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dicks sporting goods black friday ads

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to Score the Best Gifts of the Season at Dick’s Sporting Goods

at that time of year again. the holidays are just around the corner and the most popular shopping days of the season are rapidly approaching. we all know that finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be challenging, so that's why lifestyle expert Kim alone is here with tips to make holiday shopping a breeze and help us score the biggest deals ahead of Black Friday. good morning, Kia, how are you doing? good morning, I'm excited to tok holiday shopping. it's my favorite time of year, I know, and you know. I love is that you're going to help me release some of the stress I have on shopping. so let's get down to it with this magical holidays happening. but we need to be stress-free. so how do we do it? when we come to shopping, plan early, shop early. I'm telling you, that is the only way to get through this time of year stress-free. and in fact, I like to buy gifts throughout the year and because, especially, I mean we know that the holiday season comes around this time every year, so it's not like it's sneaking up on, it's a surprise. so if you see something that you like, grab it and then just put it in a you know closet or something, but I, I love to find those places that offer the One-Stop shopping. I don't have time to be running around all these different stores. I've got meals to cook and parties to plan and kids to take care of. that ain't happening. if you can find a place where you can get your entire list done online and then pick it up in the store, that is key because that frees you up and then you can really get back to making some magic this holiday season there. it is right there, okay. yeah, tell me one of the must-have gifts. okay, I love getting everything for everyone on my list right at Dick's Sporting Goods because that place offers the best options for the One-Stop shopping to make sure everyone on your list is happy- and this year bikes are on Trend. it's a great way to get the family together. get some exercise. if you have a little one who is maybe on you know baseball team or softball team, grab a glove now and then that way they can break it in and have it ready to go for spring training. now, if you have a golfer on your list, don't forget to stok them up on some Callaway golf balls. even if you say, well, I got them golf balls last year, trust me those golf balls are lost in the pond somewhere. get them some new golf balls and that way they are loaded up and ready to go for those big tiket items. think about getting maybe a basketball hoop or even maybe a ping pong table, and that way your entire family can come together, maybe, have some friendly family competition, have some fun, but then those gifts last for years and years and years to come. for you trendsetters out there, you know the ones who want to look cool without actually, you know, doing some Sports. Nike Air Force One is a great option for you. plenty to choose from, as well as Doc Martens, very popular. the verse collection for men is also very popular because you can layer up the jackets with the t-shirts, with the- you know- joggers, and then top it off with the beanie. I love the Kalia brand. I mean, could you imagine getting this for your ladies? you know, a matching athleisure suit. you can dress it up, dress it down, you name it, but you're going to be looking good when you walk out the door. stoking stuffers are also key, don't forget. we have plenty of gloves from the North Face to choose from, as well as those cabbie, cabbie, cozy, cabin socks- see, I get so excited about these because I get these every single year for my family and I put them in their stokings. they get them every year. they they know to expect it and they enjoy it. um, yetis, as well as other beanies, are a great item, a great option if you want to upgrade your home gym. I'm I'm thinking, you know, treadmills, bikes from NordicTrack, from Peloton, but then also think about something- maybe not so you know, Grand, maybe like a new yoga mat or maybe kettlebells. that way you can, you know, make your home gym look stylish and you can get your workout on. it's great for everyone, at any Fitness level. now, if you just can't figure it out and you're walking around the store or you have someone really picky on your list, get them a gift card. that way they can get exactly what they want this holiday season, and then that really means you will be stress free and not having to worry about them. I love it. and it's all done on the budget. can't tell them they can found more information of all the things we've been toking about. head over to dickssportinggoodscom. not only can you buy online, pick up in store, you can pick up curbside. they'll bring it to your car, load up your car for you. you can even have your items delivered by doordash or instacart. now that will be a stress-free holiday for sure. I like it, Kip, thank you very much for those tips, and happy holidays to you. thank you, happy holidays.

