products that you're selling,you don't have to do this and like i,said down here says customers,won't see this but it could be good for,you if you just want to keep track of,certain things like that you can choose,to charge tax on this product,as far as inventory you can choose to,track the quantity,and you can check to continue selling,when out of stok it is up to you,if you are tracking your quantity you,can put the amount,of the quantity down here if you uncheck,this it just won't show up,shipping if you are a product space,business you would click that it is a,physical product if you're a service,based business,or you're providing like a digital,download or something digital,then this would just be unchecked as far,as the weight,you would put whatever weight per bundle,or,whatever you're selling i'm just gonna,put 3.5,ounces since i'm toking about a hair,product,as far as customs this is where you,would put all of your information,here if you choose the biggest thing,that i want to point out for your,product,tab is this variance you would check,this,if you have multiple options under one,listing,so if we go back to the top of our,product page,if i just said brazilian body wave so if,i took that 16 inch out,and i just put brazilian body wave,instead,and if i scroll down to this variant,section here,then i can create different options for,my brazilian,body wave here so one option could be,length and this is where you would put,the inches of your bundles,so if you have a 12 inch you would,separate it with the comma,and that would be one drop down item if,you have 14,inch comma that's another drop down item,so i'm just going to continue and,just put up until 20 inches when,customers go to your products page,and they find your brazilian body wave,they will see,that they can check length and they,would be prompted to identify which,length,they want it likewise if you had,bundle deals so i'm trying to stay,pretty consistent here so if i have,um three bundles,of brazilian body waves if that was my,title for my product,then i would definitely have to use a,variant because there are multiple,options that i'm giving,the customer to choose from so instead,of,lent here i am going to create another,option,bundle deals,and with these bundle deals you could,have,since i said three bundle deals i'm just,gonna put 12 inch,14 inch and 16 inch notike,the reason why they aren't separated,like they were before is because i did,not include a comma,now that i have my set of three bundles,i'm going to press my comma,the next option might be 18 inch,space bar 20 inch space bar,and then maybe 22 inch comma you can,also add,another option so if you wanted to,specify bundle deals,and maybe the kind of texture,origin i was going to say texture but i,think origin would be more appropriate,so let's say cambodian,comma brazilian comma now what that,would look like,since you have two options when a,customer visits,this specific product listing they're,going to have,two drop down options to choose from,before they can add it to cart,so if a customer is on your page they,first would need to pick between these,two options so maybe they picked the 12,inch,14 inch and the 16 inch then they would,also need to address the second drop,down button,which would tell them to pick from an,origin,so once they picked that 12 14 and 16,inch,they would have to decide whether they,want that inch,in cambodian or brazilian and if you,don't like it or you want,to remove it in this corner it just says,remove,i'm going to keep this as is since we're,working with two different lengths,obviously this one um this first option,is,longer than the second option so i'm,going to keep this first one at 60,let's just say 160. we're going to say,160 for this,if you know that you have 50 on hand,then you could include the,quantity to have 50 with my,18 20 and 22 maybe this needs to be 200,and maybe you have 40 in stok again you,don't have to put the quantity here,if you don't want to this is just to,help you,keep track of it but if you have another,way to keep track of all of your,inventory then,by all means you don't have to do that,and this is what it's going to look like,so far with my description this is what,i put in my description so be sure to,always fill out your description,so that it shows up appropriately,looking at the side the right side this,is in draft mode,once i'm satisfied i can create active,which means it will show up,once my site is live i do like to create,tags,and also make sure it's in the correct,collection,i work on collections next but if i were,to tag this i would just say,brazilian body wave because that's what,this is right,it's brazilian body weight and that,would be my tag for this product,once i'm satisfied and everything is,filled out appropriately,then i would change my draft to active,and press save,and if you like everything the way that,it is you can duplicate it,and everything will stay the same so i'm,just going to preview this first,just so i can see what it looks like and,also show you what i mean,we have our picture and then after our,picture,the title the price and then like i said,before your customers would be able to,pick,between these two options if i kept the,origin,option here it would have origin and,then it would have another drop down box,and it would look like this your,description would also go here as well,currently i'm using the debut theme,which is why it is showing up the way,that it is,if you're satisfied with it and you,don't want to create a,new product listing from scratch you can,just press duplicate you can,rename it to whatever you want just,thinking about it as i was toking,earlier if you had different,origins for your hair so it'd be three,bundles of body wave and then,underneath the options you could have a,origin and then you could decide if you,wanted it to be brazilian or cambodian,and you can choose to copy the images,and then you can also decide if you want,it to be in draft form,while you're editing the description or,if you want to,immediately set it as an active listing,i do recommend,setting it as a draft because you will,need


