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dentist ads on facebook

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads for Dentists | How To Get New Patients For A Dental Clinic

[Music],hey dentists welcome back to another,episode,uh for those of you who don't know me my,name is dawson i'm the owner of,consulting with dawson,uh what i do is i help dentists all,across the u.s uh bringing patients,through facebook ads as well as google,ads,the reason you want to stik around is,i'm going to be kind of peeling back the,curtain on,some of the things that i do and how you,can implement them for yourself,and uh make some more money so that,being said let's jump right into it,so today i want to cover my whole,strategy from the,facebook ads to the landing page kind of,the whole shebang,if you will of what you need to do in,order to be successful,online uh the reason for doing this is,not only making more money as i,mentioned before,but also helping out the community,people,need clean teeth they need you know help,with their gingivitis maybe they have a,cavity,so not only are you helping yourself but,you're also helping other people some of,you may be skeptikal about using,facebook ads or google ads,maybe you had an experience in the past,with another digital marketing company,where,things didn't turn out well maybe they,over-promised and under-delivered,maybe the lead quality wasn't as good,well today i want to show you how we can,fix that so what's the strategy behind,all this,well first we start with facebook we get,ads up and then we build uh the custom,landing page,for you and your practike we'll jump on,my computer here in a little bit,kind of go over the details of what that,looks like but on the front end just,wanted to explain,who i am what i do and kind of go from,there,thank you again for joining me today if,you want to see more videos like this,feel free to subscribe also if you have,any questions that come up throughout,the video,feel free to leave it in the comment,section below facebook is more,competitive than it ever has been before,what used to work in the past doesn't,necessarily work today,having stok photos having cheesy,captions with,emojis all over the place won't cut it,for bringing in new patients,fly by night digital marketing companies,are a dime a dozen,there's so many people promising you a,thousand patients each month,over promising and under delivering so,you need to find a system that works and,you need to find,what is going to actually bring you,success on facebook,so the question then becomes how do we,stand out i'm going to refer to a book,called hook point this is by brendan,kane for those of you who don't know,brennan kane,he got over a million instagram,followers in 30 days,he's worked with stars like taylor swift,and networks like,mtv to help grow their platform so a lot,of what brendan preaches,is hook points it's a term he coined and,it's essentially,how are you going to get your audience's,attention in less than three seconds so,if you see someone,if you're out in public and you see them,scrolling take,notike of how fast they're they're,scrolling through their feed,it's on average that americans scroll,through a 200 feet of content,per day that's a conservative estimate,so think about,what you need to display or what you,need to do in order to stand out,so someone needs root canal they're,going to be really motivated to,fix that issue so when they're on,facebook when they're scrolling,they're not necessarily looking for a,root canal so how,can we interrupt them how can we get,their attention in under three seconds,to communicate that we can solve their,problem i just want to clarify,facebook is interruption-based marketing,whereas,google is intent based marketing i use,both but for,the sake of this video let's focus on,interruption,obviously someone could type into google,root canal,near me i'll make more videos about that,in the future but for now let's focus on,facebook so getting people to stop,scrolling is hard enough by itself,but the next thing that you have to do,is you have to be authentik or you have,to be congruent,with the reason that you stop them for,instance click bait is,i'm sure we've all been there you see a,headline on an artikle that seems,too good to be true that you want to,click on and then turns out the content,had almost nothing to do with the,caption or the hook if you will so this,is uh,obviously known as click bait the reason,is clickbait is because,of the hook was not congruent with the,actual content,so what we need to do is we need to make,uh the reason they stop scrolling are,congruent with,uh our actual message so we learned how,important it is to,stop people from scrolling uh with our,hook but it's also just as important,to have uh the content to back it up or,the,authentikity in this story behind it so,when you're on facebook it's also,important to keep in mind,what posts are going to be around your,ad for example,uh there could be your cousin's wedding,there could be,an engagement of a close friend or even,some pictures of someone's new dog all,these are crying out for people's,attention,and so it's up to us to find a way that,we can,get our message across in that short,amount of time so let's jump on my,computer i'm going to show you,some examples of what to do what not to,do and we can,look at what will actually bring you,success on facebook,sorry about my my band-aids if you saw,those hey everyone i just wanted to,interrupt the video uh real quick,uh so we're not going to look at my,clients ads or landing page,uh wanted to but couldn't get it cleared,in time so instead we're going to look,at,a competitor's dates we're going to see,what he's doing i kind of critique them,and then we're going to see the template,for the landing page that i use for my,clients,but i'm going to take away all,identifying information,i just wanted to keep that transparent,with you guys gonna bring the same value,so let's jump right into it all right,everyone so we are on facebook,uh if you're not familiar