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depop dropshipping

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Dropship on Depop (Full Tutorial)

in this video, I'm going to show you how you can drop ship on depop. now, depop is a great up and coming site that has sales velocity you can make sales on, and it's another place that you should be listing your products within your Drop Shipping business so you can make more sales, obviously, get more eyes on your listings from other customers that might not necessarily be on Facebook, Marketplace or Amazon or wherever you're dropshipping business currently resides in and allows you to differentiate on another platform, so you're not solely tied to sales on one or two. now, Drop Shipping on depop- full disclosure- will not make you a millionaire, but there are sales to be had on this site and there are a lot of buyers on this site looking for clothes and accessories similar to the ones I'm going to show you here in a second. so there's really only one thing that you need to know that differentiates depop from the other sites that I've toked about in the past, like Grail- their kid is in- or tradesy or any of those other ones. with depop, specifically, if you list products that only have stok images on them, your listings are going to get taken down and eventually, your account is going to be suspended. however, if you find listings with good review photos and you put that review photo in the beginning and then also supplement your listing with other stok photos after that review photo, so it looks like you took the product picture yourself. that's an easy way that you can get around it. you can stay within the terms of service and you can drop ship on depop successfully. so we're going to go through two examples of products that you can list on depop and how to actually do it. so the first one here is a wallet money clip, and the reason I chose this is simply because it's the first thing that popped out to me that had a lot of ratings, so I know I can find a good review image on this so I can put it as the main image on depop so we can stay within the terms of service and Dropship here successfully. that's the only thing that you need to do on depop specifically, whereas on a site like mercari, obviously you need to put that review image at the end of it or anywhere within your listing depop. it needs to be first. so the very first thing that we're going to do is check the review images and make sure that there's good one that we can pick that can convey what the product actually is in the actual listing on depop, so somebody will buy if they see that specific picture. we can't find a good review image, then there's no point in listing this product on depop because it's never really going to sell and we're just wasting our time. so you want to find one that looks like it's the product brand new that you took yourself. so this would be a good example of one. so we'll just take a screenshot snippet of this and we'll say: I'll just put one here, I'll go back and find another one. let's try to find one of the wallet that looks relatively new. that's a decent one potentially. so let's grab that. and I'm sure there would be better ones as well and you could take a little bit more time. but basically, all you want to do is just find some good review images so that you can put them in the beginning of your depop listing, right. so now that we have two review images, we're going to come back. we're going to copy the title. you could use z-drop and just copy the depop like this already if you wanted to do that. I prefer to copy manually on depop because you can still do it relatively quickly and obviously you can paste in the review image first without copying and then having to go back and change it. so I'm going to click the red download main images button, obviously copy the title we're going to come in. you'll see those images download on the bottom there. we'll paste the two review images in first. so here they are. this one is the best. one shows like the money clip wallet. this one is just like the Branded box, so that's a good one too, and you can only add four Images. so we'll add two more in there. that are stok photos just to help sell the listing a little bit better. and actually that is not the same one. so we'll pick one that doesn't have that, because obviously you can see we're selling this one with like the design on it, not necessarily the one that's just straight gray, all right. so description: there's no way to put the title in there, but I like to paste and title at the top of the description there, just so I know, going back when I'm looking through it, what that actual product is and where to find it. I can just literally paste that that product title back into Google or back into Amazon or back into zdrop if you copy it with z-drop. you just go up to Z drop, obviously, and then you paste the title into the little search bar or, you know, specific keywords into the search bar and you can find it that way. it's very, very easy. we're going to copy the description here and you also want to make sure that nothing that you're copying doesn't matter if you're Drop Shipping on depop or any other website. make sure that you're not copying any brand information, any information about this being a specific Amazon product. a lot of times on Amazon or even Walmart or other sites, there'll be specific information about it selling on that site. make sure you don't have any of that information in there. make sure there's no warranty information or nothing of the sort. it doesn't look like there's anything here. usually it'll be the last bullpoint- not always, but usually it doesn't look like that's the case here. so you can simply paste that in the description and then move on. so now we're going to move down to the category and we simply want to categorize it. we're going to come down to men's accessories- wallets and card holders- and then I'm just going to come down to condition and make it brand new. I don't really put in any of this stuff. sometimes I believe, it forces you to put the brand in, but lately it hasn't been on depop for me because depop seems to be a little bit more on top of drop shippers and I've actually gotten suspended on depop before for Drop Shipping. that's how I know how to actually go through the process correctly without like kind of staying onto the radar, so to speak. I usually put a quantity of three in here so I don't go too high. so it looks like I have a bunch of Drop Shipping listings but at the same time I don't have to go back and change it every single time if I sell one. also, you'll notike up in the top right. TJ is the name. that's because this is my second depop account. if you guys are interested in how to set up new accounts, not just on depop but other sites as well, how to get a brand new phone number, let me know down in the comment section below. that's one of the questions I get asked frequently, but I've never made a video on it. so if you want me to make that video, I totally can. I'll show you exactly how I do it, how I go through the process of getting a new SIM card for a phone and then getting a new number. it's very cheap, it's very easy. but if that interests you, let me know and I'll make that video. so, quantity of three: you can put the color in here. you don't have to, we can. I usually move past all these other little things. obviously, the more information that you put in there, the better chance and likelihood that your product's gonna sell. I don't really usually waste my time with any of this stuff. so the locations in there, the city's in there already. if it's not, you should have already set that up when you set your depop account up. if it's not in there, then obviously just put it in there. you can ship with the depop label and do the drop ship Arbitrage like I've toked about before on sites like mercari or Poshmark, or offer up specifically, or you can ship with your own label. if you ship with your own label, be very, very careful because if it comes in Amazon boxes, just like some specific other sites, depop frowns upon that. they don't like it. so the safest way is to actually order to yourself first with prime shipping. so t.

