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diamond ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl - Commercials collection

[Música] [Música] ah, [Música]. pero en zway lo que manda [Música] díaz will be one. [Música] [Música] en oficinas. [Música] i [Música] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] canito y el heredero pokemon moto meter ahora para boca en gafas madre. [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] gratis en de chirico. intento. 10 porque tomo está dando todo farc [Música] a topar, ah. [Música] [Música] diamond o topar. [Música] sí acasiete pokemones, cámara, me quedo con cáncer, con un sé que te toka, días de caos negra y pokémon no coloca al país en un intento 10 pocket o monsters, diamond o tokar. [Música] me estoy sintiendo. 10 porque todo está llamando tomar [Música] a mí. esto yo tampoco entiendo. diez porque tomo está diamond o tomar. [Música] camón y repique en [Música] tengo que poner mi té con leche. lindsay, este chico un show, aunque moralmente con la university, con shows país touch podrá venir al camarón el pago con ventas en la israel. [Música] y nintendo wii, conexión y compacto [Música] rostro, aunque monto en intento al contado la unión en 30 días. [Música] elisa tiene a nivel info. [Música] white mitchell. [Música] [Aplausos] días. [Música] [Aplausos] cloud que montaba mediante montados [Música] un día. [Música] white 10 will se alinea. ximo antonio llamamiento, aplicación por escrito. esos defectos de violín porque manda un intento de sangre. [Música] un filósofo alemán güiza la novedosa papel explora la libertad que mantiene la víctima como experto, porque mantiene un llamado para que mande acción. p habla, dijo shelby, el esquí, la correcta forma del tendón y mercasa partikipa, 60 años acordes y muy al cultivo. ahí murió yo porque no tenía, no tienen permitido día del día. fue el simat y provocamos entregas en la prensa como la edición d un nuevo mundo. porque monte a despertar, descubre y la lección y si no lee sola y perico lo que sólo tú podrás salvar. capture a ti dicho pokemon, combate catastral y perdí mentar el campeón del mundo e inicia hasta una nueva era. pokémon diamante y pokemon perla: solo su nintendo 10 ya puedes embarcarse en la mayor aventura de todos los tiempos y hacerte con más de 100 nuevos pokémon en pokémon diamante y perla. la aventura continúa en wii. cuando copies tus pokemon criados en pokemon bajas revoluciones, podrás partikipar en duras batallas en 3-d con rivales de todo el mundo. pokemon mattel, revolución, solo para wii [Música] y [Música]. pokémon tm y pokémon son exclusivos para nintendo. te has apoteósico 7 en vivo. además existe imagen apoya monte aymond, el perro, el cartón a pokemon apolítika, lado nintendo 10, visitas nortec del histórico sae- me parecen dos días más- y metro por timón de jamón y pan de beijing y de cónsul en lathi, varas que me quedo sábato, esta media markt y saturn, pero fort y esto nintendo tenía ciudad de jixi, this norte [Música]. [Música], mira, nintendo 10 porque hemos estado tití y trigo y [Música] [Música] al igual que montilla. [Música] nintendo 10 porque hemos estado tipo y arga griego. hoy día, [Música] los montones de alcohol, boxeo sintiendo el 10 él me dio. [Música]

how I went from Copper 5 to Diamond in one day..

all right, good shot, good shot, boom. I think he's like, I feel like I feel like he's in customs foreign. yo, kill him next time, bro. I wouldn't, me personally, I wouldn't take that bro. I can't believe. wait, what, what yo? what? the [ __ ]. oh my God, well played valve, well played man. huh, I don't even know if that's enough. that is ledge, good stuff, boys. oh my God, bro, excuse me, there's two up there. also my hatch. oh my God, foreign floating man. you're actually charged though. she's Jan right now, top or bottom squirting. I bet you dropped my idea. what's up? it's probably about cam stok. watch this before the clear elevator in top. uh, Spyro, foreign cam set up. Fury upstairs is clear, right, what is in color? it's archived. foreign he's. he's following your Marvel. yeah, he's about a Marvel. so this, double doors open. but where's D I got? oh my God, no way we lost. this guy was Marvel just playing. he's Marvel. I have your Square good cup of server. no, Square camera. this guy's trash. super luck. first go, bro. there's a hole in the wall. nobody said nothing. spectators, let me see to your left, right there. what are you looking at, bro? there's nobody in there. go upstairs, right upstairs, bro. you're wasting them. bro, arcade and daycare is clear. okay, that wasn't gone. keep going. no, no, keep going, keep going, keep going. all right, take your gun and shoot up behind you, behind you, behind you go. you have to go through that door to your left. okay, yeah, in that room over there, it's all clear. it's not clear. chocolate there, right there, yeah, that's good right there. that's another one. put your heartbeat on the foot. your other ability, bro. how does that what puppet look through? a little bit, hurry up. you have to be fast the other way, bro. all right, get down to help your team foreign.