with this page,that i'm on uh right here and by page i,just mean,the structure there's a way on facebook,to,look at someone's ads to find out what,ads are running and to see how long,they've been running them for,so this is a useful trick to kind of spy,if you will on your competitors to see,what they're doing,i made a video on this how to,access this page i'll link it in the,description or in the video,as you can follow along if you want to,so this is dr ripa down in florida i'm,going to just go over,some things that he's doing really well,kind of the the concept behind,what he's doing and then some things,maybe he could,improve on so these are some of the ads,that he's running now,this is a video ad over here and then,these down here and i think he has,these as well there's also more he,actually has,a lot of ads but these are just,variations of the the same thing,so to start the first thing you kind of,want to,shy away from is running stok photo ads,having stok photos in your ads used to,work in 2016,even 2017 but now people have grown,very accustomed to it so when they're,scrolling their news feed,almost you know instantly they can tell,if it's a stok photo,or if it's a genuine picture so uh shy,away from stok photos because,if you pick one you know someone's going,to scroll right on past it because that,their brain thinks it's an ad so what,you want to do is you either want to,have a video like he has here,or uh some personal pictures um like the,ones you see here,things that you would essentially post,on on facebook,uh remember our ad is going to be,showing up right next to,um people's pictures of their babies,maybe,a graduation picture actually having,pictures of you,and your staff goes a long way helps,blend in,with the platform and helps people be,able to,digest your ad in a more effective way,another thing that he's doing well is i,want to point out this video ad,so with this video ad what he's done is,he's essentially just,toking about veneers the process is,some,eye-catching infographs so this is a a,really good video,it's professionally done and i'm sure he,does re

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Dentist Firm (SMMA: Leads for Dentist Client)

hi guys joel lamberth here again just,gonna do um another video today and it's,more like a tutorial style um which is,what i want to be doing ultimately is,actually teaching and providing value to,the community here on youtube so this,video who's it for it's really for,anyone who's got social media marketing,agency or they're looking to start a,social media marketing agency and maybe,you're not sure which niche to go in yet,or maybe you've already decided that you,want to work with,dentists for example and this video,we're going to tok about how you can,actually generate results for your,dentist clients maybe you're a dentist,owner yourself maybe you work in,reception at a dentist maybe you're,browsing how you can actually get more,uh leads through the door um for your,dentist you know then this will also,help you guys as well so first of all,i'll just uh tok about what is the lead,generation funnel a lead generation,funnel but how i describe it to clients,is it's like a one-page mini site this,can actually be plugged into the back,end of the existing website so say for,example your existing website something,like,www.dentist4u dot,and we could actually just plug this,into the start so we would replace the,www dot,um with something like start dot or go,dot and that,would actually be called a sub domain,because it would go just slightly before,uh your domain so we would connect your,lead generation funnel up to the sub,domain so that can run alongside your,website um so that's basically in a,nutshell what um a lead generation,funnel is and why it's a funnel is,because it only it,gets users to take specific actions so,they land on the page they opt in,provide their name phone number let us,know what service they're interested in,and then they're taken to a thank you,page which will actually um advise them,you know someone will call back within,24 hours also also have the number for,the dentist on as well so they can give,you guys a call straight away and get,something booked in so this video is,ideal um you know whether you've got an,existing agency or you're just starting,out maybe you've chosen the dentist,niche and you're really thinking well,what can i do to actually get dentists,um clients and once i've got a client,you know how can i get them results all,right so why you should use this over,traditional website is usually when you,go to traditional website um you know,traditional website has maybe like a,home page about us,um maybe got the social media links on,there so people go there but not with a,real purpose and you can pay for traffic,to go to a home page of a website and it,won't convert very well because it's not,specific enough whereas um the lead,generation fund i'm going to show you is,very specific we're only getting people,to do one partikular action and that's,all that they can do on the page which,is opt-in so next i'm going to show you,guys how to create a funnel map and the,reason for that is a lot of people that,i speak to they,when i ask them about this you know do,you have any kind of mapping for your,funnel,and they sort of just look at me like a,blank face um or say like no what is,that and i said well you know if you,don't know exactly what's involved in,getting,people from strangers through to,clients you know what what steps are,involved then you know,how do you exactly plan to build this,thing right so that's why i always like,to create a funnel map start with some,do that first of all here um try and,keep this video a bit short i think the,last one was over now i'm really going,to try and cut down these videos guys,let's try and do this one as quick as we,can today so i'm going to go over to,funalytiks.io,i have built a dentist funnel before um,in this platform but i'm gonna just uh,build one from scratch today so let's,just call this uh dentist funnel,or dentist