Depop’s BIGGEST Problem? | Dropshipping 101

I'm drinking almond milk because apparently tea has gluten in it. what is up, gays? it is Gabe and I am back with another video, and today I just kind of wanted to rant a little bit, like I do sometimes, about something that used to not bother me all that much, but the more and more I see it happening, the more and more it just kind of like pisses me off. honestly, it has to do with deep hop, and I feel like the majority of people who use depop, especially as buyers, do not understand this concept or are just unaware of its existence, and a lot of sellers are too. let me set the scene. so you are scrolling through deep hop. let's say you're looking for a mesh shirt. you look through and then you see all of these sellers who have basically the same images, or just really similar images, and maybe you recognize some of them from some models, Instagram or something- and you're like, hey, wow, that looks familiar. click on it and say it's like a $20 mesh shirt and you're like, hmm, that's pretty cute, maybe I should buy it. and you do some further research and it's a unit knockoff or it could be an original piece from someone else that's just basically been ripped off and you know that's the thing. knockoffs happen. the place that people usually get those are on Aliexpress. I've actually done a couple videos on Aliexpress before, like of buying dupes and comparing them to the real thing before, so I am NOT new to Aliexpress. means on it have changed over time, but I'm just gonna say what these people do, what these people who have all the same images- you know, some of them may use their own images, but the majority don't know. what these people do is called drop shipping, which in the larger scale of being a seller is a kind of a neutral term, but on depop it is against the rules. tiknically, drop shipping is when a product that you are selling not go through your hands. so basically, these people are in these products on Aliexpress that are usually knockoffs in the first place, and let's say there's a shirt that's like $4 on Aliexpress. they are look, just keeping that item and they're saved. and then they post some pictures, maybe from a models Instagram of them wearing the real thing, or maybe from the Aliexpress posting itself and then up pricing it, probably like five to ten times the price, and then listing it. and this is something that's problematik in itself for many other reasons. but the drop shipping part is that what really bothers me. they never touched the item. what they do is, when they sell one of the items, they literally just type that person who's bought its address into Aliexpress and order it for them, like seriously, and charge them ten times the price for that. and this is extremely problematik for a lot of reasons, but especially on deep hop, where the kind of message that the community likes to send is that you are finding items that are there either vintage or one-of-a-kind or very rare and hard to find. drop shipping off of Aliexpress is none of those things. another thing, if that a lot of people use deep hop for, is to try to reduce their carbon footprint by but kated, used clothes, and some of these clothes might even be from fast fashion. sources say, someone buys the top from forever 21 and then sells it on deep hop and someone buys it. that's still reducing your carbon footprint. still, you're not just going into forever 21 and buying it, you're giving it a second life. so that I understand that deep pop. I'm not saying that's that's a problem, but this is just nothing. it's it's, there's no risk involved is basically what I'm saying. there are some people who do buy a lot of stok from Aliexpress and then sell it and then ship it and package it themselves. but I'm gonna go out here and say that that is the minority and I kind of understand why people do that. I still think it's kind of a cheap, fast and loose business model where none of the products have your own personal touch but they maybe are paying for the faster shipping time with the aliexpress drop shippers. they literally say in their listing will take a few weeks to a month to ship, which is how you know they have never seen the item in their life. they're just sending it to you via Aliexpress and I just can't believe that. deep hop doesn't really seem to do anything about it. I have tried reporting these accounts because a lot of them are breaking multiple girls on deep hop. one of the rules on deep op is that all of the photos have to be your own. they, some of them do, but I would say 75 to 90 percent of them don't. most of these items are counterfeit items which are not allowed on depop. that is just it's in their rules and regulations. those two things are not allowed. and so then we get to the question: why are these accounts so popular and how are people making so much money off of it? I'm not gonna name names, but there are multiple- and I wouldn't even say multiple, I would say many- deep hop sellers who do this, who are notorious drop shippers. everyone knows that they do it and they are verified and being endorsed by deep hop and even though that they are, they are blatantly breaking deep house rules and going against their message. honestly, the only reason I can think of is deep out makes too much money off of them to say anything. they're gonna keep quiet as long as it's lining their pockets. I love deep hop. I love that, mostly everything