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dhgate dropshipping ebay

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Why You Shouldn't Drop Ship On Ebay Using Dhgate and Aliexpress Long Term

what's up everybody? the inch low here in this video is gonna be on why you shouldn't dropship long term on DHgate and Aliexpress. you know when it comes to drop shipping on ebay. so if you don't know what drop shipping is, basically a quick rundown is: you put a listing over here on eBay whenever you get an order. you put that customers address and information over here on DHgate or Aliexpress and you literally use the money they just gave you to buy the product over here for cheaper. so, for example, let's say you were buying these shoes for $3 and you were selling them for 20 on ebay. once you got the sell on eBay for 20, you would take $20 it just gave you, come over here, buy the product for $3 and get us into their house. right, it seems like the perfect plan, you know. but there are some downfalls. that is especially when you're using Aliexpress, DHgate and stuff like that, because when it comes to those places, a lot of the products you're gonna get is coming from China, you know, just like really far away places. so it's gonna literally take a week- I mean out a week- like two, three, four, even like, sometimes like six, seven, eight weeks- for people to get their product and even if it says on the ice skate or Aliexpress is going to be there on, let's say, like the 21st, like, oh, it's gonna be there on 21st, there's no guarantee it's gonna be there on the 21st. so that does suck. not to mention you're playing middleman here. so when the customer orders from you over here on eBay and the product says gonna be there on a 21st and it's now, it's not there, right? so who are they mad at? like dude, where's the product that, where is that? now they want to open up a case against you. they want to refund the oh and I yards, right. so now you're gonna lose money on the product and you're gonna lose basic. you're just gonna lose money, right. so you shouldn't do it long-term. this is just my game plan here. oh, if you didn't check the Facebook, basically I made a post earlier today. I've been selling for about two weeks over here on on eBay and whatnot, and we maxed out 13 accounts pretty much doing this same exact method that I'm about to tell you guys right now. so what you do, guys, is basically you go and you know, put up a listing over on eBay. obviously, right, and the best part about eBay selling part is that you don't have to spend any money, just like how you would on Amazon. you have to spend any money if you're selling you know the right stuff. you're not gonna have to use any PPC advertising, sponsor post, not it out. you put the product up there, boom, you give sales, like it's literally just that simple. so you put your listing up there and then you're just gonna basically test it out with your first see how many sales you get. so let's say you get like five sales the very first day. that's a good product time to buy some more, right? so once you are out now obviously you can go through and test some more and stuff like that. but if you know for a fact the product is going to sell, you can just go buy some of it, alright. but let's say you give five the very first day of doing it and you know when you order those five, you know you're gonna basically go to DHgate or Aliexpress, wherever you get your stuff from, alright, alright. so then you, let's say you dropship their stuff, you put in their information, you order five, you get five orders going, you're right in there like they're going out. so at the same time you also want to order some to yourself. so let's say you order like thirty of that partikular item and then you know you get those items sent directly to you. now that's gonna be way better. now for these five up here. don't count those as profit. don't spend the money, nothing. alright, you do not spend the money for these. you want to make sure you have at least enough money for five of them, because when you're drop shipping again, you cannot, for the most part, depending on which shipping you're using. but if you're using like the DHL one or something like that, you can't give them a tracking code, right? so basically they're gonna be on your heels like hey, where's the tracking code? stuff like that. so when, when it, when it's the these five right here and someone hits me up for tracking code, or like hey, the product still hasn't gotten here, or whatever the case might be, what I like to do is like hey, sorry, we didn't send your stuff up, even though we like already made to order days ago. like hey, sorry, we had a shipping problem or whatever on, I'll make blame, whatever, right, we're gonna give you 20 bucks off your order, you know, send them 20 bucks or whatever, and then from there you know like, hey, if it's not there within the next four days, we're just going to refund you and you get. keep the product there, you go, just do it that way, I'm telling you guys. gonna be huge pain in the ass, you know. and then nine, I'd say they're still gonna. you know, just axe them for a review, right? so that's that's the best thing you can do, in my opinion, because, again, like when you drop shipping less they know up front that is going to take two, three, four or five weeks or whatever, which a lot of people are gonna order from you. if it says like, blankly, right, they're always gonna take five weeks for you to get it, what the hell is gonna order that? you know they're gonna go to the buddy down the street who you know, basically tell what I just said and ordered a bunch of them to their house and then now they can just take them to the UPS and then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. they get their product in three days. so that's what you want to do. so, again, don't count these five sales in the beginning, or however many you choose to do it. a beginner would not don't spend the money at all leave it in the account because again, if they want their money back or you have to give them a discount or whatever the case may be, just just do it. you know, because again these it just sucks ass. you know, just just keep it there because you know you might say, oh, don't put any promotion overseas or anything like that in there. let's say they do it anyway. alright, now they know that. it just that you pay $20 for the product and charge them 120. so just keep the money in there, you know, for the first couple of purchases or whatever. but again, that's pretty much it. let me know what you guys think. leave comments down below and all that fun stuff.