hey guys happiness here welcome back to,my channel and we are back again with,another shopify overview theme,um and in today's video we are going to,review a debut shopify theme so this is,one of the popular theme that is,available on your shopify store and it,is free so i am going to do a review,about it so you can have an,understanding on how these themes work,and if this will be a good fit for your,shopify store so i hope you're gonna,like this video so let's get started,so this is how our debut names looks,like so far in here and it comes in,different preset this is called a,default present,and there is also a light preset so i'm,just going to go with a default present,and it's designed so this debut theme is,designed to beautifully showcase your,brands and products this is why this,theme is very very famous on shopify,store,and let's check a little bit about its,features and then we are going to review,the demo so it has a pickup availability,meaning you can engage with your,shoppers and tell them when that this,item will be available for pickup um,they have a slideshow section where you,can add like multiple products images on,your homepage and tok more about your,brand,and it has a predictive search like you,can display a live search results um,a quick link to your so and it has a,customer testimonial section so your,customer can put like different,testimonies about your products in your,website not all shopify them they have,these uh features,um it also it has a promotional burner,so you can promote your lyric sale um,different promotion like this different,discounts um on top of your so so you,can do that kind of promotion,and it is also a store that is built for,small numbers of products so if your,still has like not so many products then,the beauty is good for that,um it doesn't require you to have like,so much products this is why the design,is just only for store that has like,small products,um there's also a homepage uh video you,can tell your customer you can tell a,story about your brand um you can tell,your customer a store about your brand,by featuring a youtube video or a video,video you can link that up on your,shopify store it has a product,recommendation so it can recommend your,customer like different products if they,like this product they'll be also,another recommendation of the product on,the uh,down below on the product that your,customer selected,and it also have a product filtering,it's allow your customer to filter,products by type and sort of uh maybe,for a bit bestseller seller,or a price collection so these are the,features of these um debut and then so,now let's go and check it out the demo,how it looks like and then i'm gonna,take you behind the shopify admin page,settings so you can see how actually,you're gonna do it what are the things,that you're gonna need to make your,store live and launch it so let's click,view demo so we can start viewing our,demo so this is how our homepage is,looking like if we can scroll all the,way down this is how uh the debut damn,store is going to look like,on a desktop and if you click on the,mobile you can see how on the mobile is,gonna look like as well,so you can check it out and see if you,really love um if you love this name so,you can use it for your store but that's,how it's gonna look like on the mobile,so let's go back on the desktop view,and you can see this is a main menu,sections here and you have home section,and you have a product a place where you,can put your product and you have you,have a drop down menu where you can add,all your other drop down menu by adding,your product that you're offering in,your store not all shopify theme has a,drop down menu section and you also have,a place to tell stories about contact so,you can customize your main menu here it,doesn't have to be like this but you can,customize as how you want it,you have your search bar here and your,art to cart and this is our banner,section you can add as many slideshow as,you want um like on this demo here they,only have,one demo,they only have one slideshow picture,so you can add your picture there and,you can tell a message that you want to,tell your customer and you can put your,and you can add a call to action section,where they can click here and it's going,to take them on the shop section where,they can shop you a handbag this is,another section where you can add your,product,and this is your featured product,um so these are the product uh the,images they are very very simple and,very minimal,um they,the video they're really not um like so,huge just like other,um shopify theme so it's just like so,simple,um,and these are the other featured,collections,and here you can tell a story about your,brand so this is a section you can do,that this section here you can add,different testimonies from your,customers so they can give you a,testimony about,how they love your brand how they love,like this store is selling handbags so,these are actually the testimony from,customers,and um these are the other images of,your product and down here,we have,um a photo menu section where you can,put all your shipping policies your,terms of service your contact your,newsletter section where your customer,can subscribe,uh your social media icons your payments,gateway and also right over here you,have an option to add different,currencies you are alpha written in here,so like canada dollar um canadian,european us dollar and stuff like that,um so let's go back um let's click one,of the products,and see uh so let's click uh let's click,this product here let's see how the,images they're looking,like so this is how your images they're,going to look like so you'll basically,have one,big product picture and then you will be,selecting some of them down here so once,you click one product you have,uh this theme has a feature that you can,zoom in and see the every detail of this,product