they stand for. I love the idea that they are trying to make the world a little more sustainable and I love being able to find rare vintage items. and I know I hear a lot of people say: why do you care about dropshippers when you go into Goodwill and something for $2 and then sell it for 20? there is a really big difference in what I'm doing and what they are doing. I go to thrift stores probably three or four times a week. I spend maybe hour and a half to two hours at every store and most of the time I go to multiple stores and I maybe come out with two or three pieces on a good day. for the very rare occasions where I am just having an amazing day- and you guys have seen that whole videos from that- those days are like the happiest days of my life. but I am dedicating hours of my time to finding these items and then I am paying models. sometimes a lot of the times I don't fit into all these clothes and so I'm paying a model to model for me or I am modeling them myself, taking my the time out to put on the clothes and stuff and photographing them, and then I'm listing them. so that takes a lot of time and effort and that's what people are paying for. the truth is you can't go out and find everything that I find. by taking a couple trips to the thrift store, you're not gonna find the exact items I have, and that's just the truth. and so they are paying a premium to have those items shipped to them on demand. and the truth is about dropshippers. anyone can do what they do. it takes no talent, it takes no time, it takes no dedication. it is just that making a quick buck. I just really can't stand by that and I just notiked it more and more, especially with my depop group chat. we just see it every single time. all of my recommended- sometimes even the explore page- our drop shippers who are just completely being dishonest. I didn't really mention that. they don't say where their items are coming from. they don't say how they're being made. they don't say any of that, they just say, oh, this is a cute 90s mesh top and a lot of the times they'll say it's vintage when it's not. it takes- it doesn't take- a very trained eye to be able to spot these after a while, but the thing is they still get so many customers. I see these dropshippers. they have thousands of items sold and I'm just like I just can't believe they really are tricking people right, because the people that are buying from them apparently don't know that you can find the exact item on Aliexpress for one tenth of the price and that is just a dishonest way of making money from people. it's borderline scam. I just feel like no one really toks about it. I I see other youtubers recommending that you dropship when.



yo, what's up guys. welcome back to the channel. and if you haven't watched my videos before, basically i resell vintage clothing full-time on an app called depop, and that's about it really. i make videos on youtube about what i do, the stuff i get, where i buy it and, uh me going on little adventures to find it. and in today's video this is quite an important one because i've been getting a lot of messages from people that started on depop three, four months ago that have now lost their account and they don't know why, they don't know what they've done wrong and they basically just haven't read the rules. so let's tok about the most common ways you can lose your depop account. so these aren't going to be in any partikular order. i'm just going to go through them and tok about what it is and that you shouldn't do it. first up is spam messaging. now, what is that, you're probably wondering. i don't understand what that means. so basically, if someone likes your product and you message them saying, hi, i saw you liked the item, um, do you want to buy it? that's classed as spam messaging and you can lose your account over that. you'll get a warning at first, but you can lose your account. a lot of people find it annoying, so they will also report you for doing it. and when i first started i didn't know. i thought if someone liked your account, your picture, you could message them. i nearly lost my account when i first started from doing this. don't do it. also, when you send out those copy and paste messages saying we've got a sale on today, 15 off everything, blah, blah, blah, that's also classed as spam messaging and again you can lose your account. so don't do it, it's not worth it. it's not worth messaging one person that's liked your item that could possibly report you and you lose your account. it is against depop's terms and conditions. it's part of their rules for what you shouldn't do and so many people do it and i'll be honest, uh, sometimes i report them because it's so infuriating if you're just you know like a couple things and you get 50 messages in a row, so, yeah, don't do it. is it really worth messaging that one person that's liked your item to possibly get a warning and then lose your account? no, it isn't. next up is using stok images. what do i mean by this? well, if you've got an item to sell, take your own photo. don't find one on the internet and use it. don't use a modeled shot from, you know, asos. if you're selling a t-shirt that you bought on asos and it doesn't fit, don't do that [ __ ] because again, it's against the rules and you can lose your account. the first thing that we'll do will take down the actual item and then you cannot re-upload it. if you do, you will get a warning and