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I beat Diamond Heights with over 10 MILLION Park Value | Marcel Plays RCT

hello everyone and welcome to another video. Diamond Heights is the fourth scenario in Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and the first one with a park value goal. you need to get to 20 000 in three years, or 200 000 if you play it in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 using open rct2. but what if we weren't Satisfied by just passing the goal normally? what if we wanted to get as much Park value as possible in those three years? to do that we need to make a ton of money. so it's advertising time with all ads except the free entry while running at all times, and an entry price of 60 Euros will make tens of thousands from the entrance every month. the park layout that we start out with isn't very good at making money, so it all has to go. the dueling looping coasters can stay for now, as they are the target of some of the advertisements. we can get even more guests from from the natural gas generation if we manage to keep the park rating high enough. we could build a big park or a long queue line to handle all the guests, but that's expensive, both in terms of money and, more importantly, space. a better method is to dispose of the guests as soon as they enter the park. as we've seen in a previous video, guests have about a 40 chance of falling through the path if the piece right after the entrance is sloped upwards. if we put this underground, we will automatikally get rid of 40 percent of the guests by just dropping them into the void, which doesn't count as killings or the park rating will be unaffected. the other guests are easily removed by having a free transport ride where the exit leads into the void. I didn't do this all very smoothly and had a few hiccups along the way, but halfway April it's all working perfectly fine. now that we have our money making scheme working, we need to determine the best way to to get as much Park value as possible. the method we will use is the tried and trusted Park value bomb. all three main stats of a ride contribute to the park value it gives without any limit. excitement almost always contributes the most, but intensity is much, much cheaper to get a lot of. therefore, the best way to get a lot of Park value for little money is to make extremely intense rides, which are called Park value bombs. so far, the best coaster type we have for this is the looping coaster, which can get over 21 intensity by doing seven launched Laps on this tiny design. you can go up to 20 laps in open rct2, but when you save and build the design again it will only have four laps. the current track save format cannot save any more than 7 laps, so as a result, the number of laps your right is saved with is the number it has mult 8.. I could easily increase is this to 20 after building the right, but for some reason that only occurred to me much later in the playthrough. anyway, each of these gives about 34 000 bark value. so just six of them is enough to beat Diamond Heights. but we won't stop at 6, or even 60 for that matter. no, we will continue building until we run out of money, space or time. the park value a right gifts decreases as it ages, but there is a trick to prevent that too. a ride doesn't age if it has never been opened and an opened right still give Park value. if their stats have been calculated at the start of June, the natural gas generation has kicked into full gear, along with the guest generation from advertisements. with all the unhappy guests from the start disposed of, the park rating has recovered nicely early on. the entrance price was also way too high, but opening the first few Park value bombs solved that problem too. it does mean we will need to replace them when they break down, but that shouldn't happen too often. a week later the advertisements ran out and since we can now advertise for one of our Park value bombs, we no longer need agoraphobia and claustrophobia with pain in my heart which I don't feel when drowning guests. by the way, I deleted these iconic roller coasters. they will be missed at the end of August. we have built 61 looping coasters and with that we have reached 2 million Park value- 10 times the original goal, and that in only a quarter of the allotted time. this game really is super easy if you know what you're doing, which is why I do fun challenges like this. even though we have already tend two ports to goal, we have only just gotten started. I have been researching new coasters to see if it would unlock anything better, and halfway September we did, but not in the form. I expect it. it's not a new coaster type, but rather a new train for the looping coaster, reversed roller coaster trains. I didn't even know that these existed, as they were only included in Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and not in two, but they are very useful here because going backwards is scarier. these trains give a 15 boost to the intensity rating and even a 30 boost to the nausea rating, which will both help increase the park value by a lot. at this point I realized I might as well make The Coasters all do 20 laps and with that and