Dick's Sporting Goods BLACK FRIDAY SALE

alright, guys, it's a couple items I got today in a black friday from from our dicks got a pretty good deal, so going to pass them up. a couple things we got here for yourself. we get the strike king, baby king shed. that's in a short roof shed. it's like it's cool. it looks like it's a crank base. last swim bait I got the small version to see how it works. was the baby between the smaller one and the larger one, but decided to go to the small one, definitely, and change the hooks out, though to the DVD must add treble hooks 1x. this looks like it would definitely start catching some fish for me. so I can't wait to get you trying this in the spring. maybe you put on some real heavy line, like 20 pound. why doesn't go too deep, as if it goes about a 125 foot deep outlaw fish me. I shall, over some bed, see if they come back that. so that's one of them. next up we got some more net feet, Davey pocket, cause I use these over this past season. this is a black and blue and I really like these, just for the back of any type of jig, you know, swim jig, pitching, Jake, football, head jig, whatever. have really good action. the claws there can't go wrong with these are really low on for trails. you and by himself just tuck this rug on the may catch fish and they hold up pretty well. oh, one of my all-time favorite to this past season: hyung, dangerous black and blue. this is the f tuberosity series. had a lot of success with these, like Gary Yamamoto cinco's. but the price of these. they still work, you can't go wrong with them. so very, very good stik of eight. I like to just Texas program sometimes. so whack your rig enough if it's a lot, enough open where. but you get hung up a lot so you got to be prepared to be losing some. but very, very good, be next up. we got a Dean rock. Rojas is pro frog, hopping frog. this is in the rainforest, black, really good frog. I got the- it's a regular frog from them. look, black frog, very soft, red hook sex time. so I figured I try to pop off. I don't have any popping. i forgot to try this one, so it works out. and black. you can't go wrong with black or white frog. so got this bad boy next up. the last one got the bar. this crankbait dies 8 to 10 feet. see a bill dance. I really have early like these are fat-free sheds from Obama. a lot of success with them. get the rattles in it. this color is my shrine of colors and say: but it's like a citrus color on top which you know, way on the side and got this short truce on the bottom so you can pretty much use this in a steam water on even clear what I would say work. so really get my Lewis. that's all for today. thanks for watching guys.

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Black Friday Dicks Sporting Goods Tackle Shopping

where is another episode of the boy out dogs who are we going down Dick's Sporting Goods? because I have the Black Friday sale going on: 25% off everything in the store. so go be getting some fish and stuff. probably stay tuned to the rest video if you want to get. and our dicks, here they are. do you see kids catching fish for us for five bucks at the Hummer? so I don't know. [Music]. look along towards the wetland man. okay, so Diggs, does my family's. this one have some bitsy bugs, all the key bug. I can't find any chopping anywhere. I mean, okay, really are a total tackle. look at this sale. it's 20% off of that. I'm pretty sure 97 cents. absolutely. I did, hopefully tok along, John, I think you know I don't like you know that's in the white squad, but black snaps a little seven pack. yep, well, does the same thing. it's because I'm getting I like those put in these. I think maybe she'd want to beat. so I'm going to find that those walk a little bit minute in. leave stillborn deer over like these can get some more bites like this. black is black, he's a forty seven cents, but I don't think I need them. my dad had the whole bunch. he doesn't use them. so I used to use them. right you need. I got thinking all those stuff, dik-diks was 25% off everything in store, so then I create a good deal. so let's start with some ton more tackle. that's my boy stuff. noise, wind is blowing, stuff wash, so pushing out here. on the catfish hook it's an Eagle Claw Snell hooks, bait holder size 14, not size 14, sides two quantities, six. so I got these. I use these for catfish with night college and stuff. it's all what they are designed for is useful when I go on trips more than I do dis around here anyways. well, yeah, subside it's 14 bills with seven counts. I usually put these on my, on my I'm ultralight, I'm set up and then I put the dick eats dick heads into 12 magnets on I'm. so it's these itself size eight plugs and five count and one sixty four thousand so you can season for the top magnet bodies. could I play each two items off a lot, so I got to always be playing some. I think I've always okay. so we got all soon for the bath stuff. I'm not because zooming on partikularly good tale, but cuz I like soup and they don't really call yourself that. look put interesting that I don't have yet, or any more so phosphate. here are the zooms. each drops in the mornings on color. I didn't know that these even existed to like to party. so, anyways, still drops up a time so you could, wacky way. it's about fight about four inches so you can whack DeWitt, alright, yeah, lucky way. jump starter cost and Ned wig, maybe in shaky head. you have small enough shaky head. so anyway, to take a look at your drops off baton and something I need a few more of that why not to use - I'm dr wacky weed, Texas rig for drops are so that I won't born through my trash, basically. so I seem to have these jugs. ooh, 15 count still paid some. Sean got some lizards, Liz odd, so get some visits here. 9 count little. 6 cents, 6 tiks it zoom lizards and pumpkins. such we nice little adjourn. I listen to the car when you finish I hate to even perform. why we got these are the zoom, Oman Salam and pumpkin magic color. these nine pack didn't have this wall 111. when you stretch it out we go: Willie, good, are you still a little bit? see? so you stretch this out and makes it like 11 inch. but really good bait, the only. they were totally stout, sold out a plum and was the only only other DC car like water my seed, clean pumpkin this color and then into space, I just decide goes this one that they had a watermelon with. I would work on that, I'm going to plot my love. so, anyways, that's going to conclude today's video. so I hope you enjoyed this video. like and subscribe and I will see you next time.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Price Matching Policy Combined with the Black Friday Sale 25% off everything.