How To Make $300-$1500 Dollars A Day On DHGate - Buy & Sell

what's going on guys? my name is colton kalugo. i did a video a while back on how to make 1500 plus a week on dhgate. i just thought you know what for board and quarantine. i might as well show you another way to make some quick, easy cash. so that's what we're to be doing today. if you look on the screen right here, we're on dhgate now. this is a super, super simple way to make money. i i literally cannot think of an easier way. but you got to think about products that people are going to want to buy- drink, quarantine, so stuff like video games and stuff like that- and this is just a perfect, perfect item that you are going to be able to buy and resell so easily. so let's get started. if you come over here, you scroll down here. i believe it should be in here already, just because what i've been looking at- all right, so what you're going to want to do is go and look on computers. people are playing so many video games during quarantine now that it's not even funny, and there's actually a lot of people that don't know a whole lot about computers. i'm not saying these computers are bad, but you could definitely get a better one, but for the price you're definitely getting the best bang for your buck. so what you're going to want to do is just order in one of these and that's all you're going to want to do at first. order in one of these, make sure to test it out as soon as you get it. shipping is pretty quick with these. as you can see right there, december uh 23rd is the fastest you can get it, so it's pretty quick. so you're gonna order in one of those super fast and get it shipped in, test it out, make sure it works, and what you're gonna do is take some quick photos and post it on craigslist or kijiji and post it up for 800 bucks. you know, after, after shipping and everything, this is going to be around 500- 550 bucks, depending on the computer. you sell it for 800.. there's a 250- 300 profit just off that, and then all they do is come pick it up. they're happy, you're happy. you can even go as far as to order in some accessories as well and stuff like that. just post them up on kijiji and get them sold. this is such an easy way to make money that is not even funny. i know this is a super short video, but i really wanted to share this idea with you guys, because stuff like this is what is making people money now. some people do it on drop shipping. you could start a drop shipping website if you want to go as far as to do so, but this way is so much easier: buy it, sell it locally. buy it, sell it locally. buy it, sell it locally- to the point where you're just making stupid amounts of money. if you order in three off of the money you made profit, you sell those in a day. you're making 900 to a thousand dollars a day, depending on how much you put them up for. so i just want to share this idea with you. there's so many other options, as you can see on here. you can buy this one with a monitor, this one has a case and a- or sorry, a keyboard and a mouse, and there's just so much you could do. ordering this mouse for twelve dollars, you know, sell it on kijiji for twenty thirty dollars- easy money. just keep flipping it like that. i did the exact same thing with fidget spinners, which is what i showed you in my first video, and that video is doing really good, and i- i was in grade nine- making fifteen hundred dollars a week. and you know i was like the. i was the plug for fidget spinners. so this is my idea, guys, if you guys want to see more videos like this. i know it was super quick and super easy. so if you guys want to see more videos like this, make sure to let me know in the comments below, because i really have all the time in the world right now and i would love to be able to help you guys out as well. as you know, subscribe to me. let me grow as well. you know, if this is working for you, then i want you to be able to, you know, show your support to me for giving you the idea now. some people might already have this idea. i'm not taking credit for it, i'm just saying just stuff like computers, video games, stuff like that, that's what people want to buy right now because they're bored sitting at home. so that's pretty much it, guys, for this video. thank you guys for checking it out. let's um. i never really do like goals, but let's, let's go, let's go. 500 likes on this video, because i really think that people can profit off this. i know i'm gonna be trying to do it myself. i just haven't gotten the time to order it in yet, but if you guys like this video, make sure to give it a like, make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content like this and just other miscellaneous content. and uh, yeah, let me know what you guys want to see next. that's it for me and i will see you guys in the next video.