the Reversed train the ride gets more than 33 intensity and 21 nausea. these improved Park value bombs give about 54 000 bark value instead of the 34 000 they used to give. with these new rides we managed to have almost exactly 3 million Park value at the end of year one. since we didn't immediately he starts building the right, reaching the magical 10 million Park value is still within the Realms of possibility. when building these rights, I notiked that the game's algorithm for when you can and can't build a safe design is a bit weird. for example, if I want to build another coaster right here with the turn above the station of the other, the game will automatikally shift the entire design up so that it will fit. however, if I want to build it one tile further to the left, instead of Shifting it up even more, now it says that the entrance of the other right is in the way. this limits the number of coasters we can fit in the park, as custom building all of these rides takes way too long. I try to fit as many coasters as I can in the park and sometimes that results in really interesting setups, such as this coaster which has its station going through the loop of another coaster. that's not the only time something like that happened, as Park value number 48 is already threading the loop of number five. by September year 2, we have reached almost 6 million Park value. and also a problem with 114 looping coasters: the park is full. I cannot fit any more pre-built looping coaster park value bombs in the park. as I was wallowing in my shame of most likely not being able to hit 10 million Park value, I got an idea. I've played this scenario before and I remembered that if you research thrill rides for long enough, you will get access to the launched Free Fall. the launched Free Fall is an even better Park value bomb than the looping coaster. a 145 meter tall design with a downward launch mode gives about 40 000 bark value. this is less than the looping coaster, but it is also cheaper and, more importantly in this case, has a much smaller footprint, we should be able to fit lots of these free Falls everywhere. actually, while writing this video and looking up the numbers of the park value for the different rides, I discovered that these free Falls give their full 53 000 Park value instead of just 40 000.. usually, when you build a multiple of the same right type, the park value they provide gets reduced by 25, hence the reduction to 40 000. however, I found out that this only happens if at least two rides are opened and since none of these freefalls will be opened, they all give the fill 53 000 bark value. around this time the Miniature Railway broke down and since the exit leads straight into the void, it is unreachable for any mechanics. so I temporarily changed that and hired a mechanic to fix the ride. while he was still working on it, I already changed it back, so as soon as he was done he fell into the void. his purpose fulfilled. halfway year three, we have 70 launched free Falls, which have brought us to a little over 9 million Park value there. i.

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Iron Man. there are lots of way you can do it, but we are trying to find an easy and simple way to do it. so we need to follow our Three Steps. step one: we need at least 100K coins. don't worry, I will tell you how to get free coins fast and easily. if you have already upgraded a 32 to 40 percent of your play ratings, you will require less coins. also, one is special surprise for you guys: we made lots of black and gold account with World Cup best teams. we believe it will be change your gaming experience and we will tok about more. end of this video. but one thing you must do: hit the Subscribe button. thank you so much. [Music]. thank you, lovely. pass ing. quality goal. [Applause]. pull the kick now. aim towards a penalty spot. which way is it going to go? good distribution, he must score. oh, good save. is this a goal? found an opening? nope, Keen. no, Neymar. oh, look at their celebrations. what a goal. that was his 100th for the club. such goals, yeah, boy, he's found an opening. it's a tapping, not rich, it's messy with the ball. just the goalkeeper to beat now. oh, and they've drawn left Griezmann. they're appealing Billy's on side. [Applause]. oh, what a. there's frustration scene coming from the bench right now. the manager won't be pleased. oh, quality defending there. absolutely brilliant, played Short by The Keeper and they could be in trouble. please, please, please, no, no, no. [Music]. [Music] okay. [Music]: oh my gosh. [Music]. bye, bye Tata. [Music]. wow, oh, well timed. [Music]. good ball, oh, not, a great challenge. oh, what a goal. so now we are changing our kids. we need to Argentina kids. so going to our side, gtshopio, you can find there are lots of things. but now we are going to our kids section and select Argentina team, Wildcat team, kids. so just copy and paste it. boom, you can find that logo. other kids, Brazil, anything. also, we are copy the Brazil kit and test it. this is so much easy. mm-hmm, nice bro. [Music]. this ambitious team is showing off their new signing. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. he's headed the ball forward. Sensational goal. [Music]. FIFA collects that one, thank you. well, the goalkeeper's going for a bit. unbelievable skill, absolutely. [Music]. this team have got their man. can he help them to success? foreign [Music]. [Music]. and it's Saved By The Keeper: foreign. [Applause]. oh, just look at this lineup, the crowd. now it's Griezmann ball. Sensational goal. what a turn. let's see with an extra burst to the inside. [Applause]. that's out for a corner kick, whipped in with pace and here's a chance. that's a fantastik goal. they're Legends of the game Journey. it's been. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music], this big spending team of a superstar. [Music]. so here we are, the final. which of these teams? oh [ __ ], oh [ __ ], bro, it's a penalty. oh, how unlucky what. and that's into the box. that's a fantastik goal headed on, and he's clear with the defense. but can he finish it? [Applause]. well cut out. and they could be in trouble here. all that's left is to beat the keeper. game go either way, but there's still chances to take the lead. [Music]. good ball. [Music]. the goal in his sight. [Music] s hard it's in. look at the celebrations here. the captain bursts in the team's Glory as they lift the global challenge cup. [Music]. foreign, just in the nick of time. is this the moment? [Music]? a new place, a new home? for a while, let me feel alive. [Music]. nothing to hold me back, take my time, just enjoy the ride. passing by life is good, best I've ever felt. got me up, I can't find myself. [Music]. well cut out. he slid for the ball but missed passing the ball really well. [Music]. it could be a chance here. he's put some power behind it. oh, fantastik, block foreign has to do something about it. that was a dreadful challenge. [Music]. oh, it's in. the defender regains possession and now they're gonna try and break. it's messy. can he finish it? his teammate swarming. what a stop. and he scored. there's not much time left and it seems all over. not a great challenge. oh, great save. that's Sensational. what a goal. [Music] s and new Superstar. [Music]- foreign. [Music] [Applause]. [Music]- foreign. [Music] signing. the fans can't believe it. the Special new player has been added to the team. [Music] foreign. [Music] substitution today. [Applause]. good distribution, surely now. oh, it's an equalizer. all square sends it forward and they could be in trouble here. almost left it to beat their keeper. he got a good hand behind that. oh, I think they might have nicked it there. great goal, bruh. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]- nope, [Music]. [Music]- good distribution. [Applause] Martinez, and here's a chance. they finally got equalizer. it's level and they're on the back foot and they need to get this one away. he's got the goal in his sights. great goal, [Music]. [Music] [Applause]. [Music]. well, these two teams of the cup final has arrived for these two. thank you. I'm back as [ __ ]. boy, just the goalkeeper to beat now. thank you again. away would pass. normally so accurate with his distribution. oh, he must score. and he's scored. ah, good, clean challenge. all that's left is to beat their keeper. he must score. foreign attempt to win the ball. oh, it's a straight red, he's off. oh, amazing, they've done it. they've won the diamond cup. you better turn up. [Applause]. [Music] just go ahead, go and catch me, baby. [Music]. that was close, and there it is. [Music] get out of here, right here, man. nope. [Music], get out of here. [Music], is this a goal? [Music] simply, no messing about. headed on, he's got the goal in his sights. [Music] he must score. oh, he's saved it. stunning header, nice. [Music] sends it forward. [Music] he must score. get out of. get out of here 's Van Dyke, I'm coming for you. it could be a chance here. oh, no, they've won the ball back again. but can he finish it? it's level and they're on the back foot and they need to get this one away. he's got a goal in his sights. oh, what a great goal, captain, on the ball and he stayed on side. what a goal, fantastik. and he's clear with the defense. but can he finish it. he must score, surely? oh, it's a goal, get out of here. the second half gets underway with one team two, Nila Loris collects. he did well to win the ball back. what a chance. oh, it's in, get out. [Applause]. foreign [Music] game. a whole shocking challenge. oh, it's a straight red. he's off. sent it forward. aha, awful challenge. and he sees Rev. oh, I just possessed that. that's a terrible tackle. the revs set him off. it's a red card. this looks like he's injured here. he got a good hand behind that [Music], so close. [Music], confident pass. [Music]. haha, awful challenge. oh well, taken by the goalkeeper. he must score. bro, it's good link to play. would be in trouble here. all that's left is to beat the keeper. keep terming challenge there. schools are level, but they want to find a way through. he's given the referee a decision to make here. [Music], foreign. [Music]. and it was close to Missy- headed the ball forward and they could be in trouble here. all that's left is to beat the keeper. oh well, intercepted. [Music]. he's got the goal in