hi everyone. so this is the Dix Black Friday at Dick's Sporting Goods: 25% off everything today. so I've been wanting a metal detector and I saw this discovery: 1100 for 99- 98 and then you get a free junior sized one for worth $60. it's in the form of a rebate, which wasn't bad at all, and then I started looking on their site and I thought I'd upgrade. instead of spending $99, I could get this one. put it in my cart, get 25% off and get the 2200 for $199 - the 25% off that they apply today. and I subscribe to this price matching app from Amazon and it tells me: usually it's ridiculously, sometimes it's overpriced, but they're telling me that this same exact 22-hundred metal detector is on Amazon for a hundred nine and not hundred and nine dollars, so let's just say a hundred and ten. so I went over to Amazon and it's the exact same item. so from shopping here before, I know that they have the best price guarantee: if you find a lower price they'll match it. so I knew that I could get this metal detector for one hundred and ten dollars, marked down from 200. now I'm getting it for a hundred and fifty anyway. but I'm thinking whom twenty five percent off today, wonder if my discount applies to that. so what I did is I came over to look here and it is the products: an identikal match. it's. they do match Amazon, no third-party resellers. now they do have other limitations- and it does say, if you click on that, that it's not eligible with any other offer. you'd have to read through all of these so. but it did say to take advantage of the price match offer, if you're shopping online, which I am- you can just do the chat or you can call- see call or chat. so I decided, okay, I have two grandkids here and I just rather chat, so I selected this option: to chat now. then I got a person who I was having a problem communicating with. I wish that this was one of the places that would email you a copy of your chat thing. so first the woman told me that they would not price match that and I said why? and she said it's on our list of what we don't price match and I said: can you send me a what, the link for what you're looking at? well, she sent me the link that brought me to this page. so I copied this and pasted it, and then I copied this down to this part where it says Amazon and pasted it. and she said: oh, I'm sorry, we will price match that, but it's not. if it's not on the list of what will price match, we can't price match it. and that's not true. if it's on the list of what they won't price match, then they can't. so she was just doing it backwards. so then she said she'd price match it and I said: well, today everything is 25% off. will you honor that on top of this 110 dollar price? and she said: no, we can't, which I kind of understood. and the reason I didn't just go ahead and buy it on Amazon is because we had these Dix gift cards. we had this one- this was fifty, fifty, fifty- and then we had one that had, I think, only nineteen or twenty dollars left on it that we partially used in the store. so I had these and I really wanted to get him used. so I would prefer Dick's just match the price plus then you get your score card rewards and things like that. so while the woman's on chat, I asked her just to hold on because I thought there was a language barrier there, and I contacted dicks at the toll-free number and I spoke to a woman there who was in what somewhere in Florida and we chatted and I told her of an issue I was having and she said: well, let me check it for you. and so she confirmed that this price on Amazon would definitely be matched by them. she had to get a supervisor to okay it and then so I was gonna get it for $90 and no excuse me, I was gonna get it $90 off. I was gonna pay 110 dollars for it. and I said: well, does that also take that 25% off? she said I don't know what it's doing, but yeah, it did. so I'm thinking I'm gonna pay 75, between 75 and 80 dollars for this. she said it marked it down to $68 for you. so, because of the cell they're having today and- and I don't know if it was a mistake or if it took some sort of discount off the regular price as well as a discount off of this price- $68. so I got this- well, from Dick's it's $200, on Amazon it's 110- by using the price match. I was getting it for $68. and here's my brain clicking: I can't beat that price- $68. who can beat that price? so I had her real quick check: the 3300 and Amazon does not sell the 3300 directly, it's all third-party sellers. but I could have gotten that one. it was 123 versus 300 on the Dick's Sporting Goods site, but they wouldn't match that one. so I thought instantly Christmas presents, oh my gosh. I thought so. I said: you know what? my son's getting one, I'm getting one, and I know my husband he's gonna want one. and then our grandson, when my grandson's here, once he sees what they do, he's gonna want one. so I'm not sure. so I did. I said, hey, can I get three for that price? she said, oh, yeah, sure. so she ordered me three for $68. this is what it looked like. it was a hundred and ten dollars. each was the price match, and this shows you down here that they had to csr order item discount. it came to 329. shipping handling was free. it took off a hundred and fifty dollars. now I may have had some rewards on my scorecard, but I don't think I had that many. so with tax I ended up paying one hundred and ninety two dollars for all three, shipping included. and so yeah, that's about sixty eight dollars each with some tax. and so the discount at Dick's Sporting Goods for the twenty five percent off. everything ends tonight at midnight. I'm gonna load this up real quick and you'll be able to get this before midnight if you want this same deal. I'm not sure if the 25 percent will come off for everybody well or if not, but please don't say, hey, somebody else got it and you should do it for me, because I don't want them taking that off of me. so, okay, go get you some. and if you don't need a metal detector, oh sorry, if you don't need a metal detector, just look at the the site and everything is 25% off today. this was their ad, it was an ad. and then, right here, this is the Amazon smile app that I use that compares prices on Amazon. there's also another app, called honey. I believe that when you're shopping, it checks everything for you. but there you go. hope this helped and it wasn't too confusing. was that confusing? oh great, okay, sorry, seven-year-old didn't understand it. hey, was that confusing? did you understand what I said? okay, now he said: no, it wasn't confusing. and he's whole year. so, alright, thanks for watching guys.