then, if you do it again and again, you will end up losing your account. don't do it. take a goddamn image. it's not hard- a bit of light and a phone. so what do i mean by stok images? well, it's stuff like this. now, a lot of people use these types of images. i see them all the time, and one of the main ones is: if you're gonna drop ship. but let's get on to that one. next, drop shipping. drop shipping is against depop's rules. they allowed it for a little bit and then realized they're all about sustainability and recycling and drop shipping is fast, it's from china and it's not good for the environment. so depop bandit again. now there's a lot of people drop shipping on on depop and most of them use stok images. but it's not allowed. there's like a two, three week wait for deliveries and, yeah, depop don't allow it. so if you're drop shipping, be prepared to eventually lose your account. might not happen in a week, might happen in a month, a year, but you, you will lose your account. and a lot of people- uh, what's the words? report, um, like drop shippers. they report them actively. they will go into depop and search for people drop shipping and report them. so don't do it, just don't do it. even if you think i'm going to make a big quick bit of money on top of me selling my vintage stuff or whatever, it's not worth it. focus on the good stuff. so i'm gonna sprinkle a load together into one section and we'll call it the comments messages section. so basically, if you're abusive, if you swear, if you call names, if you're bullying, that's it, you're gone. you do not get a warning for that [ __ ], you will be taken off. if you swear at somebody, say they're an idiot, whatever it's done, it's gone. if they report you, you're finished. also, for the creeps out there, if you message female depoppers asking them for weird [ __ ], you'll lose your account. it's the worst thing about we. when we first started, amy used to model, the shots, the photos we used to take them outside where we used to live, and the amount of messages we got from creeps that i would reply saying it isn't a girl behind this, my friend. and then they'd be like, oh, can you get me a number? i'm like no, no, i can't. and i would love to meet these people because they're just [ __ ] weird asking for weird [ __ ], like trying to like they're just creepy. they're just creepy and it's not needed. it's not needed on d-pop. d-pop isn't tinder. you can go on tinder and you can flirt with somebody. don't do it on depop. depop isn't a dating app. it's to come on and sell your stuff. so please, please, please, if you're one of those creeps [ __ ] off the app. creeps are one of the things that i've reported the most and got banned the most. i've had people message our depop when we used to model and they were verified with tiks being creeps. there's no need for it, especially if you're verified. you're seen as like a beacon of of depop. you are what depop wants to then be messaging girls like really creepy messages. it's not on the amount of people i was like put into groups and not release the names. but then it's come out that they're a top seller and, yeah, lose their account, and rightly so. don't do it. i mean, is it really worth losing your account where you make a living, make your money, to message a random girl something weird and creepy? no, meet people in real life, become less of a creep and chat. hey guys just dropping in in the middle of this video today. if you're enjoying the video, please hit that subscribe button, hit that like button and in the comment section, if you could write, have you ever done any of these things? have you sent spam messages? have you tried to pay or get something sold out of the app? have you done any of the things we're mentioning in this video? if you have, drop in the comment section below. let's have a chat. why did you do it and did you realize that spam messaging can lose your account? a lot of people don't realize it, but anyway, let's get on with the video. and yeah, next up is uh, trying to sell items that aren't allowed on the app. so, depop, have a list of stuff you know how to sell. including in that is knives, guns, stuff like that, drugs, all that stuff. now, if you're trying to sell that, you will lose your account. obviously, and hopefully they, you know, send that off to the police too, i'm just saying. another one is: if you don't respond to depop's emails about a dispute, or if someone's not received an item, an email, and depop email you asking for some sort of showing of it, and you do it x amount of times, they will disable your account, ban it because you're not responding to issues that you need to respond to. this next one is probably the one that gets people banned the most over bullying, over, like sexual harassment, over, you know, using items and images that aren't yours. this one is the one that gets people banned the most: taking payment outside of the app. so depop is there for a reason. they funnel people to purchase your items, they put the work in, they do the marketing, not you, and that's why the app is so good. they have millions of users every day and that's why people can make a living from it. but depop need to make a living from it. they need to hire these people, they need to pay their staff, they need to make money. so they have a 10 fee. i don't see anything wrong with a 10 fee if you don't want to pay it, add 10 onto your price. it's as simpl.