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Aliexpress vs Dhgate Dropshipping | Which is Better for Dropshipping 2022?

aliexpress versus dhk drop shipping- which is better? hey guys, in this video i'm going to be doing a quick comparison between aliexpress and dhkd, and which is the better platform that you should start sourcing your products from and making your drop shipping business. so you might be wondering: okay, both of these are chinese platforms or marketplaces where you can find different chinese items. so what is the basic difference between these platforms and what can you really expect from either aliexpress or dhgate? so, starting off, alibaba and dhgate are both manufacturers that connect large wholesale sellers and buyers. so if you're working with dhgate, then you're going to be working in bulk. if you're working with alibaba, you're going to be working in bulk, but if you're working on aliexpress, then you're not going to have to buy stuff in bulk. now, next up, you might be wondering: okay, what are some of the tips that you can follow through to make a successful business off of aliexpress or dhgate? both of these platforms are very decent to buy and source your product. so what can you really do to actually establish your business and make money now? you can definitely plan ahead: watch for scammers, ask questions, request samples, negotiate, pay through a method that offers protection. so usually i would suggest that you pay through paypal and then read feedback and use your common sense. so these chips are applicable to both aliexpress and dhgate. so you have all of this in mind. you're starting your product hunt and you don't know which platform to get started on. well, let's take a quick analysis of both of these platforms and actually see for ourselves what kind of products do they have to deliver and what kind of expectations can we keep? so, starting off, we're gonna search for lace blouse on aliexpress and then i'm gonna search for the same thing on dhgate. now you can see over here that we have quite a variety of results on aliexpress and if we go on to dhgate, you can see that the type of results we're getting on both of these platforms- although i have searched for the exact same thing- are pretty different. so you can see over here that there are more targeted ads as well, but there is also a lot of white and basic looking tops, while on dhgate the products seem a bit more unique. they don't seem exactly like what the stuff you see constantly being pushed on alibaba or aliexpress is. so although they have a pretty bad name as the same for alibaba or aliexpress, ghg actually does have some quality items that you might even want to consider buying. so once you have a good estimate after you do this search a lot of times. so you're gonna have to do this search a couple of times to actually get accurate results. so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna search for pokemon this time and see what kind of results i'm going to get from both of these platforms and, depending on your results, obviously you're going to alter your preferences to order from this or that platform. now you can see over here i have searched for pokemon and on dh8 i have quite a variety of manifestos. on aliexpress, i also have a variety, but it's focused on cards, but this is focused on merchandise. so these are just kind of my details and my new differences. you're gonna be able to find off of both of these platforms. now, this is all the stuff that they have in common. they are both going to have a very similar mindset on how to approach your business dealing. so it doesn't really matter if you're starting off with aliexpress or dhgate. it really doesn't matter what your dropshipping business is going off for. so, starting off to start your dropshipping journey, maybe with aliexpress or dhgate, you're going to start creating your online store, and you can do this using wix or shopify or any other third-party application that you might prefer. i would suggest that you can use ecwid to start off if you want to start off for free and then move on to shopify, but if you want your own kind of navigation website, you can definitely go ahead and check out wix. so you're just going to go on wixcom and you're going to create your account and then you can get started on designing your own website. so, with the overall approach for both of these platforms being the same, what are the key differences that you need to keep in mind? well, first off is the pricing. while other express offers some of the best deals and the cheapest prices that you're ever going to find, while dhca offers no such fantastik deals, do you also have buyer protection now, a comprehensive buyer protection policy that offers refunds and returns on aliexpress, while on dhgate, you have standard buyer protection policy and dhgate holds payment in escrow until buyer confirms. now, after that, you have delivery time and products are shipped from china. international shippings usually vary between 15 to 25 days, but products that are shipped from china, international shippings can sometimes take three to five business days on the dhgate system. so if you're going for a dhgate product, then you're definitely going to be able to deliver it far quicker than a product of aliexpress or alibaba, because dhgate is going to provide you a lot less delivery time. now, after that, you have your refund processing time and on a leash. first, that is five to ten days. well, on the shade, it's two days. so that is something that might be very important to you, so you can opt for dhgate if you find that feature to be that essential. now you have application support on both of these platforms and you also have customer service on alibaba and dhgate. now, understanding my point, both of these are very good platforms to start your drop shipping business. you can