funnel two,and click create so this platform,basically just allows us to build um,like a visual of what the funnel will,look like okay and then we can build,each part of the funnel i don't know if,that worked,create,it should just load it up into the,builder and we're just going to build,this out to start with,call to over here you have like icon,sections so all we're going to do is,have the first um,drag the first icon over which in this,case is just going to be this generic,one but you're going to rename this to,landing page,you call it landing or opt-in page i,find this is a really good visual you,can actually show this to,your clients or potential clients if,they want to know well okay joel so what,is it that you you you know specifically,or are actually going to do for us so we,can just actually map this out and say,look you know this is what we're going,to do so it's just a landing page,through to a thank you page in the,middle here this is actually going to be,our lead so once they've opted in over,here,i'll just call that landing slash opt-in,they'll become a lead and then once,they've had thank you they'll be sent an,email so we just need to pull up an,email here over here,now this is really basic stuff now guys,hope you guys understand all what i'm,doing here and then we'll just do like,facebook ad so this is going to come,from,a facebook ad or there might be using um,google ads as well if if they are,already using that then you can just let,them know you can plug this into the,system as well,so it's a facebook ad through to a,landing page they become a lead uh then,they get taken to the thank you page and,then here's the email,to make this a little bit more,complicated what you guys are probably,going to want to do is something like,this so zapier is that basically a tool,that you can connect to,um,your landing page builder,and,what that effectively does is collects,so zapier passes information between two,different,providers or two different companies,and,the reason why we're doing this is so,the reason we're actually doing this is,so we can actually what will happen is,we'll use a platform to build the,landing page and the thank you page and,then send an email through to the to the,potential customer but then how do we,get the client those details what we,also need to do on the back end is,create some sort of integration so that,our clients can also be delivered the,details from this lead so the client,needs to know who's actually coming,through this system and we can actually,use zapier as a tool to do that and i'll,just show you what a couple of things,that we can do,so we could actually zap them uh an,email we can zap them a text message and,the other one i'm looking for is a,spreadsheet,misc,i'm pretty sure it's on here somewhere,crm,i'm sure crm is on here,there are different crms on here for,example like pipedrive salesforce,looking for something more generic,okay you get the idea basically so you,could have we can just use anything so,we can just use like this add to list,and we can just change this to,spreadsheet,like,cool,so setting these up is a little bit more,advanced i'm not going to cover it in to,this video today if you want to just,send me a message on instagram if you,need any like advanced help in regards,to setting this up then just let me know,and i'll see if i can help you,so this is going to be text to client,client there we go,boom so this is like,most of the funnel done now,it's kind of basic fun we're building,out today,and then of course the last step is for,you know the client to actually phone,them,and,you know i guess,all of these could then point into this,big phone and you get the idea here,we're going to give the all the details,that we can to the our client,and then either our customer is going to,phone up directly from the thank you,email,or their client's going to receive the,details by text spreadsheet and email,and then it's up for their reception,staff to actually phone and close the,new patient like that okay cool so,that's basically what the funnel looks,like i don't know we kind of say that's,ugly,some rea

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How To Run Facebook Ads For Dentists (Tutorial)

hey what's up guys in this video I'm,going to cover how to run Facebook paid,advertising for Dennis let's get into it,so basically,um Facebook Dennis Facebook ads,I'm going to show you guys which ones I,specifically like to use on this website,facebook.com Library which you yourself,can actually look that up yourself,um and then we're gonna show you how to,I'm gonna show you how to actually put,them in the ads manager and get it all,set up for you okay so let's just go,from the very top here and I'll show you,what to do so,just type in Dennis your dental or,whatever you want to search and then a,bunch of ads will start to pop up so,when you're looking at the ads here a,lot of the first ones are ads that,people have have been running for a very,short period of time because instead,said start running on December 8th and,it's the 10th so it's only been running,for two days so that tells me they're,just testing these ads they don't,actually know if they work or not you,have to test different ads to see if,they work but that tells me this ad has,been running a very long time so it,might not be a very good ad we don't,know um,let me see here which ones I like to see,um hopefully my screen don't cover that,up okay,um so as I'm going through here,I do like the before and after,um ads Those ads typically I've seen,work very very well okay so definitely,try the before and after ads,um those work very well these types of,ads where it's a bunch of tools I,wouldn't I wouldn't do those ones,um it's just not ideal,we're looking through here,the the people with their smiling faces,like this this one here that ad would,probably work,um I might try that one out,um that's not my very top favorite but,that does work,um this one it's okay it's not my top,favorite,um I'm looking for my top favorite ad,this ad right here is a very