I Got BANNED from DEPOP (Avoid this Reseller Mistake!)

hey, what's up you guys. it's rachel. welcome to my channel. if you are new here. i am a part-time reseller. i was on seven different platforms, but as of this week, i have involuntarily come down to six, because i was indeed banned from depop. so i am a part-time reseller and i sell items that are thrifted or sourced online on different platforms for profit. i do cross list my listings, and so i've been posting on a total of seven different platforms, d-pop being one of them. however, they have helped. you may make the decision this week to no longer be selling on their platform. not my best, look, i'm not proud of this, but i am sharing with you guys so that if you are doing, or have been doing, what i've been doing, um, you might want to reevaluate, especially if you do make a considerable amount of sales on depop, because i don't want to see this happen to anybody else, and i'm putting this out there as a don't do what i do type of uh situation. you know, i made this channel so we can all learn from each other, and i made this channel so i can help others with their reseller business with the knowledge that i've gained over my time being a reseller, and so i feel like i need to share this with you because i don't want anyone else to do this or get caught up in this. so, um, by the way, if you are interested in reseller content, i post videos about three times a week, so please subscribe. i would love to have you again in a future video. i do unboxing videos and thrift hauls and what sold videos and just strategy videos in general about what works for me and me, my reseller business. so certainly subscribe. drop this video a like if you find this helpful. um, anyway, so i started selling on depop about a year ago and i've been reselling for gosh almost over 10 years. it's been a very long time, but i started reselling on depop about a year ago when i started cross listing my items. well, hello, oh sorry, hello. so i started selling on depop about a year ago when i started cross cross-posting my listings with list perfectly and basically what it does. so list perfectly is a service that allows you to take your listing from one place and cross-post it to a bunch of other platforms, and so i went from selling on just poshmark and ebay to selling on seven different platforms, deep being one of them, and it's been a great tool. i've made lots of videos about how this perfectly has helped me. um, but- and this, this is not, by the way, this is not because of list perfectly, this is because of my own oversight, but just so you know, this is how it came about. so, um, and i, over the past year, have kind of been deciding like whether do i stay on depop or do i stop listing on depop, just because depop is not really one of my- in fact, is probably my- least performing platform. so, to put in perspective, i think i've made maybe like 20 sales over the past 14 months, so like maybe just over one sale a month, and it's one of those things like i was kind of deciding for 2022: do i continue listing on there? is it worth the time to get that small number of sales or do i just kind of cut my losses? well, depop decided to make that uh decision for me. um, but if you are somebody that lists on depop a lot, or if you're starting to gain your own traction on this platform, i would hate to see this happen to you. so what got me banned from depop is the use of stok photos, and i'm not really here to debate whether or not you should use stok photos or not. you're not supposed to use stok photos, okay, i know that it's something that i've sort of chosen to do and assume the risk of it. i guess i do only use stok photos when i'm listing something that's new, with tags. i feel like if i can accurately, accurately represent a new item with a stok photo, i have a tendency to do so. i add my own pictures, of course, as well, but sometimes that cover shot looks better in a stok photo of its newer tag. that's just me. i'm not saying it's right, i'm not saying you should do that, but it's not really a huge issue on sites like poshmark and mercari and that is where i make most of my sales. so when i've been cross-posting, you know it's very quick this cross-posting process. it takes less than a minute and um i i guess i just never really thought about the different enforcement on the different platforms. and so a couple months ago i got an email from depop that they had removed three of my listings for use of stok photos and they said, hey, you can't do that, okay. well, i went through my existing listings and i removed anything that wasn't already deleted. i removed the stok photos from all of my listings. okay, no big deal like, took care of it, but then i kind of forgot about it. to be honest, this was probably six months ago maybe, and um, i continued to cross the list to depop, using list perfectly, and not really thinking about the stok photo situation. um, some more stok photos ended up on depop on my account and so a couple of days ago i think, i got a another email that three listings were taken down and so i'm like, oh crap, you know i had more stok photos on depop and they said you can't do that whatever. well, guys, i am about to get married. as of the filming of this video, i'm getting married in less than two weeks- i simply just did, had not gone in and fixed it. i just