choose either one that you like, but make sure you do have your own ecommerce store, your own website, to link to this kind of platform, and make sure that you understand what the details for your business are going to look like and how much you're going to invest in these applications and how much you're going to invest in the products that you buy from these applications. but you need to keep in mind that if you are looking to buy and start your drop shipping business, what are the platforms that you're going to be able to source your products for the lowest price, and you need to make sure that you're sourcing products for the lowest price on the minimum order quantity. so if you have five to six items that you want to start your ecwid store with, or wig store with, you need to make sure that you're able to actually purchase one item at a time. and for that regard, i usually do recommend aliexpress to people because it allows individual sales and you can drop ship items directly to the customer's doorstep. but on dhgate, you might have to manage your own inventory as well, so it's not going to be direct drop shipping and you might have to hold some items and ship them yourself as well. but there are some savings you can make on aliexpress and dhgate, which is comparing product prices. now, if i search for bullet keychain, what i'm going to do is i'm going to make sure i search this on both of these platforms. so i'm just going to search for bullet keychain over here and once i have searched over here, you can see that on aliexpress this is available for 0.43 cents, and now you can also see it is available for 33 cents, four cents or any kind of keychain is usually under three cents. but if we go on dhgate we're gonna do a quick price comparison between the votes so you can see on dhgate i search for a bullet keychain but i'm not getting accurate results on the top. but after that you can see i have a pretty decent listing for these bullet keychains and these are selling for 0.94, while on aliexpress they were selling for 0.43. and this is how you can understand how to make money off of these kinds of platforms and which wholesale or drop shipping platform you should choose. definitely, in my opinion, i would choose aliexpress because it is more established and you are going to get the better deal on aliexpress.

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eBay Dropshipping Coaching: Dhgate,Alibaba Or Aliexpress

alright, guys, welcome back. so DHgate, Alibaba or Aliexpress? this is the question that a lot of you guys been asking: which supply should I be using for my drop shipping business? and let me tok to you a bit more about those partikular websites, why you should be using one and why you should not be using the other one. okay, so first of all, DHgate is the support. it's kind of like a sub supplier, like like a brother supply of Alibaba. they actually do a lot of stuff in bulk and extensions and do ship out these things individually as well and they're working more, more or less on the other offensive, Alibaba or actually supplying things in, you know, more in wholesale and they're they're more after a traditional business model, what they actually can just go wind up, you know what provide the products for. you know the customers in in bulk rather than shipping them out individually. okay, so a lot of people, when they begin toking about the China, the first thing comes up is alley bar, because almost Alibaba is the biggest you know Chinese platform out there in the world and you know it cashes billions and billions of dollars every single year. and you know they created Jacmel right and he's you know he's a billionaire and you know he's probably. I think it's on the same level as Amazon, I thinks in terms of the revenue it may be even bigger. I'm not too sure exactly. but Alibaba has been made for, you know, doing buying things from the actual wholesale, buying things in a big book, so that partikular supply is not going to be good for dropshipping. okay, they do send out things individually, but it's more like, you know, it's like the samples and stuff when you're actually buying and doing private labeling on Amazon etc. so, if you're considering drop shipping, Alibaba is not going to be good. so, as DHgate though, you can use the edge gate for reselling, you can't do it individual and stuff if you want to. but I don't really, you know, recommend using those two Mendes and I mean we don't really need to do that because we're gonna be using Aliexpress com. Alex Presley, the comb, is the supplier we're going to be using for a drop shipping business and you know they have been a proven vendor for myself person, like really mentioned, I drop ship a lot on Shopify using Aliexpress, using the e packet, which is what we're going to tok about, which is 22- sorry, 12 to 20 days delivery timeframe, which is not too bad, as long as you specify that when you're listing. you should be good. and al Express offers variations of different products. if I'm gonna go and research something right and I don't know anything- sunglasses, I'm doing some very, very toys, anything- so I'm gonna go to Aliexpress and I'm just gonna grab something random, anything really. this is an e packet product and you know we can buy this as a one-piece, okay, which is a pretty cool thing, and I will be showing you in the next videos how to research for your products. now it's basically, you know, conduct the right research and what you should be doing. you know what to find those hot selling items, but this item should be shipped to United States. as you can see, a packet services should be right here. twelve to twenty days for one dollar. seventy seven shipping, cheap, 291 all together, and that's exactly what we're gonna be sending to a customers. but hey, let me teach you how to do it properly in the next video. alright, guys, tok to you later.