very funny,uh that's actually a funny ad,um so Those ads are good things to try,but I don't I wouldn't say it's my,favorite okay,um but it doesn't hurt to try it because,what I I you know even though I know a,lot about Facebook ads I don't know,specifically which pictures are going to,work you're going to have to test that,out yourself when you it's called split,testing so um you know I'm not 100,percent,on everything because I can't test every,single image out there but I have an,idea of what I like to see okay,so this ad right here do you see how,they have the phone number and the image,and they're smiling this image right,here is a lot better if if they would,just crop this image and get a little,bit closer,um,and just crop out that top part and crop,out the,for some reason I feel like it's too,um far back in the image if they could,somehow get closer to the image or get,closer to if they had like a pedestal,they could step on and get closer to the,text and also be closer in the image,that would be a lot better for this ad,here,um versus this ad where there's just,they're just closer in the image see how,they're closer so this adds closer in,the image but they don't have a phone,number on the image this at the further,away in the image but they have the,phone number right in the image,um so one ad does good on one thing and,one ad doesn't so it's just um whatever,that thing,um,this picture where there's obviously the,dentist right there and the patient,those are the type of ads I like to run,um where you can clearly see the person,and the patient so Those ads I do,recommend this one right here okay I'm,not gonna make this video too much,longer but you've seen some stuff um,that I I prefer,uh let me just look through here so,these ads those seem to work for people,because they're posting a lot of those,ads but I do recommend having the phone,number in the ad but have a picture like,this,that would work pretty darn good,um let's go through here I would,recommend you and the patient smiling,um so kind of like this one okay,this is a really good image so I'm going,to save that image,you're gonna have to use your own images,uh get them from Google or wherever you,get them from or get your own images,preferably your own images are the best,um we're gonna create a campaign okay,click on engagement,continue,so now we're on the Facebook ads manager,okay,you can title it whatever you want it,doesn't matter,uh so let's say your your dentist,business okay so you're gonna run this,for your business right practikal things,that you can do,you're going to run this messaging ad to,your Facebook business page okay,and this is going to Target people on,[Music],um,on your in your local area okay,so don't click anything here just just,leave it Okay click on the ad set it's,called the ad set,um messaging apps what we want,click the message what we want,set this at five bucks real simple five,dollars we don't want to do too much too,fast twenty dollars is quite a bit we'll,save that when the ad actually shows,that it works um for right now we're not,going to do twenty dollars because uh we,don't want to waste money if it's bad,it's not gonna work okay,so we'll do all ages uh all genders,leave that like that and then just,Target people in your area so do Saints,Lewis which is my area right,location here edit my bad,to do St Louis which is my area right,but the city,25 mile radius is good enough,um you can go 30 mile 35 mile but it's,just 25 is usually okay,um Advantage placements leave it like,that we're going the ad itself okay,now we're in the ad itself so make sure,your Instagram account's connected you,don't have to but it's recommended,um,then select your page then you're going,to create the ad as a single image here,we're going to add the media,okay,and then just upload your media put it,in there on the text what you're going,to do is wherever you're from do,do hey Saints,I got all caps on but Lewis areas,there are eagles okay,we offer,Dental Services,near you,call,text,five five five five five five five five,okay,um so basically my outlines of ads are,call the person call your area out your,city and then areas and nearby areas,um,so you could do anything here,I I'm not making this like very you know,like I'm gonna publish it it's just a,rough rundown,um just call out your area and then,offer what services you provide so maybe,under here you offer like uh checkups uh,whitening,um,you know caviar removal so put in every,service you have,um people will look at that and then,also whenever they've seen your ad,they've seen what services you offer,your phone number is right here so they,can go they can call you and then you,would say call or text,um,okay so I can also call you there and,then it's it what's really really good,is if you put a a tooth Emoji in the,headline here because that makes people,really,um,it just makes it a lot better so put a,put a little tooth Emoji right here and,that will help you guys,um call to action send a message,and then you can edit what conversations,you have so you're gonna have to play,around with this part but um you can,edit your your conversations you have,with people then if you have a pixel,which I recommend you would set up your,pixel here and then you just click,publish and then you always want to,duplicate,four copies okay,four different copies we're going to,duplicate and you want to test you want,to test uh five pictures okay so you,should have five pictures total and you,want to test all those pictures to see,which picture does the best and once you,get a picture that does really good,um that's the picture you want to use,for your ad every single time okay so,you're just testing different pictures,until one works so each one of these,will have the same ad text saying that,um placement,same uh everything except the picture,will be different for each one of these,and then um yeah so the it's going to,spend five dollars on uh all five of,these ads so it's gonna be five dollars,a day only and it's going to spread that,out and it's going to automatikally,select the best performing ad for your,for your thing um okay so that