Dick's Sporting Goods Unboxing Black Friday Sale!

what's up everybody. this is Richard from Welcome Bates and I'm gonna do another unboxing. this is a Black Friday sale for Dick's Sporting Goods. I got some bedding baits and some small kite x-wing baits that I've been meaning to stok up on. so I'm. you know some of this is bedding baits, others just towards summer, kind of spring, but let's get into it got a receipt. first up, we got some super salt plus 6-inch lizard user by zoom and these are the white pearl. like I said, most of these are just like bad baits, especially the lizards. I get good success on them. the super salt plus 5 inch lizard green pumpkin. so it really is the 5 inch lizard. I use 4 inches and I think 3 inches lizards. those work pretty good for me. next up, we have high tik easy shiner. this is a smallmouth magic color. I'm excited to see if this is really a smallmouth magic like. like. it will be pretty good for a smallmouth. can't wait to use this. next up, some more high tik baits, some easy shiners. these are all easy shiners, all the Kai Tak that I got. this is the Sun Gill, just interesting color been looking at online and I think this will work pretty good for the smallmouth I fish up. next up, another easy shiner: 4 inch bluegill flash- another one of my favorite colors. this color works amazing for me this past summer when I was small mouth fishing and have to stok up on some more. next up, we got some more zoom zoom lizards. these are the 5 inch California 420, basically a green pumpkin watermelon mix. next up, we got some more swim baits. these are the same smallmouth magic. like I said, I got duplicates over the same colors, just so I can use them and not have to worry about running out. I'm gonna make a feature order pretty soon, but this is just for now. next up, we got some more blue teal flash swimbaits: four inch bike i-tik. next up, we got some kite X, son Gil 4 inch easy shiner- again same color- soaping. these all work. next up, we've got some more lizards- same color, California 420. next up, we got those green pumpkin 5 inch lizards. there you go. last but not least, no, there goes the box, but that's but not least, 6-inch lizard, white pearl. anyways, that's all my order for Dick's Sporting Goods. thank you guys for watching this video. if you liked it, give it a like. I feel like what I ordered. comment in the comment section and make sure to give me more requests, requested videos. I got a better quality. now I just gotta get a better computer so I can edit. so most of these videos I'm putting out right now, or just you know, stop and start recording. I know that's not the best kind of video people want, but it's what I have for now. anyways, thank you guys for watching like comment your favorite bait that you like throwing for beds, and see you guys next time.

Black Friday Tackle Unboxing (Dicks Sporting Goods)