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step)

in today's video. what i'm going to be doing is giving you guys a mini master class on exactly how you can start ebay drop shipping as a beginner. and if you're new to my channel and you've never seen my face before and you're thinking, why should i listen to this guy? well, welcome. my name is sam and on this channel, i've made over 400 different videos breaking down various different tips and tricks that you need to know when it comes to making money online. but, most importantly, over the past few years, i've managed to build various different ebay stores. as you can see from this one right here, i managed to make over 81 000 pounds in a few months, which is around 90 thousand dollars. so you're definitely going to learn a thing or two that's going to help you out on your own ebay drop shipping journey. so, as always, i don't want to waste any more time. i want to get right into it. if you find any value in this video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so one of the first things that you need to obviously do is that you need to sign up for an ebay account. now, to be very honest with you, it's going to be a lot better if you've already got one, because ebay don't necessarily like it when you sign up on day one and you try and start drop shipping straight away. so if you've already got an existing ebay account, it's going to be a little bit better when it comes to doing the rest of the three steps that i'm going to go through in this video. but if you don't already have an ebay account, all you need to do is go on to the ebay website, go to register at the top right here and then, from this point, you're just going to sign up for an account. very straightforward, very simple, but the key things that you need to remember when you are signing up for an ebay account, just make sure that you put the correct details, because ebay is going to validate this and if you don't put the correct details, they may end up banning you, and once you get banned, it's going to be hard for you to open up another ebay account. the next step is that you need to find a winning product. now there's a certain step-by-step strategy that i personally go through when it comes to knowing which item is the best one to sell on ebay. so i'm just going to walk you through that entire step-by-step process, just so that you have a full understanding of exactly what makes a winning product a winning product. so the first place that i like to start is on the drop shipping suppliers website. so in this example, we're going to be using cj drop shipping. so what i tend to do when i want to find an item to sell is i scroll down to this section over here where it says global warehouses, and from this point, we're going to be able to look at items depending on which warehouse we're going to be shipping from. so in today's example, i'm going to be looking at the items in the us warehouse. so all you need to do is just click into it and once you do that, this is the page that you're going to see and it's going to bring up all of these different items. so all you need to do from this point is try and find a specific item that stands out to you that you believe that you're going to be able to sell successfully. all right, so i found this product right here, which is a wi-fi repeater or a signal amplifier. it's basically an item that people buy when it comes to extending the wi-fi signal in their house. so it's definitely a useful product. so now that we know that this product is available in the us warehouse, the first thing that i'm going to do, before i even show you anything else on cj drop shipping's product page, is to go over to zeek analytiks. so zeke analytiks is a product research software that i always advise every single person to sign up with if they want to do product research to find the best winning product to sell on ebay. and if you want to sign up for a seven day trial, you can do that by clicking the link in my description down below, and once you have signed up for that seven day trial, this is the dashboard that you're gonna see, and then all you simply need to do is go over to product research right here, and then you're gonna type in the name of the item, which is wi-fi repeater, and because we're gonna be shipping the item to the us, we want to see the data specifically for the customers based in america. so we need to click on united states, right there, and we're going to change the ebay site to ebaycom, and then we're going to click on search and right there, as you guys can see, zeke analytiks is able to show us that almost forty thousand dollars were spent on this product in the last 30 days and there's a successful listing rate of 71, which means that 71 of the sellers that have listed this product have been successful in making a sell. so now that we know that it's definitely a product that's worth drop shipping, we need to go back over to cj drop shipping and double check a couple things. so, first thing, we want to see the inventory amount, so we can see that there's over 1 000 units currently in the united states warehouse, which is a lot. we also want to look at how long it's going to take to reach the customer, and we can see that it's going to take three to seven days, and there's also tracking information available too, which is really, really good. so now that we know that this product tiks