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Watch Me Build A Lead Generation Campaign For Dentists With Facebook Ads Part 1

what's going on guys and welcome to a,new video for those of you that are new,to the channel my name is Josh Nathaniel,George,I own a social media marketing agency,here in the Midlands and it also teaches,you guys on how to do the same and in,this little mini series if you will I'm,going to set up a dentist campaign by,using Facebook Ads and I'm basically,gonna document all of it so that you,guys can follow along and setup the same,campaign and advertisement so that you,too can get leads for your dentist,clients now with that said the reason,for starting this series is obviously,because there's a lot of videos on,YouTube online you know about starting,social media marks and you know getting,those clients in and you know all these,little videos from everyone out there,who's basically promoting the social,media marketing business well but one,thing that I piously think is missing is,like how to actually get results how to,assess with the campaign's and more,often than not it will basically be you,at the front end so we know how to get,your clients and then you know when when,people do actually manage to get a,client they don't know how to get the,results and if they do want you know,information on that or guidance they you,know basically get what's owed to a an,online course or anything like that,which is there's nothing wrong with of,course you know if you invest into,guidance you will cut your learning,curve and a half but I thought why not,just be transparent and you'll show you,guys how I want to set up a campaign,like this so in this video we are going,to basically briefly go over the flow,you know how I'm gonna set that up from,start to finish,and in the next few videos we'll set up,the campaign I'll show you what audience,I would use for this campaign I'll set,up the advertisements create the landing,page and basically show you how you can,basically structure at all and your,basic get it all to be connected and,you're busy setup all together,so without ramble on too much let's hop,into the introduction and then start,this video no I'd always no time,[Music],okay guys I'm welcome to the first part,of this watering bills a dentist,campaign video series and like I said in,the introduction in today's video we're,just gonna focus on basically the flow,and you know what is basically going to,happen okay so it's bit of a brief,introduction to this series we won't be,setting up any ads today I just want to,basically make sure that everyone is on,the same page everyone understands what,we're trying to do here and also for,myself because there's like literally,I'm now setting it up for the first time,I haven't done any prior preparation,I just want to do it all alive for you,guys so yeah let's get started so as you,can see here I've gotten my map up which,is basically how I start every single,campaign I want to basically draw out,for myself how I'm going to set up this,campaign for the clients and what the,flow is going to be okay so obviously if,we start at the front end with the,facebook ads with the Facebook ads go do,the go directly to the website do they,go you know to a landing page or a,bridge page do we set up lead forms you,know what is the the goal of the,campaign and so on and so forth so for,this we haven't actually got a dentist,clients at the time of recording this so,what we're going to do is basically come,up with a basically you know demo,clients if you will like we did with the,last series where we basically set up,these generation ads for car dealerships,by the way guys if you haven't checked,that out yet,make sure you do I'll add it into this,playlist as well so what we're going to,do now is just quickly find a demo,clients how it's gonna Google demo then,dentists dentists Liverpool why not okay,let's see what we've got live a little,smile studio website let's see what it's,all about,okay Rodney streets,the statistik not local justike all by,the way guys I've never seen a black and,gold like dentist I don't think that's a,natural dentist I think that's more of,it I could see white and type dental,house we'll see this is rose okay this,looks a little bit more professional so,what we'll do is we'll use these guys as,a example for you know Gracie was,setting up the odds so let's see if they,got any type so they've got a free call,and so we can use that as a very low,barrier to entry so the way we were',with setting up campaigns for our,clients is that we don't actually,promote the most expensive service that,this client of Scott we always start low,okay we start with something that is,seen as like a lead magnet basically how,to get people in low barrier to entry,you know the base of the bottom of the,funnel get someone in for fairly cheap,and then from there you know we can,upsell on to other things because no one,is going to be he'll get out their walls,and pay for the most expensive thing,without knowing anything about the,service and the company etc same goes,for when you're buying a car you know,you're not gonna just randomly decide to,buy a car you know you take it for the,test-drive you want a consultation you,want to know you want the brochure you,want to see you know what all the,details are you want to know what the,monthly costs are et cetera so we can,start with this free call I'm fine with,that,a generic freak or don't think I don't,think that was where I was supposed to,call gonna be about you know it needs to,be an incentive so let's just see what,their treatments are cosmetik treatments,let's say I saw something about white,teeth select each item I want white,teeth Invisalign braces it's a little,bit more higher-end,there's a bit more expensive so white,teeth okay so we can do what we'll do is,really causes its for example you know,educational purposes only it's not an,actual campaign so what we'll do is we,will do the free