too much else going on. i just did not have the chance to get in there and fix it, and so it was not even 48 hours, and not to say that fixing it would have even helped me at this point. i guess i don't know. but less than 48 hours later i woke up in the morning to a long list of emails of just item removed, item removed, item removed from depop, and the very last email- or their first email, i guess the last one they sent- basically said: like we've closed your account, um, you can't open it back up and you'll never be able to open an account with us again, uh, not even under a different name. so i'm like, well then, okay. but it was funny because i started going through, uh, the photos, that of, like the listings that they deleted, and some did have stok photos, but others did not have stok photos. others were actually photos i took myself and used a background remover. so that was kind of interesting, although i can't really fight it because most of them were stok photos. so not much i can do. but, um, like you said, i am disappointed, i'm a little embarrassed that i let that happen, because i, for the most part, i would say i i try to operate my business with integrity and i'm definitely going to reevaluate my use of stok photos on any platform because, although this one was not a loss for me per se, it would be a loss if i were to get in trouble or remove from some of my other platforms for stok photos some of the ones that perform better that the ones that do make me the majority of my sales. so, um, i say that to say again, i'm not really trying to debate whether the stok photos should be used or not. again, shame on me. i should not be using stok photos. um, and again, something i will be reevaluating for my business. but just know that depop is out there. um, they are cracking down and if you have been using stok photos, now might be a great time to go and redo your listings without the stok photos so that you do not get in trouble. so, again, my bad. i hope this helps somebody else avoid running into this. and yeah, that's it for this video. no stok photos on dpup guys. again, subscribe to my channel please if you want more content about reseller life or reseller platforms. i do all of it here. check out my other videos. drop this video a like if you found this helpful. you can feel free to drop me a dislike. if you're like, what's wrong with you? why would you do that? so that's it for today. i hope you found this helpful. i'm gonna go back to listing on my other six platforms for now and i hope you catch you in the next video. bye, you.

13 Marketplaces You Can Dropship on

all right. so today i want to cover 13 marketplaces that you can drop ship on profitably, currently. okay, now, this is primarily what i'm recording. this is like, uh, april, the beginning of april 2021, so it's obviously currently relevant, like right now, but i see it being relevant, especially with a number of these marketplaces, uh, you know, in the coming years, okay, so some of them might fall off, but a lot of them, i would assume, will be here for the long run. okay, so i'm just going to outline them, and there's clearly other ones out there that you can drop ship on. i'll tok about that a little bit at the end of this video. so these are not the only ones that you can, but keep in mind that these are the ones that i've been playing around with, either because there's software that makes it, you know, easier to perform, or, obviously, you know, you can play the volume game a little bit better. you don't have to spend as much time on those marketplaces, and some of them obviously aren't really tapped drop shipping wise, so that's another benefit of them. so i'll outline as much as i kind of know about these and my specific experience with them, but keep in mind that, uh, you know, as we kind of go down this list- i didn't really put it in order, but as we kind of go down towards the end, those are the ones that i see as like good opportunities. but at like, at the top, the first couple that i'll tok about here are probably like the share things. okay. so, first and foremost, as we've been toking about for like the past- i don't even know like month or so on the in the past like 10 videos- is facebook marketplace. okay, it's an up-and-coming platform. i'm not gonna touch on it too too much here because it's while it's been around for like i think like four or five years now. the shipping options only been around for like six months or so, and so it's a really a good opportunity for drop shippers. the fees currently are only five percent, which is ridiculous compared to all the other marketplaces. um, and on top of that, you can obviously ship nationwide now, so you can facilitate the sales. it makes it really really easy, and then competition really isn't there as it would be on somewhere like ebay. okay, so, facebook marketplace: countless tutorials, countless videos on this channel. if you want to watch them, just go back and look at like the last 10 or so that i've done. they're all on facebook marketplace. now the next two are ones that you're obviously going to know and that's amazon and ebay. now can you retail drop ship on fate? on amazon and ebay? yes, you can, but i don't recommend it because a goes against their terms of service. neither of them like it. and it's really the margins there, you know, especially unless, unlike