his sights and he scored. nope, that's good link up late. [Music] Neymar. oh, operations, what a goal. [Music] is Manny. [Music]: name up. oh, great save. [Music] decided to play it short. can he finish it? well, the keeper was well beaten. [Music] down the back of the net. surely that'll go down as her own goal. um, and the keeper- oh, it's a straight red, he's off- gets in the way of the shot by this player. he fully deserves to be named [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]- yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. [Music] send it one and he's clear with the defense. but can he finish it? oh, great goal. that's a rare poor past on this skill player. it could be a chance here. oh, it's a goal. [Music] at the Striker's feet and he's one on one with a keeper- oh, Dixon. and that's lofted up field. he's got the goal in his sights and that's his third. a great hat trick. [Music]. guys, we believe you need a gold or black account. we knew it. it's really difficult to make it, but we try to make the best quality accounts with 25 limited time discounts. you just need to visit GG shopio and choose your favorite account and buy it. it's 100 moneyback. guar.

How to EASILY Reach DIAMOND as ADC - League of Legends

you just loaded up your sixth coin flip solo queue game of the day. your support starts feeding your team starts flaming you for something that isn't even your fault and next thing you know the game's another 15-minute ff. does this sound familiar to you? trust me when i say that i know how miserable solo queueing as adikari can be, which is why i'm here with some advice. today i'll be giving you five crucial tips every adc should know to make that climb to diamond easier than it ever was. sound too good to be true? well, stik around and find out. let's start off with our first tip for today. straight out of the art of war: appear weak when you're strong. a lot of the time when i watch low elo adcs play, they're way too quick to give away what they're planning. a great example of this is actually a really common scenario: the level 2 power spike. most of us know about this by now, but how many times has it resulted in a kill? more often than not, bot lanes pretty much give away instantly on the second wave that they're going to try to hit level 2 as fast as possible and run at you. the second that they do, this usually results in the enemy bot lane, backing up and missing a few creeps, but never actually winning the lane outright. the best way to get the most out of your plays is to appear weak when you're strong. let the enemy bot lane think that they can hit level 2 only to have your support, uses targons on the last minion just before they do. do you see where this is going? let me show this to you in a real game now. this clip starts off with me about to hit level 3 on ezreal, with my waves slow pushing into the enemy team. as we've gone over before in previous videos, trading is best to do when your wave is pushing out, because you have more minions around you to protect you. couple this with the fact that i'm level 3 to level 2 and it's pretty clear that i'm stronger than the enemy bot lane. however, i don't necessarily want to give this away immediately. i wore the bush and i wait for the opportunity to arise. this lulls the enemy wall lane into a false sense of security and they actually decide to use both fatal stiks and varus cooldowns, which makes for a really easy trade for me now. i still could have done this earlier, but hiding my intentions here actually gave me a much better trade than i would have had before. now. believe me when i say that this tip can come in handy nearly every game you play. in fact, i actually found another application of this in the exact same game. in this clip, rengar shows on my warden river to potentially look to gain quantum. i know that i'm safe from his jump range and so i don't necessarily want to give away that he's in the bush. he ends up trying to gank me anyway and failing, and the second the play is over. i take a pretty aggressive trade and dash in. at this point rengar knows the gank isn't going to work out, but what he doesn't know is that i still have a ward in the bush. what you're about to watch is hilarious, and i'll just let the clip speak for itself. rengar is angry. he just flashed on us. he got pissed off and just flashed it. from this play alone, the enemy jungler lost his flash and his sanity. on top of this, their wave being stuck at my tower resulted in another free kill and a freeze for me, which essentially won both jungle and bot lane for one play. pretty powerful tactik, if you ask me. before we head into the next tip, though, i just want to quickly remind you this guide comes from the number one place to actually improve at league of legends: skillcapcom. most players don't realize trying to copy pro play or high elo streams will only slow you down. they don't teach you the tricks to climbing through low elo like we do, which is necessary for carrying teammates from hell. that's why we can guarantee you'll climb 5 divisions while actively using our service, because it actually works. so check us out. after this link in the description below. now back