call up our teeth,whitening that'll be our starting point,so let me just go back to our tensorflow,so Facebook Ads,[Music],free consultation about teeth whitening,okay and then the next thing is decide,are we gonna go for lead forms within,Facebook where we basically generate,leads or shall we go for a landing page,now for those who that have been paying,attention you'll notike that I already,have my click photos tab open you know,because I have already decided that,we're going for a landing page or to,build a landing page why no idea,personal preference with the landing,page obviously you can customize a bit,more and then what we can do is Facebook,ads - landing page will be generate or,be based in or gather the the,information so I'll actually add that,now so a landing page and then on that,landing page we generates what do you,want name email address telephone number,okay just really shouldn't name email,address and telephone number so there we,go name email unintel no piece of that,is what we capture and then obviously,you have a Thank You page at the end of,it Thank You page and what we can,actually do because if we do this then,what we need to do is add this info the,landing page details to a CRM system and,then we are basically reliance on the,clients to contact these people what we,can now also do is add a sort of,one-click upsell if you will where we,offer another incentive to actually call,the dentist or to text a dentist or,what's up we have to figure out what the,best so for them to do it so the,consumer or the clients will then you,know basically contact the dentist,himself rather than I'm to the CRM and,then they no contact the dentist so what,we'll do is we'll add a one-time offer,call now,and then we will add like the number to,the Thank You page and then from the,your base to get the consumer to,actually ring to dentist themselves,rather than a comb through the CRM and,the ten to seven to do all of the of the,way okay,so this is what the flow looks like,Facebook Ads for a free consultation,about teeth whitening landing page with,basically we capture all the information,and then we have

Dental Patient Marketing in 2022 | Entire System

in this video i'm going to show you how,i generate 20 to 30,new patients every single month for my,dental clients i'm going to show you the,entire system from a to z,and we're going to go over everything,that you need to do in order to be,successful i'm also going to share with,you the mental framework that i've,developed when you're running ads,sometimes it gets tiring or you don't,know what to change,so i'm going to share that near the end,and i'm also going to share some of the,common pitfalls i see most dentists fall,into when they're advertising so without,further ado,let's jump on my computer and let's get,right to it hey everyone,welcome to my computer so this is,the the system this is everything that i,do to get results,from my clients uh one caveat before i,jump into things,is i want to say what worked in the past,doesn't anymore so what worked in 2017,what worked in even 2018 if applied,today,either a won't work as well or b won't,work at,all so the the structure,the way things are laid out is similar,but again,the the parts that matter the most the,ads,and the the landing page if those things,are,kept the same if they're not iterated on,you won't see any results,so just wanted to make that clear right,up front,this system that i have now is based on,what works i've spent a lot of time,listening to,all the digital marketers all everyone,in the space,in the dental space i have kind of,cherry picked,the the best of each part i've put it,together in the system,and i have found it to to work so,this has taken me a lot of time in,finding out,what actually gets results and what is,able to,convert those leads into paying patients,so let's jump right into it,so our system really starts with the,google ads,when someone searches dentists near me,root canal near me they have a high,likely,a likelihood of coming into to the,practike,to becoming an actual patient that day,so we focus on google ads or acquiring,the traffic,they come to the sales page or the,landing page,the reason you don't want to send people,to,your own website is usually there's a,lot of,navigation issues or your information is,spread out too far apart,for example if they don't know what,insurances you take,or maybe they don't know where you're,located and they have to kind of click,around,they only have so much bandwidth before,they're like okay this is too hard to,define i'm gonna go somewhere else so,it's important to have everything,located in one place making it easy for,them to,to find all the information that they,need so from here,they either enter their their info,or they bounce out and so if they,bounce or leave the sales page,we have what's called a facebook pixel,on this page and what it does is it,follows them over to,facebook and it shows them ads on there,so once they are on facebook they're,scrolling they're going to see,our they're called retargeting ads and,then that's going to send them back to,the same landing page and that's when,they'll,they'll fill out their info,so when they fill out their info a they,can either schedule directly to,our calendar if they do not they,we have their information and we follow,up with a call,or some text messages put caveat on the,calendar so this can be used either if,you,have a scheduling software of your own,we're able to,integrate it into our software and if,you do not that is totally fine we have,a back-end system that we use to,prioritize and to to schedule everyone,in there,so whatever is easiest for the the,practike,so let's say they bounce out of the the,counter section let's say,maybe they don't have their planner in,front of them they don't know,when they're next available so we just,have their information,so we would have the office,staff call them trying to get a hold of,them,and then we would also send the text,messages as i said before,text messages would look like hi mr so,and so,so