your tax example, like the margins on both amazon and ebay to do retail drop shipping- and i keep in mind like full-heartedly- have not really done this much myself, but just like knowing from, like what i hear from other people and like knowing how long those business models have been around- it's super saturated retail drop shipping on those sites. okay, that said, you can do wholesale drop shipping on those sites and then it stays within the terms of service, as long as you pay attention to certain things, like i think there's like certain stipulations on amazon where you need to like you can't have any like specific brands on the box or like you have to have like a certain label. i'm not fully sure. i just know that you can do wholesale drop shipping on amazon and ebay very effectively if you facilitate, you know, if you sign up for wholesale suppliers that obviously are willing to drop ship for you if you list their products on those sites and then obviously they will fulfill the orders for you and that goes within the terms of service and obviously keeps, hopefully, your margins intact, because everybody's not drop shipping from the same retail sites and competing on the same listings or saturating the market like it was on ebay. okay, full disclosure. i don't have much experience with retail drop shipping on amazon or ebay and i don't have any experience re, uh, wholesale drop shipping on either. this is just based off of what i know and i do plan on potentially getting into wholesale drop shipping on either amazon or ebay, but it's not something that i see on like the immediate horizon right now. i'm playing around with a lot of facebook and some other ones like i'm going to tok about here in a second. okay, now the next one is an up and coming that i well, an up and comer that i think is really, really promising. i'm not currently selling on it right now. i do have a seller account that got accepted like a month ago, but i haven't really done anything with it. um, my first experience like listing a product just just to kind of see like what the experience was like was like it took a long time, right. so walmart is the next one. you can retail, drop ship on walmart- i'm not sure if it's against the terms of service, although i know a lot of people do it, and obviously it's kind of like the wild west out there right now because it's not overly saturated, it's not difficult, it's not as difficult as it used to be, but it's not easy to get a seller account, so it's not like anybody can just like sign up for walmart- like they could sign up for ebay, potentially- and start listing products from retail sites to dropship, right. so your competition isn't really there necessarily as it would be like with an amazon or an ebay, but the there's a lot of. i believe i heard it somewhere or i read it somewhere, i forget- but i believe walmart surpassed ebay in sales last year, in 2020. so i bel. it looks like. what i'm trying to say is like the revenue's there, the potential profits are there, and there's not nearly the amount of sellers on walmart as there are on like ebay or amazon, right, so chances are, if you look at that like objectively, you can have a bigger piece of the pie because there's less sellers competing for even more revenue, right? so this is not something i've tapped into yet. i know that other people do it. it's definitely something that i see in the near future for me, but i really want to kind of get all my ducks in a row and kind of systematize the facebook and the other ones and really kind of get that like streamlined down. so i'm barely focusing on it, i'm just like fulfilling orders or i'm like outsourcing it to a va or something, and that's what i kind of want to get, like all my ducks in a row with facebook and other ones first, and then i'll move over to walmart. i always recommend, whether you're reselling or whether you're drop shipping, like this or anything like that, focus on one or maybe two different types of you know reselling business models and master them. if you try to do too many things at once, you're just gonna end up being mediocre at all of them and never really good at any of them. okay, so i'm following my. i'm like, um, what's the phrase? i'm i'm taking a spoonful of my own medicine or something like that. so walmart's a great up and comer, to my knowledge. i'm not sure if it's, like i said before, against the terms of service, to retail dropship on walmart. so facilitate like sales from like retail websites like amazon, for example, or, you know, ebay or home depot or anything like that. but i i know that there's a lot of people on it. so even if it's against the terms of service- which again i have not looked into- i don't think they're cracking down on it too heavily yet, but eventually they probably will crack down on it, i would guess, or probably and not or, and the margins will probably get, you know, just just significantly lowered because everybody will start doing that, if that's a thing right. so when i get into walmart, i don't really plan to retail drop ship like i'm kind of doing on facebook right now. i plan to get into wholesale drop shipping once i get all my ducks in a row and then exploring amazon, ebay and walmart, obviously. but i'll start with walmart because i think there's the most upside there, at least from like an outsider's perspective. ok.