to the video. now, if you've seen squid game, then you're no stranger to this next step. one of the most important things every adc should know is the concept of waiting for the green light. essentially, anytime you can make a play, you want to look for an indicator or a green light before going for it. this can be anything from a missed enemy skill shot to something big like the enemy jungler showing on the minimap. put yourself in the enemy bot lane shoes. what ability would you want ready to use if you were to start a 2v2? punish them if they haven't uncooled out. a few examples of this would be tristana mindlessly using her e or q to waveclear, or varus using his e-to-lasted a minion. these types of abilities are super effective for trading and they have really long cooldowns. so if you see your opponent use one of these abilities on the wave, it's basically the green light that you're waiting for to go in. in this clip i'm slow pushing into the enemy bot lane and planning on recalling after the next wave. i know that hecarim started bot side, which means he should be back at around 4: 30ish to kill his gronk. however, i end up seeing him stay top to repeat gank archer sauna, which immediately gives me the green light to make a play. i know that our 2v2 is winning, so i utilized both this tip and the one we went over before this to let the enemy bot lane make the mistake of freezing. this immediately results in me dashing in punishing them and getting a clean double kill to set ourselves up for the rest of the game. waiting for the green light can turn a good opportunity into a great play and it can also save you for making game losing mistakes. our next tip comes from something i learned in my last relationship: don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm. here we see a samira in a platinum game. she notikes the enemy udyr as he clears out her warden river. shortly after this, her leblanc decides to come down for a roam, as we see the enemy support caught out in river. now if you were the samira, what would you do here? would you commit to the fight or would you bail and play for your wave? you might have said samira should commit to this fight. however, if you did, you'd be just as screwed as our samir friend over here. committing actually results in all of them dying and jyn getting a massive lead over her. the correct play here is to back off as soon as our leblanc goes in and instantly gets one shot. looking back, there's definitely some clear signs that this play wasn't going to work out. our leblanc wanted to make something happen, bottom notiking that senna is out of position, but she failed to realize that this udyr was seen on a ward just moments earlier and could be there to counter it. once she gets nearly hundred to zeroed, samira should know that the play is over. there's a pretty hefty price to pay for this decision, and if we look at the golde graph before and after the two plays, you can see just how impactful our decision to not let our team die ended up for us. we were down around 200 gold before this play, but after we all died we ended up down nearly 1.3 thousand- crazy huh. another perfect example of this is actually right after making an amazing play. in this clip, we just double killed the enemy, bot lane, and my trundle decides to stay on the map for bot, scuttle a gank, mid and then a dragon, even though the enemy team has already had the chance to get back on the map. this is an awful decision and it results in him spamming me relentlessly for not helping him and he loses his red buff. but why was this place so bad? well, trundle had just made multiple plays for us that resulted in huge advantages for our team. however, those plays require a lot of time and resources to make them happen. by the time he wanted to do the dragon, the enemy team already had a chance to spend their gold and get back on the map. so if they wanted to contest us at the dragon, it's almost guaranteed that we'd lose the fight. that's how i knew that the dragon was doomed from the start, because i didn't die with my team. not only am i alive and on the map before them, but i g.


good. [Music], [Music]. evolving from a struggle. get ready for change. who knew that this will play the way I'm living it brings they represent? but you change. your love is lacking the game. my hard work and life became. I'm solo, dolo from Pain. the words you say: look, but brain, she pressed my heart from a range. I love you, babe, but you're not the same toking back to me after drinks. do you want me or not? my only question: am I losing my spot? [Music], [Music]. you don't know this person draw me too. I'm trying to make this right, but you don't listen discussions, you rather fuss in my life. it makes me feel like I'm nothing. you've always been down for me, but now these days you give up. we really argue about me. I'm gonna try my best to come up, get money from your girl, ain't no, literally. that ain't what's up. so I make my move, but you make it. tell for your man to succeed with you again. [Music], [Music]. living room. [Music] [Applause] [Music], [Music]. again, you love [Music] the way you it was before. [Music] [Applause], [Music]. you will remember.