glad to have you in from your,appointment uh what time works best for,you something,along that nature and then a few,follow-ups if we don't uh hear back from,them,you'll probably notike that this says,database reactivation,what database reactivation is is usually,a dentist has a list,of people that haven't come in in a,while have,slipped through their cracks usually,when they send out the,routine cleaning or the every six months,follow-up text,usually people slip through the cracks,and they don't have,they either don't sign up or they forget,or whatsoever so we get a list of,those patients and we send them a text,with the same offer that we have,on the sales page and then from there,we're able to,either schedule an appointment or we,just kind of keep them,on this list any leads that don't end up,coming to this appointment we put in,this pile here,and then every three months or so we,follow up,with them kind of see if they're,interested in scheduling,another appointment so that is,everything from a bird's eye view,let's kind of go into detail about,google ads,facebook ads the sales page and other,process,so when someone's interested in coming,into a dental office,usually the first place they'll go is,google,so they'll type in something along the,lines of dentists near me,and then as they'll scroll down they'll,begin to,start to see some results so first one,that we see,is an ad this used to be a little,green box in the past but google has,since made it just folded letters so,anytime you see,an ad here and i click on it that means,this person's going to pay,whatever their cost per click was or,whatever their bid was,to google so if i click on this google,gets paid and then there's a chance that,i could sign up for their service and,that would make it worthwhile,for this dentist here the reason this is,important,is when someone types in a dentist near,me there's a really high likelihood,of them becoming a patient today or at,least putting their info in somewhere,to schedule an appointment so you want,to be one of the first,couple results when someone types this,into google,these are some of the ads we've been,running for a client of ours,on google kind of wanted to give you a,visual,representation of what you would see,when you type in,dentist near me and start to scroll down,the page,these ads in partikular if you notike in,the description,a clean and sanitized environment we're,running these during,copen 19 so wouldn't necessarily,fingers crossed wouldn't necessarily be,relevant,in the future years or months but,wanted to highlight that for patients,that were concerned,another thing i want to point out is you,want to highlight how you're different,so if you type in dentists near me,you're going to see all the,dentists that you're competing against,it's important to highlight why you're,different,why you stand out just a little tip when,you're running,a google ads this is a screenshot of,google keywords planner so this is a,software that google uses,they essentially prize all the millions,and millions of searches,done on google and they've formulated it,in a way where you can find out how many,people are searching for,a specific topic a specific interest,things of that nature,so this is how many people searched on,average,a dentist in atlanta it just kind of,gives you an idea of how many people are,actually interested,in looking at this this kind of helps,you,almost reaffirm why it's important to,advertise on google number one there is,high intent when someone's,typing it in as i mentioned before but,also there is,enough people that are doing this to,warrant,having those ads visible in the first,place so when someone clicks on,a google ad they'll come to the person's,website,again they'll either go to the landing,page or the website,you want to pick the landing page have,everything all the information,a one page for you know reasons i said,before,but this is the template that i like to,use for my clients,so this is the offer we have here they,have the the book appointment button,that pulls up,this opt-in form,we have different features or

3 Great Examples of Facebook Ads for Dentists

welcome to my YouTube channel and,welcome to another video,I know if they do has a bit long overdue,on the channel here but please forgive,me I've been extremely busy the last,couple of months with Orkut with you,dentist to help generate leads and,attract new patients as well as forming,new partnerships with other agencies,owners to white-label their dental,clients so a lot of cool things,happening at dental pixels but I figured,I'd make this video coming back to the,channel to answer a popular question I,get asked a lot eight address and how do,I create a Facebook ad for my dental,client that's actually going to generate,some leads and that's a great question,right so that's a third question and,that is why I had created this free,resource called the perfect Facebook ad,template or debt so specifically it's on,my website where you can click the link,in the description you can download a,free pdf free resources help you create,it but I figured coming back to the,channel let's create a video on it,convention so I'm gonna break down the,perfect dental face we've got template,show you the five elements of creating a,good Facebook ad that's actually gonna,generate leads and attract the right,patient so if your dentist or an agent,are watching this video then you're in,the right spot I'm gonna break down,three great examples of different ads,I've read in the past before that have,generated quite a bit of leads and you,know make some good money by bringing,some revenues you need to the office so,here's the right place hang on take some,notes and we're gonna dive right into,this video,[Music],right in front of me I have the perfect,dental facebook ad template if you visit,at the website or click the link in the,description you would have been able to,get a copy of the PDF to this template,so you can go through this together if,you haven't no worry it's not a problem,we'll jump on this together