HOW TO SELL & MAKE MONEY ON DEPOP UK EDITION | listings, photos, shipping & tips 🍒

[Music]. hello, so today i'm going to be doing a video all about d-pop, some tips and tricks and just kind of like what a normal day in my life as a depop seller is, you know. so i recently quit my retail job because my d-pop shop was going quite well. i was making more money on depop than i was at my retail job. bear in mind, only done that eight hours a week. currently i'm in college, if you're wondering. so d-pop is like my part-time job, i guess also. oh, my god, my hair. i also just want to say my hair is a bit tragic at the moment, uh, because i bleach the front bits myself and it just looks bad. so let's just ignore it. the first thing i do is i do the ironing. so i iron out all the stuff that i have to sell if it's super creased. if it's not super crease, then i'll just literally take photos of it. what i've bought recently to sell is all like bulk, vintage and like from a vintage wholesaler. all the things came really, really, really creased. so yeah, i normally spend a lot of time ironing each thing to make sure there's no creases, because it definitely looks better in photos when there's no creases. i spend literally hours ironing. i hate ironing so much, but it has to be done. so here's me ironing [Music]. so once everything's ironed, i then go into my bedroom to take photos. so i use this backdrop, like just my bedroom, as the background of my photos because i really like the way it looks. i basically move like the pillows and blankets off my bed and just make it look nicer, and then i move all the stuff like beside my bed out the way so you can kind of just see like the edge of the photos from my photo collage thing. i just think it looks really cool. i usually also put on my led lights and i put them on white because it just makes the background brighter and it just looks nice. and i just set up my camera on a tripod and pose taking photos of each thing. so i usually take about six photos of each item and i do different poses to see what looks best. so when you post something on depop you can only post four photos of the item. so that's why i take around six photos. sometimes i do up close to show like the detail or the material or something, and i do like further away and stuff like that right. so i actually recorded some footage of me speaking through the process of like, listing the items and stuff from the other day. so i'm just gonna put that on the screen now. so i ended up taking all the photos of the stuff that i have already take photos of and i have uploaded them all to my phone and then i uploaded them to depop. so yeah, i basically just do a bunch of listings. i'm gonna record it so i'll put it like on the screen over here or something. so i just choose like three or four of the photos for each item and then just make these listings. i'm just gonna show you some of the ones i've done. i just add the my favorite photos and stuff. some of the photos i do have to edit a bit if the like exposure is too high or if the colors don't look right and stuff. i just go in just like a normal photo app and just edit it a little bit to make it look a little bit better. once i have listed everything, i just start writing descriptions. but i basically just paste this pre- oh, it's gone- paste the pre-done like generic description, uh, for each of my things which i just have on my notes. so i just go and copy and paste it. so basically i have a thing that says condition, size, brand, a thing saying what my size is and how tall i am, in case anyone's like wandering for reference. um, i then write free uk shipping on bundles. because i do free uk shipping on bundles and then international shipping, i have like a standard rate of 10 pounds, but it does differ for some items, like sometimes i can give it to them a bit cheaper if they're like a country where it's cheaper. so yeah, normally it's like 10 pounds. and then at the bottom i just have like a little paragraph section of stuff that people might look up so that my items come up more. just before i fill in that stuff i just go to the top and i write a little description of what the actual item is. for this one it's like a victoria's secret um quarter zip jumper. so i'm just gonna put victoria secret, uh, quarter zip up, but teal blue sweatshirt. so that's kind of roughly what i write. sometimes i'll put like super cute, you know, victoria, blah, blah, blah. but for this one i'm not going to do that, i'm just going to leave it as it is. for the condition: the jumper is really good condition. so i always put like a very good, good or excellent. so it's a size small, so i just write small. brand: victoria secret. so then you go on category. this one is women's tops and it's a sweatshirt. on the size, scroll down, pick small. this is a new feature so you can add like what color is? so for this one i'm doing blue and green, because it's like teal, which is a bit of a mixture of blue and green. i don't really know how much these are worth. so sometimes, if you don't know how much something's worth, it's worth like looking on other people's pages to see like how much they listen. for i'm trying to find ones that are like fairly similar. so that one's 18.. so i think i'm gonna go around the 16 pound mark, so i'm gonna put this one for 16.. if it doesn't sell, i might put it down to like 14 or something, and then i just post the listing and you can just scroll down and see that stuff. but yeah, but yeah, i'm just going to go through the rest of the listings and add descriptions. why do i saliva so much then? so once i've listed all the items and something gets bought, that's when the shipping and postage process begins. so yeah, i just packaged the item and then i do click and drop on royal mail online. but the main reason i do this is because when you take them to the actual post office they just scan them and give you a receipt. and it's so much quicker than just waiting for them to like, type in all the addresses and print the labels and everything like that. once i've packaged the item, i just put it on my kitchen scales and then you just type in the weight of the item. you choose what shipping- what's it called? you choose what method of shipping you like. so i always pick royal mail, second class, because it's cheaper, and if somebody asks for first class, then i just ask them to pay a little bit more, so like one or two pounds more, because it does cost more, and then you just type in their address. you type in your address and you pay for it online and then you print it off using your printer at home. if you don't have a printer, then you can't really do this. you're gonna have to just buy at the post office. but if you have a printer, you just print the label off at home and then you just stik it onto the parcel and you're done. so yeah, i do that, and then obviously i take it to the post office and that is done. so it's kind of what i do sort of a day in my life. depop work edition. i guess i hope you found this video interesting, somewhat interesting, yeah, anyway, hit the thumbs up button if you did enjoy and subscribe down below if you want to see more of my videos. and i'll see you guys next time, bye, bye.