okay as you can see here i can,zoom in it's like it has this like zoom,in zoom out,feature to see your product and also,there is a video here to show the,details about your product,so not only on the pictures form but,also on the video form and you also have,your title here the price the quantity,the call to action add to cart by now,and the,um description for the product as well,as your social media icons if you don't,want to show them to show your social,media icons there is a place where you,can um hide them so this is how,the demo looks like pretty much now,let's go to uh shopify admin page on,behind the scenes so you can see,what you will actually need to do to,customize the entire debut theme so you,can have a fully store and a livestok,so you can start making cells so this is,our debut let's click customize,and here we are on our homepage settings,section so basically this is the name of,the store and the main menu section when,you click header here you can customize,your um you can add your logo and,customize your,main menu section here you can also if,you want to have an announcement you can,click here and have an announcement so,you can customize it so i have another,video tutorial so i have another,tutorial that i went into detail by,showing you guys how to customize and,the beard shopify them so if you like,debut shopify then make sure to watch,that tutorial so you can know how to,customize your shopify theme um your,shopify debut theme um and yeah the,process is very easy very quick and very,simple so make sure to watch that video,you can also add your image text overlay,which is here and it's like here,on the demo,and you can also add your call to action,so you can put here a call to action and,your call to action will appear here and,you can put the link,okay and then you can add um different,columns sections here and you have a,featured collection so your featured,collection will appear here you can add,as many product as you want also your,image with text overlay just like,here,so you can put your product image and,you can put a

Learn How to Add Custom Field in Shopify Product Page (Debut Theme)

hello everyone welcome back with another  video and today we are learning about  ,shopify product page customization and in this  tutorial we will be adding a custom field in our  ,shopify product page so for example if you want to  take input from your customer on the product page  ,if you're selling a t-shirt or if you are  selling a label type product where you want  ,name printed so you can ask your customer  uh in your product page about that input  ,okay before we proceed to tutorial don't forget  to subscribe the channel so i can create more  ,videos for you guys okay now i'm already locked  in the back end of the shopify and when you go to  ,the back end you will need to find product file  in your liquid files in this case we are using  ,we are doing that in debuting you can do it on  all of the themes so i'm gonna go to edit code,and then i will find product  file product good liquid file  ,that's the main file which all of the theme  shopify should have and when i click on that,i can see the product liquid file is pulling  two sections one is the product template and  ,one is the product recommendations  uh as i already have uh applied  ,the code before creating this video i'm just  gonna go to the product template that's the  ,file where we will need to add the code in order  to create the custom field for our product page,now once launched once the  file is open we will find,and form so ideally we are looking  for the form in our product file  ,let me see where it's starting from  ,okay so here's the form and form and that form is  ending here so these so this all liquid code is  ,responsible to display all of the information  which is displayed here price size and all of  ,the information which is showing up here what  we will do we will add a chord before and form  ,and uh i have already created the port  before so i'm just gonna copy the cord,required plus visible on checkout  ,i'm just going to copy the code and  hit paste and let's save the field,now when i refresh the product page,as you can see the field is showing up here,i can add name for so for example if you want  your t-shirt to have a custom name printed on it  ,you can add this and it seems like i have  to add the quantity in the product page  ,let's do that as well because that's  displaying that product has been sold,out,there we go we are seeing add to cart button and  ,when i add custom name on this  field and click on add to cart  ,here you can see the custom field on your  cart page and when you go to the checkout  ,page continue shopping here's the card  page and when i go to the checkout page,custom field is also visible on the checkout  page so if you are the shop owner and  ,you are looking for that custom field you can  easily find that on your product details page  ,on your order section on the backend so if  someone orders a custom printed t-shirt you  ,will see the custom printed name whatever  input you have received from your customer,so there are multiple codes  which i have created for you guys  ,so this one uh this code will make the field  visible on checkout but in some case if you  ,don't want to this field to be visible on checkout  you can use this code means this is required only  ,so the field is required but it won't be visible  on the checkout page and if you want the field  ,to be required and visible on checkout you  can use this code and if you don't want it  ,to be visible neither required you can use  this code meaning the field will be optional  ,if your user fill in the details that's fine if  it doesn't fill the details nothing's gonna happen,cool we have successfully added the custom  field in this tutorial uh i'll share the code  ,in the video description so you guys can  easily find that i hope it was a short  ,tutorial i hope you guys like it let me know  if you need more tutorials have a great day