if you're on,video and you can download it right,after - you can have it as a resource,and a guide whenever you want to craft a,dental facebook ad template the reason I,call it the perfect dental please we've,got a template because it's a killer,strategy it's been working really well,and we're gonna tok about the essential,elements what kind of elements you,should have on your ad that we eat,you're able to generate leads and,attract new patients why a focus,strategy is important,there's tons of dental services you can,mark it on Facebook - all different,types of patients but why is it,important to have a focus strategy in a,1:1 dental service at a time whenever we,want to mark it on Facebook what are,some best image samples that I've used,before and what my mind said and where,my head is at when I'm putting together,an ad as well as what image or video,ties in together in this case we're,toking about images if you want to tok,about videos that is on an advanced,training that will increase results will,lower your cost per lead and attract,even higher quality patients but image,whose work really well and that's the,focus on this video also knowing the,structure how do we put it everything,together where it's gonna stop someone,from scrolling on Facebook to actually,read the ad more importantly and and,take a look at what we got what we have,to offer whether you're interested or,not we did our job and actually stopped,them to take a look at it and you know,they could comment they can like it at,least get a like they're not interested,but more poorly we're here to generate,elite and potentially get a share which,works really well let's jump right in so,the first part is knowing the structure,and so the structure of is I have it,tied into five different elements,element 1 2 3 4 & 5 we're going to,discuss here it's not necessarily used,all five elements as you see here on the,top but it is really how do you say it's,advisor it's it's um it's something you,want to do but you cannot mess,and I'll tell you why an important,factor more importantly some focused,strategies when I'm creating a Facebook,ad is and what dental service do we want,to market we can market any dental,service there is an audience there's a,potential person that might be,interested on Facebook but we just gotta,have a strategy so what do we want to,market to go to market teeth whitening,this month do you want to market dental,implants do we want to mark it let's say,a new patient package was really popular,like you see here new patient special,which is an exam x-rays in cleaning you,can do an exam 'next rays of course,that's a new patient special exam X,recent cleaning is another type of new,patient special which works well there's,a market for everything we just have to,have the right audience of course and,this is kind of where we're gonna tok a,little bit more about it but this video,is more about just doing the structure,of a face McCadden how it's important,and I'm also going to show you some real,live high performing ads you want to,check out do you understand what a great,ad looks like and the reason I said,great ads they performed fully well it's,generally you leave to track the right,patience and of course made revenue for,the dental office where marketing month,for this ad and these as generating were,from one to five movies daily with a,$500 budget 500 of our budget is is,great to start off for any business but,specifically in dental I'm to get the,ball rolling and get a good idea of what,Facebook can result $500 a great place,to start my hiring clients those be,spending twenty five hundred a month,which is still reasonable and it's great,starting spot so we're increasing our,add ads ad budget as we go on so fairly,new at dental pick so it's only been,about a year and a half doing this so,we're getting there but we're getting,great results with minimal ad spend,which is great,all right so let's dive right in here on,element number one what you want to do,is call out your demographic what I mean,by this is who is your audience and were,you located at so if you're in Miami,you're in Austin let's say you are and,maybe you're in Sweden Stokholm have,client out of there wherever you're at,you want to know who the audience is so,I always like starting off the app by,saying like hey Miami or attention,Austin,or hello hi say Austin Austin parents or,something the reason I say Austin,parents because let's say you want to,market to you want to market an,orthodontik service like braces for our,teeth a liner solution and you want to,reach the parents so they can bring in,their kids right what I mean by kids is,do please eight plus so they can have,some kind of orthodontik treatment of,some sort so you want to know the,demographic and that's before we start,off with on line number one when they're,scrolling on face we're gonna read that,and it's gonna stop them at least I hate,Miami moms Wow what's this all about,they're gonna need to take a look at it,that's our whole goal is to the friend,to take a look at it other than number,two you're transitioning to what's the,next step in the end ask a question,about a problem or paint they are,experiencing so what is it what we're,going back to it what's the dental,service we're marketing we want to tok,about a problem or pain they're,experiencing I'll give you one example,let's say we want to reach newly-engaged,you've engaged women Jim we want to,bring them in for teeth whitening so,they can you have shiny teeth for the,day of their wedding and they can,obviously it's a cosmetik sort of,treatment not necessarily a problem or a,pain it can be but it's more of a desire,the reason I have an element to problem,of pain our plane is more specifically,what encourages someone or motivate,someone to come to the dentist but,obviously a desire works really well so,[Music],when I ask a question I would say,something in the in the realm of are you,newly engaged and would like to look,your best for the wedding so we're,asking their questions it's a desire and,then we transiti