hey guys, welcome to Fisher Michigan. I'm your host. no, Lubin, today's Saturday, the day after Black Friday, I went to my local Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up a few things because they had a pretty good sale going on. so I got an unboxing for you today, for an unbagging rather, I didn't pick up a whole lot of things, just like eight packs of eights, three packs of line and a rod and reel. so not a ton, but because I placed in order to Power Team lures, new tik lures and lucky tackle box, which I'm really excited about. the lucky tackle box because, uh, that's a company totally new to me and I'm really excited about that one to get next month. but the Power Team lures or should be coming up sometime next week or I guess it's possible today, probably unlikely. I'm gonna go track my order after this, but uh, yeah, first I'll go through the lines. this is the Power Pro braid ten pound test in moss-green. I've never used this before it is. it just looks like a good line already. so if you know anything about it, could you please comment, because I'd love to hear your feedback on the line. by the way, these price tags that you'll see on all debates are not what I paid for it, because there was a good sale going on on stuff so they had it marked down, but just not in the package. um, here's the suffix performance braid ten pound test. it's also in green. I got this on a rod already, so I just got a little bit on the spool still, but I just thought I'd show it to you anyways, cuz I got it. the reason I got that is because I bought a rod at the end of the season and it just never got lying on it, so kind of needs line. so I put that on it already, kind of nice kind of. then I got, last but not least, the strength Lord cast 100% fluorocarbon. I really like this fluorocarbon. I was just gonna put it on the whole finesse combo but then I was thinking and I real you know braid has a better finesse feel and all that, so I'm just using this for like a three-foot leader on all my finesse stuff. so I think this is gonna work out pretty good for what I'm using it for. I really like that one. now I got a few packs of beefs here. I got the missile baits- four point four inch views. this is in their candy grass color. it's their take watermelon candy. so you see all that green and purple flake in there. and I got another pack of those in the the funk red. I'm gonna take this out. it's kinda like an ox blood color. these look like they're gonna be a killer drop shot bait. that slim, slender profile, those I think those clausal. I'm guessing they'll float up like this and you know, I might tub test that one for you guys. so if you'd like to see that one on underwater like in a video, please comment below. if you want to see any of the baits that you seen today, comment below, cuz I'll make a little video on that, but I'll only do it if you guys want it. this is the missile baits: a bomb in Love Bug color. looks like a pretty sick color, looks like it's new. I'm gonna do great around here. and this is the missile baits D bomb in super bug color. let me take one of these out for ya. it's got that green pumpkin top, black blue bottom in the black blue tail. just, I've never used these, believe it or not. I've been wanting to get these for a while. got those nice ribs. I think that's gonna be a nice additive to this bait because, like all the ones I use are like: my favorite is the sweet beaver. you can go check that video out of me slaying some smallmouth and largemouth and a little cove in Lake Michigan. so it's gonna be great. but uh, although I'm really excited because I'm going to news 5 and right in the smallmouth spawn up north and I'm gonna go walk through the woods to find this spot and it's gonna be in pain, so we're ready for those videos. but that's a while away. so that later they saw this new zoom super loose watermelon red magic. so just watermelon magic with the red plate. you've used that day before and I use it in more the shad interpretations and Google interpretations, but that looks pretty good. then I got this zoom swimming super fluke in Houdini color. this looks like a sweet bait. I've never tried these out. I like the flu. so I saw these in the stores like gotta try them. so these will probably I could use them as a trailer, I guess, and cut them down. but I think I'm just gonna put them on a swimbait hook and either burn on and we'll see what I'll do with those. that's kind of up in the air, yeah, and so that's what I got for baits in the line, so not a ton, like I said. and then, last but not least, I got this combo right here, the Daiwa crossfire- just a sick, sick combo. it's a six foot six medium rod, medium action rod. it's got the, the combo reel. I normally like everyone's going crazy, you know, with their expensive combos- and I have a couple of those, yeah, but uh, these cheaper combos get the job done for me, so I'm just might as well. I got a good deal on this. so what really sold me on this? I wasn't gonna get around, I was just gonna get baits. so I put some beats back that I was gonna get when I and discovered this rod, because I was waiting for my dad to come out of Sears at the mall, which that's where the Dick's Sporting Goods is- and I was just, uh, sitting there messing with this rotten. I need a new spinning combo. I need another one, I should say, and I was just playing with this and I just fell in love with this action. check this out. this is the. this is just really fast, really fast tips. so that's gonna be great for drop shot and cinco's and everything like that. so I'm really pumped for that. got that rigged up, like I said, power Pro line ten pound and on the end I got the Strand floor caste leader three foot ten pound test set and then I got aw Nina contact connecting the two. so if you were wondering what not I use, this one's not the cleanest example of I got it cuts. I'm gonna like if you can see that fuzz and that little tag. I still got cut that yet, but I just quick put that together so you could kind of see the idea of it. I really like it's durable and compact, not so, guys, thanks for watching this. a little Dick's Sporting Goods unboxing. like I said, some unboxings in the future coming up here in the next week or two, so get ready for those and thanks for watching. guys, subscribe, comment, like, do all that kind of stuff and especially come if you know anything on the products that I haven't used. if there's one in here that you really like to enjoy, I have a tip on rigging options for it. I would love to hear your feedback. so, guys, thanks for watching this little unboxing from fishing Michigan. see you guys.