all the boxes in terms of us being able to make a sale from the product, research the fact that we can also drop ship it and get it to the customer in a short amount of time- what we want to do now is figure out how we're going to list the product on our ebay store, and to do that we need to sign up for something called autods. so this is what the signup page looks like, and if you want to sign up for a 30-day trial with autodesk, you can use the link in my description down below for that as well. and autods is simply a way of you being able to connect the product from whatever supplier that you want to use directly onto your ebay store. not only that, you're going to be able to automatikally fulfill all of your orders, so it's a really good software to sign up with if you are looking to take your ebay drop shipping business a little bit more serious. so all you simply need to do is enter in your email right here, click on continue. so once you've gone through that whole signup process, this is the page that you're going to see, and this is the auto ds dashboard. now the first thing that you need to make sure that you do is that you need to make sure that you connect your ebay account directly to your autodesk account, and the way that you're going to be able to do that is by clicking on this option right here, and, as you can see, i've already connected my ebay test account as well as my shopify test account. so what you're going to do is click on add store and then you need to click on the ebay store option, then click on continue, then it's going to ask you for your paypal account, which is optional, and which country that you're going to be selling in- so you can leave it at united states or you can change it to whatever you want, and then you're going to click on connect to store. then it's going to show you this page and then all you simply need to do is sign in to your ebay account. again, ebay is going to ask you to confirm whether or not you want to go through of it, and then you can do so if you want to. once you do that, which is necessary for you to continue, you need to go back over to your autods account, and what we need to do now is to connect the product from cj drop shipping over to autods. so the way that you're gonna do that is by clicking on add products, click on single products- perfect- and then what i need to do now is go back over to cj drop shipping, copy the product that i want to sell on my ebay store, go back over to autods and then paste the url right there. make sure that the supplier source is correct. cj drop shipping. make sure that the region is correct, as you can see.

How to Make Money With DHgate Using Private Label Products

how's it going, guys? Andy here, and welcome to another video. in this one we're going to be toking about how to make money with DHgate using private label. so, carrying on from the last few videos in this little DHgate series, a lot of you were interested in, curious about how you can make money using DHgate, and so this one is going to be a bit of an overview on and explain the process, what's involved, why it's really good and how you can make some decent profits with low competition and a regular, solid demand, which is really the cool part of this whole process. so I'm going to give you an overview about what it's about, how it's going to work, and then in the next video in the series, I'm going to give you an in-depth tutorial: how to, step by step, and show you exactly how you do that. I'm not going to do it all in one video because it would be hugely long and probably a bit tedious, so I'm going to break them up into snapshots so you can understand and learn as you go along. any questions, as usual, hit me up down in the comments below, happy to help out if I can, as always, subscribe to make sure that you get all of the videos in this series. as and when I release them, hit that little Bell notification icon so that you get notified every single time I upload. so, without further ado, let's get on to the whole overview of this: what it's about, how it works and why. I think it's actually a pretty decent method of making money online. alright, let's go so. the tiknique we're going to be using for this partikular video series is called private-label. that's just a term used for a method of buying unbranded products. note: unbranded, not fake stuff, not counterfeit or pre branded product. this is um branded products from somewhere like DHgate, putting your own brand on it, putting your own identity in selling it on your own listings and making it into your own item. why is this good? it's good because you can make it a little bit more unique. you can add value to it in your branding and you can also make it unique so that they can't be any competition on your listings, and that's massive. if you're an amazon seller or you understand how that whole process work, competition is probably the biggest deal in the whole thing. if it wasn't, for, the competition would be an awful lot easier. but obviously there are plenty of people that want to make money. it's understandable. and you get price wars, penny undercutting and all sorts of stuff to make your life harder. with this process. you can sort of move aside and create your own marketplace. you can really build up some momentum for your listing with sales and no one can jump on your listing because they have to have the same item as you and if you've made it into your own branded product they're not going to be able to do that. so that is a real strength. how can you get the regular demand and sales for the item in that way? well, that comes down to the data. I always tok about data whenever I'm toking about buying and selling on Amazon. it's all about the data, how you read it, understand it and make the most from it, and private labels no exception. you harness the date of the sales data and the analytiks data to be able to choose the product in the first place, with less competition or lower competition, good profit margins and a good, reliable demand and steady sales. if you choose that item in the first place, you're going to be a way ahead of the curve and you can get in and get a slice of the action and you can get a reliable income from that. so it's all about the research upfront. for that reason, I guess the big downside is the amount of time it takes to research a product, make a decision on what you're actually going to sell, then negotiate it from your DHgate supplier. maybe a bit of branding, creating the listing on Amazon and all that good stuff takes time and whenever someone is starting on Amazon, I don't suggest private label is the place to start, because you could be spending quite a long time- months even- creating this whole process and you're not making any money. so if you're new on Amazon, I always suggest start with something like retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, because then you can understand the system, understand how Amazon works, read the data and cut your teeth using ways that is not going to be so time-consuming. you can literally go out, buy some stuff the same day and be making money straightaway. that's a much better learning curve. your learn quicker and if you make mistakes you won't lose very much money because you can be buying two, three, four items at a time, rather negotiating a, a wholesale deal with a DHgate supply, and you might be buying, you know, hundreds of items once you've tested your market, in which case is going to cost some money, but primarily, it's going to take you time, and what's the point in spending months developing this and getting it right, making no money, when you can be building up to that point, learning the whole system, first making money while you're learning, and then, when you build up to it, get on to something like private label? you're already making money and you can do it on the side whilst building up your empire, so to speak. I definitely think that is a much better way to go, because in the past I've heard people starting on Amazon with private label. it's a very steep learning curve. if you've got to understand how Amazon works and all of the intricacies of FBA and everything else like that, and then have to do all the private label stuff as well, it's a lot to learn. people get stuck halfway through and give up. that's not what we want. if you give up, you're not going to make any money- retail arbitrage, online arbitrage- there's a lot less to learn is you're gonna get there quicker, you're gonna make money faster, and in that case, you can move on to something like private label when you build up a little bit more experience. much better route. so that's what I would suggest. so let's just assume that that is you. you understand Amazon, you understand how it works. you'd like to get into something like this: buying your own products, adding it to your portfolio of items, so you can sort of add another string to your bow, which is a really good idea, and that's cool. if you haven't, if you're absolutely new on Amazon, check out some of my previous videos. I'm going to show you how to buy and sell used books. I'm going to tok about online arbitrage, retail arbitrage- just subscribe, go through my videos. I've got ten years worth of content there, plenty for you to go through and have a look at, and it should give you a good idea of how to get started. if there's anything you're not clear about, as always, hit me up in the comments, ask your questions. I'm more than happy to help. links down below to my Facebook group, to the website and to my simple training products as well. if you want to get started in this type of stuff. it's all down below. you can see how it works, see for yourself and, obviously, hit me up if you want to know anything. always happy to help, all right. so this is the overview and this is exactly how the process works, so, right at the beginning of this private-label process, we need to research some profitable products and drill down and find the perfect items with a strong demand, low competition, but regular sales and a reasonable profit. so to do this, we need to use a research software, and I recommend a MZ scout. now, obviously, I'm English and I would normally pronounce this a MZ Scout, but that just sounds weird and I'm pretty sure the founders of this product were expecting people to call it a MZ scout. it sounds a lot better, so let's just suspend my Englishness for the time being and call it a MZ scout. so what is this and what does it do? it is a research and analytiks tool. okay, so we can use this piece of software that is essentially designed to mine the live Amazon data so we can plug in our key desired metrics. we can tell it what we want. we can tell it we want decent amounts of sales, we want this much competition and we don't want this, and we do want that an.